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LDSPlanet Review: Pros, Cons and feuded

LDSPlanet Review: Pros, Cons and feuded
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the best dating platforms for Mormons;
  • Faith-based online dating;
  • Good communication options.
  • A relatively small choice of potential partners compared to traditional online services;
  • A small array of special features.

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LDSPlanet turns out to be a specific dating project that caters solely to single representatives of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. Spiritual people often have a hard time finding a lifetime partner sharing the same religion with them. The LDSPlanet website is recognized as one of the biggest dating projects for Mormons. If you hear this name for the first time, look up numerous LDSPlanet reviews in the network. You will discover that most of them are fairly positive.

One belief dominates the platform and unites its users. So, they easily understand each other. The site doesn’t offer too many special features but what LDSPlanet users access on the site is of good quality. If you are a lonely Mormon, don’t hesitate to join this friendly spiritual community.

Does This Dating Platform Support Enough Languages?

Unfortunately, English is the only supported language on the site. It can be explained by the fact that Mormons mostly speak this English.

Who’s the Owner of LDSPlanet?

PeopleMedia, Inc appears to be the official owner of this dating website.

Where Is It Headquartered?

The main office of LDSPlanet is located in Dallas, Texas.

What’s Its Year of Foundation?

The dating project was started in 2002.

Is This Dating Site Accessible Around the Globe?

Anyone, regardless of the place of residence, can join the dating platform. However, this person should speak English and be a Mormon.

Is This Dating Site Accessible Around the Globe?

Taking a Look at LDSPlanet Special Features

Despite, the LDSPlanet website can’t offer a rich choice of special features, what’s already available to its users can hardly disappoint them. They will make their spiritual dating experience more versatile and effective. Follow this LDSPlanet review to learn more about them.

Live chat

It’s a very simple but extremely effective communication option. Just join the site chat and Mormons, many of which could be your potential partners, will surround you.

Yeses to me

Once you take advantage of this feature, you will be aware of who is going to meet you in person.


The given feature lets LDSPlanet users know who tried to flirt with them.

Getting Familiar with LDSPlanet Members

As told above, this dating platform welcomes only Mormons. Therefore, if you don’t share their belief, forget about the possibility of finding a soulmate on this site. Well, being actively involved in numerous religious activities, Mormons rarely have enough time for offline dating. That’s where LDSPlanet offers a long-awaited solution. A great number of Mormon singles find this dating resource effective enough. That’s a mostly American project with half a million users coming from the United States. Women dominate the site (60%). Therefore, as a single Mormon male, you will be amazed by the richness of choice provided.

LDSPlanet: How Old Are Its Users?

The dating platform is open to all ages. Here you can see both young and mature users sharing the same belief. The site has decent functionality and a strong focus on a specific category of users. Therefore, both 18-year-old Mormons and 40+ ones can derive huge benefits from the dating platform.

LDSPlanet: Scams and Fake Profiles

The LDSPlanet website has zero-tolerance for any fraud activity. Therefore, scams have zero chances to reach their dirty goals on this site. Catering to religious, highly conscious people, LDSPlanet does its best to create the safest possible dating environment for its members. Accordingly, its safety policy is one of the strictest in the industry. Let’s have a look at some of its crucial points.

