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eDarling Review: Great Dating Site?

eDarling Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 10%
Reply rate 95%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 48%
Profiles 1 790 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • Comes with a mobile version too
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Applications available
  • Can upload plenty of pictures
  • Profiles are quite complete
  • Quick and simple registration
  • Premium subscription for unlimited communication
  • Over 200 questions to complete the profile to 100%
  • Not all profiles are complete
  • Cannot see full profiles as a free user
  • Limited search function for free accounts

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Are you sick and tired of jumping from one dating website or app to another, only to run into lots of bots or people who simply stop replying out of nowhere? Are you sick and tired of finding good looking matches that never reply and getting messaged by profiles with no pictures at all? It is a common scenario that draws more and more people away from online dating, but this is when eDarling kicks in.

The eDarling website aims to take the online dating venture to another level. It is pricier than other alternatives, but it ensures you will get in touch with real people. It has been around for ages, so there must be a good user database and great interactions. This eDarling review will give you all the details you need before deciding whether or not you should go on with it.

What Languages Does eDarling Support?

eDarling Support

Edarling is one of the leading online dating websites in Germany. It is designed in German, yet it is quite intuitive if you cannot speak the language. You can also use an online translator if you truly want to get in. Once in there, most people will speak German, but you can find people speaking other languages too.

Who Owns eDarling?

The eDarling website is created, owned and managed by Affinitas GmbH. It was established in 2008, so it is one of the veterans in this industry. It operates under an umbrella of other dating websites, so there are a few different versions for other countries too.

Where is eDarling Headquartered?

eDarling is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. While some of the other versions of this website for other countries are headquartered abroad, eDarling is based in Germany. It makes perfect sense, as the website is mostly aimed at Germans.

When Was eDarling Established?

In terms of online dating, eDarling is a veteran in Germany. It was established in 2008, so it is one of the oldest online dating websites hanging around. Given its popularity, it is obvious that it does something different.

Is eDarling Available Worldwide?

You can register, login and use the eDarling website anywhere in the world. If you can speak German or you use an online translator, you should have no problems getting there. In fact, you will find lots of people trying to find love all over the world.

Special Features

eDarling Special Features

You will run into plenty of positive eDarling reviews out there as you do your homework. eDarling administrators have done a great job, considering the portal is around for so long, despite being more expensive than average. So, what makes it special?

Screening Algorithm

The algorithm differentiating people and robots makes the difference. While literally every online dating website has at least a few spam accounts and robots, eDarling has an incredibly low rate and most of these accounts barely survive for a few hours before being detected.

Member Profiles

The eDarling website has also gained a reputation because of its profiles. Most of them are complete and provide lots of information. Simultaneously, the website is ideal for those seeking long-term relationships, as plenty of users are looking for something serious.

Search Function

If you are looking for a tall girl with blue eyes, black hair and no drinking habits, chances are you will find her on eDarling. The search function allows you to search for the most detailed parameters. Of course, the fewer parameters you put in, the more results you will find. Besides, not everyone completes every detail in their profiles, so leave some room to discover hidden gems.

Audience Quality

Profiles are generally well put together, with lots of details. More than half of the users have some sort of education. The average age range varies between 30 and 40, with lots of users in other categories too. Besides, more women than men are definitely a plus in the dating industry, as most online dating websites are overwhelmed by men. There are lots of users from Germany, but there are plenty of options all across the world too.

Age Distribution

Most users fall in the same category – 30 to 40 years old. This is not a general rule, though. You will find lots of people in the 18 to 25 range as well, not to mention those older than 40. About 40% of all users are aged between 30 and 40, though.

Fakes and Scammers

No online dating website can avoid fake accounts, scammers and spammers. eDarling makes no exception either. You will get messaged by a profile with a pornographic profile picture every now and then, advertising for a website or starting a standard conversation. The good news is the eDarling website does a pretty good job at clearing them – in fact, lots of eDarling reviews praise this aspect.

Website and Mobile Application

eDarling Mobile Application

The eDarling website is easy to use and intuitive – there is no way to get lost or fail in doing what you want. You will figure out how to search, communicate and edit your profile. You can also access the website on mobile devices, as there is a mobile version of it as well. Those who want everything on the go and access to push notifications can install the proprietary application – available in both Android and iOS stores. It is worth noting that the app is developed by the company running more dating websites, rather than eDarling, so you may find it under a different name.

eDarling Application

The application is available for free, whether you use an iOS or an Android device. There are no differences in the features between the app and the website. However, you will get push notifications, meaning you will get to reply to messages as soon as they come in.

eDarling Website

The eDarling website is just as handy. The interface is simple and loads almost instantly – no fancy graphics to slow it down. You will find a straightforward top menu with access to the main features. Whether you search for someone, edit your profile or talk to a match, you will have no issues whatsoever.

