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Eris review: Great dating site?

Eris review: Great dating site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 74%
Popular age 28-35
Beauty 52%
Profiles 180 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free for all members
  • Lots of amazing features to enjoy
  • Personalized service and the latest technology.
  • Efficient security and safety measures
  • Highly functional, updated Mobile application
  • Boring and drab interface

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Eris is an international online dating site that helps men and women from different parts of the globe find a suitable match for dating, relationships, or even marriage.

The platform is both an online dating site and a social network that offers one of a kind experience for all members. The icing on the cake is that all features are available to all users for free.

To know more about the Eris dating site and its abundance of free services, have a quick read through this review and get answers to all possible questions you might have.

Dating is a normal phase of adulthood, and everyone desires to find love and happiness. However, most of the time, happiness might not be with someone of the same nationality or race even.

The website avails single men and women the opportunity to connect with others and start-up new friendships and relationships from all over the world.

How many languages can you use on Eris?

According to many Eris reviews, this website is a popular international dating site with a rapidly growing user base from different parts of the globe. Eris is available in over 15 different languages, including English, Greek, Hindu, Norwegian, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.

Who is owner of Eris?

Founder Mehmet Ali Kara created Eris dating site. The website’s goal is to help individuals find love and friendship without location, nationality, or race being a deterrent.

Where is Eris located now?

Eris is undeniably a fast-growing international dating site that caters to members looking to find love and friendships. The headquarters for this social network is currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

When was it launched?

Eris, as a social network and dating site, brings something refreshing to the market, which is a platform for several individuals to meet others in different cities or countries. Eris was launched in June 2011 and is operating in about 15 countries in different parts of the world.

Can people use Eris all over the world?

Eris is a premier dating site for a diverse range of members. As such, it is available in several countries worldwide. This social network is fast-growing, with several thousand members already.

Special Features

Eris Special Features


This feature allows members to have live conversations and broadcasts through the aid of the camera on their devices. Members can chat up live with other users on the website; others can also join in or watch the live stream and be part of the live conversation.


Members can communicate and interact with one another in real-time through instant chat and messaging. In addition to this, users can also share pictures, stickers, and animated gifs with one another.

Voice and video call:

The Eris website is a social network that gives room for singles to call either on voice or video call; members can also send voice messages. This feature is a fun way to interact and get to know your new friend and also a way to confirm identity.

Translation services:

As an international site with members of different backgrounds and languages, this feature helps to facilitate efficient interaction among users without language being a barrier.

Search Filters:

The site offers advanced and improved search filters options for users to find new friends and dates. Users can search for other people based on the preferred city, country, gender, age, or even distance from their current location.

Travel and Meeting System:

Eris.com believes that geography shouldn’t get in the way of finding love or companionship. That is evident in this feature that helps members connect. It allows users to publish travel requests or advertise travel invitations and send a meeting request to others living far away and search for travel all around the world.

Notification System:

The improved notification service is one of the website’s most popular features. Members can connect with other singles on the platform and can be kept in the loop immediately a message comes in by the alert system. This notification service can also provide users with notifications about actions being performed by other members.

Audience Quality

Eris Audience Quality

Eris dating site is home to thousands of users worldwide, where they can get to know one other through a variety of free features.

This site has thousands of members from across the globe. The website opens it’s doors to all kinds of people regardless of location, age, nationality, background, language and helps all users find the serious commitment they seek.

Age Distribution

This website caters to a diverse range of members from all over the globe. Most members are within the age bracket of 18 -55, with the gender ratio of males to females being almost proportional.

Fake and Scammers

Eris has a firm no-fake-accounts policy, and there’s a regular screening of the site to disable and remove under-aged, fake, and inactive accounts.

Mobile app and Website

Eris Mobile app and Website

Eris dating network has an online website as well as a mobile application called “Eris” that is suitable for different mobile devices and computers.

The app and website boast lots of fun and interesting features that improve users’ online dating experience and make finding a partner exciting and safe. The upgraded translation technology on the mobile app and website helps translate while you’re chatting, so that interaction is smooth and effortless.

Eris App

With constant feedback from users, the platform has made major improvements to the “Eris” app. The application is now even much safer and secure, with an upgraded translation system to bolster effective communication.

The mobile app is free to download on the app store or Google play store for iPhone and Android users with very easy navigation. Also, the mobile app doesn’t require much space and is compatible with most devices.