  • Scamming: The dating resource doesn’t stand any predatory behavior. Respectively, anybody trying to grasp members’ personal data for illegal or fraudulent purposes will be inevitably banned. Moreover, anybody who shares his payment details in an attempt to get money from other LDSPlanet members will be banned too.
  • Impersonation: LDSPlanet members are expected to be themselves. Pretending to be somebody else is strictly prohibited on the site. LDSPlanet users aren’t allowed to mispresent or impersonate association, connection, or affiliation of any entity or individual. Any parody profiles are illegal on this dating platform. There’s no need to pretend that you are a popular actor and create a corresponding account on LDSPlanet. That’s the place where spiritual people gather to start serious relationships, and mockery is the last thing they would like to see here.
  • Trafficking and prostitution: Another malicious thing strictly prohibited on this dating resource is promoting sexual services as well as human trafficking. Anyone who tries to urge an LDSPlanet user to a non-consensual sexual act will immediately lose its site membership.
  • Trademark and copyright infringement: Avoid posting anything trademarked or copyrighted by other people on the site. You can do this only if you have obtained the official consent of the rights owner. Certainly, you can also post materials copyrighted by you on LDSPlanet.
  • Illegal Usage: Stay away from using the dating website for any illegal purposes if you don’t want to lose your LDSPlanet membership.
  • Third-party applications: You can’t use any third-party apps on this site. It’s especially true for those the use of which is aimed at unlocking some special features of the dating platform.
  • Minors: To use the services provided by LDSPlanet, a person should reach the age of majority. Therefore, any photos of unaccompanied kids are prohibited on the site. Respectively, if you are eager to post pictures of your children, ensure you’re presented in the photograph too. If you notice a profile illustrating a minor in a suggesting or sexual way or offering snapshots of unaccompanied kids, immediately report that illegal stuff.
  • Use one account for yourself: The dating platform doesn’t allow its users to have several accounts at the same time. If you dare to do this, you will be instantly dismissed.
LDSPlanet: Scams and Fake Profiles

LDSPlanet: Exploring the Main Versions of the Dating Project

When reviewing any dating project, one can’t neglect its main versions. As a rule, any dating project comes in the form of the main portal and a compact supplement to it – an application for smartphones.

LDSPlanet Mobile App

LDSPlanet Website

Unfortunately, not every LDSPlanet member can access every service provided by the dating site. Only with a premium subscription, you can enjoy the whole array of the site features. Of course, it will cost you money, but this extra functionality is definitely worth it.

The easiest way to start attracting the attention of other users on the site is to take advantage of the Flirt button – you can find on each LDSPlanet profile. That’s a good option for those who can’t gather enough courage to talk to a person they like. By the way, that person will get a corresponding notification that you tried to attract his or her attention this way. As for your interlocutor, it’s up to the person to neglect this courting of yours of flirt back.

If you are still struggling to present your personality on the site, simply take advantage of the brilliant LDSPlanet solution. These are so-called Video Introductions. You know that in our century, it’s getting harder for text to compete with video because the latter offers visuals hitting straight to the point. So, the dating platform offers you to tell about yourself in a popular video format. Just one brief video can tell more than a long text message. In this case, LDSPlanet users will see emotions on your face, hear your voice, and generally have an idea of who you are as a potential partner.

I Want to Use the Mobile Application on My PC. Is It Possible?

No, you can’t do this because the desktop version and the app are different things. Respectively, they can be launched separately.

Does the Dating Platform Support All Modern Browsers?

Yes, it’s absolutely compatible with all currently existing browsers.

Why Am I Struggling to Enter LDSPlanet?

Most probably, it’s an Internet issue. Try to access other sites and assess how quickly they load. Maybe, your connection is temporarily lost.

LDSPlanet User Interface

The design of this dating resource is quite simple that drops a hint that it caters to spiritual people – the audience that doesn’t need any whistles and bells in terms of design. Instead, they require some basic functionality that will not let them down. It’s very easy to navigate the portal. The central theme reflects the very idea that unites LDSPlanet users – finding a spiritual lifetime partner. The site developer tried to make visuals as restrained as possible and exclude any distracting elements. The dating portal doesn’t have any promotional ads, which is a great plus. You know, other dating resources are overwhelmed with this naughty stuff. Many LDSPlanet reviews online picture the site as a unique mix of good functionality and simplicity.

Creating an Account on LDSPlanet

As follows from its ultra-minimalistic design, the signup procedure can hardly be complicated too. Mormons who want to join this dating resource are expected to provide a password, nick, and email. The portal doesn’t urge its newcomers to disclose a slew of personal details during registration. On the other hand, the site uses special questions to assess the power of the member’s faith. For example, newcomers are expected to disclose their attitude to the Church.

