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Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Most features are free to use.
  • Works well on Android, iOS, and your desktop.
  • Includes a chat feature within the app and Waplog website.
  • Simple registration process.
  • Design is static and is not very appealing.
  • Fake profiles are discerning.
  • Many underage users.
  • Presence of a lot of ads in the space.
  • The number of texts you can send is restricted.

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Waplog is an online dating app and website where you can easily find dates and friends. The easy chat feature within the site and app make it easily accessible for users. While registering is instantaneous, further adding onto your profile may be time-consuming. Waplog uses your locattaion to find people near you. You can avoid having to go through that by just linking your Facebook account.

How Many Languages Does Waplog Support?

Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

Waplog supports 23 languages, like Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, and many more. Switching languages is also made easy. You can simply click on the menu on the top left of the page and choose from the list of “Regional Languages.”

Who Owns Waplog?

This site is owned by Volkan, the founder, and CEO of Waplog. He came up with the idea of this dating app in 2008

So Where Is Waplog Based Now?

Its headquarter is located in Cankaya, Ankara.

When Was Waplog Founded?

It was founded in 2010, though the idea came to Volkan, the founder and CEO of Waplog back in 2008.

Is Waplog Available Worldwide?

Waplog is available in over 50 countries. You can connect with people around you immediately by choosing one of the 23 local languages.

Special Features

Here are some special features on Waplog:


The Waplog website and the app allow the user the ease of messaging your matches within the site itself. There is no need for an extra payment to access this feature. You can enjoy unlimited messaging.


Waplog allows a user to see who has viewed their profile. If you are a paying subscriber, you are allowed to see who has already viewed your profile. You will get notifications via your mail if you are using the website and push notifications via the app.


Waplog can also be used to find people to befriend and have conversations with. This app is not restricted to dating and allows users to choose what they are looking for.

Find a Friend

This Find a Friend option allows you to find anyone from around the world. Many Waplog reviews suggest that the presence of fake accounts hinders the process of finding a friend. However, the search option is limited in filtering your options because of the low restrictions on users while registering.

Story And Video Call

You can also easily have video calls with someone and swipe on them if you’re interested in making a match. Uploading stories like you do on Instagram is also a well-appreciated feature by the Waplog users. This feature is only available on the mobile application.


Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

It offers its users the option to filter through the people you want to connect with. There are options like “Near my age” that allows the user to communicate with people close to their age. The “people nearby” option uses your location to find people who live in close vicinity. There are also options like “With a profile picture,” gender-based filters, etc.

Audience Quality

The audience on Waplog is varied in age as well as different in origin. Most people seem to create accounts on it to meet someone with dating in mind. Not to say that there aren’t the occasional hook-ups. Its users are from around the world. However, people are also looking to find meaningful friendships.

Its artificial intelligence-powered interface allows users to filter their choices based on who and what they are looking for.

Age Distribution

Waplog does not allow users below the age of 18 to register, nor does it collect their private information.

Fakes And Scammers

Waplog reviews still suggest that people still fake their original age and infiltrate the system despite the age limit. Often, there are a lot of fake IDs and scammers on the website. You can easily report them, and they will ban their accounts and block them from the site/app.

Mobile App And Website

Waplog is a few dating sites that offer both an online website and a mobile application. Both the app and the website have the same features. You do not need to pay extra to avail of any of the versions. The free versions on both the website and application have the same features.

Waplog App

The app works in the same way as the website. A Waplog review suggests the same verification processes apply to the mobile application as on the site. On the installation of the app, you will need to either login or register your account. You can either register with your Facebook account or normally register by creating a username and password.

The Waplog mobile application works on iOS, Android with a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store, and a 4.3 rating on Apple App Store. The app comes with an extra set of features that allow the user to video call people and earn points. These points can be used to avail of different offers on the app. Like Instagram, Waplog allows app users to upload 15-second stories of their life for a limited period of 24-hours.

Waplog Website

The Waplog website allows you to use the same features as the app. The only difference is that the website does not allow you to upload stories and video call someone.