Eris Website

Eris Eris Website

The Eris dating website has free features such as instant messaging, sending of virtual gifts, search filters, translation systems, live chat, video and voice calls, and so on.

The website is quite simple and straightforward, with signup just as easy and fast.

Is It allowed to use the app on my computer?

Eris app has both mobile and desktop versions that are compatible with most devices. So, to access the application through a computer, you can download the desktop version and use a suitable browser.

Which browser supports the Eris website?

The Eris dating site is supported by all major popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and several others.

Why can’t I enter the site?

The Eris site is quite easy to access and navigate: difficulty in accessing the website might be due to incompatible browsers or JavaScript is disabled. Check that your JavaScript is enabled in your browser and update your browser regularly.


Eris Interface

Since Eris dating site is relatively new, one would expect the interface to be quite modern and eye-catching. Unfortunately, this isn’t so. The choice of colors, white, black, and blue are drab, boring, and not aesthetic in any form.

However, the abundance of awesome free features can make users overlook this downside. The menu bars and features are well laid out and can be easily navigated.

Registration Process

Registration on Eris is very easy, straight forward, free, and takes just a few minutes to complete. To sign up, you need to have an existing functional email address.

There are about five steps to be completed during the Eris sign up process. The first step is to fill in your email address; then, the next step is to set up a strong password and verify that it is correct.

For the third step, you would have to fill in your username, and the fourth step is to fill in the incorrect date of birth. Being an adult dating site, Eris is only available to users who are 18 and above.

The final step is to indicate your gender (male or female). This would help the site to know what should be displayed to you. You can also check and change your country to your preferred location from the 15 available options. Eris has a wide range of members. However, if you want to find a member in your area, you should disclose your zip code. An Eris website email validation message is sent to the email address provided upon registration. In this message, there’s a link to use for validation of your email. In the Eris dating site, there’s a strict email validation rule to ensure that users receive notification and improve the reply rate on the site to provide a better dating experience for all users.

Eris registration takes a maximum of 2 to 5 minutes.

Is it possible to unmatch an Eris member?

There is no permanent matchmaking done on this site, and if you would like to ignore a particular user for any reason, you can go to their profile and select the “block” option to prevent any form of contact.

How old does the user have to be to register?

To register and sign up for Eris, all potential members must be at least 18 years of age.

Admins are always checking through profiles to block underage users; members can also report such cases by clicking on “report this profile” and selecting “under-aged” to alert admins that’ll resolve the issue.

How can I verify my account?

For verification of account to prevent spamming and fake users, members are required to verify their picture before profile setup.

How can I verify my email?

In your email, you will be sent a link. You should click on it to verify your email.

Can sign up with my Facebook account?

Members of Eris have the ability to log in or sign up through Facebook or other social networks. This, however, allows the website to have access to details or information from this third-party site and vice versa.

Is it possible to use the site without registration?

To use the website or application, you would have to register as only registered members can have access to the website or the mobile application.

Profile Set-up

Eris Profile Set-up

Eris is a social network and dating site; therefore, members need to have a complete profile with detailed information. A complete profile should contain info such as name, age, location, gender, and profile picture. Some users might add more information like weight, height, likes, dislikes, or a short introduction about their selves.

Eris encourages members to upload lots of pictures, as this will make a profile more interesting and attractive to other users, thereby increasing the chances of receiving more messages and getting offers.

Also, the profile picture must be a clear picture containing just the user. Members are not allowed to post pornographic or any otherwise offensive material or content on their page.

Profile information such as location, interests can also be changed or edited at any time by going to the profile settings

Can I remove a photo I uploaded to the Eris dating site?

Members can easily change profile pictures or delete uploaded pictures on-site. To delete a picture, click on it, and select “delete.”

How can I edit my username on Eris?

Users of the Eris dating site can change or modify information on their profiles easily. To edit username or any other details:

  • Click on the “profile” tab
  • Then select the “edit my profile” button on the top right corner to edit your details.

Can I delete my Eris profile?

To delete or deactivate your account:

  • Go to account settings on the top left of the profile page
  • Click on “Deactivate profile.”

This allows members to deactivate and hide their profile so that it’s no longer visible on search results.

Can I disable the “Show me on Eris ” option?

Sure, you can. If you want to hide your profile, you should follow the same way as a deactivation profile. We have already mentioned it above in our Eris review.

Can I delete info that I’ve already submitted to Eris dating site?

