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HitWe Review: Is It a Great Dating Site?

HitWe Review: Is It a Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 10%
Reply rate 93%
Popular age 26-42
Beauty 60%
Profiles 2 310 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Smooth user interaction, no crashes or occasional hiccups.
  • Instant chat feature lets you communicate with others without matching.
  • The user base is diverse.
  • The registration process is easy and fast.
  • Free members get a photo gallery that supports up to 20 photos.
  • Blocking profiles is possible.
  • Viewing other pages doesn’t require a premium subscription.
  • Add pop-ups are a problem in the free version.
  • Too many fake accounts.
  • Payment options are limited.
  • Social discovery for matchmaking is questionable.

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HitWe is a popular dating website for singles that attracts mostly 18-25 aged people. The vast user base and full-fledged functionality make the idea of online dating interesting.

It features many options that are not available on other websites. It is easy to find a partner online in the massive community, and with its interactive games, it makes the whole experience really enjoyable.

Does HitWe Support Multiple Languages?

HitWe is available worldwide, and members mainly come from Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine. That’s why to make the user interaction easy and understandable, HitWe supports multiple languages – Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

Who Owns HitWe?

HitWe hides the name of a parent company either on its website or any third-party resources. But the company provides a valid PO Box and a proper postal address, which creates a professional business image.

Where Is HitWe Based Now?

There are no details or the “About us” information on the official website or any third-party resource about the company’s location. But from its “Contact Us” section, we can find the postal address, and from that, we can assume that it is a British Virgin Islands-based company.

When Was HitWe Founded?

The app hit the market in 2015 December and was first designed as a social networking app used to meet people, chat, create a network, and build relationships. Since its release, it has won many hearts and has created a user base of 1.2M, gaining more than 200 million registrations.

Is HitWe Available Worldwide?

The app is originally marketed to Asia and Africa, but currently, it is available worldwide in over 200 countries with a user base of over a million people. To provide easy accessibility and usability, HitWe is available on both Android and iOS devices with the support of 16 different languages.

Special Features

HitWe Special Features

Except for the common features that other dating platforms offer, the HitWe website and app provide additional perks that give it an edge over other services.

Instant Chat

The second after you finish creating your profile, you can start browsing the community and chat with the users to draw attention. Unlike other dating sites where you have to wait for a match, it’s not the case with HitWe.

Message Filters

The platform provides you with a filter feature to indicate your criteria and limit people who can contact you. You can set preferences based upon gender, age, and location. You can even restrict the interaction to members with a premium membership.


The instant chat feature leaves you exposed, and anyone can send you a message, which can sometimes become annoying. Luckily, you can block a spammer or the person you don’t like. HitWe provides support for blocking users, and you can also report their profile with a suitable violation.

Profile Visitors and Likers

HitWe provides a visitor’s tab through which you can see who visited and liked your profile. Though the feature is limited for free members, they can only see up to five visitors and likers. To remove this limitation, you can go for a premium membership.

Audience Quality

HitWe Audience Quality

The user base of HitWe is mostly male and female under age 35. And the app is most popular among 18-24-aged users – singles who are interested in hookups, casual relationships, and friendships find HitWe very convenient. The majority of visitors come from Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine.

But yes, it also has its share of fake profiles; people with incorrect or absolutely no information appear from time to time as well.

Age Distribution

In the 18-24 age group, the number of male users is relatively higher, whereas in the 25-34 age bracket, the situation is the opposite. The user base consists of people ranging from 18-34 years. You can come across some members aged 50+, but their number is pretty low.

Fakes and Scammers

The problem with fake accounts and scammers is still there, just like on any other social media site. People with fake profile images and information do exist, and if you encounter one, you can report that profile, and HitWe will take appropriate action.

HitWe’s team is actively working on this issue, and they also ask your assistance to keep the site free from scammers and malicious individuals. You can write HitWe reviews and report fake pages.

Mobile App and Website

HitWe Mobile App and Website

HitWe provides the website and application, and it is up to you which one to use.

