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Swingers Heaven Review: Great Dating Site?

Swingers Heaven Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 27-42
Beauty 42%
Profiles 20 000
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Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site offers strong privacy and data protection.
  • It is highly moderated.
  • There are localized domains for popular locations.
  • It comes with a forum that is free for all users.
  • You can post a personal ad on the site.
  • The site is free for singles.
  • There are plenty of fake accounts and potential scammers on the site.
  • The site hosts explicit content.
  • There is no app version for the site.
  • Uploading a profile picture is optional.
  • You need a premium membership to send messages.

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Swingers Heaven is a dating site that caters for people who are into swinging and dogging. The site allows users to find friends, chat online with like-minded couples, and arrange for meetups to have fun. At this platform, you can even browse through personal ads to find swingers in your local area. There is also loads of information and tips that will help you stay safe when swinging on Swingers Heaven. As more people begin to appreciate the lifestyle, you will have more swinging couples. It is the best dating site for swingers because it offers everything anyone can possibly want to savor. Here is a complete Swingers Heaven review.

How many languages does Swingers Heaven support?

Swingers Heaven is popular in English speaking countries. As such, the website supports English as the primary language on its dating platform.

Who is the owner of Swingers Heaven?

There is no information about the company or the person behind Swingers Heaven.

Where is the Swingers Heaven headquarter located?

Swingers Heaven has localized domains in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Canada. The site does not offer information about their physical offices.

When was Swingers Heaven established?

Judging by the size of the userbase, Swingers Heaven has been around for quite some time now. The site has clearly grown its large audience over a long period.

Is Swingers Heaven available around the world?

Yes. While Swingers Heaven has localized domains for areas served, anyone can open an account on the site. The site is home to an active swinging community that are well spread around the world.

Special Features

Swingers Heaven Special Features

Swingers Heaven offers plenty of special features that allow users to make the most of the site. These feature provide a wide range of services including advertising and connecting members with potential matches.


For people who enjoy having casual sex in the open, the dogging feature on Swingers Heaven allows you to find a partner in your area with ease. This feature allows member to break the ice and go straight into the fun and games of dogging. Besides, it can also invite other users to participate in dogging including watching others doing so. Since everyone here is on the same page, the members can avoid awkward moments.


The story feature on Swingers Heaven allows members to share and learn from other swinging and dogging escapades that have happened on the site. Swingers Heaven allows users to share all success stories and tips to allow other member to learn from their successes. The story feature also allows member to connect and interact based on their shared interests.

Photo ads

One of the hardest things to do when online dating is getting someone who meets your specific needs and requirements. At Swingers Heaven, you can create an ad were you lay out exactly what you are looking for from other members. That way, you can get a match that is also looking to get down the way you are and have the same kind of fun. Instead of taking a chance with someone seeing this on your profile, Swingers Heaven allows you to send a platform-wide broadcast.

Audience Quality

Swingers Heaven Audience Quality

The most active section of Swingers Heaven is the forums and public chats. The site enjoys an active user base of around 30,000 active weekly users. You can join any forum at any time and participate on any topic of discussion. While most swingers on Swingers Heaven forums are usually couple, single people are also welcomed to participate. Like any other dating site on the market, men outnumber women on the site. However, given that most Swingers Heaven member register as couples, the difference is not that wide.

Age distribution

Since most members on Swingers Heaven are couples, you can expect that some age groups are balanced. The majority of members on Swingers Heaven are aged 35 to 44 years. This group makes up both the majority of both men and women on the site. Men who are aged 18 to 24 years are also well represented while women in the same age group as well as those aged 45 to 54 are few. There are little to no women aged 55 years and older on Swingers Heaven. On the contrary, men age 55 years and older are just as many as those aged 25 to 34 years who also balance with women of the same age.

Fakes and scammers

As you can expect, some people might want to interact on Swingers Heaven using fake accounts. However, this also means that scammer can have easy access to member who are looking to have casual fun. While most might be wary of their privacy hence the fake account, this only means it is just as easy for scammer to gain access to Swingers Heaven.

Mobile App and Website

Swingers Heaven Mobile App and Website

Swingers Heaven works to ensure all members can access and use their platform with great ease. The platform is design and optimized for use on whatever device including computer and smartphone.

Swingers Heaven App

At the moment, Swingers Heaven does not have a mobile app for their dating platform. There is also no indication that an app is up for release soon or under development. Instead, it has put resource into ensuring the Swingers Heaven website is optimized for access through smartphone browsers.

Swingers Heaven website

The platform offers nothing stunning compared to the most popular dating sites. It feature a clear-view design with a straightforward navigation. However, Swingers Heaven attempts to cram everything into the homepage, which makes it busy rather than appealing. It is easy to understand where you need to go on the Swingers Heaven website.

