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MeetMe Review: Great Dating Site?

MeetMe Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 56000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of chat messages that can be sent to and received from all members, regardless of their subscription status.
  • There is access to different live video streams and the opportunity to start your interpersonal stream or a personal-to-many video stream.
  • MeetMe also has an iOS, Android, and windows application available in addition to the website.
  • The profile information is relatively basic and doesn't offer the opportunity to know people completely.
  • The profile of members does not contain detailed information; hence, search operations are limited.
  • Its mobile application and website are usually flooded with advertisements, except for your upgraded membership.

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MeetMe is one of the perfect places to blow away your lonely days. There is an opportunity to connect with new friends and have fun! It is a home of fun, splendor, and pleasure!

How Many Languages is Available?

The site supports four languages. They are English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. If you are conversant with any of these languages, then you have no worries; its communication system is simple and precise.

Who is the Owner of MeetMe?

MeetMe is owned by a 15 and 16-year-old pair of siblings. Their name is Catherine and David Cook. It was founded to create new connections.

Who is the Owner of MeetMe

Where is MeetMe Based?

Presently, the site’s base is in about five different regions. These regions are the united states, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

When was MeetMe Created?

The site was officially founded in 2005, where it was initially trade in the traditional paper yearbook for a digital version.

Is MeetMe Available All the World?

MeetMe is available everywhere in the world. The only limitation to the availability of the site or mobile application in any part of the world is the accessibility of the internet.

Special Features

This site has a unique design and usability. Besides, It has special features that make the site easily accessible for members. Some of these intriguing features are listed below:

  • Friends
    There is a list of all my friends, including suggestions.
    Friend request with options to accept or decline.
  • Discuss
    Ability to filter discussions on topics and those that are new or trending.
    Create discussions by location, friends, age bracket, and gender.
  • Chatting
    The feature can text or message a connection to initiate a chat.
    There is also a video chat option where requests can only be sent to members with whom you have previously exchanged messages.

There are also features of sending virtual gifts that cost credits. It enables you to know who has favorited you or your personal favorites.

Special Features

Audience Quality

The existence of good features has made it possible for members to achieve their aim. There is no limit of audience geography, as you can always connect with whomever you wish, as long as they accept your request. The audience’s quality is absolute and complete.

Age Distribution

The age range is between 13 and above. However, it has been proven that most users are usually between their mid-twenties and above, while the lesser population of users is usually between the age of 50 and above.

Fakes and Scammers

There is a high tendency of having fake individuals and scammers due to large membership. MeetMe structure has put various systems in place to curb the activities of fakes and scammers. There are complete security and assurance.

Mobile App And Website

The comfortability of users is one of the goals of the site. An assured means to achieve this is through the invention of a mobile application that makes connections easier for users. The website is also a guaranteed means of connection, as it offers similar services like the mobile application. The mobile application is the plug, while the website is the socket. With both, you reach the world and make desirable relationships.

Mobile App And Website

MeetMe App

Like every other application, an internet connection is important to access the application. If you have a good network, then you are good to go. The application is suitable for all android and iOS devices.

MeetMe Website

For complete information, knowledge, and questions, you can always visit MeetMe.com. It is the official website, with a good interface and self-explanatory designs.

Can I Use The App Using On My Computer?

The site application can be used on your computer. To download the required version, check the application store on your computer or search for the MeetMe application, and you will be guided as to the download of the application.

Which Browsers Does MeetMe Support?

There is no limitation to the use of browsers to access the site. Every browser that meets the requirements of an android, iOS, and computer system will support the site.

Why Can’t I Enter The Site?

Are you experiencing a hard time accessing the site? Many factors could be responsible for this. It could be a bad network, incomplete or wrong information, and a lack of understanding of how to use the site.


MeetMe has one of the best interfaces amidst dating sites. You don’t need to be technology inclined to use the site. The interface of the site is as simple as playing! You are guaranteed the best of time.

Registration Process

Registration is vital and inevitable. However, it is one of the easiest things to do as there are options of either using your Facebook account or email address. The registration process demands that you fill all the required details. There is no need for confirmation with the use of codes. Registration is like putting on the ignition of your car; it gets everything rolling.

Registration Process

Do I Have A Possibility To Unmatch A MeetMe Member?

