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FilipinoCupid Review: Great Dating Site?

FilipinoCupid Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 14%
Reply rate 95%
Popular age 24-32
Beauty 81%
Profiles 2 750 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Large user base.
  • Messaging is free
  • It offers live video and audio chat
  • The app is only available on the Google Play store
  • You do not have control over who gets to view your profile
  • Numerous ads display for free members.

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FilipinoCupid is one of the most popular dating sites for Filipinos. It caters to providing serious and committed relationships that often lead to marriage. Men interested in Filipino women find suitable partners on the site through the matching and communication system.

The advantage of using FilipinoCupid in seeking Filipino women is limitless. That and other necessary information is all we have garnered in this FilipinoCupid review for you.

With over 3.5 million users worldwide, FilipinoCupid boasts of the highest number of active Filipino women. This effective matching system makes FilipinoCupid a successful site in helping men, especially western men, find long-term relationships among Filipinos.

Formerly known as Filipina Heart, FilipinoCupid makes it easy to get beautiful female Filipino that matches your criteria.

In how many languages is FilipinoCupid Available?

FilipinoCupid is available in about 22 languages. This is to make it convenient for users worldwide to use without a language barrier.

Who Created FilipinoCupid?

FilipinoCupid was created by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, as part of Cupid Media Network. Cupid Media Pty Ltd was created in 1999.

Where is FilipinoCupid located?

FilipinoCupid has its headquarters in Gold Coast, Australia.

At what time was FilipinoCupid launched?

FilipinoCupid was created and launched in 2001.

Can FilipinoCupid be Used all over the world?

Yes, FilipinoCupid is available worldwide, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Special Features

There isn’t much special feature on FilipinoCupid Aside from the fact that members, regardless of membership, can view users that visited their profile and the exact time this was done. Users also get to see the ‘last seen’ of members, which is the last time they came online. There is only one noticeable special feature on FilipinoCupid.

Messages Translation

Messages written in a different language to yours get translated to a language you understand. This feature is, nevertheless, exclusive to platinum members only.

Audience Quality

FilipinoCupid Audience Quality

Most male users of FilipinoCupid are from the Western European countries, and the United States of America, with over 1 million users recorded in the USA alone. The females are major of Filipino descent.

The 3.5 million users of FilipinoCupid are seeking committed relationships with Filipinos, and you will rarely see female users having a premium membership. Men are quite active as they carry the lion’s share when it comes to a paid membership. This is an indication that they are far more interested in contacting women.

Not just this, the women on FilipinoCupid have verified badge on their profile for free. Men have to come through the ID verification for this. The majority of users are either looking for serious relationships or committed love.

Age Distribution

Since the site is meant for users seeking long-term and committed relationships, most male members on FilipinoCupid are within the age range of 35-54 years. The female users are mostly within 25-44 years.

Fakes and Scammers

Fake profiles and scammers are somewhat impossible to eradicate on dating sites, especially one that doesn’t have a very effective verification method. However, members are encouraged to report and block fake profiles to prevent illegal activities.

Mobile App and Website

To make the service more reachable for its users, FilipinoCupid introduced both the website and the app.

FilipinoCupid App

FilipinoCupid has a mobile app that makes it convenient for on-the-go users to access the site and respond to messages promptly. The app design sticks to the classy and elegant interface you see on the website, only in a different way. FilipinoCupid’s clean app design makes it very easy for users to navigate through. It requires little space on your device at the initial download and doesn’t take up much space after this.

The app is no different than the website in terms of functions and features, as it doesn’t have additional features. Although the app is a good idea as it gives you the chance to use FilipinoCupid anytime and anywhere, it is difficult for you to meet other members.

The reason is that the search results on the app refresh rarely. The results are shown in a list where the profile pictures take most of the screen. This makes it a bit difficult to browse through, especially when you want to view members’ profiles. This is unlike the website that uses a collage format in displaying search results. Similarly, the search result doesn’t automatically remove members you are already in contact with or users added to your favorite list.

The last point to note is that FilipinoCupid’s app is only available on Google Play Store for Android users; members using iOS won’t be able to download it.

