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Gaydar Review: Worth your time or not?

Gaydar Review: Worth your time or not?
About Boys
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 94%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 60%
Profiles 10 450
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Gaydar is a niche dating platform that aims to help people from the gay community have more fulfilling love lives.
  • It offers an option to sign up for free if you don’t want to commit.
  • The registration process for the platform is straightforward.
  • The platform has an enormous user base, which simplifies meeting new people.
  • The platform is relatively affordable when compared to its competition.
  • It offers reliable customer care in case you run into any trouble.
  • The premium membership offers powerful functionalities of both power and distance search.
  • The Gaydar website also has a technical team on-call 24*7 for your satisfaction.
  • The website primarily caters to people looking for casual hookups and flings. Not ideal for anyone who prefers a serious relationship.
  • Gaydar has a substantial amount of sexually explicit material that may make the ones more conservative.
  • The website design is not up to the mark.

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The dating industry has become significantly more inclusive today, which is excellent news for the LGBTQ community. The Gaydar website is meant for gay or bisexual men to explore their carnal desires and get the vibrant love life they desire.

The website heavily promotes casual sexual encounters and hookups among gay men. It is why Gaydar isn’t necessarily the best place if you’re looking for a long-term committed relationship. However, it is the best place for you if all you’re looking for is some fun and a safe place to experiment in. Gaydar does a great job creating a holistic space for gay men without the fear of societal taboos where they can let loose and expose who they indeed are.

Is Gaydar available in multiple languages?

Gaydar caters to users from around the world and thus is available in several different languages. The default language setting is in English but can be switched to other words as well. Some of these include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian.

Who is the owner of the Gaydar website?

Gaydar is currently owned by QSoft Consulting Ltd as a subsidiary business to cater to gay and bisexual men worldwide.

Where is the location of the Gaydar headquarters?

Gaydar is a subsidiary of QSoft Consulting and is thus based out of the company headquarters in Richmond, United Kingdom.

What is the history of Gaydar?

Gaydar opened its doors for the first time in 1999, making it 21 years old today in 2020. The founders of Gaydar were Gary Frisch and Henry Badenhorst, who envisioned an inclusive dating platform for all the gay and bisexual men out there. The platform has established massive goodwill in the industry in its 21 years of existence and continues to be the platform of choice for gay and bisexual men from around the world.

Can people from across the world be a part of Gaydar?

Yes, the Gaydar website encourages people from across the world to be a part of the Gaydar community. It is incredibly inclusive, and so you can sign up without second thoughts.

What are some of the unique features the platform offers?

What are some of the unique features the platform offers?

While writing this Gaydar review, a significant amount of research went into understanding what Gaydar does differently than its competition. The website is a platform that offers several distinct and personalized features for its users to make use of.

Profile Features

Gaydar offers its users to optimize the platform to their satisfaction. For example, the website allows you to manage who visited your profile, upload dirty statues and pictures, and color code them as well. The color scheme on Gaydar indicates adult content with red, nudity with yellow adult free content with blue.

The Gaydar website has powerful search functionality that operates based on multiple parameters. You can search based on age and preferences, or even find out locals near your area using the distance parameter.

Mingle While Travelling

This option on the Gaydar website helps you meet up with potentially meet based on your location. All you need to do is to update your travel plans on the platform, and you’re done.

Match and Meet

This option allows you to meet up with men you find attractive based on your ratings. It puts the control in your hands such that you get to decide who to meet and based on what criteria.

Gaydio – Radio For Members

It is a unique feature not found in any other platform. The idea is that this option lets you enter a radio station specifically meant for Gaydar’s members. As soon as you become a member, you’ll be supplied with a key, which you then need to insert into your postcode, and you’ll be in on it. However, do note that this radio station is telecast only in the UK and isn’t available to members from the rest of the world.

Vouchers For Upgrading

Gaydar provides its users with several vouchers that can be redeemed at any moment to give a discount on the membership fee and other features.

The user base

The user base

After referring to multiple Gaydar reviews, it was found that the platform has a dedicated and engaging user base consisting of people from around the world. The majority of members on this platform are from the United States. You can vouch for the platform’s service because almost 600,000 members on the platform are from the US. The platform registers approximately 10,000 new members each month, and the numbers are growing every passing month.

