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JDate Review: Great Dating Site?

JDate Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 83%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 21-30
Profiles 2 360 000
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Visit rate 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has the highest number of Jewish singles on their dating site and app.
  • Get to See upcoming occasions not only on meeting singles but to offer services to communities through causes facilitated by members (for example New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride)
  • A huge number of Jewish individuals are on the site, and the gender ratio is 54% females to 46% males.
  • Must be looking for a Jewish companion
  • Numerous non-Jewish people join the site, which may be challenging for members who are just hoping to date somebody who shares their belief.
  • Photos uploaded to the site only appear after it has been approved, which may take time.

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Since it entered the scene in 1997, JDate has been the head web-based dating network for Jewish singles. Bragging hundreds of users and a close to perfect 50-50 male-to-female percentage, JDate is a perfect spot to discover fellowship and sentiments, and that’s just the beginning.

JDate has more than 100,000 individuals online at any time from all around the globe. JDate’s members are a multi gathering of individuals. However, the larger part is situated in significant metropolitan territories (like New York, L.A., Miami, and Chicago). Their strict and ethnic foundations are different, from Hassidic to Modern Orthodox to Ashkenazi and Sephardic. While some JDate members routinely go to a sanctuary, others don’t. What they do share for all intents and purposes is a craving to make new companions, romantic structure connections, or discover their Beshert.

JDate Review: Great Dating Site?

In How Many Languages Can JDate be Accessed?

JDate website supports English, German, Spanish, French, and Hebrew Language presently. Hopefully, it would be upgraded to include other languages soon.

Who is the Creator of JDate?

JDate is run by Spark Networks Inc., a company based in Germany. It was previously based in Beverly Hills, California.

Where is JDate Located?

JDate dating website is based in Berlin, Germany. It is currently where the Spark Networks headquarters is located with other offices in Lehi, Utah.

What Year Was JDate Created?

In 1997, Joe Shapira and Alon Carmel founded the JDate site. After the take-off, membership grew quickly by recommendation in close Jewish communities.

Is JDate Accessible Globally?

Jdate has members worldwide, but the members are more concentrated in the USA and Israel. Users can access the site in English, German, Spanish, French, or Hebrew.

Special Features

JDate Dating site has remarkable features that give users a whole new venture. It offers the following highlights and services to find your ideal love interest:

  • Limitless checking of users’ profiles and photographs.
  • Curated lists feature new members, profiles with a high match rate, members online now, and members within a specific location.
  • The Matches segment suggests perfect profiles dependent on your match inclinations.
  • Lookbook; Offers an opportunity to see each profile in turn and either like or say no thanks to it.
  • Premium members get to see who’s likes and see their profiles and getting notices when their messages have been perused.
  • Nitty-gritty profiles go past basic details to feature an individual’s passion, interests, and faiths.
  • The ability to upload six photos to a profile.
  • Members can go to the Activity tab to see the profiles they’ve seen and preferred previously.

Other features include:

Kibitz Corner

This is an extra component on JDate where members can address day by day questions and see what others have likewise replied. It is to begin incredible discussions between potential matches.

JDate Events

JDate also offers offline occasions for individuals to have the option to get together face to face with members in a casual gathering setting.


JLife is JDate’s online magazine that offers dating counsel, tips, and examples of overcoming challenges from couples of Jewish relationships that had bloomed on the site.

JDate offers broad search channels with the goal that members can explore their conceivable outcomes. The search filters start with first preferences that you pick and edit, including looking for a man or lady, age range, area, profiles with photographs only. You would then be able to refine what you search with twelve filters: level of recognition, way of life decisions, training, and stature, among others.

JDate additionally offers a filter by keywords to discover singles with clear interests or criteria essential to you. The search outcomes can be arranged by the newest, last online, nearest location, or match percent.

Compatibility Test Function

The site makes it easy for members to know more about prospective partners before getting matched through several questions, which the members are required to answer honestly. Questions like your gender, age range, location, observance levels, lifestyle tendencies, interests, etc.

