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iLove review: Great Dating Site?

iLove review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 1,700,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge database of users;
  • International presence;
  • User-friendly website;
  • Android and iPhone mobile application;
  • Easy payment method for premium subscription;
  • Simple registration process;
  • Great search and filter tools;
  • Tracking of fraudulent profiles by police;
  • Presence of fake profiles;
  • The website does not open well on some mobile web browsers;
  • You can exchange messages only with a premium subscription plan.

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iLove is a social dating platform where people can meet up with singles. The singles they meet are based on their preferred search criteria. The site was founded in 2003 in Berlin and was exclusive to residents of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Today, the online dating brand has an international presence, with users from every part of the world a part of the site since 2012. It has gradually become one of the most visited dating sites for its user-friendly website and mobile app. The target audience of his site are the people looking for real love or just flirtatious relationships.

The age bracket targeted by iLove is between 18 to 35 years. The people in this age range seek to meet new people for casual relationships or to fall in love with a compatible partner. They are millennial youth with vast interests and interact mostly through social media handles.

What Are The Languages iLove Supports?

At the moment, iLove is available in German and English. More languages will be added in the future.

Who Is The Owner Of iLove?

iLove is owned by Jamba AG. It is managed by Christoph Vilanek and Ingo Arnold.

So, Where Are The iLove Headquarters Located Now?

Since 2003 iLove has its headquarters in the capital city of Berlin, Germany.

When Was The iLove Dating Platform Founded?

iLove was founded as a division under Jamba AG in June 2003 in Berlin.

Is iLove Available Worldwide?

iLove became an international dating brand when it opened up to global users from 2012.

Special Features

Live Chat

This feature enables iLove users to chat with other members on the site for free. You can continue chats on the website when you use the mobile app.


This feature allows users to easily connect other social media handles with their profile on iLove. So, they can share their photos and make their profile page more interesting.

GPS Searches

iLove makes use of the GPS function of Android and iPhone to easily locate singles in very close proximity to search iLove users. This is great for on-the-go users.

Audience Quality

Most of the users of the iLove dating community are millennial youth. This modern youth class is very internet savvy and engages in social interactions through social media platforms. A high percentage of users who make use of the mobile app up to 50% are based in the United States.

iLove Audience Quality

Age Distribution

iLove has over 6 million users on its platform. The ratio for males to females within the age bracket of 18-35 is almost at par. There is a 54% male presence to 46% for females. Most of the users on this platform are citizens of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Fakes And Scammers

There is a number of profiles that will stand out as suspicious when you see the search results. These sets of users are always cunningly asking for financial details during conversations. Users are advised by iLove to always refrain from interacting with such people, and block or report them to the moderators.

Mobile App And Website

The iLove website is easy to navigate with the user-friendly interface and simple, aesthetic graphic designs. The white background on the homepage and legible letterings make it easy to read. The arrangements of the necessary features are well organized. Signing-up link, login options are easily displayed for new members to see and make use of. You can also see the option of login through your Facebook account or your email address.

The mobile app download link is plainly visible on the homepage. It takes you directly to Google store or Apple store, depending on the smartphone you are using.

iLove Mobile App and Website

iLove App

The iLove mobile application was first launched in 2006 for java phones. It was re-launched in 2011 for iPhone users. They eventually made the mobile application available for android device users in 2012. Thus, the mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The app makes use of GPS technology to speed up the flirting process.

The same features of the standard iLove website are also in the mobile application. It has a number of features that make it popular among android users dating. First, it has a quick loading time. Second, it enables users to connect and find true love or casual relationships on-the-go easily. Third, data costs are also reduced when you make use of the iLove app.

iLove Website

The iLove website can be accessed from any part of the world. It has an interface that is easy to navigate.

Is It Possible To Use The App On My Computer?

No. The mobile application is designed specifically for mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone, and tablets.

Is It Possible To Get Access To iLove Using Any Browser?

iLove is supported only by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Why I Face Difficulties In Entering The Site?

You might experience difficulty login into the iLove website for a number of reasons. It could be that you are not making use of the right username, or your password is incorrect. If you have been banned from using the site by the moderators, you would definitely not gain access.


The design of the iLove website is very simple yet aesthetic. The background color changes with every webpage you visit. The homepage background is white in color, with legible letterings explaining the different features of the site. The orange and brown background color after opening a profile is quite soothing and pleasing to your eyes. Important feature columns are arranged in a very neat manner.

The information on user profiles is in brief, arranged neatly, and not muddled up. In other words, the profile page is easy to read with the white background. You can easily check your messages and the people that pop up in your search results.

Finding your way to the premium subscription page is very easy. In three clicks, you can pay for a weekly or monthly premium subscription plan as per your convenience.

