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Tinder Gold: All You Need to Know to Score High on Tinder Gold!

Tinder Gold: All You Need to Know to Score High on Tinder Gold!

Just like the Beeline buzz of the Bumble, Tinder Gold will bring a plethora of amazing functions to your regular Tinder profile. Once you upgrade to a VIP membership, the brand ensures you score high and get a return worth your money or more. In addition, with a Gold membership, you get access to view the accounts of all potential matches nearby who have already hit a thumbs up on your profile. So, you know, getting a date after this is just a cakewalk!

The fun begins here. You will be given a list of four to ten top picks. The site’s algorithm will tailor pick hot matches for your profile, and you do not have to keep on searching who suits you the best in an ocean.

If you are still wondering whether all these are worth your money and if you can get Tinder Gold for free, we hear you. Please read our short and quick guide to learn all about Gold features and profile like and make the right and smart choice today. Happy Swiping!

Tinder Gold Features

Sometimes love takes ages to knock at your doorstep. It is at times like this; we resort to online dating. But if you are seeing that your dating account is not fetching you good results, never take it on self-esteem. It is never that you are not good enough. The VIP memberships are programmed to trigger the algorithms, and the brands make sure their plans benefit the people who pay for them. Your ideal match is now tirelessly swiping left and right and scrolling endlessly through Tinder looking for you, but your account is just not showing up.

It is when a VIP Gold membership comes in the picture, comes in handy. Your overwhelming searches are put to an end when you pay for this subscription. You work hard, come home tired, and you never deserve a tireless search on a dating platform. Instead, you deserve some peace, comfort, and a quick date that is the perfect match for you and is looking out for similar things from a relationship as you do. A Gold membership ensures you are never in want of an ideal match, and the algorithm is always at its best to keep you networked with potential partners.

We all know in the magnanimous dating world; Tinder has been topping the matching game and slaying it since its launch. So, if you are at the fence of giving up your search for the one, then wait patiently. We are here with a guide and can direct you to the right wall, and you can get what you have been searching for in just a couple of bucks.

But are you tight on the budget? We hear you! So, we will also add tricks and tips on how you can see who likes you on Tinder for free. In addition, Tinder has two premium VIP membership plans: Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

Before we tell you the special additional functions Gold membership has in store for you, let us tell you why Tinder Gold can be a gamechanger. Then, find out if this update is at all worth your time, and also learn about the freemium services you can keep enjoying without a gold membership.

Tinder was launched back in 2013 to provide a platform to all those beautiful singles who were not getting enough courage and confidence to put themselves out there in the dating world are frightened of rejection and humiliation. The launch was successful in easing the pain points of its potential market. The app soon proved itself as a time and energy saver. Finding a date became as easy as swiping left and right just from the comfort of your couch. All you had to do was take your phone and scroll through it to network with the protection of a virtual web world.

Tinder continues to serve the same. So, when you join this or any other dating platform, you want it to be the easiest gateway to finding a new person who is an ideal fit for you. But in reality, the same repetitive features and restrictions can fail to serve you the best you deserve. For example, have you in the recent past seen yourself scrolling and swiping more than actually connecting with someone and going out on a date? Are you way too swipe-fatigued and on the verge of giving up? Then we recommend you Tinder Gold. It is the best solution to your troubles. And the bomb we will shortly drop is how you can get some of the best Tinder Gold features free of cost.

Before we go into further detail, here is a quick overview of the various freemium and premium services of Tinder at a glance:

Freemium and Premium Features

  • Application download
  • Account registration and signing up
  • Swiping right or left
  • Uploading pictures
  • Finding members within your location parameter
  • A super like daily
  • Tinder U
  • Find out the members who have liked your profile
  • No restrictions on swipe rewind
  • Account boosting
  • Passport
  • Read receipt
  • Finding out top picks
  • Unlimited super likes
  • No promotions and advertisements

Tinder Plus gets you premium features, but Tinder Gold gives you additional features to those premium ones. So when you get access to the Gold membership, you get more than what you pay. You will get instant access to every Tinder Plus feature, and the two other brownies you will get here are Top Picks and Find out Who Likes Me.

The extra super cool features will put a full stop to endless and aimless scrolling. You can immediately know as and when another person likes you. If you like that profile back, you will be matched in just a couple of minutes. The Top Picks is yet another fantastic feature you get here. The Tinder algorithm enlists the top matches here based on common interests. So, there are high chances that you will end up on a real date once you pick anyone from the list of your top picks.