Communication Options

Unlike other dating sites with restricted communication options, the mode of communication on JDate includes messaging, attending JDate sponsored dates, or events sponsored by members of the site. It is most encouraging to intending users who enjoy other means of communication than conventional messaging.

Communication Options

Audience Quality

The site seeks to establish a unique platform open to Jewish people who are singles, especially. It accommodates even the most quirk, free-spirited, cultured, and intelligent people.

Age Distribution

The JDate App prescribes members to be 18 and above.

Fakes and Scammers

Dubious people visit distinctive dating sites like JDate with counterfeit records. You should avoid potential risks to guarantee you are not duped or exploited.

Mobile App and Website

JDate mobile app is accessible for download on android and iOS. The mobile app is handy and performs just as much as it would on a desktop. It makes dating easy. JDate urges members to participate both on the web and offline, utilizing its fully-featured website and dating applications.

JDate App

JDate application is structured well, just as simple to use for members. It makes perusing dates wonderful with its cool and catchy interface. The profile segment is likewise highlighted for the viewing pleasure of members on each part on the site. Regardless of having constrained highlights for free members, other highlights like matchmaking carry out its responsibility and make it simple for members to locate their potential companion.

JDate Website

The site has a modest design with a clean and nice feel, which mesmerizes and fits for use. Navigation on the site is basic and enables users to locate their potential partners easily.

Is the App Compatible With My Computer?

The dating app can work as much as it would on smartphones, on desktops, personal computers, and other electronic devices designed specifically to perform the same functions.

Which Browsers Can I Use With JDate?

JDate site supports all kinds of browsers such as Chrome, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc., as long as the browsers are personalized towards such use.

Why am I Finding it Difficult to Access the Site?

If you are experiencing difficulty signing in, you may check the following:

  • Ensure you’re utilizing the email address related to your JDate account or are signing in through your Facebook account.
  • Watch that you are entering your right email address and secret word. Remember that passwords are upper and lower case sensitive.
  • Check your PC or cell phone to affirm that you’re utilizing the latest update of your internet browser.
Why am I Finding it Difficult to Access the Site?


The JDate app has a superb user interface that is easy to navigate through, as it does not need too much tapping or swiping.

Registration Process

Registration on JDate is hassle-free. It takes about 2-3 minutes to complete the sign-up process. You can simply create an account by logging on to the JDate website or the app.

The more open you are in sharing your details, the more possibilities you get to finding an ideal match. Additionally, the more pictures you upload will likewise get up to 10x more viewpoints from different members.

Is It Possible to Unmatch a JDate Member?

You can unmatch a member on the site by clicking on the three dots available at the top of the user’s profile. It is done on the app by tapping the icon on the top right corner of the member’s profile and clicking on the block button.

At What Age Can You Register on JDate?

The specified age for JDate membership is 18 and above. Anyone under age 18 would be considered ineligible to sign up and be required to return when they are of age.

How Do I Verify My Account?

Account verification can be done by providing your phone number in creating your account. A verification code would be sent to your phone via SMS. If you are unable to receive SMS, it would be difficult to create an account unless you input another phone number.

How Can I Verify My Email?

Your email address is verified by typing your email address. A notification email would be sent to you, which would need to be verified by clicking on the link provided in the notification email.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

A simpler method of signing up is through social media accounts like Facebook. From Facebook, your account profile is auto-filled.

Can I Access the Website Without Signing Up?

You can access the site without having to sign up. You will have limited access and would be unable to do anything on the site without registration.

Profile Set-Up

Setting up a profile on JDate is simple and fun. You would be required to upload photos up to 12 times, of which they will undergo approval before other members can see it.

The site allows you to select whatever relationship you are most interested in, ranging from “dating,” “friendship,” “active companionship,” “long-term dating,” and “marriage.”

Can I Remove a Photo That I Uploaded in JDate?

