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Singleparentmeet Review: Is it the best dating site for single parents?

Singleparentmeet Review: Is it the best dating site for single parents?
About Girls
Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 83%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 18-30
Profiles 3.987.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A low-cost subscription helps you in finding a partner easily
  • Interaction through SingleParentMeet is so easy that you can connect with anyone and find love.
  • The members can include information about their kids on their profiles.
  • You will meet like-minded people of diverse backgrounds.
  • The registration process is free of cost for all the users.
  • The homepage seems to be a bit crowded when you open it for the first time after registration.
  • If you are using a free membership account, you cannot send messages and use other features like favoriting the profiles.

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A single parent is always busy facing challenges. It is because you not only have to focus on your work but also handle your child. If you have more than one child at home, it won’t take long before things get messy. This is why SingleParentMeet is a successful dating website specially meant for single parents searching for series partners.

Who is the owner of SingleParentMeet?

There is zero information available about the owner of this website on the official site.

Origin of SingleParentMeet

When you open the website for the first time and go through the terms and conditions page, you will find Texas as the central place where you can send mail if you have any complaints. It would be safe to assume that Texas is the origin of the company, although this assumption isn’t the absolute truth.

When was SingleParentMeet founded?

Other than the information related to features available on the website, you will not find anything concerning the establishment of this website.

Does SingleParentMeet support multiple languages?

The user base of the SingleParentMeet website comes from the US and Canada at present. Therefore, the company’s basic language to share the information on the website and allow users to communicate with other people is English.

How many countries can use SingleParentMeet?

At present, the only countries that can use this website fully include Canada and the USA.

Unique Features

Unique Features

When you register for free or purchase the premium version, you will get to use special features that can easily allow you to find love despite being a single parent. Some of the features in this SingleParentMeet review are mentioned below.

Virtual gifts

This website allows you to find Matches and provide them with multiple gifts so that they can be happy. You just have to use several tokens to give them an item as a gift.

This website has a special searching process that allows you to find anyone easily without much hindrance. Your profile can create a pattern because of the information you include, such as weight, height, location, and age, to find you a compatible person.

Promote Me

This particular feature can be generated out of tokens that boost your profile to appear on the top of the search page. It helps you in making your profile more visible in front of other members.

Notify Me

The moment you log in to your account, this feature will help you in sending you a notification whenever your match comes online.

Members of SingleParentMeet

Members of SingleParentMeet

This website has more than 70,000 users just from the USA alone. These users include both mums and dads who are set to find love and a long-lasting relationship.

Since single moms and dads are always busy, they don’t have time to find love. They specifically use this website to make their work easy. That’s why you will only find people who are single, divorced or widowed with kids at home. The unfortunate thing is that if you are not a resident of Canada and the USA, you won’t be able to create an account on this website.

Age distribution

As shown by several SingleParentMeet reviews, this website consists of nearly equal amounts of males and females. That is, on this website, 45% of them are females, and the rest are males. Since this website is specially meant for single parents, you will find a majority number of members aging 30 and above. Of course, you will also find users having the age of 18 and 25, but their quantity is less as compared to the ones above 30.

Identifying fake users

Users are usually responsible for providing truthful information on the profiles of this website. However, it is possible to find scam profiles at times. These are the people that fail to provide truthful information by creating a fake profile. At this time, the website offers every user a chance to block every other scammer you come in contact with online. For that, you can simply click on the block button and be done with it. The website itself is covered with high security that ensures the accounts are verified and protect every user against scams.

Website and app

Website and app

SingleParentMeet allows you to use this website on multiple platforms so that you can find more people based on your circumstances. That means even if you are in the office, you can still open your account on your computer or laptop while accessing the same profile on your phone at home.

SingleParentMeet App Details

You don’t have to waste money to download this app on your Android or Apple phone. Since this application is available free of cost, it can ensure to satisfy all the users across the United States and Canada.

The interface is easier to use, you can navigate through the website easily. Most importantly, this website provides you with an organized display that doesn’t interfere with your effort to find love online.

