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Phrendly Review: Great Dating Site?

Phrendly Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 70%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Creating a profile on the website is free.
  • The site offers a mobile app for android users.
  • All the features on the website are available for free.
  • The website and app have an easy user interface.
  • Messaging is not a free feature on the site.
  • There is no mobile application for iOS users.

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The site promises to offer you a fun, safe, and at the same time, rewarding online dating experience. Valuing time is the notion on which the website functions. Therefore, you come in contact with people on the site who value their as well as your time. Social media app allows you to flirt and chat on the site, but only if you do not initiate the conversation. If you read Phrendly Review, you get to know that the site claims itself not to be an online dating app but a platform for flirting for entertainment purposes only.

Before deciding whether you want to create an account on the site or not, it is essential to read the Phrendly Review.

There is no harm creating an account on the site and exploring the features that it offers for free. In case you do not find the site satisfactory, you can delete your profile from the site.

The majority of people on the site are for entertainment purposes only. The platform allows people to flirt and make it visible. Both men and women create accounts on the site. While men aim at having entreating chats and video calls with the other users, women desire to attract as many users to their profile as they can to earn points.

Phrendly Review: Great Dating Site?

Phrendly Website Is Available Only In One Language

The app is available only in the English language at the moment. However, users can use language as a filter while finding a suitable match.

Master Minds Behind Phrendly

No information is available about the founders of Phrendly over the internet.

Operating Office Of Phrendly

The head office of the site is in San Francisco.

Foundation Of Phrendly

It was founded in 2011 in San Francisco and is bootsrapped under the brand name Platphorm, LLC.

Worldwide Availability Of Phrendly

The services of the site are available all across the globe.

Worldwide Availability Of Phrendly

Stunning Features On The Site

Many features are unique to the site. Unlike other dating sites, Phrendly focuses just on casual flirt for fun. Here are exciting features that make the website unique and gains positive Phrendly Review for the website:

Personal contact number

The site offers you a personal contact number that you can use for flirting with others on the site.

Filter users who can call you.

You can restrict other users from video or voice calling you unless you do not exchange messages with them.

Do not disturb

You have an option to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode so that in your quiet hours, no one can see your profile in their search results. If you get a message during these quiet hours, the app will not send out notifications. You have an option to set the timings.

Show Status

Even if you are online, but you do not want other users to know this, you can turn off the show status bar to offline.


If you don’t desire to get the notifications of messages you receive on the site via SMS when not using the site, you can switch on the forwarding mode.

Stunning Features On The Site

Diverse User Base Of The Site

The majority of users on the site has complete profiles. People of all age groups are active members of the site. You can find users belonging to diverse sexual orientations on the site. There are users as young as eighteen and as old as fifty-five. The primary motive of all the users is to flirt with one another and entertain themselves.

A Site For People Of All Age Groups

You can find users who are more than eighteen years of age. Though the majority of users on the site are in the early twenties to early forties, you can also spot users who are more than fifty years of age.

Few Fake Profiles But No Scammers

There are very few fake profiles on the site. The site is so strict with the registration process that trespassing is arduous. You will not find any scammers on the site.

Aesthetically Appealing UI friendly Website And Mobile App

Both mobiles, as well as the desktop version of the app, are fantastic. Features remain the same as both the platforms and ease of navigating is also superb, which many people appreciate in Phrendly Review.

Phrendly App Keeps You On The Go

The mobile app of the site is available for download free of cost. However, at present the dating mobile app is only for android users. IOS users request the site to launch the app soon in the Phrendly Review they leave on the site. All the functions on the app are easy to access.

Luring User Interface Of Phrendly Website

The website is aesthetically appealing and uses colors that are soothing on the eyes. The blue and white combination with icons to Join or Sign in at the top on the right corner lends a charm to the site. You can see the registration form in the center as you scroll down the site, you get to read reviews of the users on the site. At the bottom of the site, you can see icons like About, Phrendly, Help, Phrendly for Android, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Navigating from one feature to another on the site is very easy.

Luring User Interface Of Phrendly Website

The App Is Compatible With All Devices

The mobile app of the site is compatible with almost all the devices, including your computer.

