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The Inner Circle Review: Great Dating Site?

The Inner Circle Review: Great Dating Site?
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The Inner Circle users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • The Inner Circle website organizes fantastic events.
  • There are few fake users and scammers.
  • You will get assisted during the personality check.
  • You will meet like-minded individuals.
  • Users feel like they are dating in real life.
  • You can view all matches in the grid or the swiping format.
  • The Inner Circle personality check is too long.
  • Getting approved takes time.
  • Your registration might not get approved.
  • Payment happens weekly.
  • Users must have a working LinkedIn and Facebook account to get accepted.

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The Inner Circle platform promises to provide an incredible love encounter. The platform’s goal is to lower the time people take to get romantic matches. It takes its offers past the web boundaries since it provides features that enable people to plan activities in various towns.

The individuals who enter The Inner Circle dating website are those that work because signing up requires owning a working Facebook and LinkedIn account. Is this service helpful? Does having working-class members make it better than other similar services? Find out from The Inner Circle review.

The Inner Circle Review: Great Dating Site?

The Languages That The Inner Circle Supports

The main language for this site is English.

The Inner Circle Owner

Circle Imperium BV is the one that owns this service.

Where is The Inner Circle Based Presently?

This company is in Amsterdam, and it is also accessible in Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Milan, and London.

When was The Inner Circle Established?

This service was created in 2012.

Does The Inner Circle Allow Individuals From Anywhere Around the World?

Yes, this platform welcomes people from any place around the globe.

Unique Functions

The Inner Circle website offers amazing features that enable users to mingle in an organized manner.


This function enables people to explore the website anonymously.


This feature lets members form and attend activities or gatherings in various regions.


The feature enables users to know where their matches currently are.


This function lets members add a place, for instance, a hotel or a club where they will often spend their time.


This function lets individuals purchase vouchers to go to gatherings and meet-ups.

Site Audience

The Inner Circle community comprises like-minded individuals that are working. Some work in the creative sector while others work in the corporate sector. All members have one thing in common, which is to get a romantic match. The website is accessible in English, and it is available in every major city around the globe. The places encompass Amsterdam, Berlin, Atlanta, Boston, and Madrid.


To enter The Inner Circle platform, you must be above eighteen years old. The average age of individuals is thirty-one years old. The site mostly centers on individuals who are from twenty-five to forty-five years old. The company centers on those people because they are determined and active in their various jobs.

Are There Fake Users and Scammers?

Compared to most elite dating services, the number of fakes and scams on this site is less. The website lowers fake members by ensuring every person who joins meets the basic honesty and genuineness criteria.

Mobile and Desktop Service

The Inner Circle service is available both on desktop and mobile gadgets.

Mobile and Desktop Service

The Inner Circle Mobile Service

The service gets offered on iOS and Android gadgets. The app will always function smoothly, like the desktop version. If you are concerned about your privacy, ensure to switch off the GPS when on the app. Using an app is much better than the desktop version since you can access all the functions from wherever you are.

The Inner Circle Desktop Service

The platform is similar to that of Facebook, and it functions the same way as most matchmaking services. The website has all the functions found on mobile versions. People may post their plans to go to various entertainment places. They may invite five individuals who must get screened before becoming registered users. The platform hosts activities regularly for individuals that live in Paris, Barcelona, and other major cities.

Can the Application Be Used on a Computer?

Presently, The Inner Circle Android application can get used on a computer through emulators. A perfect emulator to use is BlueStacks, which offers a virtual tool similar to that of portable devices.

The Browsers That Support The Inner Circle Site?

Several browsers support this dating website. They include:

  • Safari version 12 and above.
  • Microsoft Edge version 17 and above.
  • Chrome version 70 and above.
  • Firefox version 66 and above.
  • Safari version 12 and above.

Why do Users Have Trouble Entering the Site?

If you are having trouble logging into The Inner Circle site, check if you entered the correct login details. Passwords, for instance, are case sensitive.

Website Interface

The Inner Circle website design for both the app and the desktop site is appealing. The interface performs well. The color of the site is blue, and it feels calm. The website symbols and buttons also appear well, and they look unique. Generally, the website design is professional, and the targeted users will love it.

