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AmateurMatch Review: Is it a Great Dating Site?

AmateurMatch Review: Is it a Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 21-37
Profiles 1 400 000
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Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This site is perfect for those who are not looking for a long term commitment.
  • It has a vast user base, so you are very likely to meet someone even more if you are in a big city.
  • You do not need a lot of information to create a profile, and the process is relatively simple.
  • You can upload high-quality photographs for your gallery on the site.
  • It offers entertaining and exciting chat rooms.
  • On this site, you also have the option to check out live cams.
  • As a free member, you can explore the service before making up your mind about getting a premium membership or not.
  • You can add "private" pictures, so only premium members can see them.
  • It has handy and intuitive search tools.
  • It offers "Ice Breakers," which are an easy and fun way to start an interaction with another user.
  • Not only can you upload pictures of yourself, but also high-quality video content.
  • You have the opportunity to interact and talk with other users via webcam.
  • AmateurMatch is mainly a hookup site, and as such, it has lots of mature content that most users enjoy.
  • The prices it offers are very reasonable.
  • If you are one of those seeking real love and long term relationships, this may not be the best site for you.
  • Only premium users can message other members.
  • It may seem a little pricey at first.
  • The chat rooms may not be as active as one would expect, depending on your location.
  • Free users do not get to enjoy most of the cool features like messaging or live chats.
  • If you do not enjoy adult and explicit content, this may not be the best platform for you.

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In this AmateurMatch review, you will find out a lot of exciting things about this service. In the same manner, you will learn the features It has to offer and the fun little things It has, which other sites do not. Probably, the most appropriate place to start is by laying out all the good and not so good aspects of this site.

AmateurMatch reviews wouldn’t be complete without letting you know that this site is all about experimenting, hookups, and sexy encounters. Here, you have tons of adult content and thousands of hotties who are here to have fun and move on. The hotties here are not seeking marriage, long term love, or something of sorts; they want sexy encounters and hot evenings. If that sounds like something you want, then you are in the correct place.

Moreover, AmateurMatch gives you all the tools you could possibly need to broadcast yourself in the best and sexiest light possible. You can upload your best photographs and your hottest videos right to your profile. You can share those with other users and check out what they are uploading. This definitely sounds like fun.

Communicating and meeting others is the primary goal of a site like this, and AmateurMatch knows it. That is why it has so many options for getting to know other users. Outstanding messaging functionality, live chats, and even calls via your webcam. You can contact other hotties via whichever way you feel like today.

What are the languages AmateurMatch support?

The primary language is English.

Who is in Charge of AmateurMatch?

AmateurMatch is currently owned by a private investor. Deniro Marketing, LLC, originally were the owners of the company, but later on, this site was sold to a third party, the investor mentioned above.

Where is AmateurMatch Located?

It is based in the United Kingdom. If you would like to know their exact address, maybe for sending letters or something like that, then you have it at the end of this AmateurMatch review. It is one of the last points.

When was AmateurMatch founded?

AmateurMatch may surprise you with how much expertise and experience this site has under its sleeve. It has been over twenty years since it first appeared on the web, to be more exact, the year 2000 saw the birth of this fantastic website. Moreover, after two full decades, this site is still growing and providing incredible value to all its users.

Can you use AmateurMatch worldwide?

Yes, you can use the service regardless of where you are currently located. Even though most of the users are from the United Kingdom, there are also people from all corners of the world presently using this impressive service.

Can you use AmateurMatch worldwide?

Special Features This Site Offers

AmateurMatch has some brilliant features and nifty tricks under its sleeves. As a dating platform, it has the standard messaging and browsing, but then it takes it to the next level. Here you can find tools and features almost no other dating site has. As a great example, you can video chat with other users, something many similar sites do not offer. In the same way, it has live cams and chat rooms.

These are things that can significantly improve your experience while using the site, especially if you want to know someone. The best part is, with the live cams and messages, you can start having fun before actually meeting the other user in person.

Tracking the actions of other users

This is quite a fun option. Here, you can see what other users are doing and see how compatible they are with you based on that.

Additional communication options

Just texting is not fun anymore, so this site offers you many more options like voice messages. Make sure to get an account and explore all the possibilities this site gives you.

There is so much that goes into finding a partner; trying to find the perfect match is crucial for the process. This site provides you with an essential tool to make your searches very exact. An in-depth and comprehensive advanced search menu is available for you here.


First impressions are vital, so why not surprise your future matches with adorable and fun little gifts. “Presents” allows you to do precisely that in an easy and fun way.

Compatibility functions

Having all the responsibility on your hands of picking a partner is quite the weight to carry. This site helps you with that by using its advanced algorithms to suggest to you people that are very likely to be matched to your taste.

