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TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 2.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • TransgenderDate has various communication methods, such as chat rooms, blogs, forums, messages, etc. It helps you interact with your fellow members more comfortably.
  • The members of this website can make their blogs where they can write their opinions about dating. They can also read blogs written by fellow members.
  • The dating website is free of cost and does not involve any hidden costs.
  • The profiles contain sufficient details and go through a meticulous verification process.
  • The website has a large user base where the members actively participate in the platform and often respond to each other.
  • The TransgenderDate reviews indicate that the website’s biggest drawback is that it does not have a mobile application in modern digital life.
  • You can contact the customer support team through email, but live chat or helpline number is not available for more comfortable communication.
  • The layout of the TransgenderDate website is not updated and developed according to the current trends.

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The detailed article of TransgenderDate review provides all the necessary information about the online niche dating website TransgenderDate. TransgenderDate is specially designed & crafted to serve the people belonging to the LGBTQ community. Though it mainly offers its services to Transsexuals, TransgenderDate welcomes people with other sexual orientations as well. It is not a website for hook-ups between transexuals; instead, it helps them find real partners to build strong relationships.

What Are the Languages Available on TransgenderDate?

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

The Website of TransgenderDate is not available in any language other than English. You will not find an auto-translation feature on the TransgenderDate website. The website does not create any hindrance because of the significant number of users on this site belonging to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Iran, etc.

Who Owns TransgenderDate Dating Website?

The dating website Transgender.com is operated by the company TransgenderDate, which is register under the legal rules of New York.

What Is the Precise Location of TransgenderDate?

Although the services of TransgenderDate website are available across the entire world, the website’s headquarter is in New York City in the United States.

When Did TransgenderDate Became Operational?

The TransgenderDate website was launched in the year 2007, and since then, it is successfully running as a dating website for transsexuals.

Is TransgenderDate a Global Dating Website?

Yes, TransgenderDate is available all over the world as an online dating platform for transsexuals. Still, most of the members of this website come from the countries of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Special Features Offered By This Platform


TransgenderDate is a popular platform for displaying advertisements. Whether you are trying to do a personal ad or business advertisement, you can make payment to the website for showing your ad in the blogs, webpages, profiles, forums, search results, and mailboxes. Various banner sizes for advertisements are available to the users that they can decide and customize according to their preferences.


The mailbox feature works as a general email; you can send emails to fellow members. You can also attach pictures and documents with your email. The website also allows you to observe the time when the user saw your email.


The forums have similar functions to chat rooms. The poems revolve around different topics such as dating tips, sexual activities, etc. You can participate and upload a post in various forums.


Blogs are an expressive medium where the members can publish their ideas. The posts on the blogs should not violate the policies of the TransgenderDate website. You can read pieces written by other members and also, you can write on your own as well. This feature helps to establish a strong interaction between the members of the community.

What Is the Member Quality of This Platform?

The website has more than 1 lakh registered members, and most of the accounts are verified. Five hundred members log in the site daily, and for the last decade, TransgenderDate has become a trusted platform for finding serious relationships for transsexuals. The members predominantly belong to countries like the United States, Netherlands, Iran, and the United Kingdom. The members on this website take part in regular activities and give responses quickly. The profiles contain sufficient photographs and details so that other members receive a clear idea about the user of the profile.

Average age of the Users

The minimum age to register on the TransgenderDate website is 18 years. There are members of different age groups on this website, but the significant number of members on this dating website belong to 25 to 44.

Fake Profiles on the Platform

Though TransgenderDate is a free website, it has a strict verification process for every user. Verified users can access all the site features for free wireless unverified users who are not given proper rank on the website. It is easy to pick out the fake profiles and scams on the website as the unverified profiles are not trustable. The number of fake profiles and scams is lesser here than other free dating sites. While communicating with fellow members, you should always opt for verified and detailed accounts to avoid scams.

Mobile Application and Web Platform of This Website

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

TransgenderDate.com is an online dating website that mainly tends to find close relationships for single Transgender people. The site has not yet launched its mobile application, but you can easily access the website on your mobile phone. It is as functional as the desktop version and offers similar features. The majority of TransgenderDate reviews indicate that users want a mobile app on the platform.

TransgenderDate Mobile App: Is It Smooth?

The TransgenderDate website does not have a mobile application that you can install on your Android and iPhone devices, but you can easily browse through the website on the browser of your mobile phone. The mobile version of the site functions quite smoothly and helps you to use it from anywhere and anytime.

