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Aisle Review: A Great Dating Site

Aisle Review: A Great Dating Site
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 28-39
Profiles 740 000
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Visit rate 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the very few dating apps that focuses on the idea of serious dating.
  • Specialized app for Indian users.
  • Not many fake profiles.
  • The environment is safe for women.
  • Exceptional user interface.
  • Premium features help you customize your search.
  • There are barely any features accessible to free users.
  • Only women can initiate conversations free of cost.
  • Limited number of free matches.

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Aisle aims to cater to a specific niche of single Indians searching for serious relationships. They have managed to pave the way through casual matrimonial dating platforms. No one here hurries young people to marry and create a family. The founder and CEO of the Aisle app, Able Joseph, struggled to find a proper match with a similar mindset. All of them seemed to have either a too casual or too serious approach to dating. This led him to launch Aisle in July 2014. Since then, Aisle has attracted 3.4 million users from 193 countries, even though it is only for Indians. Clearly, this didn’t limit the usage of the service. They do not hesitate to get their aim out in the open through their tagline, which says: “The dating app for Indians.” The Aisle review suggests that it has a specific market share, and it has led us to believe that the app is most popular among young adults who want to develop their relationships gradually without anyone’s supervision. However, these people are not positive about paying such high prices for this service. Unlike its competitors, online dating isn’t where it stops; instead, it also encourages people to meet offline and build relationships effectively.

Overview Aisle

How Does Aisle Work?

Our in-depth review makes it clear that the Aisle application uses a specific algorithm to keep track of your likes and preferences to match with like-minded people. It lists down your options, and if you are interested in someone, you can send them an invitation to ensure mutual liking. However, invitations are limited to just a few, so use them wisely. It often happens that users are no longer active, so they cannot reply; however, the percentage of active members is very high. Aisle also allows you to further customize your search according to your preferences. The site is very strict about people interested in only forming friendships, so they are not welcomed in any way on the platform.

Signing up at Aisle

To join the Aisle app, you have to download the application from AppStore or PlayStore first. After that, you must provide your phone number or log in through your Facebook/LinkedIn account. The latter option will link your profiles and extract the basic information from there. The second step is filling out a registration form, indicating your preferences, ranging from height, status, job, and religion. There’s a section where you can mention your hobbies and activities, which you have to rate on a scale. Lastly, you must add at least two photos of yourself. However, that is not where the sign-up process completes since Aisle is very discreet about its member selection. You cannot immediately join after registering until and unless you have been screened and approved by customer support to make sure you’re eligible to be a part of their closed community and follow its rules. The approval duration could take from hours to days, depending on site traffic. They have this specific process to filter out any unwanted and suspicious applicants before they even join. This also enables them to control and maintain a positive environment while keeping the platform clean from bots or scams.

If you are lucky enough to be approved and receive a letter that your account is now ready to use, all you have to do is log in and start swiping until you find someone special.

How to Start Contact

Now that you have logged in, feel free to look for potential partners. You are presented with two options: either let the app randomly show you profiles or apply filters according to your tastes (a specific height, the age range that is acceptable for you, status, and so on). The results are shown on your screen, and you swipe left if you’re not interested and right if you are. The next step varies depending on your gender; if you are a woman, you can message first for free; however, men are not exposed to this feature until they pay some fee. Finally, when you have managed to initiate the conversation by either means, you can get to know your match better through the simplistic way of online chatting. There are also many tips for shy fellows who do not know how to communicate on the Aisle website.

To make sure the person matches you, you can also send those invitations; however, they are not available to free members; on the brighter side, these invites are returned to you if not accepted, so you can reuse them. The Aisle app has recently introduced roses to its users. We have analyzed Aisle reviews, and they are very positive about the feature since it is one of the few free ones.

How to Start Contact

Aisle Profiles

They say the first impression is the last impression, and for platforms like Aisle, first impressions are even more critical. That is why you need to make sure that you provide valid information in the registration form, as those are the basis of your entire profile. Furthermore, you are advised to mention intriguing facts about you and your hobbies, attracting more users to your page. After reviewing many pages, it is safe to say that the site consists of educated Indians who have made their intentions crystal clear. The profiles don’t only focus on physical attributes and add pictures for potential partners to decide if they are interested. The serious relationship aspect comprises further different in-depth traits, including their hobbies, characteristics, likes, dislikes, and even financial situations. At this point, we have mentioned many times that Aisle is an Indian dating app, so it is a no-brainer that most of them geographically also reside in the country, even though there are many exceptions of users living abroad, but their roots are still Indian. The goal of the members is to form serious, committed relationships that may one day lead to marriage (but not right away). Unfortunately, Aisle is only limited to the English language.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

The possibility of bots and fake profiles is zero due to a thorough inspection of every application. However, in exceptional cases, the guidelines are to check the profile information and when it was last updated. Moreover, if you encounter any suspicious person or notice inappropriate activity, report it to customer support as soon as possible.

Design and Usability of Aisle

The site features an exemplary user interface that creates a positive impression and makes you all eager to use the service to find your significant other. The interface is swift and modern. The design shows you a large picture of the person when you go to their profile, so you can clearly see who they are, and their preferences are highlighted in bold. There is the option to bookmark certain people that you feel attracted to. The match info is mentioned at the bottom of the screen, while other options are available at the top. We reviewed the design critically, and we believe it is universal; however, it is of little to no use since their target market is quite limited.