Personal information and pictures can be managed or deleted on site. Navigate to the “profile” tab to edit or manage info or click on the picture to delete it.

Eris is a fun dating site that provides various means to socialize and meet other singles around you. After completing a profile, members can search for other users by clicking on the “find people” tab, and the website will automatically calculate and send the best matches.

The website offers an advanced and improved search filters options for users to find new people; members can search for others based on the preferred city, country, gender, age, sexual orientation, height, weight, or even distance from their current location.

Can I see the Eris members who I liked?

Eris website is a free dating platform; all features are available for free at no hidden cost. Members can view profiles and send virtual gifts to any other user.

What are the options of the Eris dating site search?

The search feature allows users to filter through matches based on different criteria such as age, location, sexual orientation, seeking travel, profile picture, status, and so much more. Also, members get to browse and view profiles of other users for free.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on the Eris dating site as a free member?

Membership on the Eris website is free, so members get free access to all features on the site at zero charges.


Eris dating site has varieties of features to enhance effective communication and interaction among users. Messaging is the most effective and popular way of communication on the site.

How can you start a conversation with someone on Eris?

There are several ways to start a conversation with other users on the site:

  • Messaging: Members can communicate with one another by sending direct messages and chats; users can also share pictures, stickers, and animated gifs with one another on the website.
  • Live stream: This feature allows members to have live conferences and broadcasts through the aid of the camera on their devices.
  • Voice and video call: members can also communicate via voice or video call and can also send voice messages.
  • Groups and forums: members can opt to create new group forums or join preexisting ones to chat with many other members at once.

How can I message someone?

To message another member or match, click their profile and click the “message” tab to send your message. Even when a member isn’t online, you can send a message, and they will be notified the next time they log in.

Can I send messages free?

All forms of messaging and interaction are free for all members of the Eris dating site.

How can I see who messaged me on Eris?

All members have their preferred username filled in upon registration. So if messaged, the username of the member will reflect.

How do I use the camera on the Eris dating site?

Members have the option of using the camera feature on-site when uploading new pictures or for webcam video. To use the camera on Eris, navigate to your profile tab, and tap on the “upload photo/ camera icon.” You can take a picture, edit it by adding different filters or face masks to your photos on the website.

How can I filter who messages me on Eris?

To filter matches or members on Eris, you can ignore messages from others without them receiving notifications that you did. Or you can visit their profile and block such a user.

Free Membership

Eris Free Membership

Eris dating is an international dating site that caters to the cultural and personal needs of all users. The site offers free membership to all users at no cost, and all members can enjoy the ton of amazing premium features offered on the website and mobile app.

Since the site is free, it means that it must generate revenue and make a profit somehow, Eris runs a target based advertisement on the website, and this is seen on the members’ profile page. Still, this ad run doesn’t dramatically affect the usability or effectiveness of the website or app.

Free services provided by Eris dating site includes:

  • Messaging and instant chat
  • Sending of virtual gifts
  • Translating system for chatting in different languages
  • Webcam chat
  • Creating and joining of groups
  • Video and voice call
  • Advanced search filter
  • Setting location on the map
  • Travel and meeting system
  • Editing of photos

This amazing list of features is the same as what other dating sites charge a premium subscription for, but Eris provides it all for free. This is because, according to the founder, you shouldn’t have to pay to find love.

Does Eris dating site offer premium membership?

All members of the Eris dating site are considered premium; with this website, there is no hidden VIP level or subscription fee. All features are available for free to all registered and verified members on the website.

Can I give support to other Eris dating site members?

The website allows members to send “virtual gifts” to one another; these are virtual objects that help break the ice to engage new friends in honest conversations.

Is Eris really safe?

Is Eris really safe?

Safety and security of members are very important at the Eris dating site; the site has strict privacy measures put in place to ensure security for all members. All members must undergo picture verification before a profile can be set up, and all emails are validated as well.

Routine checks are also carried out to remove all inactive or fake users from the site.

Privacy in Eris Dating

Eris prioritizes privacy; that is why the site provides users with tons of helpful tips and information about online dating and staying safe on the “safety tips” page on the website.

Eris dating takes it as an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s information and will not sell or disclose personal information of users to a third party.

The site ensures to maintain users’ privacy and advises users also to be cautious when releasing personal information to online friends. For more enquires and information in respect to privacy policies, a member can contact the privacy offer at contact@erisdating.com

Are Eris chats encrypted?