Design and Layout of TransgenderDate Website

Though the website’s entire design is not well updated, it contains a lot of advanced features. The neat organization of the features on the site makes it easy for users to navigate. The website includes many advertisements, but the color combinations and fonts of the website make it soothing. Though it is a free website, it is safe and helps maintain user privacy. Most of the TransgenderDate reviews suggest that users are happy with the website’s user interface.

Can you access the App on your Computer?

You can access the Website of TransgenderDate on your computer, but it does not have an app that can be used through the computer.

On Which Browsers Can you Access the TransgenderDate?

Safe and secure browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini Browser support this website’s function.

Why are you Having Trouble Entering the Site?

To access the TransgenderDate site on your browser, you have to update the browser to its latest version. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to enter the site through your browser. If your browser is not secure, then you will also face difficulties in accessing the webpage. However, most of the

Interface of This Dating Platform

Describe the advanced features, and the path-breaking idea of the dating website, the layout of the TransgenderDate website is not very up to date according to the current trends. The pages of the site are understandable, and a clean arrangement of the features helps the users to navigate through the website easily. Light Pink and blue are used to paint the logo and buttons of TransgenderDate. The site is made in white background. The small fonts of the website do not look modern and appealing. It is not designed fashionably for being a free website, but it is secure for any user. As per the TransgenderDate reviews by the users, the website is easy to use for even a new member.

Is It Easy to Register on This Platform?

Though TransgenderDate does not offer to sign up through Facebook account, the whole process of registration is straightforward and user-friendly. It does not consume more than 2 minutes to register on the website. You have to enter your gender, sexual orientation, zip code, username, and Email ID to register as a user. You have to be careful while choosing the username because it cannot be edited generally. Once you fill up all the information, click on the register button to get started with your new account. As per most TransgenderDate reviews, it is very convenient and easy to register on the website.

Can I Remove Members From My Matches on TransgenderDate?

Yes. If you do not feel comfortable with a member TransgenderDate, you can unmatch the member by going for the unmatch option on the member’s profile.

Age Restriction on TransgenderDate

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

As it is an adult dating site, one should be at least 18 years to become a registered member on the TransgenderDate website.

Is It Possible to Verify Your Account?

There is only one easy verification process on TransgenderDate. You have to upload a photograph of yourself with your signature being held up and written code. The code is unique, and it is individually given to every user after they press the “verify” button on their account. The photo is automatically deleted after completing the process of verification. Also, it will not be shown on your profile. The duration of the verification process is 24 hours.

Do I Need to Verify My Email?

Email verification is not required while using the TransgenderDate website.

Can I Register Using My Facebook Account?

TransgenderDate does not support the process of registration through Facebook. So, you cannot sign up using your existing Facebook account. TransgenderDate reviews indicate that including this feature on the website may enhance users’ numbers on the platform.

Can I Use the Site Without Registration?

If you do not sign up for TransgenderDate, you can still go through the FAQ page, privacy policy, and conditions of the website to remove your doubts regarding the function of TransgenderDate. You can also get access to the blog of TransgenderDate, where you can find great tips for online dating.

How to Set-Up Your Profile?

As it is a free website, if you want to stand out as a member, you have to make your profile attractive. A good profile contains enough details and appealing photographs to attract fellow members. Only accounts with approved profile pictures can give comments to the images and blog posts of other members. Your profile picture remains visible to all the fellow members. The verified accounts only get the scope of using facilities like Instant Messenger and chat rooms for better communication. A photo takes 12 hours to get approved. Profiles should contain your interests, hobbies, preferences, and also some other detailed information to draw the attention of fellow members. You can put questions on your profile for fellow members to answer. All the information on your profile can be edited according to your choice. TransgenderDate reviews tell that the website is good at providing ease of setting up the profile.

Is it possible to delete an Uploaded Photo on TransgenderDate?

You can quickly delete a photo that you uploaded in TransgenderDate.

Can I change My Username on the TransgenderDate?

TransgenderDate does not allow you to change your username if there is no difficulty, such as a technical glitch in the website’s system. Usually, a member has to create a new account with the help of a unique Email ID.

How to Delete a TransgenderDate Profile?

To delete your TransgenderDate Profile, you have to choose the link of the account in your profile from your primary menu. Using the account link, you will be able to delete your profile.

Can I Browse TransgenderDate Without Being Seen?

If you disable the “Show me on TransgenderDate” option, your profile will not be visible to the fellow members, and you will get anonymity on the website.

