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Senior Match Review: Great Dating Site?

Senior Match Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 89%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 40-55
Profiles 1 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Senior Match users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Experts are available to advise all the aged members concerning relationships
  • The user base used allows you to find a perfect match easily
  • Hobby section is most important since you can find similar or like-minded friends and fellow seniors
  • All the members can see each other to participate in many offline activities
  • You will find fakers on this website trying to con the innocent people
  • It will be hard to determine whether the other person is an old man or a youth pretending to be a senior

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Have you ever wondered if there is a dating website specially meant for seniors? If you have, you have come to the right place because this review talks all about a site called Senior Match. This website is specifically focused on people over 50 years of age. Even though this website is famous for dating, you can also find friends and travel buddies online. This site has provided many users with a friendly community with various features included.

Senior Match Review: Great Dating Site?

How Many Languages Does Senior Match Support?

This website ensures to support the English language to bring seniors together to form a relationship online. You will not find any translator or language changing button on the site.

Who Owns Senior Match?

There is no information about the owner on this particular website. However, the website of the owners who manage multiple dating sites is SuccessfulMatch.com.

Where Is The Company Of Senior Match Located?

If you want to find where the company of Senior Match is located, you will have to approach the website and go to the contact us page. There you will find the full address of the company in Canada.

When Was Senior Match Founded?

The website was founded back in 2001 only to serve the senior members of the society who are still single or in search of friends. With 19 years of experience in the dating industry, the company ensures to use broad knowledge to bring happiness to senior singles.

Is Senior Match Available Worldwide?

Even though it is not directly mentioned on the website about this aspect, you can freely assume that Senior Match is available for everyone all around the world. If you want confirmation of it, you can directly go to the homepage and find the form on the left side on a laptop screen. When you open the drop-down menu in front of the country tab, you will see the names of all the places around the world.

Special Features

It is basically a place, especially meant for senior singles all around the world. You can find travel buddies and friends with the help of this website. This section of Senior Match review will provide you with additional information about how this website can help the seniors in finding a lifelong lover and friends.

First Date Ideas

It is a unique feature that has rarely been seen on any other website related to dating. It is a section that will give you several ideas about what the other person wants on their first date. However, you have to be a premium member to comment on this section.

Account Manager

This section will help most premium members to become manager of their own accounts. That means you will be able to guide the new members of this website concerning features.


This is a place where you can ask questions and provide answers to the queries of other users online. This place acts as a better way to interact with others.


This is one of the most visiting pages where the users end up finding many tricks and tips for dating. The website also continues to update their blog every now and then.

Sending A Wink

This enjoyable feature helps you in showing interest to other users without using extra effort. Both free and premium users can use this aspect.

Reverse Matches

This is a unique feature that acts against the rule of finding regular and compatible matches. Some people might be bored, and they would need to find some friends and travel buddies having opposite personalities. This feature can help you in filtering out such users for you.

Reverse Matches

Audience Of This Website

On this website, you will find more than 200 thousand users from the USA alone. You’ll find above 1 million users online striving to find love worldwide—about 6,000 users online weekly. Surprisingly, the population of females is about 60%, which is more than that of males. Moreover, all the members are supposed to be about 45 years of age.

The best thing about this website is that singles from all across the world can use it freely. You can find people belonging to all kinds of races and religious backgrounds. However, the majority of the user base belongs to the divorced singles and widowed category.

Also, you will not just find an English speaking audience, but others too. Their primary focus is finding lifelong partners and friends online.

Age Distribution

If you want to join this website, you just have to be 45 years and above. However, as compared to other members, the number of 55 above users is more than that of the 45-year members.

Fakes And Scammers

There is a possibility that this Senior Match website might contain a few scammers trying to attract the attention of the older generation. However, there are modulators on the site that plan to find those members and refrain them from using the website. Therefore, if you find a faker online, you would have to contact the moderators immediately and report them.

Mobile App And Website

If you have landed on this website, you are in luck because Senior Match ensures to fulfill the wishes of all the senior singles out there by providing services through multiple platforms.

