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FreeLocalDates Great Dating Site?

FreeLocalDates Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 29%
Reply rate 80%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 1.150.000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • FreeLocalDates is suitable for building lasting affairs and having casual hookups.
  • The registration requires only one step.
  • Adults may watch webcam shows.
  • The matchmaker offers multiple communicative solutions.
  • There is a Swipe/Like feature similar to Tinder.
  • Existing members receive notifications about newcomers.
  • Singles may interact via SMS.
  • The portal has a handy mobile app.
  • Users complain about a vast number of fake accounts.
  • Customer support could be better.
  • Many services come at an extra charge.

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This FreeLocalDates review aims to figure out what members register here, their relationship goals, and the purposes they visit the portal. The matchmaker is suitable for adults over 18 y.o., due to the presence of explicit content. The number of active members has reached 300K by 2021; this user-base keeps growing on 5K people monthly. Young girls and mature males make the equality in the percentage ratio. The age gap between male and female audiences is around 20 years.

The site description states that the matchmaker is suitable for building serious affairs and having casual hookups. The first aspect is questionable because there are no proven stories of successful connections. Attractive cam models and mature men who come to watch the girls make the community’s dominant share. Such a proportion allows reviewers to suggest that the matchmaker is more effective in finding hookups and spending pleasurable time watching cam shows. Finding a lovebird for life among such a user-base may be challenging for casual singles.

How does FreeLocalDates Work?

The FreeLocalDates website works to help males and females meet for having a pleasurable pastime. The adult matchmaker is somewhat similar to Tinder due to the Swipe/Like feature. When a person attracts someone in the gallery, he/she receives the like. If the attraction is mutual, a user also responds with the like, and the matches may start communicating via DMs or SMS.

Another portal’s distinctive feature is that members may enjoy thrilling erotic cam performances. Men come here to watch attractive girls streaming and interact with ladies via a chat. Daters may block annoying members if they cross the boundaries or bother them. Smart filters help singles in finding potential matches who suit them best. Members have many interactive tools to start contact with other hotties. They may also use the “Promote Me” option to boost their profiles’ productivity. The matchmaker offers many other cool features, but they all require extra charges, which are not cheap.

Signing Up at FreeLocalDates

Signing Up at FreeLocalDates

Adults may use the FreeLocalDates app or desktop version on a phone, tablet, laptop, and computer. The joining process will take less than a minute; the details newbies need-to-provide include only name, e-mail, and birth date. Newcomers need to specify who they are looking for (males/females) and set up a secret password. Registration is hassle-free because the portal constructors don’t want singles to spend too much time filling in sky-long questionnaires and personality tests. Daters may add the missing information later when they edit their profiles.

Newbies don’t pass any photo or document verification; the only thing they need to verify is an electronic address. Registered members often receive e-mail notifications from the FreeLocalDates team. Some adults wonder if they can sign up via their social media accounts. The matchmaker doesn’t offer this option. It is understandable because the predominant share of singles wants to preserve their anonymity; they don’t want their FB friends to find out about their pastime on similar portals. The entire sign-up procedure can be over in less than a minute. After joining, daters may start hooking up with the rest of the emancipated community.

How to Start Contact

When reading FreeLocalDates reviews on the web, one will see that the matchmaker is perfect for no-tense communication with open-minded singles that do not look for anything serious. Subscribers can use multiple interactive tools to enjoy a pleasurable pastime on the portal. First of all, daters need to set the filters, including height/weight, appearance, hobbies, orientation, etc. Once the filters are ON, singles can see potential partners who meet their preferences. The best solution to break the ice is by greeting a hottie with a wink. Other communicative instruments include DMs, SMS, likes; users who seek closer interaction may do it in chat rooms.

Experienced Internet daters often compare FreeLocalDates with another popular matchmaker, Tinder. It is because hotties may express attraction to someone in particular via likes. If a person likes you back, the two of you make a match and may start interacting. Existing members receive notifications when someone new joins the community, and they can text newbies to greet them. The most convenient interactive tool is DMs; singles receive instant notifications about new messages in the mailbox. Daters may present hotties of their interest with virtual gifts, but this option comes at an extra charge (like the dominant part of other services).

The matchmaker differs from traditional love-seeking platforms where singles search for soulmates and partners for life. Although the portal creators stress the opposite, investigation shows that the FreeLocalDates website is more suitable for having erotic experiences without continuation. Men come to the portal to watch erotic streams of hot girls. These ladies often go nude during their stream shows and do many other nasty things on cam. Thus, if such an adult experience is not what you seek, you should think twice before joining.

Profiles at FreeLocalDates

Newbies don’t provide many details at the registration stage, and they can change it anytime editing their profiles. Daters can write about their interests, hobbies, and current occupation. In general, the profiles contain data about how singles spend their spare time and what character traits they tend to see in their partners. Long-time subscribers often complain about the presence of fake accounts with no-real photos. They blame the FreeLocalDates team for creating such profiles to engage other members with sexy photos.

