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Flingster Review: Great Dating Site?

Flingster Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 84%
Popular age 88%
Beauty 25-35
Profiles 1.112.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The interface is user-friendly
  • You can opt for text chat or webcam (or both)
  • he site translates languages instantly. You can convert your chats into native languages for ease of understanding
  • Female users are fewer
  • You can opt for text chat or webcam (or both)
  • The site translates languages instantly. You can convert your chats into native languages for ease of understanding

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Flingster is an online platform for adults to text and video chat randomly. The website allows members to hook up instantly without stress. Read through our Flingster review to find out what’s more!

If you are looking for a site to chat without difficulty, Flingster is for you. What’s great about this platform is that it is free. You can get started with little or no crunch. As if that’s not enough, Flingster offers you special features to hide your identity and date users across the globe. Only those who are over 18 and can handle adult materials can use the Flingster website.

How many languages are available on Flingster

How many languages are available on Flingster?

Flingster has a special translator feature. You can translate messages to any language that suits you. Once you turn on the site’s translator, you can communicate smoothly in your language.

Who is the owner of Flingster?

Currently, the trademark owners of Flingster are Brentwood Holding Group Inc. They run the platform legally as a corporation.

So where is Flingster located now?

Flingster is currently based in the United States.

When was Flingster launched?

Flingster was first filed in July 2016. The site is tagged as the latest big idea in casual online dating.

Is Flingster available all over the world?

Members of Flingster come from all around the world. Far and wide, all genders are allowed to sign up. The platform is ready for use globally.

Special Features

Special Features

With the addition of these unique features on Flingster, you are well set for the best dating experience ever:

Face Filters

The AR Face filters on Flingster make first conversations easier and smoother for starters (especially the shy ones). You can use any of the virtual marks to hide your identity and chat anonymously.

If you are bold enough to show your face, good for you, go straight up for video chat without the mask.


There’s a remote possibility of a language barrier on this platform. You can connect with virtually anybody. Flingster allows members to translate messages to their languages by turning on the translators.

Verification Badge

If there’s some doubt as to your realness, you can convince other users by showing off your verification badge. This way, members become freer with you on the site.

Audience Quality

Audience Quality

Flingster provides an opportunity for adults to meet randomly. Members can connect for interesting sex chats through video and voice calling. The site’s short registration process makes it easy for busy people to sign up without any hitch.

Flingster is open to males, females, singles, and couples. A large number of users are from the United States. The site hosts more than 500,000 members in all.

You must be 18 years old or more to create a profile on Flingster. The site gives the chance to meet people from all around the world is one of the largest platforms for online dating.

Age Distribution

Having more males than females has to be a significant undoing for Flingster. Regardless, the site has about 90% audience interest, with nearly 2 million visits per month worldwide.

The majority of the male members on Flingster are between 25 to 30 years old, while the few are in the 45 to 54 age range. On the other hand, the 25 to 34 age distribution has most female members on Flingster while the 35 to 44 and 45 to 54 age groups have the least.

Fakes and Scammers

Since the process of signing up on Flingster is hassle-free, it is easy for fake members to create profiles. However, the site gives a verification badge to members to prove their legitimacy. Only real members have the badge. This makes it easy to know which user is fake and which is not.

Still, members are advised to be on the lookout always and be wary of scammers when using the site.

Mobile app and Website

Mobile app and Website

Here, you will find out what’s more to Flingster mobile app and website:

Flingster App

Oops! There is no application available for Flingster yet. But the mobile web version functions much like the desktop version. You can use the site easily on your Android and iOS devices. It loads at a convenient speed.

Flingster Website

Flingster website makes instant meet up a no-brainer. There are many features on the site that allow you to meet people randomly and chat anonymously. You can also find real people looking for flings online with no stress.

Besides, the Flingster website enables video chat filtering. You can limit your connections to only the people you wish to chat with. Plus, you can filter your match options with specific criteria.

Can I use the app on my computer?

Flingster doesn’t have an app version yet. However, the website works on both desktop and mobile phones. You can use the site on your computer.

Which browsers do Flingster support?

You can use any reliable browser to access Flingster on your phone or desktop. Most browsers support the site.

Why can’t I enter the site?

After signing out your profile on the Flingster website, you’ll be required to enter your details correctly before you can access the site. If you are having a hard time entering the site, it is either due to an omission in the details entered or a glitch in the browser you’re using.

If none is the case, refer to the site’s support for further help.



Flingster has a simple site design that can be used even by tech illiterates. It is most unlikely that anyone would get lost using the site. Besides, the layout looks cool and modern.

Registration Process

It is 100% free to join the Flingster community. You only need your email address and gender to register. Then, you’re a couple of clicks away from meeting a date.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward. Members who are too busy to go through a lengthy registration process will find it easy to sign up.