Senior Match App

If you visit Google Play and search for this website, you will find out that over 1,000 people have rated this app as 4.2 out of 5. About 100 thousand users have downloaded this app on Android phones. That shows how popular this app is for phone users. A similar situation goes for the iPhone.

The app is easy to use, providing similar facilities as the site. You can visit the community and see the posts of other members online. Senior Match website helps you in seeing the list of online members. You can use various facilities such as filters and instant messaging to connect with others.

Senior Match Website

The website is attractive, and you will find it is easy to navigate. You don’t have to waste your time to find where exactly is the registration column. It also gives you other facilities, including first date ideas, blog, dating tips, and others.

Using App On The Computer

If you have downloaded this app after reading several Senior Match reviews online, you would know that this website is available for both computers and phones. However, you won’t find any app version for the windows other operating systems of your computer. If you want, you can download apps like BlueStacks to use the app on the computer easily.

Which Browsers Support Senior Match?

Several browsers such as internet explorer, Opera, and Chrome can support this website on your phone and laptop.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Enter The Website?

There might be two reasons for it. It can be that your internet is too slow to operate the website. Other than that, you might have forgotten the password that can hamper your progress. Even if you ignore those reasons, there might be a third aspect where you are blocked by the website forever for some reason. At such a time, you can just contact the moderators.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Enter The Website?


The modern design and simple website allow you to find someone to love quickly. Simple navigation helps you in registering your account without any delay.

Registration Process

The registration process is quicker than any other dating site. You can even use Facebook to sign up. You just have to put in your information and unique username to start with your registration process.

In this free sign up process, you have to choose your potential partner’s gender. You must also include age and email address before progressing further. You will also be asked to upload your photos and provide other information to complete the registration process.

Unfriending A Senior Match Member?

This website allows you to add different members to the favorites list. If you want to unfriend someone, you can either block them or remove the other person from the favorites list.

Age Limit To Register On Senior Match

To register online on this platform, you must be at least 45 years old and above. The website doesn’t allow you to register online if you are younger than 45.

Ways To Verify Your Account

The website ensures to verify your profile by asking you for a clear photo ID before finalizing your account. Therefore, in every profile you visit online, you will find a line about whether this particular picture is verified or not.

How To Verify The Email?

After you are done with the registration process, you will have to set up a profile. When that is done, the company will send you an email with an agreement. You just have to verify it.

What Happens If You Register Using Your Facebook Account?

If you use Facebook to register online, all the information and data will be used to create a unique profile for you on Senior Match.

Using Site Without Signing Up

Without registration, you can just see the blog and first date ideas online. Other than that, it will be impossible for you to search for members and chat with them without registering online.

Profile Set-Up

The profile section is very detailed, and its setup happens right from the registration process. Whatever information you put in your registration form will be used later to create a basic profile after you sign up successfully. On the profile, you will see the name, age, and location of the particular user along with a profile photo.

You will also find other information, including the about me section, profile details, activities, and comments. The sections that you will need to fill include your basic info, appearance, and background.

How To Delete Your Photo From Senior Match?

You can go over to the edit profile section and see if you can delete the photo or not. If not, you would have to contact the administrators.

How To Delete Your Photo From Senior Match?

How To Edit The Username On Senior Match?

To change your username, you can just head over to the settings section. However, only premium users can use this facility.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Senior Match Profile?

There is a way that can help you delete your profile professionally. You just have to go over to the settings beneath the photo and click on the membership option. There you will see an extra tab called to disable the account. You have to click that and further tap on the delete account option.

How To Hide Your Senior Match Profile

If you want to hide your profile permanently, you would again have to switch over to the settings section after logging in online.

Can You Delete The Info Submitted To Senior Match?

Whatever information you have submitted to the company excluding your email ID can be changed easily by editing your profile.

The information you have provided to the website is used to find your perfect match online. You can use the filter section to find someone of your choice.

How To See The List Of People You Have Liked?

