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BBWCupid Review: Website for Finding your Plus Size Love

BBWCupid Review: Website for Finding your Plus Size Love
About Girls
Date with older guy 13%
Reply rate 78%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 4.674.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Perfect solution for people of plus size and their admirers to meet each other;
  • The prices of BBWCupid membership are suitable for any wallet size;
  • The well-developed and modern interface that comes in multiple languages;
  • Simplified registration process and the possibility to tie the account to social media.
  • Unequal gender ratio.

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The service BBWCupid was created with the entertainment of big and gorgeous people in mind. It is a universal platform that comes in app and desktop versions. People register intending to find a friend for an evening or a husband/wife. The user profiles are well-developed and well-organized. Most take their pages seriously and fill them in with as many photos and details as possible.

Does BBWCupid interface come in multiple languages?

Since BBWCupid was planned to be an international platform, it was initially designed in various languages. So far, the homepage has a button in the top right corner where the user can select English, Espanol, or Deutch.

Who ownes BBWCupid?

The website is another project of the well-known holding Cupid Media.

Where is BBWCupid located?

Since the website belongs to the holding, the operation is sone from the Cupid Media office. It is located in Australia, Southport.

When was BBWCupid launched?

The date of the website launch is 2000. It is one of the first projects of the holding that has more than three dozens of online dating services.

What about BBWCupid popularity in other countries?

The website is available in most countries of the globe. It has a huge member base with the representatives from every continent.

More Features

More Features

The BBWCupid dating site has some special features you will unlikely to find elsewhere. Let’s check on them briefly.


Note that this service is locked for free account users. In case you have a premium account, enjoy translation into your mother language. The site is international, so you never know who will win your heart. Having a quick translation enables texting without delays.

Extending your profile

If you wish to tell more about yourself in the profile, there is an option that lets you add the fields. Add more space and fill it in with any information you like.

Profile Highlight

A standard Cupid feature that lets the user put the profile in the spotlight temporarily. It will get as much attention as possible, hence increases your visibility. Highlighting the profile for even a couple of minutes lets other people like your photos, add you to favorites, or even message you.

About Members

BBWCupid review of the membership pool shows that the number of active females is higher than males. The male part comprises about 40% of users. The majority are BBW and BBM. The smaller part of users are people who admire BBP. It is an international platform, the interface is multilingual, so members register from any country you can think of. You can find users from Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc.

Curvy, hot women join the website to find their big and strong men for various types of relationships. Sometimes users indicate their expectations in the profile, and at times you need to discuss it in a private conversation. The website provides data on how many people are online and how many registered users are on the site. Currently, the membership base is estimated to be two million.

Age Representation

Females tend to be younger, and most of them are 22 – 29 y.o. When it comes to males, the age categories are 25 – 20 y.o., 35 – 45 y.o., and older.

Fakes and scammers

Cupid Media is not a beginner. The company has been working in the sphere of online services for ages, and security issues have been in focus all the time. Preventing fraudulent activities on the site is the job of a risk team that monitors all the profiles and filters the content. The site implemented photo approval to prevent scammers from getting in. Besides, there are checks conducted according to a plan. They are aimed at finding illegal content and violations of the code of conduct.

Characteristics of Platform

Characteristics of Platform

BBWCupid reviews of the platform design & interface show positive impressions. The users are generally satisfied with the functions of both desktop & app versions.

BBWCupid App

Since the desktop version launch, the developers moved on to work on the perfect application for mobile devices. Although the site has a mobile version, it is always better to have an app since it simplifies the registration procedure. Besides, the users nowadays are active people who move a lot, and their smartphones became their replacement for laptops. Downloading the app is possible for Android as well as Apple users.

BBWCupid for desktops

For the admirers of desktop usage, the BBWCupid website was developed. The founders had the best intentions in mind to find the perfect combination of the price and design. The website has a couple of sections on the top menu. It supports a lot of standard communication features as well as additional ones.

Can I install the application on my PC?

The app does not work on the desktop version since it was designed for phones.

What browser do I need to install to open BBWCupid?

There is no limitation on the browser. As long as your browser is updated, the website should run smoothly. All the visuals and content of the site should load well. In case you have issues, clear the cache and restart the browser.

What is the issue if I cannot open the website and log in?