Is it possible to unmatch a Flingster member?

You can unmatch or block members you no longer find interesting or the ones you do not wish to chat with. Once you do, they won’t be able to see your profile.

How old do you have to be to register on Flingster?

Flingster does not allow minors to sign up. You must be at least 18 years old to use the site. Plus, you should be mature enough to handle adult materials.

How can I verify my account on Flingster?

There’s no verification of members’ accounts on Flingster. Even though this makes the process of registration way faster, it increases the chances of having fake members on the site.

How can I verify my email?

Flingster does not require verification of email to sign up. Once you provide your address and gender, you are good to go. The only ‘verification’ there is to Flingster is the badge you get. The badge allows you to prove to other members that you are real.

What happens if I sign up for Flingster using my Facebook account?

You cannot connect your Flingster account to Facebook. Flingster does not provide any features to link up with other social media profiles. It keeps your identity from being revealed. An added advantage, don’t you think?

Is it possible to use the site without signing up?

How do you gain entrance into a building? If you wouldn’t break-in, you should get the keys!

Well, the only way to use the Flingster website for chatting and meeting new people is to sign up. Since the registration process is easy as pie, you should consider signing up already.

Profile Set-up

One great thing about Flingster is the ‘anonymity’ feature. You can set up your profile without much details or personal info. Anyone who wishes to know more about you can find out in the course of your conversations.

Setting up a profile has never been easier. Flingster only requires your gender and the country you’re based in. If you wish, you can add the kind of relationships you are looking for, plus topics that perk you up.

To blow away prospects on the site, you can include a short message that’s adapted to your dating (or relationship) needs.

How can I delete a photo that I uploaded in Flingster?

Since anonymity is one of the perks that come with using Flingster, you can decide to hide your identity from other users. If you like, you can remove your photos from your profile and chat anonymously.

How can I edit my username in Flingster?

The initial process of registering on Flingster is straightforward. Changing your username should not pose a challenge. Simply refer to the site’s help for details.

Can I delete your Flingster profile?

There is. To delete your profile, click on “my account.” Then, click the “Delete my account” option under your email address. If you need further assistance, contact the site’s billing support.

What happens if I turn off the ‘show me on Flingster’ option?

If your visibility is disabled on the Flingster website, you will not be seen by other members. Your profile will not be visible on search results.

Is it possible to delete the information I’ve already submitted to Flingster

Yes. Flingster allows you to remove or hide whatever info you don’t other users to see.

Member Search

After setting up your Flingster account, the site’s algorithm will connect you with another user automatically. You can start chatting right away by typing or using the webcam.

Flingster does not offer the chance to search for members individually. You can only chat with whoever you are randomly paired with. Sounds fucked up, yeah?

Regardless, the instant chatting gives a straight-to-the-point opportunity of meeting members worldwide.

Can I see the Flingster members who I liked?

Flingster runs an unlimited chat policy. You can initiate conversations with random members on the platform. Since the site has an added anonymity feature, you may not see the members you like initially.

What are the search options of Flingster?

Though you cannot search for members individually on Flingster, premium membership allows you to filter your search results as an extra benefit. You can restrict your chat and call options by specific criteria.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on Flingster if you are a free member?

Flingster does not reveal personal info to viewers. Other members can only see what you wish to disclose. The only details available for viewers to see on your profile are your gender and country.

If you wish to know who likes you, find out in your conversations with them. You can use the site’s webcam or text chat. And if you are not bold enough, you can chat anonymously using the virtual masks.


Once you create your Flingster account, you will be taken to the site’s chat service. There, you’ll be randomly matched with another user to start chatting. If you opt for a paid membership, you can decide to filter who you are paired with by gender and location.

Flingster’s unlimited chat policy allows members to initiate long-lasting conversations with other users.

How is it possible to start sending messages to someone on Flingster?

Before you start chatting with someone on Flingster, decide which chat option works best for you. You can either communicate by typing (via text chat) or using a webcam. If you think you can use both, good for you. Then, open the chat service on the site and dive in!

How is it possible to message someone?

The moment you get paired with someone on Flingster, you can start chatting via text chats or webcam. If you get disconnected, your chats drop out of sight, and you will be paired with another member. It is most unlikely that you’ll get the same person. Your chat history is also not stored in any kind of archive.

If you’re using the webcam and you wish to hide your identity, you can use the mask filters. The designs of most filters on the site are somewhat curly. Perfect ones for anonymous chatting!

Is sending messages a free option?

Yes! Matching and sending messages on Flingster is 100% free. As soon as you sign up, click on ‘start chatting’ and enjoy all-out chatting with your matches.

How can I see who messaged me on Flingster?

