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ChristianMingle Review: should you go for it?

ChristianMingle Review: should you go for it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 10%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 7.659.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick and easy registration process — people can sign up via their Facebook profile.
  • There is a matching system — every day, you will receive some suggestions from the website. ChristianMingle algorithms will decide which users might be your perfect match.
  • It's a rare example of digital areas where most users are marriage-oriented people. It's not hard to find a hookup website for yourself, but it becomes harder to find something relevant if you want to have a close relationship.
  • It requires you to buy a premium (so-called VIP membership) if you want to message someone on the website.
  • It's impossible to check if a man or woman you are talking with is a real Christian or just pretends to be one of them. While not every ChristianMingle review author is a religious person, they still could create an account.
  • There is an auto-renewal system that looks like that: you buy a membership. Once it's about to expire, your subscription is automatically renewed unless you cancel it.

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ChristianMingle is a digital community for people who believe in Christ as their Savior and would like to find a close relationship with people of high standards instead of one-night stands.

Can you use many languages on ChristianMingle?

The website claims to support the following languages: English, German, French, and Spanish.

Who is the owner of the dating resource called ChristianMingle?

ChristianMingle belongs to the company called Spark Networks, which is quite an expert in the online dating niche since they have some other websites that unite lonely hearts.

Where is ChristianMingle located?

ChristianMingle has two headquarters: one of them you may find in Berlin, Germany, and the other one is located in the US (Spark Networks Company).

When did ChristianMingle appear on the Internet?

ChristianMingle exists since 2001 and has a long history rich of different kinds of episodes. It also was mentioned in some huge editions like The Washington Post several times. Long story short, it’s not a new project that will disappear once there will be enough people who bought a membership.

Can you use many languages on ChristianMingle?

The website claims to support the following languages: English, German, French, and Spanish.

Is it possible for users outside of the USA to access ChristianMingle?

While you can find many American users, the resource called ChristianMingle is available from people all over the globe, so if you are outside the US, it is not a problem to meet a Christian single here.

Special Features

Special Features

Let’s see what makes this niche platform so special. While there are still some religious orientated dating communities, ChristianMingle still stays the best of the best among them, as you will see if you continue reading this ChristianMingle review.

Going invisible

In case you decide to stay online but don’t want other people from this meeting website to know about that fact, you can try invisible mode.


With this paid feature, you can message both free and premium members.

Audience quality

The primary passion for the life of ChristianMingle users is Christ and a church. It’s a community where you can discuss the Bible and some religious questions with people who also believe in God. Another field of interest of ChristianMingle users is marriage and serious relationships. The church is not supporting one-night stand, so it’s a great area to find a person for marriage and family.

How old are the people there?

There are user groups of all kinds of ages on ChristianMingle except the ones who are under 18 years old – it’s too early for them to think about marriage.

Fakes and scammers

On ChristianMingle, there is a strict verification system to protect its users from fake profiles and scammers. While writing this ChristianMingle review, its authors did not spot any fake accounts on the most significant Christian online community.

Mobile app and the desktop

Mobile app and the desktop

ChristianMingle provides both: modern website to use from your desktop and apps for mobile phones.

ChristianMingle mobile app

There is an app both for Android phones and iPhones, which are free. It allows you to search Christians who are single everywhere and anytime you wish, as long as you have an Internet connection. Apps have all the necessary extras like messaging, browsing profiles, etc.

ChristianMingle desktop version

Alternatively, you can try using the ChristianMingle website over an app. It’s a wonderful alternative because you can save some battery on your phone and get less distraction from notifications. But some users reported that the website is a bit glitchy, so if you are about to type something big, it would be better to do that in some text editor or Google Docs and copy-paste it to the ChristianMingle.

Can you use the app using your laptop or desktop?

There is no client for personal computers, and you don’t have to use an app to find yourself a God’s Match: the website will be enough.

Which browsers will open ChristianMingle?

All of the modern browsers are supporting the ChristianMingle dating community.

Why you can’t enter the website?

