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EastMeetEast Review: Great Dating Site?

EastMeetEast Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 25-32
Profiles 1.250.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free access for women
  • Fast and free registration
  • Strict moderation on photo uploads
  • Negligible amount of fake profiles
  • Facebook login for faster registration
  • Instagram sync shows all Instagram uploads on EastMeetEast album easily
  • Expensive subscription plans for men
  • Imbalanced gender ratio
  • Majority of the members are of Asian ethnicity
  • There is not much age distribution
  • Verification process not very strict
  • Matchmaking suggestions don't refresh regularly

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It is a platform that allows men from all over the world to meet Asian women from the US, with English speaking capabilities. EastMeetEast Reviews the platform as the perfect rendezvous for men to find their dream girl, following a survey that shows that Asian women are one of the most demanded women in the world.

What Languages Does EastMeetEast Support?

The dating site supports two languages for ease of understanding. The website has mainly two types of target audience, English speaking men and Asian women. It is the very reason why one can access the dating platform in either English or Chinese language.

Who Is The Creator Of EastMeetEast?

The creator behind the dating platform is an entrepreneur named Mariko Tokioka. The platform operates under the company named East Meet East Inc. Although the brainchild behind the niche dating site is an Asian the company is based in New York, US.

Which Country Is The EastMeetEast Based In Currently?

Although the platform connects men of all ethnicities to the Asian women of North America, showing a clear preference to Asia, the website in the US. More specifically, the dating platform operates from New York.

When Was EastMeetEast Launched?

The East Meet East Reviews indicate that the dating site is in its growing stage. In other words, the dating platform is still growing since the platform is comparatively new in the industry than many successful dating websites. East Meet East got its launch in the year 2013 and, since then, has witnessed a stable growth in its popularity.

Is EastMeetEast Available Across The World?

The East Meet East, although it has a preference for Asian women in North America, but that is because the platform uses them as its attraction point for men across the world. The dating platform is accessible around the world in two languages, namely, English and Chinese.

Exclusive Features To Check Out

Exclusive Features To Check Out

The EastMeetEast website is instead a simple dating platform that highlights the Asian Women only. The features on the website are kept mostly usual and non-complicated. However, one may find the following features as unique, unlike other dating platforms, which are popular today on the internet.


The feature indicates all the user profiles who visited your profile and checked it out. You can see their profile and try to get in touch.


Smiles is similar to Flirts, Interest, or Hearts on other dating platforms. Not only can one send Smiles to users whom one finds interest in to gain their attention but can also see who all sent one Smiles on the platform.

Dating Tips

EastMeetEast has a blog section that keeps getting updates and tips for dating Asian women. The blog section has many dating tips that one can follow to overcome fears and confusion. The section helps many people feel motivated and try new ways to attract attention from other users.

Details Of The Member Distribution

The audience on the EastMeetEast website majorly belongs to the US. Amongst the 700,000 members on the dating platform, more than 500,000 members come from the US alone. Close to sixty percent of the audience base is women, for the obvious reasons, as the platform is free for them, unlike men who have to pay a fee. Although the site allows men from all ethnicities, almost all members have an Asian background.

The Age Distribution Of The Members On Site

The EastMeetEast Reviews find that the site allows anyone above the age of 18 to register on its website. However, it is only a few age groups that seem to be active on the platform. Students and young professionals are the only ones using the platform for finding their partners as of now. Thus the age group that one gets to see both amongst men and women is 18 to 34 years only. The website has not been able to attract the likes of other mature age groups successfully.

Are There Fake Profiles And Scam Running On The Dating Site?

Despite the lack of a reliable verification system, EastMeetEast surprises its audience with very few fake profiles. Be it the smaller audience base comparatively or the target audience, the dating site attracts a lot fewer scammers and fakes than other popular websites in the genre. The fake free dating website allows East Meet East to maintain the quality of profiles it boasts of since its inception.

Mobile & Desktop Versions Of The Dating Platform

Mobile & Desktop Versions Of The Dating Platform

Dating sites all demand a lot of time. Thus, users prefer their most therapeutic device for logging in to the platform and staying available as much as possible. A few years back, EastMeetEast would be the only option; now, the trend has completely shifted to mobile usage. However, there are still people who prefer desktop over mobile. Thus, most of the popular dating platforms try to be available in both desktop and mobile versions. It would be interesting to know what version the East Meet East gives its users.