Can You Use The App Using Your Computer?

You can easily access the site from your PC and enjoy the same benefits as a mobile application.

Which Browsers Support Waplog?

You can use any browser for using this site; there is no specification as such.

Why People Are Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

A Waplog review suggests that you may have entered the wrong username or password if you cannot enter the site. If you have forgotten the password, click on the “forgot password” option, and a mail will be sent to your registered E-mail ID with recovery options. Waplog necessitates confirming your registration via mail you have been sent on registering. Failure to do so may prevent you from being able to log in. Another reason you may not be allowed to enter the site may be because you have been banned. In that case, you will have to mail Waplog at customerdesk@waplog.com.


Waplog has a very easy and simple interface on the website. It is easy to navigate and self-explanatory. However, the design is lacking and very drab. Other than a pink header, there isn’t much color on the app. All options are placed on the left side of the screen, and you can easily access the messaging or find the friend options through there. Though there isn’t much to the design of the site itself, Waplog ensures a rewarding experience.

The app, on the other hand, is very interactive and easy to maneuver around. The color palette is appealing to the eye. The app has a unique video call option that allows you to swipe to connect with someone you find interesting. You will need coins to be able to join calls and filter them according to your tastes. However, you are only given a limited number of coins in the beginning, and you will have to buy more.

Both the app and website are user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

Registration Process

Registering for an account is very easy. You can choose to directly link your Facebook account, which will permit them to use your pictures and information on your Facebook profile. The other option is to create a username and password and your email, country, and gender. This is a very easy registration process. Once you have registered with the Waplog website or the app, you will receive a mail to the e-mail address you have provided and are required to confirm your account.

To verify your account, you might have to link either your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram account, or your phone number. If you wish, you can link more than one.

Can You Unmatch A Waplog Member?

Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

A Waplog review says you can always block or delete their message. The option to unmatch is not available on the website or app.

How Old Should You Be To Register On Waplog?

You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to register on Waplog.

Which Ways Can You Verify Your Account?

You can verify your account by linking your phone number, Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+.

How To Verify The Email?

Waplog will send you a confirmation mail on registration. You will just have to follow instructions as per the mail to verify your account.

What Happens If You Register Using Your Facebook Account?

If you register using your Facebook account, you will automatically be permitting Waplog to use your personal information and photos from your Facebook profile. Other Waplog users will also be able to access the same.

Can You Use The Site Without Signing Up?

You will have to register on Waplog before accessing the site or app.

Profile Set-Up

After you have registered, it gives you the freedom to edit your profile by adding your likes and dislikes, other than your general information. You can add your preference in a relationship, favorite food, height, hair color, eye color, education, favorite music, and more. This allows more people to view your profile. The most important thing to add to your profile is a clear profile photo.

Can You Delete A Photo That You Uploaded In Waplog?

You can delete the photo you have uploaded on it.

How To Edit Username In Waplog?

You can simply change it by going on to the “Account Settings” option and changing your username. You can also change your email and password here.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Waplog Profile?

The delete profile option is available on the “Account Settings” option of the website and mobile application.

What Happens If You Disable The “Show Me On Waplog” Option?

There is no such option available on the Waplog website and app.

Can You Delete The Information That You Have Already Submitted To Waplog?

You can choose to delete certain information you have shared by just going to “Account Settings” and removing the information you no longer wish to share.

Waplog allows you to search for users around your age, etc. through filters.

Is It Possible To See The Waplog Members Whom You Liked?

There is a “favorites” option, which saves your liked members.

What Are The Different Options Of Waplog Search?

You can search for friends near you or in a particular area. Waplog also allows you the liberty of filtering people according to your preferences.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On Waplog If You Are A Free Member?

You can see if someone has liked you or has visited your profile if you are a free member.


Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

Messaging someone you are interested in is made easy. All you have to do is click on their profile, and a chat box pops up, allowing you to message them easily.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On Waplog?

You can just go to the person’s profile and message them instantly. There is no need to request access or wait for them to accept your request. However, this is a security threat as well, since anyone can message you. It is advisable to be safe and choose who you respond to carefully.

