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Shagle Review: Great Dating Site?

Shagle Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 82%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 63%
Profiles 71 000
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Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is easy and free.
  • You are at liberty to choose between a free or paid membership plan.
  • The quality of videos obtainable on PC and mobile devices are of high quality.
  • You will have to be a paying member to enjoy the most interesting features on the website.
  • Males predominantly occupy the site. Females occupy very little proportion.
  • Your only access point to the platform is through its website, as there is no official app to serve as an alternative.

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Shagle is a creative and unique adult chat zone where you get to meet other people around the world through live cam to cam chat.

Shagle has a lot to offer to those in search of both short and long-term relationships. It has also proven to be a global platform where members can access these basic functionalities (which are text chatting and video) at no cost.

How Many Languages Does Shagle Support?

How Many Languages Does Shagle Support?

Shagle supports six languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. The contents of the website are written in these six languages. However, Shagle reviews show that most users of the platform are English speakers.

Who owns Shagle?

Shagle is a brand name owned by Cogroup Limited. Cogroup Limited is a UK-based company incorporated on 21 August 2018. The current director of the company is Mr. Paul Anthony James Goldfinch.

So where is Shagle based now?

Shagle is currently based in its host company’s official address – Office 3, Unit R, Imperial Way, Penfold Works, Watford, United Kingdom, WD24 4Y.

When was Shagle founded?

Shagle is a relatively new online dating and chat platform. The Shagle that we all know today was redesigned and launched on 28 November 2017. Ever since its launch, Shagle has developed to be a global brand and one of the world’s best live chat websites.

Is Shagle available worldwide?

Is Shagle available worldwide?

Shagle is a global brand that is available and accessible to everyone around the world. Anyone with reliable internet access can connect to the website and become a member of the community.

Special Features

Shagle had risen to be a global brand in such a short time because of the amazing and user-oriented features. These include:

Text Chat

Although Shagle is often portrayed exclusively as a live video chat platform, it also features a free textual interaction service.

Virtual Masks

This feature is made available in the chat option. It is a video chat option that is used to hide your face to remain anonymous during a video chat.

Get reconnected

This feature is only available to the premium subscribers. It helps you to get back to previous video chats with ease.

Virtual Gifts

This is also a feature that is available to premium members. It enables you to send more than just messages but also romantic online gifts.

In-chat verified brand

This is a stamp of verification, given as a symbol of approval and credibility when you upgrade from basic membership to premium membership.

Audience quality

Shagle gives preference to members anonymity; thus, too many details are not required to join the platform. It does not necessitate a detailed description from its members; details such as your name and address are not compulsory. It is believed that your face through your webcam is enough to make up for your exempted profile details.

However, if you want to find a friend that is your exact match, you can give some description of yourself and the type of friends you are on the lookout for. This will narrow down your search results to your exact preference.

Age distribution

The minimum age limit for members of the platform is 18 years. Shagle reviews by affiliate websites show that most of the platform members are between 25-34 age brackets. The general age distribution of members is between 18-25 years.

Fakes and scammers

The site is immune to fake accounts. The fact that the website adopts an audio-visual mode of communication guarantees the genuineness of every member. Also, close attention is paid to the security of the members on this platform. Any activity suspected to compromise the members of this platform’s safety or make them susceptible to fraud is precisely dealt with.

Mobile app and Website

Shagle does not have a functional mobile app at the moment. The mobile website has been well designed to offer a perfect substitute for the website’s desktop version. The mobile version of the site is just as responsive and has a user-friendly interface.

However, a significant constraint to the use of a mobile phone as a substitute for a PC is how you will hold and position the phone, especially during a lengthy video chat.

Shagle App

There is no Shagle app in any of the application stores. The only access point to the network is via the website. The Shagle website has been well built and optimized to run well on all devices. It provides easy and fast access to every feature.

Shagle website

Shagle is always available and accessible to the new and existing member via its official website. From there, you can sign up, log in, access customer support, learn more about the community, and read about the community’s terms and conditions.

Can I use the app using my computer?

There is no Shagle app for your PC, just as there is none for mobile devices. Your only means of harnessing the network is via the website. The video chat experience is always better on PC.

Which browsers support Shagle?

This platform’s official website has been strategically built and designed to work well on all standard browsers. It was developed with the highest degree of compatibility and consistency, so it is easily accessible on mobile and PC browsers.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

If you are finding it hard to connect with the website, you should check your internet connection or browser configuration. You should also consider verifying your login details of the fault is from there, then you should contact customer support.