You can delete photos on your profile by holding onto the photo and clicking ‘X’ on the bottom right of the photo.

How Can I Edit My Username in JDate?

To edit your username, click on the profile at the top right of the page. Then, click on MY PROFILE to make your desired change, after which all changes will be automatically saved.

Is There an Option to Remove Your JDate Profile?

You can delete your profile on the site from the Settings page at the bottom of the page. Note that account deletion on the site is permanent while disabling is temporary and can be reopened subsequently.

What Happens If Users Disable the “Show me on JDate” Option?

Disabling the “show me on JDate” option will stop members from viewing your profile unless you allow them. With this feature, you can limit the number of members allowed on your profile.

Is It Possible to Delete the Information That I’ve Submitted in JDate?

You can delete information on your profile by going to your Account Settings. When you’re there, tap the edit icon and make the necessary changes.

Search filters are available on the website, which can be streamlined into featured matches such as only online users. Search filters are set according to members’ likes and dislikes, interests, preferences, etc.

Can I See the JDate Members Who I liked?

You can see members whose profile you liked if you are on a paid plan, as you will also get to see a full list of members who like you when you haven’t liked them back.

What are the Different Options of JDate Search?

The JDate Search creates room for search criterion after which you can select from a wide range of options such as:

  • Profile browsing;
  • The Lookbook (which contains a list of mutual matches where members have liked each other in the past);
  • Activity Lists (contains info on who you have viewed and who viewed you);
  • The JDate offline special (which includes information on any JDate sponsored event close to you).

Can People See if Someone Likes Them on JDate if They are Free Members?

No, if someone likes you first, you would see a pop-up as soon as you like them back, showing that you like each other. It is visible at the top of your page, and you can get to see anyone who likes your profile only if you are on a paid plan.


The rules guiding messages on the site are slightly different from other dating sites. Here, you can have your messages sent if you are on a paid plan.

How Can You Begin Messaging with Someone on JDate?

Messages cannot be randomly sent unless you are on the premium subscription. You can send an introductory message to anyone you like, and would only be able to start a conversation when they like you back.

How Can I Message Someone?

With match suggestions, you can select friends of interest and send messages to them. However, those messages can only be seen by members on a paid subscription.

Is Sending Messages Free?

JDate offers free membership, but in sending and receiving messages from other members, a subscription is required. You cannot initiate a conversation with any member until you are on a paid plan.

How Can I See Who Messaged Me on JDate?

You can access whoever sent you messages if you are on the premium plan. You can send and receive messages with a member as long as you both like each other.

How Can I Use the Camera on JDate?

Your photos are important to your profile in finding people who are perfect matches with you. You can take pictures on the site by uploading them to your profile.

Is It Possible to Filter Who Can Message Me on JDate?

According to many JDate reviews, the site does not allow random messages to be sent by unmatched members. Only the persons whom you give access to would be able to send and receive messages from you. Still, members on the premium plan can receive and send messages to anyone irrespective of their membership status.

Is It Possible to Filter Who Can Message Me on JDate?

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

JDate Premium membership offers special features such as Secret Admirer. Payments can be made by Credit Cards or Bitcoin via mobile phone. The site offers three kinds of membership, namely Free, Basic, and Premium. Today, JDate no longer offers the basic membership plan and only offers the premium membership as the paid plan.

Free Membership Features

Singles can utilize JDate for free and can make a profile and peruse different profiles. To start speaking with a potential love interest, a new member should consider one of the paid plans. Even though free members have restricted access to the site features, other features like matchmaking do their job and make it easy for members to find their potential companions.

Premium Membership Features

The Premium membership, also known as ‘Messaging+,’ ranges from one to six months. It incorporates:

  • Premium plans additionally include the entirety of the basic membership features.
  • Sending messages that can be read and answered by all members, irrespective of the membership status.
  • Identification on your profile featuring your Messaging+ status. It will make your profile stand apart to all who see it and let everybody realize that you can read and react to their messages, whether they have a paid membership or not.