Singles may attach up to 30 images without any restrictions to the explicit content. Thus, newcomers should prepare to see many semi-nude images while browsing the gallery. Female profiles look more attractive because ladies provide in-detail descriptions of their appearance, interests, and things they do during their streams. Male profiles usually contain only a couple of pictures/selfies of poor quality; men usually don’t describe their appearance or reveal what they do in life. The portal community’s average age is 20-25 (females) and 40-55 (males).

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Newbies at the FreeLocalDates website don’t pass obligatory ID or photo verification. The absence of user identification often leads to the boost of fake accounts. The portal members admit that they often bump into fakes while browsing the gallery. It mostly happens to males; they complain that the site team creates attractive profiles to make them join, but most of these accounts don’t even belong to real people.

Singles can safeguard themselves from scammers hiding behind the fake profiles in a couple of ways. The first tip is to preserve one’s anonymity and don’t share any contact or financial information with dubious users. Another recommendation is to use the Google search by image to ensure whether photos belong to real persons, and nobody stole them from the web. It will be unfair to admit that the site administration takes zero effort to shield their clients from fraud. The Policy page states that the team applies an SSL encoding algorithm to protect singles from hackers. Daters may also block users who annoy them.

Design & Usability of FreeLocalDates

The next stage of the FreeLocalDates review is testing whether the platform is convenient for regular use. It’s super-easy to join the channel, edit profile data, and use interactive tools due to clear and hassle-free portal navigation. There is nothing extraordinary about the matchmaker’s design. As far as the portal works for the adult audience, users should prepare to see many semi-nude images while browsing the gallery.

Instant reminders about new DMs in the mailbox speak in favor of the site’s user-friendliness. Daters also receive notifications about newcomers. The Swipe/Like feature is a brilliant solution to get in touch with other hotties. Singles may also interact using old-schooled SMS service. Smart filters make the search process wholly straightforward; subscribers may even set up a location filter if they want to receive matches from their vicinity.

Mobile App FreeLocalDates

The FreeLocalDates app would please all singles who prefer on-the-go flirting and chatting. But the mobile version is reconcilable with all phones and tablets. The loading speed is great, the layout looks stylish, and the navigation is hassle-free, like in the desktop analogy. Registered daters can use their existing passwords to log in to the site. If singles lose their passcodes and fail to enter the app, they can request a one-time restoring link to revive the password.

Special Features

Special Features

The FreeLocalDates website offers many fascinating features to boost members’ activity and attract newbies to the community. Some of the features are similar to alternatives, like Tinder. Daters should know that most of the services come at an extra charge.


Most users compare the matchmaker with another popular hookup portal, Tinder, because of the Swipe/Like feature. Singles express their interest in other people by liking their photos. If daters receive a like back, they have a match and can start flirting and chatting with DMs.

SMS Chatting

Though most adults consider SMS chatting old-schooled, the FreeLocalDates team decided to add SMS to the rest of their interactive tools. Clients shouldn’t worry that other members will see their phone numbers because they text each other via the site system that hides their contact details.

Webcam Streams

The matchmaker’s success among the male audience is easy to explain; men come to watch hot girls streaming. Cam models arrange erotic streams and often go nude amid their live performances. Thus, mature singles who search for serious affairs are not the matchmaker’s primary audience. This place is more suitable for hooking up than finding eternal love.

Promote Me

Daters who want to stand from the rest of the crowd may use the Promote Me service. It goes at an extra cost and allows singles to boost their profiles’ popularity. Adults who request a promotion will receive a priority in search results and public galleries.

Smart Notifications

Daters receive notifications from the FreeLocalDates website team when someone new joins the community. Thus, people can break the ice with the newbies and greet them on the platform. Subscribers also receive reminders about new DMs in the mailbox. Notifications work both on the mobile and desktop.

FreeLocalDates Costs

Adults can’t test the matchmaker during a free trial. They need to buy a premium package to use the power of unlimited interaction with other hotties. Many other services also come at an extra charge, such as Promote Me, Extra Security, and access to webcam chats (it may cost around $20-30 extra to the package price). Singles may pay with credit cards. The cost depends on the package type; the subscription automatically updates if members don’t switch the auto-renewal in the settings.

Premium package type Cost (per month)
Basic $11.99
Chataholic $16.99
Premium $24.99
VIP $49

Basic Membership

Free members can barely evaluate the matchmaker at full because as the FreeLocalDates review shows, most of the services are available purely upon an extra charge. Basic membership includes the following services:

  • Singles may upload up to 30 photos;
  • They can use interactive tools (DMs, winks, and likes);
  • Basic members may browse and view photos in the public gallery.

Premium Membership

Premium daters receive more privileges and perks extra to the ones in the basic package. Most of the bounties relate to enhanced communication solutions:

  • VIPs may apply advanced filters;
  • They can interact via SMS and arrange private chats;
  • Daters may use the Swipe/Like feature;
  • They receive notifications about newcomers;
  • Singles can browse profiles in the Invisible mode;
  • VIPs get a priority in search results.

