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Lavalife Review: One of The Greatest Dating Sites

Lavalife Review: One of The Greatest Dating Sites
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 27-37
Beauty 82%
Profiles 263 000
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Visit rate 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Different Communities: The website has three different types of communities, including serious relationships, casual dates, and intimate acquaintance.
  • Shortlisted Profiles: The shortlisted profiles are another significant advantages in this website as they comprise of all the updated information. Many dating websites hide the updation feature, but Lavalife shows all the information that one needs to see.
  • Filters the fake profiles: According to the Lavalife review, a decent profile picture is mandatory, which helps to filter out to the fake profiles.
  • Exclusive Features: There are many unique features, such as sending chat requests, smiles, and replying to messages.
  • Create Multiple Profiles: All the members will be able to create multiple profiles and make specific changes as per convenience.
  • This website restricts to browse the members until and unless their members complete their profile by getting a verification confirmation.
  • The members need to go for the paid membership account to start the conversation and instant messaging service.
  • There is an extensive database of members, so it might take some time to find the perfect match.

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Lavalife is one of the platforms that has created a benchmark in the online dating service. The website was launched in the year 2001, and since then, there has been no looking back. According to Lavalife review by the experts, the website has more than 1.7 million registered members, and the website is especially popular among the Canadian and American singles. Moreover, about 800,000 messages are sent on this website daily, making Lavalife one of the busiest dating services worldwide.

Languages supported on lavalife

The best part about Lavalife is that the members will not have any problems while interacting in various languages as it supports universal language. Moreover, it is a very supportive website that will give language options, even on the application.

The owner of Lavalife

Lavalife is one of the most premium websites which comes under the ownership of the first media group. This organization itself came out in the year 1987, and it brought out Lavalife in the year 2012. Since the day of its launch, there has been no looking back, and it is a good platform for straight individuals and LGBT community members.

Location where lavalife operates

Lavalife is an online dating platform that started its business in Toronto, Canada. It is available for all the members worldwide, and it has a very active current status. In the year, 2004 Lavalife was sold off to Vertrue, one of the pioneers of digital marketing companies in the US.

When was Lavalife launched

Lavalife website was founded in the year 1987, but in the year 2004, rebranding was done, and it came under the company of Vertrue.

Lavalife is available for use worldwide

According to the popular Lavalife review, it is a global website even though most of the citizens belong to Canada and the US. There are millions of users globally, and new users will be able to find all the active members from various parts.

Special Features in Lavalife

Special Features in Lavalife

Lavalife is not like any other website, and it comprises a lot of exclusive features. It has many amazing ways in which matchmaking can be enhanced while having a bit of fun with the features. Below are some of the more unique features to look out for:

Multi Profiles

This is one of Lavalife’s major special features, and it helps the members create profiles more than one. All the members will be able to customize the profile according to their preferences and give necessary information.

Private photo galleries

This is an outstanding feature that will help in uploading the photos of a member easily. However, the members do not need to be afraid because of the end-to-end encryption over all the photo-sharing options. Not only that, but the photos will be visible to only specific people and not to all. If you want, you can also start sharing with the shortlisted profiles for better matchmaking.


This is a pretty unique feature on which there are various articles about relationships and casual dating tips. It is mostly about lifestyle strategies, and also there is a question-and-answer section to resolve the issues. In addition to that, there is an ally function, which would give excellent advice to first-time daters.

Discussion forum

Lavalife has a whole discussion page on which the members will be able to talk freely about anything. It has an outstanding interaction page which comprises of various categories and topics.

Audience quality in lavalife website

Audience quality in lavalife website

The member quality is indeed great, and it will be elementary to create the profiles as well. The amazing notification process will make sure that the profile quality is good. Not only that, but it would also be straightforward for the audience to navigate through every profile and get all the information that they want to see. Moreover, the website allows all its members to search for private photos of the shortlisted profiles. However, the profile information will vary according to the sexual orientation as well as on the type of relationship a member will be looking for.

The members will search based on online members, new profile submissions, local profiles, advanced search options, profiles with backstage, and a lot more in the audience.