Account improvement

Filing up tons of forms can be tedious, and the results are often disappointing. This site can help you with that dilemma with great suggestions and lots of tools that were designed to give you a hand in creating a fantastic profile that is likely to attract tons of matches.

Account improvement

Audience quality of This Platform

As already established in several AmateurMatch reviews, this is a service and platform mainly for those interested in hookups. The site puts a lot of effort into helping users find the kind of people they want to meet to have fun and enjoy the night. You are very unlikely to find someone here who is actively looking for a wife or a husband. The main goal for the sexy people on this platform is to find others who are into the same things as them and enjoy an incredible night.

Is it worth reiterating, this is mainly a site for light-hearted fun. Interchanging sexy photographs and spicy videos, meeting for a hot night, or just flirting on the chat. Do not try to get someone into a serious relationship. If that happens, then it happens naturally. This is not a place where people seek long-term stuff, so better play by those rules.

Age distribution

Any person has to be at least eighteen years old to register on AmateurMatch. Still, other than that, there are not many limitations. Individuals of all ages enter this platform to meet people, enjoy the chats, and find some joy in the interactions. The majority of users fall into the twenty-four to thirty-nine age bracket. Nonetheless, it also has many users in the eighteen to twenty-three age bracket. Users over forty years old, and even some over fifty, however, those last ones are the minority.

How They Deal with Fakes and scammers

AmateurMatch approaches this question with a lot of conviction. It is set to make the experience of every individual using the platform unforgettable. For that reason, it tries its best to avoid having people sign up with those kinds of intents. Things like scamming people or sending spam emails are frowned upon on this platform.

Mobile app and Website

You can enjoy this excellent service on any of your gadgets or your desktop computer. It has a great website with all the tools and features you want, and you can access the mobile version of it from your smartphone. All you need to do to access AmateurMatch from your phone is to open your browser and enter the website. It opens an optimized version for mobiles so you can take full advantage of it.

AmateurMatch App

As of now, it does not have a dedicated mobile application, which is excellent news for users. Not having an app means that nothing will take up precious space on your phone. It also means that you do not need a specific operating system to use it. It has an impressive mobile version of the website that you can access from any smartphone.

AmateurMatch website

The website version of this platform is, in a word, gorgeous. It is evident that AmateurMatch thought about everything while creating the website. It has a nice layout that immediately puts in your line of sight all the menus and buttons you need. At the same time, they managed to design it in an exquisite manner.

The whole thing is drawn in two primary contrasting colors, black and red. This combination gives the site a very mature and sexy vibe. At the same time, the white and grey accents give it a more playful tone while making the texts and shortcuts easier to see.

Can One Use The App On A Computer?

It has a super useful and very sexy website that you can use from a device or computer you have.

Which Browsers AmateurMatch Supports?

When using AmateurMatch, you are not limited by the browser you are using or the operating system you are in. Any browser, even the mobile versions of those, can support this website. This is excellent news because you can access the site regardless of where you are; even if you are in some rented place with a weird computer, you can still enter and enjoy all the tools AmateurMatch can offer.

What Could Be The Reason For A Hard Time Entering The Site?

There are lots of factors that can influence whether or not you can access the website. First, you should check if the internet connection you have is working and stable. Sometimes your computer may show the wifi as connected, yet no data is going through. If you are sure the internet is working, you should double-check if you are typing your information correctly. If you have caps, lock activated, or maybe your keyboard is in another language, that can be a problem.

What could be the reason for a hard time entering the site?


It is time to talk about their design and the user interface in this AmateurMatch review. As mentioned before, they created a charming platform with an exquisite overall design and convenient interface. The main characteristic of an excellent interface is how fast a new user can start using it at full speed. In that sense, this platform is fantastic. Anyone can find every menu, button, and tool needed in a matter of seconds. Everything falls into your line of sight. The navigation is very smooth and intuitive. Besides, the aesthetics of the site are on the same level as their usability. AmateurMatch is a joy to use.

Registration process

Creating a profile on AmateurMatch is very simple and quick to do. You can register right from their landing page. All you need to do is enter your information in the registration form. It asks for basic stuff like location and email, but also, you have to select who you are interested in. Other than that, the basic things like coming up with a username and a password are also required. With that, your registration is ready, and you can start enjoying the service.

Can You Unmatch An AmateurMatch Member?

Once you get a match, that almost always means that you will be getting messages or “ice breakers” from that user. If for any reason, you change your mind, you can just ignore the messages, and that user is very likely to move on. If you feel that someone is not picking up on your indifference signs, you can simply block them.

Minimum Age Required To Use AmateurMatch?

As required by law, as on any similar platform, to register for AmateurMatch, you need to be of legal age. In most countries, that is eighteen years old or more.

How Can You Verify Your Account?

Introducing an email address, you use often is the best way to do so. You can do it right on the registration form. That also helps to keep you updated about the activity on AmateurMatch. All your notifications come directly to your inbox.

