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Greensingles Review: A Great Dating Site!

Greensingles Review: A Great Dating Site!
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Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 18-49
Profiles 15.875.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This dating website is famous since 1996.
  • Large active Community with massive engagement.
  • Free members can give replies to messages.
  • The website comes with a mobile-friendly design.
  • The look of the site is stunning and trendy.
  • The new match question feature is good.
  • There is no availability of the mobile application.
  • There can be few fake profiles as well.

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Greensingles is an eco-friendly website for all the people who love to contribute to the environment. For any person who wants to find an environmentalist or vegetarian partner, Greensingles is the ultimate platform. The website’s main mission and vision are to bring together all the vegans and animal rights campaigners- basically anyone who has something to contribute to the environment or has concerns regarding the same. It is an excellent social network for finding friendships and even dating as well as romance. All the people on this website will be able to exchange information as well as good ideas.

The site targets anyone who believes or practices certain things like veganism, animal rights, vegetarianism, and animal saving. The website offers its members to build a long-term relationship and a chance to meet and connect with friends. It is one of the sites which will help find a soulmate, and it is the right platform that one can have for engaging in something serious. It is one of the websites which will help find out your soulmate, and it is the correct step that one can have for engaging in something serious.

Short Description of Greensingles

In the case of the Greensingles website, there is a lot of effort with integrated development. It is a very appreciated and accessible website, and all the new users will find a reason to keep stuck on this website. The site has an evident focus and looks for all the singles that have something to do with the environment. Therefore, all the matchmaking on this website has a high success rate because of the same mental frequency match. On this website, one can find various kinds of relationships like merely platonic friendships, committed long-term romance, and relationships that end in marriage.

Since the day of its launch in 1996, there has been no looking back for this website. According to the history of the website in the year 1985, it was just a simple newsletter. The welcome page is lovely to see, and it will help the people to understand the subject of the website. The entire welcome page comes in the colors of white and green. This website comes with the tagline- “make every day Earth Day.”

Various Language Options of the Greensingles Website

There are a lot of language options in the Greensingles support system. All the members will have to put the language that they want to speak in, and it would be easy to communicate with the other members.

Founder of Greensingles?

Founder of Greensingles?

Jill Crosby is the owner and the founder of an institution known as the conscious dating network. In the year 1996, she decided to be the flag bearer of Greensingles. She is an environmentalist who thought of launching a website that would be meant for all the green lovers out there.

Current Location Basis of Greensingles

Right now, the headquarters of Greensingles is in Ohio, the United States, which is why it will be possible for the new members to get all the members from the U.S. and the U.K.

Foundation Date of Greensingles

Greensingles was just a newsletter in 1985, but by the time it was 1996, it turned onto a full-fledged website.

Availability of Greensingles On a Worldwide Basis

This website has its original bases in the U.S., but it is a globally available platform. A person can easily get access to this website from various parts of the world.

Special Features of Greensingles

There are a series of exclusive features on this website; this section of the Greensingles review will discuss the same.

I.Q. Test

In the exclusive features, there is an I.Q. test which stands for the intimacy quotient test. So, there is nothing to worry about, and there will be no difficult questions to answer. The answers will help with the matchmaking process and determine the potential match, which will be best for the members.

Comprehensive Matchmaking

In this special feature, the comprehensive matchmaking indicates the perfect match for all the members with particular criteria. If some of the members are posting videos, it will be better to watch them get a better insight into the profile. Also, the matchmaking can be done based on matching the astrology report so that the result can be satisfactory and successful.

Audience Quality of Greensingles

Audience Quality of Greensingles

Greensingles website focuses on the best of audience quality and targets the people who have something to contribute to the environment. That is why all the members over here are mostly environmentalists as well as vegans. Not only that, but people who have a lot of love regarding animals also join this website. The audience caters to every part of the world, and there will be a variety of languages as well.

Most of the people on this website belong to the USA and the U.K., but there are members of the other continents as well. The audience here is looking for something serious, which is going to be committed and long-term. Therefore, people who are looking for casual hookups and one-night stands should stay away from this website. There is no confinement on the environment philosophy that one should follow, which is indeed a plus point.

Age Distribution of the Members

Talking about the age distribution, 57% of all the members in this community are women, and 43% are males between the ages range of 18 to 49.

