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Lovoo Review: Is It The Best Dating Service?

Lovoo Review: Is It The Best Dating Service?
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 83%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 9.896.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The interface of Lovoo is available in fifteen languages;
  • Special features allow users to find matches by playing and connecting in a video chat;
  • A luring system of bonuses;
  • Proper procedure of checking that the profiles are genuine.
  • A small number of fake accounts are still present.

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The invention of the Lovoo platform was a breath of fresh air. It introduced a light and straightforward platform that encouraged users to socialize and open up. The platform is represented by the website, mobile application, and also an app for iPads. It collected one of the largest membership pool that equals millions of people. One of the reasons is flexibility in approach. The service is tailored to suit any age category and gender. The website is represented and advertised on social media, has a blog and magazine. The articles cover all the possible topics relevant to the dating and social life of modern people.

Is Lovoo multilingual?

The Lovoo review of the interface showed that it is developed to suit the needs of the international community. It supports fifteen languages. You can change the language on the homepage by clicking on the button in the top right corner.

What company owns Lovoo?

The website is now owned by Meet Group. It is a large holding that manages multiple projects related to online dating & social media.

Where is the main office of Lovoo located?

The website’s operations are conducted from the office located in Dresden, Germany. There is also an office in Sacramento, USA.

What is the date of Lovoo launch?

The website was created in 2011.

Is Lovoo known and used in other countries?

Lovoo reviews show that users come from various places and backgrounds. It has a fair share of users from every continent.

Special Features

Special Features

The Lovoo website offers some engaging features to make users come for more. Let’s see what they are.


This is a unique feature that identifies the location of the users around you and points the direction. Note that you can use Radar on your mobile device or iPad only.


It is similar to the search tool, but it finds the users quicker without typing in the criteria. Open your profile and find the button on the left top corner. Click on it, and the long list of candidates will appear.

Live conversations

They are possible with not only audio but a video as well. Mind your privacy and safety. Remember that when you turn on your camera, people see everything that is happening, so get ready.


It is a Tinder-like function that many sites try to recreate. You get a certain number of users that you need to assess and like or dismiss. You have to decide to move on to the next candidate.

Audience quality

If you want to visit the site without registration or to download the application, you will see the homepage with the introduction. Hence, the members are encouraged to register to see the bright and fun side of the platform. Lovoo reviews show only positive feedback from the users that reside in Brazil, the USA, Australia, Italy, France, and other countries. Since the platform has numerous attractions, the users are not always looking for love. They look to socialize and read the blog or magazine. Without a doubt, a lot of users come from Germany.

Age Ratio

Lovoo website attracts the attention of youngsters mostly. The analysis shows that the largest age category of users is 20 – 35 y.o.

Fakes and scammers

Nobody likes malicious profiles that roam around the website, causing havoc. The behavior of scammers is characterized as destructive and annoying. They seek to ruin the platform’s reputation, spread miscommunication and try to fool the users. Hence, avoid people who encourage you to leave the platform and offer the other one instead.

Platform versions

Platform versions

Lovoo strives to be a platform that you can access anytime and anywhere. Whether you are on the road, on the break at work, or sitting at home on a Sunday night. With that in mind, the platform developed in multiple versions to enable users to get in touch round-the-clock.

How does Lovoo application function?

The application stands out with the fancy design. It works on Apple and Android products. You are not charged for downloading the app and signing up, just like with the website.

How does Lovoo desktop version function?

The homepage is designed with the user in mind. It does not contain confusing features or information. Also, the website runs smoothly, regardless of the features you use. The user activity is quite high, and even when they use live video chat, the website does not have glitches. It is a well-designed platform that receives constant updates.

Can the app work on a laptop/PC?

There is a website version designed especially for desktop devices. The app is created for mobile phones strictly.

What browser do you need to open Lovoo?

You are welcome to use any browser as long as it is updated.

What is the reason for not being able to access the website?

The reasons for troubles with access include cache, Internet problems, or incorrect login details. Open the section ‘Help Center’ to read more on the elimination of these issues. As a last resort, contact the support.