Is it possible to Delete the Information That I’ve Earlier Provided on TransgenderDate?

Yes, you can delete the information that you have already submitted to TransgenderDate.

How to Search for Members on This Platform?

Once you are verified on the transgender date, you can search for partners on the website. Despite being a free website, TransgenderDate provides a lot of search options for its users.

How to See the Members Whom I’ve Liked on TransgenderDate?

It is possible to see the transgender members you liked by adding them to your friend’s list.

Description of Search Options Offered By TransgenderDate?

Different search options are available on the TransgenderDate website such as-

  1. Verified accounts
  2. Age group
  3. Criteria of Partner
  4. Sexual orientation
  5. Location

How to See If Someone Has Liked Your Profile on TransgenderDate as a Free Member?

As a free member, you can see if someone likes you on TransgenderDate.

Contact & Communication on This Platform

Although TransgenderDate is a free website, it has a lot of features to communicate with other members. As a verified member, you can take part in the chatrooms to discuss different topics. Instant Messenger helps you to send messages to your friends promptly. You can take help from the mailbox to send emails and photographs to your fellow members.

How to Start Communicating With Other Members on TransgenderDate?

Being a verified member, you can start messaging someone on TransgenderDate with the help of Instant Messenger and Mailbox.

How Do I Send Messages to Other Users?

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

You can send messages to someone by using the feature Instant Messenger. Also, you can interact with other people using chat rooms. Mailbox also offers you the option of sending emails to your fellow members.

Can I Send Messages for Free?

Like all other features, sending messages is also free on TransgenderDate, but your profile must be verified to access the feature of messaging.

How Do I Know If Someone Has Messaged Me on TransgenderDate?

Your received messages will be visible in your chat rooms, instant message box, and mailbox.

Can I Use the Camera on TransgenderDate?

Your camera can be used on TransgenderDate to click photographs and post it on your profile or send it in your messages.

How to Filter the Messages on TransgenderDate?

Unfortunately, there is no option for users to filter the messages received.

Premium Membership Cost and Payment Methods

TransgenderDate is a free online dating platform, specially designed for the single men and women belonging to the Transgender community. You can access all the features of this website free of cost. To use all the features for free, you just need to upgrade your membership as a VIP member. For becoming a VIP member, a user needs to pass through a verification process. A photograph of yourself with your signature and a unique code provided by the website should be uploaded on the website for passing the verification procedure. It takes almost 24 hours to complete the verification. Some upgraded features help you to get more advanced dating options. The upgraded membership can be achieved through a low-cost monthly membership.

As it is a free website, it contains many pop-up advertisements that become annoying for the users. To access the website without any ads, you have to pay $25 every year.

The payment can be made through Paypal, credit card, and debit card.

Features Available for Free Members

  1. You can get access to chat rooms or forums for communicating with fellow members.
  2. You can include photographs in your emails.
  3. You send messages to fellow members with the help of Instant Messenger.
  4. The members can see the time of their emails being read.
  5. The free members can control comments on their blog posts.
  6. A member can upload up to 500 pictures in the profile.

Features Available for Premium Members

TransgenderDate is a free online dating platform, specially designed for the single men and women belonging to the Transgender community. You can access all the features of this website free of cost. To use all the features for free, you just need to upgrade your membership as a VIP member. Unverified profiles have restricted access to the features. For becoming a VIP member, a user needs to pass through a verification process. A photograph of yourself with your signature and a unique code provided by the website should be uploaded on the website for passing the verification procedure. It takes almost 24 hours to complete the verification.

Still, some upgraded features need an affordable amount of monthly fees to be paid. It is a cookie-based website that gets profit by displaying ads on the site.

Is there a premium membership available on TransgenderDate?

TransgenderDate offers a VIP membership for which you have to verify your profile through your photograph. You can also access the ad-free version of the website with a cost of $25 for each year.

Can I cancel the premium TransgenderDate membership?

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

To cancel your TransgenderDate membership, you have to send an email to cancel@TransgenderDate.com, stating to them the reason to cancel your membership.

Does TransgenderDate auto-renew premium memberships?

The membership on TransgenderDate is auto-renewed after a particular time.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time?

TransgenderDate is mostly a free website, so there is no question of refund for unused time.

Does “Support” to TransgenderDate Get Auto-Renewed Every Month?

TransgenderDate does not renew your “support” every month.

