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Jaumo Review: Great Dating App?

Jaumo Review: Great Dating App?
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Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-33
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The user database is impressive.
  • The site allows you to chat on the platform free of charge.
  • There is a free seven-day trial version available.
  • It is not difficult to make a fake profile and use it for bad intentions.
  • Free users have to deal with annoying popping-up ads.
  • The majority of features are available only for paying members.


Jaumo review aims to explain to you how to use this online dating platform efficiently. The developer of this service claims that it can boost your experience in searching for your life partners from any part of the world. Nowadays, it is rare to find a reliable service that can bring the joy of building love relationships online. The Jaumo website is the service you need to find all that you want. The service focuses on matching sincere and compatible men and women who are interested in long-lasting and meaningful relationships or friendships.

When Did the Service Appear for the First Time?

Most Jaumo reviews give you only general facts. This review focuses on all aspects and details. The platform appeared in 2011 in Germany; the developers are Benjamin Roth and Jens Kammerer. If you translate the “Jaumo” name from Aramaic, it means the “sunrise.” The developers would love to give all the registered members a so-called allusion and a sincere promise to start a new love story. Jaumo has around ten years of experience, which allowed the platform to gain more than 30 million members worldwide. The majority of registered users come from the United States of America, Germany, and Brazil.

Note that the Jaumo website exists, but it redirects its visitors directly to Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can download the compatible version of the application on your mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad).

Jaumo Review: Great Dating Site?

How Does Jaumo Work?

Let’s see how Jaumo works. It functions as the majority of modern online dating services. You will find many similarities to Tinder, Match, Happn, etc. If you want to access people’s profiles and other features, you have to create an account. As a registered member, you get many potential matches suggested. The matchmaking results are based on your location, interests, and partner’s preferences. You can swipe left/right depending on your like or dislike of the displayed match. As soon as you find a member’s profile and they like yours in return, it is considered a mutual match, and you have the right to start a private conversation with each other. It is an efficient way to connect with like-minded people.

Signing Up at Jaumo

The key points why the members find Jaumo effective can be found in one of the most detailed Jaumo reviews:

  • A member can register using an active Facebook account or email.
  • The whole signing up process takes not more than 5 minutes.
  • Those users who prefer to sign up with their Facebook account can upload the needed details from their FB account.
  • The Jaumo app asks only the details of your gender and your birthdate to be sure that you are 18 years old.
  • To undergo the verification process, Jaumo asks for access to your location to make the app function correctly.

It is very convenient to link your Facebook because you can automatically upload the photo content and make your profile stand out. In fact, the process of creating your dating profile happens automatically. Note that the app does not post any info or photo content to your social page without your permission.

If you prefer to register via a valid email address, you have to provide your gender, date of birth and let the application access your location. You will receive a verification link to your inbox. Press the active link to start using the application instantly.

How to Start Contact

The process of making new contact on the Jaumo website is enjoyable and automatic. The online service generates the most compatible matches. You can check those suggestions and choose the most suitable ones. Messaging is free of charge, but both partners must show their mutual interest in knowing each other closer. If a person attracts you, you can demonstrate your interest by pressing the “Heart” icon. The matchmaking system has many common points with the Tinder app. The process of swiping is called “Zapping” here. The application asks you to swipe right if you like a person’s profile and left if you want to move to the next one. You can make your choice by pressing “X” or the checkmark for your convenience. The common match happens when both partners show interest; the next step is to start messaging each for no additional cost.

How to Start Contact

Profiles at Jaumo

If you check the member structure of the Jaumo app, you will discover more than 2,000,000 registered members from the United States of America. The user’s activity is high (200,000 logins per week). The gender distribution is 39 % of females and 61 % of males. Most members are interested in finding sincere love relationships. You will easily find a soulmate among 30 million worldwide user databases. What is great about this app is that there are plenty of young adults here. There are many profiles from single men and women who live in Germany. It is the highest percentage. You should compose your profile and start the exciting journey of finding your love partner to share your interests.

