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WestSluts Review 2021: Scam or Real?

WestSluts Review 2021: Scam or Real?
About Girls
Date with older guy 23%
Reply rate 79%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 20-40
Profiles 1.250.350
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • WestSluts Website offers a free sign-up process
  • The gameplay is exciting and diverse
  • The platform is full of explicit content
  • Enjoy the best 3D graphics
  • The sound effects are realistic
  • The portal strikes a perfect balance between sexual content and video game challenge
  • You may face some technical issues while playing the game
  • Registering without providing credit card details is impossible
  • The game is full of adverts
  • Few bonus games are terrible
  • No WestSluts App available

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WestSluts is a superb platform for all horny gamers to enjoy raw sex. You can build the scenario of your choice to indulge in any kinky sex act that you have ever wanted to enjoy in your life. The website developers do not want any of their players to leave behind a fantasy in their minds. The game helps you to enjoy roleplay and explore your darkest fantasies. You are the storyline creator and get to choose the slut of your preference, who can fuck and bring all your dreams to life. If the need arises, you can always take the sex host to the Lab and improvise.


  • Unique hardcore porn game
  • Customize your sex host
  • Play and end the game as per your choice
  • Play with other games or play solo
  • The proportion of men and women on the portal is 65 and 35, respectively

WestSluts Website offers unique hardcore porn games that allow players to make all the choices without fear. Players get an opportunity to customize their sex partners in addition to selecting the setting where the action will take place. The ending of the story is also in your hand. You do not need to download the game to play it. You can play the game on any platform or device of your choice. The game developers aim to offer you realistic gameplay by employing the best gaming techniques available to make the experience unforgettable. The game lets you play with other players with your customized character. There is also an option to play privately using the solo mode. If you desire to begin the action without putting effort into customizing your sex host, the website is ready to offer you instant help. There are hundreds of West Sluts that are ready for use. Some of the most popular West Sluts are Lolita, Mae, and Angel. There is a plethora of areas where you can enjoy your sex host. These areas are as follows:

  • The Saloon

A Saloon is an excellent place where you can drink, gamble, and meet with hundreds of wild girls waiting for your presence. If you want to join the wild swinger party in this place known for wild orgies, you need to say just a word.

  • The Barn

The Barn allows you to keep things secret. The raw and dirty slut will pleasure you with the raw sex experience, and even the sound of moaning is not going to be heard by others.

  • The Lab

The Lab is the place where you create sex hosts. The maintenance of the sex hosts also takes place here. If there is something that you want to change in your sex host, you can get it here.

How does WestSluts work?


The game is a sex simulator providing you a plethora of virtual fucking, and multiple Westslut Reviews appreciated this feature. You can opt for solo or online mode game and get laid with either real players or game personages. You can enjoy the sex scenes through your sex character’s eyes while you act as the side observer. If you want to enjoy more fucks then you must level up your game character. The game offers you new skills every time you screw a chick, which means you get an opportunity to get laid with a hottie. You get to choose the type of sex you want.

Signing Up at WestSluts

  • You can register on the portal for free
  • Providing your credit card details is a must to register on the site
  • There are few questions you must answer
  • Only those who are 18 years or above can sign-up on the portal
  • People in some regions need to provide an age verification certificate
  • Enjoy a 2-day free trial
  • Delete account before the trial period ends to avoid getting charged

You can register on the platform free of cost, but there are a plethora of questions that you must answer before you start enjoying the game. Answering the list of questions is what WestSluts Reviews do not appreciate. You must click on the Continue button present on the left side on the extreme bottom to begin the sign-up process. When you click on the Play Game icon, you need to answer a question as follows, “This game is very addictive, and you’ll see a lot of brutal sex scenes. can you handle it?” Next, you need to choose from among 4 characters. You can change your partner after you finish the first level. After Level 1 you will better have more characters to choose from to make things more interesting.

There is four experience that you can choose from, casual, experienced, hardcore and brutal. Once you decide, the website looks for matches that share mutual interests and check your device’s compatibility with the game. You must accept all the terms and conditions before you move forward. You have access to fuck any character o your choice for free. However, to enjoy sex, you must have VIP status. Only players who are 18 years or above can play the game. Thus, in certain regions, the game asks you for an age verification certificate as the game is explicit. The age verification form requires you to provide essential details like your email address, full name, country, and postal code. You also have to create a password for yourself. After you complete the form, you must tap on “Play for Free.” You must enter your Credit Card details if you want to begin playing the game.

