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Growlr Review: A Dating Site For Modern Singles In 2021

Growlr Review: A Dating Site For Modern Singles In 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 86%
Popular age 29-40
Beauty 57%
Profiles 13 280
About Site
Visit rate 6.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Growlr is a service for a particular group of people, that is, people who are gay bears or those who admire ones. So if you think that you belong to this type, this site is the one for you.
  • There is an option where you can update your site to Growlr pro, and if you trust the Growlr reviews, it is not a waste of your money. Moreover, you can enjoy more features, which will improve your luck in finding your perfect match. If you want to stick to the free version, there is no harm as it is powerful, and you will be satisfied.
  • Growlr app is available for both Android as well as iOS users.
  • The app is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface.
  • It caters solely to the needs of one group of people, which is the gay community. So if you are straight, then this place is not where you belong as you won't be lucky to find a suitable match.
  • If you have a free profile, you can get ready to face some advertisements. The only way to get rid of them is to upgrade your account.
  • The Growlr lacks a desktop version.
  • You may also encounter some fake profiles time and again, which is annoying.

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Are you worried about not having an actual partner despite many dates? At present, online dating has become one of the default ways to find a romantic relationship. Also, you still have a chance to find your perfect match. But there are not too many apps that allow you to find your partner if you are gay. And with that in mind, are you thinking of one already? You can scroll through this article if you are looking for the best dating sites in 2021. Growlr had officially started in 2010. It is one massive specific gay dating app available for you to try and discover.

Growlr review suggests it has both attractive as well as troublesome features associated with it. Here are some of it for you to see.


Growlr dating app was first launched in 2010 by gay entrepreneur Coley Cummiskey. This popular dating app is best suited for people who are into dating the bear kind of gay men. So a bear visits this site and looks for a pleasant companion for an evening or a trip. Their title, as well as logo, is a clear representation of who their target audience is. The majority of users are between their 30s to 50s.

Working Process

Working Process

This popular dating app is quite simple to work with. It is easy to install on your smartphone and then register yourself on the Growlr app. Everything from signing up to registration is free of cost. After this, you will have to answer some basic questions so that other bears can find you out quickly, depending on your interests and passions. Though people find companions for casually meeting up, this app also works wonders for people looking for something serious so that you can give it a go.

Signing Up at Growlr

As per the Growlr review, the process of signing up is relatively easy. Firstly, the registration is completely free and simple as it takes a minute or two to get it done. You need to provide some required information when you are up for your registration. The dating app will ask for your name, e-mail address, and password. Other details need to be fulfilled but in the later stages. After you are done with these processes, they will ask you to upload a display picture to become visible to other community members. They provide you with five more slots to upload some personal photos or videos. But others can view those when you unlock them. You do not need to log in via your other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram for this app.

Make Connection

If you want to start your contact on the Growlr website, it is easy. You can have a quick chat with anyone on the dating app. You may search for the members with some simple information based on their location and online status. You are also able to view their profile photo and gallery to verify. Besides, you can leave a comment on the user’s blogs and see who has viewed you. The app also provides a feature for video calls. These special features are free and are also the highlights of the app.

Profiles Growlr

Profiles Growlr

When it comes to building your profile on the Growlr app, it is an easy process. All you have to do is manually fill out certain sections that you think define you the best. You can write about your hobbies, ambitions, where you reside, and the languages you speak. However, these are all optional and depend on what the users want the others to know. So they are not quite concise sometimes. Another unfortunate thing about this app is that according to the Growlr reviews, this dating app is not strict in its approach. People can create fake profiles as the app does not run any background checks on every user.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Though people can easily create a fake profile on this dating app, the app still supports the users’ online safety. The app gives out some safety guidelines. Besides, they have a dynamic team of customer support working for them, and if you face any online harassment, you can send the team an e-mail. The app also provides the users with a block button, so if you figure out any suspicious behavior or a profile that has been bothering you, you can block them to avoid any further contact.

Design & usability Growlr

Design & usability Growlr

Growlr is simple to use, and you will get a hold of it the moment you start using it. As far as this app’s design is concerned, the Growlr review suggests it is relatively predictable. If you are a regular user of other social networking apps on your mobile phones, you are already a pro at this mobile-friendly dating app. The app uses a simple design, and you can call it outdated at first glance. But it will not disappoint you with its striking features inside. It is equipped with some fantastic features even with its outdated-looking design. Anyone can use it, and its free access is enough for you to find your companion.

Mobile app Growlr

Mobile app Growlr

This Growlr app is well-suited for any smartphone and iPhone. You need to download it from the Google play store or Apple store, and you are good to go. The app provides its users with some exclusive features, which are like an add-on for all gay and bisexual men to have an extraordinary experience. The “Bear” feature is available for users to help them find out some active bears. For users’ convenience, there are three options: “online,” “nearby,” as well as “favorites.” Therefore you can make some immediate contacts with the users. You may also find a “global” option where you can meet bears from other locations. The app also has a “search” feature to find other bears, free of cost.

Another striking feature of the Growlr app is the “meets,” where you will receive the meet request on your account. Other meet requests sent to the people who have been marked as favorites by you are easily found on this feature. Besides, they provide you with a “notes” feature under which you can write notes or memos for private use. This feature enables you to add any number of notes you want. Further, you may also edit them at your convenience. Recent notes will be displayed at the top, while the others will follow.

Special Features

Special Features

There are various special features in Growlr. Some of them are mentioned below.


You can find the bears based on three different sections. These sections are “online,” “nearby,” and “favorites.” The “online” option lets users know about all their active connections at the same time. The “Nearby” section shows the list of all the closest people to a user’s location. The “favorites” section shows all the users that one has marked as favorite.

