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LoveStruck Review: Great Dating Site?

LoveStruck Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 21-35
Profiles 1 900 000
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Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website contains multiple events for dating that broaden your scope for dating.
  • Both the app and the website are very user-friendly. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use this app.
  • This dating website offers successful registration through other social media accounts.
  • The advanced algorithm of LoveStruck helps in potential matchmaking.
  • This website does not have ads popping up on the page.
  • This website has a broad base of registered users that extends your aspect of communication.
  • The fee for premium membership is quite affordable.
  • The number of fake accounts is less on the LoveStruck website.
  • The website contains some exceptional features for dating events and dating tips.
  • It takes a lot of time to verify your account as a registered user.
  • You cannot get access to any means of communication as a free member.
  • It is not possible to connect with the customer support team of LoveStruck through live chat or telephone.
  • The LoveStruck website does not contain the feature of instant messaging.

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LoveStruck is an online dating website. It started its journey from the United Kingdom. Love Group Global operates this website. Love group Global is one of the most reputed providers of online dating services. The website has successfully provided its services in social communication and matchmaking. LoveStruck was created for working professionals who do not have the time to find partners for themselves. The website helps you to build strong relationships that will sustain for a long time.

This is a website that comes with a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. Based on various LoveStruck reviews, some of the pros and cons are listed below.

LoveStruck Review: Great Dating Site?

Is LoveStruck Dating Platform Multilingual?

The app and website only support two languages, and they do not function in any other words. These two languages include English and Chinese, but it does not create difficulties among users because most of the members on this site belong to the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Australia. In Hong Kong, people prefer to communicate in Chinese whereas, in other countries, people communicate in English.

Who Are The Owners Of LoveStruck?

Love Group, a publicly listed organization on the Australian Securities Exchange, is the present owner of this website.

From Where Does LoveStruck Operate?

This online dating site is based in London in the United Kingdom. The head office also exists in other major cities, such as New York, Sydney, Glasgow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

When Was LoveStruck Launched?

The website was established as an online dating platform by Brett Harding in 2006. The mobile application of this platform was launched in the market in 2010. The site works under the company Love Group Global.

Is LoveStruck A Global Dating Website?

This platform is available worldwide, but most of its members belong to countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

Special Features

The significant number of LoveStruck reviews highlights the unique features of this platform that are made to enhance your dating experience and way of communication. The use of these particular features increases your chance of meeting your potential matches.

Parties Of Laissez- Faires

It is the ideal way to find single men and women. These are events where the members of the website can chat, eat, and drink with other single people in the circumstances.

An Advanced System Of Matchmaking

It is a unique feature of LoveStruck website where a group of dating experts offers single men and women to 1:1 dating and matchmaking services.


Incognito helps you to keep your information on activities private. Activities on your user’s account such as log-in, checking other profiles, and status of being online. All of this can remain private if you choose the hidden feature, but it is only accessible for the premium members.

Advanced Privacy Settings

The privacy settings of LoveStruck consist of some advanced features. You can take hold of the visibility of your account and your uploaded photos. This feature enhances your comfort as a member.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Audience Quality

Most of the users reside in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, etc. In the LoveStruck reviews, you will always read about the high-quality audience of the website. The profiles are well detailed. They show the choices and interests of the user. It is true that the information on the profile entirely depends on how the user portrays it.

The original accounts on LoveStruck are offered a verified badge. So, it is better to follow the verified profiles to protect yourself from fake profiles and scams. During the verification procedure, the user goes through a method of authenticating his or her identity. To verify your account, you have to provide one of your social media links, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once you submit your social media link, a staff of the LoveStruck will go through the given social media link. The information, friends, photos, etc. will be thoroughly checked. If the team agrees to your social media link and can find similarities between your given information on the site and your social media profiles, your profile will get approval. A verified badge on your profile will increase its credibility, and other users will easily trust your genuineness.

LoveStruck often discards the verification if the given social media account is too new or does not have too many friends or followers. Unmatched information is the most prominent reason for discarding the verification. It is 100% sure that you can interact with the verified profiles without any hesitation.

Age Of Users On The Platform

On the website of LoveStruck, many single working professionals belong to different age groups. Still, the significant number of members on this dating website belong to 25 to 44.

Fake Profiles And Scamming

Premium members and informative profiles are mostly trustable, but unpaid profiles often come out as scams and fake accounts. According to our LoveStruck review, the website has achieved a well-reputed site because of the presence of original profiles in a vast amount, but there are a few fake profiles. One should remember to observe the profile thoroughly before liking it or starting a conversation. If a member comes across any dubious account, he or she must block or report that profile to avoid further troubles.

Mobile App And Website

Though the website of LoveStruck is older than the mobile app, it is faster and more convenient when it comes to function.