When a message comes in from another member on the site, you will be notified. If you can’t access the messages, it is possible they were sent from a scammer or an already banned member.

The website stops the messages the moment such senders are discovered.

Also, you may not see who messaged you if the person decides to hide his/her identity.

How can I use the camera on Flingster?

The camera on Flingster is useful if you want to chat via webcam.

First off, click on the small camera icon on the website to turn on your webcam. Then click the ‘Allow’ option. Aye! You’re good to go!

If you want to turn it off, click on the camera icon at the base of the site’s chat app.

How is it possible to filter who can message me on Flingster?

You can only filter your match options on Flingster if you opt for a paid membership. The site allows premium members to filter who they are paired with (for chatting) by gender and location.

Membership price and other payment methods

Membership price and other payment methods

Generally speaking, Flingster is free. Though, those who use the site without paying have restricted access to the features on the website. If you wish to enjoy a complete Flingster experience, you should opt for a paid membership.

Flingster has one of the cheapest rates compared to other sites for adult chatting.

The weekly subscription costs 6.99 USD. If you prefer the one-month membership, you’d have to part with 19.99 USD. There is also the six months subscription that goes for 14.99USD per month.

That’s about 89.94 USD in total.

Concerning the method of payment, you pay using your credit card. Flingster works with a third party, Segpay, to get the charges for premium membership from interested users. Segpay handles all matters relating to billings and the automatic renewal of members’ accounts.

Free membership features

Free membership on Flingster offers you almost everything you need to enjoy the platform. Every person signing up on the site is possibly concerned about meeting new people who are interested in any kind of relationship across the globe. This is what precisely Flingster gives free of charge.

As a free member on Flingster, you can access the main features on the site. Registering and setting up your profile is 100% free. You can also use the text or video chat to communicate with other users without paying. Besides, the AR masks and message translators are used at no cost.

Premium membership features

While almost everything is free on Flingster, certain ‘things’ are perks attached to premium membership. In other words, there are features on the site that you can only access by opting for a paid membership.

If you pay for premium subscriptions, you can filter members to chat with you on the site by gender and location. You can also get the I-chat verification badge and use the AR face filters.

In addition to these, you can cancel the ads that appear on the site.

Does Flingster have a premium membership?

Yes! Flingster offers paid membership.

Though, before you go for a premium membership, you should check out the services offered freely on the Flingster website. Then, opt for paid use if you want to (in case you’re not satisfied).

Can I cancel my Flingster membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership on Flingster, click on “my account.” Then, click “Cancel membership” on the ‘membership status’ page. If you need further assistance, refer to the site’s billing support.

Does Flingster membership automatically renew?

Membership auto-renewal applies only to users who opt for premium subscriptions on the site. If you are a free member, there’s nothing to renew. Your membership lasts for as long as you wish to remain active on Flingster.

Is it possible to get a refund for unused time?

Flingster does not offer refunds or credits for call-offs received during a billing cycle. What this means is that you cannot get a refund for unused days of your subscription term. Members who misuse the site’s billing process are held liable for the violation of the acceptable policy.

Does my Flingster subscription auto-renew every month?

Subscription for Flingster premium membership can be automatically renewed though it depends on the type you choose.

Simply put, if you do the 1-month subscription, the renewal will be for the following month. If you go for six months, renewal runs for the next six months.

But, you can refer to Segpay if you wish to cancel the auto-renewal of your purchase.

I am not satisfied with Flingster. Can I get my money back?

No! There’s no room for a refund on Flingster. Contact the site’s billing support for more.

How will my subscription appear on my credit card bill?

All that relates to membership subscription on Flingster is taken care of by Segpay. You can contact the site’s billing support department for more.

Can you give support to other members?

Well, giving support is discretionary. If you wish to provide succor to other members on Flingster, you’d need to connect with them, to start with. Then, refer to Segpay for details.

Can you send support for just a month?

All transactions and support services at Flingster are discreetly handled by Segapy. Whether you wish to send support for just a month or you want to make purchases as available on the site, you could reach out for further clarification.

Is Flingster really secure?

Is Flingster really secure?

From Flingster reviews online, we can say the site is safe, to an extent. You can conveniently chat and meet up with new people without revealing your identity. The anonymity feature protects members’ info from getting into the hands of the wrong persons. However, the risk lies in Flingster’s simple registration. Since the sign-up process is not so detailed, any fake user can set up a profile. The chances are high that scammers will rip off members on the site.

Privacy in Flingster

Skyline Media LLC runs Flingster’s privacy. They are committed to protecting members’ data. The policy (of privacy) provides useful information about how your details are collected and processed.

Flingster does not share members’ data with third parties except where it is necessary. In such cases, third parties are expected to respect the security of your personal info. You can contact the site’s privacy manager for more.