All the website’s key features and contents are strategically located so that they can easily be spotted and utilized. This implies that both the mobile and desktop version of the website has a user-friendly interface. This is one of the reasons why the site has grown to be one of the best brands in the business.

Registration Process

Registration Process

The registration process on Shagle is straightforward, quick, and free. Worth more, you can sign up as a member on this platform via your Google + and even your Facebook account. In addition to these two options, you can register via your email. You are not under any compulsion to give personal details about yourself. Also, you can sign up as a couple or a single member.

However, for you to have the chance to tweak your profile preference, you will have to upgrade your membership. Upgrading your membership will give you access to the following gender and location search filters.

You can also make use of chat filters – the features are to help you add and modify the way you appear to your chatmates. These include features like face filter, match filter, and match connect.

Can I unmatch a Shagle member?

Shagle does not provide a platform to send and accept friend requests; it operates exclusively as a random hook up zone. Thus, it does not incorporate unmatching a co-member of the platform.

However, whenever you start a video chat with some, you can press “Next” to leave the conversation and check out the next available person.

How old should you be to register on Shagle?

You must have attained 18 years of age before registering on Shagle. It is an adult hook up zone, so the age restriction is justified. Also, this age restriction may differ, depending on the consent age in various regions or countries.

Which ways can I verify my account?

Shagle is undoubtedly a unique dating platform. Its uniqueness and distinction are obvious from the registration process down to the verification process. It provides for a highly flexible verification process. Just your face on the web camera is enough verification on the platform.

How do I verify my email?

After the straightforward registration process, if you are registering through your email, you will get a verification message immediately after entering your email and choosing a password. This email will automatically log you back into your homepage, where you can immediately start your random video chat.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

Unlike several other video chat platforms, Shagle has provision for registration via your Facebook account. If you register using your Facebook account, Shagle will be able to access your Facebook name and picture. Also, your Shagle account will be linked to your Facebook account in such a way that detaching the two will mean deleting your Shagle profile.

Profile set-up

Shagle operates exclusively on the principle of anonymity; therefore, a detailed profile set-up is not required. However, for a better Shagle experience, you can edit your chatmate preference by editing the following – gender filter, location filter, and chat filter. The service is only available to premium members.

Can I delete a photo that I uploaded in Shagle?

You can freely modify or even delete a picture you once uploaded on Shagle. You also have the opportunity to cover or use filters and mask to conceal your identity.

How do I edit my username in Shagle?

You are not required to provide or create a unique username when you are registering on Shagle. This is equivalent to saying that there is no username to edit because none existed in d first place.

Is there an option to delete your Shagle profile?

There are two options to delete your Shagle profile; the first offers a temporary way of deleting your profile, while the second offers a permanent way. You can access both options by clicking on “my account” icon then select “delete my account.”

You can then select “de-activate my account” to disable your account temporarily, but it will be available to be reactivated anytime you wish to get back.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Shagle” option?

Shagle does not feature a “show me on” option. If you want to change your online status, you will have to log out. This automatically closes all your ongoing video and text chats.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Shagle?

Shagle gives you absolute control over your profile and account information. You can delete any previously submitted information at will, including your account itself.

You can search for members based on the following tags – Fun, Gay, Straight, Hookup, Dating, Flirt, Make Friends, Love, Flirting, Asian, Chat, Roleplay, Games, Bi, Trans, Older, Talk, Music, Friends, Party, Dance, Arab, Movies, Sports, and Politics. These tags are listed based on what other members have shown interest in; therefore, you can select more than one tag.

Is it possible to see the Shagle members who I liked?

You can’t see members of the platform that you liked. Once you click on the “Next” button, the details of your conversation with that particular member are gone.

The search options on Shagle come in the form of filters, which helps you narrow down your chatmate option. This feature is available to premium members. The available filter options are gender filter and location filter. In addition to these two, you can select tags based on the type of relationship that other members are interested in.

Can you see if someone likes you on Shagle if you are a free member?

During an ongoing conversation, you can see if your chatmate likes your profile. However, this feature does not present a permanent statistic of the number of likes you get from various members.


Shagle offers both audio-visual and textual messaging. Also, the two features can be used concurrently without interruption. Also, there is a private messaging feature that is made available to only VIP members.

How can you start messaging with someone on Shagle?