How To Message Someone?

You can easily message someone by visiting their profile and clicking on the message option.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Sending messages on this website is free. However, many ads keep popping up.

How To See Who Messaged On Waplog?

If you are logged in to the account on the Waplog website or app, you will receive notifications. You can also enable the option to receive notifications to your mail when someone messages you.

How To Use The Camera On Waplog?

To use the camera, you must have the Waplog mobile application. You can use the video chat and story options through this feature on the app.

How To Filter Who Can Message On Waplog?

There is no option to filter who can message you. This is a huge red flag and can threaten your security. However, you can immediately block and even report inappropriate messages and vulgar comments.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Waplog offers the VIP membership option. The prices vary according to where you are from. Here is the list of prices in USD:

VIP Total
1 Month 9.49 USD / Month 9.49 USD
3 Month 8.00 USD / Month 23.99 USD
12 Month 4.75 USD / Month 56.99 USD

Free Membership Features

Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

Waplog, as compared to other dating sites, has a lot of features to offer for the free plan. One can easily view the profiles of those who have visited them, who have liked their profile, and more. You can also avail of the video call and story feature if you have the app.

Its members can easily message or view someone’s profile without paying as well as members very much appreciate the live chat option. Waplog reviews suggest that the free version has many advantages; the number of ads on the portal is very annoying to navigate. Often, the user is shown an ad after every message they send.

Premium Membership Features

The VIP subscription features a variety of helpful options. The user can enjoy ad-free messaging and become the top profile in your area, increasing your chances of connecting with other users, starting unlimited conversations, seeing who likes you, visiting your profile, and reading your messages. These features are not restricted to just the app or website.

To enjoy these perks, you can choose to sign up for a week, month, three months, or six months. The higher the period you choose, the lesser you pay per month. Waplog does not offer free trials, but the third-part hosters like Google Play Store or Apple App store may offer the same to you. The prices on the app change according to which location you are using the app from.

Does Waplog Offer Premium Membership?

Waplog offers a VIP membership that allows you to have unlimited messaging and no-ads, checking who visited your profile and see if your messages have been read.

How to cancel Waplog membership?

You can cancel the membership on the app or site 24 hours before the payment is debited.

Is Waplog Membership Auto-Renewed?

The Waplog membership is auto-renewed. Depending upon the plan the user has chosen, it deducts the payment from your account monthly. If you have chosen the six-month membership, the amount will be deducted every six months.

Can You Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

It does not refund you for your unused time. If you wish to stop your subscription, you will have to do so right before the next month’s payment. Otherwise, you will lose the money for that month.

Is Your “Support” To Waplog Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Your subscription to the Waplog website is automatically renewed every month.

You Are Not Satisfied With Waplog. Can You Get Your Money Back?

It is highly recommended that you try the shortest duration offers as a trial, though you will have to pay for it. One can always change the subscription to a higher plan or cancel the current subscription, provided you are willing to lose the money. The best option would be to see through the first duration of what you have paid for before choosing to cancel the subscription for the next month.

How Will Your Waplog Support Appear On Your Credit Card Bill?

A Waplog review suggests that its subscription will appear as normal on your credit card bill.

Can You Give Support To Other Waplog Members?

You will only be able to purchase the support for yourself and not allow other members to use it.

Can You Send Support For Just A Month?

You will be able to choose the 1-month subscription plan on it, but only for yourself.

Is Waplog Really Safe?

Waplog is safe in a way that it gives you full control over who can message you. You can block and report their account even though you may not be able to permit who messages you. If you simply do not want to talk to that person, you can delete the message.

Privacy in Waplog

It ensures the privacy of every user. They themselves cannot disclose your personal information unless it is necessitated by the law in the case of law order, subpoena, or a search warrant. Otherwise, Waplog can only use information that you give your consent to.

Are Waplog Chats Encrypted?

This site does not encrypt its chats, which means that any other third party can view your chats.

Can Waplog Track You Down?

It can access your IP address and will hence know where your location is.

Can Waplog Be Traced By The Police?