Aisle Mobile App

It is only available as a mobile application, making it easier for members to access it wherever they are. Even though the Aisle website does exist, it only shows Aisle reviews and tips. The Aisle application is compatible with Android and iOS. The limitations you may face are related not to the mobile version itself but because some perks are only available to premium subscribers. The mobile app is easy to understand, with UI similar to Tinder, enabling you to swipe according to your interests. You are shown a grid of profiles that you can select to further review and decide if you see any future prospects. So, it is fair to say that the service is perfect for mobile usage and covers all criteria required in a dating app.

Aisle Mobile App

Special Features

Discover Aisle features to understand what makes it different.

Verification Process

First of all, the most notable feature that the user initially comes in contact with is the extensive verification process. It requires you to provide your information and sign up; however, the experience only begins if the moderators of Aisle review and approve your application. This gives the app an exclusivity factor apart from the fact that it’s only made for Indians. The CEO claims that he faced a similar struggle when he was looking for a soulmate, which is why he wanted to avoid that problem. Furthermore, this leads to higher credibility and customer trust since this feature guarantees a closed community.

Search Filters

You may also want to explore the filters provided for your partner search, and you can specify certain expectations that will single out individuals that would be ideal for you.


This allows you to let someone know you are interested in them and, possibly, foresee a future for the two of you. Each user is given seven roses, which can be sent to potential significant others.

Detailed Profiles

A commendable feature of Aisle is that it actually encourages its users to form a genuine bond over time and turn it into something a little more than just casual dating or flirtations.


While going through several profiles, you may come across one you want to keep track of or possibly connect with in the future. To make sure you can do this, you are provided with a bookmark feature. Thus, you can save attractive members for further communication.

Liking Profiles

You can also like profiles of others.

Liking Profiles

Aisle Costs

The following is the different range of prices available for various time periods.

Aisle VIP 2,199 rupees

Aisle VIP Gold 3,999 rupees

The following are the in-app purchases that our experts have also reviewed.

1 Boost: ₹ 549

10 Credits: ₹ 699

3 invites: ₹ 2000

7 invites: ₹4000

Basic Membership

The free version is very minimalistic when it comes to features.

You can swipe right a few times only.

If you are female, then you can initiate a conversation for free.

You have 7 roses that you can send to people you like on Aisle.

Premium Membership

This is known as the VIP membership and contains the best perks. The app justifies itself by making people pay for most of its features, claiming that it proves their dedication to finding a serious partner and not just flings.

You can connect with your matches and begin conversations.

You can see who likes your profile.

You have the ability to set more filters.

The app matches you to like-minded individuals.

You are prioritized.

Aisle Coupons

Yes, there are some coupons for the app.

Premium Membership

Aisle Verification and Safety

As mentioned earlier, safety is among the top priorities of the platform. Let’s go over the process in detail.

When registering, individuals are required to provide some identification – a phone number or social media account, after which they are sent a code to proceed further. After that, Aisle reviews all the input provided and then selects members. They have a specific set of requirements for eligibility. When you have been accepted by the moderators, you can start using the service. Aisle is very proud of its verification process and claims they handpick the members. The app’s environment is also female-friendly, so they feel comfortable at all times.

Is Aisle a Scam?

There seem to be mixed reviews about the app being a scam since it requires tons of tolerance and money; however, several success stories are provided on the Aisle website. This indicates Aisle is not a scam.

Is Aisle Legit?

Yes, Aisle is legit; it has many success stories and does not contain bots or fake profiles. This builds consumer trust towards the platform.

Is Aisle Anonymous?

No, Aisle is not anonymous. The profiles contain not only photographs but also traits, preferences, and religious data.

Is Aisle Anonymous?

The Problem With Aisle

Aisle is an entirely new concept among dating apps. The feedback about it varies greatly, so we will now review the problematic side.

Aisle is mainly a paid platform rather than a free one. It’s just called free as a label since the limitations for free users will never help them succeed in finding a suitable mate.

It is considered one of India’s most expensive dating apps.

The verification process is quite subjective, depending on how the moderators perceive an applicant.

There are too many in-app purchases.

Requires patience to be able to find your significant other.

It is not diverse.

There are too many complications, and a user may face problems in understanding how to use the service effectively.

The Problem With Aisle

Help and Support

A lot of the functionality depends on moderators and the customer service department, so this leads to many technical issues; however, they are dealt with if you submit a complaint.

Aisle Alternatives





What Is Aisle Used for?

Aisle app is used for a very specific purpose. It is for Indians who want to get married in the future but eager to get to know their significant others closer first. Aisle caters to people who don’t want to date or have flings; neither do they want just to find a partner and get married.

Is Aisle a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Aisle is used for serious dating. It allows you to go beyond online dating and bond in real life too.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get a Profile Approved on Aisle?

It could vary from a few hours to one day. When you get approved, you receive a notification.

Is Aisle a Good App?

Aisle is good if you have time and finances to invest in finding a serious relationship. However, many people are discouraged by this idea.

How to Delete an Account on Aisle?

Press on Edit Profile, scroll down to Settings; tap Delete Account.

How to Delete an Account on Aisle?

Contact Information

Office Address: Not available

Email ID: team@aisle.com

Website: www.aisle.co

Facebook page: Aisle Network

Twitter account: @aislenetwork


To conclude our review, Aisle is a distinct platform that introduces and explores new territories of serious online relationships. Apart from high prices, the app itself does its best to provide a healthy and safe environment for committed relationships to prosper. However, there are many alternatives, such as OkCupid, that are not so heavy on the pocket.

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