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Spiritual Singles Review: Great Dating Site?

Spiritual Singles Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 3 000 000
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Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Spiritual Singles applies compatibility algorithm for the best matchmaking;
  • High intelligent and mature user base with shared interests;
  • Informative and constructive profiles;
  • Suitable for youngsters and seniors 55+;
  • Users pass the personality test while signing up;
  • Extensive search filters;
  • Diverse communicative methods (text messages, video, audio);
  • Profiles contain introducing videos;
  • The website is informative and up-to-date (success stories, FAQ);
  • Customer support is helpful and professional;
  • There are dating tips and plenty of useful content about spirituality and eco-friendliness.
  • Multiple annoying ads;
  • The registration process is rather tiresome;
  • Profile approval may take up to twelve hours;
  • There is no mobile application.

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The Spiritual Singles reviews in the media point out on the site’s growing demand among singles worldwide. The portal exists in the global arena for more than two decades (since 2000). The site differs from the mass of the same-looking dating platforms due to its specific user base that consists of spiritually awake and eco-conscious men and women. The portal uses a comprehensive and unique algorithm based on the personality tests to connect singles with the best partners, corresponding to their preferences. This dating platform is not for everyone, but people with keen spiritual consciousness and a positive approach to life have good prospects of finding their love among like-minded individuals. So, who will like the site, and is it efficient for partner search? This Spiritual Singles review will clear it up.

Spiritual Singles Review: Great Dating Site?

Is Spiritual Singles a Multilingual Dating Site?

Yes, the site operates in several languages, including English, due to its global user base. The most active users live in the United States, Morocco, and England.

Who Owns Spiritual Singles Brand?

The spiritual Singles website operates under the Conscious Dating Network, LLC. The umbrella corporation is well-known in the online dating market; it owns several other popular brands.

Where Is Spiritual Singles Head Office?

The website is a part of the CDN corporation with a head office in the US (United States), MI, Michigan, 48917. You can find the contact details, i.e., emails to contact customer support, technical support, billing department on the Spiritual Singles website.

How Old Is Spiritual Singles?

The portal founded in 1998, but its official launch date in the international arena is the year 2000. Last year, the brand celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

What Is a Geographical Structure of Spiritual Singles Audience?

The site welcomes spiritually conscious singles from all parts of the world. The spiritual Singles review showed that its dominant audience lives in the US, UK, Morocco, and Georgia.

Peculiarities of the Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles differs from hundreds of dull dating sites due to its specific approach to matchmaking. There are a few dating platforms that cater to singles with highly spiritual consciousness. What are the site peculiarities that make it so demanded among global subscribers?

Compatibility Algorithm

Spiritual Singles can boast of its unique approach to matchmaking due to its one-of-a-kind comprehensive compatibility algorithm. It works that way that connects singles based on their shared values that relate to spiritual development, meditation, eco-friendliness, a goal to live with an open heart, passion for organic food, and so on.

Straightforward Profiles

Another peculiarity of the brand is user profiles. They are super in-detail, precise, and informative due to a large number of questions that newcomers need to answer during registration. New members even pass personality and astrological tests to help a matchmaking algorithm select the best partners.

Diverse Communication Options

Daters who register on the Spiritual Singles website can be sure that they will not suffer from a lack of communication due to a wide range of communication options. Except for traditional text messages, they can socialize via audio and video. Users have an option to add a video introduction to their profiles.

Advanced Matching

Matching with other mindful daters on Spiritual Singles differs from regular filters on other dating niches. Due to a large number of personal questions that users have to answer, matchmaking divides by the following categories: spirituality, personality traits, healthy lifestyle, yoga fans, eco-friendliness, love to Mother Nature, diet, and so on.

Quality of the Primary Audience

The Spiritual Singles review makes it clear that bystanders have little chances to get a membership on the website. The portal welcomes men and women with a high level of spirituality and desire for self-improvement and personal growth. People who come to the site do not search for sexual hookups that last one night. They stand for family values and building a lasting and healthy relationship with one partner.