Gaydar is a heaven for these men because they can explore their sexualities away from the societal norms’ taboos and tribulations. Men feel safe on the website and thus trust it blindly.

A significant chunk of the men on Gaydar has been out for quite a while now and are incredibly comfortable with their own sexual identities. However, there’s also a section of the men on the platform who’re either curious or are merely experimenting.

What is the age distribution on the website like?

If you look at stats on the site, the age group that dominates the platform is between 25-34. Other age ranges that come close include the one differing from 35-44 and the one from 18-24. It’s safe to say that most men you’ll encounter on Gaydar will belong to one of these three age groups.

You are also likely to find some men over the age of 44, but they are comparatively minuscule in number. Ensure that you set out your preferences right at the beginning so that you can pursue partners accordingly.

Are there fake profiles on the platform

It was found for this Gaydar review that the platform demonstrates excellent standards of security. The number of reports for fake profiles on the platform is minuscule and doesn’t shouldn’t deter you from signing up for the service. The dating site has a reputation for maintaining industry standards in terms of security, and this has been determined regarding multiple other Gaydar reviews as well.

What are the website interface and mobile application like?

What are the website interface and mobile application like?

The website interface and the mobile application have been designed well, keeping peak customer satisfaction in mind. The team at Gaydar has made its interface a priority, which has resulted in a polished product that matches industry standards for both aesthetics as well as ease of use.

Does the Gaydar app work well?

Yes, the team at Gaydar offers you easy-to-use Android and IOS apps that you can download on your mobile and mingle on the go.

What does the Gaydar website look like?

The website interface for the website is straightforward and aesthetically pleasing. It has a very modern and vibrant design that is surprisingly well organized, for which it has been praised in several Gaydar reviews. Besides the aesthetic aspects, the website is also quite efficient and gets the job done quickly and effortlessly.

Is the site usable on a computer?

Yes, the site can be easily accessed from any computer. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

What are some of the browsers that support Gaydar?

Every mainstream browser on the market supports the Gaydar website. The popular ones include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Seem to be having some difficulty accessing the website. Why’s that?

If you’re having difficulty accessing the site, you should first try doing it with another browser. A possible reason may be that you haven’t confirmed your account via the confirmation link sent to your email.

What is the platform interface like?

What is the platform interface like?

The Gaydar website looks fantastic and is one of the best-looking website interfaces in the dating industry. It presents you with all the necessary options curated for your ease of use. It is best for those who are not very tech-savvy or like minimal design.

While researching this Gaydar review, it was seen that the platform has excellent usability and doesn’t let down under any circumstances. It is well optimized for any system and is very responsive.

All about the sign-up process

The sign-up process for Gaydar is exceptionally straightforward and takes you nowhere more than 5 minutes to complete.

The first step is to upload a picture. After this, the site will ask you for some of your necessary details. While researching for this Gaydar review, it was seen that the website asks you for your date of birth, password, your profile name of choice, and email address.

Upon entering a valid email address, you’ll be sent a verification link on the very same email. You must use that link to verify your profile first before logging on to the site. Another great way to sign-up would be to use your Facebook account to quickly login.

Is it possible to unmatch a Gaydar member?

Yes, it’s easy to unmatch anyone on Gaydar. You can use the unmatch option available on the chatbox or can let the administrators know, and they’ll do it for you.

What are the age restrictions on the Gaydar website?

Gaydar maintains a strict entry limit of 18 years of age. It means that you must be at least 18 to register on the platform.

How can you verify the account?

You can verify your account either by using the verification that’ll be sent to your email address. You can also use your Facebook account to check your profile on the Gaydar website.

How can you verify the email address that you provided?

You’ll be sent a verification link to your email address. Just click on that, and you’ll be done.

How can you register using the Facebook account?

You’ll see the option to link your Facebook account the moment you land on the Gaydar website’s homepage. Just follow the instructions from there, and you’ll be done in no time.

Is it possible to browse the platform without signing up?

Unfortunately, Gaydar doesn’t allow you to browse without registering. You need to first register as a user to avail of the site.

Creating a profile

Right after you finish your sign up process for the platform, your profile is created. You can change your details at any time later on. You can add pictures and other additional information as well.

