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Everything You Need to Know about the RubMaps Website and Their Features

Everything You Need to Know about the RubMaps Website and Their Features
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Beauty 90%
Popular age 22-26
Profiles 460 000
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Visit rate 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The RubMaps website is available in every state of the US.
  • There are no extra charges for the messaging feature.
  • You will get to read the customer reviews and ratings of every massage parlor on their site.
  • You can choose the masseuse depending on your choices.
  • On RubMaps, you can go anonymous when searching for the parlors.
  • The services provided by the site are quite pricey.
  • The brand comes without a RubMaps app.

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The world of the internet has introduced various ways of fun for passionate youth. Firstly, it made falling in love and dating strangers way more comfortable than it was before. With online sites, it is possible to connect with everyone no matter how far they stay. One of the sexiest services provided by the digital globe is the massage parlor sites. The RubMaps website is one such platform where you can locate over twenty-five thousand massage parlors in America. Trust us, most of the places found in RubMaps consist of super gorgeous masseuses. They will give their best efforts to satisfy your desires. The clients who visit the site can experience a ‘happy ending’ massage in no time. By ‘happy ending’ massage we mean, an erotic massage act where the masseuse is skilled enough to make the customer moan with joy. Are you horny already? If yes, then do not hesitate to read the further RubMaps review!

RubMaps Overview

The brand was established in the year 2010 for hot massage purposes. Their terms and conditions clearly state that no individual can trade sex on their platform. Only the salons are allowed to advertise their services. Even though the service provided by them is sexual in a way, they are legal businesses that do not harm the terms of the RubMaps website. When joining this site, you can rest assured of getting rid of all the muscle tensions in your body. The masseuses will pay attention to the erogenous zones of your body and make you turn on within seconds. They have such skills that you will never return from a salon without experiencing a hot orgasm!

RubMaps Overview

How does RubMaps Work?

The RubMaps website is made with the sole purpose of helping tired souls finding the way to a relaxing rubbing session. The massage business got a spike up with the introduction of this fantastic platform. They work straightforwardly. All you need to do is create an account on their portal and hunt for the best salons in your locality, where you can meet the hottest masseuse. You can use keywords to make your search more detailed. For instance, you can search ‘massage parlor with the hottest masseuse of Florida.’ Another way of making your search minute is by applying filters. The filters will allow you to find places that match your exact preference.

Do not ever feel guilty about getting rubbed by hot women. Pleasure is a natural part of living, and there is no way one can avoid the feeling of being pleased. The site does not want the beginners not to know how things work when booking their first appointment. That is why they have multiple blogs to enlighten you on the vocabulary, reviews, and other details of a happy ending. Hence, become a part of RubMaps today and feel the joy!

Signing up at RubMaps Website

The sign-up process looks a bit tricky initially. But if you pay close attention and follow the steps, then registering on the platform will become super easy. First, you will have to visit their website and click on ‘new user.’ Next, the site will ask for your name, email id, and password. They will send a verification mail to your inbox. Once you confirm it, you will become an official member of the RubMaps site.

How to Contact the Salons?

As said earlier, you will have to search for the salon using keywords that describe your preference. You can also search based on location. The RubMaps website features more than twenty-five thousand parlors in America. The leading states in the US have the highest number of salons available. Once you choose a massage parlor of your liking, you can look into their details to find the contact number or email for booking an appointment. Each massage parlor also has a section of customer reviews so that you can see whether or not the place is worth it. Hence, contacting the best massage corners is easy when you log in to RubMaps!

How to Contact the Salons?

Member Profiles on RubMaps

The active members on this site are mostly men because it is best known for gorgeous female masseuses. The RubMaps website is not created for connecting one member to the other. Instead, it helps in connecting the users with the parlors. The member profiles contain their name, profile picture, and location. Another form of profiles that you will see on their forum is that of the spas and masseuse. There are thousands of hot girls found on this platform, which are all set to give you the best happy ending ever. Unlike most hookup sites, the member profiles here are not detailed because people here mainly meet for erotic massage sessions and not for relationship purposes. While writing this RubMaps review, our experts have noticed that most profiles are genuine on this site and can be trusted by all.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

As we have said earlier, the profiles of the spas on this platform are mostly genuine. However, there are a few places where you might get cheated. Hence, it is always wise to stay careful. Follow the tips below to avoid fake profiles:

