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Fitness Singles Review: Great Dating Site?

Fitness Singles Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 72%
Profiles 40 250
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Customer support service is commendable
  • Standby Quality Assurance team to verify credible users
  • The site promotes fitness and all-round physical wellbeing
  • Free members do not enjoy basic features
  • Mobile app js unavailable

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Fitness Singles is globally recognized as a site where sports-inclined individuals meet to date. If you are the type that is enthusiastic about sports activities and fitness and you are looking to get into a relationship with someone that shares your passion for a fit lifestyle, Fitness Singles affords you a chance to do that without any stress.

Fitness Singles provides a platform where you can meet singles who are active physically and whose interests align with yours in your love for sports. It opens up an avenue to see if you can build a romantic relationship with them based on their similarity in your interests. It has retained its spot for many years as the best online dating site for fit and sporty individuals.

Fitness Singles is fashioned to link up singles that live by the principles of living fit by engaging in sports activities, such as jogging, running, gyming, swimming, and so on. It has fostered many relationships in the past, and it continues to match singles who are willing to get into a relationship with someone who engages in active physical activities.

How many languages are available on Fitness Singles?

Fitness Singles mainly supports the English language, as most active users are from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, where residents largely speak English.

Who is founder of Fitness Singles?

Fitness Singles is owned by Christopher Mattioli, a fitness enthusiast and lover of all kinds of sports. He created the website for people like him to meet like-minded individuals interested in living a healthy and fit lifestyle and hoping to build a relationship with others who share this belief.

Where is Fitness Singles based?

It is based in Buffalo, New York, in the United States of America. It operates on the slogan ‘Where relationships workout’ as a pun for the company.

When was Fitness Singles created?

it was founded in 2003 with the sole purpose of matching individuals that are passionate about fitness and all-round well being. The goal is to help these individuals to sustain their relationship by helping each other to improve on fitness life, alongside building a romantic relationship.

Is Fitness Singles available around the world?

Fitness Singles may be a unique site, and it is expected that it should be available across the globe. However, it focuses mainly on users from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Special Features


In Top25, Fitness Singles lists the most popular 25 members on the online dating site. The feature allows you to converse with these 25 users whose profiles are regularly viewed by other members.

Show of Interest

In the ‘show interest’ feature, you are allowed to indicate your interest to someone you like on the site. To use this feature, you have to click on their profile and send them a brief message.

Audience Quality

Fitness Singles Audience Quality

The site has about 2,000,000 users in the United States of America alone and also welcomes about 40,000 new users every week.

Age Distribution

Fitness Singles Age Distribution

Those who are above the age of 55 years constitute the larger percentage of users on Fitness Singles. This is then followed by those within the ages of 25 to 34 years. Those that are around 35 to 54 years are also of average membership, while those within the ages of 18 to 24 have a low representation on the site.

Fakes and Scammers

It is almost impossible to search through the profile on most online dating sites and not find fake people and scammers because many people understand that establishing a relationship comes with a lot of vulnerability and uses this to exploit others. However, the operations team at Fitness Singles stands out in that they follow a strict procedure in ensuring that fakes and scammers do not have a hold on the site.

Mobile App and Website

Strange as it may seem in these modern times, Fitness Singles currently does not have a working mobile app. This is mainly because the website fills the void and does virtually all that is required of an app. On the other hand, the website has unique features available for all registered members.

Fitness Singles app

Fitness Singles currently does not have an app; it is only available as a website. But there is an option for users to get direct messages on their mobile phones. By this, they can easily send and receive messages directly.

Fitness Singles Website

Fitness Singles Website

The Fitness Singles website has one of the most sophisticated designs in the world of online dating. It has a very clear navigation system, and its features are well organized for users to decipher.

Is it possible to use the app using my computer?

Currently, Fitness Singles is not available in an app. This implies that you can only use the website to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts, and the website suffices to guarantee you an enjoyable experience.

Which browsers support Fitness Singles?

It is supported by all functioning browsers, as it does not seem to violate any set standards relating to moral or religious inclinations.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

Different reasons could lead to difficulty in entering the Fitness Single website. It may be due to technical issues, or it may also be as a result of the fact that your account has been banned or suspended.


Fitness Singles interface is quite easy to use because of its clear navigation process. It is quite minimalistic. The section covering your profile details is also quite neat, and the quality of the profile pictures is top-notch. Also, when compared with most online dating sites, the profiles are very informative and detailed.