Every player gets a 2-day free trial, but if you forget to delete your account before the period ends, the game will charge you the fee from your credit card automatically.

How to start contact

Given it is a game, you don’t need to contact any user.

Profiles WestSluts

Since WestSluts Website is a virtual game, there are no profiles you will find on the portal. Instead, there are Porn hosts.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

No Profiles are available; hence there are no phony profiles on the portal.

Design & Usability WestSluts

  • Elegant and straightforward to use web-design
  • Black and white color theme
  • Well organized icons
  • The user interface is clean and straightforward

The WestSluts enjoys a simple, detailed, and sensual design. A Black and white color theme with a tinge of red color lends an elegant approach to the portal. You can find the game’s logo on the extreme top left corner on the homepage, and icons like Home, West Sluts, Features, Gameplay, and Play Now spread on the top bar. You can see an image of a girl with a naked breast on the left side and a logo with the tagline on the right-hand side in the center of the page. As you scroll down, you come across more information about the website and images of naked girls. At the extreme bottom, you will find links to important information like Features and Gameplay. The crucial icons are placed in a way that is evident to all and sundry. If you are a novice to the portal or not that tech-savvy, you will still be able to smoothly and efficiently use the portal. Irrespective of the browser you use, the game performs well on all the platforms, and this ensures good ratings in WestSluts Review.

Mobile app WestSluts

No WestSluts App exists for this game.

Special Features

Daily Missions

WestSluts gives you the authority to customize every aspect of the sexual journey that you undertake. The first power you get is developing your sex host, or you have an option to choose from a diverse range of fully customizable pre-built models. Next, you get to choose a background story for your action in addition to the intensity level that you desire. The end of the story is also under your control. You can feel the sex host as if it exists in reality. Feel free to customize the ass, pussy, and tits of your sex host. You can also decide if you want the host to have a tattoo or piercing, changed hairstyle, new hair color, new lingerie, etc. you can make all your fantasies come true. Following are the main features on the portal:

  • Sex hosts that are fully customizable
  • Environment that is innovative, interactive, and modern
  • You get to enjoy the campaign mode and daily missions
  • You have in-game achievements to look for
  • Try multiple sex positions
  • Enjoy online mode
  • Lucrative multiplayer settings make the experience enjoyable

Online mode is one of the most stunning features where you can either play as a team or enjoy a gangbang, choose from among a diversity of sex hosts, enjoy virtual sex, etc.

Don’t forget to add your WestSluts Review when you are done playing the game.

In-game Features You Must Know

Three mesmerizing in-game features are developed to ease the overall gaming experience of the user. The features push forward the game’s limits and are just a little part of the update process. Following are the three features you need to know about in-depth:

Campaign Mode

The mode allows you to go on a sex adventure. You can let your fantasies go wild by stepping into the amusement park. As you head from one story to another, you get an option to push your perversion limits.

Daily Missions

Daily missions let you explore new things every day. There is a lot to explore as you make achievements.


Group sex is the eventual aspect of the game and a new feature that lets you share your pervert desires with other players on the portal.

WestSluts Costs

There are not many features that the WestSlut website offers for free. You must upgrade your membership to premium if you want to enjoy all the games and other sexual content on the portal. Upgrading your membership might put some burden on your pocket but will surely give you a bunch of benefits that you are going to cherish. Apart from offering you a 2 day trial period, there is a monthly subscription plan that you can buy. You must know that you need to provide your Credit Card details to avail the trial period. Ensure deleting your account before the trial period ends to avoid deduction of your Credit Card’s subscription fee. Following is the subscription plan that you can enjoy:

Duration Cost
1 Month $39.95

Basic Membership

There are limited features that are available for free on the platform. Without giving your credit card details, you cannot begin playing games on the site. Following are some free features available for all:

  • You can sign-up on the site for free.
  • The solo mode is available for free members.