With the help of this app version, you just have to click on the icon and open it without any restraint.

You can just head over to the app store on your phone and download SingleParentMeet free of charge. This app is especially convenient because you get to use all the features available on the site.

SingleParentMeet Website Details

The website is unique, but it is designed with classic features.

On the topmost line, you will see many options besides the logo. Your profile will automatically open on the homepage after you have logged in. If you want to see how many people have messaged you lately, you can choose the icon adjacent to the homepage. Other options that can attract your attention include search, matches, and tokens that will allow you to find people easily.

Using the app on your computer

You can use this app on your computer if you have a medium like BlueStacks installed. You can download the apk version or find it on Google Play installed on the BlueStacks on your computer. However, if you are trying to find an exe file of it for your laptops, you won’t be able to use it because it doesn’t exist.

The browsers that support SingleParentMeet

Other SingleParentMeet reviews state this site functions everywhere easily. That means you can open this website on any browser you have installed on your computer or phone.

Why is it hard for some users to open the SingleParentMeet site?

The reason why you can’t open the website is perhaps you have forgotten your password. It might also be because your internet is too slow to open this site. If you have forgotten your password, you can just open the login page and use the forgot password feature. If you are still unable to open your account, the moderators might have blocked you for some reason.

Interface of SingleParentMeet

Interface of SingleParentMeet

This website is convenient because of its simple interface. The simple design ensures to give you more satisfaction while you use it to find someone. This website is so simple and elegant that you won’t need extra efforts to find the signup page. However, some users have complained that the home page of the website is a bit messy.


When it comes to registration, you don’t have to spend much money. It is free of cost. You just have to remember your email ID and make up a valid password. When you enter the email id for the first time while registering, the company will verify it before providing you a road ahead. The company just wants to make sure that it’s you opening the account, not someone else.

After that, you have to think about the necessary information that you need to add to your registration form on the next page. It includes aspects such as location, race, and others. However, the website gives you an option to skip the profile pic thing and the go-ahead to the next page.

You would also need to provide information about single parents you want to meet. Lastly, like any other website out there related to dating, SingleParentMeet also provides you with a bunch of personality questions. These questions help you in finding perfect matches.

Unfriend someone on SingleParentMeet

On your profile, there is a favorites list where you can add people or perfect matches easily. However, if you want to unfriend some people from your list, you can just click on the favorites list tab and follow the process. If the person still troubles you, you can easily block them or report to the moderators to get rid of them.

Minimum age to register on SingleParentMeet

You should at least be 18 years old before you can register an account on this website.

How to verify the account?

Before you can create a profile online, the company helps you verify your email address to see if the person opening the account is you or someone else.

Process to verify your email ID

You just have to enter your email ID and appropriate password while registering on the first page. After that, the company will send you a verification email. The company will ask you to click on the verification link immediately.

Using Facebook Account for registration

Even though the process is simple, it doesn’t use Facebook to lead you to register online. That means you have to register manually by putting your email ID on the form.

Using SingleParentMeet without signing up

You can enter the website without sign up, but you won’t be able to search for any members online. You can just go through the website before you can register online.

Setting up your Profile

Setting up your Profile

When it comes to profiles, you would have to be ready with all the information available before you can open the registration page. While creating a profile, you would have to remember to provide basic identification, including your photo, to quickly identify you. Even if you mess up, you can go to the settings and change the profile information again.

When you post your profile photo on your account for the first time, the moderators verify it first before publishing it online. After that, this particular photo will be visible to all the users out there.

Another important thing you should do is to answer all the questions related to personality. It will help you in making sure that your profile attracts perfect matches.

How to delete a picture on SingleParentMeet?

It is possible to delete the photo that you have uploaded online easily. You just have to go to your profile and follow the process in the settings.

How do users edit their username on SingleParentMeet

Whatever information is there on your SingleParentMeet profile is editable even after you publish it online. Similarly, you can edit your username after you have decided to publish every bit of your information on your profile.

Deleting your SingleParentMeet profile

There is no online information that you can use to delete your profile, although you will get to hide your profile permanently from others unless and until you want to change the settings.