HitWe App

HitWe is available for both Android and iOS platforms. One can download the Android version from the Google Play Store, and the iOS version is available on the App Store. The app has every feature that can be found on the site, even has some extra perks, for example, the Pet Evolution game. One can also tap the message button in the app, which would immediately take you to a private chat room with the user.

Overall, the app brings more convenience, but the only problem is ads popping up after every 5-10 likes or 20-30 seconds. You can get rid of them by subscribing to a premium membership.

HitWe Website

HitWe HitWe Website

The desktop version of HitWe is easily accessible through any browser and doesn’t require any additional download. You have to type the URL HitWe.com in the browser, and you are good to go.

The website includes all the features except for some special ones included in the mobile version only. But except that, user experience is more or less similar.

Can I Use the App Using My Computer?

No, the app is only for Android and iOS users. If you want to use HitWe on the computer, you can use their website, easily accessible through any browser.

Which Browsers Support HitWe?

HitWe is supported by all the major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. You can access HitWe on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

One can face problems entering the website due to many reasons. First of all, it can be because of the wrong login credentials. If the servers are facing some technical issues and are in maintenance, then HitWe may become unavailable.


HitWe Interface

The design of the HitWe website is very convenient and user-friendly. The options are not crammed into one page. It looks very clean and neat.

The homepage has a few helpful options. At the top, the user can select the preferred language right away. Then, there is a small window available for login and registration purposes. You can find the link to their mobile app there as well.

The simple user interface makes HitWe very convenient, and it doesn’t require any additional time to learn how to use it.

Registration Process

HitWe Registration Process

The registration process on HitWe is very simple. The dedicated tab is available right on the homepage of the website. The manual signup process requires you to fill in all the necessary information, including your name, valid email address, gender, and age. You also asked to create a password. As soon as you are done, verify the CAPTCHA, and your registration will be complete with only email verification left. HitWe will send a verification email to the email address you provided. Click on the link inside, and your email verification will be done.

If someone doesn’t want to go through all these hassles, they can complete the procedure by linking Facebook or Google+ profiles.

Can I Unmatch a HitWe Member?

Yes, you can easily unmatch a profile if you are not interested or if the person is not of your taste. You can click on their page, and there will be an option named Unmatch. Click on it and remove the person from your contacts.

What Is the Minimum Age to Register on HitWe?

There is a minimum age of 18 required for registering on the site. Minors are not allowed to join HitWe as it is meant for adults only.

How to Verify My Account?

It can be done through the email you provide. Other than that, if you link your Facebook or Google+ account, HitWe can also take information from those to verify you.

How to Verify My Email?

Upon providing a valid email address, the website will send a verification email with the link to the email indicated during registration. Open and click on it to complete the procedure.

What Happens When You Link Your Facebook Profile?

HitWe will import all the basic information from the linked Facebook account required for registration and give you instant access. This is way easier and faster than manual registration.

Is It Possible to Use the HitWe Site Without Signing up?

No, you cannot access the site and dating features without signing up. You have to provide valid login credentials and create a profile; only after that can you access the HitWe website.

Profile Setup

Basic information like your gender and age is already there. HitWe collects these during the registration process, and it also determines your location using your IP address. Except for this general info, HitWe offers you many ways to customize your profile to your liking.

The whole process is menu-driven, where you can choose your religion, astrological sign, and body type. Mentioning your sexual orientation and specifying your relationship status is also possible. You can also indicate what kind of relationship you are seeking. And if you want to be more transparent, include your habits like smoking, drinking, diet, etc.

There is also a section where you can expand your likings and hobbies, for example, what kind of books or movies you like, sports, pets, fashion, and many more.

You can also select what inspires you in life. For example, the available categories are adventure, nature, meditation. And you can mention what kind of personality you are attracted to, whether honest, optimistic, or funny.

Can You Delete an Uploaded Picture on HitWe?

You can easily delete a picture from your profile. It is possible in both the HitWe website and app versions. You have to go to your HitWe profile gallery and click on the picture you want to remove. You will find the Delete option under the More menu; click on it, and the picture will be deleted.

How to Edit Your Username on the HitWe Website?