Sometimes there might be a server overload: after all, this website is a home place for 9 million users from all over the world, and there are 200 000 new profiles made every month.



ChristianMingle has a clean interface and a modern design. While there might be some bugs, you can always report those, and developers will fix them quickly. Everything is intuitive: in a few seconds, you understand how to find a match, where to look for in their profiles, etc. It is not hard at all to get started on ChristianMingle, thanks to its understandable interface.

Registration process

You can make a profile on ChristianMingle either using e-mail or Facebook login. While the last option makes the sign-up process a bit faster, you still will have to provide some information. For example, you will be required to upload at least one photo (you can choose one from your Facebook profile) and tell some details about yourself. For example, what are your religious beliefs? Though the answer should be obvious.

Can you unfollow a ChristianMingle member?

If someone is bothering you on ChristianMingle, you can always block that user using the corresponding button.

How old you need to be to use ChristianMingle?

You must be at least 18 years old to become a member of the ChristianMingle community, which was made to prevent underage persons from using the website for grown-up people.

How to verify your account?

You must verify your account using your e-mail – that’s why you must provide only the real e-mail.

How to verify your e-mail?

As soon as you stop reading ChristianMingle reviews and start creating a profile on the ChristianMingle website, you will receive a letter with a confirmation link. You must click that link to confirm your registration.

What if you register via Facebook?

You can use your social network to make a profile – it will make the registration ritual more comfortable, but you will have to provide some details manually.

Can you make matches without registering?

No, you can’t use ChristianMingle without making a profile.

Setting up a profile

Setting up a profile

There are different kinds of fields that you may fill, setting up your profile. For example, you are allowed to tell other members who you actually are, your theological beliefs, what church you visit, who you are looking for on this website, etc.

Can you delete a picture that you’ve uploaded in ChristianMingle?

You can always edit photos that you have uploaded on ChristianMingle.

How to edit ChristianMingle username?

In such cases, the best option would be to contact customer support.

Is there any option to delete a ChristianMingle profile?

You are always free to leave the website any time you like. For example, you have found a person you were looking for, and you decide that it’s not nice to stay on the dating website. ChristianMingle is also a Christian community, not only the dating area, so you must respect some morality principles here. Anyways, you can always disable your profile whenever you desire in your profile settings.

What happens if you disable the “Show me on ChristianMingle” mode?

In that case, other users (free and VIP ones) will not even know that you are online, and you will be able to browse anonymously.

Can you delete the information from ChristianMingle if it is already submitted?

Everything changes, so it’s pretty standard that some interests or hobbies in your life might change as well. In this case, you can always edit the information that you have submitted to the ChristianMingle.

Searching for matches

Searching for matches

There are various filters on ChristianMingle meant to help you find what you need through matching algorithms to make everything much more accessible and easier-to-use. For example, you will receive some suggested members from the website that you might find suitable every day.

Is it possible to see the Christians who you have liked on ChristianMingle?

You can create a list of your favorite users, and so you can always check on people you like.

What are those options of ChristianMingle search feature?

You can search for people by gender and age. In order to make the search results even better, you can set up a specific range of how older people should be. Additional features will include height, ethnicity, education level, church, various habits, etc.

Can you see if someone likes you on ChristianMingle if you didn’t buy a VIP?

You can see who liked you or even visited your profile without even paying for that.


Messaging is a significant part of finding a God’s Match – without chemistry in communication, it won’t work out. That’s why, before actually meeting someone, spend some time messaging that person.

How can you start chatting with someone on ChristianMingle?

It is simple: first, you have to find someone you would like to message. The next step would be to write that person, and if he or she responds to you, you can start messaging. It’s important to mention that the messaging feature is reserved for premium users.

How you can send a message?

As was mentioned before, the critical moment here is to find a person who you would like to message. Then you just tap on the user’s icon, and you are ready to go.

Is sending private messages a free option?

Sending messages on ChristianMingle is free, but it will require you to have a membership that costs money. Once you get a membership, messaging won’t cost you anything.

How do you see who messaged you on ChristianMingle?