To start a conversation on Shagle is a straightforward task. All you have to do is sign up on the platform and then click on the “start” button. You can shuffle your chatmates by clicking on the “next” or “previous” button till you get your preferred chatmate.

How can I message someone?

Shagle randomly presents you with different chatmates. To start a conversation with them does not require any formal or rigid process. You simply start talking, and if the connection between the two of you is right, you can continue for as long as you wish.

Is sending messages free?

Sending messages on Shagle is free. Either video chat or textual, you are not required to pay a dime before accessing them. Although if you want to harness the private chat feature, you will be requested to upgrade your membership.

How do I see who messaged me on Shagle?

It is not hard to see who messaged you because the messages are always right in front of you during every interaction. The textual message always reflects at the bottom left corner during every conversation. The audio-visual messages are always readily available to be heard and seen on the screen.

How do I use the camera on Shagle?

All you have to do to use the camera feature on Shagle is to grant permission to your web browser. After doing this, the website automatically accesses the camera feature on your device each time you click the “start” button to start a conversation.

How can I filter who can message me on Shagle?

Once you are online, you are open to being connected with every other member of the platform that is also online. However, if you are a VIP member, you can use the gender and location filters to specify members you want to talk to.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are two options for membership on Shagle. You can either be on the basic membership plan, which is free, or on the paid VIP membership plan.

The VIP membership costs $19.99 per month and $6.99 per week.

Free Membership Features

Free Membership Features

As a free member, you can assess the essential features of this platform. That is, once you register, you get access to unlimited video chat and text messaging. You can also access various types of virtual masks to protect your anonymity.

Premium Membership Features

To gain unlimited access to the most interesting features on the website, you will be requested to upgrade your membership to VIP status. This will give you access to features such as gender filter, location filter, in-chat verified badge, private chat, and other sumptuous incoming features.

Does Shagle offer premium membership?

Shagle offers a premium membership, which is christened VIP membership. By being a VIP member of this plan, there is no limit to your access, as long as you are within the legal usage limit.

How do I cancel my Shagle membership?

You can cancel your Shagle by deleting your account. This process has been made easy and flexible by the website developers by giving you two options. You can choose to cancel your membership temporarily or permanently.

To access these options, simply click on “my account”, then go to my “account setting” and select your preferred option.

Is Shagle membership auto-renewed?

Your Shagle membership is auto-renewed on expiration unless you indicated otherwise before the expiration of your current subscription. If you do not want your membership to be auto-renewed, you can disable the auto-renewal by selecting the “my account” option, then “cancel membership.”

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Shagle does not give refunds for unused time. However, the platform has made provisions for a few exceptional cases. If you feel you have a valid argument to make you part of the few exceptional cases, you can contact the customer support service.

Is my support for Shagle automatically renewed every month?

Your Shagle support may be renewed weekly or monthly.

I am not satisfied with Shagle, can I get my money back?

As stated earlier, if you have a valid reason to get a refund, you can report to the customer care service, and your request will be reviewed. However, this does not guarantee that a refund will be made in similar cases in the future.

How will my Shagle support appear on my credit card bill?

SegPay processes all payments made on the Shagle platform. SegPay is a reliable third-party financial processor; thus, payment for support will appear as a payment made to SegPay. This further helps to protect your anonymity.

Can I give support to other Shagle members?

If you feel the need to support any other member of the Shagle community, you are at liberty to do that. However, you have to be conscious and be sure that you are not exploited.

Can I send support for just a month?

There are two options available here; you can send support for a month or a week. You are to choose which option to suit your pocket size.

Is Shagle Safe?

It will not be an exaggeration if one states that Shagle is 100% safe. The platform members and users are real, and the website security apparatus was built with 256-Bit SSL Encrypted.

Privacy in Shagle

Privacy in Shagle

Members’ privacy and anonymity are given special preference to Shagle. During registration, you will never be required to provide details about yourself, and even when you are actively using the platform, there are various tools that you can use to conceal your identity. For instance, you can choose to use a virtual mask to cover your face during video chat.

Are Shagle chats encrypted?

All chats on Shagle are encrypted and encoded using the SSL encryption layout. This authenticates and validates the security and privacy claims of the website.

Can Shagle track you down?

If you are found guilty of any irregularities as a member of the Shagle community, it has the right and the might to track you down and make you pay for your sins.

Can Shagle be traced by the police?

