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Dominican Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?

Dominican Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-26
Profiles 2 150 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Dominican Cupid users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • The system suggests users filling in detailed profiles. The more information you give, the more members’ attention you catch.
  • Scammers and catfishes can hardly join the system, as the robust verification is implied.
  • Such a service aims to unite single Dominican, but subscribers from all over the world are welcome.
  • Users pursue various dating purposes: someone is looking for long-term relationships, while others wish to make new friends.
  • Applications for mobile devices are accessible to help members to stay online everywhere.
  • Standard users get limited functionality; therefore, premium membership is necessary to communicate with other registered persons.
  • ID verification is the only possible way to prove you are real.

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Can Users Choose the Preferred Language on Dominican Cupid?

The Dominican Cupid website interface is available in 9 different languages. The mobile applications offer the same functionality, so that users could get the maximum comfort in using the platform.

Dominican Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?

Whom does Dominican Cupid Belong to?

The platform belongs to the large dating services group Cupid Media. This corporation was established in 2000, while the launched services are considered among the most reliable platforms.

Where is Dominican Cupid Registered?

The Cupid Media itself is registered in Australia; therefore, other platforms launched within the company are Australian-based. The subscribers are accessible to visit a company’s office in Sydney.

When was Dominican Cupid Launched?

Cupid Media established the Dominican Cupid website in 2006. Since then, the platform community is steadily increasing.

Where is Dominican Cupid Accessible?

Users from all over the world are available to join this platform. Still, the Dominican Cupid review shows such a platform is mostly visited by the representatives of the following countries: the USA (53.26% of all members), Canada (10.69%), Dominican Republic (9.85%), Brazil (6.93%), and France (5.78%).

Exclusive Features

This platform offers users a set of communication and searching options, but aside from the standard features, users are accessible to get some unique features.

Cupid Tags

Tell more about yourself with the help of cupid tags. Those uncover your interests, hobbies, etc.

Personalized Questions

While wishing to make your profile more detailed, answer personalized questions offered by the system.

Platform’s Community

The male representatives from different countries dominate the website because the Dominican girls enter the top-10 sexiest in the world. Female accounts are just 34.7%. The subscribers have different purposes, which include casual hookups, long-term relationships, and even marriages. A lot of users are willing to make new friends.

Age Groups Members Belong To

The platform welcomes members aged more than 18. There are no other limits. According to the Dominican Cupid reviews, men from 35 to 49 years join the platform the most frequently. As referred to the female age distribution, women between 25 and 36 register on the service mostly.

A RIsk of Scamming

While getting an account, the system requires an email verification only; therefore, scammers may join the platform easily. Nevertheless, the team monitors accounts and suspends all suspicious profiles.

A RIsk of Scamming

Web Version and Mobile Applications

The platform suggests subscribers using different options to stay online: both web version and mobile applications are accessible.

Dominican Cupid Applications

Note that the platform hasn’t launched the iOS app yet. Owners of Android-based devices are accessible to download such an application. The app requires 4.4. version of Android or later and 3.1 MB of free storage space. The users rate this app at 3.9 stars.

Dominican Cupid Web Version

The service website is quite popular among users. The average monthly number of visits exceeds 800 000, while an average visitor spends more than 9 minutes, browsing the platform.

Are Applications Accessible From a Computer?

There is no desktop version launched; therefore, users are accessible to browse the web version only.

Do All Browsers Support Dominican Cupid?

The platform is compatible with all web browsers. Moreover, this website is adapted for mobile devices as well.

What are the Reasons for Problems While Entering the Site?

The platform requires an email address. Those visitors who use temp mail addresses may face a hard time while trying to get an account. Moreover, check whether you type your email and password correctly.

Interface Overview

The Dominican Cupid review shows this platform is entirely convenient in use. Smooth and relaxing design is mixed with an understandable menu; all necessary features are at fingertips.

