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AfroRomance Review: How Great is This Dating Site?

AfroRomance Review: How Great is This Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 79%
Beauty 83%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 7.843.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • AfroRomance is a website that provides a unique experience for those who don't mind meeting someone from a different culture or country. This website allows people of different races to overcome prejudices and exchange their experiences.
  • If you never had an interracial relationship, AfroRomance gives you a chance to try it out. You can open the website and start looking for the people you want to meet.
  • Sign-up might take some time, but there is an alternative way to join with a Facebook profile.
  • Messaging is a prerogative of paying members. You can receive messages from other people as a free user, but you will have to pay if you like to chat and flirt.
  • Some people are reporting technical problems that they encountered while using AfroRomance.
  • While AfroRomance is not the most expensive dating website on the web, it's still not cheap. Maybe that's so because it's quite a niche platform).

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The target audience of this AfroRomance is people who would like to get familiar with different cultures and build a romantic relationship with someone from a different background.

Who is the owner of AfroRomance?

AfroRomance belongs to Chellaul Corporation. It’s a company that specializes in bringing people together and helping them form friendship and love all over the world.

Where you can find AfroRomance?

AfroRomance is based in the US, where most of its members are living.

When the world saw AfroRomance for the first time?

AfroRomance website exists for about two decades – people could find themselves an interracial friend since 2003.

How many languages you can use on AfroRomance?

AfroRomance supports the English language as it is the primary language being used on the website. But if you like to chat with someone using different languages, it’s not a problem since there are lots of tools like Google Translate, etc.

Is AfroRomance available for worldwide users?

While most of the members and readers of AfroRomance reviews come from the US, there are plenty of people worldwide.

Key Features

Key Features

Let’s talk about some options that make this service noticeable.

Searching for an interracial relationships

AfroRomance is a niche website that allows its’ users to find their love in other cultures.

Send flirts for free

While you cannot write to anyone being a free member, you can show other people your sign of interest by sending them a flirt. Probably, this will allow you to find your love or new friends.

You can search for different users using advanced search filters. For example, if you have a turn on some individual nation representatives, you can search those by applying an ethnicity filter.

Photos and profile information

Most of the profiles are richly detailed and have a lot of photos.

About the audience

About the audience

The main interest of the audience is meeting people from other cultures and exploring something new. It has already been mentioned that people on AfroRomance come from all over the world and speak various languages though the main one is English. They have a wide range of interests and goals. Most of them, though, are looking for a serious relationship and friendship.

What is the age of users here?

It’s not allowed for underage persons to use the AfroRomance dating website. There you can find people of any age you like except teens and kids. Most of the people are somewhere between 25 and 35.

Fakes and scammers

While AfroRomance is not performing any background checks, they still spot and ban fake accounts. Most of the so-called fake users are just bots or test profiles created to test a website.

Mobile application and desktop version

Nowadays, most people prefer to consume content from their mobile phone screen, so AfroRomance reviews authors need to find out if there is any mobile app on the website.

AfroRomance mobile app

AfroRomance does not have an app in Google Play or App Store, but you can always visit the website using your mobile browser. It allows you to overcome different software barriers like incapability of usage with some devices, and it helps to save expenses on the development as well.

AfroRomance desktop website

AfroRomance website is optimized for all of the modern browsers out there. That’s why it loads quickly and flawlessly.

Can you use the app by your computer?

There is no AfroRomance client for computers. Some might find it a downside of this website, but you can easily find pros in this situation: the client would require you to download and install it, which might be unwanted if you use a shared desktop.

Which browsers will work with AfroRomance?

All of the modern and most popular browsers may be used to load the AfroRomance website: Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc. You don’t have to install some unique web-browsing tool to use AfroRomance.

Why you can’t enter the site?

There might be several reasons for that. The most obvious thing to do in that kind of situation would be to check your Internet connection because it might be the issue, especially if you are using some public Wi-Fi to browse interracial dating profiles. Another reason for that would be your Internet provider: for example, your boss at work could block all dating websites on the office computer. In that case, you can use your phone or VPN to access the AfroRomance review or website.