Can I use the app via my PC?

No, there is no computer app for its platform. Instead, you can use the Swingers Heaven website on your computer to access all the features.

Which browsers give access to Swingers Heaven?

Swingers Heaven does not have special browser requirements. You can access the site from any browser on your smartphone or computer including Opera, Chrome, Bing, and FireFox.

Why I cannot enter the site?

If you are having a hard time access the site, consider doing a Google search. You can also add your country of origin to get connected to the localized domain of Swingers Heaven.


The overall look and feel is simple. The functionality of the site is not complicated at all. Even when you are new to swinging, Swingers Heaven allows you to easily navigate the site and understand what is happening by providing a definition of popular terms. Regardless of your age and computer literacy, you will surely get familiarized with the site within a short period.

Registration process

Swingers Heaven Registration process

The registration process is hassle-free. You only need less than 10 mins to complete this stage. For starters, Swingers Heaven allows members to create an account as individuals or couples. The couple registration allows both parties to share the same interface and inbox account. Once you create an account on Swingers Heaven, they will provide you with a seven-day free trial to give you a taste of what the site has to offer.

Can I unmatch a Swingers Heaven member?

Yes. At Swingers Heaven, the user has complete control over all the interaction they participate in on the dating site. When a user does not like a match, they have the option to unmatch them.

What is the minimal age to register on Swingers Heaven?

Swingers Heaven follows strict policies that protect minors from sexual exploitations. Therefore, everyone has to certify that they are 18 years and older.

What do I need to verify my account?

Swingers Heaven needs you to provide a valid email address to help verify your account. The verification process is simple and does not involve complex requirements.

How should I verify my email address?

Upon providing a valid email address when creating an account, Swingers Heaven will forward a confirmation message to you. The message will include a confirmation link, which you can use to verify your account.

What if I want to register using my Facebook Account?

Swingers Heaven does not have the option to create an account using your Facebook account. There is also no option to link both accounts together.

Can I use the dating platform without signing up?

No. While you can see a significant amount of the activity that takes place on the site from the homepage, you will need an account to access the database.

Profile set-up

The profile quality on Swingers Heaven is a lot like most dating sites and social media sites. If you have created a profile anywhere before, the process at Swingers Heaven is no different. Swingers Heaven allows you to make as many changes to your profile after completing the registration process. The profile setup template allows each user to create a uniformed and well-detailed profile.

Can I delete photos uploaded to my Swingers Heaven profile?

Yes. You can make any edit to your profile after completing the registration. This includes deleting photos you uploaded to your profile.

Can I edit my username in Swingers Heaven?

To see what you can edit, go to the Swingers Heaven website and find the profile setting section. There should be an option to edit information on your account. Click on it to make the changes.

Is it possible to delete my Swingers Heaven profile?

Yes. If you want to leave Swingers Heaven, you can delete anything that has to do with your profile from the account setting page. It allows members to delete account using an option provided on the page or contact support for help.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Swingers Heaven” option?

This option will hide your profile from other Swingers Heaven members. The option is dedicated to people who want to leave the site for a short period.

Can I delete or change the information submitted to my Swingers Heaven account?

Yes. However, Swingers Heaven limits the kind of information users can delete from their accounts. To see what you can omit, click on the edit option on profile settings page.

The search tool on a dating tool is essential and vital to the success of the site. Swingers Heaven has a member search tool that allows users to go through the entire database to find people who meet certain specifications. The search feature can be calibrated a lot of time using premium search filters to find the most desirable members for each user.

Can I see the Swingers Heaven members who I liked in my list of favorites?

No. Swingers Heaven does not allow members to view the profile of any user on the site for free. Members can unlock these features with premium membership.

What are the special features of Swingers Heaven Search?

The member search feature can be customized according to the desires of the user. These options include

  • What you are looking for
  • Relationship status
  • Interests
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Height and weight
  • Ethnicity
  • New users

Is it possible to see if someone likes me being a free member?

No. This feature is only available to premium members only. Standard account users can see search results and likes on Swingers Heaven for the first seven days on the site.


The messaging tool is easy to use. It allows Swingers Heaven to communicate easily among themselves. It provides users with plenty of option to make contact with other members. For standard users, Swingers Heaven allows them to send a maximum of three messages every day.

How to start chatting with someone on Swingers Heaven?

All Swingers Heaven profile come with a messaging option represented by a chat icon. To send a message to another user, click on the chat icon to launch the messaging tool.

How can I send a message to someone?