Mobile App For LoveStruck

Single working professionals who are busy most of the time and always on the go prefer to use the mobile application for dating. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can easily install it from Google Play Store or Apple App store. The installation of the app does not include any cost. So, the website members can easily communicate with other single men and women through smartphones and tablets. While writing the LoveStruck review, the mobile application of this platform should not be forgotten.

Newcomers are also capable of signing up in mobile application through their mobile phones. Even if you sign up through the mobile app, the process of verification is quite strict. The mobile app offers two languages for the convenience of its users. The languages include Chinese and English that are suitable for its LoveStruck user base.

The LoveStruck Website Interface

The website is simple and user friendly. The features are set up correctly. The best part of the site is that it does not contain any pop-up ads to hinder your activities. You can easily navigate other users, and the fast loading speed improves your user experience. For the last 14 years, the LoveStruck website has helped busy and single office goers to find their partners.

Is It Possible To Use The App Using PC?

One can access the website on the computer to access the mobile application; you must use an Android or iOS device.

On Which Browsers Can You Access LoveStruck?

Any secure browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini Browser, supports this website’s function.

Why Are You Having Trouble Reaching The Website?

To access the site on your browser, you have to update the browser to its latest version. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to enter the site through your browser. If your browser is not secure, then you will also face difficulties in accessing it.

Why Are You Having Trouble Reaching The Website?


The layout of the LoveStruck website is simple and well organized. It is neat and does not have any complications. The site uses neutral colors, such as gold, white, and black. The standard font is used to make the texts easily readable.

Additionally, all the necessary information is divided into different sections of the website, making the navigation process more comfortable. Irrelevant and annoying pop-up ads do not appear on the site. It helps you to concentrate on the functions of the website and the fellow members. Also, the fast loading pages of the website make your experience smoother.

Is It Easy To Register On The Platform?

If you are 18 years old, then it is effortless to register as a member of LoveStruck. You need to have a valid and active phone number and Email ID to complete your sign up process. It takes less than 5 minutes to fulfill the entire procedure. An SMS code will be sent to you on that phone number. You can perform your account verification in person or with the help of SMS.

On the contrary, it is comparatively easier to register using your Facebook account. The process is much faster and does not require to fill up much information. Also, in this procedure, the verification can be done later. During the time of registration, you need to provide your occupation and location. Other information on your profile can be filled out later according to your convenient time.

Can You Remove A LoveStruck User From Your Matches?

Yes. If you do not feel comfortable with a member, you can unmatch him or her by going for the unmatch option on the member’s profile.

Are There Any Age Restrictions On LoveStruck?

It is an adult dating website. You must be 18 years old to register as a member on this site.

Do You Need To Verify Your Account?

You can verify your dating account in person or through the help of an SMS code.

Do You Need To Verify Your Email?

During the time of registration, the user needs to provide a valid Email address. To complete the registration, the Email address must be accurate and active. Otherwise, the registration is not done. In this way, the email gets verified.

Can You Register Using Facebook Account?

If you register on the LoveStruck website using your Facebook account, then the SMS verification of your account can be done later.

Can You Use The Website Without Registering?

Like most of the online dating websites, you must sign up on this platform to use this site. You can use the website as a free member or a premium member, but signing up is mandatory.

How To Set-Up Profile On This Platform

LoveStruck reviews suggest that the verification process of your profile is thorough. The verification is done personally or through SMS. If you register through Facebook, the verification can be done later as well. If your profile gets approved, you will receive a verification badge. The profile also shows when the member was online for the last time.

In your profile, you can write about your hobbies, interests, and physical characteristics so that the fellow members can understand you better. You can also write down about your date ideas through which the fellow members will be able to perceive your choice of a partner.

Can You Delete An Uploaded Photo On LoveStruck?

Yes, you can delete an uploaded photo according to your preference.

Can You Edit The Username On LoveStruck?

If you want to edit your username, choose the ‘Edit My Profile’ option. There you can change your username and save the changed username to continue your function.

How To Delete Your LoveStruck Account?

By going to the ‘My Settings’ option on your account’s homepage, you can delete your profile through account deactivation.

Can You Browse Around In Invisible Mode On LoveStruck?

If you disable the “Show me” option, your profile will not be visible to the fellow members.

Can You Delete The Provided Information On LoveStruck?

Yes, the information you have already submitted to your account can be deleted or edited according to your convenience.

Can You Delete The Provided Information On LoveStruck?

The navigation process of this dating website is quite user-friendly and offers various search options to fit in individual choices. According to LoveStruck review, it is essential to run your search operation properly to find your potential matches.

How To See The LoveStruck Users Whom You Have Liked?