Costs in US dollars include:

  • One-month subscription costs $59.99
  • Three months’ subscription costs $44.99 per month, which equates to the sum of $134.97
  • Six months’ subscription costs $29.99 per month, equating to a total of $179.99

Does JDate Offer Premium Membership?

Yes! The site offers free membership with basic features, such as; creating an account or searching for other members. The premium membership gives distinct treatment, such as getting ranked higher in search results than on a free membership.

A $3.99 one-time handling charge is added to all the first time membership bought.

How Can I Disable My JDate Membership?

You can halt your membership at any time on the site or app by going through the account Settings Page to deactivate your profile.

Is JDate Membership Auto-Renewed?

On JDate, automatic renewal is activated with each subscription purchase. The automatic renewal can be changed under the account settings page to prevent unwanted renewals.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

JDate does not refund you for your unused time. You can have your billing suspended, but payments cannot be refunded even after subscriptions are canceled.

Is My “Support” to JDate Automatically Renewed Every Month?

JDate subscriptions are repeated automatically every month. You may stop auto-renewal if you are no longer fascinated by the premium membership on your Account Settings.

I am not Satisfied with the JDate. Is It Possible to Get My Money Back?

No! The site does not run a refund policy. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription. Cancellation would only ensure that you would not be billed automatically in the future.

How Will My JDate Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

Yes, when you pay for a premium subscription, charges made via your Credit card will appear on your bank statement, and charges made via PayPal will also appear.

Can I Give Support to Other JDate Members?

You are not permitted to give subscriptions on JDate. Nevertheless, you can log in to another user’s account, with their permission to pay on their behalf.

Is It Possible to Send Support for Just a Month?

Yes. If you do not want to pay your premium upgrade all at once, you can sign-up for the monthly subscription.

Is It Possible to Send Support for Just a Month?

Is JDate Really Safe?

The site is unswerving to ensure its members enjoy complete security and safety. It guards members against information leakages and scammers, which are widespread on every dating site.

Privacy in JDate

JDate is sensitive to its member’s protection concerns. It encrypts financial and contacts data. It doesn’t permit dating profiles to post telephone numbers, email addresses, or outside connections. It guards everybody as they search for companionship and love. JDate members don’t need to utilize their original names while exploring the site. They can pick a nickname and conceal their personalities from the general JDate members. It includes an additional layer of security to the dating site.

Are JDate Chats Encrypted?

Members’ conversations on JDate are safely encrypted to ensure registered members are kept from harm. The site provides a secured dating avenue, which is trusted by members.

Can JDate Track You Down?

Tracking down members on the site might be problematic, as not every profile created on the site is genuine. Plus, there are many members from different locations on JDate.

Can JDate be Traced by the Police?

JDate is a legitimate site, and its location is easily perceptible. Scammers and frauds can also be mapped out by the police on the site, especially if it is regarding a criminal issue or fraudulent acts.

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions About My Privacy in JDate?

For all questions or challenges concerning your privacy on the site, you can fill the contact form on the site or the support team at support@jdate.com.


The site reassures members to take precautions in sharing financial info, protecting their info, and reporting suspicious and mal-behaviors of any member.

Are JDate Forums Threads Moderated?

The site forums are regularly supervised and properly controlled to prevent harassment, offsite behaviors, and other acts considered despicable.

What will Happen to a Member Who Uses a JDate Account to Solicit Money?

This is against the Community Guidelines of the site. Such members, who are found to be scammers and frauds, would be banned immediately.

Banned Account

JDate ensures the safety of its members and has had various profiles barred for unwanted sexual contents, non-compliance, and violation of the terms and conditions of the site.

Why is it Impossible to Access JDate?

If your login details are accurate, you may not be able to access the site because:

  • you have been barred;
  • blocked by other members;
  • your account has possibly been suspended for abuse of the site user agreements and privacy policies.

How Long are JDate Bans?