Check Ins

This Growlr feature shows the venues near the user and the users around them. All you need to do is tap the option, and a list of venues will come. Once someone taps on a particular venue, a list of all the people in that specific place, shows up.


“Events” and “Birthdays” are the two parts of this section. In the “event” section, a list of all the bear events will show. In the “birthdays” section, one can view their favorite profiles with the birthdays listed below.


The list of bars that are frequently visited is shown in this tab. The venue which is closest to a user will be displayed at the top of the list.


In this section, there is a list of other bear members who have sent a meet request. This section also shows a list of all the people that a user has sent meet requests in Growlr. People can either be one from the “favorite” list or someone the user is attracted to.


It is a blank space where users can save their notes or memos. One can add, edit, or delete notes from this section, and the most recent note that the user has created will be displayed on the top.

Growlr costs

Growlr costs

There are various free features on Growlr, and some of them are paid. If someone wishes to take a subscription to Growlr Pro, the pricing is as follows:

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 9.99 USD 9.99 USD
3 Months 8.00 USD / Month 23.99 USD
6 Months 7.50 USD / Month 44.99 USD
12 Months 6.00 USD / Month 71.99 USD

Users can also take a subscription to “Flash.” They will have to pay 4.99 USD per month. The same goes for when users wish to take a subscription to Growlr “Shout.” For one month, they have to pay 4.99 USD.

Compared to other similar apps, the Growlr app is neither too expensive nor very cheap.

Basic Membership

The app’s basic membership includes creating profiles, sending messages to other users, viewing the profiles of other members, and searching profiles using the search feature. The basic features of this app are completely free.

Premium Membership

The Growlr Pro account has various new features. It includes viewing locked pictures and videos of other users, viewing profiles anonymously, and no ads on the site. You can also make live video calls from the app with people who have taken this subscription.

The “shout” feature is also a paid one. It allows you to send lots of messages to other users at the same location or nearby. Users can use this feature to call attention to their profiles. This app can also be used as a platform for business and events, and this feature will help people learn about any specific business or event.

The “flash” feature is one of the premium membership options. Using this feature, users can prioritize their profile for Growlr bears in their area. It will help them in getting lots of views to their profile.

Growlr Coupons

The app provides no coupons for now. Users have to buy some of the features if they wish to.

Verification and Safety Growlr

Overall, creating an account on the Growlr website is very easy. All the sections need to be filled in manually. Even though these sections are optional, it would be better to fill them out so that their profile is clear and concise.

When it comes to online safety, the app has a set of safety guidelines. Users can block the other members who they find irritating. It is a quick action to stop an abuser or a fake profile from throwing offensive behavior. The maximum number of people that one can block on the app is 75. Users can also unblock another user who they have previously blocked. To do this, one has to go to that particular profile and unblock it.

Safety In Growlr

Safety In Growlr

No, Growlr is not a scam. After creating an account, users need to verify themselves. However, there are chances that fake profiles will be present on the app. But overall, the Growlr app is not a scam.

Legit App

Yes, the Growlr app is legit. Users can also open their accounts using the Growlr website, which makes it very easy to use. It is probably the perfect app for gay men. So far, no solid negative Growlr reviews have been found, which would prove that this app is a scam. In the US alone, this app is present in the top 5 dating apps for gay men.

Privacy And Confidentiality

Growlr is not anonymous. Users can see other people who have visited their profiles. Besides, they cannot send texts anonymously. Their identities will always be revealed.

The Problem with Growlr

The Problem with Growlr

The main problem is that this app only caters to gay dating. If someone is straight, people cannot create an account on this app and enjoy its features. Free profiles on the Growlr app have lots of ads. If a user wants to get rid of all those ads, they will have to upgrade their account. All the more, the Growlr website doesn’t have features at all, as compared to the Growlr app.

Help and Support

All a user has to do is send their queries or suggestions to support@growlrapp.com. A customer representative will get back to the e-mail as soon as possible. In case the app crashes, users can report that as well to the same e-mail. It will be better to attach a screenshot to help the support team understand the problem in depth. Growlr can ask for more information, too, including the phone model, operating system, and app version.

Growlr alternatives

There are some of the alternatives of this app that push it to do better. They are Scruff, Hornet, Grindr, Blued, and Surge.


There are various questions that people ask about the app very often. Here are some of them:

What if I am Blocked on Growlr?

If you are blocked on the portal, you will not be able to see other people’s profiles or find their details. Contact customer support to find out the reason for your ban and further steps you can take.

Who is a Chaser on Growlr?

The chaser is a slang name for a gay man who is strongly into bigger, chubby or even obese males. You can become a chaser on Growlr if you write your preference in the description.

How to See all Growlr pictures?

You can see all pictures on the website by clicking on the desired profile.

What is Growlr Used for?

Growlr is a dating app created for gay men, especially for bears and their chasers. On this app, gay men can find their perfect matches by sending messages. They can even search for their choice in the nearby location. There are various other features on this app that help users express themselves in a much better way.

Is Growlr a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Growlr is a real dating site. It comes in the top 5 gay dating sites in the US.

How to Delete Growlr Account?

Growlr accounts can be deleted anytime a user wants. You can find the delete account options under Settings. Once the user has deleted their account, they cannot get it back. They will have to create a new account and go through all the processes again if they wish to join the app.


Company: Initech LLC

Address: Columbia, Ohio, USA

E-mail: support@growlrapp.com



Growlr is perfect for gay men who are either looking for matches near their location or elsewhere. Any user on the Growlr app can talk to others without paying for it. However, to enjoy additional features and have an ad-free experience, users need to buy a premium membership.

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