It can be traced by the police in case of any complaints and disorderly conduct, like sending threatening messages, etc.

Whom to Contact If There Are Questions Regarding The Privacy In Waplog?

It has mentioned the terms in the Privacy Policy on the site. If even after that, you have queries, you can email them at customerdesk@waplog.com


Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

The users’ safety is of utmost priority to Waplog. Therefore, your complaints and reports are prioritized to the highest level, and the moderators resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Are Waplog Forums Threads Moderated?

Waplog employs a separate set of moderators who scan the app and site from scams. They help with fraud protection and detect unsolicited behaviors.

What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses A Waplog Account To Solicit Money?

It will immediately ban the user and may even turn them over to the law-enforcement authorities.

Banned Account

Waplog website has permission to ban your account if they feel your account is being used for the wrong purposes or if other users have reported you for inappropriate conduct.

Why Can’t You Access Waplog?

One of the few reasons you cannot access your account may be because you have been banned. Waplog clearly states that any user who refuses to adhere to their terms of service will be immediately banned and terminate their membership. Legal action will also be taken against the same.

How Long Are Waplog Bans?

They have the right to keep you indefinitely banned. However, if you have been incorrectly banned, you reserve the right to mail them and request your account to be unbanned.

How To Reactivate My Banned Account?

A Waplog review suggests that reactivation of your banned account depends on yourself. You will have to mail the customer service and request for your issue to be resolved. They, however, reserve the right to ban you forever.

Protect Yourself

While it has done its best to protect your information. You are also required to protect yourself. Please avoid giving out very personal information such as addresses, etc.

How Can You Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can simply report the user by selecting that option on the right side of your window or the option in the app’s upper right-hand side.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your Waplog Account?

It is highly recommended that you don’t post highly sensitive information like your home address and your work or study place.

Help And Support

Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the app, you can always mail the team at customerdesk@waplog.com

Real Life Review

Other than banning accounts that have been reported, they are yet to protect its users from bots, scammers, etc. completely. The only 18 years above age policy allows for many fake accounts to be made, which does not provide great security. Waplog reviews suggest the excessive advertisements are also a major concern among free users.

Is Waplog The Best Dating Site/App?

While it is easy to use and provides a lot of features for the free subscription, it is not the best dating site/app out there. There are various pros and cons to this site, but the never-ending display of ads makes it very annoying to message and interact with other users. Unless you get the VIP subscription, the ads are a constant annoyance.

Is Waplog Safe?

It is a safe platform to find a significant other. However, it does not eradicate all the security threats that come with online dating.

Is Waplog A Hook-Up App

Waplog reviews suggest it is not a hook-up app. You can go on here to find a meaningful relationship.

Is Waplog Free?

It’s free to use for basic and almost all services. However, you can use the VIP membership to gain some extra perks.

How Does Waplog Work?

They use your current location to find people nearby, but it can be turned off to find other people from different countries.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Waplog?

There are fake and scam members on this Waplog website, but they are being tracked down. If you find one, please block and report them.

Alternative Sites Like Waplog

  1. International cupid allows you to find single men and women from all over the world.
  2. Another website is flirt.com that allows you to key in your expectations, and it shows you your matches instantly.
  3. Match.com is another platform that allows you to pursue serious relationships by specifying what you are looking for and all personal details about yourself, like your rage, gender, and age group you are looking for in a relationship. Many people tend to use this site for serious relationships and even plausible marriage partners.
  4. Mobi Friends is yet another site that offers international users.
  5. Dating.com allows you to find your soulmate and connect with them instantaneously.

Contact Information

Company: VLMedia Inc

Address: İhsan Doğramacı Bulvarı GÜMÜŞ Blok NO:29 B K1-1 ODTU TEKNOKENT Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey

E-mail: customerdesk@waplog.com

Phone: +90(312)2101777


Waplog Review: Great Dating Site?

This Waplog review suggests that this dating site is suitable for anyone looking for a romantic relationship. Mutual consent is important, and you are free to use this dating site as you wish. However, certain rules need to be followed, like no bully, passing inappropriate comments, etc. It is a dynamic site designed to suit your needs regardless of your age, physical appearance, etc.

