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Omegle Review: Great Dating Site?

Omegle Review: Great Dating Site?
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Pros and Cons

  • Using Omegle is straightforward and quick.
  • There is no need for registration.
  • On Omegle, you can stay anonymous and disconnect from the chat session whenever you feel uncomfortable.
  • Omegle is available in different languages.
  • There is both monitored and unmonitored video chat mode.
  • Users can save their chat log and share the link. Hence conversation is not private.
  • Omegle is not a good option for anyone looking for a serious date.
  • There is no filter to distinguish gender, so you cannot know a female user from a male user on Omegle.
  • There are sexual predators, fake users, and scammers who take advantage of anonymity on Omegle.

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Omegle is a worldwide free social networking platform that started in 2009. Omegle aims to connect users to random strangers online to establish a relationship and have fun. Omegle is a popular website and has more than 20,000,000 members all over the world.

There have been many controversies on Omegle through the years because of several reports of sexual predators and scammers luring underage for a face to face conversation. There is also adult content on the website; hence might not be suitable for minors. Omegle put some security measures and cautions to its audience on how to interact in the community. Still, in this Omegle review, you have all you need to know about Omegle, including privacy, membership, subscription, safety, and customer services.

Omegle Chat Is Available In How Many Languages?

Omegle chatting website is a popular website, and there are different language options that you can chat with asides English. It is quite easy for you to chat with another person using your native language. Omegle has more than 70 language options that you can switch to chat.

The available language on Omegle include but not limited to German, Arabic, Turkish, Esperanto, Persian, Cambodian, Chinese basic and traditional, Albanian, Bosnian, English, Irish, Danish, French, Finnish, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Kannada, Catalan language, Haiti Creole, Hebrew, Japanese, Swedish, Icelandic, Italian and many others.

Who is the owner of Omegle?

The owner of Omegle is Leif k-Brooks. He founded this website when he was 18 years old. He is now one of the leading experts in chat technologies in the world. He started the Omegle website with a text chat website where teenagers and adults can randomly meet to chat and later introduce the video chat a year later.

Where Is Omegle Located?

Omegle is based in Brattleboro, Vermont, United States of America.

When Was Omegle Established?

Omegle was launched on 25th March 2009 as a text chat platform to meet and chat with strangers. In 2010, the Omegle website started the video chat, which increased the user-based.

Omegle’s Availability Worldwide

Omegle is one of the first chatting platforms online that was made available to users worldwide through a free chat service. It incorporates more than 80 various languages to ease communication.

Omegle’s Availability Worldwide

Special Features

It is possible to track the activities of other users on Omegle. There are no encryptions; hence there is a possibility that your IP tracking to find your location. Your IP might show your nearest location.

Tracking the Actions of Other Users

Omegle records all IP addresses on its server. The IP recording is for law enforcement but may be accessible to some spammers and predators. The IP address can also be used to analyze traffic on the Omegle website. In particular, the Omegle video chat will require a direct connection to your device and IP recording. If you are not comfortable with this, you can use the text chat mode or spy mode.

Additional Communication Options

Communication on Omegle is in three modes. You can use the text chat mode, webcam chat(video), or the spy mode.

In the text chat, you can only communicate with people by text. You cannot chat with your voice or video. To use the text option, all you need to do is to click on the text and wait for the system to match you with someone. If you wish to stop chatting with the system matched person, you can click on the “stop button” or click on the “next” button to connect with another person. You can switch to video chat when you click on the video service link.

For the webcam chat, you need to have a webcam service available for anyone from 18 years and above. This webcam chat is not safe because some people are using fake webcam services.

The spy question mode is also available for you to ask questions from the connected strangers. You can access the spy mode by clicking on “asking a question” on the website. In the spy mode, you won’t know the other person’s true identity, and your identity is hidden too.

Advanced Search(tags)

There is no advanced search because it is automated to match you with someone you will chat with. However, there is an optional text box on the home page where you can put a topic you would like to discuss. Once you place your desired topic, the system will match you with a user who has a similar interest, and you can start chatting.

College Student Chat

Asides regular chats, you can connect with students of your university through your college email. The email will have .ac.XX or .edu.XX to ensure it is a verified college mail. Your email address won’t be stored, and it will be hidden from the other user. However, the domain name of the email address will be seen by the user.