How Can You Verify Your Email?

You should go to your main inbox page and look for an email from AmateurMatch. Emails from dating sites may be automatically filtered into spam folders. For that reason, it is a good idea to check there too. From that folder, just open the email and mark it as “not spam ‘after that, all emails from the same sender will come right to your primary inbox page.

Can You Register Using Your Facebook Account?

For now, AmateurMatch does not support signing up with a Facebook account. Nonetheless, creating an account with your email address is very easy to do.

Can You Use The Site Without Registration?

This is not a possibility. To use the site, you need an account. That does not mean you need to pay anything. It is easy to create a free account and use it to test out the platform before buying a subscription.

Profile set-up

Once you have created an account with your basic info, you can go ahead and fill your profile. The information you provided in the registration form is fundamental. You can further personalize your page from the settings menu. There you can add your preferences, what you like and even stories about yourself. In the same way, you can upload media like personal videos and attractive photographs so other users can check you out.

Can you delete pictures uploaded to AmateurMatch?

Absolutely, you can get rid of any media you uploaded to your profile. You can do it right from the menu options on the picture you want to delete.

Can you delete pictures uploaded to AmateurMatch?

How do you edit your username on AmateurMatch?

For that, you need to go into the setting menu, and there you will find an option for personal information.

How Is It Possible to Delete Your AmateurMatch profile?

For deleting your profile on AmateurMatch website, you need to go into the Q&A section and look for the “delete profile” section. There you will find a link that takes you to the page you can delete your profile from.

Can you disable the “Show me on AmateurMatch” option?

This service does not offer options for anonymously using the site. Other users can still find your profile. If you do not want that to happen, you can quickly delete your profile.

Is it possible to delete the information already submitted to AmateurMatch?

Yes, as with your media, you can change and delete most information you have uploaded to this site. That can be managed from your settings menu.

When looking for sexy people to meet on AmateurMatch, you have many tools to help you out. The search page gives you tons of filters to use to find the exact type of person you want to meet. Almost everything from location to preferences and appearance can be filtered.

Is it possible to see AmateurMatch members who you liked?

You have a lot of available lists to help you categorize interactions. One of them is the list of people you liked, so yes, you can quickly check that out at any moment.

What are the different options of AmateurMatch Search?

There are quite a lot of options. You can search for physical characteristics like height. It also gives you opportunities to filter out preferences like smoking or alcohol. In the same manner, you have lots of subsections for hobbies, kinks, specific things people are into, and more. The search tools on AmateurMatch can help you get extremely specific with your search.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on AmateurMatch if you are a free member?

As a free member, you do not have that kind of functionality.


It has excellent and super stable messaging functionality. AmateurMatch also gives you options for live chat and even webcam chats.

How can you start a conversation with someone on AmateurMatch?

All you need to do is go to their profile and click the email button. That opens up a chat window, and you can start interacting with them.

How can you message someone?

After finding the person you want to communicate with, go to their profile and click on the option you prefer; you can send an email, chat, or even video chat.

Is sending messages a free option?

Messaging on AmateurMatch is reserved for premium users only.

Is sending messages a free option?

How can you see who messaged you on AmateurMatch?

You can go to your inbox page, and you will see that your messages are displayed there. Also, whenever someone messages you, you get a notification via email.

How can I use the camera on AmateurMatch?

Your webcam activates when you start a video chat with other users. It is an automated process, so you do not have to stress about it.

How can I filter who can message me on AmateurMatch?

AmateurMatch gives you options to filter out people you see. The primary way someone can communicate with you is after having a match with you. If you filter users, then you are unlikely to match with someone you do not like.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

  • for one month, 29.99 USD
  • For three months, 69.00 USD

AmateurMatch gives you lots of options for a membership; the two more popular ones are mentioned above. You can buy your membership using any of your credit cards or even online checks.

Free Membership Features

As a free member, you can explore the site and check out basic info about other users.

Premium Membership Features

Having an upgraded account gives you access to all the excellent features mentioned in this AmateurMatch review. You can message other users, video chat, access cam shows, and more.

Is It Available A Premium Membership On AmateurMatch?

Yes, you can get a premium membership and pay monthly. You can as well buy packages for several months in advance and save some money.

How can you cancel your AmateurMatch membership?

Go to the Q&A section and look for the cancel paid account section. Enter your information there, which then takes you to your profile, there you will find a phone number. Call that number, and a manager will help you to cancel your account.

Is AmateurMatch membership auto-renewed?

Yes, for your convenience, the memberships are automatically renewed as soon as they end. You can stop the renewals at any time.

Can you back your money for unused time?

You can use the service up until your current subscription ends.

Is your “support” to AmateurMatch automatically renewed every month?

