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Shaadi Review: Great Dating Site?

Shaadi Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 80%
Profiles 140 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is ideal for ladies since there are many male members present.
  • The target age ranges from 25-40.
  • Composed of separated, bereaved, and single people
  • Let's read through the profile of any client you are interested in.
  • Open to intellectually damaged people, and also those infected with HIV.
  • Heterosexual relationships are only allowed.
  • There are many reports about fake profiles.
  • Too many advertisements are on the website, which causes distraction.
  • Premium users can only initiate chats.

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Shaadi is a premium dating site that has bagged a triumph of over 5 million success stories. The site includes an intensive confirmation procedure to guarantee that its customers know what they’re getting into when going through profiles.

It additionally offers the administration of devoted relationship counselors to improve your profile and matches (at a cost). Read through our Shaadi review to discover unique things about the dating site.

Shaadi is prescribed for ladies who might want to discover their accomplice forever. They can browse a vast number of potential matches within a short period. An exceptional, inspiring aspect of its site is its inclusivity to people who are disabled and even those living with HIV. One disadvantage to the matchmaking administration is that it only permits different-sex marriage, so all associations must be among males and females.

How many are supported by Shaadi?

Shaadi is available worldwide.

Who is the owner of Shaadi?

People Group (I) Limited owns Shaadi, an organization situated in India. Its originator is Anupam Mittal.

Where is Shaadi based?

Shaadi is currently based in Mumbai – 400 034, India.

When was Shaadi launched?

Shaadi was founded in 1997 by Anupam Mittal under the name Sagaai.com. It got famous among the Indian diaspora and turned into the world’s driving matrimonial site for Asians in the long run.

Is Shaadi available all around the world?

Shaadi operates globally but has offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Special Features

Shaadi Special Features

Shaadi has lots of unique features that make an individual have a memorable dating experience ever: they include

Who saw my profile?

You can see the clients who visited your profile Under- Recent Visitors. These can be potential matches if you end up loving them by perusing through their profile.

Select Shaadi

At an additional cost, you can invest in Shaadi’s customized matchmaking administration. This provides you with a committed counselor, distinguished profiles, and masterminded meet-ups. Its plan is $599 for three months and $899 for six months.

Audience Quality

Shaadi Audience Quality

The site is planned for Indian singles to meet and wed. Shaadi permits unlimited access to individual profiles, where one can survey matches with other forthcoming singles with a Shaadi relational arranger. Shaadi.com focuses on 87 of India’s urban communities.

Sadly, Shaadi’s administration is just accessible to male and female singles, giving no choices to lesbians or gay people.

Age distribution

Focused on people in the age range between 25 and 40, this matchmaking administration differs from numerous standard dating territories as its individuals are just searching for genuine, long associations that can prompt marriage.

Fakes and Scammers

It is effortless for fake members to create profiles. However, during registration, a four-digit code is sent to the mobile number to complete the verification process.

Mobile app and Website

Shaadi Mobile app and Website

Here, you will find out what’s more to Shaadi mobile app and website:

Shaadi App

The Shaadi application for portable phones is straightforward and smooth and has an exceptionally smooth interface that makes it simple to utilize. However, the app doesn’t generally offer anything creative to separate it from other versatile dating applications.

The Shaadi application holds a significant part of the site’s usefulness. For example, its savvy search, visits, and matches help the user have an enjoyable experience. It has effectively coordinated its administrations for those in a hurry, featuring its live and message pop-ups for any new updates in the matchmaking venture.

Shaadi website

The website itself is anything but difficult to explore, thanks to the extraordinary Shaadi toolbar that gives individuals access to the most relevant instruments like messages and contacts. Individuals additionally have a vast assortment of search choices to go through when looking for sikh singles.

Can I use the app on my computer?

Shaadi has an application version, and it works effectively on both mobile phones and desktop.

Which browsers support Shaadi?

Any good browser can have access to Shaadi on your desktop or phone.

Why can’t I enter the site?

Free to download, the Shaadi.com application has a smooth and basic plan. We’d suggest utilizing the application over the website.


Shaadi Interface

Although the sign-up process is prolonged and strenuous, you’ll quickly have the option to look through individuals that coordinate your standards without going through too much stress.

The site’s savvy search bar is one of its most inventive highlights to review more individuals. Finding and shortlisting profiles is primary and direct; however, a drawback is that you’ll be unable to contact anybody you like except if you’ve paid to move up to one of the premium membership.