Compatibility Functions

To ensure the partner matched with you is compatible, there are different chat options for you to use. If you don’t like the partner you are matched with, you can either stop the chat or click on next to chat with someone else. You have the liberty to determine your chat partner’s compatibility. You can select any country you would like someone from the state. You can also select the gender of your potential partner.

compatibility Functions

Audience Quality

Omegle has worldwide users with the aim of creating a space for fun, cybersex, and get to know each other. You can find a stranger with almost the same interest as you. There are more than 10,000 users online on Omegle in a day.

In the text-only mode, it is difficult to decipher between male and female users because most users hide their true identities. There is a lot of pretense chat on Omegle due to the increase in sexual and perverted conversations. From Omegle reviews, we can see that most users will ask for nude in video chats and dirty photos of their partners.

Parental guidance is essential for minors to prevent them from seeing adult content on Omegle. 35% of the Omegle website visitors are from America, 15% from India, 5% from the Philippines, and the other worldwide audience.

Age distribution

In the terms and conditions of Omegle, it is evident that their users are 13+ of age. However, for minors younger than 18years, there is a restriction of access. The minors need parental consent and guidance to participate fully on Omegle.

Since there are no registration processes required on the Omegle website, there is no age verification. The lack of age verification hinders the possibility of knowing the actual age distribution. From Omegle reviews, it is evident that there are more males than females and many minors on Omegle.

Fakes And Scammers

As earlier stated, Omegle has no registration; hence there is a lot of report on fake users and scammers on the Omegle website. Omegle operates an anonymous system; therefore, while only, you can choose to be anyone you like. There are no means of identification for you and the other person. There has been a lot of reports on scams on Omegle.

Mobile App And Website

Omegle’s App

The Omegle app launched in 2013 allows private conversation with strangers about interests like sex, violence, and drug. It is almost the same as the website. It works the same way. It pairs you randomly to a stranger where you chat anonymously. The mobile application allows you to leave the chat, or you get paired with another stranger. It has all the features available on the website, like the two chatting modes, spy modes, and normal mode.

On the Omegle app, some in-app purchases require you to get coins between $0.99 to $19.99. the registration is free, and it is available on iOs and android

Omegle’s website

The Omegle’s website was created in 2009 when website aesthetics and design wasn’t a priority. The site remains the same today, with its old design. Even though the Omegle’s design is outdated, the navigation on the website is pretty straightforward.

Besides, in 2017, Omegle re-launched the web address to https://www.Omegle.webcam/, which bears a better modern design. While the formal website is still available, the new website is also accessible.

Can I use the Omegle app using my computer?

The app is only available for a mobile device, not a computer, but you can access the website on a computer.

On what Browser(s) does Omegle work?

The Omegle website works on all major browsers without any issue. The browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Phoenix, and Opera.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

You will have a hard time entering the site if there is an issue with your IP address: if your IP address has been banned, or if your browser doesn’t support Omegle.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?


Omegle’s website interface is easy to navigate and not so complicated. The live chat has a text box that is big enough to accommodate all the characters you type, no matter the length of the text. The enter button on your keyboard is the send button for messages. You can easily locate the exit button at the lower left hand, and if you wish to exit the chat, you can click the exit button twice.

Registration Process

There is no need for registration on the Omegle website. There is no form of profile set up. However, there is an option to connect with your Facebook account.

Can I unmatch an Omegle user matched with me?

If you have started chatting and you do not like the person you are chatting with, you can unmatch by using the exit button. After this, you will be matched with another person, or you exit the platform.

What is the age limit of Omegle users?

Anybody joining Omegle must be at least 13 years, but anyone below 18 years will require parental guidance and consent to use the unmoderated chat on the website.

What are the processes of verifying my Omegle account?

The only verification you need to do is the CAPTCHA verification that may pop up on your screen if Omegle thinks you are a robot. To fix this, you can clear cookies and load the website again.

How do I verify my college email on Omegle?

To access the College chat, you will need to input your college mail. After inputting your college mail, Omegle will send you a verification link, which you will click to verify.

Can I connect my Omegle Account with Facebook?

Yes, you can connect your Omegle Account with your Facebook account to find chat partners with similar interests like you. If you connect your Facebook, Omegle will collect your likes from Facebook to help you match someone with almost the same as. Your Facebook friends can see your Omegle activity on your timeline, but you can change the settings to “me only” to avoid this.

Can I use Omegle site without signing up?

There is no signing up feature for Omegle. You can use the website and connect with people without registration or any password.

