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MenNation Review: Is It A Good Dating Site?

MenNation Review: Is It A Good Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 670 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Almost 100 million members worldwide
  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere
  • Fantastic for finding hookups and casual dates
  • Most members are from the USA
  • Most features are free
  • You do not need to display your real name to other users
  • You can choose to see or not see nude pictures
  • Chat is only available for paying members
  • Most members are 55 years old or older
  • If you are looking for a serious relationship, this might not be the site for you
  • There is no MenNation app


MenNation is the largest dating site for men in the world. That means it is a paradise for all gay men looking for a hookup. It is probably not the site where you will find a partner for life, but it provides you the opportunity to talk to a lot of men who want some casual fun.

When was MenNation founded?

MenNation is one of the oldest dating sites for gay men on the planet. Perhaps, even the first one. It was created back in 1996 by Various Inc; the same company is also responsible for popular sites such as AdultFriendFinder.

When was MenNation founded?

How Does MenNation Work?

Knowing that the site has been up and running for so many years gives it much reliability. After all, if today it is still hard being gay in some places, in the 90’s it was hard being gay no matter where one lives. MenNation is one of the pioneers in connecting gay men online.

To join the site and enjoy its features, you only need to register, and that is pretty easy to do. Some features on it require you to upgrade to a premium account. That is one reason you should read this MenNation review before making up your mind. Other MenNation reviews might let some details slip. However, in this one, you will find out precious information regarding whether the site is good and if you should pay for the premium account.

Aside from those details, MenNation works straightforwardly. It is a hookup-oriented site, meaning you can talk to all men you find attractive, and you can arrange physical meetings.

Signing Up At MenNation

Dating websites have a pretty standard signup page. When you access MenNation for the first time, you will already see the first step for the registration. You’ll need to answer whether you are one man or a couple. There is a box to check if you are looking for men, although that should be unnecessary given the site’s nature.

When you click next, the site asks for some info:

  • Birthday
  • Country
  • State or zip code (this changes from country to country)
  • Closest city (only in certain countries)

In the next screen, you need to fill in more info:

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password

The next screen asks for more details:

  • Bisexual/bicurious/gay
  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status

After finishing registration, you need to check your email to verify your account.

When you need to log back on the site, you click on “log in” on the main page and enter your email and password.

Signing Up At MenNation

How To Make Contact?

There is no instant match feature on the site, as most MenNation reviews point out right away. That is, you will not see matches upon registering. You can look for new people and set filters while doing that so that you find “matches.” What helps in finding partners is answering questions about your sexual life/experiences/fantasies. This way, when people look at your profile, they can decide if they want to chat or even have sex with you. It also works the other way around. You can look through many profiles and check sexual interests. That helps find people who are looking for the same as you. Since the site promises to have so many users online and ready to hookup, this should help you even more.

Communicating with other people on the site is the essential part. However, that is where things get complicated. Remember that on pros and cons, it was already mentioned that the best features are behind a paywall? Well, this is true for chatting. If you want to chat with anyone, you will need to acquire a premium membership. Before deciding on that, you can search for stories of people online and check what they say. This review you are reading is objective in terms of what the site offers. Reading subjective opinions by users who already went premium might have an impact on your decision.

Profiles On MenNation

Sites like MenNation are for people who are genuinely looking for something and want action to happen as soon as possible. In that case, it is crucial to get the chance to set a good profile that shows what you are about right away. Most men on this site are looking for one and only one thing – sex. In this case, you should be able to show your face and body and see others’ too. Well, guess what? When you first take a look at MenNation, what you will see are tons of nude pictures of many men. That is to show how much the site’s focus is on hookups and not on serious relationships.

MenNation provides a place where members can fill their profiles with lots of info and upload as many pictures as they want. Those pictures can be of any kind as long as they are of the user. It is usual to see many pictures of penises and also sex footage. Sometimes couples post their videos as a way to invite others to join them.