FilipinoCupid website

FilipinoCupid offers a great interface for easy use of the website. You won’t experience difficulty navigating through the search features and different contacts, using tabs and labels on the website.

On the FilipinoCupid site, the main features are concentrated on the Menu Bar. Specific features as message inbox details and search filters could be found on the Sidebars.

Can the app Be used on the computer?

No, the app can only be used on your smartphone. To access FilipinoCupid on your computer, you would have to make use of the site.

Which browsers can I open FilipinoCupid in?

FilipinoCupid can be accessed through any browser, either on your smartphone or PC.

Why can’t I enter the site?

Usually, when you find it hard to enter FilipinoCupid, it could be because of a bad internet connection. Try to rectify this before loading the site again.


FilipinoCupid Interface

FilipinoCupid has an elegant and well-segmented interface that makes it easy for users to navigate. The design offers simplicity in a captivating way, with the brand color – white and salmon-red used throughout the site.

Unlike the app, FilipinoCupid makes it very easy for users to contact and search for other members as they have tabs in strategic places on the site. The main features on FilipinoCupid are well-arranged on the menu bar; the sidebars have specific features like the message center where you see your inbox and a search filter.

The menu bar contains the main features of the site, while the sidebars house specific ones. Features that can be found in the sidebars are the search filters and message inbox details. The rest of the tabs, however, contain ads on FilipinoCupid. In addition to this, the site doesn’t need a larger bandwidth. This makes loading each section easy.

Registration Process

FilipinoCupid Registration Process

Becoming a member of FilipinoCupid requires two simple processes. The first part is where you fill in your gender, first name, age, email address, and password. Once this information is submitted, you will be directed to a dashboard with a pop-up window requesting you upload a profile picture. This step is optional, so you can click the X button, which can be found at the upper right-hand corner, to close the window. While you can do this, it’s advised that you upload a clear picture of yourself, as this might increase your chances on the site.

Regardless of your action, another window would pop-up. This contains fields where you write a few words about yourself, a space to write your profile heading, and a short essay on what you are looking to find in a partner.

It’s advised that you be as detailed as possible when writing this. The reason for it is to appear interesting and upbeat about finding a partner on FilipinoCupid.

Also, while writing about yourself might seem simple, it’s best to keep the good qualities you know will interest other users with your hobbies. This window can also be skipped the same way you did the profile picture, but it will do no good for your purpose of creating an account.

To make registration easy, members can register through their Facebook accounts. However, they still would need to fill in some personal information.

Is there an option to unmatch FilipinoCupid member?

No, you cannot unmatch a member on FilipinoCupid. You can, however, decide not to message such a user.

What is the required age of registration on FilipinoCupid?

Members joining FilipinoCupid must not be younger than 18 years. Though, there is no security measure set in place to verify age aside from asking during registration.

What are the methods for account verification?

Although you can sign-up using an active email or Facebook account, your email address is the common verification method. Male users can undergo ID verification on the site, while females are not obliged to do this.

What steps do I take to verify my email?

A confirmation mail would be sent to you by submitting your email during the first stage of signing up. Open the mail and click the link in the message. This would redirect you to the site. What this means is your mail has been confirmed.

What are the implications of registering using my Facebook Account?

It means basic information wouldn’t be required at the first stage of registration. Instead, it would automatically be taken from your Facebook account. However, this doesn’t mean FilipinoCupid would share your data with a third party.

Can I still use the site without registration?

No, upon the opening of FilipinoCupid, you would be asked to sign-up or sign-in. Without doing any of this, you won’t be able to do anything on the site.

Profile Set-up

Filling all the fields required of you during registration is highly recommended. The reason is it would help the matching algorithm give you match suggestions that you’d find suitable. When looking through members’ profiles, the profile pictures are always placed on the site’s left side. Simultaneously, personal information like religion, children, occupation, and education are positioned at the right.

To make things easy for you, an indicator is positioned in every profile to show if such a profile meets your criteria or not. If it does, a green circle would be seen in the profile; if it doesn’t, a red x icon would be seen instead.

Furthermore, if you want to see more information about a user, you can view it based on its profile. The information here is mostly what the user says about himself or herself. Other information like hobbies and interests, background, lifestyle, and physical appearance are also seen close to the base. The last information on each user’s profile is the match preference.

