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Matchbox Review: Great Dating Site?

Matchbox Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 80%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1.235.000
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Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The Matchbox can be used only by Muslim singles who are not Islamically married. The site is available for all Muslims who are above 18 years old
  • The matchmakers approve all the profiles of the website. Therefore, there are no fake profiles on the website. Also, the website members can have only one profile
  • The level of services is high, and the administration of the website is professional and supportive. There are many Matchbox reviews and success stories you can find about the website
  • The website is created to help singles to find a partner for the marriage. All of the website users have the primary goal of creating a family with a Muslim
  • The Matchbox website is secured and cares about the privacy of its users
  • Creating a profile is not a free feature. The registration costs 50 dollars and enroll you automatically to the basic membership
  • It is the offline dating service, and there are no online chats, chatrooms, or app. For members who want more communication, this can be a minus
  • Prices are a little bit higher than average

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Matchbox is one of the top matchmaking companies for the Muslim singles in North America and Canada. The website is created by the Matchbox Matrimonial and offers its services to all singles who belong to Islam religion. The website has a professional team of matchmakers that provides the best marriage services offline. That means the company uses a personalized approach to every client and assures complete privacy to every user.

In Which Languages Can You Use the Matchbox?

The website is made in Englisch. On the landing page, there are no opportunities to switch the language.

Who is the Owner of Matchbox?

The Matchbox is owned by Matchbox Matrimonial company.

In Which Country is the Company Based Now?

The company is based in Ontario, Canada.

Date of Foundation of Matchbox?

The Matchbox company was founded in 2016.

Is Matchbox Available in Every Country?

The website is available in many Arabian countries and also countries of America and Europe. Nevertheless, there are some countries where the Matchbox is not available.

Special Features on Matchbox

Special Features on Matchbox

The website offers the feature of offline communication. There are features available to all community members and additional features available only to the premium members.

  • Interview with the matchmaker – the matchmaker will interview every member without paying any additional costs
  • All the profiles can be searchable as a potential match, and all the matches are based on compatibility indicators
  • Matchmaker answers any questions you may have of the potential match and share the information relevant to the (without disclosing name/contact details)
  • Some features are available only to Premium and Platinum members
  • You get monthly updates issued on the profile activity
  • All Platinum members on the Matchbox website receive unlimited potential compatible matches, and the matchmakers conduct confidential searches through external networks across the geographical region

Of course, the prices for Platinum and Premium membership are higher than for the Basic membership.

Who are the Members of Matchbox

Who are the Members of Matchbox?

The members of this offline dating community are people whose primary goal is to find a partner for real marriage. All the members are single Muslims. According to the Terms and Conditions, there should be neither married people nor people in a relationship. The administration approves all the profiles, so there is no chance to meet a fake profile. Around 49% of the website members are from Canada. Around 49% of our Members are from the US – all over. 1% are from the UK and Australia and the other 1% from all over the world. There are more females 55 – 60% then 40-45% of males on the Matchbox website.

Members Age

All the members are older than 18 years old; therefore, there are neither children nor minors on this website. The members of the Matchbox community are people of different ages. 18-75 years old.

Are There Fakes and Scammers on the Site?

There are no fake profiles on the Matchbox. The administration interviews all profiles; therefore, they are verified.

Website and App

Website and App

The Matchbox website you can find here https://www.yoursearchendshere.com. The Matchbox does not have any app, as it does not correspond to the website’s concept. There is an app Matchbox available on Google Store, but this app does not belong to Matchbox. This app is a platform for casual relationships and should not be considered as a part of the Matchbox concept.

How Does the App Work?

The website offers its services offline. That means there is no opportunity to participate in live chats. Therefore, no app is needed. Nevertheless, you can use the mobile version of the website if it is better for you.

Website of Matchbox

The website of Matchbox is well structured; therefore, easy to use. There is a lot of information about its services and user experience on the website. Also, you will find many useful links, videos, and photos on the website. You can also read the real reviews, articles, and tips related to romantic relationships. You can easily navigate the website and contact the support team anytime you need help using it. The website of Matchbox is made professional, and it is a pleasure to use it. You will not see there any unuseful information or adds. Probably, there will be no difficulties in using this website.

Is There a Desktop Version of the App?

There is no app so that you can use only the computer version of the website.

Which Browsers Can Use to Log in to Matchbox?

You can use the Matchbox website through any of the most popular browsers without having any difficulties. For example, you can try Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Why is it Hard to Reach the Website?