On your profile, people can see how you look through pictures and videos (if you want to upload videos) and all you have written when registered. They need to know such details. Moreover, MenNation allows you to tell all your kinks and fetishes so other members know what you are looking for. One section is for “questions and answers,” and there, you can answer a lot of questions concerning your sexual experiences so far and interests.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

As in any dating site nowadays, you have to take care when looking through profiles. It is easy to detect fake profiles if you pay enough attention. If pictures look overproduced or feel like they might be from someone else, it is worth checking the picture online. Sometimes you can find out that the image is from a photo stock site.

Sometimes profiles on MenNation seem very okay at first, and then you start chatting. Pay attention to things the other person says. Sometimes you might spot something weird going on, and you will know it is a fake profile.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Design and Usability of MenNation

MenNation does not offer an outstanding design among dating sites, yet it provides all you need for finding sexual partners very quickly. In this case, it could be said that the site focuses more on usability and comprehensive design than on delivering a beautiful, modern-looking platform. It is impossible to get lost on the site, as all tabs and options are easily found.

MenNation’s Mobile App

There is no MenNation app for Android or iOS.

Special Features

Besides being a site made for men to meet sexual partners, MenNation also offers adult entertainment. Many features on the site offer members ways of interacting with other members or seeing exclusive adult content.

Some of the features on the site are:

Live Models

Live cams are something trendy right now. With that in mind, developers of MenNation offer members the chance to broadcast themselves to other members. They can get tips, and better than that, show how they look and talk to men they might eventually get to know in person.


Finding hookups is certainly the most exciting part of the site. Still, on it, you can talk about sex with people from all around the world. There are sections such as blogs, groups, and magazines, erotic stories, where you can read interesting stuff and join good topics.


MenNation’s Costs

Here is how much the premium membership costs:

  • 1 month – $34,95
  • 3 months – $59,85
  • 12 months – $179,40

Free Membership

As on all sites of Various Inc, MenNation’s free membership grants you access to uploading pictures and videos as well as completing your profile and seeing a timeline full of content from other members. Still, the most crucial feature is behind a paywall: chatting.

Premium Membership

In case you like what the site offers and want to try your luck, you can pay for the premium subscription. It will unlock access to the chat, where you will indeed be able to communicate and arrange sexual meetings with other men.

The premium membership also allows you to view other users’ profiles in full, become a top fan of anyone you like, tip on shows, add friends, and join non-nude chats.

Does MenNation Accept Coupons?

MenNation doesn’t mention anything regarding the use of coupons on the site.

Verification & Safety on MenNation

Moderators behind MenNation verify many profiles every day to make sure members are safe on the site. If you have questions about the site’s Terms, privacy while using it, or anything else in that regard, you can read more on the site.

Verification & Safety on MenNation

Is MenNation a Scam?

No, the site is entirely legit. Although its design is not the very best, it is still a reliable site. You can feel safe when accessing it and sharing your information.

Is MenNation Safe?

Sites from Various Inc do not seem very safe at first due to their design. Still, it is a big company, and it puts a lot of money into its sites and their security. MenNation promises to protect its users’ data as hard as it can.

Just remember that no site is completely safe at all times, and crackers sometimes try to get private data from sites. Be mindful of what kind of information you provide to other users, and use any site very carefully.

Is MenNation Anonymous?

No. MenNation is a big site that doesn’t remain anonymous to its users. All information about how the site works is disclosed clearly to everyone to read.

The Problem With MenNation

Some major problems that users usually complain about were already outlined before on this MenNation review. For example, the lack of a good design bothers some users. They wish they could use a platform with a better visual touch.

However, visual details are the lesser of issues for those who complain about the site. Many users aren’t satisfied with the number of fake profiles or inactive profiles on the site. There are millions of profiles at MenNation, and many of them are from people who shortly after stopped using the platform. Also, it is easy to spot fake profiles.

Another thing some users dislike about the site is the paywall to get access to the chat feature. However, such practice is usual on most dating sites. It is a way of blocking fake profiles from getting in touch with legit users. Paywall for accessing the chat actually protects users on the MenNation website.