Some other services at the FreeLocalDates website come at an additional charge, even for VIPs. These services include access to webcam rooms with models streaming in real-time, Promote Me feature, Auto-response, etc. On average, additional services cost around $20-30.

FreeLocalDates Coupons

Daters can’t use coupons or promo codes on the platform.

Verification & Safety of FreeLocalDates website

When adults join the community of free-minded singles searching for pleasurable pastimes and hookups, they want to ensure they can preserve their anonymity and privacy. A list of typical questions below will help singles understand whether they can trust the matchmaker or better pick up an alternative cupid-site.

Is the FreeLocalDates Website Reputable or It Has Scam Signs?

The platform belongs to the white-label company Nautell Ltd. Users may easily find information about it (address, managing staff) in the open access. FreeLocalDates has a certain percentage of fake accounts (like most alternatives), but the online cupid is not a scam.

How Can Adults Know That FreeLocalDates Is Legit?

The brand is wholly legit. The matchmaker’s current user-base counts over 300K daters, and it keeps growing by 5K people monthly. The research showed no signs of unresolved disputes or criminal actions involving the company.

What Tools Does the FreeLocalDates Team Use to Guarantee Members’ Safety?

The matchmaker applies an SSL encoding to safeguard members from hackers. The Policy page states that daters’ confidential data never goes to unrelated parties. On the other hand, moderators don’t use such tools as ID verification to fight scammers and decrease fake profiles.

The Problem With FreeLocalDates

Although the dominant share of the FreeLocalDates reviews speak in the cupid’s favor, some critical problems exist and require improvement.

  • No free trial testing. – It’s a usual desire of many people to test a portal for free before spending a hard coin on a premium subscription. The matchmaker doesn’t offer this option to adults; complimentary coupons are also absent.
  • Customer support requires improvement. – It can be tough and challenging to reach help center agents. Managers never reply in time or leave daters without feedback. The company needs to work on their customer service improvement if they value their reputation.
  • Fake profiles. – Daters risk bumping into fake members due to the lack of effective user identification. Moderators don’t ask for photo or document verification, which results in the flood of gold-diggers and scammers.
  • Too many paid services. – Many interactive services on the FreeLocalDates app and website come at a draconian extra cost. Thus, if daters want to watch webcam streams, switch on auto-reply, and order expert self-promotion, they need to pay a hard coin for all these services.

Help & Support

Daters can address the customer service team if they experience technical issues or need other expert assistance. Managers provide support by phone and e-mail. There is no FAQ page where subscribers may find answers to standard questions (how to register/delete an account, upgrade membership, etc.). It would facilitate the workload of the help center team. It takes around 24 hours for agents to return with feedback on electronic letters. Sometimes, this process takes longer, or managers leave daters without a response. Such a misstep is unacceptable for top-tier matchmakers.

FreeLocalDates App Alternatives

FreeLocalDates App Alternatives

Males and females who form the FreeLocalDates community may also find interesting the matchmaker’s alternatives. The following apps may interest adults: LocalHookup, Tinder, SexSearch, and SpicyMatch. The hallmark that unites all these portals is their emancipated and open-minded community of singles on the hunt for casual encounters and one-night hookups. Most of these apps are not so expensive and offer a free testing period.


What Is FreeLocalDates Primary Goal?

The matchmaker is suitable for finding casual hookups. Ladies around 20-25 and males around 40-55 dominate the community. Men come to watch webcam streams with hot girls and have some fun in private chats. Singles who dream of mature and lasting unions for life have low chances to meet sweethearts on the portal.

Is FreeLocalDates a Real Hookup Platform?

The FreeLocalDates review shows that the matchmaker is effective for finding hookups. The portal is somewhat similar to Tinder. Singles may swipe the hotties’ profiles and like the ones that interest them. Mutual likes mean that singles have a match, and they can get in touch via DMs, SMS, and private chats.

How to Leave the FreeLocalDates Website and Delete the Account?

Daters can do it anytime manually in the settings. If members have issues with account deleting, they may address customer service reps to assist them. Adults can’t restore already deleted accounts. If they decide to return after a while, they will need to sign up again, using another electronic address.

Contact Information

Company: Nautell Ltd.

Address: 12 Kennedy Ave, office 107, 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone: +1-818-951-4518

E-Mail: cs@freelocaldates.com


FreeLocalDates is not for singles on the hunt for stable and life-lasting unions. The matchmaker is more suitable for free-minded and emancipated adults who value their time and don’t like going on monotonous dates with boring people. The portal will please singles who want to widen their erotic horizons and try new experiences. Men visit the platform to watch steamy girls streaming on cam. Young ladies around 25 and mature males over 40 make the dominant share of the site community. Hotties may interact with each other on-the-go if they get an app or link to the matchmaker via a mobile browser. Summing up, singles who fantasize about eternal love for life should consider using other matchmakers. Adults who don’t look for anything serious except for a pleasurable pastime will like the FreeLocalDates website.

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