I’m Going to Unmatch a LDSPlanet Member. How Can I Do This?

You have a match-list in your profile. Respectively, to unmatch anybody, simply remove this person from the list.

I’m Going to Unmatch a LDSPlanet Member. How Can I Do This?

What’s the Minimal Age to Join LDSPlanet?

As for the minimal age to join the LDSPlanet website, one needs to meet a standard requirement, typical to most dating resources – to be at least 18 years old.

How Can I Have My LDSPlanet Profile Verified?

Email is the only verification option on the site.

How Can I Verify My Email Address?

That’s a standard procedure. LDSPlanet sends you a message with an activation link to your mailbox. By clicking on the link, you become a verified user.

How Can I Benefit from Registering Via Facebook?

It’s a very suitable option that greatly saves time during registration. In this case, the whole signup procedure will take even less than a minute. Your personal information and pictures will be taken by LDSPlanet from your Facebook account.

I Want to Use the Website Without Registration? Can I Do This?

As a guest, the only thing you can do is to merely browse the site, and not all of its sections will be available to you. Once you register, the whole functionality of LDSPlanet will be at your disposal.

Setting Up a LDSPlanet Profile

It’s very easy to complete a profile on this site. You are expected to fill out a number of fields to illustrate yourself as a unique personality from different angles. You’d better provide all the necessary comments and explanations for your answers. By the way, an LDSPlanet profile has separate fields where you can disclose your spiritual affiliation and specify your attitude to the holy church.

A detailed and highly informative profile will certainly help you to stand out from other LDSPlanet members and gain enough attention on the website. If you spend enough time to complete your profile and provide enough interesting facts about yourself, then a positive impression on other users is guaranteed. By the way, don’t forget about being honest and true when depicting yourself in the profile because religious people can hardly appreciate telling lies.

I’ve Just Uploaded the Wrong Photo to the Site. Can I Delete It?

Of course, you can. Go to your profile and delete that picture from your album.

I Want to Have My Nick Edited. How Should I Do This?

Any changes of your profile information can be provided through Settings section.

I Want to Get Rid of My Profile. How Can This Be Done?

In order to delete your profile, you need to click on the corresponding button in the Settings section.

The “Show Me on LDSPlanet” Option Has Been Disabled by Me. What Will Happen?

As a result of this move, you will enjoy the possibility of being 100% anonymous on this dating platform.

I Want to Remove My Data I Have Already Submitted to LDSPlanet. How Can I Do This?

Go to your profile and remove whatever you wish.

Searching for Matches on LDSPlanet

From this section of the LDSPlanet review, you will learn how to look for matches on this dating site.

Searching for Matches on LDSPlanet

I Want to See the Site Users Liked by Me. Is It Real?

You can view all of them in your profile.

Taking a Glimpse at the Site Search Options

When getting started on LDSPlanet, you get a basic search feature at your disposal. Since it’s for free users, it’s fairly simple and doesn’t have many useful search criteria. Respectively, it’s strongly recommended to purchase a premium subscription to make use of the advanced search feature, which is far better in all regards.

Once you become a paid member of LDSPlanet, your search capability will be drastically extended. You can view suggested matches offered by the site matchmaking algorithm. These matches are built around your individual preferences. The site offers you Mormon singles who replied to the same questions as you did when completing your profile.

The more similar answers two LDSPlanet members share, the higher compatibility they can have. The advanced search feature enables you to highlight specific personal qualities you wish to see in your partners. You can even specify how involved in the Mormon Church they are.

I’m a Free Member. Can I Learn That Somebody Liked Me?

Yes, on this site, free members can do this.

LDSPlanet Messaging

Certainly, when highlighting any dating platform, messaging is always one of the most crucial points. Follow this LDSPlanet review to learn more about communication options on the site.

How Should I Begin Messaging With LDSPlanet Users?