Eris dating, though a free dating site, does not take safety and privacy with levity. The site collects users’ information to create a dating profile and will not disclose users’ personal information to any third party for monetary purposes.

However, information on members profiles are viewable by other users or visitors to the site’s services and may also be viewable through public search or on third-party sites that members use.

Therefore users are encouraged to be careful concerning personal information or the privacy of others.

Can Eris track you?

Eris dating reserves the right to access users’ information when there is a need to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation. That is, to respond to law enforcement, court order, governmental regulations, or take action regarding any fraudulent, abusive, or otherwise illegal activity—a violation of privacy policy and terms of service of the website.

Can the police track Eris’ dates?

Members are warned to adhere to the code of conduct of the site and not use the services for any unlawful purposes as the site reserves the right to pass along such information to law enforcement.

The site will also only share private information of members with police or law enforcement when there’s a court order or legal request to do so.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding privacy on the Eris dating site?

For any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy, safety, and practices relating to users information, members can contact the customer care team send an email to the privacy officer at contact@erisdating.com

Are Eris groups moderated?

There are several groups already established on the site, and members can also create new groups.

The site is checked on routinely for fake or under-aged users, but there is a list of content guidelines and codes of conduct for maintaining the safety and privacy of members on the site.

However, members can report any illegal activity to the customer care or at info@erissystem.com.

What happens to a user who solicits money on the Eris dating site?

All content generated by users is monitored constantly and according to Eris dating terms and conditions of use. Any violation of rules such as this will lead to a right of the site to pursue legal actions against such users.

Banned Account

It is the site’s sole discretion to terminate or ban any user’s access to part or all of the website service due to breach of the stipulated guidelines and terms of service or due to complaints or reports made by other users.

Such a user can be banned for some time from accessing the website or app.

Why is it impossible to access Eris dating site?

Difficulty accessing the site can be caused by several reasons, such as an incompatible browser, disabled JavaScript, or ban/ suspension of the account.

How long does the Eris dating site ban lasts?

Ban or suspension of account can last for as long as the site desires, and any further misbehavior may result in a permanent ban and, in some instances, may lead to further legal action.

How can a suspected scammer be reported and blocked?

Members can block other unwanted users and can also report any suspicious activity by contacting the customer care service or send a mail to info@erissystem.com

What information is prohibited on the Eris dating account?

The website has a list of content guidelines to guide the activities and content posted on the website.

Also, the “safety tips” page gives information on how to ensure safety with online dating.

Eris encourages members to be cautious with sharing personal information or gifts with people they meet online.

Help and Support

For help and support or any inquiries, complaints, or questions about the services, users can contact the customer service or send an email to info@erissystem.com or contact@erisdating.com

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

Eris is a free site with amazing features. I use the site to meet up with people from my city, and I enjoy using video calls and translating service of the mobile app because I am always on my phone. Very nice website, but the layout could use a bit more refining.

Is Eris the best dating site?

Eris is a free international dating site that caters to a diverse range of individuals from around the world. The site has done an incredible job of helping lots of users find friendships and lasting relationships.

Is Eris a hookup app?

This website is not a hookup app and does not condone any explicit or pornographic content. Users must strictly adhere to the stipulated code of conduct.

Is Eris dating site free?

Eris dating is a free platform with lots of amazing special features that helps singles find a companion from different parts of the globe.

How does Eris function?

Users who are interested in the site can sign up for free on the website or mobile app and set up a detailed profile.

The site provides users with matches based on the details submitted on site, and members get to enjoy an array of features for free.

Are there scam members on the Eris dating site?

Eris has zero-tolerance for fake or under-aged users and illegal activities. The site ensures routine checks by admins to weed out fake accounts, and members are encouraged to report any suspicious profile.

Alternative sites like Eris

Alternative sites like Eris

Other alternatives sites to Eris dating include OkCupid, Match, Bumble Ruby, Pure.

Contact information

Company: Eris system LLC

Address: Lesi, Ukrainky Boulevard, Building 3, 01133, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Hotline: N/a

Email: info@erissystem.com faq@erissystem.com


The Eris website is a specialist dating site and rapidly growing community for meeting and chatting with diverse people.

Eris site is an international site, offers a platform for singles to meet up with different individuals of various backgrounds from around the world. The website offers several services ranging from Its translation services, video, and voice call to its notification alert system.

This platform is dedicated to ensuring that members meet up with real individuals, receive, and enjoy a safe and fun online European dating experience.

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