Once you login to your account, go over to the “my list” section and click on “favorites.” There, a list of people you have liked will appear on the screen.

Search Options On Senior Match

You get to find members online using two methods: a normal one and a reverse match. The normal method allows you to find someone based on your profile information. In this case, the members you land on are compatible with you. When it comes to reverse match, the members you will find include the ones opposed to the compatible profiles.

Seeing Someone Who Liked You Using A Free Senior Match Profile

It is impossible to see if someone has liked your profile or not using your free account. You would have to have a premium membership to see the list of people who liked you.


The Messaging feature is unique and allows you to send instant messages only if you have a premium account.

How To Message Someone On Senior Match?

For this, you just have to head over to someone’s profile. There you will see a big empty box where you will have to write a message and click on send.

How To Reply To Someone’s Message?

When receiving a reply from someone, you can go to your inbox and message them easily.

Can You Send Messages For Free?

Even though sending messages is an easy task, you need a premium account. With a free membership, you can only reply to the messages.

How To See The Users Who Messaged You?

On the topmost banner, there is a messaging icon right next to the notification. You will be able to see the people who message you by clicking on this icon.

Can You Use The Camera For Going Live On Senior Match?

This website doesn’t allow you to go live and video chat with other users.

Filtering Messages

To filter messages, you just have to click on the message icon on the top banner and look for the search option.

Filtering Messages

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

This is a unique website because both the free and premium membership offers high-quality features to connect with others quickly.

Free Membership Features


  • Commenting on photos, forums, profiles, and blogs.
  • Going through the latest activities.
  • Replying to chat send online messages.
  • Sending winks to other users.
  • See and post your own first date ideas.
  • Basic search options available.
  • Can add both private and public photos.
  • Can request other users to see the private album.
  • Using the username to find someone.
  • Can use let’s meet features.
  • Can edit messages on the forum and your blog using advanced tools and techniques.

Premium Membership Features


  • Anonymous browsing and hiding from others’ searches.
  • Can edit personal notes on others’ profiles.
  • Access to dating tips online.
  • Get an account manager.
  • The better customer care facility.
  • Using features like reverse matches.
  • Can use advanced filters to find someone.
  • Can see the users who favorited you online.
  • Instant chatting is possible.


  • $29.95 for a month
  • $59.95 for three months
  • $95.95 for six months
  • $143.95 for tvelwe months

Does Senior Match Offer Premium Membership?

This Senior Match website offers you high-quality premium membership.

Canceling Senior Match Membership

You can go over to the account settings and click on the membership option to delete your profile permanently.

Can You Auto-Renew Your Membership?

Yes, the auto-renewal option is available for you.

Can You Get A Refund For The Unused Time?

If you want a refund, you can just contact the customer care service at support@SeniorMatch.com online and wait for a week or two for the reply.

Is Auto-Renewal Option Available For The Entire Membership Period?

Once you click on the auto-renewal, it is available for you unless you cancel it.

If You Are Not Satisfied With Senior Match, Can You Get A Refund?

There is a possibility to get a refund if you contact the administrator either by emailing or calling them at 1-416-628-1072.

Will The Membership Affect Your Credit Bill?

If your credit card validity has ended, you will have to cancel the membership. Otherwise, you can continue to use the premium account, and the bill will reflect in your bank account.

Will The Membership Affect Your Credit Bill?

Is It Possible To Give The Membership To Others As A Gift?

If you want to know more information about this, you can just contact the administrator or customer service team.

Is It Possible To Purchase The Premium Membership Just For A Month?

If you want to get the premium membership for only a month, you can either choose that particular membership type or cancel the auto-renewal option before the membership period ends.

Is Senior Match Safe?

The website ensures to provide safety and security aspects to the users throughout the world. They use special photo ID proof before finalizing an account after registration. It takes only 24 to 48 hours to verify. If someone fails to comply with the terms of use, they are instantly blocked logging-in to the website.