Premium Membership

If you are interested in playing hardcore sex games without any restrictions, it is essential to upgrade your membership to premium. Following are the premium features available to the paid users:

  • Get access to more than 500 games
  • You can watch explicit adult content
  • You get to enjoy 3D videos
  • The premium members are free to use web-cams that allows you to enjoy live sex
  • You get an opportunity to enjoy digital DVDs
  • Paid members have access to diverse affiliated porn sites

WestSluts Coupons

There are no coupons available on the website.

Verification & Safety WestSluts

No identity verification occurs, but the game ensures that all the players who visit the platform are 18 years or above. Like Canada, the game requires players to submit an age verification certificate in some world regions. The platform is undeniably safe to explore.

Is WestSluts scam?

No, WestSluts is not a scam. It is a decent platform where players interested in exploring 3D hardcore sex games pay a visit. The portal offers hundreds of exciting sex games to its users, ready to pay for the membership.

Is WestSluts legit?

Yes, WestSluts is legit. The portal is a genuine effort to help horny people create their sex hosts and fulfill their fantasies.

Is WestSluts anonymous?

Yes, you can play the game anonymously. You enjoy roleplaying, where you bring all your fantasies to come true by employing your sex hosts.

The Problem With WestSluts

How to start contact

There is no denying that WestSluts is a fantastic platform for enjoying role play and various sex games. However, some problems are associated with the game, which is inevitable to ignore. Following are some of the flaws you must know:

  • Use of credit card

Without giving your credit card details, you cannot avail of the 2-day free trial. In case you forget to delete your account before the trial period ends, the subscription fee automatically gets deducted from your account.

  • Maximum features are paid

There are very few features that are available to the standard members. You must upgrade your membership to enjoy playing endless sex games and other content on the website.

  • Interruption during gameplay due to ads

While you are playing the game, the display of advertisements causes distraction. Unnecessary adverts are a significant flaw that the website needs to get rid of to better the players.

  • Technical issues

Many players report that they face technical issues while playing the game. The developers of the website consistently make efforts to avoid any technical problems.

Help & support

No Information is available on the internet

WestSluts alternatives

It is a competitive era where multiple websites are offering similar services and features. If you are not finding the benefits of the platform satisfactory, then you can try other alternatives. Following are the top 2 alternatives to the game that you can try:

  • NarcosXXX
  • Call Of Booty


There are several questions and doubts in mind when you try something new or join a new platform. Following are some of the questions related to the website, you must have an answer to:

How to get a WestSluts account

It is easy to create an account on the website. You must answer a few simple questions that the portal asks you before creating an account on the portal. You must submit an age verification certificate depending on the part of the world you reside. You must provide your Credit Card details to complete the registration process and immediately begin using the website’s services.

How to play WestSluts

WestSluts is an easy-to-play sex game. You have the freedom to create your sex host and make improvisations in case the need arises by using the Lab. You indulge in roleplay using the sex host. There are two modes to play the game; you can either play solo or with other users.

What is WestSluts used for?

The portal is used for playing hardcore sex games either in solo mode or with other players depending on whether you are willing to upgrade membership or not. The website has hundreds of porn games that you can play and fulfill your wild fantasies.

Is WestSluts a Real Dating Site?

How to get a WestSluts account

WestSluts is not a pure online dating platform but a gaming website where you can play hardcore pon games with 3D graphics.

How to delete WestSluts account?

No information is available.

Contact Information

No information is available


It is evident from the WestSluts Reviews that it is indeed the best platform to enjoy sex games. It is not just another porn game available online but has plenty of features that you will not find on other platforms. The portal offers one of the best customization interfaces in the online market. You have the power to design your fantasies. The setup of the game encourages you to think beyond the mundane vanilla sex. Therefore, be ready to go the extra mile to participate in this virtual gameplay where the probability of finding a partner is high. The game does its job perfectly well, offering you the best 3D graphics. WestSluts is a dream come true for all the hornies who enjoy roleplaying and explore the horizons beyond vanilla sex and enjoy hardcore intercourse along with raw action. The stage is ready to help you stay entertained and surrounded by hosts that resemble humans in a Wild West theme park. You get an opportunity to make your sexual fantasies come true irrespective of how wild or pervert they are without being afraid of the WestSluts Website outcome.

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