Popular Browsers Support Phrendly?

All the browsers support the Phrendly website, but you need to ensure that you are using the latest version of the browsers.

Reasons For Trouble Entering The Site

There are plenty of reasons for being unable to get access to the site. One of the reasons might be using a wrong website URL, an old version, or the browser or wrong credentials.

Clean And Straightforward Interface Of The App And Website

The interface of the app, as well as the website, is user friendly. You can easily navigate from one feature to another on the site as well on the app.

Quick But Strict Registration Process

The registration process on the site is quite simple and straightforward. You have multiple options to sign up on the site. You can also register using your Facebook or Google account. You can either click on the Join option present on the top right corner of the screen or fill in details that appear at the center on the homepage. You need to enter your email address, create a display name, and nominate a password before clicking on continue. Next, you need to choose from the drop-down menu your gender and gender of the partner you are seeking. After entering your date of birth, ethnicity, and language, you need to click on continue. Next, you need to enter your contact number where you get a verification code that you need to enter on the site. You can then upload three photos of yourself and let the site create a GIF for you. The website does not allow users to upload a fake picture on their profile. After you successfully register on the site, you get to see three options in front of you, Slow and Steady, Normal and Dive Right in. These options are the realm of flirting are slow and steady means innocent, normal means moderate flirting, and third options mean more sexual flirting. There is an option to describe yourself and take a personality quiz.

No Options To Match Or Unmatch Phrendly Member?

No option on the site shows you a match with the other member, as this is not a dating website.

Minimum Age To Register On Phrendly?

Only if you are at least eighteen years or above are you able to register on the site.

Using Contact Number To Verify Account

The only way to verify an account is by filling in your contact number. The site sends you a verification code via SMS on the mobile number, which you need to enter on the site.

Using Contact Number To Verify Account

Email Verification Is Not A Need

The site does not require you to clear an email verification test.

Save Efforts By Signing Up Using Facebook Account

If you choose to sign up on the site using your Facebook account, you reduce the manual effort of filling in the forms. The site imports all the information from your Facebook account.

Site Is Accessible Only After You Sign Up

There is no option to get access to the site without signing up and creating an account.

Steps To Set Up The Profile

Most of the information that the site displays on the user profile is the one that users fill in during the registration process. Other than the necessary details, users can fill in more details to make their profiles look more attractive. The first option that helps you complete the profile is letting others know your level of flirting, and then you can describe yourself in a few words. Last but not least, you can take a personality test that helps the site to search better results for you. If you open the profile of some other user, the information that you can see includes relationship speed, GIF, ethnicity, language, local time, and all the optional details that the user fills in the profile.

Deleting Photos After Uploading On Phrendly

The site does not permit you to delete the photos that you upload on the site.

Editing User Name On Phrendly Is Not An Option

After you sign up on the site, you can not change information like your username and date of birth. In case you have made a typing error, you can contact the customer support.

Deleting Profile From Phrendly

There are just a few steps that you need to follow to delete your account. the steps you need to follow are as follows:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the settings
  • Click on login info
  • Click on “Close my Phrendly account.”
  • Confirm

Disabling “Show me on Phrendly ” Option Does Not Exist

The site does not have any such option available for the users.

Users Cannot Delete Basic Information On Phrendly

You cannot change or delete the necessary information that you upload on the site during the registration process. You need to contact customer support to improve the information.

Searching For Members On The Website

Once you successfully sign up on the site, you can begin looking for a user who matches your taste and preference. There are search results that you see in front of you, which are suggestions from the site. You can narrow down the results of your search by using the filters of diverse kinds available on the site.

Viewing Profiles You Like On Phrendly

There is an option to keep track of people you like on the site. You view who likes you; there are some steps that you need to follow:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the chat icon on the blue vertical bar on the left side
  • On the right side, you can see an option More
  • Click on More
  • Four options open
  • Click on starred by me

Diverse Search Options On Phrendly

There are plenty of filters that you can use on the site to sort the search results. You can sort the results by relationship speed, ethnicity, and language.