EastMeetEast App For Mobile Users

The dating platform in concern is available in an app version. The mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for free download. Due to the East Meet East app being available on both of the most popular dating apps, one can download and install the app on any android and iOS device. However, mobile phones with any other OS will remain incompatible. The app is interactive and has all the functions and features EastMeetEast hosts on the website, aside from the Instant Messenger that is unique to the app.

EastMeetEast Website For The Desktop & Browser Users

East Meet East is not an app alone platform; it does have a website for its users. Thus the people who cannot download the app can access the East Meet East website either on a desktop or on a phone’s browser. It also serves as a backup solution at times when the app is down, although rare but still. The website’s design and navigation is simple and interactive. Although it misses the instant messenger, the EastMeetEast website still has messaging options that one can try.

Is It Possible To Launch The East Meet East Mobile App On A Desktop?

No, the East Meet East mobile app cannot be used on a computer. The file format of mobile apps is different from the apps used for desktops, reveals EastMeetEast Reviews. Due to the incompatibility of the format, one cannot install and use the dating app on their computer. However a user wishes to access the platform on a desktop, one can open the website version on their desktop browser.

Which Browsers Can The Members Use To Open EastMeetEast?

All popular browsers support the East Meet East website, including Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, UC Browser, Opera, etc. Thus, one doesn’t need to worry about not being able to access East Meet East on their desktop. However, if one is facing issues while logging in, there may be other issues.

Why Are You Facing Issues While Logging In To The Website

Having a hard time entering a website may have many issues. A website may be unable to load if a browser does not allow cookies. Try changing the settings and reload the EastMeetEast website on the desktop. If one is facing errors, then it could be because the website may be temporarily down. However, aside from the technical issues, one should also note that one may have been banned from the website for different reasons. The reasons may range from violating rules to being blocked by many users, to even not verifying the email address.

Details Of The Website And App Interface

Details Of The Website And App Interface

EastMeetEast Review reveals that the design of both the website and the app is simple and uses a lot of white space to give it a clean look. The interface is kept interactive, and even the language used on the site is understandable for all kinds of audiences. The site design changes conveniently for the app, considering the change is screen size. However, the design ensures the presence of all features of the platform on all devices for a good user experience.

Steps Of The Registration Process

EastMeetEast allows one to register and sign up on the dating website in two ways. One gets the luxury of choosing the method he or she is most comfortable with using. The dating platform has a traditional signing up process with manual application fill up, and then there is a Facebook login for quick registration. If a new user chooses the standard application form, he or she is required to answer and fill out a few necessary fields to create an account on EastMeetEast. The first space asks for the user’s gender and the gender he or she is interested in on the site, to indicate his or her sexuality. Following the field, the user needs to enter their first name, occupation, birthday, ethnicity, and zip code for the location. After the informational question, one needs to enter a working email id and propose a password for verification and login assistance.

After the registration process and the successful verification, one can finally enter the website and skip the profile set up to match up with potential partners.

Once Matched, Can You Unmatch A User On EastMeetEast?

No, there is no way one can unmatch a member on East Meet East. However, if the match is made and the user may choose to block the other person, they can avoid any more interactions. If the match is not made, one can hope that the other person does not accept the match.

What Is The Minimum Age Criteria One Has To Meet To Register On EastMeetEast?

Any new user needs to reach the minimum age of 18 years to register on East Meet East. The age eligibility is the same on almost dating platforms to protect the sensitive audiences from adult content. Also, because allowing minors on a dating platform makes the platform highly vulnerable and illegal.

What Are The Different Ways The Website Allows Its Members To Verify Their Accounts?

There are not many ways that EastMeetEast offers its users for verification. The dating platform compulsorily makes every user verify his/her email address as a part of the registration process. The user receives an email with a link on their email id. One needs to click on the link to complete the verification process on the EastMeetEast website.

What Is The Process Of Verifying The Dating Account Through Email Verification?

As mentioned in the last question, the new user receives an email from the dating platform on their registered email address after completing the registration application. The email from East Meet East contains a link that one needs to click on to verify the email address and continue to use it.

How To Register With The Dating Site Using Your Facebook Account?

When users decide to log in using Facebook, they bypass the step of manually entering all the required information. EastMeetEast alternatively takes the information present on the Facebook account to create a new user account. The process saves a lot of time and gives the user direct access to the website in seconds, without even the need for email verification.

