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ChnLove (AsiaMe) Review: Great Dating Site?

ChnLove (AsiaMe) Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 21%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 25-40
Beauty 80%
Profiles 37 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a vast database of members to choose from;
  • The mobile app is available;
  • It offers the best features;
  • You can buy and send real gifts to your potential match;
  • It has been in existence for a long time.
  • It is costly;
  • The users are limited in payment options.

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ChnLove is one of the leading international dating sites. It was founded in the year 1998. It means it has existed for 22 years now. It has all the experience any dating site needs to hook up foreigners with lovers from Asian countries. These Asian countries include China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is a dating site that many others should emulate.

This website targets foreign individuals who want to get their partners from Asia. The members of this dating website are mainly Chinese women, although there are many foreigners there. Many individuals join and visit the ChnLove website to find love from Asian women.

This website has been successful in helping members find real partners. It is trusted as the site profiles are genuine, and it is infrequent to find a fake one. The system is stringent in ensuring that there are no fakes on the site. The website offers premium services to its members; for you to enjoy this platform, you need to make a payment and use various tools to meet the love of your life.

How does ChnLove work?

How does ChnLove work?

ChnLove is a website that is easy to use. It would help if you came up with your profile to get started. To set your profile, you will provide your name, date of birth, and your gender. You will also input the gender that you want as a match. After this, you will fill in your email address and password. After your profile is set up and complete, you are free to start looking for the women you want. This site allows you to enjoy their services using credits. For you to access all the features on the site, you need to buy them. This site also has an advanced search engine that helps your search to be more accurate. The filters allow you to get precisely what you desire.

Signing up at ChnLove

Signing up at ChnLove

The signing up process at the ChnLove website is straightforward. You only need to follow the simple steps provided. There are two ways in which you can sign up and have an account with ChnLove. The first way is to use your existing Facebook account. When you link your Facebook account, the system will use the details in your Facebook profile to create your account. If you do not want your Facebook profile details to be used in your signing up, you can do it through your email address. By doing so, you will create a new profile specifically for the ChnLove dating site. Here you will be asked to provide certain personal information. This information includes your name, date of birth, nationality, and gender.

Apart from these personal questions, you will be asked for more detailed information before completing your registration. You need to provide a brief description of yourself and define the kind of relationship you are looking for. Lastly, you can add your profile photo. The photo should be of you only and not a group of people. You should also avoid uploading images of animals and other creatures. The signing-up process is as simple as that.

How to Start Contact

How to Start Contact

Starting communication with ladies of your choice is very simple. Once you have an account on ChnLove and a fascinating profile, you are good to go. You can like ladies’ profiles and photos. By doing this, you let them know that you are interested in them.

You can continue communicating with them using the various features that are available on the site. It includes sending instant messages and express mails. When a lady shows that she is seriously interested in you, you can go ahead request her caller ID and call her. The site will assist you in case there is a language barrier issue. You can also send virtual gifts to the lady you love and make the interaction even more romantic. These gifts can either be virtual or real that can be bought at the online store available on the site.

If you feel that the lady you have met is earnest and you would like to take the relationship to another level, the site supports you. You are allowed to send a real date request. This request will enable you to have a real date where you meet one-on-one but at a small fee. In case the lady does not show up for the date, you are refunded the cash you paid. After the date, you can decide whether you still want to continue with your search or not.

Profiles on ChnLove

Profiles on ChnLove

Having a comprehensive and attractive profile on the ChnLove website is very important. Your profile will determine the kind of match that you will get. To get your perfect match, you should make sure that your profile is the best. It should contain very detailed information, including hobbies, your appearance, and interests. There is also a questionnaire at the site that you can fill. On the ChnLove website, the quality of your profile is paramount.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

ChnLove is a dating site that has been in existence for a very long time. It knows precisely how to protect its users from fake profiles. The site is rigorous, and thus many people love it. All the ChnLove website profiles are verified, and the moderators go a step further to ensure that the members are real. The site takes care of its members’ disappointments by refunding all the credits in case a user meets a fake. This practice is encouraging as it makes members confident as they interact on the site.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

ChnLove website is a site that is very simple to use. The interface of this platform is straightforward, and the website is very interactive. The available features are apparent, and it is effortless for you to find what you want on every page. The advanced search option makes the site even easier to use. Your search is accurate and efficient.

The site has improved its efficiency by creating a mobile app. ChnLove app enables users to access all the features right from their phones. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store online. It is a feature that many users enjoy. Therefore, ChnLove is a website that anyone would love to use.

ChnLove Mobile App

ChnLove website has a mobile app. ChnLove app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users. It allows you to access the profiles and view them on the go. It is an up-to-date application, and it works perfectly on your device. The app makes users free with their interaction on ChnLove because they can do it anywhere, anytime.

Special Features

Special Features

ChnLove website is a leading dating platform that is known for its variety of features. These tools make it easier to enjoy your interaction with others on the site. They include the following:

A Variety of Communication Methods

These communication methods include:

Instant messaging. It is sending messages to people of your choice, which they receive immediately. It enables you to get feedback as soon as possible.

Express mail forwarding. It is the feature where the email you send is delivered just as you send it.

Love calls. Many users appreciate the love calls. You call the lady, and speak to her one-on-one. This love call is usually valid for only 30 minutes. Many users appreciate the love calls. You call the lady and speak to her one-on-one. This love call is usually valid for only 30 minutes. You will have an honest conversation with the lady of your choice as long as they are also interested in you. In the case of the language barrier, the site provides translation services.