Registration Process

The sign-up process for Shaadi.com is more required than most dating sites. In other words, it is very long and engaging. Besides the standard information that is asked of individuals from most dating sites, Shaadi starts their sign-up by approaching who the profile is for (alternatives are: self, child, girl, sibling, sister), ask about your religion and which network you have a place with. From that point onward, individuals state to what extent they’ve lived in Canada, which sub-network they have a place with (Somewhat English, Indian, Catholic and so on.), and afterward they’re on to reveal their real characters, for example, stature, body type, and diet.

You’re not done at this point! Next comes your training level, instruction field, and phone number (you’ll be sent an information code), to which you’re at long last requested to give a comprehensive note about yourself. After this, you might suspect you are done with the registration process, but individuals are rattled (for security reasons) and are approached to give legitimate ID evidence.

Is it possible to unmatch a Shaadi member?

You can always block or unmatch members you no longer find interesting or do not wish to chat with. Once you do, they won’t be able to see your profile.

How old do you have to be to register on Shaadi?

Targets age groups from 25-40.

Can I verify my account on Shaadi?

A four-digit code will be sent to the mobile number you used during registration. The code is used to verify your account.

Which ways do I verify my email?

Shaadi doesn’t require verification of email to sign up. The only ‘verification’ step is the four-digit code that will be sent to the mobile number you used during registration.

Can I register on Shaadi using my Facebook account?

Shaadi has a feature to link up with other social media profiles.

Is it possible to use the site without registration?

The only way to use the Shaadi website for chatting and meeting new people is to sign up. Since the registration process a slow process, you should consider signing up already.

Profile set-up

The profiles at Shaadi.com are broad on account of its exhaustive enrollment process. The profiles show information about the client’s physical make-up, instructive foundation, vocation, yearly salary, age, area, confidence, and religious beliefs. There is additionally a photograph exhibition you can peruse through, which have been screened before it was uploaded. Also, there are “covered up photographs” that are just available to premium individuals.

An important note about Shaadi.com is that it has been accounted for a few times for making fake profiles indistinct from genuine ones, which is interesting since there are a large number of protective measures set up to guarantee that the characters of enrolled clients are very accurate. If you may experience a fake profile, you can check the confirmation symbols to ensure you are right.

Is it possible to delete a photo that I uploaded in Shaadi?

You can always decide to hide your identity from other users. If you like, you can remove your photos from your profile and chat.

Can I edit my username in Shaadi?

The initial process of registering on Shaadi isn’t too stressful. Changing your username should not pose a challenge. Refer to the site’s help for details.

Can I delete your Shaadi profile?

Indeed, you can. Follow these straightforward advances:

Login to your record, On the Menu Bar, go to home> My Profile, Discover the option that says Hide/Delete Profile, go through the affirmation page, and press submit. Your record will be immediately erased.

What happens if I turn off the ‘show me on Shaadi’s option?

If your visibility is disabled on the Shaadi website, you will not be seen by other members. Your profile will not be visible on search results.

Is it possible to delete the information I’ve already submitted to Shaadi

Yes. Shaadi allows you to remove or hide whatever info which other users cannot see.

After setting up your Shaadi account, the site’s algorithm will connect you with another user automatically. You can start chatting right away if you are on the premium subscription. Regardless, instant chatting gives a straight-to-the-point opportunity of meeting members worldwide.

Can I see the Shaadi members who I like?

Yes, it is possible.

What are the search options on Shaadi?

You can search for members online by using the “Who is Online” search.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on Shaadi if you are a free member?

Reaching individuals on Shaadi.com is free. You can contact individuals that you are interested in by showing enthusiasm in their profiles. These individuals will receive interest from you in their Shaadi.com Inbox and will also get a notification. They can choose to respond to it either by declining or accepting it.


Shaadi Messaging

Once you create your Shaadi account, you will be taken to the site’s chat service. There, you can contact individuals by showing interest in their profile. If you opt for a paid membership, you can initiate chats.

How is it possible to start messaging with someone on Shaadi?

You can initiate a chat when you opt-in for a paid membership.

How can I send a message to someone?

You have to be on a paid plan before you can start messaging.

Can I send messages for free?

Yes! As soon as you become a premium member, you can enjoy all-out chatting with your matches.

How can I see who messaged me on Shaadi?

When a message comes in from another member on the site, you will be notified. You may not see who messaged you if the person decides to hide his/her identity.

How can I use the camera on Shaadi?

