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OkCupid Review: Great Dating Site?

OkCupid Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 1 900 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Accommodates everyone irrespective of your sexual orientation or any other factor;
  • Sending and receiving of messages with basic membership;
  • Subscription is quite affordable;
  • Accurate search feature aiding specificity in search results;
  • Accurate and relevant compatibility questions.
  • The common issue of fake accounts and a couple of catfishing reports;
  • Free members can’t see those who like them.

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Dating sites are tiring. Even after answering long and boring questions, it always seems like the algorithms have failed to put the questions to good use. Don’t even get us started on the endless swiping through tons of profiles. As if that’s not enough, you even have to deal with weird strays messaging you non-stop.

Conventional dating isn’t so encouraging either. Maybe you wouldn’t need to give up on online dating completely if you try OkCupid. Let’s cut to the chase, OkCupid app and dating site are different from the norms.

This isn’t some form of “hyping ritual,” where we declare a site as the holy grail of dating. But OkCupid is undoubtedly one of the best. You are about to find out why; just get yourself strapped in and let’s get started.

Just as expected, the OkCupid site predominantly caters to the younger folks between ages 25-35. No young guy would pass up the opportunity to flirt with a hottie on a dating site. Although, the older folks aren’t aliens to the site as well.

How Many Languages Does OkCupid Provide?

It supports many languages, like English, German, Spanish, etc.

Who is the Owner of OkCupid?

Human Rainbow, Inc. owned the OkCupid website, but in 2011, InterActiveCorp acquired the OkCupid dating site through its subsidiary: Match Group.

Where is OkCupid Based?

Officially, OkCupid is based in New York, United States.

When Was OkCupid Established?

OkCupid site debuted on January 19, 2004. The app was launched in 2012, making it the first dating site with an app available.

Is OkCupid Available Around The World?

Yes. It’s available in about 190 countries worldwide. Well, OkCupid has successfully proved its success isn’t location-based. It has replicated its achievements worldwide.

Is OkCupid Available Around The World?

Special Features

The truth is, most dating sites have distinguishing features. For this dating Site/app, the features are simply outstanding. Even the algorithm is one of a kind; it’s not surprising that it made it to the top 10 dating sites after just two years of its debut. Some of the outstanding features are:

Double Take

Well, it’s pretty much like the swiping feature. It’s a roulette-kind matching that enables you to swipe left (not interested) of right (when you are interested) while browsing through the site.


Just as you’ve rightly guessed, having a boosted profile is a big deal. It affords you the privilege to appear more in another user’s Double Take.


Since OkCupid has a large user-base, the number of matches you get could be overwhelming. This feature helps you escape the rigor of swiping through tons of profiles. With stacks, you can efficiently group them into different categories like “Online,” “Recommended,” “Nearby,” and Users that answered compatibility questions.

OkCupid Blog

The blog keeps you updated on how to maximize OkCupid to find love efficiently. Oh, let’s not forget the dating tips it doles out frequently. Seems this dating site is keen on people getting it right at all cost.


It’s a kind of subscription that affords you the invisibility benefit. With this feature, you can be 100% active without drawing any attention to yourself.

Audience Quality

OkCupid was mainly filled with young adults in search of a flirty partner and a hookup buddy. But now, the users cut across several “dating choices.” If you need a long-term relationship, OKC’S diversity got you covered.

With the multilingual nature, it has unified people with several dating choices from all over the world.

Audience Quality

Mobile App and Website

The record has it that this dating site was one of the top dating sites that launched its app in 2012, thereby increasing its users’ choices. This dating site currently has a functional website and an app.

OkCupid App

Just like the website, the availability of the app isn’t restricted. It’s available for both android and IOS users, and it has all the features available on the website. No worries about compatibility; just search for it on the play store or app store and signup.

OkCupid Website

OkCupid website is far from being substandard because of the frequent revamping. You can access the website with any browser.

Can I Use The App Via My PC?