There is a number of search and filter tools you can use on the website to search for a partner to flirt with or have a long-term relationship with. The search criteria can range from body piercings, age, race, height, body type, relationship status, and reason for joining the iLove dating site. You can also search based on location, like people near to you.

iLove Interface

Registration Process

The registration process on iLove is pretty easy. There are no long questionnaires to fill, so it takes just over three minutes. You can register as an iLover through two methods. The methods are:

  • Using your email address;
  • Using your Facebook social handle.

The email registration process does not take too long. All that is required during this method is the following:

  • Gender;
  • Your gender interest;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Date of birth;
  • Valid email address.

When you provide the above information without falsehood, you have to agree to the terms and conditions for using the site and then click on the sign up at the bottom of the page. A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you provided. Once you click on the link, your registration is completed.

The second method of using your Facebook ID is way faster. When you input your Facebook account details, iLove will ask for your authorization before setting up your profile automatically. They will use the first name of your Facebook account and upload some of your Facebook pictures.

Using this option can be tricky. You could be surprised by browser adverts you get. Though iLove has a third-party privacy agreement in place.

iLove Registration Process

Is There An Option Of Unmatching The iLove Member Available?

Yes, it is possible. You simply go to your hotlist and click on the profile of the member you want to unmatch.

What Is The Minimum Age For The Registration On iLove?

To be a registered iLove, you have to be 18 years and above.

What Is The Way To Verify My Account?

You can verify your iLove account by providing a valid email address while signing up. You would then click on the verification link sent to your email.

How Can I Verify My Email?

Email verification is done by clicking on the link sent to your valid email address after completing the signing up process. Thereafter, you can log in to your iLove account.

What Is The Process Of Registration Using My Facebook Account?

When you use your Facebook account to register, iLove automatically sets up your profile. The site uploads a few of your pictures after asking a few questions and getting your authorization.

Is It Possible To Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. You have to complete the signing up process and get your email verified. This gives you access to browse through the user profiles of other registered members.

Profile Set-Up

Setting up your iLove profile is easy. You will tick the relevant boxes on the information required by you. This includes your eye color, body physique, relationship status, height, weight, hair color, race, drinking and smoking habits. You would also provide answers concerning your level of education, if you have children or not, if you have tattoos and body piercings in any part of your body, and the reason behind joining the site.

After ticking the boxes, you have to save them. For some countries, you would be required to input the country code before your answers get saved.

iLove Profile Set-Up

Can I Delete A Photo Uploaded In My iLove Profile?

Yes, you can, as it is easy. Click on the uploaded picture you want to remove from your gallery. Further, a ‘delete’ option will be displayed. Tap that option, and the picture is deleted.

Can I Edit My Username In My iLove Profile?

You cannot edit your username once you have created it on iLove. So be sure you are creating a unique username. You can edit sections of your profile like the age range, body type, zodiac sign you are interested in, and your reason for joining the iLove dating site.

Can I Delete My iLove Profile?

There is no ‘delete account’ option on iLove. You have to place your account deactivation order through postal mail, email, or by text message.

What Happens If I Disable The ‘Show Me On iLove’ Option?

When you disable this option, you become an invisible user when checking out the profiles of other users. Thus, other users would not know who checked out their profiles.

Is It Possible To Delete The Information That I Have Already Submitted To iLove?

Yes, it is possible. You are free to request for deletion of your details from the iLove database at any time, without giving reasons for your action. In other words, you can cancel your free or premium membership on iLove. This can be done through a text message, letter, or email.

You can search members according to the input search preferences during the signup process. Search parameters highlights are the following:

  • Age;
  • Race;
  • Body height;
  • Bodyweight;
  • Body type;
  • Smoking;
  • Drinking habits;
  • Tattoos;
  • Zodiac sign;
  • Level of education;
  • Religion;
  • Exercising habit;
  • Reason for joining.

How Can I View The iLove Members Who I Liked?

You can view them on the hotlist page when you visit the “More” option on your profile homepage.

What Are The Options Of Search On iLove?

There are many search and filter tools you can use to carry out searches. You can search based on location by using the GPS tracking function of smartphones. You can also search out partners through body piercings, tattoos, religion, and relationship status, the color of hair and eyes, age, languages spoken.

Can I See If Someone Likes Me On iLove If I Am A Free Member?

Yes, you can. Go to iLove homepage, click on the ‘People’ column. Then click on ‘Viewers’. A full list of the people who viewed and liked your profile is displayed.


To enjoy the flirty fun at iLove, you have to send messages to members on the platform you are interested in. However, messaging is among the benefits enjoyed only by premium members on iLove. iLovers who are free members do not have the privilege of messaging other users.

