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FuckBookHookup Review: Worth Your Time Or Not?

FuckBookHookup Review: Worth Your Time Or Not?
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 20-60
Profiles 4.875.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is extremely welcoming to new members.
  • The platform is holistic in approach and accepts members from every sexual identity and orientation out there.
  • FuckBookHookup offers the basic membership free of cost to new users.
  • The registration process for the site is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • The platform offers engaging live camera shows.
  • The platform has an enormous user base that sees regular upward mobilization.
  • The basic membership offers an extremely restrictive approach to the website and limits a lot of features.
  • The platform doesn't offer any free videos to be watched.
  • The FuckBookHookup website isn't accessible at every location.

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Today, everyone is searching for a quick and easy way to spice up their love lives with the least effort. FuckBookHookup provides you just that.

It is a place where men and women from all walks of life can join in and have a host of sensual experiences. It is a platform that provides you with ample opportunities to have the kind of sex life that you truly desire. The platform doesn’t ask you to compromise but instead encourages you to pursue the women and men you crave. It is the best place for you if all you’re looking for is fun and a safe place to experiment in.

What Is The History Of FuckBookHookup?

The platform has been active for quite some time now and has established massive goodwill in the market. It is considered as the ‘Facebook’ for casual sex. It means that the site has a similar reputation as that of Facebook in the social networking domain. Trusted by men and women alike for quick sex, it continues to be the dating domain of choice.

Who Is The Owner Of The FuckBookHookup Website?

The platformis currently owned by Various Inc., which is a US-based company.

Where Is The Location Of The FuckBookHookup Headquarters?

The FuckBookHookup headquarters is located at 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008.

Is FuckBookHookup Available In Multiple Languages?

Yes. FuckBookHookup caters to users from around the world and thus is available in several different languages. The default language setting is in English but can be switched to other words, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Can People From Across The World Be A Part Of The FuckBookHookup Website?

Yes, theFuckBookHookup website encourages people from across the world to be a part of the community. However, the platform is mostly dominated by people from the US. That shouldn’t deter you from signing up for the site. It is incredibly inclusive, and so you can sign up without second thoughts.

What Are Some Of The Unique Features The Platform Offers?

What Are Some Of The Unique Features The Platform Offers?

While writing this review, a lot of research was conducted to understand what the platform does differently than its competition. The FuckBookHokup website is a platform that offers several distinct and personalized features for its users to make use of.

Profile Features

What differentiates the platform from its competition is that it operates more like a social networking site and less like an actual dating platform. It has its one dedicated news feed, filled with posts from other users. Moreover, the platform offers extensive customization options to change everything from your username to your profile picture.

While researching for this FuckBookHookup review, it was seen that the platform has powerful search functionality that operates based on multiple parameters. You can search based on age and preferences, or even find locals near your area using the distance parameter.

Adult Play

The platform hosts multiple adult games that are an absolute joy to play. You can participate either with a single member or a whole group of members who are just as eager to get a little freaky over a fun game of adult play.

Free To Use Porn Access

Yes, you read it right. The platform allows you free access to several different porn sites. A wide array of FuckBookHookup reviews also attest to the fact that the site encourages its users to be open to pornography as a source of inspiration for their next steamy encounter.

The User Base

The platform hosts a dedicated and engaging user base consisting of people from around the world. The majority of members on it, however, are from the United States. It has over 250,000 active users every month, a testament to the goodwill the website claims over the dating and hookup market.

The FuckBookHookup website is trendy in the US and is slowly establishing its dominance in the global dating markets. One key trend regarding user profiles is that around 85% of the site’s profiles belong to men, which means that men will have a harder time looking for women to hook up with.

Another significant aspect of the platform is that it is incredibly inclusive of all sexual identities. It doesn’t discriminate, and neither does it encourage doing so. It provides a safe and secure environment where people from all genders and sexual identities can build the love life they truly desire. FuckBookHookup is an absolute pleasure in that regard.

What Is The Age Distribution Like On The Website?

The website witnesses a reasonably even distribution of profiles in terms of age group. You can find people from the age of 20 till 60 or even above. The platform poses no restrictions based on age and is equally welcoming to everyone.

Are There Fake Profiles On The Platform

It was found for thisFuckBookHookup review that the platform demonstrates excellent standards of security. The number of reports for fake profiles on the platform is minuscule and doesn’t shouldn’t deter you from signing up for the service. It has a reputation for maintaining industry standards in terms of security, and this has been determined regarding multiple other reviews as well.