  • Check the location of the spa: Every massage parlor profile has got the location of the place. Make sure you pay keen attention to that location. Do your research to find out whether or not the place truly exists. You can search for the spa location on Google maps to confirm the same. If the area seems to be non-existent, then try avoiding it.
  • Pay attention to the customer reviews: You can learn a lot about a massage parlor by reading the reviews by previous customers. A spa with a lot of negative thoughts is not the right place for your happy ending. Also, a place that has no reviews at all is shadier. Therefore, try visiting salons that have a bunch of reliable studies.
  • Contact on-call before booking an appointment: Make sure you call the spa before setting an appointment with their masseuse. The call will help you learn more about their services and charges.

Even though RubMaps reviews provide a lot of info about a profile, it is good to stay alert. Follow the tips above and avoid fake accounts!

RubMaps Mobile App

Design and Usability

The design of the RubMaps website looks perfect on the screen. It does not contain overcomplicated icons and too bright colors that disturb the eyes. The design is subtle yet sexy, just the way it should be for an erotic massage site. As per the customer reviews, the usability is also quite impressive. The website runs smoothly and does not suffer from unwanted lags, making sure there is no interruption in your pleasure hunt process. Hence, both the design and the usability are comfortable with no particular issues.

RubMaps Mobile App

We are sorry to announce this; there is no RubMaps app in the market yet. The brand might introduce an application later, but so far, there is no such news. Although an app is missing, it does not bring any changes in the usability of the website. It is so because, on this site, you need to search for the best spas and contact them via phone. There is no need for mobile chatting on this platform. Hence, most of the functions can be performed from the website itself.

Special Features of the RubMaps Website

As it is not a good dating site, you cannot expect a bundle of unique features. However, there are a few benefits that one can enjoy being a part of this website. Please keep reading to know about them!

The Special Bonus Process

The members on this platform get 5 points when their friends follow the spas they visit. Whenever you add a new salon to your list of favorites, you get to grab 10 points extra. For sharing visuals, you will get 15 points. If you are generous enough to write a review about some spa, you are granted more than 5 points. Are you wondering how these points can help you? Well, you can use them for spa vouchers, discounts and so on.

You can Make Friends

You can add multiple friends to your profile. They will help you know their experience regarding some salon, and you can do the same for them. This way, you can connect with more people and be in it together.

Blogs and Reviews

The RubMaps website also provides multiple blogs to help the members with the basic terms of massage. You can also read the reviews of a spa to decide the best for yourself.

Search Filters

Search filters can help you locate the best spas that suit all your choices. You can use multiple keywords to make your search more directed. The keywords you use to support the website find only those massage parlors that can cater to your needs. You can also use the masseuse’s specific language, and the RubMaps site will show you results accordingly.

These are the special features that you can enjoy on this exclusive massage service website. Make sure you join the RubMaps website and relish these benefits to the fullest!

Search Filters

RubMaps Pricing Details

You need to pay for the things you enjoy the most. Therefore, this website demands a minimum amount of money from your side to make the user experience even better. The pricing details of the RubMaps website are as follows:

Monthly subscription cost $ 19.95
Annual subscription cost $ 149

Read below to find out the difference between the basic and the premium membership plans!

Basic Membership

The basic plan is free for all users. With this subscription, you can use all the features of the website except reading the reviews. In case you are using a massage provider website for the first time, we would recommend you to use the basic plan for a few weeks. If you feel satisfied by the service they provide, you can move on to the paid list for a better experience. The free version is the best part of the platform as it is very affordable for beginners who do not want to avail themselves of the spas’ reviews. In case you are tight on budget, choosing this plan would help you the most!

Premium Membership

Most users want to read the reviews of a spa before booking an appointment, and one can do this only when they pay for the premium membership plan. If you wonder whether the paid option is worth it or not, we would say it is definitely worth the money. You get to read the reviews of all the spas and then choose the best place that consists of the sexiest masseuses. By reading RubMaps reviews, you can make sure that your money is not being wasted on a low-quality massage parlor. Therefore, go for the paid version and enjoy it to the fullest!

RubMaps Coupons

While writing the RubMaps review, our experts found out that the brand’s discount coupons are much rare. The vouchers are at times available on other review sites and sometimes on their website. As the chances of getting these coupons are less, we would recommend you not expecting many discounts on the premium price. Still, it is suggested that at least once you check the available coupons before registering on the platform.