Is There a Money-Back Policy If I Am Not Happy With TransgenderDate?

TransgenderDate is a free website that does not charge any money. If you are not satisfied with the service of the site, you can cancel your membership.

How Does the TransgenderDate Transaction Reflect on My Credit Card Bill?

Your support to TransgenderDate on your credit will appear as iSky, LLC, and premuimcs.com.

Can I Offer Support to Fellow TransgenderDate Members?

As it is mostly a free website, you cannot give monetary support to other TransgenderDate members. You can like or comment on their photos and blog posts to show your admiration.

Is It Possible to Send Support for Just One Month?

Yes, you can send support for just a month.

Is TransgenderDate Dating Platform Safe?

The well-arranged verification process, data encryption, user-friendly features, and responsive customer support team make users’ experience safe and secure.

Privacy Policy of TransgenderDate

TransgenderDate can be a free website, but privacy features are commendable when it comes to privacy. The exchange of data takes place through an SSL connection on this website so that it cannot be hacked. One cannot see the profiles on the website unless they become a registered member. Only verified members are exposed to features like Instant Messenger and chat rooms. Accounts that do not have profile photos cannot comment on photographs and blogs of other members. So, the privacy policy is well planned and makes the experience of the users comfortable.

Does TransgenderDate Encrypt Chats?

TransgenderDate chats are encrypted through their SSL technology to prevent the leakage of your data and financial details.

Can TransgenderDate Track Your Location?

Yes, TransgenderDate can track you down. They can take the help of your given location, phone number, email address, and GPS technology for the procedure of tracking you down.

Can Police Trace Me Through TransgenderDate?

If any legal or criminal issues take place, then the police can trace your TransgenderDate account.

Can I Contact TransgenderDate?

You can contact the customer support team of TransgenderDate by sending them an email to info@TransgenderDate.com. The majority of the TransgenderDate reviews tell that the support team replies promptly and assists the users.

Safety on the Platform

TransgenderDate is a safe platform to find your preferred transexual partner. Every registered user has to go through a careful verification process to access all its features. Verified members will achieve a “verified” badge on their profiles to differentiate themselves from unverified members. Verification helps to prove the originality of the members. The moderation team keeps the website free from abusive content. Chats are regularly encrypted through the advanced SSL technology to ensure 100% safety of the users. As per most of the TransgenderDate reviews, the platform is safe to access and use.

Does the TransgenderDate Forum Moderate the Threads?

Yes, the TransgenderDate Forum threads are moderated by the moderator team of the website.

What Happens to the Members Who Illegally Try to Solicit Money on TransgenderDate?

A member who uses his or her account on TransgenderDate to solicit money can be blocked or reported by fellow members. Also, his or her account can be banned from the website. In more significant cases or severe legal issues, the person can also be tracked and gets arrested by the police.

Banned Accounts on the Platform

If a member goes against the rules and regulations of the TransgenderDate website, then his/her account gets banned from this online dating platform.

Why Can’t I Access My Account on TransgenderDate?

If you put the incorrect username or password while logging in, you will not be able to access your account on TransgenderDate. Also, banned or removed accounts cannot be located on the website as well.

For How Long Does TransgenderDate Ban the Faulty Users?

Bans on TransgenderDate accounts are not lifted unless the customer support team allows doing so.

Is It Possible to Reactivate the Banned User Account?

You have to connect with the customer support team of TransgenderDate through the email address at info@TransgenderDate.com, requesting the reactivation of your banned account. You can reactivate your user account if they agree to your request.

How Can I Protect Myself on This Dating Platform

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

While communicating on an online dating platform, it is essential to look after your protection so that fake users or scammers do not misuse your personal information.

Can I Block and Report an Abusive Member?

To block a suspected user, you have to go to the Mail Settings of your account. There, you have to enter the username of the profile that you want to block, and the account will be blocked. TransgenderDate reviews suggest that this is a very beneficial feature to keep abusive users away.

If you want to report the profile of a suspected user, you need to send a complaining email about the account to info@TransgenderDate.com or abuse@TransgenderDate.com.

What Information Should You Not Post on Your TransgenderDate Profile?

Personal information, including your phone number, email address, office address, home address, and other contact links, should not be posted in your TransgenderDate account.

How Is the Help and Support System on the Platform?

On TransgenderDate, the “Help” page mostly answers all your questions regarding the website’s function, safety, and privacy policies.