There are diverse options to ensure your safety; one of the options is the ability to unmatch a member. If your security with a particular member is not certain, you can unmatch such a user.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Register For MeetMe?

MeetMe application and website are available for everyone. However, due to the nature of some content that would be shared on the site and others’ safety, there is a restriction on the site. To register on the site, you must be a minimum of 13 years.

How Can I Verify My Account?

The easiest way to verify your account is usually via your email address, as it has been proven to be more secure. Aside from this, you could also verify your account through text messages.

How Is It Possible to Verify My Email?

A link will be sent to your email as soon as you complete registration. All that is required of you is to visit your mail, select the link, and you will be directed to MeetMe.com for verification.

What Happens If I Use My Facebook Account For Registration?

There are no implications of using your Facebook account to register. It only serves as an alternative means of registration. If your Facebook account details are not current, then you are advised not to use Facebook.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Signing Up?

Everyone is welcome to visit Meetme.com. Truthfully, you cannot use this site if you have not completely signed up, because you will only be seen as a visitor. All the features and the importance of the site are for members, not visitors.

Profile Set-Up

Completing your profile set up is very easy and understandable. A completed profile set-up requires members’ basic info about an individual, relationship type, relationship status, and the type of relationship you want to find. Your profile is your billboard; it advertises you to everyone.

Profile Set-Up

Do I Have A Possibility To Delete A Photo That I Have Uploaded To MeetMe?

Change is constant. Due to recent development, you might decide you don’t want the present picture on the site anymore. There is an opportunity to delete your pictures for whatever reasons.

How Can I Change My MeetMe Username?

At MeetMe.com, there is an option of editing usernames on the application and website. The process includes:

  • Select profile from the home screen.
  • Click on the ‘info’ button (in the lower middle of the screen) to expand your profile information.
  • Precisely at the top below your profile name, tap to select your profile information
  • The last step is to click edit.

Members have the privilege to edit username and change it to whatever they wish.

Is It Possible to Delete My MeetMe Profile?

Both the mobile application and website have the option to delete profiles. The process of deleting your profile is easy. It requires following the instructions on the settings menu. The mobile application or iPhone app is easier, just navigate to settings and select “delete the account.”

What Happens If I Turn Off “Show On MeetMe”?

MeetMe is an online site that allows people from different locations to meet one another. Disabling the show me option means that other site members will not be permitted to view your profile or even get to know that you have an account on the site. It simply means no one can connect with you without your consent.

Do I Have A Possibility To Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted?

It is important to let every member know that MeetMe.com is not rigid. It allows every form of flexibility ranging from editing to deleting, provided it is not against the site’s policy or a means of scamming other people on the site. Freedom is a suitable route out of boredom; that is why the site encourages full member participation without restricting anybody’s activity.

Are you in search of love, romance, or a good sex partner? One of the major goals of MeetMe Review is to allow users to create new connections. The only means to create meaningful connections is by searching for people. It is made possible by the member search feature; everyone can see every active user on the site and decide if they want to create connections with such persons or not. Members’ search is like walking on a stair; it allows you to access the door to relationships.

Member Search

Can I See The MeetMe Members Who I Liked?

Yes, you have the privilege to view the list of all members you liked already. The existence of this list allows you to start a chat or message, everyone you liked already. Seeing is believing! It reminds you of who to chat with.

What Are The MeetMe Search Options?

Searching for users on the site can be through a local feed or the live video streaming feed. They are both displayed in a grid format, and you also have an option of finding matches generated by MeetMe from your profile. The options above are to assist members in performing an easy search.

Can You Find Out If Someone Likes You On MeetMe If You’re A Free Member?

There is a creation of the “likes you” list, which is a compilation of everyone that clicked “yes” on you. Only premium members will have access to view their “likes you” list in full. When two users exchange likes on the site, a match will be made, so there is a need to check out the matches tab to see members who are also interested in you. Free membership cannot offer you all this, upgrade your account now and open the doors to endless relationships.


It is after you can view your likes. The messaging feature can help you build, maintain, and sustain the connections you make. With this, you can communicate with your voice, text, or smileys messaging makes the relationship lively.

How Is It Possible To Begin Messaging With Someone On MeetMe?