Signing Up

Unlike most dating websites, The Inner Circle website registration process is long. The details provided during registration are for getting correct and insightful partners. The registration process is as below.

  1. Go to the site homepage.
  2. Sign up using a Facebook or LinkedIn account.
  3. Answer the personality test. The test determines whether you will be allowed to join The Inner Circle site or not.
  4. Wait to get verified. You might wait for a week or even a month.
  5. Once you are accepted, you can sign in using LinkedIn or Facebook.

Can Matches Get Unmatched on The Inner Circle Site?

Yes. You can remove a match through swiping left and then clicking a red icon that gets displayed.

Which is The Right Age to Join The Inner Circle Site?

Eighteen is the minimum entry age.

How are Accounts Verified?

This website goes a step further when it comes to verifying users. The site hand-approves members by verifying them across social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Getting verified forms, a community of authentic users.

How Do Users Verify Their Emails?

When registering at The Inner Circle website, you must provide your email address. The site sends you a verification link on your email address. Click on that link to verify your email.

What Happens When People Register with Facebook Account?

If you sign up with your Facebook account, The Inner Circle app will have access to your basic details. So, details such as name and date of birth will automatically appear on your dating account, and you will not need to enter them manually.

Can the Website Get Used By Unregistered Individuals?

No. You can not access The Inner Circle features if you are not a registered member. The only thing you can access without registration is the site terms and conditions, and its contact details.

Can the Website Get Used By Unregistered Individuals?

Profile Building

When you install The Inner Circle app, your location will get shared on your profile. If you do not want your location to appear to others, you can change your settings. Changing the settings will put you on ghost mode, and it will enable you to browse the website anonymously.

The other details on profiles include your educational background and employment details.

Can Pictures Be Deleted on The Inner Circle Site?

Yes. You can go to the photos section and remove any picture you don’t want on your profile.

Can Usernames on The Inner Circle Get Modified?

You must contact the customer support team to change your username. The site does this for security reasons.

Can Delete The Inner Circle Profile?

Yes. To delete your account, go to the settings section and select the Advanced Settings option. Next, click on the Remove profile option. The site will ask you to choose your reason for deleting. After giving a reason, click confirm to delete the account.

What Happens When You Disable Your Visibility on The Inner Circle Site?

If you make yourself invisible on the site, other users will not find you. Your name will not appear on search results, and neither will your profile be accessible. So, no one will be able to communicate with you.

Can Information Submitted on The Inner Circle Site Get Deleted?

Yes. The website allows users to edit their profiles. You can add and delete anything you want on your profile. If you wish to modify your name, email address, or bank details, then you must first contact the customer support team.

Searching for Matches

You can search for your match on The Inner Circle website using the search feature. Another good way of finding compatible matches is by adding entertainment places such as restaurants that you enjoy visiting. If you find someone who likes going to the places you like, it is possible to connect easily. Ensure also to attend the events organized by the platform. At an event, it is easier to find a match than when on the website.

Will People See The Inner Circle Users That Like Them?

Yes. When you are a premium user, you can be able to see the individuals that express interest in you by sending winks.

The Inner Circle Searching Options?

You can search for matches based on location, occupation, age, and more filters.

Does The Inner Circle Let Free Users See Who Likes Them?

No. To see the individuals that admire you, you must have a premium membership.

Communication With Other Users

To maximize the potential to communicate with other individuals on this site, you must upgrade your account. As a paying user, you can be able to write a message to other people, and you can even read their messages when they respond.

How to Initiate a Conversation on The Inner Circle?

When you meet the person you like on this site, you should send him/her a wink. That person will know that you have an interest in him/her, and if he/she also likes you, you can expect a reply.

How do Send a Message to Different Members?

The messaging feature is available on every account. Go to the account of the person you wish to contact and click on the messaging option, then write the text and click send.

Can Users Send Messages Without Paying?

No. The messaging service at The Inner Circle website gets accessed by premium users alone.

Will You Know the Person Who Writes You a Message on The Inner Circle Website?

When you are a premium user, you can be able to see the people that have sent you texts.

How is The Camera Used on The Inner Circle?

Currently, this dating website does not feature a camera.

How is The Camera Used on The Inner Circle?

