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iMeetzu Review: Dating Platform For Random Users

iMeetzu Review: Dating Platform For Random Users
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 23-36
Profiles 1 950 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is not mandatory.
  • The site is available to use free of cost to all and sundry.
  • You can browse user profiles anonymously.
  • Chat rooms are open to all for free.
  • The app is available free for download.
  • The app is available for ios plus android users.
  • The site connects you with people instantly.
  • The site is full of interrupting adverts.
  • The site is not available for use worldwide.
  • There are plenty of website links on the site, which is confusing.

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The portal is a perfect combination of chatting with and dating strangers. Before trusting any online dating platform, it is essential to analyze all the plus points along with the negatives of the site. It is only after being fully confident about the e-dating platform that you should access the site.

iMeetzu is a blend of social networking and random conversations. It perfectly merges the two features and presents it to you as a website where you can randomly approach anyone on the platform and indulge in video chats and group chats without having to disclose your actual identity. The iMeetzu Review makes it evident that the site is available for use free of cost and also facilitates a mobile application for both ios and android users.

iMeetzu Is Available Only In One Language

The site is available only in one language, that is, English.

Owners And Operators Of iMeetzu

iMeetzu was founded by Aaron Mannenbach (Cornell) and Josh Marthaller (University of Oregon), two college students.

Location Of Operation Of iMeetzu

The site operates from the United States.

Launch Of iMeetzu

The site has been serving the users for over eleven years by now.

Availability Of iMeetzu In Few Nations

Unlike other chat rooms, the app is not available in all the nations of the world.

Availability Of iMeetzu In Few Nations

Interesting Features On The Site

There are plenty of unique features that the site has in store for you. Some of these features are as follow:

  • The site offers endless chatting options
  • You can enjoy the webcams in a roulette-style setting.
  • Access to passive entertainment options

Diverse User Base Of The Site

You can find people from all spheres of life actively using the site. The majority of users on the platform, however, belong to the USA. Both men and women are equally active on the site. You can find people of varying age groups and ethnicity on the platform.

Get Access To The Portal Irrespective Of Age

Most of the users explore the features of the site without registering on the site, which makes it challenging to analyze the age distribution on the site. However, few users who prefer to register on the website primarily belong to either the late twenties or early thirties; there are users on the site who are as young as eighteen years and as old as fifty years.

Bots And Scammers On The Site

As soon as you begin browsing the site after registration, you start getting messages on the website from random users. In such a scenario, it gets tough to figure out if these are real users or just the bots and scammers.

Bots And Scammers On The Site

Easy To Use Desktop And Mobile Version

iMeetzu is available not only as a desktop version but also in the form of a mobile application that is easy to download from Google Play and App store. The functions and features on both versions remain more or less the same.

Easy To Access Mobile Application Of iMeetzu

The site has an app that is available for download free of cost. Not only can people download the app from the App Store but also from Google Play. The layout of the mobile application is visually appealing and, at the same time, easy to use. The size of the app is around 4.1M. The user interface of the app is user friendly, and navigating from one feature to another is a painless task. The app offers all the features that are available on the desktop version also.

Not So Aesthetically Appealing iMeetzu Website

The design of the website is aesthetically appealing to the eyes. The theme colors of the site are blue, white, and green. The first thing that you can spot on the homepage of the website is big blue icons asking you to begin video chat, text chat, group chat, and to register. The site boasts of allowing anyone without registering to use the features on the website the moment you click on any icon. The adverts are all around, which is not only interrupting but also annoying. As you scroll down the homepage, you come across details about the site and links to download the mobile app. At the extreme left-hand corner of the homepage, you can see three horizontal lines in white, which is the menu. At the absolute bottom of the site, you can see many other icons like “Home,” “About,” “Browse Users,” “What is this?”, “Privacy & Terms,” and “Contact Us.” You can also find other icons, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Press, Gay Chat, and Girls Chat.

Compatibility Of App With Diverse Devices

The mobile app of the site is compatible with almost all devices, including your computer.

Popular Browsers Accept iMeetzu

All the browsers support the site, but you need to ensure that you are using the latest version of the browser.

Reasons For Difficulty Gaining Entry To The Site

The only scenario where you find it difficult to enter the site is being on the wrong website or using an old version of the browser.

Reasons For Difficulty Gaining Entry To The Site

User Friendly Interface Of The Site

The design of the site is straightforward and basic. The icons on the website are so big and bold that even those who are not tech-savvy can easily locate these icons. Navigating from one function to another is exceptionally simplistic. However, there are plenty of website links on the site, which can be confusing for those who are new to an online dating platform.

