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Maiotaku Review in 2021 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Maiotaku Review in 2021 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 2.100.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Maiotaku users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Availability of regional searches and paid priority lists.
  • The website uses an SSL certificate.
  • Hassle-free registration process.
  • Maiotaku has text, voice, and video call features.
  • Compatible to use on laptop, computer, or smartphone.
  • Allows easy cancellation of premium membership.
  • The engagement is easy and entertaining.
  • Extended benefits for premium members.
  • The website offers no trial plans.
  • Non-availability of a mobile app.
  • The profile is public and can be seen by anyone who has access to the site.
  • The terms of service are long drawn out.
  • No provision to unsubscribe from getting emails.
  • No email confirmation gives unchecked access to fake profiles.
  • Free membership allows too many advertisements.

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The Maiotaku Review attempts to focus on a dating website that serves as a unique platform for people looking for long-term and serious relationships. If you are not interested in casual dating or hookups and are looking forward to a compatible partner for marriage, then the details given ahead in this article will come handy.

Maiotaku is designed for a special category of people who have a fondness and fascination for anime characters. The site matches people sharing similar interests and choices. Users who are not looking for long term goals and real commitment might as well refrain from using this dating portal.

How Many Languages Does Maiotaku Support?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

By default, the portal is available only in the English language.

Maiotaku is an initiative by the organization named AnimeCon.org/Chrono Pop, LLC. It is located at 2945 Brady St in Davenport, IA, United States. It is a part of the Trade Show and Event Planning Services Industry.

In Which Country Is Maiotaku Based?

Maiotaku is based in the United States, but the website does not provide any postal address or Email for contact purposes. It can only be reached out through the Facebook page and community portal on the website.

In which year was Maiotaku founded?

Maiotaku was founded in the year 2009 by Ryan Kopf and had been running efficiently since then.

Is Maiotaku Available Worldwide?

Yes, Maiotaku is one of the best anime dating websites that can be accessed by interested people worldwide. The website notes 3.95k page views per day, according to Alexa reports.

Special Features?

Maiotaku is a dating website with anime lovers from all corners of the world. After becoming an official member of Maiotaku, users can start connecting and chatting right away without further ado. Further, you can share pictures and fix meetings and indulge in trending topics from the world of anime and attend conventions.

Audience quality

The site is welcoming and inclusive for people with diverse sexual orientations. You can be straight, gay, or lesbian and easily find a suitable match for yourself here. Some reliable people are online every day looking for serious connections.

Age Distribution

The Maiotaku website does not demand any minimum age requirement. However, users can sign up and enter their date of birth, which filters results that show profiles on the basis of your preferred age group.

Fakes and Scammers

Since Maiotaku does not have any email verification process, there are many fake profiles, and the website offers no protection against fraud. However, if you find anything suspicious or inappropriate, you can report the profile and share your issues and concerns through the “help” feature and the community, which is highly responsive.

Mobile app and website

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Maiotaku is a fan-based and stand-alone dating website. It does not have a mobile application.

Maiotaku App

Maiotaku has not yet developed mobile software. If you wish to use the application on your smartphone, you can visit the website from the browser of your choice, and it provides a number of features that are otherwise available on the desktop site. Although it is admittedly not as convenient to use as a mobile app, it can still help you connect to the anime community.

Maiotaku Website

Maiotaku is one of its kind, designed in a manner that is both easy and efficient. It is one of the busiest social anime community with active users from all across the globe.

Is it possible to use the app on your computer?

The company has built a fully responsive web design that can be used on any laptop, computer, or tablet.

Which browsers support Maiotaku?

Maiotaku website is compatible to use with any browser of your choice.

What can be the reason for not being able to enter the site?

This might be due to the fact that your account was suspended temporarily because of unethical use or complaints/reports regarding your account for unfitting manners and indecorous activities. You may also have entered wrong login credentials. In case you forgot your password, you can visit the password recovery page and enter your email address that was used to create the account.


Given below are notable features of Maiotaku that make it more appealing:

  1. Unique “OtakuMatch” matching system for anime lovers.
  2. It allows users to upload a series of pictures.
  3. Convention database makes people contact old friends.
  4. The users can track anime progress.

Registration Process

The process of registration is simple and straightforward. First the user needs to sign up by entering a valid Email ID and password. Here, you can also select your username which allows other people to know who you are.

Can you unmatch a person on Maiotaku?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

After the registration process Maiotaku will automatically generate a list of profiles based on its knowledge of your interest, location, sexual orientation, and gender identification. The user can choose the profiles that seem appealing and send messages on personal chat or interact on social conventions and ignore the ones you don’t like.