Design and user interface

Intuitive, clean, bright, and user friendly are the first words that come to mind when you open the AfroRomance website in your browser’s tab. Ads aren’t annoying at all, and even more, you can remove all of them by upgrading to the premium membership. All of the features are separated into different categories for a better user experience. Also, all of the elements are where they should be: you won’t need to go somewhere deep to find something that you might need.

Creating a new account

Creating a new account

If you expect some quick registration, then you will be disappointed because right after you provide the website with your necessary information, it will require you to write some details. People who don’t like prominent writings might feel like they are forced to write an essay. But at the end of the day, it’s all for your good because it’s the only way to make every profile detail-rich. You can also link your Facebook profile to your AfroRomance account, but it won’t take away the need to fill out all of the forms.

Can you unmatch some AfroRomance member?

You can always unmatch people and block them if they are annoying and intruding on your borders.

How old you have to be to register on AfroRomance?

AfroRomance is meant only for adults; that’s why there is an age restriction: users must be at least 18 years old to use that website.

What are the ways to verify your account?

It’s not required for you to verify your email, but keep in mind that you still should provide only your real email address; otherwise, it will be impossible to recover the password.

How you can verify your email?

You don’t have to verify your email, and that’s excellent news since the website already takes some of your time to create a profile.

What happens if you use your Facebook social Account for profile creation purposes?

You can link your Facebook profile with your AfroRomance account, but you still need to provide some details about yourself if you want to use an interracial dating website.

Can you use the website without signing up?

It’s impossible to use AfroRomance interracial multi-culture dating website without making a profile there. The main reason for that is the safety of users; otherwise, there would be a wave of scammers and fake profiles soliciting money.

Editing a profile

You can fill the profile with all kinds of credible information. For example, you can add the color of your eye and hair color, religious beliefs, height, and other data.

Can you delete a photo that you have uploaded in AfroRomance?

You can delete your photos anytime, but you should keep in mind that profiles without photos rank lower than those with profile photos.

How to edit your AfroRomance username?

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your nickname, so you should choose it wisely when you sign up for the website. Alternatively, you could contact customer support – perhaps they will be able to help you.

How to delete your AfroRomance profile?

If you have found the love of your life, you can delete your account through your profile settings.

What happens if you choose not to be shown on AfroRomance?

You can go invisible if you like to (there might be various reasons for that), but it’s a paid feature, so you should consider going premium and getting yourself a membership.

Can you delete the information that you submit to the AfroRomance?

You can always edit the information you have submitted to AfroRomance by going to your profile settings and editing.

Finding members

Finding members

AfroRomance provides an excellent choice of search features: you can find a person who likes or hates drinking, who smokes and who doesn’t, who has children and who doesn’t even think about having them.

Is it possible to see who you have liked on AfroRomance?

The person will see you like as soon as you send it. You can add the people you like to the Favorite list, and by doing so, you will have quick access to their profiles.

What are the different options of AfroRomance search feature?

Like it was said before, there are plenty of parameters when it comes to search on AfroRomance. If you are into physical, you can look for people of particular body type, eye color, hair color, and height. But in case you are more into exploring different cultures, you can search users by their ethnicity. Other options include religious beliefs, education, languages (for example, finding someone who speaks the same language as you do), habits, and many others.

Can you see who liked you on AfroRomance being a non-paying member?

You can receive messages from paid members, but you can’t see who put you on their Favorite list unless you are a member yourself.

Exchanging with messages

Messaging is the key to success on any dating website, not just AfroRomance. So what kind of messaging possibilities AfroRomance offers to its users?

How can you start chatting on AfroRomance?

If you are a free member and you don’t plan to go premium, then there are some bad news for you: AfroRomance doesn’t allow its free members to use messaging, though you can send them a flirt, which can be used as a demonstration of your interest.

How can you message a user?