Can I Use eDarling on More Devices Simultaneously?

You can stay logged in to eDarling on your smartphone but also access it from another smartphone, tablet or computer. You can log on from more devices simultaneously without getting kicked out. In other words, you can use it on your smartphone when on the go and stick to your laptop at home.

Which Browsers Can I Use eDarling With?

It makes no difference what browser you use. Moreover, it makes no difference if you choose to use the website rather than the app on a mobile device. Proprietary browsers – as well as world-renowned browsers – will load the eDarling website with no issues at all.

Why Am I Unable to Login?

Make sure you have an active Internet connection and your username and password are correct. If your Internet connection is too slow, you might get kicked out. If your account has been blocked or banned, you will get a message about it. Other than that, the website works perfectly fine.


eDarling Interface

The eDarling website design is intuitive and simplistic. There are no flashy graphics, lots of ads and videos to slow your experience down. Whether you are on the main page or on someone’s profile, all buttons are visible and easy to access – no guessing involved.

Registration and Verification

The registration is simple. You have to mention what you are and what you are looking for. Then, you will be asked for a username and a password. This is it. Once registered, check your email and verify your account. You can then add more details to your profile.

Can I Unmatch eDarling Matches?

eDarling will give you potential matches based on what you look for, your common preferences and past searches. Most of them are well-chosen, but some of them are totally off. You cannot unmatch them, but you can block profiles to make room for others.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement on eDarling?

You must be 18 or older to register on the eDarling website. Underage people are not allowed. Other than that, there are no restrictions in terms of aging.

How Can I Verify My Account?

There is only one way to verify your account. As you sign up, a link will be sent to your email address. Click it and confirm the account – mission accomplished. There are no verification features like on some social media networks.

How Can I Verify My Email?

Make sure you enter the right address when you register. You will not be asked to confirm it, so simply double check before submitting the information. The link in your email should be clickable. If not, copy and paste it in your browser. It may spread over two or more lines if it is too long.

Will eDarling Grab My Info if I Sign Up with Facebook?

Most websites that allow you to sign up with Facebook will grab some basic details, such as your name and profile picture. However, you cannot sign up on the eDarling website with Facebook.

Can I Use eDarling Without Signing Up?

Some websites allow you to look, perform some basic searches or see some profile pictures without signing up, just so you can get an idea. Edarling requires registration in order to enter the website. You will be prompted to log in or register as soon as you load the website.

Profile Set-Up

Once you confirm your registration, you will be taken to some sort of initiation. You will go through a few steps to enter your profile basics, such as uploading a profile picture. You can then go to your settings, edit your profile and fill everything in. The more details you put in, the more people will find you in their search results.

Can I Delete a Photo From eDarling?

Of course, you can. Whether you want to change the profile picture or other pictures you have uploaded, you can delete them by going to your gallery and removing them.

How Can I Edit My Username In eDarling?

There are no usernames in eDarling. Your email is your username, but you will have the option to add and edit a display name, which everyone will see. Other people cannot see your email, though.

Can I Delete My eDarling Profile?

Yes, you can. Whether you have found your life’s love or you are not happy with the results, you can go to your account settings. You will find an option to delete your account – everything will be removed.

Is There an Option to Disable Showing Up in eDarling?

According to numerous eDarling reviews, privacy is essential. You will never show up in search engine results – users are never shown or displayed in results. However, you also have the option to go on the eDarling website without showing up in search results. Go to your settings.

Can I Delete Information That I Have Already Added to My Profile on eDarling?

Absolutely. Whether something changes in your life or you simply do not want certain things to be visible anymore, you can edit the profile and change those things, whether it comes to your sexuality or your profile picture.

The search function is extremely well detailed and represents one of the strengths of this platform, based on almost every eDarling review. You can perform a general search or go into extremely small details. You can also cut the work and go straight to your matches – the website does most of the work for you.

Is It Possible to See eDarlling Profiles That I Liked?

Yes, it is. You can like or add profiles to favorites. You will then be able to go to your favorites and see them again. Most people do so when they simply do not have the time to send a message or go through someone’s profile, so they add it to favorites and return to it later.

What Search Options Do I Have?