MeetMe is for everyone. It, however, ensures privacy and convenience for all users. Before you can message users on the site, they must be on your list, and they must also accept your request, as this is the only way to confirm you are friends. After this step, select the friend you want to message from your list and click on the message. You will be directed to their inbox, where both of you can exchange conversations. Messaging people is like the door at your entrance; it is accessible to members’ life.

In What Way Can You Message Other Users?

All that is required to message anyone is for you both to be friends. Immediately friendship is initiated, check on their profile, and select a message. When you are in the message box, click the box and type the message you want to deliver. You must ensure the message is well structured and communicated to prevent miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Can I Send Messages For Free?

Accessing the message feature is not free; you must be on the paid option. Aside from this, messaging itself is free, as you will not be required to pay a specific amount to send messages.

In What Way Can I See Who Messaged Me On MeetMe?

A message notification pops up on MeetMe.com or on the mobile application to view the messages on your profile. Selecting this notification grants you the advantage to know who exactly messaged you, the time and date the message was delivered. You must clarify who messaged you.

Can I Use The Camera On MeetMe?

The camera is another handy tool; it helps you take live pictures and conduct a video chat. To use your camera, you would have to select the live video chat feature, and you will be directed to activate your camera before video chat can begin. Another way to use the camera is by uploading a picture of yourself. The camera makes everyone see who you are, your looks, and other important features.

Can I Filter Who Can Message Me?

Do you think you are getting too many messages? Are you interested in restricting who can message you? MeetMe is well structured to help you solve this. The site has a message setting, where you can edit who can message you. There are numerous filter options. You could filter based on location, gender, relationship type, etc. making use of this feature will help reduce the number of messages you will get in your inbox.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

The site is free to use and communicate, but there is an upgrade service subscription called MeetMeup+ or the use of a paid credit system. Payment could be through the upgrade, credits, or diamond. Membership cost in dollars is one month for $10.99/month, three months for $9.00/month, and six months for $5.83/month. All payment options are convenient and affordable.

Free Membership Features

As at the last MeetMe review, free members have access to priority chat placement, access to photo views, enhanced filtering capabilities, receive partner suggestions, and view your personality test results.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership is an upgrade to the free membership; it grants members access to more detailed personality test results, suggestions to other premium members frequently, send and receive unlimited messages. There will also be access to premium features on iOS and Android apps. Payment is not the priority, but anything of value is costly.

Can MeetMe Offer Premium Membership?

There is premium membership on the site, but you can first test the free option before upgrading to the premium membership as a new member. It offers complete and desirable features.

Can I Cancel My MeetMe Membership?

When your membership is canceled, you would not have access to the account anymore. Canceling your membership is the same as deleting your account. To do this, navigate to MeetMe.com, sign in to your account, select the settings button, and click the account tab where you will see the deactivate account link. You should press the deactivate your membership, and it will be instantly canceled.

Does MeetMe Membership Automatically Renew?

All paid membership is usually auto-renewed. If you are not cool with auto-renewal, you can always disable this function. Auto-renewal can be annually or monthly, based on the option you purchased.

How Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

This site is user friendly and encourages everyone to be active every time. If you made a payment and could not use it because of your schedule, you will not get a refund for the unused time. However, we offer other money-back services.

Does My MeetMe Support Automatically Renew Every Month?

There are various renewal options for your support system; it could be annually or monthly. If you select the monthly option, then your support will be renewed monthly.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Don’t Like?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with our services on the site, you can always refund your money.

In What Way Will My MeetMe Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

It is done instantly. During your activities on MeetMe.com, the credits earned will be updated to your account’s credit card bill as soon as you conduct support.

Is It Possible To Support Other MeetMe Members?

The major aim of the site is to establish relationships. One of the best ways to achieve this is to support other users.

Can Users Send Support For Just A Month?

Sending support is one of the varieties of the features available on the site; members can select the duration of sending support. It could be sent for just a month, monthly, or even annually.

Is MeetMe Safe?

Safety is one of the reasons behind MeetMe’s existence. Various measures have been put in place to ensure that members are safe and free from scammers’ influence. There is no doubt as the site is completely safe.

Privacy In MeetMe

Everyone loves privacy; that is why the site has been designed to ensure that your privacy is maintained. You can control who views your accounts, pictures, message, and who can see your availability.

Is It Really That Chats Encrypted?

