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Socialsex review: Great dating site?

Socialsex review: Great dating site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 18-40
Profiles 750 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has plenty of subscribers interested in dating and casual sex;
  • The matchmaking algorithm is impressive;
  • Several ways of connecting and communicating;
  • Free subscription for women;
  • Various affordable subscription packages;
  • Face-to-face connections.
  • There are more women than men on the dating site;
  • Navigating some pages might take a while;
  • Some emails and messages can be ignored;
  • You might encounter fake profiles;
  • Approval might take a while.

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Most of the dating sites, including Socialsex, promise to be a great opportunity for singles to connect, hookup and find actual dates. While you would doubt this fact, it is interesting to know that other people have successfully found true love and dates on these hookup sites. Socialsex.com has proven to be a unique hookup site, with plenty of subscribers being female. Read the Socialsex review for comprehensive information.


Socialsex dating site matches singles with similar interests after a successful registration. Users can get both social experience and no strings attached relationships by connecting with other members. The website was launched by Chretien Schouten and has attracted a huge user base (over five million members) since 2012. You can sign up for any relationship, including LGBTQ, and singles open to various sexual ideas.

The gender proportion is 22% male to 78% female. This ratio can be explained by the fact that ladies can sign up and use it for free. Most of the members are interested in casual hookups and short-term fun. A majority of its members hail from the United States; close to 250 000 members are active weekly. Most of its members are aged between 18 and 35, but it is possible to meet users above 55.


How does Socialsex work?

According to the Socialsex review, there are a lot of features members should familiarize themselves with. After approving the account, a member can start viewing other profiles. Based on your preliminary information, you will receive match suggestions. If none interests you, search filters can help you get striking hookups. You can bookmark these users as favorites and contact them later on.

Below are some of the functional features that users should use:

  • Instant messaging
  • Friend request
  • Send flirt
  • Send email
  • Block user
  • Request a date
  • Report abuse

People using this dating site are open-minded, and you can be sure to discuss any topic without feeling shy. There are tons of features to keep you hooked up on the site. The left screen displays a hot sexy lady who starts undressing as you submit your information. While women can access everything for free, men are required to upgrade to premium membership to enjoy these features.

How does Socialsex work

Signing up at Socialsex

Joining Socialsex.com is simple and easy. You are required to provide primary information. You will be asked about is your gender and the gender of the persons you are interested in, your nationality, and birthdate. Before confirmation, you must provide a valid email address for verification.

Alternatively, you will be asked the type of sex you wish to have, such as anal sex or oral sex, and the type of relationships you wish to find. The last step is to upload a picture, a username, and create a password. Before clicking the submit tab, ensure you consent to the site’s terms and conditions. When done, you will wait for approval before accessing and using your account.

How to start contact

There are various communication tools on this website. The most common one is mailing that allows you to send messages to someone you like regardless of their online activity. Besides mailing, users can interact via live chat. This communication tool allows users to connect via the webcam, fantasize, flirt, and have virtual sexual encounters. You can also share hot pictures and experience social fun.

Members also have an alternative of connecting via video chat. You can explore all the fetish moves and romantic fantasies you’ve ever thought of with your partner. Members can also send and receive virtual gifts.

Socialsex profiles

A complete profile features the following information:

  • Age
  • Relationship type
  • Sexual preference
  • Your gender
  • Ethnic background
  • Body type
  • Date of birth
  • Height
  • Zodiac sign

Most of the profiles on the Socialsex website are comprehensive. However, only members with membership subscriptions can view these details. Users can upload photos, post status, and rate photos.

While on user profiles, you will encounter various types of relationships, ranging from straight, lesbian, transsexuals, gays, and couples. Even though some members are interested in casual hookups and one-night stands, you might find someone looking for a meaningful and lasting relationship. Regardless, socializing is simple, and you can hook up with several online daters. Notably, female profiles are categorized uniquely. You can find local matches; view your friend list, new members, live users, and hottest members. You can monitor everything by accessing the news feed.

How to avoid fake profiles

Usually, fake and inactive profiles are inevitable on dating sites. This is because many people sign up with the wrong information or stop using the site after getting tired of it. However, the following tips can reduce your encounter with fake profiles:

  • Always contact the most active users
  • Request the person you are interacting with to connect via the video chat
  • Ask the user to send a photo of them doing a particular action like raising two fingers. If the person responds, verify the photo by comparing it with those available on the user’s account.

