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Fubar review: Great dating site?

Fubar review: Great dating site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 26-30
Profiles 1 100 000
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Visit rate 4.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Users get to enjoy the interaction features.
  • A significant user base of over 13 million subscribers.
  • Members can use it for hookups and networking.
  • Lots of games available for members to enjoy.
  • You get to enjoy seamless networking without distractive ads.
  • Most of the users are always active.
  • Users can access most of the features under standard membership.
  • Pricing is less costly.
  • Users can customize profiles using various animations and attract potentials.
  • Communication requires a subscription.
  • Beginners find navigating the website frustrating.
  • The interactive features might confuse a new user.

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Dating sites like Fubar have become the latest trend for singles to meet and hookup with people of similar interests. Signing up can be easy as long as you meet the site’s requirements. According to Fubar’s reviews, a website is a great place for connecting and interacting with various people regardless of their diversity. You will encounter games, shops, and other virtual gifts that enhance usability. Whether you are looking for a dating website, networking, or entertainment, you will likely encounter many of these on the website. The Fubar review compiles everything you need to know, including signing up, pricing, and the special features.


Fubar stands out among the various hookup sites because it offers a unique opportunity for singles to hookup, date, network, or find entertainment. There have been several success stories where singles have met and become true life partners. Some have equally found casual dates and lasting networks.

Like any prospect, you would want to understand what Fubar means. This name stands for F*ucked up beyond recognition. The website is more of a social network with the main principle functioning like a bar. Besides socializing, users can enjoy multiple games or choose to create networks or find acquaintances.

This social website has been operational since 1997 and has attracted a significant number (more than 11 million) subscribers. It is located in Boston, MA, Massachusetts 02112 in the United States. The website is owned by Social Concepts Inc but registered under GoDaddy.com.

Most of Fubar’s subscribers are from the United States and the United Kingdom. You will also encounter users from other parts of the world like Canada, Australia, India, and the Philippines. You can only use this website if you are at least 18 years; most of Fubar’s users between 20 and 25 years. You can also connect with users above 70 years. The male-female gender ratio is 51% to 49%.


How does Fubar work?

Before signing up on the Fubar website, it will help to understand how it works. The dating site has a lot of impressive features that you ought to familiarize yourself with. The homepage features the following:

  • My
  • Leader Boards
  • Bling Shop
  • Latest
  • Games
  • Drinks

The ‘My’ icon represents a user’s account where you can perform various functions like searching for members. Users can also express their interests in this section. ‘The Bling Shop’ section allows you to impress someone you would like to meet. For instance, you can earn money on the website, purchase gifts, and send it to someone you like on the site. You can also use the ‘Drink’ section to lure your potential.

The ‘Games’ icon allows you to earn coins and engage in fun and emotion-striking activities. After finding an interesting hook, you will likely access the ‘Leader Boards’ tab and select someone you like.

Users can join public and group conversations and contribute to common topics. Frequently using the website allows you to earn virtual coins that will enhance usability by purchasing virtual gifts for your friends. You can also invite friends to join the hookup site and gain access to top rankings. Ideally, the more you interact with other users, the more your ratings improve on the site.

Signing up at Fubar

Registering on the Fubar website is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take much of your time. You can sign up on Fubar’s homepage by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ tab. Next, provide your email address and create a unique password. The next step directs you to choose the year of birth and your gender.

After choosing this, press next, provide your username and upload a striking photo. Ensure that the picture is decent –Fubar’s technical team analyze all the photos and delete profiles that might violate the site’s policy. After submitting the necessary information, the support team will check it for authentication before approving your membership. In a nutshell, registration can be as follows:

  • Click Fubar’s homepage and select sign up (you will receive a verification link via email).
  • Create a password and a username
  • Choose the date of birth and your gender.
  • Upload a decent photo
  • Submit your details for verification
  • Notably, users must read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section and confirm if they agree to Fubar’s policy.

How to start contact

Several features enable users to connect and interact with other members. After signing up, the next thing you wish to do is contacting other members. You can search for new friends and add them to your list.

Like any other dating site, you can use search filters and tailor your results to find particular people. Since the site has different distinct levels, users can find members by searching for relationship status, mafia funs, games, level, and activated blings. You can also browse and view other user profiles, and if you find someone interesting, you can add them to your network. Communication is through messaging and video calls. However, you must upgrade to VIP membership to access these communication features.

How to start contact

Fubar profiles

Every prospect wants to find out if the dating site has real or fake profiles before signing up. All profiles are verified to rule out any spam and fake profiles. Fortunately, the Fubar app and website allow you to connect with real people from various parts of the world. Fubar has a record of more than 13 million subscribers. At least 100000 users access the website weekly, and you are likely to encounter plenty of active users. Some of the striking features about the Fubar website include:

  • Plenty of subscribers and various active users: This implies that you will always find someone to connect and chat with.
  • All profiles feature basic information, including relationship status. As such, you can filter your search to meet single people or hookup with the married.
  • There are no bots on the website, implying that you will interact with genuine users.
  • A standard subscription makes you susceptible to fake profiles. Users are always encouraged to upgrade their membership for unique experiences.
  • Most of the users are fun, engaging, and love striking conversations.
  • You can log in to access profiles.