Is it possible to delete a picture from the profile on Gaydar?

Yes, you can quickly delete or replace pictures that you’ve previously uploaded on your profile.

Is there any option to change your username on Gaydar? If yes, then how?

You can easily change your username by selecting the “change username” option from the profile settings menu.

Is it possible to delete your Gaydar profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile using the “close account” option or by letting the administrators know.

Can you disable the “Show me on Gaydar” option? What happens then?

If you disable this option, members of the Gaydar community won’t be able to see your profile or even contact you in any way. It’s possible but recommended only if you’re sure of it.

Is it possible to delete the information that I’ve provided to Gaydar?

Yes, you can delete any information that you want to from the profile settings menu. Else, you can contact the moderators who will delete your data for you.

Looking for other members

It’s effortless to search for other members on the Gaydar website owing to its incredibly powerful search functionality. The site does come up with its own set of recommendations based on your preferences, which further narrows down your work and provides you with suitable flexibility.

Can you view the Gaydar members I’ve liked?

Yes, you can click on their profiles, which will give you a quick look into their profiles and what they’re all about.

What are some of the options you get for Gaydar search?

You can search based on your preferences. These may include height, eye color, or even common hobbies.

Is it possible to view who likes me provided I’m a free member?

Yes, the great thing about Gaydar is that it does let you view the members who’ve recently stumbled on to your profile.

What is messaging on the platform like?

It’s effortless. Once your profile is created, Gaydar will connect you to thousands of members based on your tastes and passions in life. Once you find someone you’re interested in, you can directly send him/her a message via the inbuilt chatbox on the website.

How do you begin texting someone on the Gaydar website?

It’s straightforward to establish contact on Gaydar. You can simply use the one-on-one unlimited messaging to keep texting to your heart’s desire. Another option is to use live chat rooms to text a bunch of people simultaneously.

How do you initiate a conversation?

You can reach their profile and then use the chat option to send your first message. You can take the conversation wherever you want from there.

Can you send texts as a free user?

Yes, you can text other members even as a free member, which is something that differentiates it from its competition.

How can you identify who has messaged me on Gaydar?

The Gaydar website will let you know whenever anyone messages you, so there won’t be any confusion in that regard.

How should you get access to the camera on the Gaydar website?

For this, you need a computer or a phone with a built-in camera. You will find the option to access the camera when you participate in live chats or shows.

Can you only allow the profiles I’m interested in text me on the Gaydar website?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that. You can, however, block the profiles you don’t want viewing your profile.

Price and membership fee structure

Price and membership fee structure

Comparing to its competitors on the market Gaydar website is pretty affordable. You can become a free or a paid member, for a reasonable price.

What are some of the features you get to use as a free user?

Here’s a curated list of the best features you get access to as a free user:

  1. Uploading one picture
  2. Sending winks and flirts
  3. Engaging in one-on-one chat
  4. The ability to add one’s profile to your favorite list
  5. Being a part of live chat rooms

What are some of the features you get to use as a premium user?

The VIP subscription for Gaydar costs 7.99 USD/month. Some of the features you get access to after you subscribe to the VIP membership include:

  1. Gaydar Travel
  2. Gaydar Radio
  3. To remove advertisements
  4. Being able to view the members who’ve added you as their favorite
  5. Being able to upload as many as 50 public photos.
  6. Use some of the extensive search options the Gaydar website provides.

Can you sign-up for a premium membership on Gaydar?

Yes, you can sign-up for a VIP membership for only 7.99 USD a month.

How should you proceed to cancel the Gaydar membership?

You can either use the “close account” option available on the website or contact the moderators to do the same.

Will the Gaydar membership be auto-renewed every month?

Yes, your subscription will get renewed automatically at the beginning of each month.

Is a refund possible for the time not spent on the site?

No, unfortunately, you can’t redeem the time unused on the website.

Will the support for the Gaydar website be renewed every month automatically?

Yes, your support for the platform will be auto-renewed every month.

Can you get a refund if not happy with Gaydar’s service?

Unfortunately, Gaydar doesn’t refund the money you once pay to them. So you can’t get a refund.

What will Gaydar support appear on the credit card bill as?