Privacy In Senior Match

According to many Senior Match reviews, privacy is the priority of the website. The website ensures to safeguard you in every way by keeping your information safe and sound.

Are Your Messages Encrypted?

Since privacy is the priority of the website, the company ensures to save your messages from getting leaked online.

Can Senior Match Track You Down?

It is indeed challenging for anyone to track a user online. However, in case of an emergency, the company can do so by finding the IP address of the user.

Can Police Trace You?

Whenever there is a criminal case involved, the police works diligently to find the

Whom To Contact For Privacy Related Queries?

You can contact the customer support team by either emailing or calling on the toll number.


It is the primary factor that the company focuses on after a particular user registers online. Desperately have a different section in the FAQ concerning safety while dating online.

Are Senior Match Forums Threads Moderated?

Yes, the website ensures to motivate all the posts and comments on the forum.

What Will Happen If A Member Uses Fraudulent Methods To Snatch Someone Else’s Money ?

Once the moderators find a user attempting such an activity, they immediately start blocking that particular member.

Banned Account

The company specifically bans the users that go against the regulations of terms of use. To do that, every other member is responsible for complaining against such people.

Why Can’t You Access Senior Match?

If you can’t access your profile anymore, that means you have somehow rejected the regulations and posted a photo that might have offended another user. In such cases, the moderators actively decide to block such offenders.

Term Duration Of Banning

You are permanently banned from using your profile anymore if you have offended the motivators by neglecting your responsibilities.

Reactivating A Banned Account

You just have to contact the moderators and ask them directly if you can reactivate your banned account.

Reactivating A Banned Account

Protect Yourself

The company gives tips and tricks online so that you can protect yourself against frauds and scammers. Your account is also protected against scammers since the moderators spent their entire time looking out for the fraud profiles.

How To Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

If you want to report someone online, you just have to select the block option after opening the profile. After that, you can select the option “Report a concern” to provide a report to the moderators.

What Is It That You Shouldn’t Post Online On Your Senior Match Profile?

The website critically tells you that you shouldn’t post your personal information on the website like address, employment place, and phone number.

Help And Support

Several Senior Match reviews show how supportive this particular website is when it comes to the users. They provide safety tips online so that the user doesn’t end up falling in the trap of the frauds. They also protect you against everything and provide you with easy access so that you can find a perfect match online.

Real Life Review

“I was divorced with two kids at home, living a quiet life for years. But when the kids got married, I suddenly found myself alone. That’s when I ended up in the Senior Match. It’s the best website for seniors of society like me. You not only end up finding your partner but also friends and travel buddies. I’m very satisfied with the services of the subsite.” Tina, 58

Is Senior Match The Best Dating Site?

If you are above 45 years of age, this is the best place for you to find love and friends.

Is Senior Match Safe?

This is the safest place for you because it specifically uses photo ID proof to register your account.

Is Senior Match A Hook-Up Website?

Even though this website is not particularly for hookups, you can still find casual relationships online.

Is Senior Match Free?

You will get to use the free version online with many features. However, if you want to use advanced facilities online, you would have to purchase the premium membership.

How Does Senior Match Work?

After becoming a standard member, you have to create a profile and upload your photo online. You will get space to post 26 private and public photos individually. You would get to create your favorites list and search using advanced filters.

How To Deal With Fakers On The Site?

Fakers may exist in the site; you just need to block the suspected user. If you are being threatened over something, you are highly recommended to contact our customer care service for support.

How To Deal With Fakers On The Site?

Alternative Sites Like Senior Match

The apps similar to Senior Match are mentioned below.

Contact Information

Company: SuccessfulMatch.com

Phone: 1-855-599-8811 (Available Monday to Friday: timing 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST per day)

Address: 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160, Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6, Canada

E-Mail: support@seniormatch.com


One of the best websites that proved to be fantastic for older people is a Senior Match. You can join there and find a date in no time. The process is easy and uncomplicated. Everyone can understand it in one go. It’s high time for you to get a perfect mate and enjoy the rest of your life as a teenager.

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