What Are The Website Interface And Mobile Application Like?

What Are The Website Interface And Mobile Application Like?

The platform provides its users with a simple yet conducive website interface that screams good quality. The team at FuckBookHookup has made its interface a priority, which has resulted in a polished product that matches industry standards for both aesthetics as well as ease of use.

Does The FuckBookHookup App Work Well?

Yes, the platform offers you easy-to-use Android and IOS apps that you can download on your mobile and mingle on the go.

What does the FuckBookHookup Website Look Like?

The website is incredibly efficient at what it does, ensuring that users have a great time on the platform and return for more every time. It has a very modern and vibrant design that is surprisingly well organized, for which it has been praised for in several FuckBookHookup reviews.

Is The Site Usable On A Computer?

Yes, the site is exceptionally well designed to be run on a desktop computer. The website is optimized to carry whatever tasks you throw at it. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

What Are Some Of The Browsers That Support FuckBookHookup?

Every mainstream browser on the market supports the platform. The popular ones include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

You Seem To Be Having Some Difficulty Accessing The Website. Why’s That?

If you’re having difficulty accessing the FuckBookHookup website, you should first try accessing it via a different browser. A possible reason may be that you haven’t confirmed your account via the confirmation link sent to your email. Ensure that you click on that link and confirm that link before trying to access your profile.

What Is The Platform Interface Like?

What Is The Platform Interface Like?

The platform interface is neat and sports a sleek look. It looks premium from the get-go and draws you towards the phenomenal functionality that the FuckBookHookup website offers. The home page will greet you with pictures of multiple beautiful women who will be partially or even completely naked for you to feast your eyes on. Upon moving ahead with the website, you’ll be greeted with more such pleasures.

The platform has excellent usability and doesn’t let you down under any circumstances. It is well optimized for any system and is very responsive.

All About The Sign-up Process

The signup process forthe FuckBookHookup website is exceptionally straightforward and easy to follow. It takes you nowhere more than 5 minutes to complete the entire process.

You’ll first be asked for a verified email address. Upon entering, you’ll be asked to provide some more basic details such as your username, age, and sex. That’s it. In moments, you’ll be done setting up your account on FuckBookHookup and can start hooking up with absolutely gorgeous women and men.

Is It Possible To Unmatch A FuckBookHookup Member?

Yes, it is simple to unmatch a member you’re not keen on keeping in touch with. You can use the unmatch option available on the chatbox or let the administrators know, and they’ll do it for you.

What Are The Age Restrictions On The FuckBookHookup Website?

The platform maintains a strict entry limit of 18 years of age. It means that you must be at least 18 to register on FuckBookHookup.

How Can You Verify My Account?

You can verify your account using the verification link that’ll be sent to you once you enter your email address during the signup process. Just click on that link, and you’ll be redirected to a page where your account will get verified.

How Can You Verify The Email Address That You’ve Provided?

You’ll be sent a verification link in your email address as soon as you sign up for the FuckBookHookup website. Just click on that, and you’ll be done.

How Can You Register Using My Facebook Account?

You’ll notice the option to link your Facebook account as soon as you land on the website’s homepage. Just follow the instructions from there, and you’ll be done in no time.

Is It Possible To Browse The Platform Without Signing Up?

Yes, the site lets you browse without signing up for it, which means free of cost.

Creating A Profile

Creating A Profile

Right after you finish your signup process for FuckBookHookup, your profile is automatically created. You can modify and change your details at any time later on. You can add pictures and other additional information as well.

Is It Possible To Delete A Picture From My Profile On FuckBookHookup?

Yes, you can quickly delete or replace pictures that you’ve previously uploaded on your profile.

Is There Any Option To Change Your Username On FuckBookHookup? If Yes, Then How?

You can easily change your username on the FuckBookHookup website by selecting the “change username” option from the profile settings menu.

Is It Possible To Delete Your FuckBookHookup Profile?

You can delete your profile using the “close account” option or by letting the administrators know.

Can You Disable The “Show You On FuckBookHookup” Option? What Happens Then?

If you disable this option, members on the platform won’t be able to see your profile or even contact you. It’s possible but recommended only if you’re sure of it.

Is It Possible To Delete The Information That You’ve Provided To FuckBookHookup?

Yes, you can delete any information that you’ve uploaded to the FuckBookHookup website. You can do that from the profile settings menu. Else, you can contact the moderators who will delete your information for you.

