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Flirt4free Review: Great Dating Site?

Flirt4free Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 21-31
Profiles 1 900 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It offers an extraordinary selection of models to provide you with maximum satisfaction.
  • The registration process on the site is relatively easy and prompt.
  • The website is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The site offers a limited range of free services.
  • The content of the site is large and might get confusing, especially for new users.
  • For you to get the most out of the website, you have to acquire a VIP membership, and this costs a great deal.

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Flirt4free is a top-notch sex cam site that offers you “hot flirt” with American and European cam models. It is an award-winning live cam site and has been an industry top-gun in sex-camming for more than two decades. This casual dating site gives you free live “flirting” and lives cam shows, which are performed by pleasurable male, female, and transgender models.

Flirt4free is the place to be for people who are wishing to have interactive pornographic experiences. The site features tons of cam models for users to choose from. Also, the site has loads of pre-recorded videos for users to watch.

Flirt4free Review: Great Dating Site?

How Many Languages Does Flirt4free Support?

Flirt4free is available in ten major international languages. These include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish. This makes exploring the contents on Flirt4free relatively easy and accessible to virtually everyone in every part of the world.

Who Manages Flirt4free?

Flirt4free is owned by a fully registered company, christened FBP Media s.r.o., based in Czech Republic for users from the EU. Also, it is controlled by VS Media Inc. for those who are from the USA. The President/CEO of Flirt4free is Gregory Clayman.

Where Is Flirt4free Located?

Flirt4free is currently based in Westlake Village, California, USA. However, there is no geographical restriction for the models that feature on the platform. They connect to the website from all around the world.

When Was Flirt4free Established?

A group of young entrepreneurs founded the first version of what is known as Flirt4free today on June 4, 1996. The parent company of Flirt4free (VS Media, Inc.) was at that time known as Video Secret Network.

Does Flirt4free Operate Globally?

Flirt4free is a web-based chat platform; therefore, it is available everywhere there is an internet connection. The site works well on desktop and mobile devices so that it can be visited everywhere and at any time.

Special Features

The site has been uniquely built and designed to provide easy navigation for the varying categories of its numerous users. For the site to achieve its purpose, some special features have been incorporated into it, these include:

Bio Page

Models have a personally unique bio page, which helps to guide you on the choice of model. The information featured on the bio page includes – bodily statistics, pictures, and a great Video on Demand section (which features pre-recorded video).

Review Section

You can write and post reviews of your past experiences that are made public to other members of the community. Those reviews can serve a guide or testimonial to new and visiting members.

Personal Blog

Personal blogs are allocated to models to enable them to share their interests with you and other members of the Flirt4free community. This helps you to know more about the model you about to flirt with.

Free Chat

The website has a free chat feature that allows you to interface and flirt with your choice of a cam model. This enables you to flirt and discover more about your intended performer.

Private Room

From the free chat zone, you can proceed to the private one-one or semi-private rooms, which offer a varying degree of paid services. Both one-on-one and semi-private subscriber gets hardcore interactive romance experience, although the semi-private user is at risk of having to share the attention of the model.

Voyeur view

If you are a ‘peeping tom’ that derives satisfaction from watching what other people are enjoying, then this feature is for you. You get to see the services rendered to other members for a token.

VIP Section

This is one of the unique features of the Flirt4free dating service, which sets the site apart from the competitors. For about $39.95/month, you get premium access to all the juicy packages on the site.

VIP Section

Audience Quality

The presence of a lot of well-structured features on Flirt4free has made it workable for individuals to accomplish their social desires. There is no geographical restriction to where and how you can satisfy your romantic desire via the platform. Audience quality is the core value and absolute on the platform.

However, Flirt4free offers local blocking capacities. Models can shut out individual states (United States) and explicit nations. At the point when a particular locale is blocked, individuals from that place will not be able to see or participate in the show on the site.

Age Distribution

The minimum age requirement for a successful registration is 18 years. This means you have to be 18 years old or above before you can be a member of the sex cam site. Flirt4free reviews show that most of the active users are in their 20s.