Quick Registration Process On The Site

To register on the site, you need to click on any of the icons available on the homepage that says video chat, text chat, group chat, or register now. Clicking on any of the former three icons takes you to the next page, where you can find a registration link. If you opt to click on the fourth icon, a registration form directly opens in front of you. You need to nominate a username for your account and enter other personal details. These details include your sex, birthday, email, and postal code. You also need to nominate a password for yourself. Before you can register, you need to tick the checkbox that assures you are eighteen years or above and ready to follow all the terms and conditions on the site and another checkbox that ensures you are not a robot. After you click on the register, the site sends you a verification email. After you verify the email, you can upload a picture and begin browsing.

No Option To Match Or Unmatch Users On The Site

There is no provision on the site where you get to match with the other users in the first place. Thus, there arises no question of unmatching a member of the site.

Registration Age For Being A Member On iMeetzu

Before registering, you need to tick a checkbox that mentions that you are either eighteen years or above.

Options To Verify Your Account

The only way to verify your account on the site is via the email address that you provide during the registration process.

Steps For Email Verification

The site sends you a verification link to the email address that you provide during the registration process. You need to open your email account, click on the verification email, and then on the verification link.

No option To Register Using Facebook Account

No option on the site facilitates registering on the site via Facebook account.

Use The Platform As A Guest

Yes, the site is available for browsing without having to create an account through creating an account that is beneficial when it comes to saving the user profiles that you like.

Setting Up A Profile On The Site

After you register on the site using your email address, you get a verification link on your email. Only after you confirm your email address are you able to edit your profile and fill in the rest of the details. Not many users on the site prefer to fill in the details as anonymity is the very essence of the foundation of the site or choosing this platform over other available options.

Setting Up A Profile On The Site

Deleting Photo Uploads On iMeetzu

You can delete your photos from the site whenever you like.

Editing User Name On iMeetzu

After you verify your email, you can edit your profile. To change your data, you should contact customer support. However, the site might not permit you to change the basic details that you fill in during the registration process.

Steps To Delete Your Profile On iMeetzu

Yes, if you do not desire to be a member of the site, you can delete your profile anytime. You need to follow a few steps:

  • first log in to your account
  • go to edit profile option
  • scroll down to the bottom
  • click on delete profile
  • press yes
  • confirm

Steps To Disable The Option Of “Show me on iMeetzu”

One of the vital features that users look for while availing the services of any chatting website is access to hide the user profile. Unfortunately, the portal fails to meet this requirement of the users and does not make the option of disabling the “Show me on iMeetzu” icon available.

Editing Information On iMeetzu

While you can delete some information, you have an option to change some details and save the changes you made. In case you find difficulty deleting or changing your details on the site, you can seek help from customer support.

Searching Members On The Site

Without even registering on the account, you can begin exploring the members on the site. There are a few filters that you can use to narrow down your search results. You can find users by gender: age group, and profiles with photos.

No Option To View People You Like On iMeetzu

Unlike other platforms, you will not be able to find the consolidated list of users whose profile you like.

No Option To View People You Like On iMeetzu

Search Filters On iMeetzu

You can search users by age group, gender, and profiles with photos. Other than this, you can also filter profiles using new members, online members, etcetera.

No Option To See Who Likes You On iMeetzu

There is no such feature that allows you to see the users who like you on the site. You will get an idea if someone finds your profile interesting only if you receive a message from another user.

Messaging Techniques On The Site

There are sundry ways to indulge in chatting. You can opt for features like:

  • video chat
  • group chat
  • text chat

Initiating Chat On iMeetzu

There are umpteen ways to initiate interaction on the site. You can directly send a personal message or enter chat rooms. You can also send beautiful virtual gifts to the user you like.

Messaging Other Users On The Site

You can begin chatting with any random users on the site. You need to open the user’s profile, click on the chat icon, type your message, and click send. It is this simple.

Messaging Is A Free Feature

Messaging is a free feature on the site.

Tips To Send Messages On iMeetzu

On the sky blue bar at the top of your user profile, you can see a chat icon. If you click on the icon, you can see all the messages that you receive from other users on the site. By clicking on the message, you can read and reply to the same. You can also initiate the chat by clicking on the same icon. There are a few things that you must keep in mind while initiating the chat:

  • Do not ask questions that intrude on the privacy of the user
  • Asking for contact details in the first chat session is surely a bad idea
  • Ask general questions through which you get to know the choice and preferences of the user in a better way.
Tips To Send Messages On iMeetzu

Can I see who messaged me on iMeetzu?

Yes, you can.