On the website and app, browse your way through the Profile section on the left-hand side, in the drop-down menu. You will find the option to change your username. Confirm the action by typing your account password.

How to Delete a HitWe Profile?

It is possible to delete your account completely. Go to the Delete Profile tab on your dashboard and click on the Remove button. You will be asked to select a reason for the removal and your account password; after providing that, hit Continue, and you’re done!

What Does the “Show Me on HitWe” Option Do?

Disabling the “Show me on HitWe” option will temporarily hide your activity on HitWe.

Is It Possible to Delete the Information That You Have Submitted to HitWe?

It is impossible to completely delete all the information you have provided until and unless you completely delete your account. Yet, it is possible to edit specific details through the HitWe website and app’s Profile section.

Members will appear on your HitWe feed based upon the criteria you filled during profile creation. Other than that, one can manually search for partners, and the search can be filtered based upon the preferred gender, age, country, or city.

Is It Possible to See Whom You Liked on HitWe?

It seems that no option provides the feature to see the profiles which you have liked over time. But there is a possibility to see who liked you.

What Are the Search Options Available on HitWe?

HitWe provides only four search options. The user can indicate whether they want to meet a male or female person and search by the preferred age group. Country search lets one explore people of their country of origin or any country they wish. The results can be more specified with the City filter.

Is It Possible to See Who Liked Your Profile on HitWe?

The user can see who liked their HitWe profile, and it is available for free members, although limited. They can only see 5 individuals who have visited or liked their profile. To remove this limitation, get a premium membership.

Messaging on HitWe

How to Start Messaging With Someone on the HitWe Website?

On HitWe, you don’t have to find a match to start messaging, and you can send a message to a person without matching first. After creating a profile on HitWe, browse through the userbase and text someone. Click on the profile, hit the Message button to start communicating, and increase the chance of matching.

How to Message Someone on HitWe?

To start messaging someone, you don’t have to wait for a match. Click on their profile, hit the Message icon, and send them a text to spark up a conversation.

Is Sending a Message Free?

You don’t have to get a premium membership to message someone. Creating a good profile will be enough to approach any user you like.

How Can You See Who Messaged You on HitWe?

The notification option for messaging is turned on by default. One will get a notification if they receive any text from someone. It will show the name of the sender with the message they sent. Even if you missed the notification, you can go to the HitWe website or app and navigate to the chatbox to see all the texts you have received from individuals.

Can You Use Camera on HitWe?

If you want to send the person some pictures, you will find a camera option on the chat bar; click on it. You can choose any picture and sent it to the person on HitWe.

Is It Possible to Filter Who Can Message You on HitWe?

One can easily filter incoming messages using the Filter option present in the Settings menu. You can filter by gender, age, premium membership, user photos, and location.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

HitWe Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

HitWe is available for both free and premium users. All the basic features are included in the free account, but you have to opt for a premium membership for additional perks and an ad-free experience.

HitWe provides three types of memberships: monthly at 7.99 USD, three months for 17.97 USD, and for 47.28 USD, you will get an annual subscription.

The payment can be made through a credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or a mobile phone.

Free Membership Features

A free member won’t miss on much, and it comes with enough features.

  • Instant chatting
  • You can upload up to 20 pictures
  • See 5 recent profile visitors
  • The free game

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership comes with some additional useful tools.

  • You can block adds
  • Become a Top User
  • Your messages appear at the top of other people’s chatboxes
  • Sent messages will have a “Read” indicator
  • Can view all the members who visited and liked your page
  • Unlimited likes

Does HitWe Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, HitWe offers a premium membership.

Is It Possible to Cancel Your HitWe Membership?

If you do not wish for the premium membership to be auto-renewed, then go to Settings –> Premium –> Cancel Renewal.

Does HitWe Provide Auto-Renewed Membership?

Yes, after getting a premium membership and providing payment information, the auto-renewal option is turned on by default.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund for Unused Time on HitWe?

No, it is not possible to get a refund for unused time on HitWe for premium subscribers. You can cancel your membership anytime you want.

If You Are Not Satisfied With HitWe, Can You Apply for a Refund?