Looking For Other Members

Looking For Other Members

The platform hosts an extremely powerful search functionality that lets you search for members very quickly. Moreover, the site will present you with its own set of profile recommendations based on your preferences. You can then choose who you want to mingle with and go ahead with the interaction.

Can You View The FuckBookHookup Members You’ve Liked?

You can just click on any profile on FuckBookHookup, which will give you a quick look into their profiles and what they’re all about.

What Are Some Of The Options You Get For FuckBookHookup Search?

You can search based on your preferences. These may include height, eye color, or even common hobbies.

Is It Possible To View Who Likes You Provided You’re A Free Member?

The great thing about the platformis that it lets you view the members who’ve recently stumbled on to your profile.

What Is Messaging On The Platform Like?

It’s extremely simple to message any user that you like on the FuckBookHookup website. Once your profile is created, the platform will connect you to thousands of members based on your tastes and passions in life. All you need to do is select their profile and then go to the built-in chat box that the platform provides. You can chat with hundreds of different users who you may be interested in this way.

How Do You Begin Texting Someone On The FuckBookHookup Website?

While researching this FuckBookHookup review, it was seen that the platform offers you multiple ways to establish contact with a fellow member. You can either approach it the traditional way and send a simple text. If that’s too boring for you, you can also participate in several adult games hosted by the site and meet people. Another great option is to be a part of live chat rooms on FuckBookHookup, where you can participate in virtual hookups and build great connections.

How Do You Initiate A Conversation?

You can reach their profile and then use the chat option to send your first message. You can take the conversation wherever you want from there.

Can You Send Texts As A Free User?

Yes, you can text other members even as a free member. It is what separates the platform from its competition and makes it a value for money proposition.

How To Check Who Texted You On FuckBookHookup?

It is extremely easy to check who texted you on the website. You just need to login to your account and go to your inbox and see who texted you.

How Should You Get Access To The Camera On The FuckBookHookup Website?

After referring to multiple FuckBookHookup reviews, it was seen that you need a computer or a phone with a built-in camera. You will find the option to access the camera when you participate in live chats or shows.

Can You Only Allow The Profiles You’re Interested In The Text You On The FuckBookHookup Website?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that. You can, however, block the profiles you don’t want viewing your profile.

Price And Membership Fee Structure

Price And Membership Fee Structure

An important question that needs to be addressed now is in regards to how expensive the website is, especially when compared to its competitors on the market. Well, FuckBookHookup is one of the most affordable options out there for dating enthusiasts.

What Are Some Of The Features You Get To Use As A Free User?

Here’s a curated list of the best features you get access to as a free user:

  • Access to live cam shows
  • Access to a plethora of adult games hosted by the website
  • The ability to send text messages
  • The ability to see the who stumbled on to your profile and when
  • Access to multiple free pornographic sites

What Are Some Of The Features You Get To Use As A Premium User?

You can access every premium feature on the FuckBookHookup website for a meager fee of 29.95 USD per month. If you wish to reduce your spending even further, try opting for the three-month membership. It will only cost you 14.95 USD per month for three months, totalling 44.85 USD for three months compared to 89.95 USD for the regular plan.

Some of the features you get access to after you subscribe to the premium membership include:

  • A significantly powerful search engine
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited live cam shows
  • Unlimited access to free porn sites and apps on the FuckBookHookup website

Can You Sign-up For A Premium Membership On FuckBookHookup?

Yes, you can sign up for a premium membership for only 29.95 USD a month.

How Should You Proceed To Cancel My FuckBookHookup Membership?

You can either use the ‘close account’ option available on the website or contact the moderators to do the same.

Will Your FuckBookHookup Membership Be Auto-Renewed Every Month?

Yes, your subscription for FuckBookHookup will get renewed automatically at the beginning of each month.

Is A Refund Possible For The Time Not Spent On The Site?

No, unfortunately, you can’t redeem the time unused on the website.

Will Your Support For The FuckBookHookup Website Be Renewed Every Month Automatically?

Yes, your support for the platform will be auto-renewed every month.

Can You Get A Refund If You’re Not Happy With The FuckBookHookup Service?

Unfortunately, FuckBookHookupdoesn’t refund the money you once pay to them. So you can’t get a refund.

What Will The FuckBookHookup Support Appear On Your Credit Card Bill As?

The name that’ll appear on your credit card bill is ‘Various Inc.’

Is It Possible To Support Other Members Via FuckBookHookup?