You can add your liked members into your Favourites List. So, it will be to see the members you liked.

Are Search Options Available On LoveStruck?

The search options on LoveStruck are very particular and have a lot of varieties. One can search based on physical characteristics, gender, ethnicity, religion, hobbies, preferences, lifestyle, etc.

How To See If Someone Has Liked You On LoveStruck For Free?

As a free member, you cannot see if someone likes you on this dating platform.


Messaging is the most convenient way of communication in LoveStruck.

How To Initiate Communication With Someone On LoveStruck?

You can start messaging with someone through direct messages.

How To Send Messages To Someone?

It is convenient to start messaging someone through the platform’s direct messaging feature.

Is Messaging Free?

Sending messages cannot be accessed as a free member on LoveStruck. You have to get a paid member for sending messages to fellow members.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Messaged You On LoveStruck?

You can see your received messages in your inbox on the homepage of your account.

Does LoveStruck Support The Camera?

You can use your camera to click photos and upload it on your profile or send it to your messages.

Is There A Way To Filter Messages On LoveStruck?

You can filter who can message you by adjusting your privacy settings.

Membership Price And Payment Methods

Although one can use this website as a free member, the paid membership exposes you to some advanced features. There are two types of paid membership- Standard and Premium. In most of the LoveStruck reviews, you will know about the affordable premium membership charge of this website.


Cost per Month


Standard members

1 month

$ 44.25 per month

$ 44.25

3 months

$ 78.28 per month

$ 26.09

6 months

$ 112.32 per month

$ 18.72

One year

$ 157.70 per month

$ 13.15

Premium members

1 month

$ 55.59 per month

$ 55.59

3 months

$ 100.99 per month

$ 33.66

6 months

$ 146.36 per month

$ 24.39

One year

$ 191.74 per month

$ 15.97

You can conveniently make your payment through PayPal, credit card, and debit card.

Features Available To Free Users

  1. Making a profile on LoveStruck website and Upload up to four photos.
  2. Fix your suitable privacy settings.
  3. Search through the platform for single men or women.
  4. Like your favorite profiles

Features Available To Premium Users

  1. Send and receive messages.
  2. See the people who have added you to their favorite lists.
  3. Receive notification of new matches.
  4. See the list of people who have viewed your profile.
  5. Set incognito mode.

Are There Premium Membership Plans Available On LoveStruck?

Yes, a premium membership is offered by this platform to improve your experience in online dating.

Can You Cancel Your LoveStruck Premium Membership?

You have to send a mail to team@LoveStruck.com requesting the cancellation of your membership.

Does LoveStruck Auto-Renew The Premium Membership?

Yes, your membership on this dating platform is auto-renewed after the termination of the subscription plan.

How To Get A Refund For Unused Time?

No, you cannot get a refund for unused time on this website.

Does The “Support” To LoveStruck Get Auto-Renewed Every Month?

Your “support” of this website will be automatically renewed after the termination of the plan.

Is There A Money-Back Policy On LoveStruck?

Even if you are not satisfied with your membership, you cannot get your money back.

How Does A Transaction With LoveStruck Appear On Your Credit Card Bill?

If you make the payment through PayPal, your credit card will reflect a Payment through PayPal.

Can You Send Support To Other LoveStruck Members?

You cannot give monetary support to other members, but you can like, comment, or send messages to their profiles to show your interest.

Is It Possible To Send Support For Just One Month?

No, you cannot send support to fellow members for a month.

Is It Possible To Send Support For Just One Month?

Is LoveStruck Really Safe?

The number of fake profiles is few on this platform. Besides that, various advanced safety features ensure the security of your data and maintain your privacy. Most of the reviews suggest that the profiles on this dating website go through a strict procedure of verification.

Privacy Policy Of LoveStruck

This dating platform offers you a lot of options to control your profile’s visibility and interactions. Also, the customer support team verifies original profiles.

Does LoveStruck Encrypt The Chats?

Chats are encrypted to prevent the leakage of your data on this platform.

Is LoveStruck Capable Of Tracking You Down?

Yes. You can be tracked down by this website. They can take the help of your given location, phone number, Email address, and GPS technology to track you down.

Can The Police Trace You Through LoveStruck?

In the case of criminal legal issues, the police can trace your dating account.

Contacting LoveStruck

You can contact the customer support team of this platform by sending an email to team@LoveStruck.com or calling in their helpline if you have any queries regarding your privacy.


All the website reviews focus on the safety policies of this website. The safety measures on this online dating platform include proper verification of profiles and data encryption through SSL technology to secure users’ presence.

Does LoveStruck Moderate Forum Threads?

No, Forum threads are not moderated on this website.

What Actions Does LoveStruck Take Against A User Who Uses The Platform To Solicit Money?