Definitely. All it takes is downloading the Windows version of the app and signing up. It’s that simple.

Which Browsers Can Be Used For OkCupid?

Based on OkCupid reviews by users, the website is not selective with browsers. You can easily navigate the website via any browser.

Why Do I Have Problems While Entering The Site?

There are two main reasons: you have probably violated the site’s guidelines, or it might be as a result of multiple logins on a single device. Clearing your web cache (or reinstalling if you use an app) will remedy this problem.

Why Do I Have Problems While Entering The Site?


The dating site’s interface is applaudable. You can’t talk about the site without appreciating the attractive and creative design. OkCupid never stops revamping the site/app.

The blend of different blue shades, white, and a splash of pink aids the simple and classy appearance. It’s not just user-friendly; the navigation is also stupid-simple. You can easily locate all the features available to all users under the top menu. So, it’s not just attractive; it’s also intuitive.

The roulette-type matching system (Double Take) adds a unique aesthetic value to the site. Simply put, OkCupid is damn right minimalistic, and the organization level is top-notch. Dare we say it’s the best we’ve seen so far.

Registration Process

If you know how easy it is to detach a flower petal, then you understand how ridiculously effortless registering on this site is. To get an OkCupid account running, just follow these steps:

Open the website or app of the dating site and TAP “Join OkCupid.” Input your email and create a strong password. After tapping the “next” tab, take the anti-robot reCAPTCHA test. Finally, click the signup button. You will be asked to enter your birthdate, Zip code, and gender.

Furthermore, fill other fields like your username, gender, and answer the questions required to make accurate matches. One basic fact about the questions you have to answer is that it’s extensive and cuts across even politics and voting. Still, wondering why this dating site has recorded such a remarkable success so far?

You can also register through your Facebook account.

How Can One Unmatch An OkCupid Member?

You can rid yourself of an unwanted match. Here’s how to go about it:


Open the user’s profile, tap the three dots at the top of the page, and select the block option. You can block someone through the conversation window as well.


Click the menu icon at the top of the user’s profile or the three dots at the top right corner of a received message, select the block option.

What Is The Minimum Age To Get Register On OkCupid?

If you are below 18, then I am sorry to tell you that OkCupid isn’t for you, or let’s just say you can’t register. The legal age required for registration is 18 based on the terms and conditions.

What Is The Minimum Age To Get Register On OkCupid?

Which Ways Should I Verify My Account?

It’s no news that verification is necessary to enhance security while online dating. The verification on this site isn’t as multifaceted as most dating sites, but it is foolproof. One major verification process is the SMS verification that requires you to input a code sent to your phone number.

It’s easier for people who registered with Facebook because the details from your Facebook will be uploaded automatically. Facebook registration verification isn’t available for IOS app users. Well, it’s safe to say the main verification means on OkCupid is your phone number.

How Should I Verify My Email?

As regards verification, this site takes a slightly different approach. The main means of verification is through SMS. Your email is used mainly for notifications and logging in.

Is It Possible To Register Using My Facebook Account?

When you register via your Facebook account, you don’t have to fill in your details manually. All the personal fields will be filled automatically. But as stated above, OkCupid has announced that this option is no longer available for IOS app users.

Is It Possible To Use The Service Without Registration?

Your reach will be very limited. For security reasons, you can’t use the website or app when you have no account with OkCupid. The only information you can access without signing up is information about this dating site.

Is It Possible To Use The Service Without Registration?

Profile Set-up

If you are used to other dating sites, you know how boring a profile setup could be. Can you imagine having to answer some deep and ridiculously fake questions? We all know most people just lie to fill the blank spaces!

Hun- we have good news. Imagine how interesting your hobby is; well, setting up a profile on OkCupid is just as interesting as that. The truth is you still get to answer questions, but the questions are fun. To be sincere, you will probably end up knowing more about yourself. “would you rather kiss in Paris, or “would you rather go to a sporting event?” now that’s the kind of questions you have to answer. Alongside other basic questions about religion, politics, and other interesting details.