Messaging someone on AfroRomance is a piece of cake – especially if you are a paid member. To be honest, it’s the only way you can message someone on AfroRomance (not counting the flirt feature).

Is sending messages a free or paid option?

The feature itself is free, but to use it, you have to be a paid member of the website. To put it clearly: messages are free of cost, but to activate this feature, you will have to buy a premium.

How to figure out who messaged you on AfroRomance?

How to figure out who messaged you on AfroRomance?

As soon as someone messages you, it will appear in your Inbox section.

How do you use the camera on AfroRomance website?

AfroRomance allows its premium users to make video calls: that’s where your camera comes to the scene. If you are using an app, it will most likely ask you for permission to use your camera — if you want to organize a video meeting, you should do it.

How can you filter who can send you messages on AfroRomance?

You can always block and even report an unwanted person.

Cost of membership and payment systems

While the website itself is free to use, many features make getting premium quite a worthwhile thing.

  • 30 days — 19.95 USD/Month
  • 90 days — 13.17 USD/Month
  • 180 days — 11.66 USD/Month

Those are the prices for being an AfroRomance paid member. You can use a credit card or PayPal to make a payment.

Features available for a free members

While free users are quite limited compared to those who got a premium subscription, there are still plenty of excellent features that a person can get on AfroRomance at no cost.

Free services include: creating profiles, sending flirts, using the search feature, and adding people to your contact list for the future approach.

Features of paying members

Premium, as opposed to a free membership, gives a much richer experience of using the AfroRomance website. Here are the main features that you can get by going premium on the AfroRomance dating website:

  • Send messages – probably the main reason to get yourself a membership on that website.
  • See who «bookmarked» you by adding your AfroRomance profile to the Favorite list.
  • See who was checking you out and was looking at your profile recently.
  • Turn on invisible mode and browse other members without them knowing that you are watching their profiles.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to buy a membership.

Can you get a premium membership on AfroRomance?

Yes, you can, and it’s a great deal because premium membership gives you a lot of great extras.

How do you stop your AfroRomance membership?

You can always cancel your membership by going to your profile settings and checking the corresponding option.

Is AfroRomance membership auto-renewed?

Is AfroRomance membership auto-renewed?

Since it uses credit cards, there is an auto-billing feature, but you can always cancel it if you wish to.

Can you get a refund for unused time on the website?

You can’t get a refund for unused time, so, therefore, try to plan it right.

Is your payment on AfroRomance automatically renewed every month?

If you are using credit cards, then the answer will be yes, but you can pay via Western Union.

Can you get your money back on AfroRomance?

The site offers some kind of guarantee if you are not happy with your experience. If this happens, there is something to discuss with the support team.

How will your AfroRomance payment appear on a credit card bill?

You will recieve a regular bill with a service’s name on it.

Can you give support to other AfroRomance users?

You can’t send money to the user on AfroRomance, but nothing stops you from complimenting them.

Can you send support for just 30 days?

There are different membership plans, and you can surely choose to pay for just one month.

Is it Really Safe to use AfroRomance?

It is as safe as dating websites can be: messaging as well as billing are encrypted, so nobody will be able to read your private data.

Privacy policy on AfroRomance

Privacy is highly respected on AfroRomance: your email address will never be given to any spammers. You also will never receive any unwanted advertisements in your email. Only you choose what kind of information to share with other members of the website.

Are AfroRomance messages encrypted?

Yes, AfroRomance is using encrypted messaging, so personal conversations on that site are really private.

Is it possible for AfroRomance to track you down?

While website admins can see the country you are from (you have to provide it when you make a profile there) and your Internet provider, none of them knows where you are living.

Is it possible that AfroRomance can be traced by the police?

Technically yes, but police aren’t interested in dating websites because most of them don’t have any group chats.

Who should you contact if you got questions regarding your privacy in AfroRomance?

The best option in this situation would be to contact the website’s administration.