The name that’ll appear on your credit card bill is “Connexions IP Limited.”

Is it possible to support other members via Gaydar?

No, unfortunately, such transactions aren’t permissible on the Gaydar platform.

Is it possible to provide a month’s support?

Yes, you can pay support for only a month without any other commitments.

Safety and security on Gaydar

Safety and security on Gaydar

The Gaydar website takes its safety and security extremely seriously. The platform has set up multiple avenues to check the authenticity of the men that sign up. It’s an extremely secure place, and you can be assured of top-notch security standards.

What are the privacy features on Gaydar?

While researching this Gaydar review, it was seen that it takes its users’ privacy extremely seriously and maintains strict protocols.

Does Gaydar chats encrypted?

No, Gaydar chats are not encrypted.

Is it possible for Gaydar to track you down?

Yes, it can track you down if necessary since it’s a part of their safety protocol.

Is it possible for the police to track Gaydar?

Yes, the police can trace Gaydar if it wants to.

Who should you talk to in case of privacy concerns?

Contact Gaydar’s customer support, and they’ll take care of whatever you need.

What are the safety levels?

Gaydar is exceptionally safe and maintains a high level of safety standards on the platform.

Do Gaydar forums have moderators?

Yes, the forums are in constant moderation.

What happens if a member is found involved in unsolicited transactions?

Such a member is usually terminated from the site indefinitely.

Account bans

Gaydar is strict with its safety protocols and mercilessly bans accounts if necessary.

Why are you unable to access the account on Gaydar?

It’s likely to must’ve broken some rules on the platform and have thus been terminated from the same. The best idea is to contact the moderators and find an agreement.

How long are accounts on Gaydar banned for?

Moderators on Gaydar typically ban accounts indefinitely until further notice.

Is it possible to reactivate the account? How?

Your account will be reactivated the moment you log in the next time.

How to protect yourself?

Now let’s go over some of the steps to keep yourself protected on the Gaydar website.

How should you get rid of an account and report it if you suspect a scam?

The best way is to contact the moderators and let them know of suspicious activity. They’ll look into it and take the necessary actions.

Is there some information that you shouldn’t post on the Gaydar account?

Yes, ideally, don’t post personal details of your family on the account. Multiple Gaydar reviews also share the same emotion that this can encourage stalker behavior.

Customer Support

The help and support offered by Gaydar are prompt and very user-friendly. It’s reliable and gets the job done without any hassle whatsoever.

What is a real-life review of Gaydar support?

Gaydar takes care of bots and spams efficiently and effectively. It’s simple and reliable. The site has strict moderation policies that eliminate scammers and prevent any kind of leak in privacy for its users.

Gaydar – the best dating app?

Gaydar is the best dating app for gay men all around the world. It’s also counted as one of the best dating apps overall.

How safe is Gaydar?

Gaydar is exceptionally safe, and you can rely on it without a second thought.

Does Gaydar promote hookups?

Yes, Gaydar does seem to be a place predominantly meant for hookups and flings. The chances to find a long term commitment on the platform is on the lower side.

Can you use Gaydar for free?

Yes, you can register as a free user and reap all their benefits for free.

Gaydar – Working method?

The Gaydar website works by introducing you to thousands of other men who are also looking to spice up their love lives. It allows you to explore your love life in an unbound and permanent manner.

Do you get scammers or fake accounts on Gaydar?

Gaydar has stringent security policies, and thus you usually don’t get fake accounts or other scammers on the platform.

What are some alternative sites similar to Gaydar?

Some of the popular alternatives to the Gaydar website are:

  1. Grindr
  2. Scruff
  3. Hornet
  4. Gay Match Maker

Customer Contact

Company: QSoft Consulting Ltd.

Address: 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4 1AG

Phone: +44 (0)20 8190 0421

Email: support@gaydar.net

Final Verdict

Gaydar is the best dating website for gay and bisexual men from around the world to safely and healthily explore their love lives. It’s a feature-packed website that is extremely affordable and offers you excellent quality for the price. It’s also reliable since it provides exceptionally high standards of safety and security. The best part about Gaydar is that it promotes a healthy and holistic environment where everyone can be happy and lead a love life without the fear of judgment or critique. This website is highly recommended for you to check out.

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