Socialsex reviews: Design and Usability

The Socialsex website has been designed to make navigation straightforward. The website has the following icons:

  • Homepage
  • Account settings and options
  • Search and matchmaking feature
  • Messages
  • Chat rooms

According to Social Sex reviews, the interface is quite outdated, and there is a need for improvement to be done. The left sidebar has functional icons that can help to:

  • Manage your profile by editing
  • See the users viewing your profile
  • Upload photos and media
  • Check suggested matches
  • Search for dates
  • Visit site discussions
  • Join chat rooms
  • Upgrade membership
Socialsex review: Mobile App

Socialsex review: Mobile App

Most users want to find out if they can access a dating site via a mobile application. Unfortunately, you cannot download the Socialsex app; it is yet to be developed. Members are limited to using the website version that has lots of useful features.

Special features

Most dating sites stand out because of their unique features. So what makes Socialsex.com unique? Below are some of the things to look out for when contemplating this hookup site:

Chat rooms

Unlike most dating sites, members can start and join chat rooms that encourage freedom of expression. You can discuss any topic and share your thoughts. You can follow threads or post about any topic, and the discussion will strike you. Chat rooms can be private or public; choose what suits your needs.


Beyond finding actual dates, people using this hookup website can enjoy a live webcam at their comfort. This feature allows you to enjoy virtual sex and explore fantasies. However, only premium members can access and use this element.

Video chatting

It can be interesting to connect with a potential date via video calls. Utilizing this feature allows you to connect with someone, interact, and get to know each other before considering a date.

Entertaining sign up process

As you submit your registration details, a lady entertains you by slowly undressing. This is a better way to start you off and keep you glued!

Excellent search and matchmaking algorithm

Users can customize search options and contact a person they are interested in. This is because members submit comprehensive information, making it easier to search by age, location, size, zodiac, type, among other striking features.

Multiple communication features

Members have plenty of interaction options, including mailing, video chats, messaging, and live webcam.

Free membership for ladies

This explains why you will find more ladies on the dating site than men.

Hardcore porn

If you love watching erotic content, you will find this section interesting. Most users access it to explore their fantasies or to find practical tips in spicing their sexual lives.

100 day-hookup guarantee

Every time you are contemplating using a dating site, the most obvious question is whether you will find what you are looking for or not. Socialsex.com guarantees its users that they will get hookups within 100 days. This feature is quite appealing, and you wouldn’t mind waiting for a few months before meeting your ideal hookup. However, it will help if you upgrade to a VIP membership.

Live notifications

You won’t miss out on any important updates.

The secret fantasy

This section allows you to view fans with secret fantasies.

Instant messaging

It allows you to connect with other users instantly.

Favorites whisperer

It’s a segment that notifies members of a user who bookmarks their profile.

Photo finder

Members can secretly view other users’ photo galleries.


This section allows you to see and view users who check your profile.

New member alert

Every time someone registers on the website, active users will be notified.


This feature is only useful for members with the gold membership. It allows messages from members that match a user’s search details.

Socialsex Costs

Socialsex Costs

Noteworthy, women can use this dating site at no cost. When it comes to membership, users can choose to use the Silver or Gold membership. The pricing plans for gold membership are as follows:

  • $34.95 worth a month
  • $69.95 for a three-month subscription
  • $149.99 for 12 months

You can choose either of the following Silver membership pricing plans:

  • $1.95 for three days (trial period)
  • $29.95 for one month
  • $59.95 for three months

Basic Membership

Since women access the Socialsex website without subscribing to any plans, they benefit from many usability features. These include:

  • Free registration and account creation;
  • Chatting with other users;
  • Accessing porn and erotic media;
  • Send hookup invitations;
  • Search and contact members;
  • Receive messages;
  • Find match suggestions.

Premium Membership

There are two types of membership on the Socialsex website; Silver and Gold membership. Members with a Silver membership can:

  • Browse members and contact each one at no extra cost;
  • Access instant chatting and messaging;
  • View secret fantasies;
  • Send virtual gifts;
  • Play games.

Users with a Gold membership have the following advantages:

  • Appear on all search results;
  • Access and view explicit porn;
  • View who saved your profile;
  • View and connect with other users;
  • Connect with webcam members;
  • Receive messages from members that match your search results;
  • Instant chatting and unlimited messaging;
  • Check guest list (people who view your profile);
  • Receive updates on new members.

Socialsex Coupons

You can benefit from coupons that come with using a gold membership. Users can also earn credit and bonus points every time they are active on the website.

Socialsex website: Verification & Safety

Socialsex website: Verification & Safety

Profile verification takes a while before approval. The Socialsex service uses the SSL technique to encrypt members’ messages. Every user ought to take responsibility for their data. You can use stronger passwords to secure your information.

While communicating with other users, practice courteous behavior or your account might be suspended. The hookup site has a privacy policy section each user should read and consent to before using it. Like any other dating site, the Socialsex website cautions users against sharing information that can jeopardize their safety. It would be best to meet someone in public and after you have had a series of conversations.