Steps to Get an Account

The process of an account getting is entirely straightforward. Users may select the registration with email or with their Facebook account. In the first case, you need to insert your first name, specify gender and age, give an email address, and create a password. As for the Facebook registration, the system gets all necessary information automatically. An email verification is required; otherwise, your profile will be suspended by the team.

Can Users Cancel Their Match to Other Dominican Cupid Members?

The system is not based on the matching-roulette principle. When you’ve sent your interest to a person, no reverse actions are accessible, but users can block a member and cancel mutual matches.

What is the Appropriate Age to Start Using Dominican Cupid?

According to most countries’ current legislature, content published on the dating services is available for 18+ persons. The Dominican Cupid website and applications are not among the exceptions.

Account Verification Methods Suggested by the Service

There are two ways to verify your account. The first way is obligatory and lies in the necessity of an email address verification right after the registration. Follow the link sent by the service. The subscribers may verify their account by an ID as well. Send scans of your passport or driving license and prove your reality. The service has among the most robust verification systems.

Which Steps are Required to Verify an Email?

The email verification process is entirely straightforward on Dominican Cupid. Just follow the link sent by the platform and get your email address verified.

Which Steps are Required to Verify an Email?

What are the differences between the standard registration and the one with Facebook?

The registration via Facebook saves your time. There appears no necessity to insert your basic information as the system obtains it automatically. Note that such a service makes no publications on your Facebook page, keeping your anonymity protected.

Are Users Accessible to Enter the Dominican Cupid Website Without an Account?

Non-registered users get no access to the searching. Meanwhile, they are able to read about success stories, dating safety tips and other information placed on the website.

Adding of a Profile Info

The Dominican Cupid website and applications offer different fields to fill in while telling about your personality, interests, and cultural views. Most fields are optional; therefore, you decide on your own which information should be shown to other subscribers.

Is It Possible to Delete a Photo Uploaded on a Dominican Cupid Profile?

The platform offers users to upload five photos that clearly show their faces. You are accessible to edit photos, if necessary. Click on your thumbnail picture and select the ‘Photos’ insert. Select an image you wish to delete and press on ‘Edit photo’. Click on ‘Delete’ to complete the process.

Are Members Accessible to Edit Their Usernames on Dominican Cupid?

The system makes it possible to edit usernames. Click on your thumbnail picture and select ‘Edit Profile’. Insert another username in the field ‘First Name’. Scroll down your profile and press on the ‘Submit’ button.

How Can Subscribers Switch Off Their Dominican Cupid Profiles?

All subscribers have an opportunity to delete their accounts permanently. Click on the ‘settings’ icon and select ‘Profile Settings’. Follow the link to switch off your account, but note that the system doesn’t provide users with an account renewal option.

Can Users Block the ‘Show Me on Dominican Cupid’ Option?

Such a feature is accessible for the premium members only and allows browsing the system incognito. The system won’t show your profile in other users’ search results.

Are members free to edit and delete the information published in their Dominican Cupid profiles?

Open the ‘Edit Profile’ menu and change your information. There are no limitations that concern changing your profile info. Gender and date of birth fields are the only exceptions. You may change them within the process of an ID verification.

Search Filters and Features

The Dominican Cupid reviews indicate that the platform has a rather convenient searching process, taking all your preferences into account. The principal purpose of the website lies in finding the perfect match for every subscriber.

Do Users Have Access to ‘Likes’ Sent to Other Dominican Cupid Members?

Standard users are accessible to leave ‘likes’ to a person’s profile. Meanwhile, there is an option to add members to your list of favorites. Click on the ‘Activity’ menu and select your ‘Interests’ or ‘Favorites’. Note that you cannot remote your requests.

Which Searching Filters Does Dominican Cupid Offer?

Both standard and advanced search filters are accessible. Standard filters contain the following features: gender, age, and last activity. If those filters are not enough, living, appearance, lifestyle, background, and many other filters are available.

Can Standard members View Who’s Liked Them on Dominican Cupid?