The subscription is a very simple four steps procedure. First, all you have to do is open the Tinder app. Then, click on the profile symbol on your screen. Next, head on to the settings section and upgrade yourself to Tinder Gold membership.

Let us dig deeper into the Tinder Gold Features. We are convinced after the research that Tinder Gold is a total gamechanger, and for good reasons.

  • The Spoiler Alerts You Would Love to Get

The best feature of Tinder Gold has to be this. This feature brings you the best kind of spoiler of the entire universe. You can find out who has Liked You since you checked out the application in a quick grid view format. You can take on the auto-match option thereon or tap on the profile that appeals to you the most and check out further profile details. You also get a dismiss option.

Tinder Gold amazement does not end here. You will get to see the profiles who have swiped right on you while you came up organically on the browsing amongst a huge pool of hot matches. In addition, you can find a golden heart symbol beside the name.

  • Curated and Tailored Matches

The algorithm will tailor create a curated list of Top Picks just for you. As a result, you will get four to ten breathtaking perfect matches every single day. To find out, all you have to do is click on the golden diamond symbol that appears right at the top of your screen.

And do you know the best part? The list is newly created and sent every day. So, do not delay the right swipe if you like the profile because the matches will be new tomorrow.

The Likes You feed is almost the same as the Top Picks section in layout. The Top Picks will be presented on your screen in the best grid view format, and there are handy labels on every profile. It will glance at you and is so time-saving.

  • Boost Your Confidence Grid

This grid will show you the number of new likes you have received from your matches in a queue.

  • Availing The Best of Tinder Plus

Tinder Gold is the master of plus. With a Gold membership, you do not just get the amazing features of Tinder Gold. Still, also you can enjoy all the fantastic features of Tinder Plus, like 5 out of likes Tinder, change your location parameter or passport, rewinding features, and more such dating boosters.

How Can I Get a Tinder Gold Subscription?

A Tinder Gold subscription update is the simplest four-step procedure you can get done within a couple of minutes.

  1. Open the Tinder application on your device.
  2. Click on the profile icon at the corner.
  3. Head on the application Settings bar next.
  4. Select the Tinder Gold plan that is in your budget. Click on that plan to choose your favorite payment option. Make the payment, and after it is successfully processed, you will be immediately upgraded.

Are you wondering what the pocket pinch is for Tinder Gold? The price is at par compared to the average subscription rate of the dating industry. Here is a detailed Tinder Gold subscription price chart for you:

Tinder Gold if you’re younger than 28

Term/ Duration Cost Per Month Total Amount Payable
1 Month $14.99 $14.99
6 Months $8.83 $52.99
12 Months $6.92 $82.99

Tinder Gold if you’re older than 28

Term/ Duration Cost Per Month Total Amount Payable
1 Month $29.99 $29.99
6 Months $18.83 $112.99
12 Months $12.50 $149.99

Why will you pay for this money? You get:

  • Top Picks
  • Super likes
  • Like Me grid
  • Recently Active
  • Read Receipts
  • Passport location
  • Boost
  • Super Boost

Find Out Who Likes My Account on Tinder without Paying for Tinder Gold Subscription; The Free Trick

Today, this highest-grossing dating platform is at the zenith of popularity for the best love assortment, top-notch layout, interface, and unique paid features. The favorite premium features include swiping right and left, location customization, and so many other surprises. There has been a $1.2 billion revenue from the love and lust hunt by 6 million VIP users of Tinder.

Everyone’s the most favorite feature, however, is how to see who likes you on Tinder. It is the list of people who have picked you over a million others and swiped right. You might not have come across these unique profiles yourself or might have swiped left on them. You get to see all these people in a grid view. But unfortunately, the free version only gets you a blurry grid where none of the users is recognizable.

The good news is you can unblur all these features by subscribing to Tinder Gold at the most affordable pocket pinch. But are you on a budget? Wait and keep reading. If you don’t have the money right now, but you are curious to know who are those people on your list, we will tell you not one but two hacks that you can avail of free of cost.