After you kickstart your profile, you will answer more questions relating to your hobbies. Trust OkCupid to get all the required information without making you break a sweat.

Then, of course, photos. What is a profile without pictures? There are specific guidelines for the kind of pictures you should upload. All your pictures have to show your face, and you are prohibited from sharing a picture with contact information on it. You can edit your profile anytime.

Oh, and one last thing, OkCupid doesn’t accommodate a couple’s profile. Well, let’s just say you need to keep the monogamous deals out of the site/app.

Can I Delete Photos Uploaded To My OkCupid Account?

Yes. You can delete a photo from your profile by following these steps:


  • Click the sidebar on the right side of your albums.
  • Tap the remove link beside a picture to delete it.


  • Click and hold the photo
  • For Android, you will see a trash icon at the top of the photo; tap it to delete the photo.
  • For iOS, “X” will automatically appear under the photo; click the “X” to delete the picture.

How To Edit My User Name In OkCupid Account?

You can edit your username in the settings section of your profile.

How Can I Delete My OkCupid Profile?

Well, just in case your locator finally directed you to true love, you can delete your OkCupid profile. Here is a brief tutorial:


Open the settings page and click the option that says, “Need a break?” at the bottom of the page.


On the app, open your profile page, click “disable your account,” and follow the instructions.

What If I Disable The “Show Me On OkCupid” Option?

You simply become invisible to people around you and everyone on the site. You will access and view other people’s profiles, but yours will be invisible unless you send a message.

Can I Delete The Data Submitted To My OkCupid Account?

People make mistakes, and there is no finality when it comes to profiles. Some information is necessary while others are optional, so you can always edit your profile when you feel the urge to delete any information from your profile.

OkCupid search is based on the preferences set in your profile. You even customize the kind of pet you want your partner to love. Yes, you can be that specific. In a way, it’s like there is no getting it wrong on this site.

Can I See The List Of OkCupid Members Who I Liked?

You can have a list of your favorites on this dating platform. You can also see the list of users who have liked you.

Can I See The List Of OkCupid Members Who I Liked?

What Are The Different Filter Options Of OkCupid Search?

The filter options available:

  • interests;
  • gender;
  • age-range;
  • exact location;
  • language;
  • appearance.

Is It Possible To See Who Likes Me On OkCupid If I Am A Free Member?

This is slightly twisted. You can’t see the list of people who like you as a free member. But you will get notified if someone likes you back.


Messages seal connections on dating sites. Sometimes, you can’t confirm how perfect someone is until you have a conversation with the person.

How To Start Chatting With Someone?

Immediately you like someone; you have one try to make the person like you back. Simply put, you can send just an introductory message when you like someone. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression; you had better make the message remarkable!

How Can You Start Sending Messages To Someone On OkCupid?

Once you like someone and the person likes you back, you get unlimited access to messaging. But for someone you like, you can send only one message and wait till the person likes you back.

Is Sending Message Free Of Charge?

Messages on OkCupid is completely charged free. Once someone likes you back, you can both exchange messages.

How Can I See My Received Messages On OkCupid?

You will get notified when someone sends you a message. Just tap the notification to access the conversations page.

How To Use The Camera On OkCupid?

Select the camera icon and capture. It’s that simple.

How To Filter Who Can Send Messages To Me On OkCupid?

Conversations are limited to people that have shown interest in each other. You don’t have to be worried about having tons of messages bugging you

How To Filter Who Can Send Messages To Me On OkCupid?

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

It’s a norm for dating sites to have options of free membership alongside premium membership. OkCupid grants access to basic features for free. But advanced features come with a price.

Free Membership Features

Basic accounts aren’t so limited on this dating site. Undoubtedly, you can find a perfect match without paying a dime. With free memberships, here is a list of features you can access:

  • Messaging: You can send and receive messages for free. Well, the only cost is mutual.
  • Likes: liking and getting notifications for likes is also free. However, you can’t get a list of people that liked you first without a subscription.
  • Double Take: A compiled list of potential matches based on your spec completes the package.