Age Range

Spiritual Singles believes that true love has no age. The site welcomes people of all ages older than 18. The dominant part of subscribers is 25-45 years old. As for the sexual orientation of members, both homosexual and heterosexual people have all chances to find life partners on spiritualsingles.com.

Signs of Scam Accounts

When you register on a dating app, you want to know whether it is safe for use, i.e., if it has signs of scam accounts. Spiritual Singles reviews in the Internet state that the portal takes severe measures to get scammers aside. User identification helps moderators deal with fake accounts and keep bots on distance. No doubt, there are some fake profiles on the site, but they make less than 5% of the total amount.

Signs of Scam Accounts

Website and Mobile Version, Mobile App

Spiritual Singles is available on desktop and mobile. Unfortunately, there is no mobile application (it is one of the significant disadvantages of the portal).

Spiritual Singles App: Basic Features

Spiritual Singles does not have a mobile application. People who want to use the portal on their phones can do it via the mobile site, which has similar features to the desktop.

Spiritual Singles Website: Basic Features and User-Friendliness

Spiritual Singles website is super informative and has a trendy design in pastel colors. The interface is user-friendly: all necessary buttons (Join/Login) are visible when you open the site. There is a section of success stories and a panel with images of happy couples who managed to find soul mates on spiritualsingles.com. At the bottom of the main page, you can find in-detail information about how the portal works, its policy rules, links to contact customer support, and dating tips from relationship coaches.

Can I Use the Desktop Site to Search for Dates?

Yes, the desktop website has all the necessary features and options to search for dates and communicate with other members.

Is Spiritual Singles Available on All Browsers?

The website operates on the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Mozilla, Internet Explorer.

Why I Cannot Enter the Website?

There are several reasons why you cannot enter the site. First, you need to check your Internet connection. Second, make sure that you completed the registration successfully (confirmed your email during verification). Third, check whether you entered the right username and password when trying to log in. Finally, a moderating team could block your account if you violated the site policy.

Interface: Pros and Cons

The Spiritual Singles website has a futuristic interface with a good structure. The active buttons are visible at first glance. You can read about the site goal when you first enter spiritualsingles.com. Images of happy couples create a favorable impression and make users believe that they can do the same. The only disadvantage that multiple subscribers complain about is the presence of advertisements (most of them have no relation to dating).

Registration Process: Step-By-Step Guide

Registration on Spiritual Singles takes more time and effort than that on other dating niches. Still, it is worth it if you want to join the community of smart, open-minded, and spiritually awake singles. For a start, the site will ask you to enter your contact details, i.e., username and email (it is required to pass verification). Then, you will need to enter some necessary details (birthday, gender identity, city of residence, orientation) and download a photo.

The Spiritual Singles review showed that the portal takes serious measures to reduce the presence of fake accounts. Newcomers have to pass email verification to join this spiritually conscious community. When you received an approval of the moderating team, you need to complete your profile and pass a personality test that includes a series of questions related to eco-friendliness, spiritual growth, and your lifestyle. This process may take up to one hour, depending on your precise answers.

When Can I Start Matching With Other Spiritual Singles Members?

Once you completed signing up and passed verification on the site, you need to answer a series of matching questions and download a video introduction to your profile. After that, you can connect with other members.

How Old Is Spiritual Singles Primary Audience?

The site policy states that you should be at least 18 years old to join spiritualsingles.com. In general, the platform is suitable for people of all ages who are mindful, eco-friendly, and have a high level of spiritual consciousness.

Why Do I Need to Verify My Account?

Email verification is a must-to-do step if you want to join the site community. Moderators also check profile photos on their correspondence to the policy (nudity and explicit images are forbidden).

How Can I Pass Verification to Get a Membership?

You need to fill in your valid email address in the registration window to receive a confirmation link. Once you received the link, click on it to confirm that your account is not fake. If you did not receive the link within several minutes, click on the Get another link button.

Can I Register Via Facebook or Any Other Social Network?

Unfortunately, there is no option to register on Spiritual Singles via your Facebook or any other social network account.

Why Do I Need to Sign Up?

You need to sign up on the website if you want to have access to its services, i.e., searching for dates and communicating. You cannot connect with other singles without getting a membership.