The LDSPlanet website offers unlimited messaging options. Here you can message either paid or free members. It’s also possible to contact them in a more creative way. For example, you can try sending so-called emoticons. That’s a great way to cheer your potential partners up. Besides this, it’s possible to create photo galleries using your uploaded photographs. You can use this feature to vividly illustrate the crucial stages of your life as well as your achievements.

The fastest way to get in touch with an LDSPlanet member is to use instant messaging. However, you will not be able to use this feature with a free subscription.

How Can I Write a Message?

To do this, you need to go to the Message tab. There you will see a button “Write a message.” Click on it to open a field for your message. Write what you want and then click on “Send.”

Can I Message Free of Charge?

If you don’t have a premium subscription, you will not be able to message anybody on the LDSPlanet website.

How Can I Learn That I Have Been Messaged?

Just look up at the top of the page, and the notification tab will inform you of an incoming message.

I Want to Use My Web Camera on LDSPlanet. May I Do This?

You can use your camera to record a video preview of your personality. With this footage, you can attract a lot of potential partners to your profile.

Can I Choose Who May Send Me Messages?

Yes, if you don’t want someone to message you, this person should be included in your blacklist.

Can I Choose Who May Send Me Messages?

LDSPlanet Payment Options and Prices

If you have already made up your mind to acquire a premium package of LDSPlanet, extended possibilities are already waiting for you. It will cost you the following amounts.

  • For six months of the premium subscription, you need to shell out $54;
  • Three months of the premium package will cost you $37;
  • You can try one month for $17.

To pay for the site premium services, you can use a credit card or PayPal.

LDSPlanet Free Features

As a free user of this dating project, you can:

  • Upload photographs;
  • Look for matches;
  • Comment on pictures and send likes.

LDSPlanet Premium Features

Certainly, with the premium package, you can access all the features of this dating site for Mormons. That’s what you get:

  • Live chatting;
  • An advanced search feature;
  • Flirting.

Does LDSPlanet Provide a Premium Subscription?

Certainly, this dating resource provides this service.

I Intend to Quit My LDSPlanet Membership. How Should I Do This?

You can do this at any time. Just click on the button “Delete My Account.”

Is My LDSPlanet Subscription Automatically Renewed?

It will be renewed automatically unless you turn it off manually in the Settings section.

I Want to Get Refunded for My Unused Time on the Dating Platform. Can I Count on This?

You will not be refunded on this site because LDSPlanet doesn’t support it.

Will the Site Write off Funds From My Card Every Month?

Money is written off from your credit card account for your convenience. If you don’t like this, simply cancel your subscription, and your credit card balance will remain intact next month.

I’m Not Satisfied With the Services Provided. Will LDSPlanet Compensate This?

Will My LDSPlanet Support Be Reflected on My Bill?

Of course, your bill will highlight that you paid for the services provided by LDSPlanet. It’s because these payments aren’t anonymous.

Does LDSPlanet Allows to Financially Support Its Members?

No, you can’t do this because it’s not a sugar baby site.

Does LDSPlanet Allows to Financially Support Its Members?

I Want to Make One Time Donation Without Paying Next Month. May I Do This?

It’s possible, but you should make sure that your subscription is already canceled in the Settings tab. Otherwise, LDSPlanet will automatically take money from your card next month.

Privacy on LDSPlanet

As a religious-oriented dating resource, LDSPlanet strives to be perfect in all regards not to touch the feelings of its users. Respectively, the website seriously approaches the security of its Mormons. Their personal data is never revealed to anybody.

Does LDSPlanet Encrypt My Messaging?

Certainly, as a reputable dating website, LDSPlanet takes all the necessary measures to protect its users from fraudulent attacks. SSL encryption is one of the most effective security solutions implemented by the dating platform.

Does LDSPlanet Track Me Down?

The simply monitors the user activity to timely detect violations and fraudulent activity. The dating project has the right to do so, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

Can Law Enforcement Agencies Track Me Down?

They have the right to track anyone down if they have grounds for this, of course.

Who Will Consult Me If I Have Any Privacy Issues?

As a rule, such issues never show up on this dating site. However, if you have any, reach out to their customer support team.