The interface of Lovoo is interactive and fashionable. It is modern and up-to-date. The homepage includes nice content, fonts, and photos of young people. The atmosphere on the site is pleasant. After signing up, the user is taken to the page with the profile. On top of the page, you can see a profile photo and the pen icon that lets you edit it. The left sidebar contains the section ‘People.’ It lets you see the list of random users you are free to talk to. The top panel contains sections ‘Discover,’ ‘Play,’ and ‘My Profile.’ The right side menu gives you hints on what steps you need to take to get more capabilities. It can be either profile verification or email confirmation. There is another menu with three options on the left top corner. It contains ‘Notifications’, ‘Messages’, and ‘Settings’. You can manage the profile via ‘Settings.’ It lets you contact the support, get a new membership package, and more.

Registration Steps

The website has a couple of rules when it comes to registration. Using a Facebook account is an available option, but it might come with the verification procedure via text message to your phone. The website requests phone verification whenever there is a suspicion of registering duplicate accounts. When you register via email, the verification is not necessarily immediate. You can jump to a profile arrangement and verify it later.

Is unmatching Lovoo match possible?

If you do not fancy the person offered to you as a match, click on the cross button.

What is the age limit for the members who want to register at Lovoo?

In general, dating sites are aimed at adult audiences, and Lovoo is not an exception. It is a platform for 18 +.

Is there an account verification procedure?

It is a complex procedure. The profile becomes visible to other users after you verify the profile, email, and photo.

What are the rules of email verification?

You can either do it right on the registration stage or log in to your profile and find the button on the right-side panel.

Can I use my Facebook profile for registering an account?

You are free to use the account from Facebook, but the website will probably ask you for SMS confirmation as well.

Can I use the website as a guest?

If you are a guest visitor, you do not go through the registration procedure, but you also do not have access to the profiles and all the features like live chats or matches. The homepage of the site is designed for visitors to find more information about the service. The guest visitor can also get in touch with the support free of charge.

Profile set-up

The profile at Lovoo is not precise. It does not have any fields to fill in with the information about your persona. It encourages lots of photos, though. When you open a page, you can see a photo on the left and the written text on the right. The top right line contains the name and age. It has data on the activity, like when the person logged in last and the place of residence. The next two sections are ‘Details’ and ‘Profile Details.’ There are also buttons to like or contact a person.

From the profile analysis, it becomes apparent that uploading the best photos of yourself is the key to success. The emphasis is mostly on the picture and first impressions from the looks.

Are the photos I uploaded to Lovoo removable?

The option to delete the photo becomes available when you click on the image. The menu with the three dots icon will appear, and the delete option will be there. Click on it, and the photo is gone.

Does Lovoo allow you to change the username?

The website does not provide the option to modify the user name since every name should be unique, and it gets attached to your email/phone number in the system.

What feature allows the user to remove Lovoo profile?

You are free to manage your account, including removing it. When you remove it, all the information is erased and cannot be restored. Go to ‘Settings’ to find the button.

Is it possible to deactivate Lovoo profile for some time?

The website does not freeze the account temporarily. Hence, you can either remove it or stop logging in.

Is the information on Lovoo profile editable?

It is possible to edit the information via ‘Settings’ or ‘My Profile.’ You can change the location, profile photo, and description.

Searching Tools

Searching Tools

The website has a couple of tools you can use to find people. The accessibility depends on the type of membership the user purchased. Most functions are focused on finding people that are near you.

How to find the users that I liked on Lovoo?

Open your profile and click on the section ‘Your Profile’ on the top panel. You will see the menu on the left that contains the section ‘Likes you’ve given.’

What search tools does Lovoo offer?

  • Radar;
  • Play;
  • Discover.

Where can I find the list of users who liked me on Lovoo?

Open the ‘Your Profile’ section and find the option ‘Like you’ to find people who fancied you.

Means of communication

Providing users with a variety of communication features is vital for the website. Besides, the safety of such interactions should be at the highest level.

How do users initiate conversations on Lovoo?

The conversations are possible via messages or video connection. If you want to start talking to people, you can use icebreakers. They are prepared for users who do not want to think much about a conversation starter.

How can I message someone?

Use the search tools first to find the profile you like. Open the profile, and you will have a button, ‘Chat.’

Do I need to pay for the messages sent to other users?

It depends on the membership type you have. The users with the free account are entitled to one message a day only. The premium membership gives you unlimited access to messaging.