Why Do I Need to Sign Up?

How to Edit Profile Data?

Profiles on Spiritual Singles are super informative due to a vast number of matching questions that newcomers need to answer and a personality test they need to complete. Except for the standard questions about appearance, orientation, habits, and relationship goals, members need to answer a series of questions related to spirituality, ethics, eco-friendliness, lifestyle, diet, and life values.

In addition to these questions, users can download a video introduction to tell other daters more about themselves. Premium users can add two videos instead of one. They can also download twenty photos to their profiles, while free daters can add only two. On the whole, profile creation may take about one hour or more, depending on your in-detail answers, plus the time to record and download a video. Once you finished editing your profile, you need to wait when a moderating team approves it (it may take up to twelve hours). Until then, your profile will remain invisible, meaning that it will not appear in the search results.

Can I Change My Profile Photo on Spiritual Singles?

Yes, you can change your profile photo later, but make sure that it corresponds to the policy.

Can I Edit My Username on Spiritual Singles?

You cannot change your username on the site after you completed registration.

How Can I Delete My Spiritual Singles Profile?

If you decide to delete your profile, go to the Account settings on spiritualsingles.com and select Close account from the given list.

How Can I Hide My Profile on Spiritual Singles?

There is no option to hide your profile on the portal. You can only close your account, but note that it will lead to losing all data.

Can I Edit Information in My Spiritual Singles Account?

You can edit some personal and contact information in your account, but you cannot change your personality test answers.

Member Search: Main Features and Peculiarities

When a moderating team approves your profile, it becomes visible to other subscribers, meaning that you can finally interact with other members. Both free and premium daters on Spiritual Singles receive a list of prospective matches based on their preferences. The site users a complicated compatibility algorithm based on personality tests and match questions to connect daters with a similar approach to spirituality, lifestyle, relationship goals, and family values.

How Can I See Other Members Profiles on Spiritual Singles?

You can view profiles you like by clicking on them in the gallery. Moreover, subscribers can see a compatibility analysis in percent to persuade that this particular person matches their criteria.

What Are the Main Search Features on Spiritual Singles?

Both free and paid daters can browse profiles on Spiritual Singles manually. This option does not require a VIP status. You can indicate if a user is online when seeing a green icon near his/her profile. Daters can express interest in someone particular and send Hello to break the ice. There is also an option to add users to your Favorites list.

Can I See If Someone Likes Me on Spiritual Singles?

Free users cannot see if someone likes them on the portal; they need to upgrade their status to premium to get this option.

How to Get in Contact With Other Daters?

The site offers several options to reach other daters on the Spiritual Singles website. Members can interact via IMs and video chat or send Hello and like to show interest.

How Can I Interact With Others on Spiritual Singles?

The best way to break the ice on Spiritual Singles is by sending Hello or Like to express interest. Daters can interact via text messages and video chat, but there are some limitations to free users.

How Can I Send a Message to Show Interest?

Premium members can send an unlimited number of text messages to both free and paid members. Free members can reply to IMs of premium singles, but they cannot connect them first. Premium daters can also add images to their IMs (free users cannot do it).

How Can I Send a Message to Show Interest?

Is Messaging Free of Charge?

Sending messages is a prerogative of premium daters. Free users can only respond to them, but they cannot reach other members without upgrading their status.

How Can I Open Messages on Spiritual Singles?

Members receive notifications when someone sends them an IM. They can open the messages in the Inbox panel.

Can I Arrange Webcam Chats on Spiritual Singles?

Yes, singles can interact via video chat.

Can I Filter Users Who Message Me on Spiritual Singles?

If you do not want to receive messages from particular users on the Spiritual Singles website, you can block them anytime. There is an option to unblock a user if you change your mind.

Free vs. Paid Subscription: Features and Payment Methods

Spiritual Singles has two types of subscription: free and paid. What are the key differences between these two types, and how can one pay for the premium subscription? The Spiritual Singles review will shed some light.

Key Features of a Free Subscription

Free daters receive the following kit of features when registering on the site:

  • Add two photos and one video to their profiles;
  • Search for partners;
  • Send Hello and Likes;
  • Create a Favorites List;
  • Reply to IMs of premium singles;
  • See compatibility results;
  • Free users receive a list of prospective matches.