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by Serena Nov 30, 2021
I found myself trying to loosen and rise into rebound gender or maybe even informal internet dating after a split. However, I got no idea of making they using the internet. Zero adventure forced me to scared. I attempted swiping, but this type of a shallow approach seriously isn't my powerful suit. We seek out the software wherein users become setting up, but We continue to demanded an outstanding internet site. This package became a middle crushed for me personally. No-strings-attached joints, respectable kinds, and matches, basic interface, chatrooms. This is all I previously sought. We went on multiple horny schedules, and today I absolutely feel a lot better. Good service for singles with complimentary choices and great operation. The cool layout was an excellent contact.
by Agustin Nov 22, 2021
The internet schedules with this page became excellent and attention-grabbing experience for me. It does the job properly for my own self-esteem and let generating newer relationships. They aren't relations however but see providing. In addition, it is actually charming personally to split the snow and talk with people from any state I enjoy. Surfing pages happens to be interesting, either. It's usually intriguing to find how visitors present themselves while searching for closeness.
Mark Delgado
by Mark Delgado Nov 16, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and love tests. I'm perhaps not monogamous, about at this time. Really, your diet is much from typical sociable norms, and I also often become solitary also among loved ones or closest neighbors. Many of them are actually partnered, i'm supposed stir crazy once I experience their unique substantial appearances. Thus, however, it's very challenging to discover and have fun with like-minds at the time you reside in a huge city, just where people are too active to make latest links. Very, this sort of in pretty bad shape 's the reason for becoming a member of this website. And my personal knowledge is actually smooth. We managed to find individuals who wish equivalent points and read my desire to be complimentary, without contract, guarantees, as well as this other hooey. An additional cool factor usually there I've came across some bi-curious parents. I really enjoy performance of this site since it's fairly sufficient for initial correspondence. Possibly, some one would like more advantages, in my opinion, you must get a date if you prefer extensive connections. While exploring profiles, I learn lots of blank kind. If only consumers could pay way more attention to their unique existence on the webpage. Talking about the site's show, everything is all right. No troubles with visit, emails, etc. assistance program is very effective as well as accessible around-the-clock. I'm happy to have a virtual location for my favorite preferences and dreams. It's fantastic if the group doesn't force their worth but is on a single webpage.
by Colter Nov 10, 2021
This website is great for myself. As I'm slightly sick of swiping, it turned out to be a middle ground for my personal specifications. I don't organize any really serious commitments right now, but I won't hightail it as I fulfill my enjoy. Website really doesn't force me and let getting all special features of quality relationship. Besides, I really like this software is very convenient to use, whether it's about course-plotting or fee. Value try regular, but you should not grudge cash for them since I have get the best worth for rates they might require. I've previously found some good individuals to get very hot schedules. Besides, we content with many owners to speak, make fun of, and negotiate a variety of subjects, contains sex. I believe that I am during my category since the community is particularly welcoming. Customers don't assess you, since it may be whether you have acquired somebody in a bar.
Esther Powers
by Esther Powers Nov 04, 2021
The dating website is easy, and direction-finding is easy. We use an adequate many facts and insights for individuals that seem appealing to me. In reality, i really do love due to being on this great site. I was able ton't encounter my personal current buddy yet. Continue to, I recently uncovered a few fascinated folks to communicate with. I'm free of charge and comfortable while communicating with these people. It is suggested this website to everyone who's selecting close camaraderie, no matter what the kind of partnership.
Gary Shaw
by Gary Shaw Nov 01, 2021
I would like different daters to know that this particular service 100per cent does its job without tricks. Folks that really desire to gather touching someone special won't be sorry for his or her alternatives if registering for the working platform. The most important thing seriously is not to stop. You will find previously met my personal loved, and we are now delighted. I'm arousal and consistency, which indicates plenty. So, we have been crazy, which is never too-late for individuals of all ages and requirements. I would suggest this page, very simply is.
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