Can You Filter the Individuals That Can Write You Texts on The Inner Circle?

No. You cannot choose who can contact you on this website. If there is a person you do not wish to get messages from, block him/her.

Site Services Price and the Paying Options

The Inner Circle requires members to pay for its offers weekly. The users pay five dollars each time.

Payment options

  • People may pay for the service through PayPal or Credit Card.

Free Services

Below are the services that you will access as a free user at The Inner Circle site.

  • Registering.
  • Uploading pictures.
  • Viewing other people’s accounts.
  • Seeing picture albums.
  • Browsing the events section.

Premium Services

Below are the services that premium users enjoy.

  • Reading the messages that other people send.
  • Seeing people that check out their accounts.
  • Knowing people who send them winks.
  • Getting vouchers for gatherings.

Is There Premium Membership on The Inner Circle?

Yes. People are supposed to pay weekly to upgrade their accounts.

How is The Inner Circle Subscription Canceled?

The service subscription gets managed on the Settings menu. To cancel the membership, you should cancel the renewing option. Once you do that, your current payment will remain active until your duration is over.

Is The Inner Circle Payment Auto-Renewed?

Yes. The membership gets renewed every week unless you cancel it.

Can the Website Return Money for the Unused Time?

No. The website will not return the money. Since the payment happens weekly, it is better to keep accessing the service until that time elapses.

Is The Inner Circle Payment Automatically Renewed Each Month?

Yes. The website has a weekly payment plan, which can get extended to one month. So, your payment will get automatically renewed every month unless you cancel it.

Can The Inner Circle Refund Money to Users Who are Feeling Unhappy with the Service?

No. Whenever you are not happy with the service, you should contact the customer support team. Something can get done to improve the service or make it fulfill your needs.

How Does The Inner Circle Payment Appear on a Credit Card Bill?

The credit card company determines the name on the credit card.

Can Users Support Other People on The Inner Circle?

That should be amongst users. If you wish to give financial help to a person you meet on this website, you should discuss and agree on how to do it.

Can Users Make a One- Month Payment?

Yes. The Inner Circle service gets paid weekly, but the period can get extended to one month.

Can Users Make a One- Month Payment?

Is The Inner Circle Site Safe?

Yes. This service is one of the safety dating websites that exist. Starting from the time users sign up, they are taken through a screening process, ensuring they are legit. When people get to this website again, their privacy and safety are highly valued. The Inner Circle utilizes the SSL encryption to encrypt users’ details, thus preventing them from getting accessed by other people. The users must also report anything suspicious they see on the website. Any users found engaging in malicious activities gets banned from accessing the site.

The Inner Circle Customer Privacy

The privacy of the users is crucial to the website. The company adheres to the data protection rules. Through SSL encryption, users’ details are kept private.

Are The Inner Circle Messages Encrypted?

Yes. The website encrypts messages using SSL technology. The messages can only get accessed using digital signatures.

Does The Inner Circle Track Down People?

Yes. This website has cookies to monitor how often people visit the platform, the sections they check, and the time they spend.

Can The Inner Circle Get Monitored By the Police?

No. The police do not have access to what happens on this website.

What Should Customers Do When They Have Issues Regarding The Inner Circle Privacy?

Should you encounter an issue related to privacy or anything else, you should contact the customer service team? The contact details are available on the site.


The Inner Circle website takes safety seriously. From the moment you load the website, you can tell that it is difficult for fake users or scammers to make their way into this platform. The site has a strict verification procedure.

Do The Inner Circle Forums Threads Get Moderated?

No. The platform is for adults. Individuals tend to communicate in any way they like, and that is not reason enough to stop them.

What Happens to Individuals That Use The Inner Circle Service to Solicit Money?

Whenever you come across people who want to get money from you, you should block or report them. The website will not hesitate to ban such users from the site once informed.

Banned Members

This website bans users who engage in malicious activities. If other users complain about you, the site will send you a warning. If the site gets more complaints about you, you will get blocked.

Why are Some Users Not Able to Access The Inner Circle Service?

If you are not able to access the service, then you may have been blocked.

For How Long Does The Inner Circle Ban Users?

Once you get banned from accessing the service, you will not be able to log into your account again.