Member base of this website

The age distribution process on the website is optimum, and the male and female ratio is almost the same. On this website, one can find an equal number of active members of male and female members, that is why it is not going to be a problem for the members to find a suitable partner.

Fake and scam profiles

With the help of a two-step verification process, there will hardly be any chance that there will be any fake or scammer’s profile. There are many success stories that one can find on the web site, which is a clear mark that Lavalife reviews can help to find a suitable partner for each one of us.

The most crucial factor about this website is that it removes the profiles that do not comprise a legitimate photo. Moreover, the website has taken care of all the security features with the help of the website’s anti-scam policy.

Mobile app Version and Website Version

Mobile app Version and Website Version

One has to be very specific about the two different segments while talking about the mobile application and website of Lavalife. According to the expert of Lavalife review, the website supports both the app and desktop versions. However, the usability and design of both the app and desktop versions are not very aesthetical or appealing. Moreover, the desktop version lacks quick functionality, and the search process is a bit slow too. However, the app design does come with a lavalife’s voice interactive response technology, which makes the interaction between the members better.

Lavalife App

Lavalife application comes with a straightforward and simple interface. It is multifunctional, and users can easily download it on their device for free. The app version is available on both google play and the app store, so it does support Android and iOS platforms. The swiping feature looks just like Tinder, which makes the browsing easy for the members by engaging with a swipe right game. This application has very similar features, just like the website, and the interface is easy to use.

Lavalife website

The Lavalife website is straightforward, and it comes with a top-notch user interface. The beginners in the online dating platform will be able to make the most out of it and find the perfect partner. The features are easily accessible and also clearly visible on the home page itself. Not only that, but the website does not put in the extra load on desktop or laptops.

Use the lavalife website on your computer

The members will not be able to use the computer’s application, but they should try to visit the website instead. However, if members want to use the application on the desktop itself, then they will have to download the APK system for PC.

Browsers support in Lavalife

All the browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will be able to support Lavalife because it is a highly competitive website. The website’s premium quality will be free for seven days, and after the trial, the member should go for the paid membership.

Enter into the website without any troubles

According to some of the members, they might have a hard time entering the website. That can be because of cookie settings, as well as can be due to the browser settings. All you have to do is call the customer service, and that option will be available on the contact-us page. The Lavalife developer’s team and the support team will be there to help 24/7.



The user interface is going to be incredibly easy and hassle-free for all the people out there. It is beautiful to look at and has an appealing sense of design. The popular Lavalife reviews mentioned that it has one of the unique interfaces with the features on the homepage, so it becomes easy to navigate.

Registration in Lavalife

The registration process will take about 10 minutes for completion, and it will be simple as well. Unlike all the other dating websites, it needs a little more time because of detailing in profile information such as it asks for email, profile photo, gender, nationality, and sexual preference. The members can also sign up with the help of social media networks like Facebook. A minimum of one photo is important for the profile creation process, so there is an optimum verification process.

Can users unmatch a member

Unmatching a Lavalife website member is not going to be a problem; for this, you have to visit the member’s profile by clicking on the option of unmatch on it. If the problem persists, then the customer care will be there at the assistance.

Age requirement for a user to register on Lavalife

For the registration on Lavalife, a person should be at least 18 years of age. This website will comprise a lot of adult content that might not be suitable for the underage people.

Verification of account

There are two ways in which a user can verify their Lavalife account. The first is the verification with the mail system. In this, a verification link will be sent to the user’s email address, and by clicking on the link, the verification will be complete. In a second way, a user can verify their Lavalife account with the help of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

Verification of email

According to the Lavalife review, verification of the email address is going to be easy. After submitting all the details to the website, they will send a verification link on the given email address, where a user just has to click on it, and it will get verified after that.

Register by using your Facebook Account?

If any member is trying to register using the Facebook account, there will be no hassle in logging in. Indifferent to the device ID and password with the Facebook account as well as the website, a user can register here easily.

Signing up process through website

Many newbie users have been asking whether it is possible to use the website without signing up. Well, it is essential to sign up so that one can access exclusive features. But even then, there is a guest entry process with the help of which the visitors will be able to explore the features around the website.