You can’t underestimate safety, especially when it comes to online dating, which supposes meeting people you don’t know. How safe is it to use AfroRomance? Keep reading this text, and soon you will know.

Are AfroRomance Forums threads moderated by someone?

There are no AfroRomance forums available, but every fraudulent person or someone who impersonates another man or woman will get banned. It’s also forbidden to promote things like violence, hate, racial prejudices, etc.

What will happen to a member who used AfroRomance Account to make money?

It’s strictly forbidden to use AfroRomance for your wealth. That’s why if someone sees a user who is trying to solicit money and report them, that person will be blocked from the website.

About banned accounts

In case somebody ignores the rules of the AfroRomance dating network, he gets his account banned.

Why you can’t access AfroRomance anymore?

If you haven’t forbidden the rules but still can’t access AfroRomance, you should check if the website is available from other computers. The next thing would be to check if your Internet provider didn’t block it. Finally, you can contact the customer support.

How long does the AfroRomance ban last?

It all depends on how a lousy person was acting. In most of the cases, bans are forever; for example, if somebody was impersonating someone else.

How can you reactivate your banned account?

As was said before, it all depends on what you did — some accounts might stay banned forever, and there is nothing to do with that. But if you think that there was a place for the mistake, you can contact customer support and reactivate your account.

Protect yourself

How can you protect yourself while browsing AfroRomance? Continue reading to find out the answers.

How can you block and report a suspicious person who can be a scammer?

There is a drop-down menu that appears once you click on the user’s profile. You will see «Block user» among other options, and there you go: the user is blocked. To report them, you should contact customer support.

Which information you shouldn’t post to your AfroRomance Account?

Users of AfroRomance aren’t allowed to post any phone numbers, links, addresses, emails, or any offensive information. It’s also forbidden to upload nude pictures on the website.

Support and Assitance

Support and Assitance

Users of AfroRomance can always count on some help and support from the website’s admins.

Review of a real user

“First of all, you must keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to protect yourself from any information leakage and scams. That’s why you shouldn’t give people any sensitive information about yourself that later could be used to harm you. You also shouldn’t trust every person you meet on the web. As for AfroRomance, they are doing their best, blocking any suspicious accounts that are there.”

Andy, 29

Is AfroRomance the best dating website and app out there?

If you live in the US and want to gather some exciting experience to meet someone from a different culture, this website could become the best dating platform you will ever find. It gives a great chance to explore new things and become familiar with different lifestyles and traditions.

Is it safe to use AfroRomance?

AfroRomance is as safe as you let it be. If you are careful and don’t rush to click the links that someone sends you in the messenger, you won’t catch any viruses from the AfroRomance website.

Can AfroRomance be used as a hook-up app?

Since it’s a multi-culture website, there are people with different values. Some of them are against sex on the first date, while others prefer to skip the coffee and go straight to a dessert.

Is it free to use AfroRomance?

It is free to check it out, but if you decide to go more in-depth, you will have to pay for its users’ features.

How the AfroRomance dating website/app works?

It’s quite straight forward: you make yourself a profile, browse some profiles, send them flirts or add them to your favorites for later (if there are too many people you would like to chat with) and start chatting with them.

Are there any fakes or scammers on AfroRomance?

During writing an AfroRomance review, authors of this text didn’t spot any suspicious users on AfroRomance: it seems admins are doing a great job keeping the site clean for others.

Alternative solutions to AfroRomance

Alternative solutions to AfroRomance

Several websites could be viewed as alternatives though they do not specialize in interracial dating. One of them would be Match.com: that website includes a large user base, so it wouldn’t be a problem to find someone from a different race.

How to contact

Address: AfroRomance, c/o Chellaul Corporation 1135 Terminal Way, Suite 209, Reno, NV, 89502, USA

Email info@afroromance.com

Phone Number 775 996 7271

Final words

The described website is an excellent choice for those who want something new in their life. You may meet people of other races on the website to make your life brighter. While AfroRomance doesn’t have its app, you can still meet new people using a mobile version of the website on the go.

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