You probably have some issues with your internet connection or have forgotten your password or E-Mail. It is also possible that there are currently some technical issues on the Matchbox website. If you have difficulties with entering the website, try to log in later, use another internet browser, or inform the support team.

Interface and Design of Matchbox Website

Interface and Design of Matchbox Website

The design of the website is real pleasures to the eyes. Matchbox is made in blue, white, and dark red colors. It makes a sophisticated impression on its users. There are many informative articles, photos, and videos. The support team is always ready to help. After you made your profile, the matchmakers search for matches, and the communication begins when both like each other and are ready to make one more step towards the relationship.

How to Make a Registration?

To make a profile on Matchbox, go to the website’s landing page, and click on the “Create a Profile.” button that is next to the “Login” button. Now you need to fill in the registration form. You are asked to enter your full name, E-Mail, and phone number. Also, it is essential to give information about your sex, profession, and ethnic background. Additionally, enter the city, province, or country where you currently live. After you filled in the registration form on Matchbox, choose the type of services you want to get. There are three opportunities: Basic, Premium, and Platinum Membership. Now, you can click on the “Submit” button. You will be automatically asked to read the terms and conditions of the website before you register. The document sets the relationship between you and the company, so to read Terms and Conditions is very important, and you can not skip this step. There are no opportunities to make a registration with your Facebook or Instagram account. Your membership application will be accepted if you are widowed, divorced, single, or Islamically not married person. The Matchbox website does not provide its services to anybody who is already Islamically married; therefore, the website users have to ascribe to the Muslim religion. Creating the profile on Matchbox will usually take 1-3 minutes and fill in the application form to take 10-15 minutes. To find out more about the registration process, check the articles on the website, and read some Matchbox reviews.

How Can You Unmatch Somebody?

If you do not want to keep in contact with your match, you can inform about the administration. The matchmakers will try to find another match for you. Remember, you can get the only one match at one time.

Is It Possible for Minors to Use the Website?

To make a registration on the Matchbox, you have to be older than 18 years old. For that reason, there are no opportunities for minors to use the website.

How to Become a Verified Member? h4>

You will be interviewed by the administration in a few days after making your profile on Matchbox. All the information in your profile will be approved by the interviewer.

In Which Ways Can You Verify Your E-Mail?

To verify your E-Mail, just click on the confirmation link from Matchbox.

Is It Possible to Register with Your Facebook Account?

There are no ways to register using your Facebook account. The registration can be done by submitting the registration form on the website’s landing page.

How to Use the Site as a Guest?

You can use the website only as a registered member of the Matchbox website.

How to Fill Out Your Profile

To fill out your profile, you have to answer all the questions about you in the application form. It is important to share only true information about you. The search for matches will be done based on the information you share.

How Can You Delete Uploaded Photos

How Can You Delete Uploaded Photos?

Two of your photos will be kept in the database of the website. If you want the website to delete or change your photos, contact the support team.

How to Delete or Change Your Username?

Your username will be automatically deleted if you delete your profile. To change your username, write to the support team. Remember, you can use only your real name.

Can You Delete Your Matchbox Profile?

Yes, of course. You can delete your profile anytime you want by contacting the support team.

Matchbox is an offline dating website; therefore, there is no such an option to turn your profile’s visibility. If you do not want your profile to be shown to other community members, let the support team know about it.

How Can You Delete Already Submitted Information?

Your contacts and data will be deleted with deleting your account.

Search of Members

It is a feature for Premium and Platinum members. The search for the Premium members will be done by the website’s Matchmakers based on the database of the Matchbox. The search for the Platinum members will be done regardless of their specific requirements.

Is It Possible to See the Matchbox Members Who You Liked?

All the information about your matches is kept by your matchmakers. Once you declined your potential match, the matchmaker will start a new search for you.

Search Options on the Matchbox

Regardless of your membership type, there are several search options. The members with the Basic membership will be shown to Premium members. However, for Basic members, no search will be done. For Premium members, the search will be done based on the database of the website. For the Platinum members, the search will be done based on the Matchbox website’s partners’ additional databases.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Matchbox If You are a Basic Member?

In case someone has an interest in your profile, you will always be contacted by the matchmakers of the website.

Messaging Opportunities

All messages will be sent in the offline modus. There is no opportunity to use the live chat or send messages online.

How Can You Start Messaging with Someone on Matchbox?

First of all, you have to create a profile and be interviewed by the matchmaker. After that, the matchmaker will send you your potential match, and in case you both have an interest in each other, messages and make one more step towards the relationship.