To hide it, you would have to go to your account settings and click on the option view account status. After heading over to the option of where you can change your account status, you will finally see another option called hide your profile.

What happens if your profile disappears from SingleParentMeet database?

The only time your profile can disappear is when you temporarily hide your profile from others. At this time, you would just have to go to your settings and change it to something else based on the options available. Another time you will leave your profile invisible on the website is when the moderators decide to block you because of repeated abuse and violence cases.

How to delete the information you uploaded on your profile

It is easy to delete any information from your profile after registering online. You just have to open the settings section for that.

How to search for a Member?

How to search for a Member?

To interact with a single parent, this SingleParentMeet review has provided you with multiple facilities. The search tab is one of those aspects that allows you to find love online easily. When you open your profile for the first time, the search icon is just visible on the topmost page.

Can you see the list of all the users you liked on SingleParentMeet?

To see the list of people who have liked you and vice versa, you just have to enter your profile first. On the left side, you will find the small list of all the important people you like, which are likely to be perfect matches for you.

Member search option SingleParentMeet

You will get to use search filters to find people online on the search tab. Unlike many other dating websites, this site allows you to use the search filter even when you have a free account. However, when you use the premium version, you can use advanced filters.

Liking someone on SingleParentMeet with a free account

Even if you have a free account, the SingleParentMeet website makes it easy for you to like someone online. You just have to search for the profile online, and the website would provide you suggestions depending on the information you provided.

Messaging someone online

This unique platform allows you to interact with others with the help of a private messaging chatbox. This also provides you with different features, including Virtual gifts, flirts, and others.

How to contact others on SingleParentMeet?

Whenever someone is interested in you, they would immediately contact you by going through your profile. As a member, you can do the same. Contacting others requires you to use some features such as search tabs and messaging.

How would you message someone?

A user would have to search for the username in the favorites list of the person you want to talk to online. After going over to the profile, you can easily click on the message option and chat with another person.

Can you send messages for free?

Since messaging is a unique feature meant to connect with another person, it is not free. If you want to find possible matches and send anything online, you have to purchase a premium membership for that.?

How to access to your messaging list on SingleParentMeet?

When you open the profile for the first time, the inbox, where you are generally messaging someone, contains the list of all the people you want to talk to online.

Use of your camera on SingleParentMeet

You can use your camera and click amazing photos so that you can post it on the SingleParentMeet profile. However, you can’t use the camera directly to make live videos or post photos online.

Filtering messages on SingleParentMeet

You can go to the inbox section to message someone online. As long as you head over to the profile, you will know if there is any filtering section for messages or not.

Membership Price

Membership Price

Sometimes it is difficult for users to decide if you can freely purchase the VIP account or if it is worth it. However, you can find love with the help of a premium account. You can pay using PayPal or your credit/debit cards. In this section of SingleParentMeet review, you will learn more about whether you can purchase this website’s premium membership.

Features of a Free Account

  • Create a profile for free and add a few photos.
  • Get notification of matching profiles.
  • You can search online with a free account.
  • It is easy to like photos and flirt online.

Features of a Premium Account


  • You will be able to send virtual gifts to others.
  • The token system is available.
  • Features like PromoteMe, MatchMe, NotifyMe, and ConnectMe can help in finding the best matches.
  • Messaging feature is available for the team members.


  • 16.99 USD for a month.
  • 39.07 USD for 3 months.
  • 45.85 USD for 6 months.

Can you purchase the premium membership on SingleParentMeet?

It is possible to purchase a premium membership of SingleParentMeet.

Canceling the SingleParentMeet membership

You can contact the moderators if you want to cancel the premium membership on this website.

Auto-renewal option on SingleParentMeet

You can go to your account settings to change the auto-renewal option.

Can you get a refund if you haven’t been using the website?

There is no option of a refund when it comes to this website.

Availability of the auto-renewal option

The auto-renewal option is available on SingleParentMeet.

Can you get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with SingleParentMeet?

No, you can’t get your money back after you purchase the premium membership.