As stated earlier, all information is secured and guided. One of the means to ensure security is by encrypting chats on the site.

Is It Possible For To Track You Down?

The reason for the information is to know you better as soon as you go against the site’s policy, the site can track you down via your information. No one will be smarter than the security system.

Can The Police Track Down MeetMe?

The police are a security agency; they have the authority to access whatever they want. The police can also trace this site. However, this is only possible by the consent of the site developers.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Privacy In MeetMe?

MeetMe has an excellent and readily available customer service and support system. If you need answers to any question, it will be provided immediately.


MeetMe is absolutely safe. It makes everything to protect its users. If you admit any scammers on the site, you should contact customer support, and they immediately react to this problem.

Are MeetMe Forums Moderated?

Rules and regulations guide the site; there are pros and cons of conduct on the site. The only way to mandate people’s safety is by moderating forums to prevent the assault.

What Happens To A Member Using A MeetMe Account To Solicit Money?

Everyone caught with the act of soliciting for money on the account will be suspended; however, if such persons do not adhere to the warning, he or she will be banned from using the site.

Banned Account

There are various reasons for banning an account; most times, it is usually caused by the breach of the site’s terms and conditions. As at the last MeetMe review, when a user acts against the site’s policy, such members will be banned.

Why Is It Impossible To Access MeetMe?

Two factors majorly cause the inability to access the site. It is an issue with your browser, or your account has been removed. To solve any of these, contact our customer service.

How Long Does Ban Last?

There is no specific duration on the bans of the site. The longer you stay is as a result of your unwillingness to act. Immediately you contact the support desk; they would respond immediately.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

It requires you to go to the password reset page of the site and navigate to your email, after which your banned account will be reactivated to get your account back on MeetMe.com.

Protect Yourself

Every user should be careful as to the way they exchange important information about themselves with other connections. It is an effortless way of protecting oneself from any danger.

Can A Suspected Scammer Be Blocked And Reported?

Immediately you notice a suspected scammer, kindly contact our support team to verify the account. If the person is seen as a scammer, the account will be blocked immediately.

What Information Shouldn’t You Post To Your MeetMe Account?

Every information that is trivial and personal should be kept away from your account. If the information can harm you or any other person, you are advised never to upload such details.

Help and Support

The type of help and support available on MeetMe can never be seen in any other dating site. Support and response are accurately and professionally rendered.

Real Life Review

Over the years, I use the MeetMe website. This site has helped members guide themselves from information leakage, bolts, and scammers through the well-designed feature and a fast support system. I am completely satisfied with this site. – Sarah.

Is MeetMe The Best Dating Site/App?

The site is unarguably one of the best dating sites. It has a world-class user interface, good communication, and the ability to create good connections.

Is It Safe And Secure?

If you still doubt your safety, then you perhaps doubt your opportunity to begin a new life. The way the site is structured encourages the safety of every user.

Is MeetMe A Hook-up App?

One of the intentions of the founder is to create new connections. The application has been designed to allow hookups and dating conveniently.

Is It Free Or Paid Service?

MeetMe is not a free website. Members usually can enjoy some days of a free trial, but this does not grant you access to the site’s full features.

How Does MeetMe Work?

The site has been designed to work through the use of various features. Over twenty-five features on the site allow you to chat, meet new people, and create the type of connections you desire.

Does It Have Fake Or Scam Members?

According to many MeetMe reviews, this website is a large online community. There is a tendency to have fake or scam members, but you are guaranteed that they are very minimal, and the system is already working on finding every one of them.

Alternative Sites Like MeetMe

Numerous websites offer the same service like the one rendered by this site. Some of the alternative sites are OkCupid, Badoo, meow chat, chats, tinder, etc. these sites offer the same kind of service, but they are not better than MeetMe.

Contact Information

You might want to put a call across to this site, or you need to be at the office. Below is the official contact information:

  • Company: The Meet Group, Inc.
  • Address: 100 union square drive, new hope, PA 18938
  • Contact line: (215)862-7832.
  • Email: support@themeetgroup.com or email support@meetme.com

Every time you reach out, be guaranteed an adequate response.


MeetMe is suitable for everyone who wants to build new relationships and experience a better romance, great sex partner, and super love life. It is the only place you can get prominent and permanent relationships!

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