Fakes And Scammers

The site has a standard security framework that is very effective at protecting you from fraudulent activities. Also, the payment protocol on the site is secure. Flirt4free reviews reveal that the platform is immune from fakes and scammers.

Mobile App And Website

The ease of members is one of the objectives of the site. A guaranteed way to accomplish this is through the creation of a versatile mobile app that makes interaction with the website simpler and sleekier. The mobile app and the official website complement each other.

Flirt4free App

Like every other mobile application, an internet connection is essential to get to the application running. With a reliable internet connection, you can harness all the key features of the website. The app has high compatibility as it works well on all Android and iOS gadgets.

Flirt4free Website

For comprehensive information, guideline, questions, and personal experience, you can visit the official website of this platform on the website. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Can I Install The App On My Pc?

The application can be used on your PC as well, especially on the latest windows version. To download and install the compatible version, check the application store on your PC, or you can enquire about the official website.

What Type Of Browsers Is Flirt4free Compatible With?

There are no restrictions on the accessibility of Flirt4free from various browsers, either on PC or mobile devices. This site will run perfectly on every browser that meets iOS, Android, and Windows requirements.

Why Am I Unable To Access Flirt4free Website

If you are unable to assess the site from your device, you might have to check your internet connection, your login details (username and password), and be sure you understand the functionality of the website. A review of any of these factors will solve your problem.


Flirt4free has a user-friendly interface. The chat system is unambiguous, and you can access all the models that are readily available in a single section. While chatting, proceeding to a private show requires just a single click. The site also shows the description of each model (fetish, big boobs, brunette, etc.), thereby making your selection easier and more accurate.

Registration Process

Registration is vital and inevitable. To join the Flirt family, you should enroll through a detailed procedure that will not last for more than a few minutes. Visit the site, click on the icon for new members, enter your email, and create a chat nickname and a password. The next step after this is to verify your email through a link that will be sent to you shortly after filling the sign-up form. Once this is done, you will be directed to your profile, where you will enter your detail, and then you are good to go.

Also, you can sign up to become a model and start making while doing something that gives you pleasure on the platform. To become a cam model, the basic requirements are: you must be 18 years and above (this will be subjected to verification; you have a computer with Intel Core i5, minimum of 8GB RAM, and a webcam; a decent internet connection with 500 kbit uplink min; and finally, you will be required to download the platform’s easy-to-use software.

Can I Unmatch Another Flirt4free User?

The general safety and privacy of members and models on the platform are paramount, thus if you are not comfortable interfacing with a particular user, you unmatch (block) such user. Such members will be restricted from contacting and viewing your profile.

Can I Unmatch Another Flirt4free User?

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement For Registration?

Flirt4free provides universal access to all its subscribers. Due to the nature of contents that is displayed and traded over the platform, an age restriction has been put in place. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

What Are The Available Options For Account Verification?

The most adopted means of verifying your account is via your email address. The method has proven to be the easiest and also the safest. Also, you can verify your account through your telephone number.

How Should I Verify My Email?

After completing your first stage of registration, a verification link will be sent to your email. All you will be required to do is to click on the link attached to the email, and you will be redirected to your profile page to complete your registration.

What Happens If I Make A Registration Via My Facebook Account?

There are no negative implications for registering on Flirt4free via your Facebook account. It will simply link the two accounts together, and you can be following updates about the site on your Facebook page.

Is It Possible To Use The Site Without Sign-Up?

Access to the website is free. You can enjoy watching live-cam videos without registration. It’s possible to choose from three online live-cam sections: Girls, Guys, and Trans. You can watch any available video-interactive, just placing a cursor on the desirable model. For more features available, you need to sign up. After sign-up you can not only watch models but, also have interaction with them.

Profile Set-Up

The process of tweaking your profile to suit your taste is less complicated and easy to walk through. A completed profile is essential because if further validates your authenticity.

Is It Possible To Change Or Delete My Picture In Flirt4free?

Flirt4free offers a flexible profile set-up for its members. This allows you to change or update basic information about yourself on the site – these include modifying, changing, or deleting a picture you once uploaded on the site.

How Can I Modify My Username On Flirt4free?