You have the option to generate your profile from Facebook and edit the details any time later. You do not have to pay to view users’ profiles. All the members’ photos are clear, and they do not get blurred for free members without any limitation. All the information in your profile is public, so choose the details attentively. If you compare Jaumo users’ profiles with Tinder, they look more detailed and interesting to read. You provide not only the info about your age, location, job, hobbies, but also you can specify your body parameter, religion, hobbies, and even smoking or drinking preference. If you do not feel like sharing some details, the app recommends you using the option called “Ask Me” instead. You may feel more comfortable speaking about them in private messages.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Jaumo does not have many fake accounts, thanks to the verification process. The site does not reveal your sensitive info to third parties. However, if you want to avoid potential scammers or fake users, you have to take responsibility for your safety actions. The developer encourages all new members to refer to the blog section and read the safety guidelines.

Design & Usability of Jaumo

Jaumo impresses all the members with its well-polished website design. However, all the features are available via the app. The website offers members to download the mobile application version to their devices. The Jaumo website gives essential info about the platform, so you get a clear idea of the service and know what you can expect from it. The website has call-to-action buttons. Just press one of them to start the app’s installation. You can get the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store; the site includes enough details about the dating platform. The visual appeal is nice, and there are no cramped elements on the site. The dominant colors are not conflicting and do not make your eyes tired. As real users claim, there are no issues with the color scheme on the site. You can see many stunning images of men and women. Such high-quality visual content helps you focus on the right mood for online dating. The site has a blog section where you can find valuable resources and dating tips. If you visit the site for the first time, do not ignore this section. The website serves to provide information because all the interactions with people happen on the app.

Design & Usability of Jaumo

Jaumo Mobile App

The Jaumo app is excellent. You will find all the features there. The web design of the desktop and mobile versions is similar. The developer focuses on making the app better and up-to-date. It is a great chance to stay online on the platform on the go.

Special Features

The Jaumo app offers some special features. They help you make online interaction with lovely people more easy and efficient. It is the way to make your socialization more free and enjoyable. The developer encourages all registered members to try them at least via a free trial period. They have a big potential to increase your chances of finding a perfect partner for sincere relationships.


Jaumo has many advantages over other dating apps. You do not need a VIP membership to see all the members who viewed and liked your dating profile. It is a special feature, which is available free of charge to all the community. You can check the list of users who swiped right on your dating profile. You just need to do the same to get the instant match and the possibility to start a more personal conversation.

Live Video

Premium members have full access to the “Live Video” feature, which allows them to stream video content of themselves. You can demonstrate to the worldwide community what you enjoy doing. Make sure you do not share video content that can be offensive to other members of the online community. Your videos get moderated before they appear on the app. Use this special feature to increase your visibility and popularity. You will see that many users will watch and like your content.

Super Like

The “Super Like” option is available to premium users only. If you do not want to deal with such limitations, you should consider upgrading to the VIP account. Note that the app does not offer a traditional search tool. It is all about zapping. Try it, and you will see stunning results!

Super Like

Jaumo Costs

Jaumo’s pricing policy is pretty democratic and affordable to everybody. Here are the prices the app charges for a premium membership:

  • A one-month plan duration costs around $ 13.
  • A three-month plan duration costs around $ 25.
  • A one-year plan duration costs around $ 75.

Jaumo supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Mobile Phone Payments

It is important to mention that your subscription gets extended by default. If you want to stop paying for premium services, you can terminate your subscription within 24 hours. You have to do it before it gets expired.

Basic Membership

As a free Jaumo app user, you can get access to the following free online dating services:

  1. You can create your dating account.
  2. You can fulfill various details in your dating profile and edit it later.
  3. You can chat with the most compatible matches.
  4. You can see your potential matches via live video sessions.

Premium Membership

The Jaumo app offers the following fee-based online dating services to VIP members:

  1. You can enjoy your browsing experience without ads.
  2. The app sends you the notifications as soon as your match has read your private message.
  3. You can get instant access to the most popular VIP members on the platform.
  4. You get unlimited access to the “Super Like” feature to get extra attention.

Jaumo Coupons

Jaumo does not offer coupons to its members. However, every Jaumo client can access a seven-day VIP-trial period free of charge. It is your chance to check all the advantages of upgrading your status. If you enjoy the advantages of using premium service, you can purchase the most suitable membership plan.

Jaumo Coupons

Verification & Safety of Jaumo

The Jaumo app is fancy looking and safe service. The developer gives its members conscious control over all what is happening to the sensitive data they have provided. You can feel safe here. You can go to the “Privacy” settings where you have the right to personalize ads. The location range gets set to 500 meters by default. The app tries to find matches in your area. The verification protects you from scammer attacks.