Key Features of a Premium Subscription

Premium daters receive a kit of extra bonuses additionally to a free services package:

  • Add twenty photos and two videos to profiles;
  • Send IMS to both free and paid singles;
  • Attach images to messages;
  • Paid users can see astrological information about other members.

The payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. The cost of the premium subscription (PS) depends on the duration plan.

One-month PS


Three-month PS


Six-month PS


How Can I Upgrade My Membership on Spiritual Singles?

Members can upgrade their membership by purchasing a premium subscription. Its cost starts from $19 and varies depending on the duration plan.

How Do I Cancel My Premium Subscription on Spiritual Singles?

User can cancel their subscription in the account settings. Please note that the site administration does not make a refund if you cancel it before the expiry date.

How Can I Turn Off Auto-Renewal on Spiritual Singles?

Premium subscription on Spiritual Singles renews automatically after its expiry. The site sends notification 48 hours before the expiry date. You can turn off auto-renewal in the Billing section of your account.

How Can I Get a Refund If I Cancel My Subscription Earlier?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund if you cancel your PS before it expires. You can contact customer support and ask them to review your case.

Does My PS on Spiritual Singles Auto-Renews Every Month?

No, your premium subscription renews after its expiry date. It can be one, three, or six months depending on the PS plan.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee on Spiritual Singles?

Spiritual Singles does not have a money-back guarantee option if some members fail to find matches or feel disappointed about their experience.

How Can I Get a Bill From Spiritual Singles?

All transactions will appear in your monthly bill if you pay for a premium membership via a credit card or a bank transfer.

Can I Pay for Other Spiritual Singles Members?

You cannot pay for other members on the Spiritual Singles website. You can only provide your credit card details to them, but the site strictly recommends not doing it!

Can I Pay for Just One Month?

Each member can pay only for him/herself. The cost varies depending on the PS duration (one, three, or six months).

Can I Pay for Just One Month?

How Can Members Feel Safe Using Spiritual Singles?

If you look through the multiple Spiritual Singles reviews on the Internet, you will see that the leading segment of daters loves the site for its safety background and an experienced moderating department that protects the members from scammers attacks. How do they make it possible?

Privacy Concerns on Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles has a reputation of a legitimate dating site for spiritually mature men and ladies. Subscribers can be sure that their personal and contact data will never leave the platform borders. Active moderators check all profiles on their compatibility to the site goal, while email verification and photo approval help reduce a scam occurrence.

How Can I Feel Safe While Chatting With Spiritual Singles Members?

When you communicate with other singles via IMs, you can be sure that Spiritual Singles protects your chats with an SSL encryption. It means that all information that you disclose during private chats will not pass to unrelated parties.

Does the Spiritual Singles Website Keep Track on My Activity?

SS monitors your actions to improve its operating algorithm, i.e., to see how many hours you spend on the site, what search filters you apply, and which communication methods you prefer for interacting with other singles.

Can the Police Track My Actions on Spiritual Singles?

The police cannot monitor your activity (personal information, chats, and videos) on spiritualsingles.com.

Can I Contact a Spiritual Singles Help Center If I Have Privacy Concerns?

Of course, you can appeal to the customer service department if you have any concerns about your privacy on Spiritual Singles. You can text them to support@spiritualsingles.com.

How One Can Be Sure About the Site Safety?

Email verification and profile checking are the two prior things that guarantee safety environment on the platform. Daters need to pass an in-detail personality test to prove that their primary goals correspond to the site policy. The portal applies a compatibility algorithm and in-depth analysis to connect men and women with the best partners corresponding to their criteria and identify gold-diggers and sugar babies. Members can also read about safe dating tips (like never passing your financial data to anyone) before starting communicating with other singles.

Do the Spiritual Singles Forums Require Moderation?

The website does not have forums, but there are plenty of articles and inspirational posts that require expert moderation.

Are There Gold-Diggers on Spiritual Singles?

