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CasualX Review 2021: Great Hookup Apps

CasualX Review 2021: Great Hookup Apps
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Pros and Cons

  • CasualX is available for free on iOS and Android devices, perfect for hookups and casual relationships.
  • Fast and simple registration.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Private photo album feature with up to 30 photos.
  • Great features for the best dating app experience.
  • You can see the profile and send photos while chatting.
  • Very responsive app.
  • The great private photo album feature.
  • CasualX is a mobile-only app, with no desktop version.
  • You will need to be paid members to contact whomever you want freely.
  • A standard swiping and matching functionality.
  • There are some escorts and fake profiles on CasualX.
  • It doesn't have advanced filtering.
  • Each new profile is manually verified.

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CasualX Overview

CasualX was launched back in 2017 for iOS at first and followed for Android. The founder and CEO, Michelle Lin, founded CasualX for a specific segment of users looking for casual encounters. Single adults and couples can join the community to have a casual fling, one-night stands, friends with benefits, swinging, or any other type of sexual relationship without commitment and emotional attachment. Unfortunately, the CasualX website is not available.

An app is a perfect place for anyone open to the idea of encounters without strings attached. The apps offer easy to use, effectiveness, and privacy for those looking for like-minded people. With members mainly from the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia, it claims to have over 500,000 downloads. Keep reading for more CasualX reviews. Also, start signing up and have fun with this app!

CasualX 2021 Review: Great Dating Apps

How Do You Use CasualX?

When you only want to find casual encounters and sign up for dating sites, you often find it frustrating and confusing when you are matched with people looking for a serious and long-term relationship.

Thus, CasualX is a perfect app that is solely focused on bringing together people looking for the same thing, something casual. Members can meet other members for a simple hookup, friends with benefits, or one nightstand. There is no emotional attachment and commitment.

Like other dating apps and sites, the CasualX app offers fast and quick registration and top-notch mobile optimization. To install the app, go to Play Store or App Store, and then create a user name and profile. Once finished, start browsing soon using a swipe-based system.

Users can see the photo of a potential match and some necessary information about them. You can swipe through possible matches and choose right for yes and left for no – if both people swipe right, it means they match and can talk. CasualX also provides some features, such as ‘moments’ and unlock patterns for the app.

How to Sign Up for CasualX?

CasualX is a mobile dating app, so you can easily sign up anywhere, anytime. It is available for both iOS and Android systems. You don’t need to pay money to download and create your account. You should be at least 17 years old to subscribe.

Here are the steps to sign up for CasualX.

  • Visit Google Play Store or iOS App Store on your device.
  • Find and click to download on CasualX app.
  • Once it is installed, open the app.
  • On the ‘Welcome’ page, you are required to fill in your personal information, like gender, preferences, age, location, and height.
  • After you complete it, you will be directed to fill in your email address, user name, and password.
  • Click on the terms and conditions of the app developer to protect your information.<
  • Click Join.

After signing up, you can verify your phone number in the CasualX app. Sadly, this dating app is not available for desktops.

How to Sign Up for CasualX?

How to Message Other CasualX Users

CasualX is a dating app for open-minded singles and couples to meet new people who have the same interests for casual encounters only. So, it is perfect for people who don’t want long or serious relationships. You can find people either for one-night stands, an affair, friends with benefits, or a casual fling.

In some CasualX reviews, the best way to enhance your opportunity is by creating an attractive profile. We recommend verifying your photos because it can boost your results. CasualX provides communication features like online chat and an internal email platform. Messaging other users on CasualX is similar to other apps. It is easy to use and intuitive.

However, you will need to pay for a premium subscription to exchange messages with other users. You can get free notifications using the Meet feature if you have mutual likes with someone. There is another great thing about the chat tool on CasualX. Users can look at someone’s bio with a click in your chat window. It means you can toggle between your message and other users’ profiles while chatting.

How to Set Up Your CasualX Profiles

Setting up your profile is easy and quick. You have two options when you are creating an account. It takes some time within a minute to complete your profile, fill it and boost your chances for more attention.

To stand out from thousands of users, create a unique username and write a bio. You can also adjust gender settings that allow you to write your gender (Male/Female) and define what type of people you are looking for.

CasualX app also provides the additional setting, including ethnicity and religion. However, you can omit them if you consider these are too private. As a user, you can have both private and public albums. Each allows you to have 30 pics. You can share your album with other people if you approve other members’ requests.