Viewing Who Likes You On Phrendly For Free

There is an option to see you like you on Phrendly. You need to follow a few steps:

  • Login to the account
  • Click on the chat icon
  • Press more
  • Click on starred me

Messaging Other Users On The Site

You can message any user on the site using the chat option.

Initiating Messaging With Other Users On Phrendly

The only way to initiate the conversation with other members on the site is to offer them a virtual drink that you can purchase using your credit card.

Sending Message To Users You Like

You can message anyone on the site. You need to open the profile of the user you want to text, click on the message icon, write a message, and send.

Sending Messages Is Not A Free Feature

Messaging is not a free feature on the app. the user who initiates the conversation pays while the one who receive a message earns money.

Viewing The Messages You Receive On Phrendly

Every time someone messages you, you get a notification in the email. You can also click on the chat icon to see your messages.

Giving Phrendly Access To Your Devices Camera

The site seeks your permission before accessing the camera of your device. You need to give the site permission to access your device’s camera.

Filtering Who Can Message You On Phrendly

There is an icon your profile on the right-hand side that reads: ‘Don’t allow video or phone calls until we’ve exchanged messages’. It would be best if you tick the checkbox present in front of this message.

Cost Of Buying Virtual Drinks On The Site And Payment Methods

Unlike other sites, you do not have to buy premium membership on the site to explore additional features. You need to purchase virtual drinks to initiate a conversation with other members on the site. You can buy these virtual drinks using a credit card. The pricing of the virtual drinks are as follows:

$10 = 1 Drink

$40 = 4 Drinks

$90 = 10 Drinks

Free Membership Features

The site offers plenty of free features to the users.

These free features include:

  • Creating an account on the app and completing the profile.
  • Uploading as many pictures as you like.
  • Browsing profiles of other users is also a free feature.
  • You can view a list of people who liked you.
  • Free users can also view the list of people they like.

Premium Membership Features

The site does not offer any premium membership to the users.

Does Phrendly Offer Premium Membership?

No, the site does not offer any option to upgrade to premium membership.

Cancelling Phrendly Membership Is Not An Option

You need not subscribe to the available extra features on the site. Therefore, there arises no question of canceling the membership.

Phrendly Membership Auto-Renewal Is Not An Option

There are no auto-renewals on the site; you pay just once to buy virtual drinks.

Get Money Back Equivalent To Drinks Left In Your Account

If you have virtual drinks in your account, the site refunds you the money equivalent to the drink. You need to contact customer support via email.

No Monthly Auto-Renewal Of Support On Phrendly

There is no auto-renewal of the payments on the site.

Claim Your Money Back On Phrendly

The site does not charge you for the services. Therefore, if you are not finding the services of the site satisfactory, then just quit using the platform.

Payment Entry Of Phrendly Purchase On Credit Card Bill

The payment appears in the card bill in the name of the site.

Payment Entry Of Phrendly Purchase On Credit Card Bill

No Supporting Facilities On Phrendly

There is no option to support other members on the site.

Sending Support For A Month

There is no option to send support on the site.

Phrendly Is A Safe Platform

The verification test that the site conducts during the registration of new users on the site filters out users who tend to join the site with wrong intentions. The moderators on the site keep a tight glance at the activities of all the users on the account. Also, the site encrypts all the chats. Thus, the website ensures the safety of users in every way.

Privacy Of Users On Phrendly

The platform does not share your email address or personal contact with other members on the site in any scenario.

Chat Encryption On Phrendly

The site encrypts all the chats between the website and the user’s device.

Phrendly Cannot Track You

The site cannot track you if you meet outside the platform, but meeting outside the site is something that is not promoted.

Police Cannot Trace Phrendly

The police cannot trace the site if you can plan a meeting outside the platform.

Customer Support On Phrendly Help With Privacy Concerns

You can contact the customer support for any concerns that relate to the privacy concern. The e-mail ID for the same is privacy@phrendly.com

Safety Concerns On The Site

You don’t need to worry about your safety on the site. The site does not reveal your personal information like email addresses and contact numbers with other users on the site. Customer support is also readily available if needed.

Moderators Govern Phrendly Forums Threads

The moderators on the site consistently keep an eye on the activities of the users on the site.