Fakes and Scammers On Greensingles

Many people have been asking whether one can find a lot of fake or scammers over here. There is a very efficient verification process on this website, but there can be some fake profiles even then. It is always good to be alert whenever one is having a conversation with any stranger on the website. Therefore, there should be no chance of deception and any unfortunate occurrence.

Mobile App and Website Mechanism of Greensingles

According to the Greensingles reviews, people who like to live a very eco-conscious and green lifestyle are the perfect websites to log on to for them. A lot of struggle goes into finding the kind of person who can share your passion. The online dating site is built and maintained by brilliant developers who have a strong belief in the Green Movement and want people of the same beliefs to meet each other. Several users have been able to get at most successful on this website, which is why it has been able to get huge popularity. The website is going to be mobile compatible, which is why all the people can remain connected even while traveling.

Greensingles Application for Mobile

Unfortunately, there is no application for this website, but the mobile browser is something to look forward to. The website will not put any extra burden on the mobile device, and it is compatible with both the Android and the iOS platforms.

Greensingles Website Working Mechanism

The interface of the website is something to look forward to, and it is good for the first-timers as well. Even if a person is not very tech-savvy, they will not need any assistance in browsing through the nook and corner of the website.

Use The Application Using The Computer

Unfortunately, there is no application on the Greensingles website, but the mobile version is pretty good.

Browsers Which Support Greensingles

All the browsers support Greensingles, and the members can try to open it on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox as well as Internet Explorer.

Reason for Having a Hard Time Entering the Site

There can be some instances in which the members can have a hard time while entering the website. For example, there can be a problem regarding the cookie settings and even cache clearing. Even if the web browser is not updated to the latest version, there will be a problem in loading the page. If the member does not put the correct I.D. and password, there will be a hard time getting to the welcome page.

Interface Open the Website

Interface Open the Website

According to the Greensingles review, the website’s user interface is top-notch, and it is very convenient to go through every corner of the Greensingles. The font is appealing, and all the features are available on the home page itself. Not only that, but customer support is always at the beck and calls for anyone who is having any problem in understanding the user interface.

Registration Process of Greensingles

Registration on the website is going to be unique, as well as hassle-free. On the registration page, the potential members will have to present a brief questionnaire so that matchmaking becomes easier. It will be a series of intimacy questions, and it will take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes for the entire procedure to complete. The questions will be regarding marital status as well as the type of relationship reference. It can also encompass dietary preference for the level of education of the members. The potential members have to give some details of the appearance and also the kind expectation that he or she has for their partner.

After the registration process, the website algorithm will help determine which profiles will be a potent match for a specific individual.

Unmatch The Greensingles Member

Anyone can unmatch Greensingles member if he or she is not a comfortable match.

Age Restriction For Registering On The Greensingles

To register on this Greensingles website, a person needs to be at least 18 years of age. The age verification process is mandatory so that underage individuals do not engage in conversations with the adults on this platform.

Ways To Verify The Greensingles Account?

There is a straightforward email verification process with the help of any member who will be able to verify their account on the platform.

Email Verification Process Of Greensingles?

The website will send a verification link to the inbox of the member, and all you have to do is click on the link. Once the verification is completed, the member will have no problem accessing the website’s features.

Registering Into The Website With The Help Of Facebook Account?

If any member is trying to register using the Facebook account, he or she will be able to access the account with the help of the Facebook email I.D. and password itself.

Using The Website Without Signing Up

It is not possible to use the website without having proper registration. According to the Greensingles reviews, it is important to prove as a verified member before one can start the interaction process with the other members on this platform.

Profile Set-Up of Greensingles

Profile Set-Up of Greensingles

It is going to take a step by step way in which one can set up the profile of Greensingles. The major part of the profile setup will comprise answering the Greensingles questionnaire. A new user should take out the time to fill in as many answers as they can. Further, it will help other members to understand in a better way while deciding whether you are the perfect match for them or not. The more effort a member puts into the Greensingles profile, the more will be the chances of success.

Delete A Photo Uploaded On Greensingles

Of course, a member can delete their uploaded photo on Greensingles. With the help of profile settings, anyone can change or delete the photo of their own account.