Can I delete pictures that I uploaded on FilipinoCupid?

Yes, members are allowed to remove profile picture or any other picture anytime they want. This can be done by visiting your profile settings and clicking on the picture.

Can I edit my username on FilipinoCupid?

FilipinoCupid doesn’t use usernames. However, you can edit your name after you have submitted it in the profile setting tab.

How can I delete my FilipinoCupid profile?

If you already find a partner or just want to delete your FilipinoCupid profile, you can do this by going to the profile settings. Then below your profile setting, you would select the ‘To switch your profile off on FilipinoCupid, click here.’ Upon clicking this, you would be redirected to a page where you would state the reason for closing your account, and the feedback filed is also provided, which you can fill if you want. Finally, you’d be required to enter your password twice for additional confirmation.

What happens if I temporarily deactivate my FilipinoCupid account?

By temporarily deleting your FilipinoCupid profile, you can no longer be seen on the site. You would not be part of the suggested list, even if you match all criteria. To reactivate your account, all you have to do is log into your account and fill a Request Membership Reactivation Form. If your account is inactive for over six months, it automatically gets deactivated.

Can I Modify my profile details on FilipinoCupid?

Yes, you can modify any information you have given on FilipinoCupid. This can be done by going to the profile settings and editing the information there.

The member search feature is one of the best on the site. Whether you are a free or paid member, you get to enjoy this fun. Only that being a paid member gives you more search advantages.

Can I see members I added to my Favorite List on FilipinoCupid?

Yes, you can see members that you have added to your favorite list. These members do not disappear from your search or match result, especially when using the app to access FilipinoCupid.

What different Search options Exist on FilipinoCupid?

There are two major ways to search for members on FilipinoCupid, and it depends on the type of membership you have. The basic search is open to all users, the free members specifically. The basic search allows members to search for women based on their location and age only. Search results from basic search only provide profiles and profile pictures.

The advanced search, on the other hand, is a paid feature. It offers a wide variation of filters to improve your search result. These filters include; religion, hair and eye color, relationship goals, and ethnicity. Paid members can make use of the basic search too.

Can I know when a member adds me to their Favorite List on FilipinoCupid as a free member?

You cannot see if you have been added to another member’s Favorite List. However, you can access yours.


Though messaging is free on the site, you have to be a paid member to enjoy the feature to the full. Fun fact: the site has a language translator, which translates any language to the one you understand. This makes messaging seamless and fun. You can chat with anyone, anywhere.

In what way can I start to message members on FilipinoCupid?

There is a chat icon beside the profile picture; click on it to start chatting. It should be noted that chatting is free, but only paid members can reply and send messages to any member.

How can I message someone?

Messaging on FilipinoCupid is just as easy as typing out texts and hitting a button to send.

Is sending messages a free feature?

Sending messages on FilipinoCupid is free. However, free members can only see messages sent to them by paid members but cannot view other free users’ messages. Besides, only paid members can use video chat to communicate.

Where can I see messages on FilipinoCupid?

Messages received or sent to other users can be seen at the message center on the site.

Is it possible to filter who can message me on FilipinoCupid?

No. One of the downsides of FilipinoCupid is that you cannot filter who gets to message you either as a free member or premium member.

How do I use the camera on FilipinoCupid?

To use FilipinoCupid’s camera, simply click on the small camera icon on the site to turn on your webcam. Then, hit the ‘allow’ option.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are two types of membership – Gold and Platinum. There are 3 types of subscription plans for each membership – 1, 3, and 12 months. Each of these 3 is billed in one payment.

Let’s take you through the payment method for both Gold and Platinum:

Duration Costs Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
12 Months 11.67 USD / Month 139.99 USD
Platinum Membership
1 Month 39.99 USD / Month 39.99 USD
3 Months 26.66 USD / Month 79.98 USD
12 Months 13.33 USD / Month 159.99 USD

Free Membership Features

Free members on FilipinoCupid are not only allowed to sign up, but they can also create profiles that set them up for matchmaking. Free members can look through the suggested matches, and if they prefer, they can do a basic search on the site.

As regarding communication, free members can send Interest to other members and also send messages to them. However, they are not allowed to read messages from other free users.