Is Entering The Dating Site Possible Without Registration Or The Sign Up Process?

No, just like other dating sites, EastMeetEast does not allow anyone on its platform without an account. One has to thus register with the platform and sign up with an account to enter and use the dating site.

Stages Of Profile Set-Up

After the registration process, a user is asked to upload a photograph. Each uploaded photograph takes 24-hour to get approval from the EastMeetEast team. Until an account has an approved uploaded profile photo, a user cannot view other users’ photos, making the step compulsory. After this step, users get greeted with the profile setup, which shows an enlarged user image on the left and information like age, occupation, on the right. Apart from the information taken on the registration application, the profile setup asks for more questions like About Me, Sports, Interests, etc. However, adding details is purely optional and depends on the user’s choice.

Is Deleting A Photo Uploaded On EastMeetEast Possible

Is Deleting A Photo Uploaded On EastMeetEast Possible?

One can easily remove or delete an uploaded photo on East Meet East. If it is the profile photo, then the user will need to replace it with a new one, or viewing other’s photographs would be banned. In the case of other images, deleting photographs is very easy, and it doesn’t even affect the user experience. However, if it is the Instagram images that one needs to remove from the Account after syncing the two, one can choose which ones to show and which one to remove from the album settings.

What Are The Steps For Changing The User Name On EastMeetEast?

The option to edit the user name on East Meet East is available in the profile section. One needs to navigate to the edit profile option to find the username and click on it to type and change the name. Save the changes before exiting the screen.

Can You Delete My Profile On EastMeetEast?

Yes, any user at any point in time can decide to leave East Meet East and delete the Account. However, one must remember that deleting an account on the dating site is irrecoverable and will permanently remove the Account. The option to do so is under Settings. One needs to navigate to Account under that and finally click on Deactivate Account. The website may ask for the user’s confirmation, show a warning sign, hit the continue button, complete the action, and log out the user from the website.

What Does Disabling The Option “Show Me On EastMeetEast” Change In Your Profile?

The user account on East Meet East becomes hidden. The site stops showing the user profile on its discover or search tab for potential matchmaking. This stops people on the dating platform from finding and reaching the user’s profile.

Can You Change Or Delete The Details Shared On EastMeetEast During The Registration Process?

The information submitted during the registration cannot be deleted. However, it can be edited along with other profile details from the user profile settings.

Search Members With Filters On The Dating Site

The search tab on East Meet East allows you to find potential matches that indicate their activity rate. However, you can filter the results using the advanced search filters on the search bar.

How To Find The List With Names Of Members You Liked On EastMeetEast?

Unfortunately, the East Meet East Review reveals that there are no tabs that indicate and name all the profiles that the user has liked. However, there is a tab that shows the profiles like the user.

What Are The Different Search Filters You Can Use To Find Members On EastMeetEast?

East Meet East Reviews find that the platform has quite a few interesting and useful search filters for the users. While the primary filter is the activity rate, other options filter out results based on distance, interests, looks, etc.

How To Find The List With Names Of People Who EastMeetEast If You Are A Free Member?

Yes, viewing the names of the profiles sending smiles on the user’s way, which on East Meet East means likes comes for free for men as well.

Connect With Messages

The dating platform is pretty uncomplicated and does not offer many confusing features to explore. There are only two ways of getting connected to a user on EastMeetEast. The alternative for likes on the site is Smiles, that one can send to the profile that seems interesting to them, and the other option is the message. However, the mobile users who access East Meet East using the mobile app, also get an instant messenger to connect with people in real-time if they are online at the same time.

How To Connect With Someone On EastMeetEast?

There is no process in particular. Users can send anyone a message they find on the site.

What Is The Process Of Messaging A Member On The Dating Site?

A user needs to visit the person’s user profile he or she is interested in on East Meet East, and then hit send message to open the message box and start sending messages.

Can You Send Messages With A Free Account On The Dating Site?

Sending messages for women is free on the dating site, but men need a premium subscription to send and read messages.

How To Check The Name Of The Sender Of A Message On EastMeetEast?

The name of the sender is shown right above the message. The default subject of every message received on the platform is the user name of the sender. It is not hidden to members even with free accounts. Thus, one does not need any premium memberships to view the sender’s name.

What Are The Steps To Access The Camera On The Dating Site EastMeetEast?