Edit The Username in Greensingles

By clicking on the profile info and going to the edit option, the member can change the username into something fun and catchy.

Availability of an Option to Delete Your Greensingles Profile

Any member will be able to delete their Greensingles profile if they do not want to continue with the account. They can either do it with the help of profile settings or even ask the customer support to do the same.

Clicks On “Show Me On Greensingles” Option to become visible

When any member clicks on the “Show me on the Greensingles” option, the profile becomes visible to every member. Therefore, there are more chances of getting in contact with a lot of members rather than keeping the profile to friends and shortlisted profiles only.

Ways to Delete the Information That Has Been Already Submitted To Greensingles

There are certain ways in which one can delete the information that has already been submitted on the Greensingles website. For example, if any member has given their private details, they can choose to delete it by going on the profile settings option.

The discussion is going to be regarding the kind of members that can be found on the website.

How to see liked members on Greensingles?

On the website, there will be a section known as the shortlisted profiles. There, a member can check out all the profiles that he or she liked.

The Various Options of Greensingles Search

There are two different options for the Greensingles search. In the basic option, the free members will be able to find out their potential match, and the advanced search option is available for all the premium account holders. With the help of the advanced search option and the filters, one can find their potential soulmate.

Possibility of Seeing If Someone Likes You on Greensingles If You Are a Free


For the premium account holders, it will be possible to see if someone like them on Greensingles. But for the free members, it is not going to be an option.

Messaging On Greensingles

The messaging system on this website is pretty fast, that is why one should have ample knowledge regarding the same.

How to Start Messaging with Someone On Greensingles

For starting the message service on Greensingles, the member will have to click on the profile with which they want to interact. The text box will appear, and one can start with a simple hi.

Method of Messaging Someone?

Messaging someone is going to be easy, and all you have to do is to click on the profile picture.

Send Messages for Free

Replying to messages is going to be free, but initiating the conversation is only meant for the premium members.

Method to Check Out Who Messaged On Green Singles

If any member wants to check out who messaged them on Greensingles, then they just have to click on the message icon on the welcome page. Even in the mobile browser, it will be easy to find the message in option, and from there, one can move to the inbox.

Using The Camera On Green Singles

Using the camera on this website will not take more than a few minutes. On the Greensingles website, whenever anyone is trying to go for the video call in the group chat as well as the one on one conversation, the webcam will open automatically. In the desktop case, the member will have to connect with the webcam manually, and then the video connection will happen.

Ways To Filter Who Can Message On Green Singles?

If members feel that they get a lot of annoying messages, they can try the filter option. One can make their profile visible to the friends and shortlisted members so that no other user can message him or her.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method On Greensingles

Membership Price and Other Payment Method On Greensingles

Even though this is a website that is completely free to join, yet there is a premium version that needs payment. For example, the membership will cause something around $10 to $23 every month, depending on the package.

For example, a person taking the membership of only one month will have to pay $23, but for a 6-month package, the individual will have to pay $72 in total, which comes up to $12 per month.

Free Membership Features of Greensingles

The free membership features will include the following:

  • Completing the entire profile creation process with two different photos and one video.
  • Browsing the website without any hassle.
  • Checking out other members online.
  • Subscribe members who are messaging.
  • Receiving a potential match on the basis of preference.
  • Checking out the compatibility percentage.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership comprises the following:

  • Sending written personal messages up to 50 every day.
  • Attaching an image to any email or message.
  • Sending unlimited instant messages.
  • Uploading 20 photos in the gallery.
  • Uploading two photos in the main profile.

Greensingles Offer Premium Membership or Not

Yes, this website offers a premium membership.

Ways To Cancel The Greensingles Website Membership?

Canceling the premium membership will be easy, and one has to connect with the customer care team.

Greensingles Membership Auto-Renewal Process

During the payment procedure, there is an auto-renewal system, but it is going to be optional.

Availability Of Refund For Unused Time?

The refund will be available for the unused time that the person has during subscription cancellation.

“Support” To Greensingles Automatically Renewed Every Month or Not

Even in this case, the Auto-renewal for supports to Greensingles is optional.

Refund Policy in Case of Unsatisfactory Service of Green Singles

In case the service of the website does not seem satisfactory, there will be a money-back guarantee, and the members were able to get a refund for the remaining time period.