A member who uses his or her account to solicit money can be blocked or reported by other users. Also, his or her account can be banned from the website. In more significant cases or severe legal issues, the person can also be tracked and gets arrested by the police.

Banned Account

In multiple LoveStruck reviews, you will find that if a member breaks the rules and regulations of the or app, then his / her account gets banned from the platform.

Why Are You Unable To Access Your Account On LoveStruck?

If you enter the incorrect username or password, you will not be able to access your account. Also, banned accounts cannot be accessed.

For How Long LoveStruck Bans A User?

Bans are not lifted unless the customer support team of this platform permits it.

Can You Reactivate A Banned Account?

You have to send an email to the customer support team, requesting your banned account’s reactivation. Your account can be reactivated once they agree to your request.

Self-Protection On The Platform

While you are on an online dating platform, it is crucial to protect yourself from fake users and scammers so that your personal information is not misused. Careful interaction on the LoveStruck website helps to preserve your privacy.

Can You Block And Report An Abusive Member?

You have to go to the user’s profile you want to block, and there, you will find the option to block or report the suspicious account.

What Information Should One Not Share On The LoveStruck Account?

Personal information such as phone number, Email address, office address, home address, and other contact links should not be posted on your account.

What Information Should One Not Share On The LoveStruck Account?

Help And Support

This platform successfully supports its users in resolving all the issues regarding the website’s function. The FAQ page mostly answers all your questions about the website’s functions, safety, and privacy policies. The support team of the website also answers all the questions regarding navigation tools and events. In most of the LoveStruck reviews, it is stated that customer support services play a pivotal part in maintaining the smooth running of this website.

If the information on the FAQ page is not sufficient for you, you can make direct contact with any of the agents of the customer support team on LoveStruck. The customer support team provides its services 24×7. To make direct contact, you can use the contact form available on the website. Also, you can reach out to the customer support team through email.

You can access the contact form by choosing the tab of “Contact Us” on the website of LoveStruck. You can feel free to submit your mail anytime to team@LoveStruck.com. The response of the customer support team is comparatively quicker than other dating websites. They usually get back to you within 36 hours. In case you want an instant reply, then they lack instant services like live chat or call.

Real Life Review

The majority of the LoveStruck reviews indicate that the website does not fail to deliver what it promises. Users on this platform encounter real people, and the user testimonies support the website’s claims to find actual dates for its users.

Is LoveStruck A Reliable Dating Website?

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular dating websites for single working professionals seeking perfect partners. The site has grown as a trusted website across the world over the last 14 years. This site’s safety policy and advanced privacy settings have made it stand out among all its alternative sites.

Is It Safe To Use LoveStruck?

The majority of reviews by the users and reviewers point out that this is a safe and reliable platform for finding a like-minded and loving partner.

Is LoveStruck An Excellent Platform For Hook-Up?

According to the reviews, the website was mainly designed for finding ideal partners for single people who are busy in their professional lives and do not find the time to pay attention to their love lives. People on this website mostly look for serious or long-term relationships. So, if you are trying to just hook-up, then perhaps this website is not suitable for you.

Is It Free To Use LoveStruck?

Like most other dating websites, this site also contains many excellent dating features for free, but advanced features are only offered to the users who have paid membership.

How Does LoveStruck Function?

As the website has a large user base, you will find many people with whom you can communicate. Like most other paid websites, it is curated for single working professionals looking for long term companions. It is not for people who just want to hook-up. The paid membership enhances your communication with your fellow members. The advanced matchmaking feature on this website keeps a record of your choices and interests from your logging time. In all the LoveStruck reviews, you will notice that this platform is considered one of the most reputed online dating sites that help single men and women sign up and browse through their website to find the ideal partner. The data you enter during the registration period is used to find potential matches for you. If you are a premium member, you can also make use of advanced search filters to get the partner of your dreams.

Are There Fake Profiles On LoveStruck?

The number of fake profiles or scam members is lesser on this website than its contemporary dating platforms. Though there can be a few fake profiles, premium members are mostly genuine on this website.

Are There Fake Profiles On LoveStruck?

Alternative Sites Like LoveStruck

The best alternative dating websites of this platform include Tinder, Elite Singles, AdultFriendFinder, eHarmony, etc.

Contact Information

  • Company: LoveStruck.com
  • Address: Level 15, Silver Fortune Plaza, Wellington Street/
  • Phone: (+852) 5220 8078
  • Email: team@LoveStruck.com


This detailed article of LoveStruck review is aimed at informing people more about the online dating website. To conclude the review, the platform is one of the most secure and renowned sites for the dating of single working professionals. So, if you are bored with your hectic working schedule and want some fresh air of love, there is no better option than LoveStruck.

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