Just login to your account, then click on ‘My Account,’ then ‘Account Information’. You will see the option to edit and choose a new username. The change will be effected immediately as long as your new choice of username has not been picked by someone else.

Is It Possible To Delete My Profile?

You are at liberty to delete your profile with Flirt4free whenever you think you are done with the platform. To effect this, here are the steps involved: sign in to your account, select ‘My account’ in the main menu, select ‘Submit Help Request,’ and lastly, fill in the removal request form and choose ‘Close Account’ as the subject.

This form will require you to fill in your name, email, username, subject (Re-activate or close account), password, and a short message to formalize your request.

What Are The Consequences Of Disabling The “Show Me On Flirt4free” Option?

Flirt4free allows models to block certain regions or countries based on their discretion. The users in the blocked areas are automatically banned from view your webcam performances and profile. Flirt4free review by models reveals that this feature has helped feel more comfortable and less-threatened.

Can I Delete The Information About Myself On Flirt4free?

You are given a high degree of autonomy with your profile on Flirt4free. This allows you to modify, update, and erase any information about yourself on the website. You can make your changes as long as it is in-line with the core values of the website.

The site provides you with a comprehensive search list. The list is so extensive, and you can be sure that your demand will be met in one of the categories.

Can I See The Flirt4free Members I Liked?

Yes, you can see the list of models you have liked. This list helps to guide your subsequent choice of model to flirt with.

What Are The Search Options On Flirt4free?

Flirt4free offers single central search panels from where you can access every other feature, members, and models on the site. The search feature is comprehensive enough to link you to any part of the home page.

Is It Possible To See If Someone Likes Me On Flirt4free, Being A Free Member?

Free membership on Flirt4free features a limited range of services, and the service accessible as a free member does not include being able to see if someone likes you on the platform. You have to be on a payment plan to have access to this feature.


The site features a high-quality messaging system. Although the messaging system on Flirt4free is predominantly in the form of video chat, it also incorporates text messaging during the video chat and also in private chats.


How Can I Initiate A Chat On Flirt4free?

Flirt4free is for every pleasure seeker above 18 years of age. For you to start utilizing the messaging feature on the website, you must have completed your registration process: it is after this that you will be given 120 credits that can be used to visit various chat forums interact with models and other members on the platform.

How Can I Send A Message On Flirt4free?

After completing your registration on the website, you can then select any model of your choice to start a chat with. Worthy of note, however, is that there are often many restrictions in the free chat zone because models always have many messages to respond to.

Cost Of Sending Messages On Flirt4free

Flirt4free offers a free chat function that permits you to chat with cam models for free. How the free chat zone is often characterized by distraction because models always have a lot of messages to respond to concurrently. Therefore if you want to have the full attention of the model to yourself, you should enter the private chat, but that goes with a certain fee.

How Can I See Who Messaged Me On Flirt4free?

You can view the detailed description of every message by clicking on the message icon on your homepage. This reveals details such as the sender, subject of the message, and when the message was received.

How Can I Use The Camera On Flirt4free?

Flirt4free is a camera-based platform because most of the contents require the functionality of a webcam attached to your device. The cam2cam feature on your home page is what enables you to use the camera on your device to visually interface with your choice of a model while he or she does the same.

How Can I Filter Who Message Me On Flirt4free?

For you to be able to regulate or control who can message you, Flirt4free has a ‘block’ feature, which allows you to restrict certain member(s) of the platform from messaging you. Models can even block users from a certain state or country.

Membership Price And Payment Methods

Flirt4free has provision for free and VIP membership plan. The VIP membership plan cost:

  • $39.95 for a month
  • $99.95 for 90 days
  • $179.95 for 180 days

You can make payment through your Credit card and also with Visa card, MasterCard, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

Free Membership Features

Flirt4free will reward you with 120 coins after a successful registration as a free member. These coins can be used to enter and chat in the private showrooms, watch videos on the platform, or tip model. However, there is room for subsequent purchase on or before exhausting gifted ones.