Are There Many Scammers on the Jaumo Platform?

We can’t claim that there are often scammer attacks. However, the registration and verification process is fast and easy to do. Some people may use this advantage in their bad actions. If you identify such activities, report to the admin immediately.

Can We Call Jaumo 100% Legit Service?

Jaumo is a 100% legit dating service. It registers only adults who have reached 18 years old, and there are strict regulations every member has to follow.

Can You Use Jaumo Anonymously?

The app keeps all people’s profiles with photos public. You can share as many details as you want. If you do not want to share some details, the app recommends you to use the option called “Ask Me” instead. You may feel more comfortable speaking about them in private messages.

The Problem with Jaumo

Safety is the only sensitive point while using the Jaumo app. The developer protects your data, but your profile is public, as well as photos you share with the community. Also, you have to be careful while organizing meetings and romantic dates in real life. The app is not responsible for your safety when you are offline.

Help & Support

Jaumo members are happy to discover that they can address the Customer Support Center and get the needed help. Such an approach is the guarantee to get an excellent online dating experience. You need to go to the settings menu to find the “Help” section, and you can find the info under the Q&A section.

Help & Support

Jaumo Alternatives

  1. Tinder is a good alternative for singles from around the world. You will be amazed at a huge number of registered members, modern design, and advanced features.
  2. Happn is a must-try online dating platform. Nothing can stop you from finding a perfect match there, thanks to a user-friendly interface, numerous features, and affordable prices for premium subscription plans.
  3. Match does not need the presentation for providing top-quality dating services. It is the top dating platform every single person must try. You will have fun using this platform.


Potential and new members of Jaumo may have additional questions. They can concern technical, privacy, billing, or safety reasons. Below, you will find useful info regarding how to use the app efficiently. Check out the following questions and answers.

Why Do People Use Jaumo Services?

The Jaumo is a popular dating platform. Millions of people have high expectations to meet their partners for sincere and life-long relationships. You can get all you dream about here thanks to a feature-packed app and affordable prices for the premium membership.

Can We Call Jaumo a Real Dating App?

Jaumo works as a 100% real dating platform. It follows the rules and all the modern tendencies of the international dating market. It stays devoted to providing an excellent dating experience to millions of single men and women.

How Can Users Remove Their Jaumo Accounts?

  1. Open the app.
  2. Press on the menu (three lines).
  3. Press “Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to your Jaumo account section and press “Delete Account.”
  5. You can see a pop-up menu where you must confirm your action.

How Can Users Remove Interests in Jaumo?

You have the option to generate your profile from Facebook and edit the details any time later. If you do not feel like sharing your interests in a public profile, the app offers you to use the option called “Ask Me” instead. It lets you share this information only with users of your choice.

It Is Possible to Unlock the Members That Like You on Jaumo?

You can check the list of users who swiped right on your dating profile. You just need to do the same to get the instant match and the possibility to start a more personal conversation.

Why Do Members Use Emojis on Jaumo?

The target audience on this online dating app is young. Users love using emojis in private conversations. It is a cute and fun way to express your views, admiration, and interest in your potential match. Use emojis to start a new conversation if you are a shy person. Emojis work as icebreakers.

Why Do Members Use Emojis on Jaumo?

Contact Information

Company: Jaumo GmbH

Address: Wehrstraße 46, 73035, Göppingen, Germany

Phone: +49 7161 3048800

Email: info@jaumo.com


The Jaumo app serves as an excellent dating platform. It is a safe place to connect to single men and women worldwide. You will enjoy a hassle-free signing up process, convenient usability, and the possibility to install the app free of charge. The app has many advantages. That is why more than 30 million worldwide members use its services. You can compare the app with Tinder because it has the same swiping left/right function. You can do the same with Jaumo and even achieve better results. The app allows its registered members to live stream. You enable the entire community to watch your video content. It is the way to become popular on the platform and attract many compatible matches. The signing-up process is easy and intuitive. All accounts have to undergo the verification process. However, certain members may have vicious motives. We can’t blame the developer because the user’s database is enormous, and you can’t control everybody. The overall impression of the app is positive. It is a fun and active community, which you can check without any hesitations. Make Jaumo your top choice!