There is no statement found in HitWe’s terms regarding refunds if the customer is not satisfied.

How Will Your HitWe Support Appear on Your Credit Card Bill?

It would appear just like any other subscription, showing the price and the name of the service.

Can You Support Other Members?

No, there is no such option.

Is HitWe Really Safe?

HitWe Is HitWe Really Safe?

Regardless of your membership type, your online data is safe with HitWe, as the owner uses encryption to secure information from hackers. You do not have to worry, no matter whether you are a paying member or not.

Privacy on HitWe

Online privacy and security are great concern these days. Read below to learn how HitWe protects you and your data from unauthorized access.

Does HitWe Provide Chat Encryption?

Yes, HitWe provides chat encryption so that hackers cannot get your sensitive information.

Can HitWe Track You Down?

HitWe can get your approximate location through your IP address. But tracking down your exact (real-time) location is impossible.

Can Police Trace HitWe?

It is unclear whether the police can trace your information through HitWe or not. But HitWe cannot disclose it publicly.

If You Have Any Question Regarding Safety, Whom Should You Contact?

If you have any questions regarding safety, it is best to contact the customer support team of HitWe. You will find the contact details on their official website.


Does Anyone Moderate HitWe Forum Threads?

Yes, the forum threads are continuously moderated by HitWe officials, and they take all the necessary actions against rule-breakers.

What Is the Punishment for a Member Who Uses HitWe to Solicit Money?

If it is found that a person uses a HitWe account to solicit money, it will be banned immediately. And depending on the severity of the misdeed, legal actions can also be taken against the violator.

Banned Account

Is There Any Specific Reason Why You Can’t Access Your HitWe Profile?

If you have violated any rules of HitWe or if too many persons have reported your account, then you will get banned by HitWe. Under these circumstances, you cannot access HitWe.

For How Long You Can Get Banned on HitWe?

If HitWe officials ban the account, then it will be permanent.

How to Reactivate a Banned Account on HitWe?

Sadly, there are no options to recover any banned or suspended account on HitWe. The ban is permanent.

Protect Yourself

How to Block and Report Any Suspected Scammer on the HitWe Website?

You can add a person to your block list by choosing the Complain option on the homepage or the user’s profile. A pop-up will then appear, and you have to indicate the type of violation and take further actions to report the user.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted on Your HitWe Account?

Sensitive information like your bank details, phone number, unique identification codes, and vital passwords should not be posted on the HitWe account.

Help and Support

In case you face any problem, whether with regard to your or someone else’s profiles, payment methods, app or website features, bugs or glitches, you should contact the help and support team of HitWe, who are available 24×7.

Real-Life Review

“Saw ads on Facebook, tried the app. I like it, still have not gone to the date but chat with girls there.” – Mark Rued.

Based on the reviews, it can be concluded that the registration and profile creation process is relatively easy and fast. But the number of fake profiles is huge: almost 50% of the profiles are fake or bots. But overall, people had a good experience with the platform. Though many of them added that if more women stayed active, it would be even greater. And the free membership provides almost everything you need.

Is HitWe the Best Dating Site?

HitWe is one of the best dating sites available in the market because of its encryption safety, great marketing strategy, responsive customer support, and numerous positive HitWe reviews.

Is HitWe Safe?

HitWe is safe from hacker attacks, as the owner included encryption of personal user data.

Is HitWe a Hookup App?

One can use the platform for hookups, but it is not only for that purpose. People find friends, make casual relations, or even fall in love.

Is HitWe Free?

One can use HitWe for free, but there is also a premium membership option.

Alternatives to HitWe

Sites like Hi5, Date Way, Neenbo, Meet-me, Meet4U are all similar to HitWe.

Contact Information

Email: support@HitWe.com

PO Box: 3169 PMB103


HitWe Conclusion

Overall, HitWe lives up to its promises, helping you meet and socialize with new people. With a user base of over 200 million users, finding a partner is not difficult on HitWe. The user interface is not complicated, and the features are easy to use yet effective. So, register on HitWe.com and start your dating journey.

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