Bear in mind that CasualX requires you to create a lock pattern on your phone’s screen to access the app. Besides, your account profile is not automatically activated. CasualX will verify each new profile manually to ensure that it belongs to a real person. The process takes from 30 minutes to several hours. You will be notified via push notification as well as email once your profile is approved.

Are There Any Fake Profiles on CasualX?

Unlike any other dating sites and apps, CasualX offers an excellent feature for verification and security. Each new profile will be verified manually using photo verification to avoid fake profiles. You need to upload a readable copy of some valid ID to confirm that you are the person on the uploaded photos. Also, you will need to create a lock pattern to access the app.

But, still, you may find there are some fake profiles and scammers. Even though the app’s main purpose of connecting individuals who are looking for no strings attached relationship, unfortunately, you may also find some escorts looking for money for sex on the CasualX app. Some of them will write on the profile they seek payments, while others only tell you after a conversation is started.

If you know or suspect such accounts, you can report them and contact the support center. Sadly, there is no block feature on CasualX. When someone makes you feel uncomfortable, you will have to get the help department and let them know.

Are There Any Fake Profiles on CasualX?

How about the CasualX app Design and Usability?

CasualX is only available on mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. But, there is no desktop version. This app is pretty much the same as other dating apps; it matches individuals looking for the same things. CasualX stands out from other dating apps. It is specifically a place for finding casual relationships. No string-attached, no long-term and serious relationships!

CasualX offers easy swipe-based design and quick registration. Once you create an account and profile, you can start to browse other users immediately. Several features allow users to get the best experience using the app.

For example, swiping is the most efficient feature to browse numerous profiles in a short time. You can choose your perfect one for a casual encounter. Meanwhile, the Random Match feature allows users to have one match randomly every day. You can chat with your partner at no cost.

CasualX Mobile App

Fortunately, CasualX is a mobile app-only. The CasualX website version is not available for the desktop version.

CasualX Special Features

As mentioned before, downloading and signing up for CasualX is free. You can access the app and easily navigate through it as a free member. Here are some of the key features of CasualX.


It’s the most efficient way to browse numerous profiles in a short time. Also, it helps make up your mind on who’s your perfect one for a casual encounter.


It is one of the main features of the CasualX app. It allows you to look at other profiles and view a social media-style feed of posts and status updates from that user.


The other main feature is Meet. It is a swipe-based discovery method of finding a match, where you can swipe right to like or swipe left to dislike. When you and someone swipe right (like each other), the system will notify you.


CasualX offers basic filtering, such as gender, age, and location. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide advanced filtering, like sexual fetish, specific physical attributes, etc.

Random match

The Random Match feature gives you one match randomly every day, with which you can chat for free. So, mutual like is not required.

Picture albums

One of the good CasualX reviews is about picture albums for its users. These include a public album and a private album. Anyone can see your pictures in a shared album. Put your sexy photos in your album and share them only with other users when you have approved their requests.

Free messages

It allows you to exchange messages with no cost incurred if you have mutual likes with someone. But, to communicate with another user, you will need a paid membership.

Online chatting

Send pictures while you are chatting with other users and view the profile of a person you are speaking with.

Photo verification

One of the CasualX app’s cool features is photo verification, which allows you to verify you are the same with your photos.

Find out more features by signing up for the CasualX app now!

CasualX Premium Subscriptions Fees

People can download CasualX for free. However, users will need to pay for a premium subscription to message other members. Here are some CasualX app premium subscriptions:

Premium Subscription Plan
One Month $ 14.99
Three Months $ 35.99
Six Months $ 54.99

To be larger casual dating communities in the world, CasualX also offers free gold membership to users. Users can share on their social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blog posts. If you are interested, share the CasualX app on your social media and send the screenshot of your sharing to support@CasualX.date to claim the gold membership.

Basic Membership

CasualX offers a basic membership for free. Users will get some benefits, such as sending 25 profiles’ likes per day and sending unlimited messages to whoever likes you back. Plus, users will get one Random Match per day.

Premium Membership

When subscribing to premium membership, not only have all primary membership benefits, but you will also have the privilege to contact other users you want, unlimited and freely.

Does CasualX app Have Coupons?

Unfortunately, the dating app doesn’t have any coupons for its members. However, you can share the app on your social media to get a chance for gold membership.

Does CasualX app Have Coupons?

How Does Verification and Safety on CasualX Work?