Premium Membership Features

There are two types of paid packages on FilipinoCupid; the gold and platinum membership. Premium members have a lot to gain on FilipinoCupid. First, all communication features, like text chatting, video, and live chatting, are enabled.

While navigating through the site, too, the ads often placed everywhere will be removed. As for the profile, paid members profiles to get ranked and highlighted compared to free users. If you wish, you can hide your profile. Furthermore, when it comes to matching, premium members enjoy match suggestions created by a more advanced matching system. The platinum package has an exclusive translation service for members who might find it hard to communicate with members in different languages.

Even though they have different duration, payments for any packages are billed in just one payment instead of the common monthly billing you must have noticed in other dating sites. Also, for members who want to opt-in for a 12-month subscription, there is a 50% discount offer. Payments can be made through bank transfer, online bank transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, and Paysafecard.

Does FilipinoCupid have paid membership?

Yes, FilipinoCupid has two premium membership packages: the Gold and Platinum. The two packages lapse for 1, 3, and 12 months.

What are the steps to cancel my FilipinoCupid membership?

You can cancel your FilipinoCupid by going to your Account Setting. When you are there, select the Billing option. You would then see the “Auto-Renew my Membership” button, check the ‘No’ option, and save changes to effect the new setting. By doing this, you can still enjoy your current subscription till the stipulated time elapse.

Does my FilipinoCupid membership auto-renewed?

Yes, FilipinoCupid’s premium membership auto-renew. This is to reduce the stress of making payment by yourself anytime the billing cycle is completed.

Does FilipinoCupid give refund for unused Subscription?

FilipinoCupid users often forget the auto-renew button while subscribing to a package, which is why refunds are offered to members for unused subscriptions.

Can I get a refund if I’m unsatisfied with the FilipinoCupid Subscription?

If you are unsatisfied with FilipinoCupid, you can ask for a refund. However, a refund is only available for unused subscription.

How will my FilipinoCupid support show on my credit card statement?

FilipinoCupid’s subscription indicates your subscription on your credit card statement. There is no payment discretion.

Can I help other FilipinoCupid members with support?

No. To prevent fraudulent activities, members are not allowed to pay for other members’ support.

Can I Give Support for a month?

No, you cannot give support to other members. You can make a subscription to your account only. The Gold and Platinum memberships have a 1-month duration that can be renewed every thirty days.

Is my ‘support’ to FilipinoCupid automatically renewed every month?

No. You decide whether or not you’d like to renew your support to the site.

Is FilipinoCupid Safe to use?

Is FilipinoCupid Safe to use?

Yes. FilipinoCupid protects the information provided by each member and uses a world-class fraud protection system to secure the payment gateways used in subscribing.

Privacy in FilipinoCupid

One of the good things that earn FilipinoCupid such a reputation over the years is their privacy value. Messages are protected through end-to-end encryption.

Are Chats on FilipinoCupid encrypted?

While FilipinoCupid doesn’t use end-to-end encryption, chats are protected against hackers and cannot be accessed by just anyone.

Can my location be tracked by FilipinoCupid?

No. Your privacy is protected while using FilipinoCupid. This means your location cannot be tracked down with it.

Can the police trace me via my FilipinoCupid account?

Your activities on FilipinoCupid, as well as your location, cannot be traced by law enforcement agencies or hackers.

Who can I ask questions regarding the privacy policy on FilipinoCupid?

Although there is a Privacy Statement tab at the bottom of the site, you can contact the FilipinoCupid support team either through the mail, fax, or phone call. The phone call gives you a quick one-on-one response but can only be used during weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm in Queensland, Australia.


Fact is FilipinoCupid is designed in a way to ensure the utmost safety of users. But like other dating sites, there is a limit to the safety guarantee you get. The reason is you are responsible for acting cautiously with other users. If you do not trust a user, do not send your personal information to them.

Does FilipinoCupid have chatrooms?

FilipinoCupid doesn’t have a forum or chat room. The reason for this is to enable members to focus on their primary goal of signing up – getting a partner.

What can be done to users who use a FilipinoCupid Account to solicit money?