If you are using the app, you will get a notification as it happens with social networks. In case if you are using the website, you can go to the Inbox section and check for new messages there.

How do you use your camera on ChristianMingle?

How do you use your camera on ChristianMingle?

You can use a camera on your phone to take photos and upload them to the ChristianMingle profile. In case you are interested in video calling, then you need to get someone’s Skype or WhatsApp contact.

How can you set a filter on who can message you on ChristianMingle?

If someone bothers you with spam or stupid messages on ChristianMingle, you can always filter that person by blocking them.

Membership Prices and Payment Methods

Becoming a member of ChristianMingle will cost you:

  • 49.99 USD for a one month;
  • 34.99 USD for one month if you get the subscription for three months;
  • 24.99 USD for one month if you get a subscription for half a year.

You can pay for those services by using your credit card or PayPal.

Free Membership Possibilities

With free features on ChristianMingle, you can create a profile, start looking for matches, send smiles to show signs of interest, like other profiles and see who liked you.

Premium Membership Possibilities

Fee-based services on ChristianMingle give you much more freedom in your activity. For example, you can start sending and receiving messages, hide your profile, receive notifications when someone reads your message, and browse other users anonymously.

Does ChristianMingle offer VIP membership?

Yes, you can get premium features on ChristianMingle, and they are quite cheap, considering it is an American niche dating website.

How do you cancel your ChristianMingle VIP membership?

When you buy a subscription, there will be an auto-renewal option enabled automatically. In case you do not want that, you can always head over to your profile settings and chose to stop your subscription to cancel any future billings.

Is ChristianMingle VIP membership auto renewed?

Is ChristianMingle VIP membership auto renewed?

Yes, ChristianMingle is using auto-renewal to make things easier for you: you will not have to manually enter your credit card information whenever your subscription is about to expire.

Is it possible to get a compensation for unused time?

All payments that you make on ChristianMingle are nonrefundable.

Is your payment to ChristianMingle automatically renewed every month?

Yes. Unless you chose to cancel that thing. It was made to provide a better and more comfortable user experience.

What if you are not satisfied with a ChristianMingle? Can you get your money back?

Since there is a disclaimer on ChristianMingle where they write that they are not guaranteeing you any kind of result, there is no refund in case if you aren’t satisfied with their services.

How will you see your ChristianMingle payment on credit card bill?

Whenever your subscription plan is about to expire, you will get automatically charged, and money will be taken from your credit card. You’ll see the regular bill with a company name on it.

Is it possible to support other Christians from ChristianMingle?

You can use your ChristianMingle account to support other members by sending them inspirational life quotes from the Holy Bible.

Can you send support for just 30 days?

You may buy a premium just for 30 days to test the product and see how it works for you. While it will be less expensive in the long-term plan, it might save you money if you decide that ChristianMingle is not the website you should use.

How safe it would be to use a website called ChristianMingle?

The mentioned ChristianMingle website’s primary audience is Christians: humble persons whose main priority in life would be praise the Lord. Users who worked on the ChristianMingle review confirm that members there are peaceful and friendly and targeted at creating a family. You will not find perverse people here who want a one-night stand only. You can try it out by going to a VirusTotal site and running the test to ensure the site is well-protected.

Your privacy on ChristianMingle

Your privacy on ChristianMingle

ChristianMingle values your privacy; all your personal information like e-mails or credit card number will not be shared anywhere. It also means no spam from the admins of ChristianMingle.

Are chats on ChristianMingle encrypted?

There is an encrypted messaging implemented to the ChristianMingle, so every Christian who is chatting there would feel safe and free.

Can you be tracked down by ChristianMingle?

ChristianMingle app can ask you to give them your location, but that’s only to provide you a better matching result. In case you do not want that, you can choose not to provide the app with this information.

Is ChristianMingle traceable by police?

While police can contact ChristianMingle and ask for help, chats on the website are encrypted, and if you are a real Christian, there is nothing to worry about at all.

Who can help you regarding your privacy on ChristianMingle?