Are Flingster Chats Encrypted?

Flingster chats are encrypted. The site uses advanced security systems that encrypt all your conversations. Each private message you send to another user is between you and them.

Can flingster track their members?

If you use Flingster in a way that goes against the site’s terms of policy (or you are suspected of scam), you might possibly get tracked.

Can the police track down Flingster?

Flingster is legit and real. There’s a remote possibility of being traced by the police.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Flingster?

All questions relating to privacy in Flingster should be directed to the site’s privacy manager on privacy@flingster.com. If you connect with someone who acts up, you can use the flag icon on the site to report them to the moderators.


You can rest assured of safety using Flingster. At least, the site’s features help you stay out of harm’s way. If you are not sure of a user’s authenticity, you can keep your identity hidden from him or her until you are convinced through the site is somewhat inviting to scammers. No registration hassle, No payment, just clicks!

Well, since minors are not allowed to use the platform, members can easily follow their instincts and pay attention to their guts while chatting. There’s also the badge that helps you verify users’ realness.

Are flingster forums moderated?

Yes, they are. The moderators should be informed of spooky stuff happening on the site. If you notice anything weird, reach out to them.

What happens to a member who uses a Flingster account to solicit money?

Members who use their Flingster account to solicit money will most likely get banned. The site checks out for scammers daily. If you suspect any unreal member, you can report to the site’s moderators.

Banned Account

Flingster removes every person who is below 18 years old and bans them from using the site. Once an account is banned, you cannot access the Flingster website until it gets unbanned (if it ever will).

Why is it impossible to access Flingster?

Obstructed access to the Flingster website is either due to a ban, some glitch in the browser, or other intricacies. For browser issues, click on ‘tools’ on your settings (if you’re using internet explorer), then ‘internet options.’ You can now check the boxes to clear cache, browsing history, and cookies. Click ‘ok’ and reboot.

In case you’re using Mozilla Firefox, precise private data in the ‘tools’ option and reboot. If you are still unable to access the site, refer to the moderators for a check on your account.

How long does Flingster ban last?

If an underage user is banned on Flingster, the ban might last till the person is up to 18 years old. Though, the duration for bans is solely decided by the site’s moderators.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

If you feel that your ban from chat on Flingster is off base, you would need to wait for the system to verify the ban. Then, hold on till you possibly get unbanned.

Protect yourself

The face filters on Flingster come in a wide range of funny masks you can use to protect your identity from strangers. Even though the masks are used by shy people who prefer to chat anonymously, you can utilize them to protect yourself.

It is not advisable to reveal all there is to you on first conversations with other members. Watch out for fake users and steer clear of scammers.

How is it possible to block and report a suspected scammer?

To block and report scammers on Flingster, click the ‘contact us’ option on the site, then click on ‘report bugs or issues.’

Alternatively, you can use the flag icon to refer to the site’s moderators.

What information is prohibited from posting to your Flingster account?

Flingster’s free registration does not require much personal information. All you need to provide is your gender and resident country.

Also, any information that might appear to be abusive, aggressive, or otherwise inappropriate should not be posted in your Flingster account.

Help and Support

Flingster’s customer care support operates round the clock. All issues relating to the creation of an account, payment (for a premium membership), use of features, etc. are adequately attended to.

You can contact the site’s customer care via 1800-952-5210 or send a mail to info@flingster.com for further assistance.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

From Flingster reviews, we found a lot of positive. Here is one of them:

“I completely satisfied with this site because I really feel safe. I have never met any suspicious or scam profiles. I recommend this site.”

Is Flingster the best dating site?

Flingster is best for random sex chatting and video communications.

Is Flingster app for hook-ups?

Yes. Adults can text randomly and video chat using the site.

Is Flingster free or paid?

Absolutely. Most of the site’s features are free of charge. However, members have the option of paid membership.

How does Flingster function?

Flingster is easy to use. Once you register, you’re just a couple clicks away from connecting to the video chat. Select your gender from the options available and allow the chat application access to your webcam. Instantly, you get connected to a random person on the site.

Are there scam members on Flingster?

Since there’s no account verification on the site, it is easy for scammers to create fake profiles.

Alternative Sites Like Flingster

Some alternatives to Flingster are Hot or not, Tinder, SeniorMatch, Fling dating, etc.

Contact Information

  • Company: Brentwood Holding Group, Inc.
  • Address: Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands
  • Phone: +1 800-952-5210
  • E-mail: info@flingster.com


Flingster is where the amazing happens. You can easily meet anybody from any part of the world here. Though not every connection leads to a serious relationship, the Flingster experience is one that leaves you wanting more. Check out the site and sign up today.

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