How Can I Start A Conversation With Someone On iLove?

To exchanges messages with an iLove user you are interested in, just click on their user profile and click on the ‘send a message’ option is the first option you would see.

How Can I Message Someone?

To send a message to a fellow user, you should be a weekly or monthly premium member. Only a premium plan enables you to send such flirty messages.

Is Sending Messages A Free Option?

The sending of messages is not free on iLove. To send messages, you have to be a premium subscriber. You can subscribe to a weekly or monthly plan.

How Do I See Who Sent A Message To Me On iLove?

You can view messages sent to you on iLove through the “inbox” column on your profile homepage. Click on it, and you will see all the messages that members sent to you.

How Can I Use The Camera On iLove?

You can use the camera on the site when you click on the camera icon. This automatically takes you into video call mode.

Is It Possible To Filter Interlocutors On iLove?

You can do this by selecting the particular set of people that can message you in your search parameters.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

You can choose to be a free member of the iLove dating site. However, this does not give you access to message other members you are interested in, as you cannot send and receive messages. To enjoy the full features of the site, you have to subscribe to the weekly or monthly premium plans. You can pay for a premium subscription through a subscription fee paid through your network provider.

iLove Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Free Membership Features

iLove users who are free members enjoy limited features on the website. As a free member, you can do the following:

  • View other profiles;
  • Block users you do not want to send messages to you;
  • Add members you are interested in to your hotlist;
  • Remove members from your hotlist;
  • Browse through activities of other members;
  • Free search of other user profiles;
  • See who viewed your profile on a daily basis.

Premium Membership Features

Payment can only be made through a subscription fee paid to your mobile provider. The subscription bill is in the form of a text message on your phone. The premium subscription plan can be canceled at any time. The benefits of been premium subscribers are:

  • Unlimited messaging;
  • Viewing of members profiles unlimitedly;
  • Access to iLove special features.

The details of the premium subscription plan are as follows:

  • Weekly subscription: 10 Canadian dollars
  • Monthly subscription: 5 Euros

Is There The Premium Membership Available On iLove?

Yes, this option is available. The weekly and monthly premium plans offered can be discreetly paid through your mobile service provider.

How Can I Cancel My iLove Membership?

You can cancel your free or premium iLove membership at any time. You would have to place your termination order through email, SMS, or postal mail. iLove does not ask for reasons behind the deletion of your account.

Is iLove Membership Auto-Renewed?

When you tick the auto-renewal box during the premium subscription process, it automatically renews your subscription, and you get notified by SMS. In other words, it is optional.

Is It Possible To Get A Refund For Unused Time?

There is no refund for an unused paid subscription to the end.

Is My “Support” Of iLove Automatically Renewed Every Month?

This can only be activated if you choose to activate the auto-renewal option. When your paid package is about to end, you would be notified through a text message.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied With iLove?

Once you make payment for the premium package, you cannot get a refund.

How Does My iLove ‘Support’ Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

iLove does not have a credit card payment method. You only subscribe to a premium plan through an SMS code. Your bill will appear as a text message.

Can I Give ‘support’ To Other Members?

This is not possible on the iLove dating site. All membership plans are personally activated.

Is It Possible Send ‘support’ For Just A Month?

You can subscribe to premium membership for a month at a charge of 10 Canadian dollars. A text message would notify you when you have activated the monthly plan.

Is iLove Really Safe?

iLove is a safe dating community as the moderators put the necessary safety measures in place. Safe online dating tips have also been provided for users.

Is iLove Really Safe?

Privacy In iLove

Users of the iLove dating platform are assured of their privacy with the third-party policy. This prevents iLove moderators from selling part or full information of the data collected from users of the platform for commercial gains.

Are iLove Chats Encrypted?

With the third-party policy agreement in place, iLove chats are definitely encrypted. This prevents third parties from viewing the exchange of private messages between iLovers. It also prevents the release of chats to investigative authorities.

Can The iLove Dating Platform Track You Down?

iLove has no reason to track you down. This is against their privacy terms. Only in highly sensitive investigations, such as internet fraud, details of the user will be made available to investigating authorities for easy tracing.

Can The iLove Dating Platform Be Traced By The Police?

With their head office in Berlin, iLove administrators can be traced by the police authorities. Of course, this will only happen if they are alleged to have duped iLove users of their money.

How Can I Contact The Customer Support If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy On iLove?

You can contact the customer support team of iLove for any issues you have to preserve your privacy on the platform. You can contact them through their official email address or their hotline number.


iLove members are advised to always take precautionary measures, especially when meeting with another member in person. Don’t share sensitive details with other users, such as financial information, social security number, home address, and location of your workplace. Users are also advised to block the members who create trouble.