Registration Process

Fitness Singles Registration Process

To register on Fitness Singles, you need to provide a valid email address. Then fill out an online form, providing answers to questions about your personal and fitness life. You will then be required to rate yourself in the fitness activities you engage in, after which you get to upload your profile photo and create a biography of yourself.

Is it possible to unmatch a Fitness Singles member?

In a situation where you are no longer interested in a person that you have been previously matched with, you can unmatch with them simply by blocking them or constantly ignoring their messages.

How old do you have to be to register on Fitness Singles?

Fitness Singles allows users who have attained the age of 18 years and above to register on the site. While it is expected that you would mostly find young adults on most online dating sites, Fitness Singles is also accomodating to adults in their 50s and 60s, looking out for another chance at love. Fitness single cuts across all ages, as long as you are not a minor.

How can I verify my account?

You can verify your Fitness Singles account with your email address by submitting it during the signup process. Once the email is submitted and your account is verified, you can go ahead to search for potential matches on the site.

Which ways can I verify my email?

Once you register your account and input all the necessary details, a verification link will be sent to your account. You will be required to click on the link to determine your profile’s credibility.

Can I register using my Facebook account?

It is not required that you register with your Facebook account or any other social media account of yours. What is needed to register is your email, not any other social networking medium.

Is it possible to use the site without signing up?

It is impossible to use the site without signing up. Before you can access Fitness Singles and its unique features, you must have registered to be a member and show interest in hanging out with a fellow user that has similar interests.

Profile Set-up

Fitness Singles Profile Set-up

How to fill out your profile?

When filling out your profile, you necessarily have to provide a functional email address, your preferred username, and a password. There are fields that you may leave blank if you do not want to answer the specific questions. As a fitness enthusiast, who must have been involved in a couple of fitness activities, you have to provide 3 of those activities and be sure to come from the perspective of someone who is an expert in that category.

is it possible to delete a photo that I uploaded on Fitness Singles?

You may delete a photo after you have uploaded it on Fitness Singles. This is acceptable because you may want to post a picture that showcases your fitness lifestyle at that particular moment. If you do not get the chance to modify or delete the former one, it restricts your expression.

How can I change my username in Fitness Singles?

If you want to edit your username, you just have to go to your profile and click on ‘edit,’ then change your current username to the one you intend to use.

Can you delete your Fitness Singles profile?

You can delete your profile if you want to cease being a member, or you no longer need the services provided by Fitness Singles by clicking on your profile and choosing ‘Delete profile.’

Can I disable the “Show me on Fitness Singles” option?

Disabling the show me on Fitness Singles implies that you want to hide your location from other users on the site. And it only means that they will not be able to view your profile because you will be anonymously operating on the site.

Is it possible to delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Fitness Singles?

You can delete or modify any information that you previously uploaded to Fitness Singles by going to your profile to click on delete. This is the case because you may change or venture into new activities and lifestyles when it comes to fitness.

Fitness Singles Member Search

You can basically search for other members on the Fitness Singles website by using the available search options. You could search for people by online availability, new members, or based on those that match your personality type.

Can I see the Fitness Singles members who I liked?

You can see the Fitness Singles members that you liked, but before you can do this, you must ensure that your safety is ensured to a reasonable level and that you are not under any risk whatsoever.

What are the options of Fitness Singles Search?

There are a lot of search options to utilize on Fitness Singles. You can use the Basic Search, where you get to view different pictures in different categories. You may also use the Custom Search option, which is more specific and allows you to search for pictures based on preferences, age, location, choice of sports, etc.

Is it possible to see if someone likes you on Fitness Singles if you are a free member?

As a free member, your access to the unique features of Fitness Singles is quite limited. While you can browse through other users’ profiles, but it is impossible to send messages to them as a free member.


When it comes to messaging on Fitness Singles, it is only available to members that subscribed to the website. In other words, a paid membership is what guarantees your approval to use the messaging option.

Is it possible to start messaging with someone on Fitness Singles?

To start messaging on Fitness Singles, you must know that a subscription is required. To make use of the instant messaging feature, you have to be on a payment plan. This expands your network and the potential of meeting someone through the site.

How can I message someone?

If you need to message someone on Fitness Singles, you must be a premium member. As a premium member, you get to easily use the chat option to send and receive messages from other users.

Can I send the messages for free?

Sending messages on Fitness Singles is not free. This is to ensure that members are serious-minded in their search for a befitting fitness partner. It is believed that the worth of a thing increases when you pay for it.