Date request. This feature at the ChnLove website allows you to request real dates from the women you like. You do this by filling out a form inviting the lady for the date. You will be required to pay a small fee for the same. However, if the lady does not show up for the real date, you will get a refund.

Sending of virtual gifts. This feature takes your interaction to another level. It allows you to send virtual gifts to your favorite girl. Also, you are free to send your lady real gifts. You can buy them from an online store available on the site. This gift will be delivered immediately to your love interest. It is such an outstanding offer.

Anonymous Browsing

It is a vital feature that any dating site should have. It is because many dating site users like hiding their identity at one point or another. This feature enables you to browse the site with your profile set as invisible. It means people online will not be able to see you. When the account is visible, then others who are online can view it.

ChnLove Costs

ChnLove dating site charges its members some fee to enjoy all their services. There is no specific amount of money that you are required to pay. The price depends on the number of services you want to get from the website. Here you pay as you use. If you don’t buy the site’s currency, then you will not benefit much from the services. On this platform, payment is in the form of credits. The more you buy, the more services you receive and vice versa. You can pay for the credits using your visa/MasterCard or your PayPal account.

The table below summarizes the costs:

Credits Cost $
3 21
4 30
8 52
16 96
32 179
60 299
100 399

From the table, you can notice that the costs are very high compared to other dating sites. However, on the ChnLove website, you will get the best services ever.

Basic Membership

If you want to use basic membership at the ChnLove website, you do not need to pay anything. Basic membership is free of charge. Once you register, you become a primary member, and you are given free vouchers and bonus points to start you off. These vouchers enable you to begin interaction. However, you should buy and use credits to access all the available features.

Premium Membership

On the ChnLove website, the costs for membership are not constant. The prices depend on the services that you want to receive. You are required to buy credits to access the specific services that you want. So you are free to decide how much you want to spend on the site.

ChnLove Coupons

ChnLove website awards its users from time to time. Immediately after registration, you are given free vouchers and bonus points. For the new member of the platform, this voucher enables them to begin communicating with other users. It helps you start very well. Apart from that, you collect bonus points whenever you use certain services on the ChnLove website. You can use these points to access other services for free.

Verification and Safety on ChnLove

The administrating system at the ChnLove website is rigorous. It ensures that there are no fake profiles. All the profiles are verified during registration. The system moderators also ensure the profile photos are real. It does not allow users to upload fake pictures at all.

Is ChnLove a Scam?

ChnLove is not a scam. When you look at the many ChnLove reviews online, you will be easily convinced. There are so many successful love stories that began at the ChnLove website. There are names, marriage certificates, photos of happily married couples, and appreciation letters from thankful members. All these are proof that ChnLove is not a scam.

Is ChnLove Legit?

Are you worried about the legitimacy of the ChnLove dating site? ChnLove is a legit platform. The many ChnLove reviews online prove that it is legit and has helped many people worldwide find life partners. However, many users feel that it is too expensive.

Is ChnLove Anonymous?

ChnLove website takes care of its users’ privacy. Only the registered members can view the profiles of others. If you are not a registered member, you cannot see the details of the members available. This move keeps the details of the registered members safe.

The Problem with ChnLove

The only problem with the ChnLove website is that some people still feel that it is a scam. However, it’s not the case here. This ChnLove review can prove that.

Help and Support

Help and Support

ChnLove website is very organized, and it answers all your questions at any time. It has a specific page for help and support. On this page, you get all the answers to the issues you may meet. It has a section for the frequently asked questions that can be of help.

ChnLove Alternatives

Other sites can offer you the same services as the ChnLove site. These include Elitesingles, Co.Ku, and Zoosk.com.

Question and Answer

On the ChnLove website, there is a page for frequently asked questions. This page contains a summary of questions that you may want to ask about the website. This page can assist you in case you have some issues using the platform. The following are some of the questions that you can find in this section.

What is ChnLove Used for?

ChnLove website is a service that is used to connect men worldwide with Chinese women, mainly for serious relationships. Are you looking for a hook-up with Chinese origin? Join ChnLove today and try your luck. It has a large number of members, and so it can help people connect easily.

Is ChnLove a Real Dating Site?

ChnLove is a real dating site because it has helped many people find love from Asia. According to many ChnLove reviews online and many success stories, members have benefited from the site. The members have proof to show that their love began at the ChnLove website. Therefore, the ChnLove dating site is real.

How Can I Delete My ChnLove Account?

You can delete your account on the ChnLove website whenever you want. There are no restrictions. You only need to look out for the settings tab and then click on the corresponding option to remove the account. You will then follow a few steps and delete your account successfully.

What Will a Chinese Woman Do For Her Man?

Asian women are known for their caring and purposeful personality. The woman of China origins will do anything to help her man succeed and prosper. They are loving mothers and devoted wives; that is why they are so popular among western men.

Contact Information

Company: ChnLove.com

Address: Suite 1317-1318, Delta House, No.3 On Yiu Street, Shatin, Hong Kong

Phone: +85226826420

Email: qa@ChnLove.com.


On the ChnLove website, you are sure that you will get entertainment and, in the end, get love from Asia. The features available on the site make it even easier for you to get the match you are looking for. The advanced search engine filters your search and helps you get the perfect match. The services offered here are of exceptionally high quality, and therefore you are sure of efficiency and value for your money. You are also assured of your privacy. Are you looking for a less complicated dating site that will help you get your perfect match from Asia? Join the ChnLove website today.

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