Profile Set-Up

There is no need for a profile set up on Omegle. The website uses an anonymous system such that identity is hidden technically. As a result, there is no need to set up a profile or registering with a name.

Can I delete photos that I uploaded on Omegle?

Webcam images on Omegle can be stored on the server. According to the privacy of Omegle, your chat record can stay up to 120 days. You may not be able to delete your IP address or images from the site.

How do I change my username on Omegle?

The anonymous nature of Omegle chat, there is no username. What you have is You chatting with a stranger. Therefore, there is no need to change any username.

Is there an option to remove your profile on Omegle?

The use of Omegle is not profile-based. Just follow the promptings of text on the homepage.

What happens if I deactivate the “Show me on Omegle” option?

There is no show me option on Omegle, but you can deactivate your camera if you don’t want to show in video chat.

Can I delete my submitted information to Omegle?

In the first place, Omegle doesn’t require that you submit any information with them. The only information they ascertain is your age. Omegle keeps a record of your chat for at least 120 days. You might not be able to delete it.

Is it possible to see Omegle user who I liked?

You can do video chat with any stranger you like after you have established a good relationship with text chat. You might decide to show your face or hide it on the video chat.

How many ways can I Search on Omegle?

There is no way for you to conduct a personal search. The matching and searching system on Omegle is automated. The only thing you can do is indicate your interest in Omegle to match you with someone with similar interests.

Can you know if someone likes you on Omegle as a free member?

Everyone is a free member on Omegle. You will know if a person likes you from your interaction with such a person. There are no other indications than your interaction with the stranger.


what step do I need to take to message someone on Omegle?

After a successful connection to the Omegle website, you can start chatting immediately by clicking the text box. There is an automated system to match a stranger with you.

How can I message another Omegle user?

You will have to decide if you want video chat or text chat. Once you click on the text box, just wait till you are paired. You will see “hello, chat with a stranger,” then start typing.

Are messages transfer free?

The sending message on Omegle is completely free. All you need to do is connect through the browser or on the app.

How do I see who messaged my chatting partner on Omegle?

Omegle operates an anonymous service chat. You cannot know the identity of the stranger. It will be you chatting with a nameless stranger. Your name and identity are not known by the stranger too.

How do I activate my camera for Video call on Omegle?

You simply select the video chat on the Omegle homepage, and you enable adobe flash on your browser. These two processes will allow you to use the camera seamlessly on Omegle.

How can I filter messages and user on Omegle?

Even though matching on Omegle is almost automated, you can filter who you chat with through the tag interest feature. Through this tag, you can state the topic you will be interested in, and you will get an instant match with a stranger that has the same interest.

How can I filter messages and user on Omegle?

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Free Membership Features

All services and chats on Omegle are free. You can chat with strangers; you can use video chat without any cost. Also, you can filter the chats with tags that indicate your interest.

Premium Membership Features

Is there Premium membership on Omegle?

There is no premium membership feature on Omegle. The minors and adults on Omegle have access to the same services at a free rate.

How do I cancel my Omegle Account?

There is no registration on Omegle. Therefore all you need to do is exit chat. You can exit the chat by disconnecting your present session or exit the app/website.

Is membership on Omegle auto-renewed?

Once you register on Omegle, you don’t need to do the auto-renewal, because there is no paid subscription.

Can I get a refund for unused time on Omegle app?

If you subscribe to the app support on your iPhone, you might not get a refund for unused time.

Is my “support” to Omegle auto-renewed every month?

From the iOs play store, your support to Omegle can be auto-renewed.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with Omegle services?

There is no paid service. If you are not satisfied with Omegle, you can fill the feedback form or exit the platform.

How does Omegle support appear on my credit card bill?

You will see iTunes store purchase detail on your bank statement

Can I give my support to another Omegle user?

You cannot give your support balance to another user or Omegle member

Can I send support for just a month?

You can send your support for the Omegle app for just one month.

How is Safety on Omegle?

There are privacy policies set up by Omegle and strict terms of use. However, there is less protection on this platform. The basic safety is for minors lesser than 18, which can be evaded because there is no strict verification.

Privacy In Omegle

An automated spam system screens your chat on Omegle. Anyone’s message that is flagged as spam have their message and chat saved indefinitely.

Are chats on Omegle encrypted?

There is the monitored platform and unmonitored platform on Omegle. The monitored chats on the websites are followed up by the staff of Omegle.

Is it possible for Omegle to track you down?

Yes, Omegle may track your location through the IP address.