How can I see who messaged me on Fitness Singles?

When other users send messages to you on Fitness Singles, you can see it in the chat category as it contains previous and current conversations.

Can I use the camera on Fitness Singles?

There is no camera feature on the Fitness Singles. The only time you are required to use the camera is when you have to upload your profile pictures, which are recommended to be of high quality to aid your quest to find a befitting match.

Can I filter who can message me on Fitness Singles?

When it comes to who can message you on Fitness Singles, the site uses a trick that one could refer to as an ‘automatic filter’ through payment. You can easily check through the profiles of other users, but you will be required to make a payment for a subscription if you want to message or send an email to them. It is believed that those who are not serious about establishing a relationship or get to know you will not go the extra mile to subscribe.

Membership Price and other Payment Method

Premium subscription on Fitness Singles is available for one month, three months, six months, and 12 months. For one month, it costs 39.99 USD. The three months subscription goes for 65.97 USD at the rate of 21.99 USD per month. For six months, it costs 89.94 USD, valued at 14.99 USD per month, and it costs 119.88 USD at a rate of 9.99 USD per month.

It saves you 46% for the three months subscription, 63% for the six months plan, and 75% for the 12 months plan. When compared to most online dating sites, its billing is average.

Free Membership Features

There are two features for Fitness Singles’ free membership. As a free member, you can only search for potential matches to connect with and also to view users’ matches and profiles. Other features require payment apart from these two.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership allows you to receive and send private messages to other users. It also allows you to have a photo gallery that is exclusive to you.

Is premium membership available on Fitness Singles?

Certainly. Fitness Singles offers premium membership. To fully enjoy the total benefit Fitness Singles offers, you must be a premium member. This payment guarantees you access to utilize the unique features that come with paid membership.

How can I cancel my Fitness Singles membership?

To cancel your membership, you have to send an email to the support team stating your reasons for wanting to opt-out of the Fitness Singles membership.

Does Fitness Singles membership automatically renew?

When you subscribe to Fitness Singles, your membership and subscription are automatically renewed based on your provided financial details. However, you can cancel the subscription a day before the day the subscription is to be renewed.

Is it possible to get a refund for unused time?

Once you pay for any of the services on Fitness Singles and you do not find it useful, getting a refund for the services you previously paid for is impossible. Any payment made is non-refundable.

Is my “support” to Fitness Singles automatically renewed every month?

Your ‘support’ to Fitness Singles is renewed monthly; this is clearly stated when you make your first payment. Although there are no compulsory requirements to pay any sum of money, you agree to auto-renewal terms when you subscribe.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with Fitness Singles?

Sadly, you cannot get your money back, as you are expected to have considered it thoroughly before proceeding to make payment. The funds, which you pay, pass through various channels, and reversing it back is such a hard thing to do.

How will my Fitness Singles support appear on my credit card bill?

How your Fitness Singles support appears on your credit card bill is dependent on the applicable laws in your country, there is no specific way as to how it shows on account generally.

Is it possible to give support to other Fitness Singles members?

You may give support to other members if you so desire. Fitness Singles does not place you under any stringent obligation to give support to other users. But if you must give support to other users on the site, ensure you observe due carefulness.

Is it possible to send support for just a month?

Your support is automatically renewed based on the choice of your subscription. But if you have to cancel your support, you must reach out to the customer support service a day before the set date of the renewal.

Is Fitness Singles really secure?

Fitness Singles is a safe site because the operations team ensures that users’ safety is guaranteed. Nevertheless, it is wise to block or report any user you suspect is penetrating fraudulent acts on the site.

Privacy in Fitness Singles

Privacy in Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles protects the privacy of its users. You can register on this site without any hesitations, and don’t afraid that your data will be given to third parties.

Is it really that Fitness Singles chats encrypted?

Fitness Singles chats are encrypted. This is to make sure your privacy is secured on the site and to guarantee the utmost enjoyment while using the site.

Can Fitness Singles track you?

In recent times, technology has made it easy to track people down. So, if there is ever a situation whereby your account has to be reviewed, you may be tracked down using the details you provided.

Can by the police trace Fitness Singles?

The police can also trace users of Fitness Singles, especially in situations where you are under investigation for fraud or crime.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Fitness Singles?

If you have any questions regarding your privacy on Fitness Singles, you may reach out to the customer support team at www.fitness-singles.com/info/contact_us, and they are usually swift in their response.