The search function allows searching for gender, age, hair color, ethnicity, precise location, relationship status, and so on. You can choose to see profiles with a profile picture only and ignore the ones with no photos at all.

Can You See If Someone Likes You as a Free Member?

You can see if someone likes your profile or adds it to favorites, but you cannot see who that person is. Therefore, you cannot go to their profile, unless you upgrade.


Messaging users on eDarling depends on your status. Free users cannot do too much, but get an idea about what to expect only.

How Can You Start a Conversation with Someone on eDarling?

There is one way to start a conversation with someone. Go to their profile and click on the button to message them. Write your text and send it.

How Can I Message Someone?

There are two ways to message someone. You can start a conversation over their profile – there is a button to message them. You can also reply to a message from your inbox if the conversation is already ongoing.

Is Communication Free?

Communication is limited for free users – not much you can do. Premium users benefit from unlimited communication.

How Can I See Who Messaged Me on eDarling?

If you use the app, you will get a push notification with it. If you use the eDarling website, simply go to your inbox or messages and you will find everything in there.

How Do I Use the Camera on eDarling?

There is no such thing as a video chat option on the eDarling website. You can use the camera when taking pictures for your profile over the smartphone. Other than that, you cannot use it for other actions.

Can I Filter Messages on eDarling?

All communication will come from premium profiles, so you cannot keep free users away because they cannot get to you – spam and robot accounts included.

Membership Prices and Payment Methods

eDarling Prices and Payment Methods

There are two types and accounts and more types of memberships. You can have a free account with lots of limitations, but you can also get a premium account if you want access to all the features, including unlimited communication.

Free Account Features

The free membership is given automatically as you register and allows you to explore the platform.

  • Possibility to create an account
  • Explore some of the features
  • Can use the search function
  • Can like or favorite profiles
  • Notifications when your profile is liked or you get messages

Premium Account Features

The premium account comes with an upgrade. Simply put, you gain access to all the features available on the eDarling website.

  • You benefit from unlimited communication
  • Search feature comes with full functionality and more search parameters
  • Ability to see people’s profile pictures
  • Can see all the pictures in one’s gallery
  • A few different options to subscribe
  • Can see if your recipients have read your messages
  • Access to personality tests for better matches

Does eDarling Provide Paid Memberships?

Yes. In fact, the premium membership will give users access to all the features of the website, including unlimited communication.

How Can I Cancel My eDarling Membership?

Go to your account, then check out the membership settings. You will find a menu about the cancellation. Click to cancel the membership, select the reason, continue, enter your password and confirm the cancellation.

Is the eDarling Subscription Renewed Automatically?

Yes. Unless you cancel it before the time for renewal comes, it will be renewed automatically. It is advised to do it at least a few days earlier.

Will I Get a Refund for the Unused Time of My Membership?

No. You will be able to use your account for as long as the membership goes on. You do have the right to cancel it within 14 days after paying for it. Automatic renewals cannot be refunded.

Is My Membership Renewed on a Monthly Basis?

It depends on the type of membership you choose. Some can be renewed on a monthly basis, while others are available for a longer period of time.

I am not Happy with eDarling. Can I Get a Refund?

Based on more eDarling reviews, you will get a refund if you cancel within the next 14 days. If you want a refund later on, you will need a good reason. You will also have to get in touch with the customer service team.

How Will My eDarling Payments Show Up On my Statement?

You will not see eDarling on your bank statement, but the company name or one of the other companies under the same umbrella. There will be no dating names on the statement, though.

Can I Provide Financial Support for Other Members?

You can pay for others’ subscriptions and premium accounts, but that would mean getting in touch with them outside the eDarling website. It is not recommended to send money or paying for others’ stuff unless you know them in real life.

Can I Get a Subscription for a Month Only?

Yes, but it will renew automatically.

Is eDarling Safe to Use?

eDarling Safe to Use

Yes. The website uses high-security protocols to keep its members safe. Also, members and their profiles are not visible over search engines.

Privacy in eDarling

Privacy is the primary concern for eDarling administrators. The website is perfectly safe and secure. Apart from the main page, nothing else is findable through search engines. You will only be visible to other members.

Are eDarling Chats Encrypted?

The eDarling website encrypts pretty much everything and not just the chats, so your conversations will stay between you and your potential partner.

Can eDarling Track You Down?

While there are no reasons to get tracked down, the eDarling website will record your IP for security.

Can eDarling Be Traced By the Police?

There are no illegal activities taking place on eDarling, so there are no reasons for the police to get involved.