There is no option for using a camera on the East Meet East dating platform. There are no webcam features or cameras with the app or the website that allows clicking photos. One can only upload photos on the site.

How Can You Filter Who Can Message Me On EastMeetEast?

One can mark favorites to particular users to keep them at the top of the message box, or use the search bar in the message tab to find a particular user. Also, users can block members they are not comfortable receiving messages from to clear them away from the inbox.

Premium Membership Plans & Pricing

Premium Membership Plans & Pricing

While women can access the dating site for absolutely free, men, on the other hand, need to purchase premium plans to send messages to other users. Alternatively, the platform also offers coin systems that allow men to spend a particular number of coins to unlock and read messages. Men can use their credit card to purchase the credit coins or premium plan easily.

Duration Per Month Total
1 Month 34.99 USD 34.99 USD
3 Months 22.99 USD 68.97 USD
6 Months 17.99 USD 107.94 USD
12 Months 11.99 USD 143.88 USD

Expiry Price
1,800 Coins $ 4.99
4,800 Coins $ 9.99
18,000 Coins $ 24.99

Website Features Accessible With Free Accounts

  • Registration and profile setup
  • Unlimited browsing
  • Search filters
  • List of profile visitors
  • List of smile senders
  • All features for women
  • 1000 coins for men as a new user gift

Website Features Accessible With Premium Membership

  • Sending messages for men- 100 coins
  • Sending smile- 60 coins
  • Reading recipients- premium plan

Is There A Pro Membership On EastMeetEast For Exclusive Features?

Yes, the dating site offers premium membership plans for men on the platform. The women can access everything for free. Men although get a free trial for the first few days, after which the dating site restricts them from using most features. The restricted features then can only be used with premium membership.

Can You Cancel A Premium Membership Plan On EastMeetEast?

Simply navigate to the premium account settings and click on cancel membership. One should, especially, be careful and cancel an on-going premium membership before expiry to avoid unwanted billing, considering membership plans go for auto-renewal.

Does The Premium Membership Plans On EastMeetEast Get Auto-Renewed?

Yes, the membership on East Meet East goes for auto-renewal after the expiry of the membership plan.

Can You Apply For A Refund On Cancellation For The Remaining Period?

No, the dating platform has no refund policy, and thus it is best to cancel the membership on the last day of the plan.

Does My “Support” For EastMeetEast Renews Automatically Month After Month?

Yes, the user’s support in the form of a subscription plan gets renewed automatically after the plan expiry. If a user does not want the support to get renewed automatically, one needs to cancel the premium plan.

In Case The Premium Features On EastMeetEast Is Not Satisfying, Can You Get A Refund?

East Meet East does not have a refund policy and thus gifts 1000 coins to the new users, so that one can try the site before purchasing without complaints. 1000 coins may not be a lot but enough for trying all the Premium features on the site before purchasing.

After Paying For A EastMeetEast Support, How Would The Transaction Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

The Credit Card bill shows the name of East Meet East Inc. for the purchase. Although there is no anonymous or safe name that the purchase gets billed in the name of, the name of the dating site is not scandalous to look embarrassing.

Can You Buy A EastMeetEast Premium Membership For Someone Else As A Gift?

No, the dating site does not have a feature that allows users to gift premium membership to their friends on the platform.

Can You Purchase A Premium Membership Plan For A Month?

Yes, there is a monthly plan available on East Meet East that one can purchase.

Is EastMeetEast A Safe Dating Platform

Is EastMeetEast A Safe Dating Platform?

Absence of scammers and fake profiles, along with email verification, moderated photo uploads, and the encrypted payment gateway, makes the dating platform suitable for calling it safe.

How Much Privacy Does The Dating Site EastMeetEast Provide?

East Meet East does take the user’s privacy seriously and confirms not selling any personal information outside. It does not even ask for sensitive personal information that can risk the privacy of users. Photos the platform is moderated by the team as well.

Are The Messages Sent On EastMeetEast Encrypted?

Chats on the dating platform are not encrypted end to end as of now. Although the platform confirms not using the chats for any purpose, either. Also, East Meet East doesn’t disappoint with updates. So it will not be shocking if the messages soon become encrypted on the platform.

Is It Possible For EastMeetEast To Track Your Location?

East Meet East does use the location of the user for matchmaking on the platform, which means it does have the capability to track any user down. It is true for all dating platforms, because most of them take your location as consideration for matching algorithms on their sites.