Premium Membership Features

Everyone loves a little spice, and Premium membership gives the spice and boosts your profile needs. Premium membership gives you:

  • Boosts: Get more attention on the OkCupid dating site. Imagine getting a day’s views within 15 minutes. You can either buy in bulk or individually.
  • Read recipients: Well, you can tell who is avoiding you and who is just too busy to reply.

For subscription, there are three different types with various features attached to them.

A list:

  • No ads;
  • Endless likes;
  • Compiled list of people who liked you first.

Premium A list:

  • All the features of A list;
  • An automatic boost daily;
  • Be more visible to attractive matches.

Incognito Mode:

  • No ads;
  • Block any account;
  • Turn on the incognito on Okcupid anytime by toggling the button;
  • Invisible to everyone unless you message or like them.

OkCupid’s subscription is affordable.

For A list:

  • $7.75 monthly;
  • $6.35 monthly for three months, amounting to $19.05;
  • $3.95 monthly for six months, amounting to $23.07.

Premium A list:

  • $24.90 monthly;
  • $22.90 for three months, amounting to $68.70;
  • $19.90 for six months, making it a total of $119.40.

Does OkCupid Offer A Premium Membership?

OkCupid offers a premium membership for users willing to access some unique features, and It’s budget-friendly.

How Can I Cancel My OkCupid Membership?

Open the settings page, select the subscription you want to cancel from the list of subscriptions. Click the “turn off billing” option. Your subscription will be canceled after the end of the current billing period.

Is OkCupid Subscription Auto-renewed?

OkCupid subscription renews automatically unless you cancel your subscription.

Is It Possible To Get A Refund For The Unused Subscription Time?

Generally, this dating site doesn’t refund for unused time except for the laws applicable to your state provides for such a refund. But there are rare cases like death or disability.

Is My “support” For OkCupid Automatically Renewed Monthly?

Support to OkCupid gets renewed at the end of a billing period except you cancel before then.

Is It Possible To Get My Money Back If I Don’t Like The Service?

You can’t get a refund unless you have suffered serious issues or bugs.

How Will My OkCupid “support” Be Shown On My Credit Card Bill?

It depends solely on your mode of payment. Charges made via your credit card will appear on your credit card bill as WMV*OKCUPID.COM. While payment made via PayPal will appear like this: PP / PayPal then OKCUPID.COM

Can I Provide Other OkCupid Members With “support”?

It is not recommended to send money to other members on OkCupid. Avoid scammers and any fraud activities.

Can I Pay For Just A Month

Well, this depends on you. You can decide to send support for a month or more; it depends on how much you can afford.

Can I Pay For Just A Month

Is OkCupid Really Safe?

Your safety is a priority in OkCupid. HTTPS is used to protect you and guarantee safety. But the truth is when it comes to online dating, your safety is largely in your hands. Verify your account and be careful while meeting in person.

Privacy in OkCupid

Your profile should reveal only the information necessary to make the matching algorithm effective. Personal information should not be revealed without due diligence. OkCupid allows you to control users that can view your profile.

Are My OkCupid Chats Encrypted?

Chats and passwords are encrypted. You can be assured that your information and details are all safe.

Can OkCupid Trace You?

OkCupid can track you down with your phone GPS and location. Remember, you need to put on your location to get suggestions of possible matches close to you.

Can OkCupid Be Traced By The Police?

For safety purposes, the ability of the police to trace a user comes in handy. Illegal acts can easily be traced and punished by local authorities.

Who Can I Contact Regarding My Privacy Issues On OkCupid?

To clarify any issues or gray areas regarding privacy, you can contact the privacy officer via an email at support@okcupid.com. You can also contact the privacy officer by post to MTCH Technology Services, WeWork Charlemont Exchange, 42 Charlemont Street, Dublin 2, D02 R593, Ireland.