Punishing User Who Attempts To Solicit Money From Others On Phrendly

The site takes strict action against those users who try to solicit money from other users on the site.

Right To Ban Account

The site reserves the right to ban the account of any users. The site does so if users do not comply with the terms and conditions of the site.

Right To Ban Account

Reasons For Inability To Access Phrendly

There can be plenty of reasons for being unable to access the account. One of the reasons is a failure to clear the verification test. Another reason can be an incomplete profile or catfishing.

Duration Of Account Bans On Phrendly

If the site bans the account once, it reserves the right to decide the duration of the ban.

Reactivating Account After Ban From The Site

The only site has the authority to reactivate the account. The majority of the time, the site does not reactivate the account if it bans the user once.

Self Protection On The Site

You must indulge in only healthy flirting on the site and avoid giving any personal contact details to other users on the site.

Reporting And Blocking Suspicious Users On The Site

If you find an abusive user on the site, you have an option block or report the user to the site. There are just a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Login to your account
  • Open the profile of the users
  • Click on the chat icon
  • Click the gear icon
  • Select Block from the options on the menu
  • Confirm

When you are blocking the user on the site, you can also see the option to report the abuser.

Information You Should Not Post On Phrendly

The site does not promote users to meet outside the platform. Therefore, you cannot share information that relates to your email address, contact number, or mailing address. Thus, you must not share similar details on the site.

Seeking Help And Support On The Site

The site provides information about the functioning of the site on the help page. However, if there are concerns for which you cannot find a solution on the site, you are free to write an email to the customer support at support@phrendly.com.

Review From Actual Users On The Site

On the site, you get to read both positive and negative Phrendly Reviews. The reviews that you find on the site are purely honest and relevant to the individual user experience.

Phrendly Is Not A Dating App

On the homepage of the site, you can read that the site claims itself not to be a best dating apps but just a platform for sending healthy messages and sharing your feelings. It’s about flirty exchange of messages.

Phrendly Is A Safe Platform

Surfing the site is a safe experience as the majority of the profiles on the site are genuine and undergo verification tests before becoming visible on the site. The moderators on the site keep an eye on the activities of the users and do not promote sharing contact information to meet outside the platform.

Phrendly Is Not A Hook-up App

If you read the Phrendly Review, you get to know that it is not a purely hook-up site but a social media platform to openly flirt with other users on the site and earn money.

Phrendly Is Partially Free

Though the majority of features on the site are available for use free of cost, messaging requires users to pay if they want to be the initiator.

Working Algorithm Of Phrendly

Users create an account on the site for free and fill in all the details. The site uses the sign-up details to produce matches that are most relevant to the choice and preferences of the user. If the user finds a profile interesting and desires to initiate the conversation, it is needed to offer a virtual drink. This virtual drink is available for purchase on the site. The one who receives the message in the form of virtual drink and who can respond within twenty-four hours gets paid.

Minimal Fake Profiles Or Scammers On Phrendly

The chances of creating a fake profile on the site are minimal. It is not easy to clear the verification test or provide a piece of random contact information. Thus, there is an almost negligible proportion of fake profiles or scammers on the site.

There are not many sites out there that pay for flirting. However, if you consider other features on the site, they are more or less equivalent to any usual dating site. Thus, specific online gaming dating sites can substitute Phrendly. These sites are as follows:

  • MeetVille
  • DateWay
  • LoveIUp

Approaching Phrendly

Company: Phrendly

Address: 182 Howard Street #650, San Francisco, CA 94105

Email: support@phrendly.com, privacy@phrendly.com

Summing Up

If you are an individual who is fond of flirting and finds it entertaining, then Phrendly is the appropriate platform for you. If you read Phrendly Review, you come across users who claim to earn well on the site by merely flirty. The only key to win well is to make your profile attractive enough to lure people into initiating a conversation with you. Also, ensure that you are quick at replying to all the messages that you receive on the app. However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, then probably this is not the place for you. The site ensures that members on the site are not able to exchange contact information to prevent setting meetings outside the platform of the website. Therefore, join the site only if you are willing to indulge in healthy flirting are not using the platform to find a hook-up or real-time relationship.

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