There isn’t a camera on Shaddi. You can make use of your phone camera to upload pictures.

Is it possible to filter who can message me on Shaadi?

You can choose to appear offline while chatting with individuals you prefer. This can be done by changing your chat status from “I am online” to “invisible.”

Membership price and other payment methods

A large portion of the highlights of Shaadi.com is free, yet you will require a paid participation to have the option to start chatting with different individuals.

Membership Price For Shaadi Includes:

  • Gold – 3 months – $97
  • Gold Plus – 3 months – $119
  • Diamond – 1 year – $147
  • Diamond Plus – 6 months – $187
  • Platinum Plus – 1 year – $269

For Shaadi, payment can be made using a credit card, direct debit, PayPal, and Check. Premium membership can be refunded within 30 days of subscription, granted that you have sent a minimum of 10 interests, and you haven’t gotten a single acceptance.

Free membership features

As a free member of Shaadi, you can access the main features on the site. Registering and setting up your profile is 100% free. But you cannot use the text chat to communicate with other users without paying.

Premium membership features

If you pay for premium subscriptions, you can filter members to chat with you on the site by gender and location. In addition to these, you can cancel the ads that appear on the site.

Does Shaadi offer premium membership?

Yes! Shaadi offers paid membership.

How can I cancel my Shaadi membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership on Shaadi, click on “my account.” Then, click “Cancel membership” on the ‘membership status’ page. If you need further assistance, refer to the site’s billing support.

Does Shaadi membership automatically renew?

Membership auto-renewal applies only to users who opt for premium subscriptions on the site. If you are a free member, there’s nothing to renew. Your membership lasts for as long as you wish to remain active on Shaadi.

Is it possible to get a refund for unused time?

Premium membership can be refunded within 30 days of subscription, granted that you have sent a minimum of 10 interests, and you haven’t gotten a single acceptance.

Does my Shaadi subscription auto-renew every month?

Subscription for Shaadi premium membership can be automatically renewed though it depends on the plan you choose.

I am not happy with Shaadi. Can I get a refund?

Premium membership can be refunded within 30 days of subscription, granted that you have sent a minimum of 10 interests, and you haven’t gotten a single acceptance.

How can my subscription appear on my credit card bill?

All that relates to membership subscription on Shaadi. You can contact the site’s billing support department for more.

Is it possible to give support to other members?

Well, giving support is discretionary. If you wish to assist Shaadi’s other members, you’d need to connect with them to start with.

Is Shaadi really safe and secure?

Is Shaadi really safe and secure?

From Shaadi reviews online, we can say the site is safe, to an extent. You can conveniently chat and meet up with new people without revealing your identity. The anonymity feature protects members’ info from getting into the hands of the wrong persons.

However, the risk lies in Shaddi simple registration. Since the sign-up process is not so detailed, any fake user can set up a profile. The chances are high that scammers will take advantage of members on the site.

Privacy in Shaadi

We are focused on a more secure web and put everything on the line to ensure you get an ideal experience here. Every profile is screened for unimportant and unseemly substance, and your matches are custom-made to your inclinations. While we do this, we need you to have your influence. Take a couple of moments to read through the following to keep your matchmaking experience agreeable and safe.

Introductory Discussion: Take as much time to know the other individual is at your own pace.

While breaking the ice: Utilize Shaadi.com’s safe informing instruments (visit/email or SMS) that protect your personality. Don’t reveal some personal information, such as bank specifics, street numbers, work environments, or other recognizable data.

When making calls: Check telephone numbers with peculiar zone codes before you make a call.

Likewise, use open phones except if you have set up a reasonable degree of trust.

General Information: It’s refreshing to become familiar with the person using different long distant communication locales and government assets. If you, despite everything, need to know more, don’t hesitate to use an outsider foundation check administrations.

You work for yourself: Try not to let any person pressurize you into anything. Use the ‘Block’/’Report Abuse’ option from the personal profile page or contact customer support. For whatever reason, you can keep in touch with us by writing to the customer support team.

Are Shaadi chats encrypted?

Shaadi chats are encrypted. The site uses advanced security systems that encrypt all your conversations. Each private message you send to another user is between you and them.

Can Shaadi track their members?

If you use Shaadi in a way that goes against the site’s terms of the policy (or you are suspected of scam), you might get tracked.

Can the police track down Shaadi?

Shaadi is legit and real. There’s a high possibility of being traced by the police.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Shaadi?

All questions about privacy in Shaadi should be directed to the site’s privacy manager on +91- 7862889999.