The prices go thus:

  • 90 credits for $10.00 USD
  • 225 credits for $25.00 USD
  • 500 credits for $50.00 USD + 50 free credits
  • 1000 credits for $100.00 USD + 150 free credits
  • 2625 credits for $250.00 USD + 375 free credits
  • 5500 credits for $500.00 USD + 1000 free credits.

Premium Membership Features

This provides you with the VIP contents and unlimited access to the core features of the website, among which are – enhanced private messaging with the models, 200 free videos per day, unlimited access to recorded shows, free video preview on all videos, unlimited free chats, ability to send and receive pictures director from models, and private one on one cam2cam shows.

Is There A Premium Membership Package On Flirt4free?

Flirt4free offers a premium membership for you to get the best of the website; you have to be a premium member of the community. Premium membership gives you unlimited access to the VIP features on the website.

How Can I Cancel My Flirt4free Membership?

Canceling your Flirt4free is synonymous with deactivating your account. However if you are convinced that you want to go ahead b with the process, sign in to your account then select ‘my account’ in the main menu; select ‘Submit Help Request’; and lastly, fill in the removal request form and choose ‘Close Account’ as the subject. Your request should be granted in a few hours.

Is Payment For Subscription On Flirt4free Auto-Renewed?

All paid membership subscription is always set on auto-renewal. In case you wish to change the duration of your subscription, you can easily do that on your profile page. Paid membership can be for 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Subscription?

The website delivers a wider range of customer-oriented services, but it does not give a refund for unused time. The website is always up and running, so the assumption is that you are the reason for the unused time.

Is There A Monthly Membership “Support” Option?

The renewal of your support system depends on your renewal option. It could be monthly, quarterly, or half-year. If you are in a monthly plan, then your support will automatically be renewed monthly.

Is There A Money-back Option If I’m Not Satisfied With The Quality Of Service Rendered

If you are not satisfied with the quality of service rendered and you have a logical argument, you can get your money back. However, this does not always happen because members always get value for money spent.

Flirt4free Billing System

Flirt4free takes members’ privacy seriously; thus, it adopts a discreet billing system. The website is designed in such a way that when you make a payment, it does not show that you have made payment to an adult site, let alone someone suspecting that you made payment for adult webcams.

Can I Provide Support For Other Members?

We don’t socialize just to have fun; we sometimes have to be of assistance to needy. You can give support to other members on the platform as long as you can afford it.

Can I Provide Monthly Support?

There are no rigid rules here; you are at liberty to choose what suits you best. You can send support for a month.

Is My Safety Guaranteed On Flirt4free?

Flirt4free is a safe abode for pleasure-seekers. The confidentiality of the information you submitted on the website is essential, and it is treated as such. Reasonable and appropriate security measures are put in place to protect your data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, alteration, or leakage. In addition to this, the Company stores all personal and sensitive data behind firewalls on servers employing security protections. The Company encodes all financial transactions using SSL innovation.

Privacy On Flirt4free

We all have the right to privacy, and Flirt4free recognizes and respects this. All the information provided by members on this platform is used to improve the quality of services rendered by the website.

Does Flirt4free Support Chat Encryption?

All chats are encoded and encrypted to ensure absolute privacy and security. You don’t have to doubt the discretion of your activities on the website.

Can I Be Monitored on Flirt4free?

We are in a digital world, and this has made the world a global village – every part of it is connected. Flirt4free for free is part of the digital world, so if you manipulate this platform for your negative interest, you can be sure that you will be caught before long.

Can My Information on Flirt4free Be Traced by the Police?

The police is a security agency that has the responsibility to safeguard the safety of lives and property. By implication, they can’t be denied access to any information that will help them in the discharge of their duties. This website has the responsibility to release whatever information they request as long the intention is to create a safer environment for everyone.

Who Can I Contact to Resolve Any Privacy Issue?

If you have any questions regarding your of you feel your privacy has been jeopardized for no genuine reason, you should contact the customer care or support service. They are always available and ready to answer your questions.

Who Can I Contact to Resolve Any Privacy Issue?


According to the Flirt4free review, we found out that issues of safety of your private data are strict on this dating platform. Here below, you can find the most frequent questions concerning safety issues of the members.