There is a customer support service that can be achieved via e-mail, so you can address all your issues.

Staying safe

Safety is an essential aspect for every Christian, and while the Lord still protects each of you, it’s essential to know if the website is safe too.

Are there any moderators on ChristianMingle forums?

While there are no official ChristianMingle forums, you still can discuss the Holy Bible and religious topics with users on the dating website (make sure that you get a membership, though).

What will happen to a member who uses ChristianMingle to promote something?

It’s strictly forbidden for users to advertise or use ChristianMingle as a tool for selling some kind of products or services through it. Most likely, that user will get a warning or even will be banned without any warnings.

Banned accounts

Banned accounts

There are various reasons why a profile on ChristianMingle could be banned. If a person is acting offensive, posting personal information or nude pics, or selling or advertising something, he or she might get banned. But what if you didn’t do anything mentioned above and still can’t log in?

Why you can’t get inside of ChristianMingle?

There are different reasons for that. Most likely, it is some temporary bug that needs to be fixed. There are two ways you can try to get around: contact the customer support and report your problem, then wait until they fix it, or try another browser. Alternatively, you can try to login using your phone,

How long bans on ChristianMingle do last?

ChristianMingle review authors could not find any information on the duration of bans, so it’s better not to break the rules. But if you were accidentally banned, then most likely, you will get unbanned.

How do you reactivate your banned account on ChristianMingle?

All reactivations are made by admins, so you should contact them first, appealing to customer support.

Personal protection

There is an idiom that sounds like this: “God helps those who help themselves.”

In other words, you should be careful and protect yourself.

How can you block and report someone who scams other users?

In case if you think some person on ChristianMingle tries to scam you, then you can easily block that person anytime you like to prevent that user writing to you.

Which information you shouldn’t post to ChristianMingle?

You are not allowed to share any personal and sensitive information on ChristianMingle, which could be your address, social media profiles, phone numbers, etc. Also, it is forbidden to upload nude pictures, make any objectivization, and share racial or any other prejudices.

Customer support

Using the ChristianMingle dating website for Christians and churchmen, you can rely on God’s (and not only) help and support.

Real life experience

Real life experience

“To protect its members from all kinds of bots, scammers, and data thieves, ChristianMingle is practicing a strict verification process. If you decide to create a profile, you will have to provide much more information than you would on a classic dating website.

But since there are around 200 000 new sign-ups practically every month, it becomes quite hard to keep the website clean, so some fake profiles and scammers appear from time to time.

Though they get punished very quickly: in case you spot some of them, send a report, and soon, they will be gone from the website.” Beth, 37

Is ChristianMingle the best online dating solution?

The answer to this question depends just and only on what kind of goals you are chasing. If it is a one-night stand or quick hookup, then ChristianMingle might not be the most efficient website for you. But if you are interested in a serious relationship that might grow in marriage, then you are at the right place — nothing beast ChristianMingle in this one.

How safe is ChristianMingle?

It is safe enough to not worry about getting attacked by the viruses. It is also safe to link an e-mail or your social media profile to the website: no-one will use it to send you spam. But still, you should not share any personal information that might harm you with other users.

Can you get a hook-up on ChristianMingle?

While there are no restrictions on hookups, nobody will report you for trying to get a lady or a guy for some sexual pleasure; it is still not very efficient to do here. The main reason for that is because Christians on ChristianMingle are orientated on marriage.

Is it free to use ChristianMingle?

You can try ChristianMingle totally for free: create a profile, download the app, get used to the interface, see what members are like by browsing their profiles, etc. But if you want to get something more significant, you will have to go for membership.

What are the work principles of ChristianMingle?

You create a profile, fill out all the necessary fields by writing something about yourself, and simply start searching for someone who could meet your standards.

Are there any impostors or rogues on ChristianMingle?

It’s not that hard to pretend who you aren’t nowadays. But all fake profiles are being reported and banned quite quickly. And since a membership costs some money, not everyone will run to buy it just to randomly send some spam messages and get banned the next day.