Is It Possible For The Police To Trace EastMeetEast If Necessary?

Yes, if need be, the police can trace the company that is registered in New York for any legal proceedings. East Meet East has a registered office in the US with a team working rigorously to give the members the best possible experience.

In Case You Are Worried About Your Privacy On The Dating Site EastMeetEast Whom Should You Contact?

One can contact the team of East Meet East, by filling up a form on the website that the site has for its users. The team gets back to the users on email. But before that, one must surely read the Privacy Policy on the website to check if they can get their answers on the agreement.

Concerns About Safety

The safety of the East Meet East users is considered by the team, and thus they are fast on taking actions on suspicious activities noticed on the platform.

Does The EastMeetEast Team Moderate The Forums Threads?

There are no forums to moderate on the dating site. Thus there is no reason to worry about the privacy about it, unlike other platforms that host forums.

Is Any Action Taken On A Person Trying To Solicit Money From Members On EastMeetEast?

Soliciting money is a violation of a regulation on East Meet East. In such a situation, one should immediately report the profile to bring the issue into the team’s notice. The user violating the regulation will be banned permanently.

Details Of Account Banning On The Dating Platform

On violating regulations on EastMeetEast, the team has the right to ban the user account either temporarily or permanently. The level of banning depends on the seriousness of the violation.

Why Are You Unable To Access My Account On EastMeetEast?

It might be because the user’s Account has been reported and thus banned by East Meet East. In such a case, the website notifies the user about the ban and its length every time he or she tries to log in.

What Are The Lengths Of Bans Put On EastMeetEast By The Team?

Bans may vary from a few days or weeks in case of temporary. However, there are permanent bans as well.

Is It Possible To Reactivate A Banned Account? How?

One needs to wait till the expiry of the ban if it’s temporary to reactivate the Account. If it’s permanent, then one will need to create a new account.

Ways To Protect Yourself

Users must protect themselves by not sharing personal information with strangers on an online dating platform.

How To Block A Suspicious Account On The Dating Platform?

The buttons for blocking and reporting a profile can be found in the message box in case the user is messaging the suspect. Alternatively, one can also report and block by visiting a profile where there are options for the same.

Is There Any Information That One Should Avoid Putting On Their EastMeetEast Account?

Personal details, like the name of college, address, phone number, location, are strict No-No’s.

Process Of Getting Help And Support On Site

In case of any problem, the East Meet East team is fast to respond. All one needs to do is contact the team through a small form available on the website.

Real Life Review On The Dating Platform East Meet East

Real Life Review On The Dating Platform East Meet East

EastMeetEast has a strict terms and condition policy that everyone on the site has to abide by to protect the users from privacy issues. But along with the privacy protection, the high-quality profiles seem to be the strongest points for East Meet East. The dating site maintains the quality by protecting the platform from bots and scammers, by using the compulsory email verification system and manual moderation on photo uploads.

Can EastMeetEast Considered As The Best Dating Site Or The Most Popular Dating App?

It may not be the best but can be termed one of the best if someone is looking for an English-speaking Asian in North America. It is certainly a very popular dating platform for the niche.

Can You Find Hook Up Partners On EastMeetEast?

Although the site can be easily used to find a hookup partner, the platform attracts people with a serious relationship needs only. The quality of the users are such that they only join with a mentality of finding soul mates than partners for casual dates.

Can EastMeetEast Be Accessed For Free By The Members?

The dating platform is free for women, but men have to purchase premium subscription plans or credit coins to connect with other users on the East Meet East website. However, men on signing up get greeted with 1000 coins for free as a welcome gift from the makers.

How Does EastMeetEast Work?

The platform allows users to find suitable partners using search and connect with them either by sending smiles or sending direct messages. It helps people meet Asian women from North America on a common platform.

Is There A Running Scam One Should Be Careful About On EastMeetEast?

The number of fake or scam members on the dating site can be said negligible.

Alternative Sites For EastMeetEast You Can Check

Drop A Hi At The Contact Information

Company: East Meet East, Inc.

Address: 32 W 39th Street, Suite 4, New York, NY 10018

Email: Contact form on the website

Final Words

Final Words

Although East Meet East gives the best experience to the women and instead turns out to be an expensive affair for men, the authentic profile quality makes men overlook the pocket pinch. The continuous moderation on the platform not only causes excellent experience but makes EastMeetEast the best choice for Asian and Thai dating in North America.

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