Ensure you put your safety before any other thing. Don’t hesitate to report all suspicious activities.

Are OkCupid Forums Threads Moderated?

OkCupid moderates all forum threads at all times. The basic guidelines are not taken lightly.

What If A Member Uses An OkCupid Account To Solicit Money?

Indulgence in any unscrupulous act is met with a ban on this website. This includes soliciting for money. This will lead to a ban on your account.

Banned Account

OkCupid website endeavors to uphold all guidelines of the community, which includes respect for all members. Any user that defies the rules will be banned.

Why Can I Not Get Access To OkCupid?

Difficulty with signing in is often a result of disregard for the terms and conditions of use. To uphold the standard safety of all members, disregard for terms and conditions leads to a ban.

For How Long Does OkCupid Ban Last?

There is no stipulated time, but your account can be reinstated if you appeal your ban via an email to the support team.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account

Send an email to the support team, and If your appeal is granted, an email will be sent to you to that effect.

Protect Yourself

Your safety is your business just as much as it’s OkCupid’s. Ensure you prioritize your safety at all times and take all necessary precautions.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

Open the user’s profile, click on the three dots at the top of the page and select the “block” option.

Which Information Can You Post On Your OkCupid Account?

It all depends on how accurate you want your match to be. Don’t forget to keep personal information to yourself.

Help and Support

OkCupid’s support team is quite proactive. The FAQs get updated consistently, and the response is commendable even though they don’t offer phone services.

Real Life Review

A broad-gauge study of OkCupid Review indicates that the matching algorithm is effective and reliable. Here are some reviews:

“Reading through user’s profiles gives me detailed information about the person. I am opposed to the idea of going in blind, so I don’t like blank profiles. This is my go-to app anytime” – Bassist

“I joined OkCupid about two years ago, hoping to find love. I found it; now I am engaged and preparing for marriage” – Ceri

“It’s one of the best dating sites with in-depth and impressive features, but the messaging system isn’t so impressive,” – Kiley.

Is OkCupid The Best Dating Service?

OkCupid is one of the best dating sites, and several ratings have confirmed this over the years. The success rate is simply magical.

How Safe is OkCupid?

This dating site is safe. It observes all required safety guides and enlightens users on precautionary measures frequently.

Is OkCupid a Hookup App?

One unique feature of this site is how well it embraces diversities and the liberal nature. It’s a hookup site, and it’s also an app for people in search of various kinds of relationships.

Can You Use OkCupid For Free?

You can use this dating site for free and still access extensive features. Zero regrets.

How Does OkCupid Function?

Sign up and build up your profile; that’s all it takes to kickstart your account on this app/site. Browse the site for people with similar interests and try to ignite something by liking their profile.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On OkCupid?

Despite the ongoing battle against bots, there are few fake accounts on this site. Beware of suspicious questions and fraudulent acts.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On OkCupid?

Alternative Sites Like OkCupid

  • eHarmony: This site is basically for people looking for relationships leading to marriage.
  • Zoosk: It consists of a blend of people looking for a serious relationship and hookups.
  • Match: With a large membership base, this is another fast-growing dating site.

Contact Information

E-mail Address: support@okcupid.com

To contact by post for the EU:

Address: Privacy Officer

MTCH Technology Services


WeWork Charlemont Exchange

42 Charlemont Street

Dublin 2, D02 R593


To contact by post for those who live outside the EU:

Privacy Officer

Humor Rainbow, Inc.

555 West 18th Street

New York, NY 10011


It’s not so surprising that OkCupid won the hearts of about 5 million users. The gender-inclusivity is astonishing! 13 Gender identities and 22 sexual orientations are a whole lot. But the game-winning feature is the unfailing algorithm. This isn’t just a dating site; it’s a community circulating love in every possible way.

Do you want long term or short-term relationship? Or are you a big fan of hookups? This dating site is just for you! Ever heard of one size fits all? We bet they were referring to the OkCupid dating site! Zero disappointments.

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