Click on the ‘Activity’ insert to see who’s viewed your profile, showed interests, and added yourself to their favorite lists. All those features are accessible for free.

Can Standard members View Who’s Liked Them on Dominican Cupid?

Communicating Facilities

The Dominican Cupid website and applications suggest members text messaging options. No other communicating features are accessible.

Which Methods of a Contact initiating are Accessible on Dominican Cupid?

Click on the ‘Matches’ insert, searching a person who corresponds to all your interests and preferences. Press on a user’s profile and view the full information. Click on the ‘messaging’ icon to initiate a contact.

How to Type a Message to Another Member?

Click on the messaging icon, type your text in the chat window and send your message. The communication process is entirely straightforward.

Are Communication Features Accessible for Free?

Users are accessible to send their messages to all members, but the premium membership owners can read and answer them.

Where Can Members See who’s Sent Them a Message on Dominican Cupid?

Click on the ‘Messages’ insert located in the upper menu. All chatting history is contained there.

Can Subscribers Use Their Webcam on Dominican Cupid?

This platform implies no camera using. Members are accessible to send the text messages only.

Can Users Decide on Their Own Who is Able to Send Me Messages on Dominican Cupid?

By default, all members are accessible to send you messages. When you have no desire to communicate with a certain user, open his or her profile and add a person to your block list.

Premium Subscriptions and Prices

The Dominican Cupid reviews show that subscribers may obtain the full platform functionality in case of the premium account purchase. Those add-ons are available for 1, 3, or 12 months. The price varies from $29.98 to $10.00 per month for gold membership, and $34.99 to $12.50 per month for platinum membership. Banking cards, PayPal, and Skrill, are accessible for an account upgrading.

Accessible Standard Options

The list of standard accounts includes the following features:

  • getting an account;
  • verifying your profile;
  • selecting search filters (basic and advanced);
  • sending likes;
  • adding members to your list of favorites;
  • viewing full profile info and full-size photos;
  • sending messages to premium subscribers.

Features Intended for Premium Accounts

The gold membership provides users with the following options:

  • sending and receiving messages without limitations;
  • using the platform without advertisement;
  • browsing the service in the incognito mode.

While getting the platinum membership, the following features are accessible:

  • doubling your space;
  • ranking your profile among the top search results;
  • getting a VIP mark;
  • using exclusive matching algorithms;
  • receiving messages translated into your languages.
Features Intended for Premium Accounts

Is There Offered the Premium Plans on Dominican Cupid?

The platform users are available to purchase either gold or platinum membership. Choose the premium plan that corresponds to your purposes the most.

Which Steps are Necessary to Cancel Dominican Cupid Membership?

When you’ve decided to cease using the premium membership, click on your billing options, and change the preferences. Such a feature takes you some 1-2 minutes.

Why Does Dominican Cupid Includes Premium Subscription Auto-Renewal?

The platform provides premium members with maximum comfort; therefore, the auto-renewal option is available to make the full platform using non-stop.

What If Users Wish Their Money Back for Unused Time?

There are no refund options in case of unused time. The premium membership subscriptions are accessible for fixed periods (1, 3, or 12 months). When the fixed period is over, you need to renew the premium subscription.

Does the Dominican Cupid Premium Subscription Renew Monthly

It all depends on what package you prefer. The premium subscription may be automatically renewed every month, three months, or every year.

What Should Members do, Being not Satisfied with the Dominican Cupid Platform?

The platform doesn’t include an ability of refunds. The terms and conditions regulate all disputes. According to the Dominican Cupid reviews, such a service is useful enough. What’s more: newcomers are highly recommended to purchase a 1-month premium subscription to understand whether the suggested options are suitable for you.

Is the Dominican Cupid Purchases are Displayed on a Credit Card Bill?

You get the premium account purchase as a bill from other neutral companies. Insert your payment data and confirm the transaction. No ‘dating’ info appears.