The portal tends to create a friendly and safe environment for all spiritually conscious members, but of course, it is hard to deny the presence of gold-diggers (like on the majority of dating platforms). If you understand that another member wants to get money from you or asks for your credit card details, you should immediately report a case to the customer support department.

What If the Site Banned My Account?

There can be several reasons why you cannot enter your account on the Spiritual Singles website. First, you forgot your username or password. Second, the site administration banned your account.

Why Can Spiritual Singles Ban Your Account?

It may happen if you violate any of the site rules (abusive behavior, explicit content, etc.). You can read the site policy and terms of service to check what rules you could violate. If you are still not sure, you can contact customer support.

Why Can Spiritual Singles Ban Your Account?

For How Long Can Spiritual Singles Ban Accounts?

When the site bans your account, you can contact the help center to resolve the dispute. Usually, it takes up to several days or longer if the portal requires some additional information and proof.

How Can I Unban My Account?

If you want to unban your account on Spiritual Singles, you may need to provide evidence that you did not violate any of the site rules (screenshots, documents, photo identification, etc.).

How to Protect Yourself on the Site?

The basic rule is understanding that you are the only person who can protect yourself from scammers and gold-diggers. Thus, it is vitally important to avoid passing your contact and bank details to suspicious users.

How Can I Block a User/Report Misbehavior?

You can block another single by clicking on his/her profile and selecting Block this member. If you want to report abusive or offensive behavior, you need to contact a customer support team and provide proof of your words (for example, screenshots of your dialogue).

What Is Forbidden Content on My Spiritual Singles Account?

The site can ban your SS account for posting or sharing forbidden content, i.e., nudity, offensive remarks, explicit images, paid advertisements, etc. You can learn more about forbidden content in the Policy section.

Customer Support: How to Contact the Help Center?

If users have any trouble, technical issues, or questions about how Spiritual Singles works, they can always appeal customer support, following a link on the main page or writing to them directly on support@spiritualsingles.com.

Is the Site Indeed Safe for Partner Search: Expert Check

Spiritual Singles exists in the global dating arena for more than twenty years. During this lasting period, there were a few reports of scammers and bots, but it is a typical story for all matchmaking platforms. Email verification, profile identification, and in-depth analytical analysis of the user base help the site administration protect regular members from data leakage, scammers, gold-diggers, and thieves.

Is Spiritual Singles Website Efficient for Finding Soul Mates?

The portal has one primary mission: connecting spiritually awake and mindful singles with men and women of shared lifestyle and values. Successful love stories and positive reviews prove that SS does its job on the highest level.

Does Spiritual Singles website Welcome Casual Hookups?

No, it does not. The site stands for serious and lasting relationships and strong family values, but not for one-night hookups.

Can I Use Spiritual Singles Free of Charge?

Yes, registration on the website is gratis for everyone, but subscribers can upgrade their membership to premium to have access to additional bonuses.

Does Spiritual Single Work to Connect Like-Minded People?

The portal is suitable for singles who have a shared passion for spirituality and eco-friendliness. Before connecting a particular member, users can see compatibility results to ensure they match each other.

What About Fake Members on the Spiritual Singles Website?

It will be strange to suggest that there are zero fake accounts on Spiritual Singles. Still, their amount is remarkably low. It is a result of an excellent job in a moderating department.

What Are Spiritual Singles Alternatives?

People who register on Spiritual Singles may also like its alternatives that also tend to connect singles who stand for spiritual growth and self-development:

  • Conscious Singles;
  • Just Spiritual Dating;
  • DharmaMatch.

Contact Details

Company: Conscious Dating Network, LLC

Address: US (United States), MI, Michigan, 48917

Phone: +1 (800) 3337680

Email: support@spiritualsingles.com, billing@spiritualsingles.com

Final Verdict About the Site

The Spiritual Singles reviews on the Internet and an increasing number of successful love stories prove that the site copes with its primary mission – connecting spiritually conscious and mindful men and ladies with shared life values. The site has devoted fans in different parts of the world during its two-decade existence in the dating arena. People who dream of finding life partners with the help of in-depth compatibility analysis will fall in love with Spiritual Singles.

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