You can also contact the customer support team of TransgenderDate through the email address info@TransgenderDate.com to clear your doubts or launch a complaint. Livechat or helpline number is not available to contact the customer support team of TransgenderDate.

Reviews From the Users of This Platform

The customer support team, advanced SSR technology for data encryption, and profile verification thoroughly provide support to its members to deal with the functions of the website smoothly. Also, the features help to create a safe experience for the members of the site.

Is TransgenderDate a Good Dating Site/App?

Since the last 13 years, TransgenderDate has been able to stand out as one of the most trusted and reputed online dating sites for single transexuals. Very few websites offer such advanced features for free as TransgenderDate.

Is TransgenderDate a Hook-Up Platform?

TransgenderDate contains people from the Transgender community who are looking for commitment and serious relationships. It usually does not entertain people who wish to experience hook-ups.

Is TransgenderDate a Free Dating Website?

Yes, TransgenderDate is a completely free dating website for single transexuals, but you will be required to verify your account to access all the features. The features will be limited for unverified profiles. If you want to use the ad-free version of the website,

How Does TransgenderDate Function?

After the successful verification of your profile, you can send messages to your fellow members, add them in your friend’s list, write and read blogs, participate in the discussions of chat rooms, etc. The different communication methods help you interact with fellow members better and find your suitable matches.

Are There Fake Profiles on TransgenderDate?

Most of the profiles on TransgenderDate are verified through a meticulous process, and verified accounts receive a badge to prove their authenticity. Photos also go through a long process for being approved. So, there are hardly a few fake accounts and scams are, and it is effortless to spot them out.

Excellent Alternatives of TransgenderDate Dating Websites

TransgenderDate Review: Great Dating Site?

Some of the great alternative online dating websites of TransgenderDate are AdultFriendFinder, TSDates, Ashley Madison, Tinder, etc.

Contact Information of This Platform

  • Company: TransgenderDate.com
  • Address: New York City, United States
  • Phone: No information available
  • Email: info@TransgenderDate.com

Final Words on This Dating Website

The detailed TransgenderDate review article is emphasized at informing people more about the online dating experience and features on the platform. While concluding the TransgenderDate review, it can surely be said that TransgenderDate is one of the most secure and leading sites for finding long term and serious relationships for single transgender people. It is not like any other free dating website for hook-up. TransgenderDate is instead a website that helps to create healthy relationships for the people of the LGBTQ community. If you are single and belong to the transgender community, TransgenderDate is the best place to find your desired partner.

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Customer reviews
Thomas Phillips
by Thomas Phillips Nov 15, 2021
Exemplary service for those not afraid of online dating sites and available dialogues. The app happens to be well-organized and has now most signed-up owners. Messaging is easy, and all additional options are easy to access and comprehend. In terms of myself, I've already determine a pal with who our personal chemistry is absolutely clicking on.
by Braelynn Nov 10, 2021
This page is fantastic for me. As I'm a tad sick of swiping, it turned a middle soil for the desires. I don't structure any serious connections nowadays, but We won't try to escape anytime I encounter my own admiration. This site don't pressure me personally and brings receiving all special features of standard relationships. Besides, I enjoy that this application is very convenient to use, whether it is about routing or amount. Prices happens to be ordinary, i normally grudge funds in their mind since I have get the very best importance for fees they might need. I've previously fulfilled some decent individual and get horny goes. Besides, we message with many users to chat, chuckle, and discuss several topics, most notably sexual intercourse. Personally I think that I am inside group since neighborhood is really friendly. Folks don't assess an individual, precisely as it might for people with found anybody in a bar.
by SCOTT Nov 09, 2021
The dating site is easy, and course-plotting is a breeze. I receive an adequate lots of truth and understandings for owners that appear appealing to me personally. In fact, I do really enjoy being on this site. I really couldn't find my own present friend till now. Nevertheless, I stumbled upon a couple of fascinated visitors to correspond with. Personally I think free of charge and peaceful while chatting with all of them. I strongly suggest this great site to any or all that is shopping for great company, whatever the types of connection.
Joyce Larson
by Joyce Larson Nov 01, 2021
Needs other daters to understand that this specific service 100per cent performs optimally without techniques. Individuals who truly long for to obtain touching that special someone won't rue their own alternatives whenever enrolling in the platform. The main thing is not to stop. I have already found my favorite beloved, therefore we are happy. Personally I think arousal and peace, which suggests a whole lot. Hence, we've been crazy, and is never ever far too late for everyone of any age and requirement. I would recommend this page, very merely test.