  1. Change your dating application. You can try our other platforms like Hinge if you are short on budget. Hinge lets you see everyone who has liked your profile for free. However, there is a restricted and low limit on likes on Hinge, and you have to pay to avail of the unlimited version. Do you know Hinge and Tinder fall under the same parent company umbrella? These two are from the Match Group, the dating industry pioneer of all times.
  2. The next best way for unblurring the grid and finding out everyone who has liked your profile would be this. It is a straightforward browser hack, but you might find it a little lengthy. Read the instructions and follow the steps carefully. Do not be overwhelmed. Do one step at a time, and you will reveal the list of people who like you by the end.

These instructions are simple if they are read and applied rightly. You do not have to be a top-notch tech expert with highly proficient knowledge in programming and technicalities to unhinge and learn this hack. We were not, and still, we slew it, and so will you. We were shocked when we unfolded this hack because we never expected this from a dating giant like Tinder. Yes, this is possible, and here it is. The dating juggernaut needs to upskill because this bomb we will drop is so easy that it will be hard to believe it works and easy to apply that you will unblur in just a few minutes.

  • You must have a computer or a laptop for this hack. Open Tinder, log in to your profile from the web browser of your device. You can search on Google, and you will be headed to the official site for logging in.
  • Once you have signed in, you will see your profile on the screen. Look at the left of your desktop screen. You will find a list named “Matches” on the left sidebar. Click on that icon on the left of the 1st match on your profile. You will be headed to a page with a blurred grid. Now again, on the left, you can find a blurred symbol. The icon says the number of people who have “liked” you. Press on that option.
  • The next step is the simplest. We know you are gorgeous and so many people have liked you. The accounts who have swiped right are all appearing blurry right? Well, these are the ones whose hearts skipped a bit seeing you, checking out your Tinder profile, and they are all waiting for one response from you.
  • Head on the first image now. It will be blurry. You have to right-click on it, and then a drop-down will appear on your screen. See the option Inspect and click on it to unblur your fortune.
  • Now, something will pop up on your screen, which is called the Developer Tools module. Do not be overwhelmed. Sit back and relax. You can now find a submodule section, right? See that section will show you all the elements of that particular page, and there will be a box named Styles. That box is your next station.
  • The Style box is what needs your observation. It is the final and the easiest step. Head on to the Styles box. In there, you have to scroll down. Go to “filter” next. And here comes the funny part. You will see there is a 12px blur. You have to click on the part that says blur(12px). Now change it! Type 1px in place of 12px and bam it’s unblurred successfully!

This is the easiest way to find out all the ten people who have liked you by reducing the blur on the Developers Toolbox from 12px to 1px, and you will be easily able to recognize it. Hard to believe? We know that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions you have asked the most on the web, so we have got their simplest answers for you!

Can I See Who Has Right Swiped Me on Tinder without Paying for Tinder Gold or Plus Subscription?

Yes. You can unblur the images of people who have liked you on your computer or laptop. We have given you a step-by-step guide to it. Please scroll up and read our article for this wonderful hack. You do not have to be tech-savvy. You can find out for free Tinder likes on your profile, and we recommend you give it a shot.

Why Am I Unable to See Who Has Liked Me on Tinder?

You can see who has swiped right on your profile or liked you over a million others only by paying for Tinder Gold membership. The fees are at par with the industry average cost of dating platforms, but it is slightly high for people above 28. We have given you the detailed price list and Gold membership premium features in our guide in detail. However, there is a simple trick to find out who has liked your profile on Tinder. Do not miss out on the free value bomb above.

How Can I Know if Someone Likes Me on Tinder?

Finding out who likes your profile could not be easier. It is another amazing feature of Tinder Gold. You can see a golden-colored heart symbol beside the name of the persons who have liked you only with Tinder Gold.

After Long Can I Find Out Who Has Liked Me on Tinder?

Tinder has introduced a time frame limit on the number of likes allowed. Once you have exceeded the likes limit, you have to wait for 12 hours to swipe and like profiles again.

Can Tinder Likes Be a Lie?

No. The unlimited likes of Tinder is never a lie. The profiles are original, not bot. So when someone likes you only, then it will pop up the notification. You can not be shown a like on your profile with a nonexistent or AI user. However, the site might have a couple of fake profiles or scammers among millions, but the customer care executives constantly try to weed them out.

Is Tinder Gold a Must Find Out My Matches?

You can swipe right or left at the free version of Tinder. However, to find out who has liked you, you have to take a Tinder Gold subscription. You can also try out the secret hack we have shared with you to unblur the like you.

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