How to Message Someone?

To message somebody on Matchbox, you have to be introduced to this member. If he or she likes you, you can send your first message.

Is It Free of Charge to Send a Message?

Once you are a Premium or Platinum member, sending messages is a free unlimited feature.

How to See the Members Who Sent You a Message?

The matchmakers will send you all messages you get from your matches.

How to Choose Who Will Contact You on Matchbox?

Only an approved match can contact you. If you do not want to get messages from some matches, let your matchmaker know about it.

Types of Membership, Prices and Payment Methods

Types of Membership, Prices and Payment Methods

There are three types of membership on Matchbox: Basic, Premium, and Platinum. There is no opportunity to make a profile for free. Your registration on the website with the Basic membership will cost you 50 dollars. If someone of the community’s premium members is interested in your profile, the Matchbox website’s team will reach you. Fifty dollars is a one-time price for your registration, which enroll you automatically to the Basic membership. It is possible to upgrade your membership one anytime you want. The next type of membership is a Premium membership. The Premium membership price is 250 dollars. With this type of membership, you will get additional services – the weak searches will be made to find the right matches for you. Once the match is found, the team will contact you to provide the potential match. In case both of you are interested in further communication, the website’s team will exchange your photos. After that, there will be an opportunity to take the next step and be introduced to each other. The next type of membership is a Platinum membership. Pricing is 500 dollars retainer. This membership is designed for clients with specific requirements and is limited to age, geographical location, and religious practice. The website will search for your perfect match not only between the website members but also in community networks, religious organizations. There are several opportunities to pay for the premium membership on Matchbox: PayPal, Debit, or Credit card.

Which Features Can You Use for Free?

To create a profile on the website and get the Basic membership, you have to pay 50 dollars. Then your Basic membership is free of charge. You have to book an appointment with the matchmaker of the site. In a few days, you will be interviewed by the administration, and only then will your profile be visible on the website’s database. This type of membership will allow you to be presented to other Premium or Platinum members. If you want to have more features and get matches, you can upgrade your membership.

Features for Premium and Platinum Members

Premium Membership gives you more features and opportunities to find your soulmate. For example, the website’s administration will provide you with photos and information about your potential matches on the Matchbox website.

Is There a Premium Membership on Matchbox?

Yes, the Matchbox offers a premium membership. During the registration process, you have to choose the membership type you like the most. There are three opportunities: Basic, Premium, and Platinum membership.

How to Cancel Your Matchbox Membership?

You can cancel your membership or delete your profile anytime you want. To do this, contact the support team.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund If You Did Not Use the Website?

There are no opportunities to get a refund for any of the paid services.

Can You Get Your Money Back If You Did Not Find a Match?

The website does not give any guarantee you will find a partner. Nevertheless, there are no opportunities to get your money back. If you are not satisfied with the provided services, contact the support team. It can help you to find alternatives.

Is Matchbox Really Safe

Is Matchbox Really Safe?

Yes, the website cares about the safety and privacy of its members. As it is the website for offline dating, your information will be seen only by the matchmakers and your potential matches. Your matches will see only the basic information about you. All of the Matchbox members are verified and interviewed by the matchmakers. There is no live communication with a large number of users at the same time.


Your data will be used only for matchmaking purposes on the Matchbox website. Your private information will not be shared without your permission. Also, all your data will be deleted with the deleting your account.

What to Do If You Have a Question Regarding Your Privacy in Matchbox?

In case you have any questions regarding your privacy, contact the support team. You can contact the support team if you forgot your password or E-Mail or have fear that someone has access to your profile.

Safety of the Website

The website seems to be very safe and secure from scammers. As only the support team can check your profile or see your photos, there are not many risks for unsafe.

Why Can’t You Log In?

Usually, there are any problems in accessing the website. Make sure you enter the websites address, your E-Mail and password correct.

Can You Use Your Banned Account?

Once you have been banned, you can not reactivate your account because the website cares a lot about the quality of the audience. Anyway, get in touch with the support team and try your happiness one more time.

How You Can Protect Yourself from Scammers?

All the Matchbox profiles are offline, and only the team of the website has access to them. To protect yourself from misunderstandings, be careful with the information you share on your profile. Of course, your profile on the has to tell a story about your life, but being a little bit discreet is always a good thing. To choose the neutral photos and to be patient in doing the next step is essential for your safety.

How to Block a Scammer?