There are various means provided by the website managers to ensure users’ safety. Nonetheless, you must be very careful when dealing with other users only to ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

Are Fitness Singles forums moderated?

There are no forums or any function for chatting on the Fitness Singles website. It only focuses on the one-on-one conversations that members get to have after they’ve subscribed.

What happens to a member who uses their Fitness Singles account to solicit money?

If a user uses their account to solicit money and they are reported, or the team finds out somehow, their account will be immediately suspended or banned.

Banned Account

On issues of the privacy policy, the website administrators are quite strict. Hence, users who are culprits of violating the terms and conditions of the website are usually banned and, most times, without remedy.

Why is it impossible to access Fitness Singles?

You may not be able to access your Fitness Singles account because of technical issues or because your account is under suspension or has been banned.

How long do Fitness Singles bans last?

Bans on Fitness Singles are usually resolved quickly. However, the duration may be dependent on the gravity of the offense committed.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

If your Fitness Singles account gets banned, you have to send a message to customer support to complain. Then, wait until the issue is resolved.

Protect Yourself

Fitness Singles Protect Yourself

There are various techniques that you could employ to ensure your safety on the Fitness Singles website. Some of these could be:

  • Avoid rides from strangers.
  • Meet at an open and safe location
  • Inform a friend or family member before meeting the other person
  • Give your date’s number to someone you trust

How is it possible to block and report a suspected scammer?

When you suspect that someone is a scammer, you can directly report to customer support by filling a form, clearly explaining your doubts and concerns about that particular person. You can either click on the person’s profile and click on ‘block member,’ or you can click ‘Block’ when you read their mail.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Fitness Singles account?

You get to decide what shows on your profile page. Thus, you should discontinue, including sensitive and financial matters, for your safety.

Help and Support

If you need any help, questions, or inquiries regarding any of the services on Fitness Singles, you can send a message to the support team by going through the link tagged ‘Contact Us’ at the Menu.

Real Life Review

Fitness Singles reviews are usually favorable for the site as most reviews portray the site as very helpful. One downside is that it does not allow free messaging, which puts members who may not afford the subscriptions at a huge disadvantage.

Matt, a 29-year-old personal trainer, narrates his experience on the app. To him, the site’s design is basic and legible to aid understanding. He also recounts that he enjoys the fact that the site is not saddled with too many advertisements that come in the form of distracting pop-ups.

Is Fitness Singles the best dating site/app?

In the fitness scenery, Fitness Singles is the best dating site without any questions. However, in the general world of online dating, the site is equally as good as most dating sites.

Is Fitness Singles safe

Fitness Singles is relatively safe: it protects the safety of its users right from the onset. When you sign up, the verification process takes some time to make sure you are not a threat to other users.

Is Fitness Singles a hook-up platform?

Fitness Singles serves many purposes. These purposes include serving as a hook-up app for members whose interests align.

Can people use Fitness Singles for free?

Fitness Singles is not free to use. Users are required to make subscription payments before they can use the features that allow them to converse with other users. The subscriptions are available for a month, three months, six months, and 12 months. Although the services are not free, it is affordable when compared to most dating sites.

How does Fitness Singles function?

Fitness Singles operates basically like most online dating sites, which differentiates it from most of them is its purpose and specific features. You would normally have to fill out a form online and be asked basic questions: questions relating to your fitness life. Then, you will have to upload your photos and wait for your profile to be reviewed.

Once that is sorted, you can proceed to start searching for potential matches to fix workout dates. You will have to make a payment if you want to send emails or messages to other users.

Does Fitness Singles have fake or scam members?

Fitness Singles administrators ensure that individuals who are out to scam other users are appropriately removed. They are quite strict about the verification process. Editors are looking out for scam and fake individuals at all times and eradicate any suspicious person.

Alternative Sites Like Fitness Singles

Sites like Ashley Madison, Elite singles, and Flingster share striking characteristics and unique features with Fitness Singles.

Contact Information

To establish contact with the operating management of Fitness Singles, below are specific information on the website:

Company Address: e-Unity Corp, Blasdell, New York, United States.

Phone: (201) 555-0123

Email: customersupport@fitnesssingles.com


Over the years, Fitness Singles has recorded numerous success stories from members who have successfully established new relationships. Fitness Singles continues to foster working friendships and relationships between singles of like minds in the sports scene. If you are passionate about sports and would love to be with someone who shares your beliefs, you should try out Fitness Singles. We hope our Fitness Singles review will help you make the right choice!

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