RubMaps Coupons

Verification and Safety Provided by the RubMaps Website

This site has existed for a long time now and is a verified and secure place for finding the best massage spas in your locality. There are hardly any complaints found in the RubMaps reviews and ratings related to the site’s security. We have discussed a lot about the safety below!

Is RubMaps a Scam?

Do you doubt that the site is a scam entirely? Well, we are glad to proclaim that your doubt is a myth because the RubMaps site is not at all a hoax. The spas that are rated on this platform are genuine and exist in reality. However, there are a few massage parlors that do not provide the services promised to the customer. Instead, they try to make money from them by claiming false promises. You will have to learn the ways of staying away from such salons. The tips are already shared above; make sure you read them for help!

Is RubMaps Website Legit?

The website is a legit platform for searching the excellent massage parlors in the US. The members and the spas here are real and try to behave the best with each other. They have substantial security to protect the personal data of all the members. Therefore, there are no chances that your data will get lost when shared with them!

Is RubMaps Anonymous?

The members who do not want to reveal their real identity can go anonymous on the platform. As it is not a dating site, there is nothing wrong with going anonymous on the RubMaps website. You can hide your identity and yet search for the massage parlors that can fulfill your desires. It is a benefit that most users love on the site. If you, too, are uncomfortable sharing your true identity when looking for a happy ending, this website will help you the best!

The Problems with RubMaps Website

A brand can try its best to create a perfect website, yet there will always be problems that a user has to face when using the site. Today, in this RubMaps review, we will throw light on the significant issues of this platform. Read below to find out:

  • The premium plan is costly: As you have read, the only difference between the basic and the premium membership is that the latter allows you to read the spas’ reviews, whereas the former does not. Even though reading the reviews is essential, it is too costly for $19.95/month. The customers feel that the website should add a few more helpful features to make the price reasonable.
  • There is no mobile app: The website functions perfectly, yet in today’s world, a mobile app for every site has become mandatory. The design of a website is more apt for a laptop screen. On the other hand, people find the design of a mobile application more suitable on the phone screen. Hence, RubMaps too should create a phone app for their website.

Our experts have found these two major complaints in most of the RubMaps reviews. We hope the brand considers these issues and provides a quick solution!

The Problems with RubMaps Website

Help and Support

The brand makes sure you can contact their support team easily whenever stuck. Their support team is beneficial and solves issues in no time. You can quickly reach them via mail. Their support mail is open 24X&. However, during weekends or holidays, the replies from their side might take a bit longer. You can then try to find the answer to your queries on the blogs posted by the RubMaps website. The blogs are super helpful and answer almost every probable question a user can ask.

RubMaps Alternatives

RubMaps is not the only site where you can find erotic masseuse for whole-body massage. The other alternatives that you can prefer for hot girls’ company are as follows:

  • Adult Search: This is an excellent website for some of the best adult services provided worldwide. Here, you can also find hot prostitutes ready to spend a night with clients at an affordable price.
  • Tryst: This is another escort hiring site where you can find male as well as female escorts. Their service is available throughout the world.
  • Escort Directory: This website has a perfect design and is known for providing top-quality service. You can select an escort from their vast collection, skilled in giving massage, and is also proficient in other sexual activities.

These are the best alternatives that you must try soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below. Read below!

What is the RubMaps Used for?

This is a platform where people find hot massage parlors for themselves. Here, you can look for hot masseuses who can help you reach the happy ending with ease.

Is the RubMaps a Real Dating Site?

It is a real site. But it is not a dating site. The RubMaps website is more like a place where you can find joy in hot massage for a short period.

How to Delete RubMaps Account?

How to Delete RubMaps Account?

Follow the steps below to delete the account:

  • Click on the login option in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Login to your profile.
  • Scroll down and select ‘cancellation.’
  • Then click on ‘yes’ to confirm cancellation.

Contact Information

Company Address:

Phone number: 1-888-224-6844

Email id: info@rubmaps.com


We hope this RubMaps review has helped you learn enough about the site. If your muscles and soul ever feel tired, make sure you become a part of the RubMaps community and get rid of the tiredness. The hot masseuses here will help your erotic nerves come to life and moan with joy. So, when are you planning to try out the RubMaps website? We are excited to know!

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