Where do the messages from other Lovoo users come to?

Find your inbox in the right top corner of the screen. There are three options, and it is the middle one.

How can I use my camera on Lovoo?

The website offers video chats for users. It is easy to use the camera on the app. Connect the camera to your desktop version, simply click ‘Start your live video,’ and the website will ask to connect to your camera, click ‘Allow,’ and you are all set.

Can I filter who can message me on Lovoo?

All the messages come to one place where you can access them. There are no filters to sort them.

Costs of purchasing membership and Payment Options

Costs of purchasing membership and Payment Options

Besides getting a membership, you can buy credits. The membership packages last from one month to one year. The one month package is $9.99; the three-month package is $24.99; the six months is $33.99, and one year comes at $69.96.

The price of credit is $0.01 per unit, but you cannot buy as many as you want since they come in sets of 300, 550, 2500, and 8000.

Features of Standard Package

With the standard package that comes for free, the user can:

  • Sign in & Set Up their Profile Page;
  • Stream live videos;
  • Send one icebreaker a day.

Features of Paid Package

Regardless of the duration of the package, the user can:

  • Communicate with all the users without restrictions;
  • Access the list of people who looked at your profile or liked it;
  • Browse the site without advertisements.

Is there a chance to get a paid package and become Premium on Lovoo?

Open your profile settings and find the section ‘Premium.’ It takes you to the rules and conditions of acquiring the premium status.

What is the procedure of canceling the Lovoo subscription?

The subscription is canceled via the payment system you selected. It can be PayPal, iTunes, or Stripe.

How does Lovoo subscription work?

It is a recurring type of membership. So, if you got the one-month subscription, it will be renewed next month. You can pause that process in case you do not want to use it.

Does the website refund for the time I was not on the site?

The clause on refunds in terms of use does not include returning the money for the time you were passive.

Do I have to pay support to Lovoo monthly?

In general, it is set to renewing by default, but you are not obliged to keep it that way. The renewal can be canceled.

Am I entitled to getting my money back if I was frustrated with the service?

Unfortunately, there is no clause in terms of use that guarantees that.

What does Lovoo receipt say?

When you pay for the subscription or purchase credits, you get the bill with the company’s name.

How can the member send help to another Lovoo member?

The website does not facilitate gift exchange, so the users are free to negotiate such things privately.

Can my subscription last a month and not longer?

The shortest package lasts one month. Cancel the automatic renewal, and you will get your subscription that lasts one month only.

Does Lovoo ensure a safe environment?

Does Lovoo ensure a safe environment?

It is a website that seeks to fight the offenders, scammers and attract attention to the best quality profiles. The policies of confidentiality ensure that the user can set up the profile without risking a leakage.

Lovoo and Privacy Policies

You are welcome to get acquainted with the data that the website collects and how it uses it. First of all, read the privacy policies and terms of use. Note that the site verifies every application to ensure that the user is real. It requires an email address and additionally has a mobile phone verification. In case you feel that your privacy is compromised, get in touch with the support immediately.

How does Lovoo protect user communication?

All the messages are encrypted, and any third party cannot access them.

Does Lovoo trace the users?

Lovoo website does not trace the users and does not share the information about the IP or location with any third party. It uses such information to generate matches.

Can the police trace down Lovoo?

The platform is legit, and it does not violate any laws. The police need to have a warrant to get any information off the website. In case a major violation happened and the investigation is ongoing, the site cooperates with the law enforcement bodies.

To whom are the privacy complaints on Lovoo addressed?

They are addressed to the support agents. Even if you contact the wrong department, such issues will be marked as a high priority and forwarded immediately.

Ensuring Security

With the security of every user in mind, the website implemented a special three-stage verification procedure. To start with, there is a photo approval, then an email approval, and finally, the account.

Does Lovoo have moderators?

Certainly, the website employs a team of moderators who control the content and sort out the customer complaints.

How are Lovoo members who demand money from other users punished?

Such accounts are blocked permanently. The user details go to blacklist, and they cannot register again.

Banned Account

Banned Account

It happens that you cannot open your profile, the login details do not work, and you are running out of ways to fix it yourself. Hence, there is a chat where the support agents are ready to assist you at any time. You can change the language of the conversation in the top right corner of the screen.