Credit card bill

If you purchase using your credit card, it will take about ten days to transfer the money. In the end, you will get a confirmation email about your payment.

Giving premium membership of SingleParentMeet as a gift?

You might be able to give a premium account to someone as a gift as long as you know their username and password. You can just log in to their account and put in your PayPal details in the membership section.

Can you use the Premium account only for a month?

You just have to cancel the auto-renewal option before the particular term ends.

Is SingleParentMeet Safe?

The online world has always been a topic of concern for most people. This is especially a critical topic if you have a child at home. At this time, the SingleParentMeet website reassures you of your entire family’s safety so that you can find a life-long partner.

Privacy options on SingleParentMeet

This website helps you in keeping your privacy intact. None of your personal information is shared with a third party without your consent. The company also gives you another protection in the form of a blocking option so that you can be on guard against abuses.

Encrypting messages on SingleParentMeet

The messages that are sent out to others are not shared with anyone.

Can moderators track you?

They track you in case of a serious violation, but such a case is scarce.

Will the police track a user on SingleParentMeet?

The police can work together with the company if there is a web-crime case using a profile on the website and track down. But of course, it is a rare occurrence.

What you should do in case you have some privacy-related queries?

You can either contact them through their official address or use the contact form to ask the moderators about your query related to privacy.

Safety of the users

When it comes to safety, several SingleParentMeet reviews show a common inclination toward the site. They all believe that this website is particularly busy in protecting the users, providing them safety tips now and then.

Moderated threads of SingleParentMeet Forum

This website has no forums that need to be moderated closely. However, the company moderates other activities such as messaging or commenting on various posts for protection.

What will happen if you use the SingleParentMeet account for snatching someone else’s money?

The company will take action against you and block you from opening your account.

Banning your account

When it comes to the question of banning the accounts, this website works diligently to save the users from falling into the trap of scammers online. You get a special facility of blocking anyone else online.

What happens if you fail to access your SingleParentMeet account?

If you fail to access your account on SingleParentMeet, someone has likely reported you. You will either fail to open your account even after using your password and email ID or approach the moderators to solve this issue.

How long can the moderators ban you from using your profile?

Your profile ban depends on how much abuse or violation you have performed.

Reactivating your banned account

Users must contact support directly.

Protection of users

When it comes to protection, SingleParentMeet has a customer service team that aims to protect you. The help center provides you with many questions to guide you. If you are still unable to find your answer, you can easily contact customer service.

Blocking a scammer

On every profile, there is an option to block someone without hindrance.

Information that you shouldn’t share on your profile

For your protection, SingleParentMeet says that you shouldn’t share information such as your credit card or debit card details and your address with others.

Support system

The support system is specifically meant to protect every other member on the website. You can contact the customer service easily through the contact us form and the phone number given in terms of use page.

Real life review

“I’ve been using this website for many months, and I can say that this is the best place to find single parents. After familiarising myself, I was able to find potential partners easily. The functions and the website design helped me search for the person I have been in love with today.” Tony, 36

Is SingleParentMeet one of the best dating sites available?

It is the best place for single parents out there.

Safe to use

The website is safe to use because it offers moderation practices and protection services.

Is it a hookup website?

Even though most of the users on this website are searching for serious partners, you can still find hookups and casual dates online.

Is it available for free?

This website is available for free with limited features. If you want to use advanced features online for finding a wonderful partner, you might have to purchase the premium membership.

How does this website work?

This website uses the information you have provided in a profile along with the personality questions and finds you a possible match list. In this list, the people you will find are mostly compatible according to your profile data.

Alternatives to SingleParentMeet

The alternatives to SingleParentMeet are mentioned below.

  • Ashley Madison
  • Flingster
  • MillionaireMatch

Contact Information

Company: SingleParentMeet.com

Phone number: (800) 952-5210

Address: PO Box 12627, Dallas, Texas, USA – 75225


SingleParentMeet website is a place for single parents to find a partner and get married. This website has many features that can allow you to approach anyone easily. You can either use the free version or get an upgraded profile for more benefits.

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