Once your account is banned, it stays that way unless you attempt to reactivate the account on the site or make an appeal through the support email or hotline.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You can reactivate your banned accounts by logging into JDate, enter your email address and password. Then contact the support hotline to get the appropriate guide in reactivating your account.

Protect Yourself

The site offers an easy way for members to protect their privacy. You can ensure your optimum protection by using a strong password and taking further cautions in getting together with strangers on the site.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

There are two different ways to report:

  • Inbox: While seeing a message from the user you want to report, on the upper right-hand corner, you will find an icon, click on it. Choose the report and pick the proper classification for your concern, and click Send.
  • Profile: While seeing the profile of the user you want to report, underneath a member’s profile picture, you will find an icon. Choose the report and pick the suitable class for your concern, at), and click Send.

Which Information Shouldn’t You Post in Your JDate Account?

It is recommended to be thoughtful in posting your private information on public sites. There is no restraint on what can be displayed as long as you do not request money or financial information from members or post derogatory or offensive contents to other members.

Help and Support

To ask for help and support on challenges faced on the site, you can send a mail to support@jdate.com or dial the customer care hotline 1-877-453-3861.

Help and Support

Real Life Review

JDate has positive feedbacks from members, one of which includes;

Claudette, 29: For any individual searching for a genuine connection with a Jewish person, JDate is for you! Even though the drawback of the site is that you need to spend a lot of money to have the option to associate with potential matches, yet the outcomes are incredible! You can look effectively relying upon your inclinations in age, area and can even view each member’s profiles to know whether they are appropriate for you. Their messaging and email capacities work incredibly well when you become a paid subscriber, and you won’t have to stress over spams and phony profiles.

Is JDate the Best Dating Site/App?

JDate is the finest dating site anticipated for Jewish men and women to look for other Jewish companions. It is free to access and features an onsite magazine that provides dating tips and success stories from married Jews, who had their relationships thrive online

Is JDate Secure?

JDate offers a safe dating platform. It confirms their members’ safety by revising the profiles and pictures that they upload on their pages. You can block and report members who send unwanted messages such as; asking for financial information, money, and passwords.

Is JDate a Hook-Up Application?

JDate is one of the few dating sites responsible for Jewish hook-ups and having a fling, whether short-term or for a longer-term. It is well-thought-out to be a distinct interest dating site.

Is JDate Free or Paid?

JDate provides free access to sign up for free. Without having to pay a dime, you get to create a profile, browse and view other profiles, see who is an online and new member, flirt, and find members near your geographical area.

How Does JDate Work?

When you sign-up, you get free admission to use the dating site or app. Every member gets to locate a Secret Admirer segment on the site where profiles will be proposed to them. Members can mark a heart on the off chance that they are interested, a wavy line to be asked again later, and an x to state no. Secret Admirer inclinations can be altered by age range and area.

Are There Fake or Scam Members on JDate?

Every dating site poses the risk of having a member with fake profiles and scammers cloaking to be of good intentions. JDate not and exemption. You are counseled to exercise carefulness in intermingling with strangers on these sites.

Alternative Sites Like JDate

There are alternate dating sites like JDate, such as: the Inner Circle (dating site), What’s Your Price, Mate1, MillionaireMatch, Sugardaddyforme.com, Elite Singles, Mylol, and Firstmet.

Contact Information

Company: Spark Networks USA, LLC

Address: 3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240, Lehi, UT 84043

Email: support@jdate.com

Phone: 1-877-453-3861


JDate is a fabulous online matchmaker. Its basic coordinating tool can discover a treasure and catch you a gem within a couple of clicks. The niche dating system incorporates social and religious Jews, just as individuals keen on dating a Jewish individual. Furthermore, it has associated a huge number of connections since its establishment more than 20 years back. It is open to singles, divorced women, separated, and widowed. It also allows both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. As indicated by JDate review led by an autonomous think-tank, JDate is accountable for more Jewish relationships than all other dating sites altogether.

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