No, unfortunately, such transactions aren’t permissible on the platform.

Is It Possible To Provide A Month’s Support?

Yes, you can pay support for only a month without any other commitments.

Safety And Security On FuckBookHookup

Safety And Security On FuckBookHookup

Safety is always an issue when signing up for dating websites, especially the ones that encourage virtual sex and other such encounters. Fortunately, while researching for this FuckBookHookup review, it was seen that the site maintains very high standards of safety on the platform. The platform has set up multiple avenues to check the authenticity of the profiles that sign up. It’s an extremely secure place, and you can be assured of top-notch security standards.

What Are The Privacy Features On FuckBookHookup?

The site prioritizes privacy for its users above everything else and has several useful privacy features set up to keep a check on the same.

Does FuckBookHookup Have Its Chats Encrypted?

Unfortunately, the chats on the FuckBookHookup website are not encrypted.

Is It Possible For FuckBookHookup To Track You Down?

Yes, the site can track you down if necessary since it’s a part of their safety protocol.

Is It Possible For The Police To Track FuckBookHookup?

Yes, the police can trace the platformif it wants to.

Who Should You Talk To In Case Of Privacy Concerns?

Contact the platform’s customer support, and they’ll take care of whatever you need.

What Are The Safety Levels?

After referring to multiple FuckBookHookup reviews, it was seen that the safety levels on the website are very high. The site is legit, and you can be assured of your security.

Do FuckBookHookup Forums Have Moderators?

Yes, the forums are in constant moderation.

What Happens If A Member Is Found Involved In Unsolicited Transactions?

Such a member is usually terminated immediately from the site for an indefinite period.

Account Bans

Account Bans

The platform is extremely strict with its safety protocols and mercilessly bans accounts if necessary.

Why Is It That You’re Unable To Access Your Account On FuckBookHookup?

You must have broken some rules on the FuckBookHookup website and have thus been terminated from the same. The best idea is to contact the moderators and find an agreement.

How Long Are Accounts On FuckBookHookup Banned For?

Moderators typically ban accounts indefinitely until further notice.

Is It Possible To Reactivate Your Account? How?

It’s simple. Your account will be reactivated the moment you log in the next time.

How To Protect Yourself?

It’s key to be aware of the tools you can utilize to ensure optimum safety. Now let’s go over some of the steps to keep yourself protected on the FuckBookHookup website.

How Should You Get Rid Of An Account And Report It If You Suspect A Scam?

The best way is to do it is to contact the moderators and let them know of suspicious activity. They’ll look into it and take the necessary actions.

Is There Some Information That You Shouldn’t Post On Your FuckBookHookup Account?

Yes, ideally, don’t post personal details of your family on the account.

Customer Support

While researching this FuckBookHookup review, it was noted that the platform is extremely user friendly and offers prompt customer support in case of any mishaps.

What Is A Real-Life Review Of FuckBookHookup Support Like?

The platform is extremely efficient at taking down bots and spams to keep users safe from privacy issues and other threats to security.

FuckBookHookup – The Best Dating App?

This is the best dating app if you’re interested in casual encounters and flings.

How Safe Is FuckBookHookup?

According to multiple FuckBookHookup reviews, the platform is extremely safe, and you can rely on it without a second thought.

Does FuckBookHookup Promote Hookups?

Yes, the platform does seem to be a place meant for hookups and flings. The chances to find a long term commitment on the platform is on the lower side.

Can You Use FuckBookHookup For Free?

Yes, you can register as a free user and reap all their benefits for free.

FuckBookHookup – Working Method?

The FuckBookHookup website works by introducing you to thousands of other men and women who are also looking to spice up their love lives. It allows you to explore your love life in an unbound and permanent manner.

Do You Get Scammers Or Fake Accounts On FuckBookHookup?

The website has rigorous security policies, and thus you usually don’t get fake accounts or other scammers on the platform.

What Are Some Alternative Sites Similar To FuckBookHookup?

What Are Some Alternative Sites Similar To FuckBookHookup?

Some of the popular alternatives to FuckBookHookup that offer similar services include:

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Tinder
  • OKCupid
  • Match
  • Clover

Customer Contact

Company: Various, Inc.

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008, US

Phone: (669)208-0363

Email: NA


To conclude, the FuckBookHookup website is an excellent place for people to expand their sex lives. It boasts a good looking and easy to use website with a simple and straightforward signup process. Overall, you should check it out if you’re a newbie and are looking for a no strings attached fun time.

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