The Problem With MenNation

Help & Support

MenNation is a distinguished site in the support criteria. Its support team works hard to answer the questions of all users. There are three ways to reach the support staff:

  • Support live chat. This way, you can get immediately in touch with someone from the support team if they are available.
  • You can email the site. If you have anything to ask formally, that is the best option.
  • FAQ. Sometimes all you need to do is read the FAQ carefully. It might help you find the answer you need.

Alternatives to MenNation

Although the MenNation website advertises itself as the largest site for gay men, it might not be the perfect option for everyone. After all, different people have different tastes. If you don’t feel like MenNation will suit you, or if you tried it and are looking for alternatives, you can check the sites listed below:

  • GaysTryst: this site offers a free 3-day trial that lets you access all features, and after that, you can choose if you want to keep using the site’s services.
  • GayCupid: CupidMedia is a large company that owns several dating platforms. With GayCupid, you can easily find many partners for all types of relationships.
  • AdultFriendFinder: this site is widely known as one of the best places for hookups between singles and all kinds of sexual meetings. If all you want is to have sex with new people, this site is for you.


Check on some popular questions and answers to them before you join the site.

What Is the MenNation Site Good For?

Users at MenNation are mostly looking for sex hookups with new people. It is a place for exciting first dates with men who are up for a night of fun.

Is MenNation a Reliable Dating Site?

Absolutely. MenNation has a long history within the dating sites industry and has helped many gay men get laid throughout the decades.

Is it Possible To Delete The Account on MenNation?

Deleting your account on the MenNation website is very easy and quick. All you have to do is click on “My Account,” tap on the button on the top menu, and select “Delete Account.”

What Is The Purpose Of MenNation?

The site intends to help gay men from all over the world to find partners for hookups or serious relationships. Most members use the site for hookups, but you can still find life partners through the platform.

Is MenNation really free?

More or less, to be honest. You can register for free, but then, you can use only a handful of features that won’t help you meet a partner very easily. To access the best features that truly help meet partners, you need to pay for a premium membership.

How To Search For Another Members?

Like any dating site, MenNation has a search option easily visible among the other tools and features of the site. You can set up a lot of filters to search for other men. Such filters include:

  • Age range
  • Distance from you
  • Sexual preferences
  • Type of relationship he wants
How To Search For Another Members?

Contact Information

Company: MenNation

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA

Phone: 888-575-8383

Email: team@adultfriendfinder.com


Among all sites built to help connect gay men, MenNation is probably one of the safest and most trustworthy. Since it has many members, you only need to put effort into chatting with other men to get a sexual meeting. In case you are looking for this kind of fun to have a break from routine, MenNation seems like a good option.