How old should the user be on Maiotaku?

There is no age requirement to enter the anime world. Even minors can use Maiotaku to make friends and groups.

What is the process to verify account on Maiotaku?

The process is very easy and convenient. Maiotaku does not demand any extra verification steps. You can simply sign up and start indulging.

How can you verify your email?

The website does not ask for any email verification.

Can you register through Facebook or Google on Maiotaku?

Maiotaku web portal does not have any provision regarding the same. Users can only register through providing their valid Email ID and selecting a suitable password.

Is Maiotaku available for exploration without signing up?

In order to be able to use the site and avail all its benefits, you have to sign up and become an official member. You cannot connect and communicate without signing up.

Profile Set-up

Maiotaku profile allows you to share information and pictures which can be seen by other members. After signing in you can make your profile in a few steps by entering the details asked by the website in the forms of various questions. The answers to these questions will help the algorithm suggest perfect matches based on your likes, dislikes, and preferences. A good profile will help you get more likes, comments, and messages.

Can you delete the Maiotaku profile?

The users cannot permanently delete their profiles from Maiotaku website. However, if they wish to, they can deactivate their profiles post which their profiles will become invisible. You can visit account and then click deactivate to temporarily delete your profile. In order to reactivate your account, you simply need to login again with your Email ID and password.

Is it possible to edit the username on Maiotaku?

The profile page provides the users with an edit profile button. To change your username, click on edit profile which will open a small menu from where it is quite straightforward to edit your existing username and change for something new.

How can you delete pictures on Maiotaku?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

On your profile page you need to go to your pictures and scroll down to find “default gallery pictures”. Click on it and you shall see the delete button there which will help you delete pictures that you uploaded earlier.

How can you delete the information submitted to Maiotaku?

Maiotaku does not provide the users with the option to permanently delete the information uploaded on the website. However, users can go to Account and click deactivate to hide their profiles and avoid social engagement.

What happens on disabling the “Show me on Maiotaku” option?

Your profile will become invisible to other Otaku and they won’t be able to interact with you anymore.

Searching Members on Maiotaku

It does not take more than 15 minutes to make a profile on Maiotaku and start searching members. The Maiotaku website registers new members on everyday basis. The website builds a personality profile based on your answers to questions like your favorite anime character or genre and uses this information to display a list of people who are most like you.

How can you see the members you liked on Maiotaku?

Maiotaku is practically an anime Facebook. It is both a dating website and a social network that helps connect like-minded Otaku. You can see all your friends by adding them to your friends list.

How can you see if others like you on Maiotaku if you are a free member?

As soon as you become a part of anime social network your profile will be added to the Maiotaku database and others will be able to see you in their member search in accordance to nearest location. And if your interests match, they can either leave a comment on your profile to initiate a conversation or text you directly in personal chat room.

What are the different ways of Maiotaku search?

Amongst a number of viable features that help you find your perfect match, one of the most advantageous features that pays off is the Regional Search option. This ensures and enhances the possibility of identifying people that are not just virtually but practically within your reach. The other is the paid priority listing which helps make your profile stand out in other people’s searches.


Once you have successfully registered you can start your search for a compatible companion and indulge in conversations through the messaging feature.

How can you start messaging with someone on Maiotaku?

According to the trusted Maiotaku reviews, the website provides seamless service. You can browse through the profiles and select the ones you’re interested in and there are two ways to communicate with them. You can either post a comment or like their profile to let them know you intend to talk and share. You can also send them a request and wait for their response.

How can you message others?

Select the “send message” option on the profile that you happen to find fun, fancy, intriguing, or attractive and that’s pretty much the only thing you need to do in order to reach out to your potential partner.

How do you see the received messages on Maiotaku?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Just like the Facebook wall where you get notified for each new activity, requests, and messages you have a “News” messaging interface on each person’s profile where can get notifications. Also, users can subscribe to get notifications on Email whenever there is a new message if you do not check your Maiotaku inbox very often.

Is the messaging feature on Maiotaku free?

Yes, all the interaction with your Otaku’s is free. Maiotaku does not demand any payment from its users for text messaging. And it’s 21st century and the users have the added reasonable benefit of not just text messages but voice and video calls also. Also, it allows for unlimited use and there is no restriction whatsoever.

Is it possible to filter who can message you on Maiotaku?