BBWCupid rarely experiences any technical issues. The reason for not being able to log in is probably the device, browser, or login details you are using. Check the Internet and cache, and look if the Caps Lock button is not on. If everything mentioned above does not work, feel free to text the support via the option ‘Contact Us.’



The homepage of the website has a registration form. It is located on the top, and to open it, and you need to click the button ‘View Singles.’ The form with a couple of fields opens up. If you scroll down, there is information about how the service works. It explains the signing up in short. It also contains testimonials from the users that found love with the help of the service.

The bottom menu traditionally has the documents that prove that the site is legit. You can also find there a code of conduct and tips on dating.

How to register and start browsing

If you are joining the website as a new member, you need to fill in the short initial form and a questionnaire on personality traits. There is an option to use your Facebook account to register quicker. If not, indicate the email.

Can I remove BBWCupid match I do not like anymore?

There is no option to delete the candidate from your list of matches. The thing is, BBWCupid creates the list after analyzing your preferences. You are not obliged to use the list. If you want a different list, change your preferences so that the system could update the criteria.

What is the age requirement for the users who want to register at BBWCupid?

Online dating services are regulated by law. Hence, the users cannot be under 18 y.o. if they want to join the website.

Is there a process of account verification?

The team of moderators verifies the account during the stage of registration. Hence there is no separate procedure for that.

How do I verify my email?

It is a standard procedure with the link sent to the address to check if it is valid and whether you have access to it. As soon as you open the link, the site knows that you are a real person with access to the email address.

Is Facebook sign up available?

Yes, you can tie your account to Facebook, and all the information will be transferred immediately.

Is signing up compulsory to use the website?

Yes, the website does not let guest users to the profiles. As a guest, you can visit the info pages of the website.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

Completing the profile on BBWCupid is not complicated. There is a questionnaire to define the personality type. Besides, there are sections that the user fills in manually. The user is supposed to dwell on important life events, dating stories, expectations, preferences, etc.

The website creators did not underestimate the profile’s value on the dating site and added enough sections. All the details of the profile become the basis for matching users.

Can the user remove the pictures uploaded to BBWCupid profile?

To manage the photos, open the one you want to erase and click on the button delete.

How can a user modify the nickname on BBWCupid?

Every username is unique. To change it, you need to contact support for assistance.

How can a user remove BBWCupid profile?

Removing the BBWCupid profile is possible via profile settings. Besides, you can contact the support for assistance.

How does ‘hide my profile’ work on BBWCupid?

To start with, the option to manage visibility is available for paid members only. If you change the settings to cover your profile, the users will not be able to reach you. It does not mean that your profile is removed completely.

Is the data I sent to BBWCupid editable or not?

The profile is editable, and you can easily control the settings and the content of your page.

Member search

The website enables users to find precise matches using a variety of tools. Note that the access to the tools depends on the type of membership the user purchased.

Does BBWCupid enables the users to see the profiles they liked?

A couple of sections are designed for the users to save the profiles they fancy. First of all, ‘Favorites’ and secondly’ Matches.’

What types of searches does BBWCupid provide?

  • A basic search is designed for standard members. It contains enough filters to find someone of your preferred age, residence, and profile photo.
  • An advanced search is designed for users with paid accounts. It gives more filters.
  • Other tools of searches are located in the corresponding sections:
  • Previous search results;
  • Search by user ID;
  • Recently-registered members;
  • Users who recently uploaded photos;
  • People who are located nearby.

Do free members of BBWCupid have access to the list of people who fancied them?

In case the users have a free account, they are entitled to receiving ‘Matches’ and getting replies from them. Seeing the list of people who favored them is not available.


One of the essential features of any website is the way communication works. The users require effective tools of interaction since their search for a perfect partner depends on it. Hence, the website team monitors the platform constantly and follows all the complaints and suggestions immediately.

How to initiate the talk with the other BBWCupid member?

To start communication with any user, you need to select the profile. Go to ‘Matches’ or use the search tool. If you have paid membership, your search results will show a lot of potential candidates that perfectly match your expectations. Click on the profile and send a message via the button on the profile.

How does sending messages work?

Communication via messages is a feature that unlocks as soon as you get the paid membership. To start texting someone, open the profile, and click the button to send a text.

How much does it cost to interact with the users via messages?

This feature is a part of the membership package. Hence, get the package to be able to communicate freely. The members with standard packages cannot send messages.

Where are the messages from other BBWCupid members?