Profile setup

The profile set-up is easy for newbie members. Below are some of the most frequently asked doubts that will clear all the answers that are related to profile set-up.

Can users delete uploaded photo

Of course, one can delete a photo uploaded on the Lavalife option.

Edit username in Lavalife

A user can edit their username on lavalife website by going to the settings option. In the profile settings, there will be an option for editing the username, click on it.

Delete your profile

If a member is not feeling right then, it is a matter of minutes to delete the Lavalife profile. Just ask the customer support team, and it will be done.

Hide Your Profile by Disabling “Show me on lavalife” option

Once anyone disables the option, that person will become invisible to the other members on the website. Therefore, one can stop other profiles without letting anybody know about it.

Delete the information that has already been submitted in Lavalife

The basic information provided on the website is not going to be deleted soon, but when it comes to the additional details removing, it will be easy.

Search for the members

The site has a large number of search filters for find. These filters can be simple, such as last activity, location, age, etc. If you wish to have a specific match recommendation, you should use the advance search filters.

View members you liked on Lavalife

It will be possible to check out all the Lavalife members that one loves with the help of the shortlisting option.

Different options of Lavalife Search

The Lavalife search options cater to the youngsters as well as the elderly people.

Can you see if someone likes you on Lavalife if they have free members?

You can check out who stalked the profile but only on premium membership.

Messaging options

According to the lavalife review, there are various options on Lavalife search like the basic search option and the advanced search option. Also, there are many search filters to look out for, like age, location, and gender preference.

Start messaging on Lavalife

Messaging is going to be easy on Lavalife because all you have to do is to visit the profile.

How can users message someone?

If a member wants to message someone else on this website, the member has to visit the profile. On the profile itself, a messaging option will be there to get the instant messaging service.

Send messages for free in lavalife

Sending the messages will be free up to the seven-day trial period. After that one has to go for the paid membership to start interacting via messaging.

How to see if someone messages on Lavalife?

On the homepage itself, there will be a messaging icon, and it will be easy to see who messaged on this platform.

How to use camera on Lavalife

When any member has a video chat with a group or an individual, the camera will start automatically. There itself, one can find the settings to adjust the camera and find out the right angle.

How to filter message on Lavalife

If getting unwanted messages is annoying to any member, then there is a filtering process so that one can only receive messages from the shortlisted profiles. Instead of making the profile public, it is important to be visible to the shortlisted profiles only.

Membership Price

Lavalife Membership Price

For the premium subscription for a single month, the price will be around 20 USD. For a premium subscription of three months, the total payment will be 50 USD. The premium subscription of six months, the overall price will be $90. The members will be able to pay with the help of debit and credit cards, and also the payment method will be completely safe.

Features of free membership

Among the free membership features as per the Lavalife review, the members will be able to view the other profiles and search for other individuals. There are also some search filters, and one can send as well as receive smiles. Liking the profiles comes under the free services and also replying to the paid members.

Features of paid membership

All the free features will be available under the premium membership features, along with sending unlimited messages. Not only that, but also one can understand who has viewed their profiles. Also, one can initiate the conversation as well as create multiple profiles.

Premium membership of lavalife

Free users on this website can upgrade to the premium membership that costs about $19.99 per month. The premium membership comes with a feature of daily speed dating events in which Lavalife hosts online parties for their premium members for free. Moreover, it comes with many exciting features that a free member won’t be able to get.

How do users cancel Lavalife membership

Canceling the LavaLife website membership is not going to be a problem, and all you have to do is connect with customer support.

Lavalife membership is auto-renewed

There is an auto-renewal process for Lavalife membership, but it is going to be completely optional.

How to get refund for unused time

Yes, there will be a refund for the time the paid account has not been used. For example, if it was a six-month subscription, and the member used for only three months, the 3-month subscription value will be refunded.

Know if the “support” to Lavalife automatically gets renewed every month

Yes, but you can turn off the system if you don’t want to renew it.

Get money back on Lavalife

This online dating website comes with a money-back guarantee, so getting a refund will not be a problem.