Adding people to your friends list gives them access to view your details such as Email address and picture gallery which you might not want to share with random users. So, it is advisable to check and confirm who you are willing to add in your friends list. Also, since your profile is public every other Otaku can message you on your profile but only your friends can message you on private messages.

Does Maiotaku have a video call feature?

Yes, in order to connect and know your friend or partner better you can use the video call feature which is available on the private messaging interface. The website uses a modern web sockets technology which makes instant live conversations possible.

Membership and payment methods on Maiotaku

The information given below informs you about the issues and frequently asked questions regarding the Maiotaku website offering membership and the means available for payment.

What are features of free membership on Maiotaku?

The following features are available for free use on Maiotaku:

  1. Access to cosplay photo galleries
  2. Personal profiles
  3. Public comments
  4. Private threaded messaging
  5. Attended convention list
  6. Participation in discussion forums
  7. Voice and video call
  8. MyOtaku Match Making
  9. Regional searches
  10. Browse database to add anime and manga to anime list.

Premium Membership Features?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Paid subscription allows considerably smooth experience according to Maiotaku reviews. It becomes possible to sort users based on recent online activity. You can also get rid of unwanted advertisements that come your way and cause unnecessary distraction and disturbance. The most advanced benefit is that because the website receives a lot of user traffic daily with new sign-ups and increased members and activity, sometimes your profile can get lost amongst others that have same personality as yours. So, a premium of less than $4 allows your profile to list under the “featured Otaku” section visible on the website’s recent sign-ups page which helps your profile to become highlighted and easily approachable. You can also send cool anime stuff to your friends and save your messages without having to lose them. You will also get to share and upload as many pictures as you want with your friends.

Does Maiotaku provide Premium membership?

Yes, Maiotaku users can upgrade and subscribe to premium membership anytime. You can choose a plan depending on your choice. It is available as both one month and three months plan. It costs only $4 for one month. You can pay this amount through PayPal.

Can you cancel the membership plan on Maiotaku?

This dating website provides a recurring subscription plan which means that if you change your mind regarding the premium membership you will have to cancel it to stop further payment. You can do so by logging in to your PayPal account and finding the transaction. Then click “cancel subscription”. Alternatively, you can also leave an email to Maiotaku and the community members will do it for you hassle-free.

Is Maiotaku membership auto-renewable?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Yes, once you opt to become an active paid member your membership plan will auto renew itself unless you chose to cancel the transaction.

Is it possible to generate refund on unused membership on Maiotaku?

No, it is not possible to initiate refunds on an unused membership. You can only opt for a cancellation so that you are not charged further.

If you are not satisfied with Maiotaku, can you get refunds?

There is no provision for that. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. And Maiotaku holds no accountability for the same.

Does your support to Maiotaku get auto-renewed after every month?

Yes, if you have opted for a monthly plan then it will get auto-renewed if you don’t request cancellation.

Can you send support for just a month?

No, you can’t pay for other Otaku’ membership for any period.

Is it possible to support other members on Maiotaku?

You can indirectly support other members by supporting Maiotaku itself. Since, this is a fan build website, upgrading to an active paid member will help support the community. The website claims that the money will be used to upgrade and enhance the quality of use by better server and faster internet. Most importantly, the finances get used in promoting the app at anime conventions to grow the community by extending memberships which helps to make it a better place.

Will the Maiotaku support appear on your credit card bill?

Yes, the transaction happens through PayPal gateway and you can chose to pay through credit card which will appear in your bank transactions.

Is Maiotaku safe to use?

Maiotaku ensures complete safety and privacy of all its Otakus. It works hard to consistently improve the network by upgrading the privacy policy and security features. It tries to extend maximum support in favour of its members so that they feel secure and satisfied.

Privacy in Maiotaku

Maiotaku is a legit platform used successfully by people for over more than 10 years now. There are no doubtful privacy concerns raised related to the usage of this dating website up till now. It is a community of responsible people who respect each other’s privacy and are actually looking for a serious and meaningful engagement. There are no noted issues of malfunctioning and the site intends to redesign itself and make room for potential changes.

Are the chats encrypted on Maiotaku?

No, the chats are not end to end encrypted but the website claims that according to their privacy policy, the information of the account holder remains confidential and cannot be misused. Also, it advises the users to take care of their own safety as Maiotaku will not be responsible for the consequences of anyone’s actions.

Who should you contact regarding privacy in Maiotaku?

In case of any discrepancy you can directly write to Maiotaku administrators through the contact form and they will respond as soon as possible. Make sure to include your username. You can also visit the help section on the website and describe your issue.