The purpose of FilipinoCupid isn’t to provide monetary assistant to members. If a member does this, kindly reject such advances. If they persist, you should report and block such a user.

Banned Account

Your account can be banned for several reasons. If you violate the site’s terms and conditions, there is reason to believe that you run a fake account; or act fraudulently on the site.

Why am I finding it impossible to access my FilipinoCupid Account?

If you realize that you cannot access your FilipinoCupid account even though the internet connection is good, then it means your account has been banned. This could simply be that you have breached the term of use, or your account has been flagged as a fake profile.

How long does FilipinoCupid ban last?

Ban on FilipinoCupid doesn’t come with a time duration. It depends on the issues against your account and how timely it could be resolved.

What are the steps to reactivate my banned account?

Reactivating a banned account means contacting the support center to make inquiries and sort out the issue raised against your account.

Protect Yourself

FilipinoCupid Protect Yourself

FilipinoCupid has a working protecting measure for its users. However, the dating site cannot guarantee 100% protection, as users have much to do in protecting themselves on sites like this. If you find a user intrusive or fraudulent, you can use the site’s “report user” button.

What are the steps to report and block a suspected scammer?

To protect users against abuse, fraud, or any kind of uncomfortable situation, FilipinoCupid allows members to block scammer in two easy ways. You can click on the Report Abuse option found on the user’s profile, or you can send a message to the support team.

Which kind of information must not be posted on your FilipinoCupid Account?

Aside from the basic information required upon registration, any personal information that can be used against you must not be given online to anyone. Keep information like your social security number and credit card details off FilipinoCupid at all costs.

Help and Support

FilipinoCupid is always ready to help users resolve issues, answer questions, and help with just anything. The support team is spontaneous and proactive. They can be reached either through fax, mail, and even phone call. These diverse options of contacting Support on FilipinoCupid.com give prompt responses to any query.

Real Life Review

Real Life Review

“I love Filipinas. So, when I saw FilipinoCupid.com, I jumped at it. Luckily for me, I found a match for less than a month. While using the site, I’ve met some strange female users, very chatty and friendly. When one of them asked me to send her money to buy tickets to my country after two days of chatting, I thought that was weird and blocked the profile. Never heard from her again. Be careful with unwanted links and use the Block option to not waste your time on spammers. Ted, 45

Can FilipinoCupid be regarded as one of the best dating site/apps?

FilipinoCupid is one of the best and largest dating site for Filipinos. It has a large member base that increases members’ chance of getting Filipino partners interested in serious and committed relationships.

Is FilipinoCupid a safe platform?

FilipinoCupid is considered very safe as it uses the upgraded version of 123-bit SSL to protect your card detail. It also does frequent members review to weed out fake profiles.

Can FilipinoCupid be considered as a hook-up Site?

The purpose of the FilipinoCupid is to help members find their Filipino love. A larger percentage of members, if not all, have this mindset, and this will inevitably mean your chance of getting a hookup is close to zero. We will suggest you adjust your goal of using FilipinoCupid or visit a hookup site.

How does FilipinoCupid work?

FilipinoCupid matches men with Filipino women based on the match criteria that were filled out on their profile. Aside from this, you can search for members based on different filters available on the site.

Do fake profiles or scam members exist on FilipinoCupid?

Yes. With the many profile reviews and the verification badge, FilipinoCupid has a small number of fake profiles. However, for the ones which are yet to be found by FilipinoCupid’s support team, members are always advised to report and block them.

Alternative Sites similar to FilipinoCupid

If you are interested in visiting alternative sites that focus on an ethnic group seeking a long-term relationship, here are three you should always consider:

  • Thai Cupid
  • Filipino FriendFinder
  • Asia FriendFinder

Contact Information

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: Level 5, 2502/5 Lawson Street, Southport QLD 4215, Australia.

Phone: Australia: (07) 3062 7667

United States / Canada: 1-844-387-8947

International: +61 7 3062 7667

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000


Regardless of your ethnicity, if you are interested in having a long-term and committed relationship with Filipino women, FilipinoCupid is the site for you. To avoid being scammed, a verification is given to users that have already undergone ID verification.

Sticking to verified members will not only prevent you from being scammed but will increase your chance of getting a serious Filipino woman for a bride.

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