Find the section ‘Messages’ on the top menu of the profile. It is a blue panel with a couple of sections. Click on the needed section, and the incoming messages will open up.

Does web camera work with BBWCupid?

Does web camera work with BBWCupid?

The site does not support the feature of chatting with people via video. Hence the camera cannot be connected to it.

How can I filter who can write to me on BBWCupid?

You can’t control who can write to you (except blocking members), but you can manage your incoming messages. Note that messages on the website are not saved for an unlimited period. They get erased in two months. To arrange them into folders, go to the section ‘Messages.’ From there, you can create folders to place the messages in. You can name the folders and create as many as you wish. Copy the messages from the main inbox and paste them into folders.

Service Fees & Payment Alternatives

BBWCupid website offers two packages named Gold and Platinum. They differ in duration and the sets of features. The Gold package costs $24.98 for one month of usage, $49.99 for three months of usage, and $99.98 for a year.

The Platinum package costs $29.98 for one month of usage, $59.99 for three months of usage, and $119.98 for a year.

Note that the website cooperates with multiple systems that process your payment. Regardless of what country you are from, there is always a way for you to pay. You can go via online wallets on PayPal or Skrill, or the traditional credit card way.

Benefits of Free Package

The free account or standard membership on the site enables the user to sign up and arrange the standard profile. After uploading pictures, the user gets approved by the website team. After the approval, the user can use basic tools. Such users have access to viewing all the profiles but not contacting them unless it is a premium member that is willing to reply.

Benefits of Premium Package

Such users have an absolute authority on the website. They can text everyone, and even more, have the messages translated for them. Besides, the features of highlighting the profile and VIP treatment from customer support are included.

Can I be a VIP member on BBWCupid?

Certainly, the website provides a choice to get a premium member’s status for one, three months, or the whole year.

Can a user cancel the BBWCupid subscription?

Note that the subscription can’t be canceled if it is activated. For example, if you paid for a one-month subscription, you cannot cancel it after using it for two days. Manage the subscription from the profile settings.

Does BBWCupid have the automatically renewed subscription?

For user convenience, the membership is set to recurring mode. It is simple to switch it off in two clicks.

Will the website refund me the money for the time I did not visit it?

Read the terms of use carefully to be aware of the possible reasons for the refund. Not using the service is not a legit reason to issue a refund, so such a request will be rejected.

Is my donation to BBWCupid recurring monthly?

The subscription is recurring. However, you are free to change it.

Am I eligible for getting the money paid for BBWCupid subscription if the service frustrated me?

The website can issue a refund in case it violated the terms of use and the commitment it has to its users. For example, the site was down, or the information on your profile was erased. If you are not satisfied with the service in general, it is not a reason to issue a refund.

What will be written on my BBWCupid receipt?

The company works explicitly, and the name of Cupid Media or the website will come upon your receipt.

Is there a way for me to send aid to another BBWCupid member?

The website does not provide the services for sending financial support to other members. It is possible to communicate with the free members if you are a premium one since they have limited capabilities. You can send gifts via the website as well.

Can I subscribe for one month?

The shortest subscription available on the website is one month long. You are welcome to purchase it and turn off the auto-renew function.

Why is BBWCupid a safe platform?

Why is BBWCupid a safe platform?

The reason for giving BBWCupid a title of a safe platform is a combination of a strong anti-fraud strategy as well as constant improvement. From a technical point of view, the website is protected by an SSL certificate, and it does not cooperate with the malicious services that work via ads. You will not see any inappropriate advertising on the site jumping in your face, distracting you.

Measure of Protecting User confidentiality at BBWCupid

To start with, the profile information contains contact details and photos of users. It is sensitive information that the website puts in priority. This data is collected and processed for internal purposes. It does not leave the website, and only BBWCupid staff has access to it. There is a separate team that works with the profile approvals. All the employees of the website sign the confidentiality agreement, so your information is protected in all possible ways. Besides, the website does not share your contacts with the users. Every piece of private info is well-hidden and protected.

Does BBWCupid have a system of encryption?

All the private messages sent through the website are protected by encryption, and nobody has access to them.

Does BBWCupid track the users?

The website stores the login information of every user, meaning your IP and the device. It is collected for internal statistics. Although the website has access to your location, it does not have a right to share it or use it for any illegal purposes like tracing you.

Does the police have access to BBWCupid stored data?