Safety on LDSPlanet

As a novice user of this religious dating resource, you are certainly eager to know how safe it is. Well, in this regard, nothing threatens your safety. Scams rarely come to this platform because it’s not easy for them to hunt down users indifferent to material benefits as the vast majority of modern consumers. What’s more, the site administration takes effective measures to exclude any fraudulent intrusions.

Does the LDSPlanet Admins Moderate Its Forum?

As a reputable dating resource, the site administration pays much attention to its forum – all the threads are thoroughly moderated to exclude any mess and fraudulent attacks.

Someone Tries to Beg Money on the Site. What Should I Do?

It’s strictly forbidden on the site. Therefore, once you notice this, immediately report this stuff.

LDSPlanet Banned Accounts

Even on such a faith-based website, from time to time, some users behave inappropriately, and the site administration has to ban them. Keep scrolling down this LDSPlanet review to learn more about bans on the site.

I’m Struggling to Enter LDSPlanet. What Should I Do?

Most likely, it’s a technical issue on the part of your Internet provider. Try to reach other sites and compare their load speed.

What’s the Average Duration of LDSPlanet Bans?

Some people are banned temporarily, while scams naturally deserve a permanent ban.

I Want to Have My Profile Reactivated. What Should I Do?

Contact the site customer support. Your application will be reviewed, and if everything is all right, your account will be restored.

Staying Safe on LDSPlanet

To avoid a dangerous situation threatening your privacy, you need to be cautious. Don’t share your passwords, payment details, phone numbers, social security numbers, and other crucial stuff.

I Want to Report a Scam. How Should It Be Done?

On each LDSPlanet profile, you see a Report button. Click on it if you think you are dealing with a scammer.

Does LDSPlanet Forbid Anything to Be Posted?

That’s a religious site. Accordingly, you can’t post inappropriate content, such as nude photos or videos, use hate speech, or promote violence.

LDSPlanet Customer Support

The site tries to timely resolve any issue of its users. Their customer support team is accessible day and night, so you can come up with your request at any time.

LDSPlanet Customer Support

LDSPlanet Real Life Review

I’m Michael. For a long time, I had been searching for a good place online to find a sweetheart sharing my faith. I was nearly disappointed with my attempts to join traditional dating websites. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended me this faith-based community. Here I made friends with many highly conscious followers of the LDS Church. I don’t regret my choice.

Is This the Best Dating Site?

It’s definitely good in its niche – spiritual dating. It really doesn’t have many rivals, so you can stick with it.

Is This Website Safe?

It’s one of the safest online resources. The site administration strives to exclude any fraudulent attacks and data theft on the platform.

Is It a Hookup Website?

It can’t be this since it’s a faith-based project.

Is It 100% Free?

It can’t be absolutely free because some of its services are provided for money.

How Does LDSPlanet Work?

The site matchmaking system is built around user personal information. However, the level of the member’s involvement in the Church and the power of his belief are taken into account too. To assess all of this, the site asks each member a series of questions. As soon as the user responds to them, his or her compatibility percentage with other members is determined.

How to Replace LDSPlanet?

Religious dating is a very specific niche in the industry with a very limited number of participants. As for the choice for Mormons, it’s even narrower. Perhaps, the only alternative to LDSPlanet is LDS Singles. That’s a friendly community, where each newcomer is actively encouraged to participate in daily Christian activities. As LDSPlanet, this resource also puts much value on the power of faith when assessing the compatibility of its users with each other.

How to Replace LDSPlanet?

Contact Information

Address: 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75205


It’s a challenging thing today to find a proper match for Mormons. Traditional dating sites certainly can’t suit this specific audience. Fortunately, there are a few specialized websites, such as LDSPlanet. It’s a good way out because it caters solely to Mormons. Since it’s a religious project, the matchmaking algorithm estimates the level of the member’s faith. Moreover, in terms of security, it’s one of the most reputable online resources. Highly conscious members rarely offend each other, which makes it a very peaceful community.

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