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Customer reviews
Sandra Thompson
by Sandra Thompson Jan 11, 2022
I prefer this app more often then not right after I need to chat or see someone to spend an attractive efforts jointly. Not too long ago, I've obtained my own initial day, and it am remarkable. Before viewing both the simple truth is, we all spoke and found lots of common factors, meaning out likes, individual properties, plus some hobbies. Maybe, the using the internet romance has become essential in regards to our profitable realtime time. We consistently communicate online and may get out this weekend. We don't carry out any blueprints and then try to be happy now. Our site served a ton.
Betty King
by Betty King Jan 04, 2022
Incredible software, matchmaking appears to perform easily, shouldn't get long to get going. Possible setup your account and a dashboard in a short while and make use of your website quite easily. A lot of people tend to be groaning pertaining to spent subscription, but there is no these things as a no cost meal, in my opinion. Regarding myself, I'm delighted by this service membership. We fulfilled several of my top picks in real life, but I haven't selected special someone subsequently. I like to appreciate, lives, and opportunities I've have as soon as subscribed to this app. By the way, in addition is very effective on smartphones, also without downloading programs.
by Kaleigh Jan 02, 2022
This software is actual, and I'm live proof of the effectiveness. I can not complain about any of it software due to the fact provided me with the latest goes in my existence. Hence, I've very happy to participate it and now have really fun. Clearly, this has definitely not started without not successful fits, but I presume however this is fairly a great all natural procedures. You cannot have it all-in an instant, and a few days of texting is usually necessary to organize a meetup.
Jimmy Young
by Jimmy Young Dec 29, 2021
I really like this app given that it does indeedn't make an effort me personally with frightening exams. In all honesty, I don't have faith in being compatible determined numerous surveys since folks familiar with lie rather often. Personally, It's far better to chat and enquire of issues, generating dialogs natural. Our site has got the features i have to discover simple on the internet partners much better before going up.
by Zella Dec 22, 2021
Good tool from all standpoints. I had a lot of negative and positive feedback formerly, and a few customers even bust my cardiovascular system. I'm 46, and it's tough personally to generally meet customers on the internet for dating. This software produces each and every thing intuitive and organic. While I stumbled upon it first, I was happy to notice several accessible possibilities and a pleasant-looking screen. I like this a strategy and, besides, I believe safe there. We don't posses so many connections because I'm bustling my personal life. I favor to make my own mall internal group, this web site produces all options for comfortable conversation.
Gordon Smith
by Gordon Smith Dec 14, 2021
I was really amazed to determine this a versatile relationship application. I've recently been enrolled in one year previously. After many average schedules, i came across the great fit. It simply happened two months earlier, and we're nevertheless feel good together. I'm not really appearing beyond that now. Continue to, I'm going to be pleased if our dating produce. Hence until then, I'm satisfied and want to give you thanks to this particular app for providing all of us together.
Scott Mann
by Scott Mann Dec 13, 2021
Simple knowledge on this web site was actually excellent. Personally I think totally safe when making use of it and texting various group. This service membership enjoys a complex quality, several web pages, video, and photograph weight smooth and trouble-free. I'm able to poised several strain, which motivates poise undergoing connecting with owners that I really like. The city happens to be substantial. There are masses of associates really in search of actual dates, be it about hookups and other sorts of relationships. Hence, for the present time, my skills is just beneficial. I'd numerous schedules, and so they happened to be fine however absolutely suitable for myself. Thus, I'm seeing continue our search, so this site would be the right place, I think.
by Rene Dec 09, 2021
As a first-time representative, The way we wish relish the ability. It's simple to it's the perfect time, if you are effective and respect additional individuals. It's fun. Whether I'll come my own perfect accommodate? We don't attend to now. Two excellent times is sufficient to me so far, and I'm lookin and watching for a lot more ventures before being focused on a possible wife. We observe that this web site was perfectly suitable for simple purpose. Town was fine, and nobody tries to collect below your body. Hence, personally i think safe using on the internet fun and my buddies. We are a few things to fairly share, and the dates I've got happened to be really exciting. Thus, I'm pleased with your membership, and a realistic price is a bonus.
James Bowen
by James Bowen Dec 03, 2021
Very good dating website! I signed up with they just last year because after that satisfied multiple pals with amazing benefits. Additionally, we talk with numerous customers from the best number. Chatting is great, as a chat windows comes in handy. Individuals become open-minded, pleasant, and active. We have particular choice, without a person judges me personally. Extremely, I feel entirely safe and cozy.
Gloria Johnson
by Gloria Johnson Nov 26, 2021