How to avoid fake profiles

Most dating sites have several fake profiles resulting from inactive users, spam, or people registering with inconsistent details. Any online dater would benefit from understanding how they can protect themselves from fake profiles. Below are some helpful tips that can keep you away from fake users:

  • Always verify your profile during registration.
  • Consider premium memberships –most fake profiles never upgrade
  • Only contact users who have been active within the week instead of those without recent activity.
  • Interact with profiles that have comprehensive information.
  • Always check if the member’s profile has been verified.
  • Avoid opening links that seem suspicious.
  • Frequently log in to your account.

Fubar reviews: Design and Usability

According to user reviews, navigating the website can be a bit frustrating during the initial stages. Its interface has a lot of information; users can click on each icon and see how it works. The upper screen of Fubar’s homepage contains the following sections:

  • Home
  • My section (user’s account; you can access photos, view profiles, and check your activity).
  • Leader boards
  • Bling shops
  • Games
  • Latest (photos and other striking features)
  • The ‘Drinks’ icon

The left sidebar indicates a user’s level and status on the Fubar website. This section can monitor interactions, collections, achievements, and your engagement on the website.

Fubar’s interface has a darker color displaying dozens of members’ pictures. You get to view striking and mind-blowing animations. You can navigate the website by selecting a specific panel. For instance, if you choose the profile icon, you can view messages, check the friend list, leader boards, photos, and other entertaining features.

Fubar reviews: Design and Usability

Fubar review: Mobile App

Fortunately, you can also access Fubar via a mobile application that is more striking and with several functionality features. You can download the app Google Play Store and App Store and install it at no cost. Most of Fubar’s users prefer using the app because of its convenience over the website. The advantages of using the Fubar app include:

  • Easy installation and registration –signing up require the username only, unlike the website.
  • Navigate the pages seamlessly –all the icons and functions are highlighted separately.
  • The app version has more impressive features that enhance usability.
  • Unlike the website version, app users can view alerts and notifications instantly.

Special features

Like modern hookup sites, special features attract plenty of subscribers. Most people love Fubar because it has multiple benefits; you can network, play games, or meet actual dates. Below are Fubar’s special features:

  • Search filters: this option allows you to find and connect with other users based on your preferences. For instance, you can search by age, relationship status, location, and other filters.
  • Love connections: this section allows users to view various activities like secret admirers, proposals, and interactions.
  • Games: one of the interesting features on this website is the games available. The site comprises a total of 11 games for entertainment. Users playing engaging in either of these games earn points, and virtual currencies are known as fubucks. These games include fuLotto, fuMaffia, and slots.
  • Virtual coins: you can earn virtual currencies by frequently using the website, ranking images, adding friends, and chatting.
  • Blings: users can earn points known as blings, which they can use to purchase virtual gifts and drinks for their friends.
  • Visiting lounges: users can access private and public chat rooms. You can also create a group and invite members to join and discuss a common topic.
  • Video cams: you can hook up with other members via the video cam or start a broadcast to popularize your account.
  • Getting buzz: with a higher buzz meter, members can earn bonuses and discounts every time they use the website.
  • Website and app versions: users can access Fubar via the website or app conveniently.
  • Easy and free registration
  • Communication icebreakers: if you are shy of starting conversations with other users, you can use icebreakers to kick off your conversation.

Notably, all these features enhance usability, allowing users to connect and interact with other members seamlessly.

Special features

Fubar Costs

Luckily, users can access the Fubar website at affordable costs. Below are some of the packages that users can purchase when using this social network:

  • One credit worth $0.99
  • Five credits at $6.99
  • Ten credits costing $13.99
  • 25 credits worth $27.99
  • 35 credits at $69.99
  • 65 credits worth $49.99
  • 135 credits costing $99.99
  • 350 credits worth $249.99
  • 1000 credits discounted at $679.99
  • 2500 credits at $1624.99

These credits can be converted into fubucks, which you can use on the website. There are also alternative ways for users to earn credits, including:

  • Signing up guarantees that you will get 50000 points
  • Frequently uploading photos (not exceeding ten pictures), you receive points and fubucks.
  • Introducing lounge rooms allow you to earn more points.
  • Winning games and slots accrues your points.
  • Sending blings earns you more points.
  • Accomplishing the website’s surveys can earn you credits.
  • Being active on the website frequently

Basic Membership

There is a lot you can do with a standard membership. Basic membership allows you to:

  • Sign up and create Fubar’s account
  • Download music, photos, and videos
  • Chat via messaging
  • Customize your account
  • Play some games with other members
  • Exposure to stats
  • Upload or delete photos
  • Write your blog
  • Send pokes, likes, and blasts.