Can a Banned Account Get Reactivated?

When an account is deactivated, all its data gets destroyed. So, that account can never get reactivated.

Keeping Yourself Safe

The Inner Circle website does everything possible to protect users. Your private details will not get altered or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Private details also get encrypted, rendering them unreadable. Users are also advised not to share their personal information like password and financial details.

How are Inappropriate Users Blocked and Reported?

The Inner Circle service block and report functions are in every account. If you find someone you don’t want to interact with, you can click the block or report button. Besides blocking and reporting, The Inner Circle follows up on every complaint made by users. All investigation keeps members anonymous, and people get warnings whenever others complain about them. If the site receives more complaints about a user, he/she will get banned from accessing the service.

What Should Users Not Post on The Inner Circle Profile?

You should never post any information that can reveal your identity to strangers. The information includes details like credit card details, information about your family, and where you live.

Customer Service

The customer support team at The Inner Circle works around the clock to ensure that users do not encounter any challenges on the site. The team can get reached through email or phone number available on the website.

Customer Service

Website Review

The Inner Circle is among the safest dating websites. The site takes users through a thorough screening process, ensuring that scammers do not enter the site. The company also has the SSL technology in place to prevent users’ details from getting accessed by unauthorized individuals. Also, any person who engages in malicious activities gets banned from the site.

Is The Inner Circle the Leading Dating Service?

The website has over two million members, and there are more than one hundred and fifty thousand introductions each week. The site is also all-rounded and features the most genuine users. It is one of the best dating websites that exist.

How Safe is The Inner Circle Site?

The dating site takes the safety of its users seriously. Members are allowed to block and report any person who engages in malicious activities. The site also uses SSL encryption to keep people data safe.

Is The Inner Circle a Casual Sex App?

No. The site is a selective social networking dating service for professionals that live in one city.

Is The Inner Circle Service Free?

The app can get downloaded without paying. You can also register, post pictures, view other people’s photos, and browse events without paying. If you would like to enjoy premium features like sending winks, then you must subscribe.

How The Inner Circle Service Works

Once you log in to this website, you will notice how the homepage makes everything on the site clear. You will see content titles like online users, meet someone for drinks, individuals visiting a town, expected gatherings, hotspots in your town, and so on. The Inner Circle website is far more than a dating service. It is a social platform designed to allow single members who are carefully selected to mingle. You can meet singles who have the same knowledge, expertise, and social background.

The Inner Circle service has various communication features. Once you find a person you like, there is a messaging feature you may use to write him/her a text. This website does not allow exchanging videos and pictures, but profile images may be seen and liked by any member.

People may also add the people they like to their favorite list to get their updates quickly.

Another thing you can do at The Inner Circle website is sending winks. Using a wink will give you a chance to text someone you like because it shows you have an interest in him/her.

Does The Inner Circle Have Fake Users or Scammers?

Compared to most dating services, it is tough to encounter fake users on The Inner Circle website. The service needs users to pass several detailed checks of the screening processes before they are allowed to join. There are even instances where legit people get rejected. So, it is almost impossible for fake users to make it past the registration process.

Does The Inner Circle Have Fake Users or Scammers?

Services Similar to The Inner Circle

  • Hook Up Tinder: This service is used extensively for casual relationships.
  • Bumble: This site offers a unique way of joining the online dating world.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel: This app is a private communication and dating service. The service is free, and there are amazing features.
  • Happn: This app is a social service that lets people find out if they are about to run into potential matches.

Contact Details

Company: Circle Imperium, B.V

Address: Kleine Gartmantplantsoen 10, 1017 RR, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: Not found

Email address: admin@theinnercircle.com


From the registration stage, you can tell that The Inner Circle website values people’s careers. Once you get accepted, the first thing the site requests for when you sign in is the occupation. Users must also upload pictures to go ahead with the analyzing activity. After responding to all the queries, people will still need to wait to get approved. As seen from most The Inner Circle reviews, you can wait for days, weeks, months, and some might not get approved. So far, most individuals have enjoyed a wonderful experience. The number of fake users on this website is less, and the administrators take users’ safety seriously. So, if you are working and desperate to get a romantic match, you should consider The Inner Circle website.

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