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Samantha is an expert who has been working in this field for a significant number of years. She uses her adventurous and easy-going nature to come up with quick solutions for common problems. Samantha's previous work experience as a volunteer assistant coach and camp counselor allows her to offer genuine, appropriate, and sensible support to her clients. Her specialty is managing anxiety and breakups.
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Customer reviews
by Athena Jan 13, 2022
I prefer this software frequently whenever I wish chat or fulfill you to definitely spend a occasion jointly. Not too long ago, I've acquired my personal very first day, therefore would be remarkable. Before watching friends in actuality, we talked and located numerous typical situations, which means out preference, personal specifications, as well as some pastimes. Possibly, our very own on the web love continues important for our effective real time go out. You continue steadily to communicate online and can go forth this weekend. I don't make schemes and strive to be happy immediately. This site helped many.
by ShackleyAtcheson Jan 03, 2022
Signing up with this dating site got a very important thing that ever before happened certainly to me my personal romantic life. Clearly, I'm young and perhaps not very encountered as numerous more old daters. In any event, our thoughts include good. There are lots of beautiful customers on this site! Sometimes, I actually don't dispatch information but just savor images. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into everyday matchmaking for the moment. I believe it's a tad earlier for me to invest in one individual. I enjoy tests and hold my personal eyesight open. I'm often equipped to check out something totally new in internet dating, and that site enable lots in seeing my favorite goals and desires.
by Jasiah Jan 01, 2022
After fourteen days as well as one different big date on this website, I recently uncovered someone that shares your heart prices and loves exactly the same activities while I love. The two of us like skiing and camping, so, we love all of our lifestyles along. I am desperate to recommend this app, and I'm perhaps not scared to talk about our dating online feedback in public.
Tim Gonzalez
by Tim Gonzalez Dec 27, 2021
I really like this application as it really doesn't bother me with challenging tests. In all honesty, I don't have faith in compatibility based around various online surveys since group regularly sit quite frequently. For me personally, It's better to talk and enquire inquiries, generating dialogs organic. This page provides the functions i have to recognize our using the internet associates greater before you go outside.
Bernice Williams
by Bernice Williams Dec 19, 2021
I had been very questioning so it would get wherever, i will quickly realize some thing significant on this site. My buddy is into online dating, and I've just enrolled with this site enjoyment. Well, okay, frankly speaking, I just would like to demonstrate that dating online really doesn't move and inform him or her eventually, “There you are actually, pal, we mentioned so.” However, Love it if more obtained online flirting addicting and began talking with really interesting people. I have unique contacts and even some admirers. So, I'm going to get a romantic date not online and enjoy brand-new experiences.
by Braylee Dec 19, 2021
I had been thrilled to consult with lots of people on the internet site having a whole lot in accordance with my pursuits and life style. I tried additional apps before, so I should say that the caliber of the complement is more preferable in this article. That's the reasons why I'm really surprised to see so many damaging reviews in this website. Then I discovered that owners compose adverse reviews also on most readily useful software. In doing so, they usually reveal his or her fury and behavior without specifying specific defects of this application. Thus, I do think that they simply cannot select individuals that would meet them and find upset concerning their loneliness. Ergo, we should find out how to clean these recommendations. This great site is useful, but, without a doubt, it is far from a miracle substance. I'm very happy to fit into the city and obtain fantastic periods. Perhaps, I'm merely little choosy than others, but generally, I presume I'm lucky. Other everyone need much more time to discover like-minds. Nevertheless, I'd highly recommend this web site regarding varieties dating because their guests try different, and customers are particularly active. Directly, i could often look for somebody on line to have a chat and flirt. Besides, the application does properly, and course-plotting is fairly quick. All the required options are in the eating plan in side of your own focus. I'm sure online dating hasn't ever been simpler.
by MCGEE Dec 09, 2021
The practice on this site had been close. Personally I think completely safe when using it and texting a variety of individuals. The service possess a techie high quality, and webpage, films, and footage stream quick and trouble-free. I can adjust various strain, which inspires self-esteem undergoing linking with customers that I enjoy. The city is considerable. You will find lots of contacts honestly looking for actual dates, whether it is about hookups or some other varieties of affairs. Thus, for the moment, my favorite experiences is favorable. I experienced many schedules, in addition they are ok although not completely appropriate me personally. Hence, I'm going to continue my google, which website might be right place, i really believe.
Sandra Johnson
by Sandra Johnson Dec 06, 2021