Appearance of The Greensingles Support On the Credit Card Bill

The Greensingles support will appear on the credit card bill in the name of the company, and there will be complete confidentiality on the rest of the details.

Providing Support To The Greensingles Members?

Any member can give support to the other Greensingles members, as it helps in community building.

Providing Support for Just a Month to Other Members

Any members will be able to give support to other members for even a month.

Greensingles Safety

Greensingles Safety

According to the Greensingles review, this is a smooth working website, and it comes with a top-notch security service. The safety is something to look forward to, and there will be no privacy leakage.

Privacy in Green Singles

The questions related to privacy are discussed below.

Greensingles Chats Encryption Process

The Greensingles are end to end encrypted, so there is no privacy concern even in the Intimate chat session.

Greensingles Tracking Policy

Since there is complete detail on every member, the website can track you.

Greensingles Traceable by The Police or Not

In case of any unfortunate occurrence, Greensingles members can be tracked down by the police.

Ways To Contact In Case Of Any Questions Regarding Privacy In Green Singles?

In case of any privacy question, the member will be able to ask the customer support desk.


The most frequently asked questions related to the safety concerns will be discussed below.

GreensinglesForums Threads Moderation System

The Greensingles Forum threads are all moderated by the authorized signatory.

Consequence of Any Profile Who Uses a Greensingles Account to Solicit Money

According to the Greensingles review by its members, if any profile is trying to solicit money with the help of a Greensingles account, then the website takes necessary actions by taking legal actions against him or her.

Banned Account

The questions related to the banning of the account will be discussed below.

Prohibition in Getting Access to Green Singles

If you cannot access Greensingles, it might be because the website has banned the account.

GreensinglesBans Duration

If a ban is placed on the Greensingles account, then the duration can start from 24 hours and can last for one or two weeks.

Ways to Reactivate the Banned Account

Reactivating the banned account will not be a problem if the account holder is not at fault. He or she will have to connect with customer support and resolve any issues to lift the ban on the account.

Protect Yourself On This Platform

Protect Yourself On This Platform

It is important to learn how to protect oneself from any fraudulent activity on this platform or any other dating site.

Ways to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer

Blocking and reporting a suspected scammer is important, trying to send offensive messages or indulging in cyberbullying. The person has to select the profile and click on the “report and block” option to resolve the issue.

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted in Your Greensingles Account

Any member should not share intimate details, which is too personal or even the bank account details.

Help and Support

The help and support system of the Greensingles website is something to look forward to, as the customer support will be 24/7 at the assistance of the members.

Real Life Review

According to real-life Greensingles reviews, this website has a premium-quality and smooth working mechanism. The privacy policy is top-notch, and there is also an anti-spam feature. One should be careful while talking to the other strangers on this website because even after verification, there can be a few fake profiles. It also has an excellent HTML encryption, which is why a confidential breach is never going to occur.

Greensingles The Best Dating Site/App or Not

Greensingles is one of the most amazing dating sites that work smoothly on any platform. It has an excellent success rate, which is why it is reliable.

Is Greensingles safe to use?

Greensingles is undeniably a safe option, which is why any member can easily rely on it.

Greensingles a Hook-Up App or Not

According to the Greensingles reviews, this is the website for people who are serious about relationships, not a hookup application.

Greensingles Free or Not

Greensingles is free to join, but one can only get through to the exclusive features if they pay for the premium membership.

Greensingles Working Mechanism

Greensingles is a website on which people can find someone with the same passion who is also looking for serious, committed relationships. One has to go for the basic and advanced search option, and they will be able to find their perfect soulmate. But it is important to give some time in the profile creation process so that there are no loopholes.

Alternative Sites Like Green Singles

Some of the best alternative sites to Greensingles is EliteSingles, Zoosk, match.com.

Contact Information

Company — Greensingles

Address — P.O. Box 69, Pickerington, Ohio, 43147, United States

Email — Webmaster@Greensingles.com


As a final verdict, the Greensingles reviews concluded that Greensingles is invariably one of the best platforms for serious dating. It can even lead to long-term commitment and marriage, and the matchmaking process on this website can be fruitful. Joining this website is completely free, so all the environment is out there looking for a perfect partner should register on this website.

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