Using Devices Camera On iMeetzu

There is an option to enter a webcam if you click on the chat window that appears at the bottom of your profile page. You need to give the site permission to access the camera of your device.

Filtering Users Who Can Text You On iMeetzu

There is no such filter available on the site. Anybody can send you a message on the site. You have an option to block users you do not want to receive messages from on the site.

Buying Credits Using Credit Card Or PayPal

There are no membership plans that the site has in store to offer to the users. You can, however, buy gift credit points that might help you enhance your browsing experience on the website. To purchase these points, you can pay using a credit card or PayPal. The cost of buying credits is as follows in USD:

  • 5 Credits: $5
  • 12 Credits: $10
  • 30 Credits: $20

Standard Membership Features On The Site

All the features on the site are available for use free of cost. Some of these interesting features that all the members on the site have access to are as follows:

  • check users’ profiles on the site.
  • Create a profile on the site
  • Indulge in video chats, group chats, and text chat.
  • Messaging on the website is also a free feature.
  • You can upload as many pictures as you like.
  • Free users can contact customer support for help.
Standard Membership Features On The Site

No Premium Features On The Site

There are no premium features on the site. However, if you purchase gift credits, you can send virtual gifts to other users and attract them to your profile.

Is There An Option To Upgrade Membership From Basic To Premium On iMeetzu?

Unfortunately, all the features available on the website are free for use to all users. There is no option to upgrade your basic membership.

Cancelling iMeetzu Membership Needs Doesn’t Arise

There is no option to buy a premium membership. Thus the concern of canceling a subscription does not arise. Paying for gift credits is a one-time transaction.

Is Auto-Renewal Payment On iMeetzu An Option?

There are no payments on the site that are on auto-renewal.

What Do Users Need To Know About The Refund Policy?

You do not spend even a cent on the site, so the question of refund is null and void.

Do iMeetzu Offer Auto-Renewal Of Support?

No, there are no such auto-renewals on the site.

Does iMeetzu Website Guarantee Money Back For Dissatisfaction?

The site is a free platform. If you are not finding it satisfactory, just stop browsing the site.

How Do iMeetzu Payments On Credit Card Bill Appear?

If you pay for credit using your credit card, the entry on your bill appears by the name of the site.

Supporting Other Members On iMeetzu

The site is available for free to all the users; you need not bear the payment burdens for anyone on the site, not even yourself.

Is There Any Monthly Support System That Users Can Avail?

There is no need for such a gesture as the site is a free platform.

Is There Any Monthly Support System That Users Can Avail?

Are Users Safe On iMeetzu?

Your safety on the site is your responsibility. If you consider an ideal scenario, a portal that offers free services without registration attracts all types of people, both fake and genuine. Determining the genuine ones is thus a difficult task. As indulging in random interaction with strangers is the forte of the site, so the tip of being careful who you talk to also does not work on this platform.

Privacy Perks On iMeetzu

The only feature that the site offers without you requiring to have any doubts in mind is privacy. Without revealing your identity, you can chat with anyone available on the platform.

Chats Encryptions On iMeetzu

The site holds an SSL certificate. The certification is an indication that the communication on the site is encrypted between the user’s computer and the website.

Is It Possible To Track Users On iMeetzu?

No, the site cannot track you.

Is iMeetzu Traceable By Police?

No, the police can’t trace the site either.

Contacting Customer Support For Privacy Concerns On iMeetzu

If you have any kind of questions about your privacy on the site, you must contact customer support by using the Contact us option and filling in the contact form that is available on the site.

Safety Proof Via SSL Certification

SSL certification ensures that the chat on the site is encrypted between your device and the site. Other than this, there are no other safety measures that the site can take for you. Your safety and security are entirely in your own hands.

Moderators On iMeetzu Chat Rooms

The site makes no revelation whether it monitors the group chat or not. However, there are terms and conditions that you must read.

What Are The Consequence Of Soliciting Other Members On iMeetzu?

A member who indulges in activities like soliciting money from other users on the site has to face serious consequences. The site may prevent such a member from using the platform ever again.

Reasons Why Site Bans User Profile

The site might ban accounts that it finds suspicious or scam or, in any way, trouble to other users on the site.

Inaccessibility To iMeetzu

The only cause for being unable to access your account is you being on the wrong site or using out of date version of your browser.

What Is The Duration Of Account Ban On iMeetzu?

The duration of the ban on your account depends on the site.

How To Reactivate Account Post Ban On-Site?

Only the site has the authority to reactivate your account if it bans it once.

Self Protection Is The Key

Be very careful before indulging in any random chat or trusting the user to an extent where you plan to meet outside the platform physically. Try not to share personal details in the initial stages of interaction.