Yes, your payments are automatically renewed unless you cancel that process.

If I Am Dissatisfied with AmateurMatch, Is It Possible to Get My Money Back?

You can easily cancel your membership, so the renewals are stopped. it does not offer reimbursements.

How will your AmateurMatch support appear on the credit card bill?

It shows as payment for software services and the name of the company.

Can you give support to other Amateurmatch members?

In order to stop scam attempts, giving money to other users is discouraged on AmateurMatch.

Is It Possible to Send Support For Just A Month?

Sure, you can buy a membership for one month and then cancel your subscription, so it does not auto-renew.

Is It Possible to Send Support For Just A Month?

Is AmateurMatch Really Secure?

As with any dating site, there may be people trying to take advantage of others. If you are smart about what information you share then, your experience can be very safe.

Privacy on AmateurMatch

You can change or delete any information you added to the site. In the same manner, AmateurMatch does not intend to sell or distribute your personal data.

Are AmateurMatch chats encrypted?

All the chats function inside the platform, so it is hard for attackers to get any information out.

Can AmateurMatch track you?

To improve your experience and show you the people nearby, AmateurMatch asks for your locations. Other than that, it does not do much to locate you.

Can the police trace AmateurMatch ?

AmateurMatch is a well-established company with no issues with the police or any other law enforcement agencies.

Who should one contact with questions regarding privacy on AmateurMatch?

It has an excellent support team ready to assist you with any issues you may encounter. You can find their contact number on their website and contact them directly.


It employs many methods for keeping the experience safe. That includes verification of newcomers, checking profiles, and monitoring activity inside their platform.


Are AmateurMatch Forums Threads Moderated?

Yes, it has people looking into this and making sure they are safe and compliant with the rules.

What will happen to a member who uses an AmateurMatch Account to solicit money?

AmateurMatch discourages that kind of behavior, and users doing that can get banned from the service.

Banned account

An account can be banned for many reasons, mainly for breaking the rules of the site. Things like spam or trying to scam other users can get you banned

Why it is impossible to access AmateurMatch?

If you feel you have been banned unfairly, you can contact their support team to help you with your questions.

How long do AmateurMatch bans last?

It depends on many factors. If you find yourself in that situation, it is best to contact their support team.

How can you reactivate your banned account?

If you feel that you were banned unfairly, you can try getting back your account by contacting the support team on AmateurMatch. They will do their best to assist you and help you with that issue.

Protect yourself

Always be vigilant and smart about how you use the platform. Do not share too much information with strangers and never send money to other accounts.

How can you block and report a suspected scammer?

On the profile page of every user, you can find the “Block” button. The team looks into profiles that have been blocked several times and potentially ban them.

Which information shouldn’t be posted on your AmateurMatch Account?

Never share personal information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, or anything of that kind.

Help and Support

The team at AmateurMatch is very responsive. You can contact them with any doubts you have, and they get back to you very quickly and are very helpful and professional.

Help and Support

Real life review

This site is excellent for many reasons but mainly because it puts a lot of effort into protecting users. It verifies every single new account and does its best to filter out bad profiles or those that seem fake. For that reason, the experience here is excellent and very safe.

Is AmateurMatch the best dating site/app?

It is hard to say because there are so many out there. But this one is undoubtedly one of the most intuitive, easy to use, and safe. It has excellent tools that others lack, and users enjoy excellent client support.

Is AmateurMatch safe?

The team at AmateurMatch does its best and works round the clock to keep the site safe. However, it is always a good idea to be vigilant because scammers can be sneaky.

Is AmateurMatch a hook-up app?

Yes, this is mainly a site for people who want some fun without strings attached.

Is AmateurMatch free?

You can explore the site as a free user, but to take full advantage of its tools and capabilities, you need a membership.

How does AmateurMatch work?

You can browse and check out thousands of profiles of sexy people. Pick the ones you like and start communicating via chat, email, video chat, and more. From there, it is up to you what happens, but most people signup for sexy encounters, which is a strong possibility.

How Often can you come across fake or scam members on AmateurMatch?

Fakes and catfish are an absolute plague on the internet right now, but that should not stop you from experiencing this kind of dating. The guys at AmateurMatch do an outstanding job of identifying and getting rid of accounts that look fraudulent or fake.

How Often can you come across fake or scam members on AmateurMatch?

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  • Fling
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Contact Information

Company: Deniro Marketing, LLC

Address:Athinodorou, 3 Dasoupoli, Strovolos P.C. 2025 Nicosia Cyprus

Phone: +1 8886499178

Email: support@amateurmatch.com


This site is perfect for people who do not want any serious relationship and all the baggage they carry. This is only for free spirits who want to enjoy an excellent time, meet hot people, and explore their sexuality. If that sounds like you, then AmateurMatch is your best option.

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