CasualX is a great dating app for the free-minded community that looks for casual encounters. They can meet someone for pleasurable hookups, friends with benefits, one-night stands, and other no-string attached relationships.

To join the community, you will need to register as well as create an account and password. You will be required for an email address to verify your account. For security, CasualX will verify each new profile manually using a photo ID. What’s more, you are required to create an unlock pattern to access the app. Once your new profile is approved, you are set to go!

It would be best if you considered some things before joining the CasualX dating app. Here are some of the questions for your consideration.

Are There Scammers on CasualX app?

When CasualX was first launched in 2017, the founder and CEO, Michelle Lin, chose the iOS and Android systems for this specific segment app. It has attracted over 500,000 downloads globally. So, this dating app is not a scam.

CasualX review is the best casual hookup dating app only for friends with benefits and no string attached dates. Singles, adults, and couples with the same interest are free to look for fun in the community.

Although CasualX has photo verification and an unlock pattern to access the app, you may still encounter some fake profiles. There are also some women looking for money for sex. You can’t block such an account, but you can report and contact the support team.

Is CasualX a Legit Dating App?

Yes, CasualX is a legit dating app specifically for FWB and NSA relationships. However, it would be best if you also were careful when using the app. There are still some problems, like scammers, escorts, and stock photos, which ruin the app’s reputation.

Does CasualX Provide Anonymous Service?

Even though you can create a unique username, CasualX approves each new profile using photo verification to make sure you are the same person with the photos uploaded. So, unfortunately, CasualX does not offer complete anonymity.

The Main Problem with CasualX app

CasualX offers some good things for its users around the world. On the other hand, the app also has some issues, like the search feature. You can sort by last online, but it does not tell you how long ago someone was online.

The other issue is about messaging other users. You can only message other users if you subscribe to premium service. Like many other dating apps, there is also the potential for fake profiles. Furthermore, the app does not provide a block feature.

Help and Support on CasualX

If you need some assistance or have technical issues, users can reach the support team at support@CasualX.date.

Discover the Best CasualX Alternatives

Singles and couples adults in the CasualX community may be interested in the alternative dating apps. Pure, String and Blendr are amongst you can find both on iOS and Android systems.


There are the most frequently asked questions and answer, as you can see below:

Why Do People Use CasualX?

Finding a hookup or a date without emotion and commitment used to be an ordeal. When joining common dating sites or apps, you may get a match with someone looking for a long-term or serious relationship.

That is why you should join CasualX now. It is the best sex apps to help you after a hookup or no string sex. Whether you are looking for a one-night stand, friends with benefits, or swinger, this app is the perfect place to find other minded-people with the same interest. CasualX app offers quick and easy downloading and registration. Plus, it has several features that will help you get the right date.

Is CasualX a Real Dating App for Casual Encounters?

Absolutely, yes. CasualX was designed for singles and couples of different ages, races, and sexual preferences for a casual sexual encounter without making any promises about the future.

Is CasualX a Real Dating App for Casual Encounters?

How Can Users Delete CasualX Accounts?

When signing up for CasualX, users have the option to cancel and delete. If users decide to delete their account, send an email to the support center with your request to delete and remove the account. Users can also put the reason why they want to delete the profile. So, the CasualX team could improve the service.

CasualX Contact Information

Email: CasualXhookup@gmail.com

Address: Cuijiadian Road Section, Chenghua District, Chengdu, 610051, China


You will find several excellent CasualX reviews. It is mostly because the app was designed specifically for minded people looking for the same interesting things on casual relationships. The mobile app becomes the perfect place to find swinging affairs, friends with benefits, one-night stands, and other adult hookups.

The entire app is focused only on no-strings-attached sex. Open-minded individuals and couples can expect nothing else but honest-to-goodness casual sex encounters. Anyone can join as a member. Sexual orientation, marital status, and gender are not an issue on the CasualX app.

CasualX is available for Apple and Android users. It is a very responsive app with a swiping-based system. Creating an account is easy and fast using your email address. You can create a profile and put some photos in albums.

However, you should note that CasualX needs your photo ID for manual verification. It helps minimize the fake profiles and scammers among the users. Once you have created a profile and approved it, you can browse other users using the Moments feature.

It also offers a great feature to view someone’s profile directly while chatting with that person. What’s more, you can also send photos in chats! You can put pictures in two separate albums, public and private. CasualX app allows you to have 30 images each and share your sexy photos with other users.

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