Shagle will not aid or cover up any crime or criminal activity; therefore Shagle can be traced by the police.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Shagle

In case you have any questions regarding your privacy or any other concern on the Shagle network, you can contact customer support through info@Shagle.com.

Are Shagle Forums threads moderated?

Shagle forum threads are not moderated. It is an adult dating site, and it is believed that all community members are mature minds. However, suppose you feel the need to report any community member to the customer support for illegal behavior. In that case, you can click on the flag icon, which is always present during every conversation.

What will happen to a member who uses a Shagle account to solicit money?

Any member caught in the act of using their Shagle account to solicit money will have such an account banned. The ban may be temporary or permanent – based on the discretion of the customer support team.

Banned account

There are several reasons why your account may be banned. Some of the reasons are:

  1. If you are below 18 years old.
  2. If you are offensive or rude to other members.
  3. If you are using drugs or other illegal substances while on camera.
  4. If you are exhibiting violence towards people or even animals while on camera.
  5. If you are guilty of fraud or blackmail.

Why can’t I access Shagle?

If you are unable to access Shagle, you should check your browser configuration as well as your internet connection. If these two are in the right order, you should verify your account details and report the customer if there will be a need for further actions.

How long are Shagle bans?

The duration of Shagle bans depends on the severity of the offense that led to the ban. However, if the ban is unjust, the duration will depend on how soon you contact customer support for a review.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

You can reactivate your banned account by contacting customer support. If the ban is placed on your account as punishment for an offense you committed, you will have to wait for the ban to be lifted on the due date.

Protect yourself

The developers of Shagle.com have done a wonderful job by making the platform a safe place for the users. To keep the platform safe, there is a need for you as a member and user of the platform to be security conscious and always report any violation of the safety rules promptly.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You may not be able to block a suspected scammer on Shagle. You can still report any inappropriate behavior immediately by clicking on “report” while on the desktop version of the website or the flag symbol while on mobile. After reporting such behavior, you can end your conversation with such an individual by clicking “next” to start a conversation with another user.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Shagle account

Shagle does not request any personal information from its users before, during, or after registration. So on your part as a user, you should not disclose any sensitive information that can jeopardize your security or make you susceptible to fraud.

Help and Support

If you ever need any help or assistance, you can contact customer support through info@Shagle.com. They are always available to answer your question questions and resolve all complaints.

Real life review

Shagle review by users has shown that the network has successfully established a unique, innovative, and safe video chat platform. It has grown quickly and now boasts of members from about 70 countries across various continents.

Is Shagle the best dating site/app?

Although Shagle is a relatively new platform, it has been able to strategically placed itself among the best and biggest dating sites. There is no gainsaying that the website has the propensity to out-match its pairs before long.

Is Shagle safe?

There is no questioning the safety of every member of the Shagle community. One of the platform’s core values is prioritizing its members’ safety and privacy, and they have been able to achieve this continually.

Is Shagle a hookup app?

Shagle is a hookup website where strangers are randomly connected to interact basically via video chat. The website does not have a mobile or PC app at the moment.

Is Shagle free?

Shagle is a free text and video chat platform. However, if you wish to gain access to a more interesting and peculiar feature, you can choose to upgrade your membership to a paid membership package.

How does Shagle work?

Shagle provides an exciting way to find new chatmates and match from around the world. Once you are registered as a member, all you have to do is to press the”start” button, and you will be presented with an available chatmate. You can shuffle between different choices by pressing “next.”

Also, to keep your privacy status, you can use virtual masks to conceal your identity. Conclusively, either on mobile devices desktop, Shagle has a user-friendly interface.

Are there fake or scam members on Shagle?

It is practically impossible to have fake accounts on Shagle because of its adopted mode of communication. However, because of human beings’ unpredictable nature, it is always difficult to tell their intentions. For this reason, you have to self-aware and careful when interacting on the internet.

Alternative sites like Shagle

Several other websites offer similar services like Shagle: Chatspin, chatRandom, Tinychat, CamsRoulette.

Contact Information

Company: Cogroup Limited

Address: Office 3, Unit R, Imperial Way, Penfold Works, Watford, United Kingdom, WD24 4YY

Email: info@Shagle.com


shagle Conclusion

Shagle is the place to be for fun seeker hoping to connect with random people around the world via webcam. Worth more, you can catch all the fun you want without compromising your privacy or personal safety because you don’t have to provide detailed information about yourself before you get started on the platform.

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