To do so, you have to contact the support team. Probably it will never happen that you will meet a scammer on the Matchbox website as every member of the website is interviewed, therefore, verified.

Of course, you have to be accurate in sharing your information. Try to be as honest as you can and share only the correct information about you. Do not give any information that can offend other website users. It would be best if you give the information about your personality, education, lifestyle, and preferences for your future partner.

How to Get Help and Support

In case you have any questions regarding your profile, or safety on Matchbox, you can write the E-Mail to the support team. Usually, they answer within the next few hours after receiving your questions. Also, you are welcomed to contact the support team if you experience any trouble with using the website or making payments. To write a message to the support team, fill in the contact form on the website’s landing page. You can also contact the company via social networks: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or fill in the contact form on the landing page.

Matchbox Review – Personal Experience

Matchbox Review – Personal Experience

I always wanted to get married to a Muslim, but I did not meet any right person for marriage. Today it is not easy to meet someone who wants to make a family and care about the traditions. To use dating websites to find somebody for marriage was not a simple decision for me for a long time. I heard about the Matchbox from my friend; she was also looking for a Muslim partner. It took some time before I started to read reviews and cheek articles about the Matchbox. Somehow I decided to try it, and now I am happy I was brave enough to step towards the future partner for life. I like that there is no lack of information and that everything on the Matchbox works clearly. I like the Matchbox website because it offers its high-quality services offline and takes care of privacy and safety. Privacy is essential for me; therefore, I am pleased I do not need to participate in the live chats or send my photos to the stranger. The main thing is that everyone is looking for a serious relationship. As for me, everything from the website design to the contact with the support team is very professional. Also, I found much interesting information related to love and date. I am still not a married woman, but thanks to the Matchbox, I feel like I am much closer to my goal. The man I meet with the help of my matchmaker seems to be the right one for me. We want to make a family and spend our life raising kids in the Arabian traditions together.

Is This a Top Dating Website?

The Matchbox is one of the top dating websites for Muslims in Canada and North America. It is a high-quality website, and most of its users are satisfied with their experience of using the Matchbox.

Is Matchbox a Website for Hook-Up Appers?

The website is created for singles with serious intentions to create a family. There are no members who are searching for the hook-app. Therefore, the website does not have such an app.

Can You Use the Site Free of Charge?

The registration on the Matchbox will cost you 50 dollars. After this payment, you will automatically become a Basic member of the website. There will no more payments needed if you do not want to upgrade your membership.

How It Works?

Matchbox website offers its services offline in the online world. First, you have to make a registration and book an appointment with one of the matchmakers of the website. Then, you will be interviewed by the matchmaker. During your interview, the matchmaker will know better so they can search for the right matches for you. After the interview, you have to choose the services you need and wait for your matches. Having gotten to know you, the matchmakers conduct weekly searches and explore compatibility based on a whole range of factors such as the approach to religion, geography, professional achievement, education, personality, and physical attributes.

Scammers and Fakes on Matchbox?

It seems there are no fake profiles on the Matchbox. All the members have to be interviewed by the matchmakers. Therefore, we think the risk of meeting a scam member is relatively little. Nevertheless, the website does not have an obligation to check the ID of its members.

Alternative Sites to Use

Alternative Sites to Use

If you want to try the alternative websites, visit Muslim Matrimony or Muslim Shaadi. These websites are created to help you to find a partner for marriage. To compare the websites, read about their user’s experience, success stories, and Matchbox reviews.

Contact Information

Matchbox Matrimonial

2960 Sycamore Street

Oakville, ON


L6J 7H8

E-Mail: info@yoursearchendshere.com

Blog: https://www.yoursearchendshere.com/blog/

Facebook: Matchbox

Twitter: @__Matchbox

Instagram: yoursearchendshere

Youtube: Matchbox



The Matchbox is one of the top dating websites for Muslims in Canada and North America. It is a high-quality website, and most of its users are satisfied with their experience of using Matchbox. The website is suitable only for single Muslims who are looking for love. Matchbox was created in 2016 in Canada, and around 49% of its members are from Canada. The website keeps your data and private information safe. It has its blog, Youtube channel, and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find many positive Matchbox reviews from members who have already found their happiness on the site. The concept of online dating is still considered as a taboo for many Muslims. Nevertheless, there are many singles in the database of Matchbox. Matchbox is not a usual online dating community, and there are no members who look for casual relationships. To put it in a nutshell, you can use the Matchbox website, if your primary goal is to find a person for the relationship.

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