Premium Membership

Users with a premium account have lots of benefits and are not restricted from maximizing this social network opportunity. Premium membership (VIP+) is worth $14.71 per month, coupled with 15 coins per monthly subscription. VIP members can do the following:

  • Upload at least 1000 photos and other media
  • Add more members to your friend list.
  • Get awarded 10 billion fubucks
  • Access VIP drinks
  • Receive and send virtual gifts

Fubar Coupons

Almost every feature on Fubar’s hookup site is free of charge. Users are rewarded after signing up and for their activity on the website. For instance, every time you log in and remain active, you earn credits that you can use on the site. Besides, frequently interacting with other users earns you coupons that can enhance your functionalities on the website.

Fubar website: Verification & Safety

One of the most significant concerns online daters have is the safety of using a specific dating site. On Fubar, verification starts during the registration process. Before signing up, you must agree to terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Besides, approval of your account might take some time because all your information must be verified. Usually, a confirmation link is sent to your email for verification.

Prospective users should always check the privacy policy section before consenting to use the site. Everything you share on the website is confidential; you don’t have to worry about leaking sensitive information. The fact that you can choose a unique username implies that you can interact via a hidden identity. Fubar doesn’t use your details for other reasons; non-violation of human rights is a principle that drives this website.

Users are cautioned against sharing nude photos, lest they get banned from using the website. Since your online safety is critical, it will help if you have a strong password and connect with like-minded users.

Your chats and interactions with other users on the website are encrypted to avoid leaking a user’s information. Before a user is suspended from using the website, the action is evaluated before making the decision. Whenever your credit card purchases something that costs more than $400, you will be contacted to verify the purchase.

Is Fubar a scam?

Most people who haven’t used Fubar’s social network think that it is a scam. However, according to Fubar reviews, it doesn’t have a scam. The account settings icon allows you to choose the type of members you would wish to interact with. You can choose who sends you messages or block someone you don’t find interesting.

Is Fubar legit?

According to the Fubar review, this website is legit, and you can interact with countless individuals. Many people sign up and use the site for various things, including dating, socializing, and networking. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter fake profiles.

Is Fubar anonymous?

You can use this hookup site without revealing your identity. During the registration process, choose a username that doesn’t reveal who you are. This way, you are sure of browsing and interacting anonymously.

Is Fubar anonymous?

What are the problems of using Fubar?

Using this website comes with a lot of disadvantages, including:

  • Regular alerts and notifications. While it may not be a bad thing, some users find it destructive.
  • The standard membership plan exposes you to a lot of scammers.
  • You are discouraged from sharing explicit media. This might work against people who use dating sites to download or upload such content.

Help and Support

Fubar has an excellent support system that is operational 24/7. Before contacting the support team, you might find the ‘About’ and ‘FAQ’ sections helpful. These sections have responses to vital questions regarding your experience on the website. You can channel your concerns and queries to support@fubar.com.

Fubar Alternatives

Though Fubar stands out among the many social network sites, users find the following dating sites viable:

  1. AdultFriendFinder

This dating site has plenty of subscribers interested in dating. It caters to people’s needs across the globe, and you can connect with people in various engagements, including casual dates.

  1. Meetup

This dating site brings people from all walks of life together. You can share your interests and hobbies as you connect with other people. Some people have been successful at finding dates on this hookup site.

  1. MeetMe

It is a hookup site that allows people to have fun while interacting with other people. It has attracted plenty of subscribers but connecting with other singles requires upgrading your membership.


What is Fubar used for?

Fubar is more like a social network. You can use it for entertainment and fun by playing games, using slots, and drinks. It is also perfect for dating. Since you interact with various people, you might be lucky to find someone interested in dating that could lead to a lasting relationship. Alternatively, you can use Fubar to network with various users from different countries.

Is Fubar a Real Dating Site?

Generally, Fubar caters to the needs of singles interested in dating. You can use it to find potential hookups. However, you need to be careful when meeting someone for a date lest you become a victim of fraud and similar problems resulting from meeting strangers.

How to Delete Fubar Account

If you no longer wish to use Fubar’s website, you can easily delete it. Log in to your account, click on the ‘My’ section, and select delete account. Be sure to confirm the action.

Contact Information

Knowing how to contact Fubar is essential for both subscribers and prospects. Below are Fubar’s contact details:

Name: Fubar

Location: MA, Massachusetts 02112, Boston

Phone: +1480-624-2505

Support Email: support@fubar.com

Business inquiries: bizdev@fubar.com

Copyright issues can be channeled via copyright@fubar.com.


Using Fubar to find a partner can be a great idea. Unlike the conventional dating brands, Fubar has lots of benefits that engage users and keep them active on the website. You have lots of freedom and can connect with thousands of users daily, guaranteeing a unique experience.

Regardless of your needs, Fubar’s review indicated that it is a mix of dating, fun, and entertainment that you won’t find elsewhere. The interesting thing about the social network is that you won’t be bored with tons of explicit media and nude photos. Whatever your needs are, you can try your chances on the Fubar website.

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