I enjoy this specific service. After becoming a subscribed cellphone owner for 8 weeks, I stumbled upon brand new close friends, generally there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The software helps you establish an appealing profile with quite a few attractive footage. If you should don't feel it required to fill in all of the areas, you'll forget about any of them. I assume that photos include main point because the rest you could expose while texting and communicating. We don't get a person for going out with now, but I'm to my method. My home is a rural neighborhood, a lot of matches are actually not even close to me. However, thinking about my favorite newest preferred and our personal on the web communication, I will get out soon. At any rate, the software work, in addition to the people rocks. We unapproved some freaks, but I've came across nobody therefore bad with regards to block these people from getting in touch with me personally.
by Drake Nov 22, 2021
Our love life had not been most wealthy before I've enrolled with this application. That altered immediately after I registered and begun messaging those I've liked on the site. Clearly, some people rejected me personally, but that's maybe not an issue. Choices change, because it's claimed. Generally speaking, I've got fairly correct fights that authorized me to build several close friends. One among them truly have under my personal epidermis. Within fourteen days of conversation, we all obtained our first date. As anything is tip-top, we've planned the other date soon enough. This indicates I've chose the best fit.
Brian Sparks
by Brian Sparks Nov 14, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and love tests. I'm definitely not monogamous, a minimum of presently. Really, the diet is far from typical public norms, and I also often think solitary actually among family relations or nearby neighbors. Quite a few happen to be married, and I also'm going stir outrageous anytime I feel their own meaningful looks. Therefore, without a doubt, it's fairly challenging to discover and chill with like-minds after you stay a huge urban area, just where people are too busy in making newer associations. Very, this sort of a mess is why for signing up for this website. And the experiences is actually seamless. We been able to come across those that want the exact same action and understand my personal desire to be cost-free, without persistence, guarantees, and all of this other hooey. Yet another fantastic thing usually there I've came across some bi-curious folks. I enjoy performance regarding the site since it's quite plenty of for initial correspondence. Perhaps, some body wishes a whole lot more benefits, however in my personal opinion, you must get a romantic date when you need in-depth connections. While exploring profiles, we experience a lot of blank sort. If only group could pay out additional care about their particular profile on the webpage. These are the site's capabilities, things are all right. No problems with visit, emails, etc. Support provider is beneficial and is readily available 24 hours a day. I'm pleased to get a virtual spot for simple desires and dreams. It's awesome when the group does indeedn't enforce the standards but is on a single webpage.
by Briar Nov 10, 2021
This incredible website is ideal for me personally. As I'm slightly tired with swiping, they got a middle soil for my personal needs. We don't approach any big relationships at this time, but I won't hightail it as I encounter simple absolutely love. This website willn't pressure me personally and brings obtaining all special features of excellent a relationship. Besides, I really like that your application is really convenient to make use of, be it about navigation or payment. Prices is actually ordinary, i typically grudge income in their mind since I have have the best benefits for charge they need. I've already achieved some decent persons and obtain very hot schedules. Besides, I message with several customers to discuss, joke, and talk about various issues, most notably gender. I feel that i'm in my own category in the people is often rather pleasant. Everyone don't evaluate one, since it could possibly be should you have picked up some body in a bar.
by Cory Nov 09, 2021
We joined up with this page a year ago and obtained a good feel. Today, We have a trusted and mind-blowing lover, and we're close collectively. I'd endorse the application because I have discovered from drive event that will work. I realize that lots of people usually whine about no games, convinced that they simply spend your time and money. Nonetheless, i ought to note that when people cannot come somebody, they usually boot their downfalls to external facets. Job, family relations, online dating sites, in other words, almost always there is somebody responsible. Still, you shouldn't lose hope, and every single thing could be all right. Including, it required almost 7 several months meet up with our partner.
by Rubio Nov 02, 2021
Excellent opinions. I've discovered numerous nice and intriguing group and some freaks . that's the norm whenever you're on line. Some matches are not my personal venue . that's the reason we kept close friends. I should claim that this particular service gives a lot of equipment to create some other people note a person. First, it's room enough to develop their member profile and offer plenty of information about your appearance and figure. Next, texting is definitely all right. Usually, a person access full online interaction and that can create a romantic date anytime if you find yourself willing to encounter your chosen in the real world.
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