Are Users Available to Purchase the Dominican Cupid Premium for Other Subscribers?

The algorithm of a premium account purchase includes the following steps:

  • Log in to the system.
  • Click on ‘Upgrade’.
  • Select the preferred package.
  • Choose the most appropriate payment option.
  • Insert your payment data.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Thus, you can boost your account only while logging to your profile.

Can Members Purchase the Premium Membership for One Month Only?

One-month premium membership is the basic solution available for newcomers. Purchase such a package to understand either you need the full-service functionality or not.

Can Members Purchase the Premium Membership for One Month Only?

Is Dominican Cupid Understood as a Safe Platform?

The platform users are protected enough. The system provides a robust verification process and constantly monitors profiles, identifying and blocking the fake ones. The service’s policy makes it possible to transfer members’ data to partner services. Meanwhile, other users see your gender, first name, and age by default. Other information is hidden until a user himself or herself unblocks it.

Privacy Settings and Facilities on Dominican Cupid

The platform strictly follows the Privacy Statement. The members are suggested selecting different settings. If necessary, you are accessible to send special requests to customer support and refuse to transfer your personal data.

Does the Dominican Cupid Platform Encrypt Messaging History?

All chatting history is kept on the platform servers; therefore, no one has access to your messages.

Is the Dominican Cupid Platform Accessible to Track Members Down?

Theoretically, the platform can obtain your location if you select the registration with your Facebook profile. Moreover, an ID verification gives the team your location info as well. Meanwhile, the system doesn’t track you down excepting some extreme cases.

Is There Cooperation Between Dominican Cupid and the Police?

The Dominican Cupid platform follows the Australian legislature strictly; therefore, that is possible to track users by the police. On the other hand, such cases are solitary. The police request the users’ information when there is a serious ground.

Whom Should Users Apply to, Having Some Questions Concerning Their Privacy on Dominican Cupid?

All questions may be addressed to the customer support service available 24/7. There are several types of support services. Click on ‘Help’ to open the chat and type your message. Meanwhile, the website contains frequently asked questions where the users may find necessary issues.

Safety Providing Peculiarities

The Dominican Cupid website, together with applications, provide members with a maximum safe level. Your full names are known for the service team only. As referred to the personal info, you decide on your own which information to show.

Does the Team Monitor Dominican Cupid Forums?

The service teams thoroughly moderate all content published on the website and applications, while messages are not under moderation; therefore, users themselves should control whether other members follow the rules or not.

Are There Any Sanctions for Using a Dominican Cupid Account for Money Soliciting?

Dominican Cupid aims to join single people, both Dominican and non-Dominican. Members are forbidden to solicit money from other subscribers; therefore, such an action leads to an immediate ban without the opportunity of an account renewal. Money soliciting is a crude violation of the platform rules.

Reasons for an Account Ban

The Dominican Cupid team bans accounts frequently for different reasons. Users need to read the terms and conditions in detail. Among the most widespread reasons for an account ban, subscribers point out the following: harassing behavior, inappropriate photos, wrong data, etc.

A User Cannot Log in to the Dominican Cupid System. What are the Reasons?

When you face some problems while logging in the system, be sure your login and password are correct. If there are some outer factors, you cannot get access to your account because of, contact the customer support immediately. The Dominican Cupid reviews indicate the team solves all problems as quickly as possible.

What is the Dominican Cupid Ban Duration?

Everything depends on your case. Some cases include a permanent ban. If a reason is not crude, the Dominican Cupid team informs a user which actions are necessary to renew access to their profiles.

Does the Platform Include an Account Reactivation Option?

Users may see the notification their account is suspended or terminated. Take the following steps in such a case:

  • Contact customer support as soon as possible.
  • Send your ID scans to verify you are a real person.
  • Wait until your account would be unblocked by the team.
Does the Platform Include an Account Reactivation Option?

Protecting Features for Subscribers

According to Dominican Cupid reviews, the platform team protects users enough; meanwhile, the subscribers are accessible to take measures protecting themselves on their own.