As a first-time member, i truly enjoy the experience. It's simple it's the perfect time, providing you were effective and honor more customers. It's exciting and fun. Whether I'll discover my favorite best accommodate? I don't attend to at this point. Some great periods is sufficient I think thus far, and I'm hunting and watching for additional adventures before being focused on a prospective wife. I observe that this website are completely appropriate my personal desired goals. The city is actually all right, and nobody tries to come beneath your your skin. Therefore, personally i think cozy possessing on the web a lot of fun along with my buddies. We are a few things to speak about, and the goes I've acquired happened to be truly fascinating. Therefore, I'm content with our ongoing, and an affordable price happens to be an advantage.
by Rudy Dec 03, 2021
Very good dating site! I accompanied it this past year and furthermore, as subsequently met a few contacts with features. Additionally, I speak to many customers from my personal favorite list. Speaking is wonderful, as a chat gap comes in handy. Users become open-minded, pleasant, and energetic. You will find specific choices, without one judges myself. Therefore, i'm completely safe and comfy.
by Ulises Nov 24, 2021
I found my self looking to chill out and switch into rebound gender or maybe even everyday dating after a split up. However, i acquired little idea of learning to make they online. Zero knowledge forced me to be frightened. I tried swiping, but such a shallow solution seriously isn't my own tough meet. We seek out the app where consumers are generally connecting, but We still demanded an excellent internet site. This 1 turned out to be a middle crushed I think. No-strings-attached contacts, respectable kinds, and fits, straightforward user interface, chatrooms. Often all I previously wanted. We continued multiple hot periods, and after this Chatting about how feel a lot better. Wonderful solution for singles with no-cost options and great usability. The nice design and style was a fantastic feel.
by Desiree Nov 19, 2021
The web based dates within the website have become great and attention-grabbing adventure I think. It does the job properly for your self-confidence and permits producing unique relationships. They're not connections however but see guaranteeing. Additionally, it really is beautiful to me to break the snow and talk to people from any country I enjoy. Searching kinds try engaging, possibly. It's often interesting to view exactly how men and women prove when looking for closeness.
Roger Thornton
by Roger Thornton Nov 14, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and really like tests. I'm definitely not monogamous, no less than now. Genuinely, simple traditions is way from typical personal norms, but commonly feeling depressed even among family unit members or closest contacts. Many of them are generally attached, and I also'm going stir nuts whenever I feeling their own substantial styles. Hence, however, it's very difficult to see and hang out with like-minds during the time you inside a large urban area, just where people are too hectic which will make brand-new connectivity. Thus, such in pretty bad shape 's for becoming a member of this web site. And my own adventure try smooth. We managed to look for those people that wish the same matter and understand my favorite need to stay free of cost, without contract, claims, and all this different hooey. Another fantastic thing would be that there I've met some bi-curious parents. Everyone loves performance on the website since it's rather adequate for first telecommunications. Possibly, a person wants more incentives, but also in my personal opinion, you should get a romantic date if you would like in-depth conversation. While checking kinds, I bet numerous blank kind. I wish consumers could pay out a lot more focus to her presence on the webpage. Regarding the site's overall performance, all things are fine. No troubles with visit, information, etc. Support provider is useful and is also offered 24 / 7. I'm pleased to see a virtual area for our desires and dreams. It's awesome when the group shouldn't impose the principles it is about the same webpage.
Bobby Brown
by Bobby Brown Nov 10, 2021
This incredible website is ideal for me. As I'm slightly weary of swiping, it was a middle surface for my favorite desires. We don't arrange any big interactions immediately, but We won't run away after I encounter our romance. Website don't force me and permits getting all features of quality dating. Besides, i prefer it software is really convenient to work with, whether it be about navigation or pay. Value is regular, i really don't grudge money in their eyes since I get the best importance for charge they might need. I've currently found some good persons and get beautiful times. Besides, I communicate with a few customers to speak, make fun of, and negotiate numerous themes, like gender. I'm that i'm throughout my category due to the fact society is quite pleasant. People don't evaluate a person, as it could be if you've got found individuals in a bar.
by Kashmir Nov 08, 2021
Excellent perceptions. I've found lots of ready and interesting group and a few freaks . that's a norm while on line. Some games are not inside area . that's why we remained close friends. I will state that this particular service gets lots of methods to produce different people notice a person. To begin with, it's enough space to provide your profile and supply enough information about the way you look and fictional character. Next, texting are acceptable. Normally, you use full online correspondence and can come a romantic date any time when you are willing to satisfy your favorite in real life.
by Daphne Nov 06, 2021
We joined up with this website last year and got a good experience. Today, We have a dependable and mind-blowing companion, and we're excellent together. I'd suggest the application because We have discovered from drive feel which operates. I observe that lots of people often whine about no fits, convinced that they simply spend your time and money. Continue to, i ought to keep in mind that whenever people cannot find somebody, they frequently start his or her problems to exterior elements. Work, relatives, internet dating sites, quite simply, you can find anyone to take responsibility. However, you should never give up hope, and everything is fine. For example, they required about 7 days in order to reach our lover.
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