Who Should I Get in Touch for My Privacy Concerns in eDarling?

Get in touch with the customer service if you have any concerns. A representative will address your issues and help you understand why you are perfectly safe.


It is almost impossible to find a negative eDarling review in terms of safety and security. Make sure you use common sense when meeting someone outside the website, though.

Are eDarling Forums Moderated?

Yes. Accounts are screened to eliminate bots and scammers, while chat rooms are being moderated all the time.

What Happens If Someone on eDarling Asks for Money?

It is your responsibility to be cautious and avoid sending money to people who you do not know in real life. You can report such an account and an administrator will look into it.

Banned Account

Scammers, spammers and robots are usually taken through a comprehensive checkup, yet many of them get permanently banned for the users’ safety and security.

Why am I Unable to Login?

You should get a message with the issue. It could be a forgotten username or password, as well as a banned account.

How Long Does an eDarling Ban Last?

Bans are permanent and will not be lifted automatically. If there was a mistake, an administrator would have to remove the ban manually.

How Can I Reactivate a Banned Account?

If you think your ban was a mistake, contact the customer service center and explain the situation – if the ban was a mistake, it would be lifted.

Protect Yourself

Common sense and caution are mandatory when meeting new people online. Avoid providing too many personal details and do not send money to people who you do not know.

How Can I Block and Report a Scammer?

You can block someone from their profile. You can also report them on the same page.

Which Information Should I Keep Out of My eDarling Account?

Do not provide too many details, such as your phone number, last name, home address, banking details, workplace, and so on.

Help and Support

The eDarling website has a professional customer service team taking requests and answering queries within hours only. There are more ways to contact eDarling – choose the most suitable one.

Real Life Review

eDarling Real Life Review

eDarling is one of the most popular online dating platforms in the German-speaking world. It has gained notoriety overnight in Germany, but it is also common among people from other parts of the world. It has a few alternatives to those living in other countries – running under the same umbrella.

According to numerous eDarling reviews, the website is extremely secure. It uses security protocols to prevent hacking issues, but it is also active against robots or spammers. The customer service team is always on it when it comes to requests and issues.

So far, there have been no reports regarding information leaks or privacy problems.

Is eDarling the Best Dating Website?

What works for some people will not work for everyone else. However, it is safe to admit that eDarling is one of the most reputable dating websites out there.

Is eDarling Safe to Use?

There have never been any issues with eDarling in terms of safety and security. Administrators employ high-security measures to keep users safe. At the same time, it is up to the users to use common sense when meeting people out of the website.

Is eDarling a Hookup Platform?

The eDarling website is a dating platform, meaning you can find people interested in hookups, casual dating or long-term relationships. There is someone for everyone.

Is eDarling Free to Use?

eDarling is free to use to a particular point. The free account is more like a demo version. You can look around, find people and show interest, but you will need a premium account to access all the features, including the most important one – communication.

How Does eDarling Work?

The principle is fairly simple to understand. You get online, you search for people and get in touch with them. You get to know them better and eventually meet them in real life.

Are There Fake Profiles and Spammers on eDarling?

While the algorithms in place to a pretty good job to keep such accounts away, there are occasional users that will spam you – it is a temporary issue, as they get cleared straight away.

Alternative Websites to eDarling

Some of the main alternatives to eDarling include Match, Soulmates, Hinge, Bumble and The League. Some of them have applications as well. Some others work only by applications only, such as Tinder. Most of these websites target the international market, so you will find people from all over the world.

On a similar principle, eDarling takes registrations from all over the world too. It is mostly aimed at Germans, though. You will also find a few varieties of eDarling designed for other particular countries.

Contact Information

  • Company: Affinitas GmbH
  • Address: Kolfurter Strasse 41-43, 10999, Berlin, Germany


As a short final conclusion, eDarling follows the general operating principles of a professional dating website. Practically, everyone is free to join and explore. You can search and find people, get an idea about what to expect, then upgrade to a premium account to unlock all the features – including as much communication as you want.

The eDarling website is mostly aimed at the German market. You will find a few different varieties with the same name – created for other countries, such as Poland. It operates under a larger umbrella of online dating websites. Despite being aimed at Germans, people from all over the world join it to find their ideal partners.

Edarling is mostly aimed at people interested in dating and longterm relationships. However, you can mention what you are looking for as you complete the profile. You can find people looking for casual hookups or dating as well – there is definitely someone for everyone out there.

Meta: Discover the benefits, features and capabilities of the eDarling website before deciding whether or not it is right for you.

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