Is it possible for Maiotaku to track you down?

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Maiotaku collects all the data and information that is capable of uniquely identifying you through your comments on other person’s profile, interactions over video and media services, your personal information such as photos, videos, contact number, location, Email ID, and postal address. However, it uses the data for business purposes only and asks for your legitimate consent. The website provides full clarity on how they intend to use the data provided by you and do not sell your information to any third-party websites.

Can the police trace Maiotaku?

The site runs legally with proper terms and conditions laid out failing which the user might have to face the consequences. It can be traced down as it is a public platform.


The users can head to the privacy page of Maiotaku and read all the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly before accepting.

Are Maiotaku forums checked and supervised?

Maiotaku reviews say that it is identified as one of the busiest dating websites. There are thousands of posts on the forum everyday regarding discussions on popular anime trends in the world. All the activity is monitored and highly supervised. The website is intolerant to any kind of inappropriate actions and works diligently towards making connections that are safe and secure by deleting comments or posts that violate the privacy concerns or suggest harassment or dangerous behaviour.

What are the consequences of using Maiotaku to solicit money?

If any illegal behavior is identified by Maiotaku, then your account will stand reported and banned.

Banned Accounts

Maiotaku is very particular when it comes to terms of use and conditions. It strictly does not allow any kind of obnoxious behavior or lewd comments following which your account may stand on the risk of termination. No illegal activity of any sort including harassment and stalking is tolerated.

What are the reasons leading to a problem accessing Maiotaku account?

The site moderators can rightfully ban your account without initiating any kinds of refunds if you are found encouraging any negative or harmful behavior. An unsolicited attitude might be the very significant reason as to why you cannot access your account.

How long are Maiotaku accounts banned?

As per Maiotaku reviews, once your account gets banned you cannot use the services of Maiotaku. You need to sign up with a new Email ID and register your account and start from scratch.

Can you reactivate your banned account?

No, it is not possible to reactivate your account once suspended until you discuss the matter with the admin. You can only resume your activity by creating a new account.

Protecting Yourself

As much as it is the responsibility of the website to check improper behavior, it is equally the responsibility of the user to maintain discreetness.

Is it possible to report or block a suspected scammer?

If you suspect anything, you can contact the organisation to report any unlawful activity or violation of rules. You can also go to that person’s account and click on “block user” button following which the person will no more have any access to your account or information.

What kind of information should you refrain from posting on Maiotaku?

Only share data with your trusted group of friends on private messaging to make certain your own welfare. Take utmost care especially while interacting with any new people and check their profile before accepting their request and adding them to your friend list.

Help and Support

Maiotaku keeps the welfare of its community as a priority and offers help and support whenever needed.

Real life review

Maiotaku Review in 2020 – In-Depth Research of the Dating Site

Maiotaku asks for captchas in order to detect spambots so if you don’t want to enter captcha every time you can add your mobile number and request verification codes for much easier access.

Is Maiotaku suitable for hook up?

No, if you are interested in hook ups or flings Maiotaku is not for you. It is meant for compatible couples who are looking for making deeper connections and commitments.

Is Maiotaku safe?

On the whole the website is pretty much safe to use and is ranked high by users worldwide. You can also use this website to make friends with common anime interests.

Is Maiotaku the best available dating site?

It is one of the best geek dating websites with a number of interesting and special features designed for accuracy that help to provide folks with a perfect dating experience.

Is Maiotaku free to use?

You can easily register yourself on their website and it is absolutely free to use.

How does Maiotaku work?

Maiotaku allows you to visit profiles and send them private messages and initiate chats and conversations. It has also well-developed features for voice and video calls to help you bond better. One of the most fascinating features offered is the access to attended convention list which helps you to connect with old friends.

Does Maiotaku have fake or scam members?

Yes, there are a number of accounts that are fraud. However, the website suggests its members to stay vigilant and extremely careful while interacting with people to ensure their own safety and sharing and report any illegal activity as soon as possible.

Alternative sites like Maiotaku

  1. Match.com
  2. Otaku Singles
  3. Kosu
  4. Kwink

Contact Information

Company name: Chrono Pop LLC

Blog: https://maiotaku.com/blogs/maiotaku-blog

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaiOtakuAnimeDating/


Maiotaku aims to create a safe space through entertainment and lively involvement. It is quite trouble-free and requires minimum efforts to learn to us. So, if you intend to explore anime fans, Maiotaku is the perfect choice that guarantees a vivacious experience.

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