What to do with the difficulty to enter Lovoo account?

Start with checking your Internet and browser. At times the reason is in lack of updates of your browser. If you are sure that your login details are correct, try to get a new password by clicking ‘Reset password.’

What is the duration of bans that Lovoo gives?

It is another issue that the support agents will instruct you on. In most cases, the user gets a warning, and it is not a common practice to block the account for minor violations.

What is the procedure for renewing the blocked account?

It is an issue that should be solved with the website directly. Hence, drop them a line to figure out the situation with your account.

Protect yourself

Regardless of how protected the source is, you should always think about safety. Start with checking carefully the information you shared on the profile and gallery. You should not post any details of your exact location. Keep it private till the time you decide to meet someone. Also, avoid users who complain a lot and try to channel conversation into compassionate talk to make you think you need to help.

How can I deal with the scammer?

Open the user profile and scroll down to the bottom of it. You will see the three dots icon. It is a drop-down menu that will give you two options: either block the photo or the user.

What are the regulations on the type of information the users can post on Lovoo?

It is not a platform for underage users, and yet some rules regulate the content. The photos that do not belong to the member cannot be posted. It prevents users from misleading others. A user often finds a photo on the Internet with a random person or celebrity and puts it as the main profile photo. It is a sign of a fake account, so avoid such profiles.

Customer Support

The website has a ‘Help Center.’ To open it, scroll down to the bottom menu and find the section ‘Contact Support’. Click on it to find the knowledge base with the most popular questions from users. There is also a button on the bottom right side of the screen that lets you contact the live operators.

Real life review

Real life review

“Communication on the platform is interesting because the users have access to many functions and can talk freely. There are no limits on how many messages you can send per day (if you are a paid member) or how many profiles to open. It lets users try their luck with everyone they like without hesitating, whether it is worth spending a dime.”

— Sara, 25

Is Lovoo better than competitors?

It is not on the top yet, but it comes second or third after the giants like Tinder and Badoo.

Am I safe trusting my information to Lovoo?

It is a legal platform with a firewall and an SSL certificate to protect the profiles and conversations. Hence, you can be sure that your info will not be leaked.

Can I use Lovoo to find someone to hook-up with?

Lovoo website welcomes everyone. You are welcome to register and voice your expectations regardless of what they are.

Can I become a user of Lovoo free of charge?

Yes, signing up is free, and a set of multiple features is free to use as well.

What is the scheme of Lovee operation?

It operates simply. The website does not burden users with complicated procedures and rules. Open the homepage, sign up, and create your profile using your imagination. Add some pictures to make it more entertaining, and you are ready to browse.

Are there fakes & online scammers on Lovoo?

In general, the website takes care of safety. It does not encourage illegal activities and does not ignore users’ complaints. If you meet a scammer, you are advised to immediately contact the support and stop the conversation with the person.

Lovoo Competitors & Alternatives

Lovoo Competitors & Alternatives

  • Flingster is a service tailored to the needs of naughty and open-minded adults. It provides video services and has a large member base. Unfortunately, it does not have an app, but the website is great fun. It does not require registration to mingle.
  • Badoo is one of the services that developed the interface in almost fifty languages. It is a genuinely international platform, and chances to meet someone for a hook-up are high.
  • Tinder started as a free app and gained the attention of many daters around the globe. It was initially used to find one-night stands, but later, users changed it to the proper dating site where people meet & marry.
  • OkCupid is almost a social network. It gives the questionnaire to the users who enter the website. Based on the results, people receive their potential matches. The website contains advertisements.

Contact Us

Address: Dresden, Germany

Phone: (800) 952-5210

Email: support@lovoo.com


The platform is designed for people with a young spirit. So far, it got popular with the people of 25 – 30 y.o. It is still to win the hearts of older generations. Since the day of its launch, the users have never stopped registering. Hence, it gives you a chance to meet someone new daily. Check out the profiles tagged ‘New,’ and you get to talk to someone who has not even started chatting to anyone else. Enjoying live conversations is probably one of the greatest features and experiences that the website can offer. Get in touch with whoever you like and get to see them. The matches are chosen, taking into account your location, so the chances are high that you will see your match soon. With Lovoo, you will always find a companion for a lovely evening.

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