The data that the website collects is protected. It does not have to share it with any institutions unless there is a court order, and the site has vital information. In general, the police do not observe the activities of the platform.

To whom should a user address their privacy issues on BWCupid?

The users can leave their complaints on the website via the contact form. The support agents will direct it to the corresponding department.

Safety Measures

Despite the website’s attempts to protect user safety, it often happens that the user becomes the reason for misfortune. With that in mind, the website designed guidelines for all the users to follow. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will find the bottom menu. The section ‘Dating Safety’ is located there. It dwells on spammers, scammers, and other online threats.

Are there moderators on the site?

The website employs moderators who check the online activity and approve the profile photos. They also check the content on the user pages and eliminate the violations of rules.

What is the procedure for punishing the person who demanded money from other BBWCupid users?

In case moderators suspect that the account conducts illegal activities, an internal check is conducted. As soon as they make sure that the account is fake, it gets banned permanently. The email address and the name of the person go to a blacklist.

Blocked Accounts

Blocked Accounts

Some countries ban access to the website. To find that out, check it with the policies of your country. In any case, there is an option to use a VPN. You can find the free services online or in the extensions to your browser.

What to do if the login details do not work?

It happens that something goes wrong with the login details. Check the Caps Lock button, the accuracy of the details, and try to reset the password. If that does not work, try contacting the website.

For what term can my account be blocked?

Depending on the reason, the account can be blocked permanently or terminated. Provide the support with your email and username, and they will let you know the issue.

What are my actions on reinstating the account that was previously blocked?

There is an option to reactivate the account. For that, you need to go to the site and receive a special form for such accounts.

Protect yourself

Stay aware of scammers every time you are using any online services. Avoid sharing your phone number, email, or address with strangers. If you decide to meet someone online, ensure that it is safe and inform your friends and family about the date.

What features let the user report a suspicious profile?

The buttons to report or block the user are placed on the profile, as well as in the incoming messages from the person.

What are the requirements for the content I post on BBWCupid profile?

It is forbidden to conduct illegal activities, post nudity or pornography on the site. It is not a platform for running a business or charity, either.

Customer Service

Open the section ‘Contact Us,’ and you will see the option ‘Customer Service.’ As soon as you click on it, the chat window appears. It contains the search bar where you can type in the keyword of your question.

Real life review

Real life review

BBWCupid is a real platform with verified profiles. Unlike many websites that offer their services absolutely free of charge, this platform strives to find every threat and eliminate it before it influences someone.

Is BBWCupid ranked as the finest dating service?

First of all, the website belongs to a well-known brand, and its reputation is flawless. Hence, it is one of the finest websites for BBW to date.

Am I safe on BBWCupid?

Get acquainted with the privacy and confidentiality policies to ensure that the website takes care of your privacy. The website is safe to use.

Is BBWCupid a service for hook-ups?

The chances are that the user will agree to hook up, but in the majority, they are looking for a relationship.

Is BBWCupid a free of charge service?

BBWCupid is a partially free platform. It does not request to pay. However, more opportunities open up with the paid subscription.

What are the principles of BBWCupid functioning?

It is a user-friendly platform that simplifies all the processes. One-click registration and quick profile set up, and you are free to roam around the website.

How many scammers and fake account exist on BBWCupid?

There is a chance that you will encounter the scammer who is well-covered. They usually have a peculiar pattern. Firstly, they are persuasive and are always complaining. The next move for them is to cause your sympathy and request money.

BBWCupid Competitors

  • eHarmony is a well-developed and popular platform for finding partners for serious relationships. Its member base is comprehensive in terms of age. People of any age, shape, and color are welcome to register and find their love.
  • OkCupid is an affordable, international service that keeps leading positions on the market. It has quick service. Within a couple of minutes, you become a member and are free to start searching.
  • Large Friends focuses on finding long-term commitment for people of plus size. Its member base is moderate, and prices are affordable. It is most popular in the USA.
  • Tinder is a competitor and alternative to BBWCupid because it has a large audience that includes very different people. It was well-advertised and had a set of free features that lure users. It is a location-based app.

Address & Contact Info

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 9304

Gold Coast MC QLD 9726


Phone number for international calls: +61 7 5612 5016


Visiting the website is fun. It has everything a single person needs – a large pool of members who are online constantly. About fifty thousand people are online weekly. It is not possible to leave BBWCupid without meeting someone special.

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