To send a message to someone in your contact list, go to your inbox page and click on the Swingers Heaven user you want to message.

Is sending messages a free option?

Yes. However, Swingers Heaven limits the number of messages standard users can send to three per day. More features can be unlocked when a user purchases a premium membership plan.

How can I see my messages on Swingers Heaven?

When a member sends you a message on Swingers Heaven, you will find a notification of the same on your inbox page. The message will carry there profile picture that you can click on to see the member.

How to use a video chat on Swingers Heaven?

When you want to video chat on Swingers Heaven, click on the camera icon to provide permission to access your webcam and smartphone camera. The camera will turn on as soon as access is granted.

How can I filter who can send messages to me on Swingers Heaven?

To prevent another Swingers Heaven user from sending you messages on the site, use the menu bar to find the block user option. The member will find an error message when they try to contact you.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

When someone creates an account in Swingers Heaven, they are immediately given a seven-day free trial of the premium membership plan. After the seven days, the user can opt for a premium plan to be able to enjoy the same features and functionalities. Otherwise, the standard account at Swingers Heaven allows the member to also use the site with some limitations.

Free Membership Features

Swingers Heaven Free Membership Features

The standard account membership is available seven days after a new account has been created and no premium plan exists. It offers the following features

  • Create a profile
  • Three messages per day
  • See limited photos
  • See members who view you
  • 7-days of premium membership
  • Hide activity
  • Send quickie messages
  • Participate in forums
  • Upload photos
  • See profile matches

Premium Membership Features

The paid membership plan offers the user added features and functionalities that allow them to make the most of Swingers Heaven. It offers the following features

  • Everything in free account package
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Upload explicit content including photos and videos
  • Change activity feed settings
  • See people who saw your profile
  • Participate in Chatroom Video chats
  • Full chatroom access

Does Swingers Heaven offer premium membership?

Yes. Swingers Heaven offers the premium membership account for free to new members for seven days. It offers access to the most advanced features and settings on the site.

How can I cancel my Swingers Heaven subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription to Swingers Heaven, go to the account settings page and find the billing section. You will see a cancel subscription option, click on it to confirm the selection and proceed.

Is Swingers Heaven membership auto-renewed?

Yes. For easy and uninterrupted access, Swingers Heaven auto-renews all subscriptions to the dating site. The setting is automatically selected once a user provides a payment method for future payments.

Can I get my money back for unused time?

No. Swingers Heaven does not offer refunds when users want to leave the dating site. Instead, you can present your complaints to the customer support team for action. Besides, this also helps them make the site a better place for everyone.

Is my “support” to Swingers Heaven automatically renewed every month?

No. Swingers Heaven does not renew any donations and support offered by its members on a monthly basis. Instead, members can send support as many times as they want.

Can I get my money back, if I didn’t like the Swingers Heaven service?

No. Swingers Heaven does not have a money back guarantee policy that allows you to get your subscription payment back when you are not satisfied. Instead, it insists on working with its members to help make the platform better.

How will my Swingers Heaven “support” be shown on my credit card bill?

All billings to credit card carry the brand name Swingers Heaven. The charge will also carry the date of the transaction as any other charge to credit cards appear.

Can I give “support” to other Swingers Heaven members?

No. Swingers Heaven does not allow users to exchange support on the platform. This policy allows them to ensure their dating site is safe from scammer and avoids conflict between users.

Can I pay for just one month?

Yes. Swingers Heaven does not have a minimum requirement for sending support. Members can offer support as many times as they want.

Is Swingers Heaven Really Safe?

Swingers Heaven Really Safe

Swingers Heaven is the safest place to find a genuine swinger living in your area. The community is made up almost entirely by people who are sexually adventurous. While the site is still prawn to some of the challenges facing dating sites, it is relatively safe. Its strength is based on the vast membership base of people who value safety and privacy above everything. There are a good number of ways everyone can stay safe when using the dating website. It helps you connect with other user by sharing your desires safely.

Privacy in Swingers Heaven

If you are someone is quite adventurous when it comes to sex, chances are you value your privacy just as much. The good thing is that Swingers Heaven hears and understands you. As a result, the dating site has a strict privacy policy that seeks to ensure everyone is safe when expressing themselves in the open. The site works well with you to ensure you protect your privacy with a wide array of tools and features.

Are my Swingers Heaven chats encrypted?

Yes. All chats on Swingers Heaven remain encrypted and only available for the users involved to read. This allows each member to share all their sexual fantasies in a safe environment.

Can Swingers Heaven track you down?

No. Swingers Heaven will not track you down, deliver items to you, or send people to your doorstep at any time.

Is it possible for Swingers Heaven to be traced by the police?