Can your Omegle Account be traced by the police?

Just like other internet activity, the police and other security agencies can trace your activity on Omegle.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Omegle?

You can contact Omegle staff through the feedback form at the bottom of the website.


Are Forums threads on Omegle moderated?

Not all forums on Omegle are moderated. The 18+ adult chatroom is not moderated. You can post any picture there. Every other thread is monitored.

Are Forums threads on Omegle moderated?

What will happen if an Omegle member uses the Account to solicit money?

The sole purpose of Omegle is to chat with strangers. Any member that uses the Account to solicit money will be banned because it contravenes the terms and conditions. Such a member is considered a scammer or predator.

Banned Account

Why am I finding it difficult to access Omegle?

Once you go against the terms and condition of Omegle, your IP address can be banned for misuse or when a user report you.

What is the Length of Omegle’s bans?

The length of your ban on Omegle depends on the reason you were banned in the first place. It could be a permanent ban or temporary. The temporary ban on Omegle lasts for weeks and usually about 120 days.

How do I reactivate my banned Omegle account?

To reactivate your banned Account, you can contact an Omegle staff from the feedback form at the lowest part of the website. If you are lucky, your Account will be unlocked. You can also wait naturally for your IP address to be unlocked, and if you cannot wait, you can look for means to get a new public IP address, or you use a VPN to hide your IP address.

Protect Yourself

You have the sole responsibility to protect yourself on Omegle, and the only way you can do this is to avoid giving out your personal information.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer on Omegle?

Omegle has no report function for reporting or blocking because there are cautions to take. It is advisable to disconnect with any supposed scammer immediately.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Omegle Account?

You are advised not to post your personal information or location on Omegle. When you post an explicit picture, ensure your face does not show.

Help And Support

Omegle does not have a traditional customer support service. The only way you can get help is from the integrated messaging system at the bottom of the website.

Help And Support

Real life Review

There is no major protection offered by Omegle themselves. You cannot have any decent conversation on the website. Omegle stores your information for 120 days and might block suspected scammers. They attempt to secure the website from bots through the CAPTCHA verification that pops up on the website from time to time.

Is Omegle the best dating platform?

Omegle is not the best because it allows minors and has a lot of explicit images. From Omegle reviews online, it is evident that scammers and fake users are in large numbers on the website. Parents need to watch their children shield them from indecent pictures on Omegle.

Is Omegle safe for users

Omegle was created specifically for people to chat with strangers. The app serves as a platform where users connect with random people for voice, video, and text chat and answering questions about a few things that interest you. This seems to be fun but can pose a great danger to kids and adults on the platform.

On Omegle, there is the monitored chat and unmonitored chat. There is no restriction on entering the unmonitored chat. Hence children are exposed to explicit content. Even though the unmonitored site requires that you confirm you are up to 18 years, there is no safeguard restriction in reality.

Also, Omegle is a predators’ playground since the duo chatting is only recognized as “you and stranger.” From different Omegle’s review, there are experiences of users encounter with predators. There is no enforced age, and there is a pretense of anonymity. Also, conversations on Omegle are not completely private because the option of saving a log is available on the website. It is not completely safe, and you will be chatting at your own risk.

Is Omegle a hookup site/app?

Omegle is simply a social networking app for chatting with strangers. You cannot meet strangers in real life. It is chatting for the fun of it.

Is Omegle free?

Omegle is completely free.

How does matching or chatting on Omegle work?

If you go to Omegle.com, on the page, you will see the option of a text chat or video chat. You have to select the one you want, and you will be taken to the chatroom to chat with a stranger. If you are not interested in the stranger you are chatting with, you can click the exit button to opt-out of the chat.

Does Omegle have fake members or scammers?

Yes, some fake users hide their gender on Omegle. The Omegle app has no registration or profile set up, so there is a high percentage of pretense on the website.

Alternative Sites Like Omegle

There are other alternatives like Shagle, Terra chat, strangermeetup, ChatRoulette, ometv, and imeetzu.

Alternative Sites Like Omegle

Contact Information

Company: Leif K-Brooks

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At the inception of Omegle, the intention was to build friendships among strangers without any bias. It was a platform set up for connecting people around the world. But today, Omegle is a platform for sharing nudes among users. There are also bots on the platform inviting you to join the Kik profile that may give your device malware. You cannot have a decent conversation on Omegle. Omegle is suitable for adults with an open mind seeking a platform to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

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