Are iLove Forums Threads Moderated?

The chat threads on iLove are strictly monitored by the administrators. Any member who fails to abide by the site terms is placed on a permanent ban. Users are not allowed to post content on chatting threads that advertise goods and services, sending letter chains, posting of racist comments, spreading false information, and uploading pornographic videos and images. Harassment of other members is also prohibited.

What If A Member Uses An iLove Account To Solicit Money??

Any member of the iLove dating community who uses the site to solicit money from other members is deemed to have violated the rules against fraudulent activities. Messages are meant for communication purposes only and not for asking for financial help. Any member who runs afoul is permanently banned from gaining access to the iLove website or mobile app. Read the terms and conditions regarding site usage.

Banned Account

Your iLove account could be banned if you are found guilty of violating stipulated terms for the following reasons:

  • Putting up indecent contents such as hardcore sex images, videos, and prose;
  • Spreading of spiteful news and derogatory racist comments;
  • Exhibiting internet scamming behaviors;
  • Uploading computer virus for hacking purposes.

Why Do I Have Problems With Access To iLove?

iLove users are denied access to their accounts when they violate the terms and conditions regarding the use of the iLove dating site. Users are not allowed to post indecent contents of any kind, spread falsehood and engage in internet bullying.

How Long Are iLove Bans?

iLove place users who run afoul of the stipulated terms and conditions regarding the use of their dating site are subjected to an immediate permanent ban. Bans could result from portraying fraudulent mannerisms, inputting false data, or posting of indecent content.

Is It Possible To Reactivate My Banned Account?

Reactivation of your iLove account can be done by getting in touch with the customer support team through their email address, by sending SMS to their designated code or through a letter.

Protect Yourself

You can protect yourself from identity fraud when you don’t share sensitive information about yourself. This includes your bank account details, credit card number, residential address, your place of work, and other means by which your identity can be stolen. Report such suspicious profiles to the site administrators.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer On iLove?

You can report a member you suspect of fraudulent behavior by getting in touch with the iLove customer support team via email or phone. You can block such a person by clicking on the profile and then choose the ‘Block’ option. This prevents such members from exchanging messages with you.

Which Information Is Forbidden To Be Posted In Your iLove Account?

Users are not allowed to display phone numbers, real names, residential addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, and other sensitive data that could be used by internet scammers. Users are also not allowed to post any indecent contents of any kind. This includes porn, nude photos, racist depictions, and sexual prose.

Help And Support

Do you have inquiries to make about the iLove dating service? Or you have trouble logging into the iLove account? Probably, you want to know what you get to enjoy from the premium plan. You can get in touch with iLove through an email and their hotline.

E-mail: info-com@iLove.net.

Hotline: 1800 303968

Real Life Review

“iLove is a very safe dating website, if you are looking for that special someone or just have some flirty fun. I always have great fun on the site, safe from internet fraudsters. The moderators achieve this by preventing the display of sensitive information of any kind.” – Tom, 31 years old.

Is iLove The Best Dating App?

iLove is one of the best dating apps today. With a global presence of 6 million users, the platform is definitely popular for people seeking true love or just flirt.

Is iLove A Safe Dating Platform?

iLove is a secure dating and flirting platform. They make use of standard industry security protocols in preventing the sensitive data of their users from been tapped into by online hackers.

Is iLove A Hook-Up App?

iLove is not a site for arranging hookups with the opposite sex. It is a social dating channel for finding your true love partner or having outright fun while flirting.

Is iLove Free For All Users?

The iLove dating service is free to an extent for all members. But, to enjoy all the special features such as messaging, you have to subscribe to a premium plan.

How Does iLove Work?

The main idea behind the creation of iLove is to connect people who are interested in serious dating or flirting. Browse through other member’s profiles on the site and choose the person you like. People that show up in your search results are the ones that fit in with your search preferences.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On iLove?

There are user profiles on the iLove social dating platform that are not real. Users on the site are advised never to share sensitive information about themselves. To report any suspicious member, get in touch with the customer support team via email: info-com@iLove.net.

Alternative Sites Like iLove

Websites that are similar in providing dating and flirting connections are AshleyMadison, Tinder, Lover twirl, Badoo, and Passion.

Alternative Sites Like iLove

Contact Information

  • Website: www.iLove.com
  • Email address: info-com@iLove.net
  • Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Street, 32 10178 Berlin, Germany
  • Hotline: 1800 303968


iLove is a dating platform designed for singles who are interested in finding true love or flirty connections, based on their search criteria. iLove is an international social dating brand connecting people from different parts of the globe. This is achieved through the iLove website and on-the-go iLove mobile app.

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