How will users Lavalife support appear on their credit card bill?

The bill will comprise the company name, so the other details remain confidential.

How to give support to other Lavalife members?

This is going to be a non-transferable system, so providing support is not something that one can do.

How to send support for just a month?

Not even for a month can one send support to any other individual.

Is Lavalife Safe?

Is Lavalife Safe?

There is a two-step verification process on the website, which is why the brand is safe. Also, it has the highest success rate without any privacy leakage is something to look forward to.

What kind of privacy features does Lavalife have?

As a new member of the Lavalife website, you must have some answers regarding privacy. Below are some of the questions which will be answered today.

Are Lavalife chats encrypted?

All the private messages and chats on this platform are completely encrypted, which is why the individuals do not have to worry about the confidential breach.

Can Lavalife track you down?

Despite giving the personal details, it will be hard for Lavalife to track down any member. The information remains in the cloud and comprises most security, which is why there will be no unnecessary stalking.

Can Lavalife be traced by the police?

In case of any unforeseen occurrence, the police can stalk any member.

Who should users contact regarding the privacy in Lavalife?

If a member has any questions regarding the privacy policy, the best team to contact is customer support.

Safety features in Lavalife

The frequently asked questions regarding the safety features are answered below.

Know if the Lavalife Forums threads are moderated

Moderators monitor the process of communication between site users and control compliance with the rules on the forum.

Know about the member who uses a Lavalife Account to solicit money

In case of any fraudulent activity, the member profile would be completely banned, and even legal actions could be taken against him or her.

Steps to take if an account gets Banned

According to the lavalife review, its priority is to keep its members’ details safe and secure, below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding it.

Steps to take if don’t get access to Lavalife

This can be a legitimate problem if the account is banned from the website to ecology.

How long are Lavalife bans

The Lavalife ban can start from 28 to 48 hours and remain till a week.

Steps to reactivate a banned account

Reactivating the banned account is not going to be easy because you have to connect with the customer service. Only after getting a recheck from the banned profile, the account will get verified then the ban will be eliminated.

Protect yourself on Lavalife

As a newbie user, you must be worried regarding the safety of your details or the profile. Below are some of the most popular asked questions which will clear all your doubts.

Steps to block and report a suspected scammer

A member has to visit the suspected profile, and there will be a block option. Reporting is also going to be easy, and one has to mention the reason for reporting the specific profile.

Information that shouldn’t be posted in a Lavalife Account

Information like the bank details, as well as something regarding monetary transactions, should not be displayed in the account. Also, if something is very personal, then also it should not be published.

Know if customer care gives help and support

The help and support system of Lavalife website is top-notch, which is why one can get 24/7 assistance. It has a team of good customer support system with outstanding professionals so that all the issues can be resolved without any delay.

Real life review

Lavalife Real life review

According to the first-hand experience by all the users, Lavalife is indeed one of the smooth working platforms. It has an excellent user interface and does not cause any delay in the matchmaking process. The live customer support option is always there to help all the members.

Know if Lavalife is the best dating site/app

Yes, according to all the reputed experts out there, it has been able to get a rating of 9 out of 10.

Lavalife safe use

The website is completely safe to use.

Lavalife as a hook-up app

Apart from being only a hookup app, it is also suitable for casual dating as well as a serious relationship.

Lavalife free access

There is a free version of the website, but there will be a restriction on the features.

How does the site operate

One has to register on the website and find out the perfect match with the help of the search option. Then they can start with the instant messaging system, and the conversation can initiate.

Alternative sites like Lavalife

There are some alternative sites like:

  • Okcupid.com
  • Passion.com
  • iHookup.com

Contact Information

Company- Vertrue

Number- 18663718906

Address: Canada, 530 Kipling Avenue, Etobicoke


According to the final verdict of Lavalife reviews, it is an excellent platform for the singles who want to engage in a virtual relationship. Moreover, it is one of the most enjoyable dating services today, which has many exciting features. The website also has authentic, responsive, and numerous users. In all confidence, Lavalife reviews have got an excellent rating that is 9/10.

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