You can rest assured of safety using Shaadi. At least, the site’s features help you stay out of trouble. If you are not sure of a user’s authenticity, you can keep your identity hidden from him or her until you are convinced.

Since minors are not allowed to use the platform, members can easily follow their instincts and pay attention to their minds while chatting. There’s also a badge that allows you to verify users’ realness.

Are Shaadi forums moderated?

Yes, they are. The moderators should be informed of funny stuff happening on the site. If you notice anything weird, reach out to them.

What happens to a member that users a Shaadi account to solicit money?

Members who use their Shaadi account to solicit money will most likely get banned. The site checks out for scammers daily. If you suspect any unreal member, you can report to the site’s moderators.

Banned Account

Shaadi removes every person who is below 25 years old and bans them from using the site. Once an account is banned, you cannot access the Shaadi website until it gets unbanned (if it ever will).

Why can’t I log in to Shaadi?

If there should be an occurrence of any worry concerning a potential misuse, you may follow the beneath referenced strides to enlist a complaint:

Go to the concerned profile and report abuse against the profile.

The complaint would be followed up on by our wellbeing work area.

An email would be sent to your enrolled email address about the receipt of the protest and the activity taken.

You can then consistently utilize the Ticket ID and connect with our complaint official: Sharmila Mylvaganam, by writing to grievanceofficer@peopleinteractive.in.

How long do Shaadi bans last?

If an underage user is banned on Shaadi, the ban might last till the person is up to 25 years old. Though, the duration for bans is solely decided by the site’s moderators.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

If you feel that your ban from chat on Shaadi should have expired, you need to wait for the system to verify the ban. Then, hold on till you possibly get unbanned.

Protect yourself

Our Customer service guarantees that each profile set up at Shaadi.com is screened for unimportant or potentially wrong substance. However, in guaranteeing your security and protection, we’re restricted to activities inside our control. You need to practice some straightforward safety measures for your protection and a sheltered and secure understanding.

Is it possible to block and report a suspected scammer?

You can decide to block Individuals if you don’t want them to see your profile or get in touch with you on Shaadi.com. This individual won’t be shown again to you, and his/her profile can be obtained from your blocked Individuals list. However, if you alter your perspective, you can unblock this person.

Which information should not you post in your Shaadi account?

Any information that seems to be abusive or otherwise inappropriate should not be posted in your Shaadi account.

Help and support

You can contact the site’s customer care via +91-7862889999 for further assistance.

Real life review

Real life review

An Indian lady staying in California talks about her experience using Shaadi. “For a very long time, I haven’t had a lot of luck utilizing dating applications since it’s normally about easygoing guys or loaded with individuals I’m not inspired by. When I began utilizing Shaadi, I got a lot of matches in a week, and fortunately, they informed me, so we began to talk. I’m happily utilizing the site since it truly encourages me to discover who I need. It additionally enables clarity about long haul connections and marriage since it avoids the confounding move of easygoing dating. I’m glad that I can discover individuals who understand me and my way of life since we share it. I haven’t discovered anybody for me, yet I’m cheerful on account of Shaadi.com. “

Is Shaadi the best dating site?

Shaadi is best for hook-ups that may lead to marital bliss.

Is Shaadi app for hook-ups?

Yes. Adults can text randomly using the site.

Is Shaadi free or paid?

Absolutely. Interested individuals can join freely but can’t initiate a chat, except they subscribe to a paid membership.

How does Shaadi function?

Essentially join the dating site at no cost and establish your profile. You would then be able to look and interface with matches you like and move up to premium participation to initiate a discussion.

Are there fake or scam members on Shaadi?

Even though account verification is present on the site, it is still easy for scammers to create fake profiles.

Alternative sites like Shaadi

Some alternatives to Shaadi are Jeevansathi, Bharatmatrimony, ChavaraMatrimony, CommunityMatrimony, etc.

Contact info

Company: People Group

Address: 2B (2) II Ground Floor, Film Center Building, 68 Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 400 034, India.

Website: https://www.shaadi.com/

Phone: 02243517007

Director: Gourav Raskshit


Shaadi, the biggest and most confided in site for Indian matrimonial, is one of India’s most popular brands and the world’s biggest marital assistance. It was established with a basic goal – to assist individuals with discovering satisfaction. By reclassifying how Indian ladies and grooms meet for marriage, Shaadi.com has made a widely acclaimed administration that has contacted more than 20 million individuals.

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