Are the Activities of Members Moderated?

There are a series of rules and regulations to curtail the excesses of the various forums. There are sanctions for erring members.

What Are The Consequences of Soliciting Financial Support From Other Members Illegally?

Any member of Flirt4free caught in the act of using his or her account to solicit money illegally will have such an account blocked. If such persists, the account may be permanently deactivated.

Banned Account

There are various reasons why an account might be banned, but basically, this happens as a result of non-compliance with the website’s guiding rules or breach of contract on the part of the user.

What Can Be The Reason For My Inability To Access The Flirt4free Website?

Your inability to access the website may be because you are trying to connect for an unsupported browser, or your account has been deactivated. You contact the support desk to get it fixed.

How Long Can Be Duration Of Ban On Flirt4free?

The bans placed on accounts do not have a premeditated duration. It depends on the severity of the offense that leads to the ban or how long it took you to respond to the ban by contacting the support team.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You can reactivate your banned account simply by reaching out to the support desk either on the website or via email. Once you provide relevant information, the account will be restored.

Protect Yourself

It is essential to look after your safety at all times. You can do this exercising caution when interacting with other members of the platform.

How Can I Deal With A Suspected Scammer

Once you notice someone is a threat to you, you should do away with such a person with immediate effect. You can block from your homepage and subsequently reporting such person to the support desk for necessary actions.

What Kind Of Information Should I Withhold From Public View On My Flirt4free Account?

You should refrain from posting any confidential information to the public view. Information such as financial details should be discreetly dealt with.

Help And Support

Flirt4free has a highly responsive help and support desk. It’s open and accessible 24/7. It can be contacted via broadcastsupport@vsmedia.com.

Real Life Review

Reviews by numerous members and users of the website have rated it higher in terms of its premium content and users getting value for money. The site rated high infidelity and customer service.

Is Flirt4free A Top-Rated Dating Site?

The website has developed over the past two decades to be one of the best in the game. It has won numerous awards, among which are Premium Camsite of the Year, Best Camsite for Male Models, and the Honorific Award at the 2017 AW Awards. The website is not showing any signs of slowing down.

How Safe Is Flirt4free?

The website wasn’t just built to satisfy the sexual need of its numerous users but also to ensure their safety. The website has been able to see this through over the years; therefore, there is no reason to doubt your safety on it.

Is Flirt4free A Hook-Up Platform?

Flirt4free has an app that has been an effective hook-up app since it was launched. The app serves as a casual hook-up platform.

Does Flirt4free Render Free Services?

Flirt4free is an adult webcams site that offers some basic free services. However, the premium contents which make up the best part of the website have to be paid for.

How Flirt4free Works

Flirt4free works as an adult webcam site where pleasure seekers connect with models who are readily available on the website to provide the needed pleasure in exchange for money. The models provide their services at the comfort of their homes via the internet just as their casual dates to connect with them from their base bias the same platform.

Are There Fake Members Or Scammers On Flirt4free?

Dubious people are everywhere on the internet, and it is possible for there to be a few on Flirt4free. If they exist there, you can be certain that they are in their most insignificant numbers compared to the number of legit users.

Alternative Sites Like Flirt4free

Some other websites offering similar services as Flirt4free include: Jerkmate, Mydirtyhobby, Chaturbate, Jerk and squirt, Livejasmin, Stripchat, Bongacams, Camsoda, Myfreecams, Cams, Imlive, Cam4, Xlovecam, Xcams, Royalcams, Secretfriends, thepornlistlive, Slot Roulette, and Camster.

Contact Information

The host company of the website can be reached through the following medium:

Company’s Name: VS Media Inc.

Phone Number: 1-800-685-9236 (USA Only)

Phone Number: 1-818-880-9021 (Outside USA)

Headquarter: VS Media Inc, 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. #338 Westlake Village, CA 91361

Email: broadcastsupport@vsmedia.com


This site features lots of amazing webcam shows and a lot of models to give pleasure in exchange for a cash reward. This makes the website suitable for people who want to relieve some sexual tension and models who want to render services to get paid.

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