Alternative options to ChristianMingle

Alternative options to ChristianMingle

Zoosk, Match, and eHarmony are just a few websites from the same niche. While they might have some advantages over ChristianMingle, they do not have that big pool of Christian users. That is what makes the website mentioned in this ChristianMingle review so valuable.

How to contact

ChristianMingle is owned by Spark Networks. You can contact them directly through a website or by going to their social media.

instagram: realchristianmingle

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RealChristianMingle/

Address: 11150 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90025


This site will work best for those who are looking for someone who shares their religious beliefs. It is the best way to find a partner from the same church and talk with them about your passion and love for religion. If you want to get married, then ChristianMingle deserves a try.

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    Customer reviews
    Johnny West
    by Johnny West Nov 27, 2021
    I came across personally attempting to chill out and hop into rebound love and/or relaxed dating after a breakup. However, I managed to get no idea of how you can make it using the internet. Nothing event forced me to afraid. I tried swiping, but this type of a shallow way actually your durable accommodate. I seek out the application in which owners are connecting, but I still required a good quality webpages. This was a middle surface for my situation. No-strings-attached connections, reasonable users, and matches, simple user interface, boards. Undoubtedly all we actually need. We went on a good number of horny periods, and from now on i must say i have more confidence. Fantastic program for single men and women with complimentary choice and close features. The neat layout was a decent reach.
    Dana Watts
    by Dana Watts Nov 20, 2021
    The web based schedules about this page have grown to be a great and attention-grabbing knowledge personally. It really works absolutely for my favorite confidence and makes it possible for creating unique connections. They are not interaction so far but search appealing. Additionally, It is delightful for me to split the snow and speak to individuals from any place i love. Searching pages is interesting, either. It's always interesting to check out how consumers prove while looking for intimacy.
    by Annika Nov 18, 2021
    I'm widowed and also craved to have another possibility at adore. Give thanks to this great site for help since I obtained our intend. We do not render so many lasting schemes and simply relish oneself. We meeting, adventure, and talk about numerous strategies. It's the stunning thing in our personal dating. I really enjoy my favorite companion and expect all of our romance will develop and go directly to the next level. Numerous people are seeking for spouses at relationships on line agencies, and often, that kind of abstraction try disturbing due to the fact think items in look microsoft windows. This software is different. You can begin with talking and result in the ceremony. The service keeps a very good technical environment. I use the internet site primarily back at my laptop computer, but at times We get in touch with individuals and look my personal strategies from our new iphone. No troubles at all. I've took note no insects . every thing is beneficial, without problems. While I sign in, I use this site as long as Needs without distractions and aggravating reloads. I am hoping it continues to be like that, and additionally they look after good quality. If only everybody best of luck since the has already realized myself.
    Margie Rodriguez
    by Margie Rodriguez Nov 16, 2021
    Exemplary program for those not afraid of online dating services and open dialogues. The application is definitely well-organized possesses lots of signed-up individuals. Messaging is simple, and all of other choices are simple to access and discover. For me personally, I've already receive partner with who the chemistry is absolutely pressing.
    by Jimena Nov 04, 2021
    The dating internet site is straightforward, and course-plotting is a breeze. We access an adequate number of realities and information for customers that appear popular with me. Really, i really do really enjoy located on this site. I was able ton't come across your existing friend yet. Nevertheless, I stumbled onto a couple of interesting individuals to keep in touch with. I believe cost-free and calm while talking to them. I strongly suggest our site to any or all who's looking excellent companionship, irrespective of the sort of connection.
    by Blaine Nov 04, 2021
    Great perceptions. I've found more than enough ready and interesting folks and some freaks . that's a norm while you are on line. Some fights were not in my place . that's why we remained buddys. I will point out that this specific service gets a lot of equipment to help make some other consumers bear in mind your. First of all, it's room enough generate your own member profile and supply sufficient the informatioin needed for the way you look and personality. After that, chatting happens to be ok. Commonly, an individual use whole online communications and that can come a night out together any time while all set to encounter the best in real life.
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