Is Socialsex a scam?

Well, each prospective online dater grapples with this question. As per the Socialsex review, you can be confident that the site is genuine and has several active users. While it is possible to find fake profiles, this trend is common on modern matchmaking sites.

Is Socialsex legit?

The Socialsex dating site is genuine. You can use the three-day plan worth $1.95 to verify this claim. Send lots of texts to possible hookups, and the responses will overwhelm you.

Is Social Sex anonymous?

Your identity on this dating site is a secret, and no one can reveal it. During registration, you choose a unique username –this gives you the freedom to remain anonymous. Though you may receive match suggestions, you should be confident that the support team does not reveal your identity.

What are the problems of using Socialsex?

There are no significant problems that result from using this dating site. However, previous users complained of the following:

  • Encountering fake profiles;
  • You will meet many women –this might be a downside if you were looking for male dates;
  • The interface is quite outdated;
  • Deleting your account is not instant; you must contact the support team for the action to be completed;
  • There is no straightforward way of contacting the support staff.

Help and Support

Though users have claimed to have had difficulty reaching the support team, little can be said about it. Nonetheless, you can always check the terms and conditions section for answers to your queries. The privacy policy section as well can be resourceful. The FAQ page has lots of instructions and possible responses to usability questions.

Socialsex Alternatives

Socialsex Alternatives

If you are unsure of the Socialsex app, below are some of its viable alternatives:

1. Plenty of Fish (POF)

POF has been in existence for quite a while (since 2003) and has plenty of subscribers. It started as a free dating site but later changed in 2015 by introducing membership subscriptions. You are likely to encounter thousands of singles when using the premium plans. You can access it via the website and mobile app. You can choose either of these premium packages; three months worth $38.99, six months at $59.99, and a twelve-month subscription at $89.99.

2. Fubar

When you think of a dating site that works like a social network, Fubar is unrivaled. Most of its features are free, and users get plenty of entertainment ranging from games to a virtual bar. Your online activity on the website earns you convertible points that can be used to enhance your experience. More than hooking up, you can establish social networks or use the website for leisure as you participate in games. You can also send virtual gifts to people you like. Users can become premium subscribers after paying a monthly subscription worth $14.71.

3. AdultFriendFinder.com

The dating site has plenty of free amateur content for its subscribers. Finding a partner on this website is a guarantee because of the over 90 million subscribers. AdultFriendFinder.com has badges that users can acquire to highlight their profiles. If you love erotic media and nude photos, you will find this hookup site viable. Users can choose either of the following premium plans; one month worth $39.95, three months membership costing $80.85, and a twelve-month subscription at $239.40.


What is Socialsex mostly used for?

If you are looking for casual hookups, the Socialsex platform is perfect for such encounters. You can also use it to view explicit media, interact with sexy and hot users, and establish social networks.

Is Socialsex a Working Dating Site?

Yes. There are a lot of real members looking for instant connections. The website is legitimate, but that doesn’t guarantee that every profile on the site is genuine. You can always research before contacting someone.

How to Close Socialsex Account

You can delete your account by sending your request to the technical team. This information includes your email address, username, and password. The action cannot be undone.

How to distinguish fake profiles on Socialsex?

It is easy to discern fake profiles on the Socialsex site. Below are some of the things that you might find suspicious; they imply a fake profile:

  • Someone is insisting on issues that you don’t like. For instance, a person keeps requesting sensitive details like banking information and your specific address.
  • A user refusing to chat via video and demands for a physical meeting at their place.
  • A profile that contains little details with blurred images
  • Automated-like feedback from the user can be alarming. For instance, gives one-worded responses or fails to respond appropriately.
  • Anytime you notice some of the above features, you should block the person or report the user.
Contact Information

Contact Information

Little can be said about the Socialsex website on this matter. It is located in California, USA, and operated by Socialsex Inc. Use the contacting form on the site to reach the customer support team.


With modern dating, you are guaranteed to meet thousands of singles online. After reviewing Socialsex.com, you can confidently say that it ranks well among top dating sites. Women have the upper hand; they can sign up and use every feature for free. On the other hand, men can browse through the profiles of countless ladies and choose to interact with those they like. Comparing Socialsex.com to competitor dating brands, you can be sure that it has many exclusive features that aim to enhance the user experience. You can chat with real people and what makes it better is that live and video chats are available for users to familiarize themselves with whom they are interacting with. The presence of many active profiles should motivate you to sign up. And if you want entertainment, Socialsex.com is a perfect choice. Whether you are interested in online dates, chatting, or participating in a live webcam, Socialsex stands out by catering to these and other online dating needs.

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