No. Swingers Heaven does not offer information to the police unless they are compelled to do so by due process.

Who should I contact regarding my privacy questions on Swingers Heaven?

If you have any question and concerns about privacy on Swingers Heaven, you can contact the support team for assistance.


While Swingers Heaven offers you your best shot at finding like-minded people for sexual adventure, it is still important to exercise safety precautions. It create a safe environment where everyone is welcome no matter their sexual fantasies and background. Whereas Swingers Heaven encourages everyone to express their kinky side in the open, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. The dating environment is a lot different compared to the traditional way of dating, so it is important to practice safety tips.

Are Swingers Heaven forums threads moderated?

Yes. The Swingers Heaven website admin moderates forums and chatroom to ensure there is no abuse to any individual or terms of use.

How do the Swingers Heaven customer support deal with users who try to solicit money?

The member will permanently lose access to their account. Swingers Heaven does not take policy violation lightly and acts promptly to stop such practices.

Banned account

Swingers Heaven Banned account

If you want to meet and find singles and couples that are open to casual and fun sexual adventures, then you need Swingers Heaven. However, if you violate any of their policies, you will lose access to the platform as well as the community. The platform does not take any violations made to community guidelines and terms of using the website lightly. Such cases are investigated and judgement passed on the user.

Why can I have a problem with the access to Swingers Heaven?

If you cannot access your account at Swingers Heaven, it could be that you have been banned from the dating platform. You can contact support or check your email address for assistance.

How long are Swingers Heaven bans last?

Swingers Heaven are permanent.

Can I reactivate my banned account?

Swingers Heaven considers the decision to ban an account final. There is no appeal process to reverse the decision.

Protect yourself

The key at Swingers Heaven is to have fun. However, you should also note that danger is always larking at each corner when online dating. Swingers Heaven is a popular place to meet people and plan for meetups and hookups within minutes. The site gives you a high chance to meet like-minded people and the best tools to protect yourself when going about this business. There are a lot of feature to try and functionalities to explore to try and protect yourself on Swingers Heaven.

How to block and report a suspected scammer?

The menu bar on each profile and chat room has a ‘block and report’ user option, which allows member to either block or report suspected scammer to Swingers Heaven.

Which information is not allowed to be posted in your Swingers Heaven Account?

Swingers Heaven does not allow you to post your home address and contact information to your profile.

Help and Support

When you get stuck, it is so easy to get help on Swingers Heaven. You can contact the support team using the ‘contact us’ page, which list all the way you can get in touch with the officials. The team is always at hand to handle any inquiries and complaints that member may have at any given time.

Real Life Review

Swingers Heaven Real Life

If you and your partner consider yourself a kinky pair, then you are welcome to explore Swingers Heaven. The dating site is perfect for people who want nothing but sexual pleasure. The site host several singles and couples who are open to sexual adventures. The community is active and very lively when it comes to arranging for meetup and dogging events.

Is Swingers Heaven the best dating service?

Yes. Swingers Heaven promotes sexual adventure by creating a safe and private environment where people who are looking to explore their kinky side can do so even when committed to other people.

Is Swingers Heaven safe dating service?

Yes, the Swingers Heaven website provides a safe place to interact with special tool to protect yourself on the platform.

Is Swingers Heaven a hook-up app?

Yes, it is a dating site that allows members to arrange for hookups and other sexual arrangements.

Is the Swingers Heaven subscription free?

Yes. Swingers Heaven is a free to use dating site that offer premium access for the first 7-days. However, members need to opt for the premium plan for added features.

How does Swingers Heaven function?

Swingers Heaven promotes sexual fantasies such as swinging and dogging. The website connects singles and couples who are looking to spice up their sexual lives. It has been providing the ideal space to express your sexual fantasies for years.

Can I come across fake or scam members on Swingers Heaven?

Yes. Swingers Heaven, like any other dating site, is plagued with people using fake and bogus accounts as well as scammer on the dating platform.

Alternative sites like Swingers Heaven

Similar sites and apps to Swingers Heaven include XMatch.com, SwingLifestyle.com, FriendFinder-X, SDC.com, and Kasidie.

Contact Information

  • Company: Symbios Solutions Limited
  • Address: 16-18 Barnes Wallis Road, Segensworth East, PO15 5TT, United Kingdom
  • E-Mail: info@SwingersHeaven.com


Swingers Heaven Conclusion

Swingers Heaven is a very convent way to meet people who are open to making any form of sexual adventure. There is a high chance that you will get spontaneous satisfaction when you participate on this site. If you are one of those people or couples that love swinging or dogging, then this is the best dating site for you.

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