Self Protection Is The Key

What Steps Do Users Need To Follow For Blocking And Reporting Suspicious Users?

Blocking a user on the site is one of the simplest things you can do without having to follow a lengthy process. There are many mediums to block a user:

From message window

You need to open the message that you receive from the users you do not want to interact with or reckon suspiciously. On the right-hand corner, the user can see a red icon; clicking on it opens up a notification requesting you to confirm if you want to block the user. Click ok, and you are successful at preventing the user.

From the profile

Open the user profile you want to block. The option to block appears on the right-hand side. Click Block and then Ok.

To report the user, you need to open the user profile, and on the right-hand side, you can see an option to report. Click on Block and then ok. Unlike other sites, you need to mention a reason for reporting.

What Should You Not Post Publically On iMeetzu?

The site promotes the concept of anonymously beginning an interaction with a user without having to reveal you’re true identity without registering on the site. However, if you choose to register on the site, then ensure that you do not post very personal details. The details you should not post on the site publicly and otherwise include your:

  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Contact number

Customer Support Services On The Site

The customer support on the site is not readily available. There are no resources like contact number or mailing address available on the side. Also, there is no option to live chat or send customer support an email for an instant revert. The only way to develop Contact with the customer service representative is to click on the link available at the extreme bottom of the site that says Contact Us. If you click on the icon, a form opens in front of you, asking for your email address and comment before you click submit.

Review From Real Users

“I registered on this website one year ago and completely satisfied with it. It is absolutely legit, and I have never met any scammers or bots on this website. I made a lot of friends here. I met a boyfriend two months ago. I really fell in love with him. So, I highly recommend this site.”

A glance at the real-life reviews on the portal assures that the portal makes an effort to protect the users from the other users who are troublesome. Not only can you block the user but also report the user profile if they bother you unnecessarily. You can read plenty of iMeetzu Reviews that users leave on the website. While some users leave positive iMeetzu Review, many resorts to writing a negative review, it depends on the user experience on the site.

Is iMeetzu Really A Stunning E-Dating Platform?

The site is undoubtedly one of its kind as there are or any online dating platforms that allow you to browse the members on the site without having to register.

How Credible And Safe Is It To Use iMeetzu?

Safety on the site is one of the major concerns. All and sundry can create an account on the site and use the services without registration also. The open platform allows even fake users to begin interacting with others on the site. Without having thorough know-how even to the necessary details figuring out if you are contacting genuine users or not becomes a bit difficult. Scammers and fake profiles are quite normal on the site. Also, the site openly reveals that it shares your browsing data with a third party for the sake of interrupting adverts that you see on the site. Thus, safety is a virtual thing on the site.

iMeetzu Is An All-Purpose App

The platform is open for all types of relationships. It depends on the user whether they are specifically looking for a hookup, casual date, or a serious relationship.

Does iMeetzu Offer A Free Dating Platform?

Yes, iMeetzu is a hundred percent free online dating platform.

Working Criteria Of iMeetzu

The platform introduces you to all the users available on the platform, and you can randomly choose any user to begin interaction.

Are Bots On iMeetzu A Reality?

There are a plethora of fake profiles on the site. Also, there are signs of bots; the moment you register; you see that there are already users sending you lengthy messages. However, the majority of users are genuine.

Are Bots On iMeetzu A Reality?

There are ample competitors in the market that are offering almost similar services like iMeetzu. Not only does this app offer what iMeetzu has in store for you, but a ton of other features too. Here are some of the popular alternatives to the app as lucid from iMeetzu Review:

  • Chatroulette
  • Omegle
  • Camzap
  • Badoo

Get In Touch With The Site

Company: PrivacyGuardian.org

Address: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, 85016, Phoenix

Phone: +1.3478717726

Email: imeetzu@wiredwebinc.com

Concluding Remark

If you believe the iMeetzu Review, then there is no other site that offers such a wide array of exciting features for free. Be it long term relationships, hook up, casual dates, or friends, the platform is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Without having to expose your identity, you can get on talking terms with random users. Once you develop a comfort zone, you can choose to reveal your identity in a private and set up the meeting if you so desire. Even if the site does not work well for you, as users mention in iMeetzu Review, then you also do not lose anything as you do not have to pay to be a member on the site. In every scenario, you are in a win-win situation

App Is A Suitable Platform For Shy People

If you are a person who is finding a date but at the same time too shy to reveal you’re true identity on an online dating platform, then this is the site for you. Here you can find a date or a friend anonymously and without having to register yourself on the site.

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