How Can Members Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

All members are free to block and report other subscribers if there are some reasons. Click on a user’s profile and select the blocking or reporting option. The subscribers may block users without any objective reasons. As referred to the reporting option, you need to indicate a certain reason (harassing behavior, nudity content, etc.).

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted in Your Dominican Cupid Account?

The team prohibits nudity foremost. Despite the fact persons under 18 cannot enter the service, nudity content violates the platform rules. Users can upload their hottest photos in their underwear. Furthermore, harassing content and offensive behavior are forbidden as well. While noticing those kinds of content, the team bans a user’s account instantly.

Customer Support

The Dominican Cupid website contains all necessary information concerning the platform using. While having some more questions, apply to the customer support available 24/7. Users may get answers in the preferred language. Any problems are being solved in several minutes.

A Subscriber’s Review

Dominican Cupid reviews indicate that a platform is mostly useful. The example of a real-life review is the following:

I’ve interested in meeting a Dominican girl for spending a vacation together. That’s why I needed a Domino Cupid account. Tens of girls corresponded to my preferences, but finally, I’ve decided to select the one who had conquered my heart entirely. My vacation had never been so sweet and full of positive emotions. We are still together, by the way! What’s more: I have not met any scammers on the platform, being entirely satisfied with the interface and functionality.

Do Users Call Dominican Cupid the Best Dating Service?

As referred to the Dominican dates, such a platform is considered as a top-rated without a doubt. The community is gradually extending, attracting new members from throughout the world. Moreover, the platform doesn’t cease developing and offer the best opportunities for the subscribers.

Should User Consider Dominican Cupid Safe?

On the one hand, no dating platforms can be understood as entirely safe. Scammers and catfishes enter even the most protected services. On the other hand, the platform does everything possible to protect members. Communicate with verified users only that excludes the risk of a scam.

Is Dominican Cupid Intended for Hookups Mostly?

The platform has no specifications concerning your purposes. Many people are looking for a Dominican cutie to spend their vacation together. Others dream about long-term relationships, or just making new friends from an exotic country. Dominican women frequently wish to meet a successful, rich man. No matter what your purpose is, join up the platform.

Is the Dominican Cupid Platform Free?

Such a platform is understood as free, while subscribers get an account without any fees. Meanwhile, many options are paid, including the messaging features. The Dominican Cupid review points out such a service as a low-priced one.

What are the Mechanisms Dominican Cupid is Based On?

The platform working principles are elementary. The following consequence of actions is implied:

  • Undergo the registration process and obtain an account.
  • Fill in your profile details with the information you wish to display.
  • Select the preferred searching filters.
  • Choose a user you are interested in.
  • Initiate a contact.

Do users Meet Fake Accounts on Dominican Cupid?

Any dating platform cannot exclude the scammers and fake account; therefore, you can face those on Dominican Cupid. Meanwhile, the platform team quickly detects such accounts and bans those immediately.

Competitive Platforms and Dominican Cupid

Among the key competitors of the platform, Latin Dating and Dating Dominican services are named foremost. Meanwhile, those platforms are not so popular, offering subscribers limited functionality.

Contacts of the Platform

The Dominican Cupid website contains the contact information users may apply to. The following ways are accessible to contact the service:

  • email address (Send your message to team@DominicanCupid.com);
  • phone number (Call the platform team by +61 7 5571 1181);
  • visit the office in Australia (Gold Coast).


The Dominican Cupid platform is a perfect way to date Dominican people. The service is convenient for all age group representatives.

The registration process takes you some 1-2 minutes. Users are suggested undergoing an ID verification, which is among the most robust ever.

Most features are accessible for free, but either gold or premium membership is necessary to initiate a contact. Prices are affordable enough.

The Dominican Cupid team provides subscribers with maximally comfortable conditions: a scam protection, detailed profiles, multiple features.

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